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Index  of Bryson School Yearbooks
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Index of group pictures, individuals in pictures, advertisers, and major articles
(10,132 names in index. For 1955 and after, only faculty pictures, individual class pictures, favorites pictures and advertising with pictures were indexed)(There were errors in some of the names - Look for alternate spellings)
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Person or Item         Type of Picture        Year-Page Number

C.A. Wilson Plumbing-Heating, Graham                    Advertising                   1949-0137
C.A. Wilson Plumbing-Heating, Graham                    Advertising                   1950-0163
C.D. Shamburger Lumber Co.                    Advertising                    1938-0044
C.J. 'Happy' Ray, Jermyn       Advertising                   1954-0189
C.R. Anthony Co., Graham       Advertising                   1954-0191
Caddel, Bessie Pauline       Freshman Class Roll    1941-0045
Caddell, Mr.                    Counselor Picture        1975-0012
Caddell, Stanley                    Faculty Picture             1977-0011
Caddell, Stanley                    Counselor  1978-0010
Caddell, Stanley                    Counselor Picture        1979-0012
Caldwell, Gionith                    Senior Picture               1946-0014
Caldwell, Tommie                    4th Grade Class Roll    1941-0053
Caldwell, Tommie                    Sophomore Picture      1946-0023
Caldwell, Tommie                    Junior Picture                1947-0041
Caldwell, Tommie                    Senior Picture               1948-0019
Calhoun, Dale                    Sophomore Picture      1968-0022
Calhoun, Dale                    Junior Picture                1969-0018
Calhoun, Debbie                    Sophomore Picture      1979-0018
Calhoun, Gary                    Freshman Picture         1969-0024
Calhoun, Gary                    Class Officer Picture    1969-0029
Campbell, Deana                    1st Grade Picture          1967-0070
Campbell, Janie                    3rd Grade Picture          1967-0066
Campbell, Lester                    5th Grade Picture          1978-0022
Campbell, Lester                    6th Grade Picture          1979-0022
Campbell, Sonny                    Freshman Picture         1978-0019
Campbell, Sonny                    Favorites Picture          1978-0031
Campbell, Sonny                    Sophomore Picture      1979-0018
Campbell, Sonny                    Football Picture            1979-0042
Campbell, Teresa                    7th Grade Picture          1978-0021
Campbell, Teresa                    Class Officer Picture    1978-0021
Campbell, Teresa                    8th Grade Picture          1979-0020
Campbell, Teresa                    Favorites Picture          1979-0032
Campsey, Ira                    Faculty Picture             1959-0008
Campsey, Ira A.                    Principal Picture           1959-0007
Campsey, Jimmy                    Freshman Picture         1959-0026
Campsey, Jimmy                    Favorites Picture          1959-0036
Campsey, Karen                    2nd Grade Picture         1959-0060
Cantrell, Bobbie                    Freshman Picture         1947-0059
Carlile, Dove                    Faculty Picture             1956-0014
Carlile, Dove                    Faculty Picture             1957-0026
Carlile, Dove                    Faculty Picture             1958-0052
Carlile, Dove                    Faculty Picture             1959-0056
Carnley, Boyd  4th Grade Picture                1950-0073
Carnley, Chrysa                    6th Grade Picture          1978-0022
Carnley, Chrysa                    7th Grade Picture          1979-0021
Carnley, David 6th Grade Picture                1950-0069
Carnley, Rodney                    5th Grade Picture          1979-0023
Carpenter, Gloria                    Kindergarden Picture  1974-0066
Carter, Billy Jack                    6th Grade Class Roll    1941-0055
Carter, DeAnna                    Junior Picture                1968-0019
Carter, Dorothy                    Sophomore Picture      1948-0039
Carter, Dorothy Jo                    2nd Grade Class Roll   1941-0051
Carter, Dorothy Jo                    Freshman Picture         1947-0059
Carter, Dorothy Jo                    Junior Picture                1949-0047
Carter, Ina Faye                    Freshman Picture         1950-0059
Carter, Ina Faye                    Sophomore Picture      1951-0047
Carter, Ina Faye                    Junior Picture                1952-0037
Carter, Leon     1st Grade Class Roll           1941-0051
Carter, Paggy Sue                    2nd Grade Picture         1950-0077
Carter, Peggy   3rd Grade Picture                1951-0069
Carter, Peggy   4th Grade Picture                1952-0059
Carter, Peggy   5th Grade Picture                1953-0059
Carter, Peggy   6th Grade Picture                1954-0071
Carter, Peggy   7th Grade Picture                1955-0060
Carter, Peggy                    Sophomore Picture      1958-0020
Carter, Peggy                    Junior Picture                1959-0018
Carter, Peggy Sue                    8th Grade Picture          1956-0064
Carter, Peggy Sue                    Freshman Picture         1957-0022
Carter, Richard 7th Grade Picture                1950-0067
Carter, Richard 8th Grade Picture                1951-0059
Carter, Richard 8th Grade Picture                1952-0051
Carter, Richard                    Freshman Picture         1953-0047
Carter, Sharon  1st Grade Picture                1950-0079
Carter, Sharon  3rd Grade Picture                1952-0061
Carter, Sharon  4th Grade Picture                1953-0061
Carter, Sharon  5th Grade Picture                1954-0073
Carter, Sharon  6th Grade Picture                1955-0061
Carter, Truman                    Sophomore Picture      1938-0018
Carter, Vernon                    Sophomore Picture      1938-0018
Carter, Vernon                    Favorites Picture          1938-0034
Carther Dwayne                    3rd Grade Class Roll    1941-0053
Carther, Oleta   4th Grade Class Roll           1941-0053
Carver, Bryan   8th Grade Picture                1955-0059
Carver, Carolyn                    2nd Grade Picture         1955-0065
Carver, Floy Lou                    Sophomore Picture      1955-0052
Carver, Herman                    3rd Grade Picture          1955-0064
Carver, Warren                    Junior Picture                1955-0047
Casey, Scheryl                    Junior Picture                1977-0020
Caskey, Doyle 2nd Grade Picture                1950-0077
Caskey, Doyle 3rd Grade Picture                1951-0069
Caskey, Doyle 4th Grade Picture                1952-0059
Caskey, Doyle 5th Grade Picture                1953-0059
Caskey, Doyle 6th Grade Picture                1954-0071
Caskey, Doyle 7th Grade Picture                1955-0060
Caskey, Doyle 8th Grade Picture                1956-0064
Caskey, Doyle                    Freshman Picture         1957-0022
Caskey, Doyle Class Officer Picture               1957-0024
Caskey, Doyle                    Favorites Picture          1957-0034
Caskey, Doyle                    Sophomore Picture      1958-0020
Caskey, Doyle Class Officer Picture               1958-0024
Caskey, Doyle                    Junior Picture                1959-0018
Caskey, Doyle                    Yearbook Editor Picture                    1960-0005
Caskey, Doyle                    Senior Picture               1960-0016
Caskey, Doyle                    Who's Who Picture     1960-0039
Caskey, Doyle                    Favorites Picture          1960-0058
Caskey, Doyle                    Favorites Picture          1960-0060
Caskey, Doyle                    Escort Picture               1960-0062
Caskey, Doyle                    Football Picture            1960-0063
Caskey, L.G.                    Board of Education List                    1947-0013
Caskey, L.G.                    School Board Picture   1950-0013
Caskey, Larry   5th Grade Picture                1950-0071
Caskey, Larry   6th Grade Picture                1951-0063
Caskey, Larry   7th Grade Picture                1952-0053
Caskey, Larry   8th Grade Picture                1953-0053
Caskey, Larry                    Freshman Picture         1954-0061
Caskey, Larry                    Favorites Picture          1954-0091
Caskey, Larry                    Escort Picture               1954-0093
Caskey, Larry                    Sophomore Picture      1955-0052
Caskey, Larry                    Junior Picture                1956-0025
Caskey, Larry                    Senior Picture               1957-0013
Caskey, Larry   Class Officer Picture               1957-0023
Caskey, Larry                    Faculty Picture             1970-0011
Caskey, Larry Bus Driver Picture                1973-0014
Cates, Charles                    1st Grade Picture          1972-0064
Cates, Susie   1st Grade Picture                1972-0064
Cearley, Donna                    8th Grade Picture          1970-0052
Cearley, Donna                    Cheerleader Picture      1970-0063
Cearley, Jack                    Freshman Picture         1956-0033
Cearley, Jack                    Favorites Picture          1956-0041
Cearley, Jack                    Sophomore Picture      1957-0020
Cearley, Jack    Class Officer Picture               1957-0024
Cearley, Jack                    Junior Picture                1958-0018
Cearley, Jack                    Senior Picture               1959-0010
Cearley, Jack                    Favorites Picture          1959-0030
Cearley, Jack                    Escort Picture               1959-0038
Cearley, Laverne                    Faculty Picture             1956-0013
Cearley, Laverne                    Faculty Picture             1956-0016
Cearley, Laverne                    Faculty Picture             1957-0010
Cearley, Laverne                    Dedication Picture       1958-0006
Cearley, Laverne                    Faculty Picture             1958-0008
Cearley, Laverne                    Faculty Picture             1958-0015
Cearley, Laverne                    Dedication Picture       1959-0006
Cearley, Laverne                    Faculty Picture             1959-0008
Cearley, Mrs.                    Appreceation Picture  1957-0007
Cearly, Donna                    7th Grade Picture          1969-0051
Cernosek's Food Store, Graham               Advertising                    1952-0121
Chadwick, Tana                    1st Grade Picture          1975-0026
Chafin, Bobby 3rd Grade Class Roll           1941-0053
Chafin, Doris                    Freshman Class Roll    1941-0045
Chamberlain, Wanda       Faculty Picture             1978-0009
Chamberlain, Wanda       Faculty Picture             1979-0011
Chambers, Dickey                    7th Grade Picture          1961-0055
Chambers, Dickie                    Freshman Picture         1963-0026
Chambers, Dickie                    Class Officer Picture    1963-0028
Chambers, Dickie                    Favorites Picture          1963-0048
Chambers, Dicky                    8th Grade Picture          1962-0054
Chambers, Kay                    1st Grade Picture          1962-0061
Chambers, Kay                    2nd Grade Picture         1963-0036
Chambers, Sue                    2nd Grade Picture         1961-0060
Chambers, Sue                    3rd Grade Picture          1962-0059
Chambers, Sue                    4th Grade Picture          1963-0034
Chandler, Billie Faye                    Sophomore Picture      1938-0018
Chappell, Wanda Lou             3rd Grade Class Roll    1941-0053
Charles E. Hipp, Oil Field Contractor, Graham                    Advertising                   1950-0143
Charles E. Hipp, Oil Field Contractor, Graham                    Advertising                   1954-0199
Charles M. Hoch, MD             Advertising                   1941-0095
Charlie Grace Drilling Co., Jacksboro                    Advertising                   1953-0135
Chastain, Billy                    Freshman Picture         1946-0027
Chastain, Billy Gene                    Sophomore Picture      1947-0051
Chastain, Billy Gene                    Junior Picture                1948-0035
Chastain, Billy Gene                    Senior Picture               1949-0025
Chastain, Bobby                    6th Grade Picture          1950-0069
Chastain, Bobby                    8th Grade Picture          1952-0051
Chastain, Bobby Lee                    7th Grade Picture          1951-0061
Chastain, Carma                    1st Grade Picture          1977-0027
Chastain, Earl                    Kindergarden Picture  1975-0027
Chastain, Earl 2nd Grade Picture                1977-0027
Chastain, Earl 3rd Grade Picture                1978-0023
Chastain, Earl 4th Grade Picture                1979-0023
Chastain, Elizabeth                    1st Grade Picture          1952-0065
Chastain, Elizabeth                    8th Grade Picture          1959-0057
Chastain, Elizabeth                    Freshman Picture         1960-0024
Chastain, Elizabeth                    Sophomore Picture      1961-0022
Chastain, Elizabeth                    Junior Picture                1962-0018
Chastain, Elizabeth                    Who's Who Picture     1962-0027
Chastain, Jo                    Senior Picture               1963-0016
Chastain, Leon                    1st Grade Picture          1977-0027
Chastain, Leon                    2nd Grade Picture         1978-0024
Chastain, Leon                    3rd Grade Picture          1979-0024
Chastain, Sarah                    Kindergarden Picture  1977-0028
Cheerleaders & Mascott     Group Picture                1954-0125
Chitwood, Dorothy                    Faculty Picture             1952-0019
Choate, Charles L.                    Faculty Picture             1967-0010
Choate, Mary Jane                    Faculty Picture             1946-0009
Choate, Sumner                    Faculty Picture             1946-0009
Choral Club                    Group Picture                1948-0074
Choral Club                    Group Picture                1949-0107
Christopher Cleaners, Graham         Advertising                    1938-0045
Chumbley, Roy W.                    Faculty Picture             1963-0012
Churchill, Mary                    5th Grade Picture          1952-0057
Churchill, Mary                    Sophomore Picture      1957-0020
Churchill, Mary                    Junior Picture                1958-0018
Churchill, Mary A.                    3rd Grade Picture          1950-0075
Churchill, Mary Ann                    4th Grade Picture          1951-0067
Churchill, Mary Ann                    6th Grade Picture          1953-0057
Churchill, Mary Ann                    7th Grade Picture          1954-0069
Churchill, Mary Ann                    8th Grade Picture          1955-0059
Churchill, Mary Ann                    Freshman Picture         1956-0033
City Barber Shop, Jacksboro  Advertising                   1947-0117
City Barber Shop, Jacksboro  Advertising                   1954-0181
City Drug Store, Jacksboro  Advertising                   1947-0115
City Drug Store, Jacksboro  Advertising                   1950-0153
City Drug Store, Jacksboro  Advertising                   1952-0117
City Drug Store, Jacksboro  Advertising                   1953-0131
City Shoe Shop, F.C. Crismore, Jacksboro    Advertising                    1950-0171
City Shoe Shop, Jacksboro  Advertising                   1948-0094
Clara Clay                    Advertising                   1954-0195
Clardy, C.J.       4th Grade Class Roll           1941-0053
Clardy, Dorothy                    2nd Grade Class Roll   1941-0051
Clardy, Pat        6th Grade Class Roll           1941-0057
Clardy, T.J.                    Freshman Picture         1946-0027
Clardy, T.J.                    Sophomore Picture      1947-0051
Clark, Gary        6th Grade Picture                1951-0063
Clark, Gary        7th Grade Picture                1952-0053
Clayton & Mitchell Lumber Co.                    Advertising                    1946-0051
Clayton & Mitchell Lumber Co.                    Advertising                    1947-0117
Clayton, Betty Jo                    Sophomore Class Roll 1941-0037
Clayton, Cindy                    Kindergarden Picture  1979-0025
Clayton, Jack                    Junior Class Roll          1941-0025
Clayton, Ken    1st Grade Picture                1957-0030
Clayton, Ken    2nd Grade Picture                1958-0056
Clayton, Ken    3rd Grade Picture                1959-0059
Clayton, Ken  4th Grade Picture                1960-0032
Clayton, Ken  5th Grade Picture                1961-0057
Clayton, Ken  6th Grade Picture                1962-0056
Clayton, Ken  7th Grade Picture                1963-0031
Clayton, Ken  8th Grade Picture                1964-0034
Clayton, Ken                    Freshman Picture         1965-0024
Clayton, Ken                    Favorites Picture          1965-0037
Clayton, Ken                    Sophomore Picture      1966-0020
Clayton, Ken                    Who's Who Picture     1966-0036
Clayton, Ken                    Football Picture            1966-0040
Clayton, Ken                    Football Picture            1966-0041
Clayton, Ken                    Junior Picture                1967-0018
Clayton, Ken                    Favorites Picture          1967-0028
Clayton, Ken                    Football Picture            1967-0033
Clayton, Ken  Beta Club Picture                  1967-0044
Clayton, Ken                    Yearbook Editor Picture                    1968-0007
Clayton, Ken                    Senior Picture               1968-0016
Clayton, Ken                    Favorites Picture          1968-0033
Clayton, Ken                    Favorites Picture          1968-0034
Clayton, Ken                    Escort Picture               1968-0035
Clayton, Ken                    Escort Picture               1968-0036
Clayton, Ken                    Football Picture            1968-0037
Clayton, Ken                    Football Picture            1968-0038
Clayton, Ken                    Who's Who Picture     1968-0040
Clayton, Ken                    Newspaper Staff Picture                    1968-0041
Clayton, Ken                    Football Picture            1968-0048
Clayton, Ken                    Basketball Picture        1968-0052
Clayton, Ken                    School Board Picture   1978-0006
Clayton, Ken Clen                    Who's Who Picture     1967-0037
Clayton, Kirk  1st Grade Picture                1960-0035
Clayton, Kirk  2nd Grade Picture                1961-0060
Clayton, Kirk  3rd Grade Picture                1962-0059
Clayton, Kirk  4th Grade Picture                1963-0034
Clayton, Kirk  5th Grade Picture                1964-0037
Clayton, Kirk  6th Grade Picture                1965-0030
Clayton, Kirk  7th Grade Picture                1966-0055
Clayton, Kirk  8th Grade Picture                1967-0057
Clayton, Kirk                    Freshman Picture         1968-0025
Clayton, Kirk                    Football Picture            1968-0038
Clayton, Kirk                    Who's Who Picture     1968-0039
Clayton, Kirk                    Sophomore Picture      1969-0020
Clayton, Kirk  Class Officer Picture               1969-0028
Clayton, Kirk                    Favorites Picture          1969-0031
Clayton, Kirk                    Who's Who Picture     1969-0035
Clayton, Kirk                    Junior Picture                1970-0021
Clayton, Kirk  Class Officer Picture               1970-0027
Clayton, Kirk                    Favorites Picture          1970-0031
Clayton, Kirk                    Football Picture            1970-0035
Clayton, Kirk                    Who's Who Picture     1970-0036
Clayton, Kirk                    Who's Who Picture     1970-0037
Clayton, Kirk                    Yearbook Editor Picture                    1971-0007
Clayton, Kirk                    Senior Picture               1971-0015
Clayton, Kirk  Class Officer Picture               1971-0025
Clayton, Kirk                    Favorites Picture          1971-0025
Clayton, Kirk                    Favorites Picture          1971-0033
Clayton, Kirk                    Football Picture            1971-0036
Clayton, Kirk                    Who's Who Picture     1971-0038
Clayton, Kirk                    Who's Who Picture     1971-0039
Clayton, Kirk                    Football Picture            1971-0047
Clayton, Kirk                    Basketball Picture        1971-0052
Clayton, Kirk                    School Board Picture   1978-0006
Clayton, Lois                    Faculty Picture             1948-0014
Clayton, M.C.                    School Board Picture   1958-0007
Clayton, M.C.                    School Board Picture   1963-0010
Clayton, M.C.                    School Board Picture   1964-0012
Clayton, M.C.                    School Board Picture   1965-0011
Clayton, Rena  7th Grade Class Roll           1941-0057
Clayton-Mitchell Lumber Co.                    Advertising                    1938-0043
Clayton-Mitchell Lumber Co.                    Advertising                    1948-0089
Clayton-Mitchell Lumber Co.                    Advertising                    1949-0131
Clayton-Mitchell Lumber Co.                    Advertising                    1950-0171
Clemmons, Don                    7th Grade Picture          1960-0029
Clerihew Appliance, Jacksboro  Advertising                   1954-0181
Clerihew, Claudia                    Faculty Picture             1953-0017
Clerihew, Claudia                    Faculty Picture             1954-0017
Clerihew, Claudia                    Faculty Picture             1955-0012
Clerihew, Claudia                    Faculty Picture             1956-0014
Clerihew, Claudia                    Faculty Picture             1960-0011
Clerihew, Claudia                    Faculty Picture             1961-0012
Clerihew, Claudia                    Faculty Picture             1962-0012
Clerihew, Claudia                    PTA Picture                  1963-0010
Clerihew, Claudia                    Faculty Picture             1963-0013
Clerihew, Claudia                    Faculty Picture             1964-0015
Clerihew, Claudia                    Faculty Picture             1965-0010
Clerihew, Claudia                    Faculty Picture             1966-0011
Clerihew, Claudia                    Faculty Picture             1967-0011
Clerihew, Claudie                    Faculty Picture             1957-0026
Clerihew, Claudie                    Faculty Picture             1958-0052
Clerihew, Claudie                    Faculty Picture             1959-0056
Clifton, Don Ray                    6th Grade Picture          1951-0063
Clifton, Donald                    7th Grade Picture          1952-0053
Clifton, Janet    1st Grade Picture                1957-0030
Clifton, Janet    2nd Grade Picture                1958-0056
Clifton, Janet    3rd Grade Picture                1959-0059
Clifton, Janet  4th Grade Picture                1960-0032
Clifton, Janet  5th Grade Picture                1961-0057
Clifton, Janet  6th Grade Picture                1962-0056
Clifton, Janet  7th Grade Picture                1963-0031
Clifton, Janet  8th Grade Picture                1964-0034
Clifton, Janet  8th Grade Picture                1965-0028
Clifton, Janet                    Freshman Picture         1966-0022
Clifton, Janet                    Sweetheart Picture       1966-0033
Clifton, Janet                    Queen Picture               1966-0035
Clifton, John    4th Grade Picture                1958-0055
Clifton, John Royce                    1st Grade Picture          1955-0066
Clifton, John Royce                    3rd Grade Picture          1957-0029
Clifton, Royce  2nd Grade Picture                1956-0070
Clifton, Royce  5th Grade Picture                1959-0058
Clifton, Royce                    6th Grade Picture          1960-0030
Clifton, Royce                    7th Grade Picture          1961-0055
Clifton, Royce                    8th Grade Picture          1962-0054
Clifton, Royce                    Freshman Picture         1963-0026
Clifton, Royce                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0026
Clifton, Royce                    Escort Picture               1964-0049
Clifton, Royce                    Sophomore Picture      1965-0022
Clyde, Becky                    Kindergarden Picture  1979-0025
Clyde, Deanna                    5th Grade Picture          1979-0023
Clyde, Deanna                    4th Grade Picture          1979-0023
Clyde, Jeff      3rd Grade Picture                1979-0024
Clyde, Randy 6th Grade Picture                1979-0022
Cobbs Depart. Store, Graham       Advertising                   1953-0147
Cobb's Dept. Store, Graham       Advertising                   1938-0045
Cobb's Dept. Store, Graham       Advertising                   1952-0121
Coca-Cola                    Advertising/Picture     1962-0078
Coca-Cola                    Advertising/Picture     1963-0071
Coca-Cola                    Advertising/Picture     1964-0076
Coca-Cola                    Advertising/Picture     1965-0074
Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Graham                   Advertising                    1950-0149
Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Graham                   Advertising                    1951-0137
Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Graham                   Advertising                    1953-0127
Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Graham                   Advertising                    1954-0157
Codded, Jimmie Joe                    6th Grade Class Roll    1941-0057
Coke, Graham                    Advertising                   1949-0129
Colbertson, Joe                    2nd Grade Picture         1953-0065
Coldwell, Gloneth                    6th Grade Class Roll    1941-0055
Cole, Beatrice   8th Grade Picture                1952-0051
Cole, Beatrice                    Freshman Picture         1953-0047
Cole, Beatrice                    Junior Picture                1955-0047
Cole, Beatrice                    Senior Picture               1956-0017
Cole, Karen      2nd Grade Picture                1952-0063
Cole, Karen      5th Grade Picture                1955-0062
Cole, Karen Sue                    1st Grade Picture          1951-0073
Cole, Karen Sue                    3rd Grade Picture          1953-0063
Cole, Karen Sue                    4th Grade Picture          1954-0075
Cole, Kelly      2nd Grade Picture                1979-0024
Cole, Michael 5th Grade Picture                1979-0023
Cole, Sue          1st Grade Picture                1950-0079
Coleman, Gary                    Faculty Picture             1971-0012
Coley, Beatrice                    Sophomore Picture      1954-0053
Coley, Gregg  1st Grade Picture                1966-0061
Coley, Gregg  2nd Grade Picture                1967-0068
Coley, Gregg  3rd Grade Picture                1968-0071
Coley, Gregg  3-4th Grade Picture                1969-0057
Coley, Gregg  5th Grade Picture                1970-0057
Coley, Gregg  6th Grade Picture                1971-0057
Coley, Gregg  7th Grade Picture                1972-0055
Coley, Gregg  8th Grade Picture                1973-0051
Coley, Hugh     Tax Assessor Picture          1959-0054
Coley, Hugh   Tax Assessor Picture          1960-0012
Coley, Hugh   Tax Assessor Picture          1961-0064
Coley, Hugh   Tax Assessor Picture          1962-0064
Coley, Raleph  6th Grade Class Roll           1941-0055
Coley, Ralph                    Senior Picture               1946-0014
Coley, Ralph                    Basketball Group Picture                    1946-0035
Coley, Ralph  1st Grade Picture                1961-0061
Coley, Ralph  2nd Grade Picture                1962-0060
Coley, Ralph  3rd Grade Picture                1963-0035
Coley, Ralph  4th Grade Picture                1964-0038
Coley, Ralph  5th Grade Picture                1965-0032
Coley, Ralph  6th Grade Picture                1966-0056
Coley, Ralph  7th Grade Picture                1967-0059
Coley, Ralph  8th Grade Picture                1968-0059
Coley, Ralph                    Freshman Picture         1969-0025
Coley, Ralph                    Sophomore Picture      1970-0023
Coley, Ralph                    Junior Picture                1971-0019
Coley, Ralph  Class Officer Picture               1971-0026
Coley, Ralph                    Senior Picture               1972-0015
Coley, Ralph  Class Officer Picture               1972-0024
Coley, Ralph                    Favorites Picture          1972-0024
Coley, Ralph                    Football Picture            1972-0034
Coley, Ralph                    Football Picture            1972-0048
Coley, Ralph, Mrs.                    PTA Picture                  1963-0010
Coley, Ralph, Mrs.                    PTA Picture                  1964-0012
Coley, Selena Manley      Junior Picture                1972-0018
Coley, Syl         6th Grade Picture                1950-0069
Coley, Syl         7th Grade Picture                1951-0061
Coley, Syl         8th Grade Picture                1952-0051
Coley, Syl                    Freshman Picture         1953-0047
Coley, Syl                    Junior Picture                1955-0047
Coley, Syl                    Senior Picture               1956-0017
Coley, Tommy                    1st Grade Picture          1964-0041
Coley, Tommy                    2nd Grade Picture         1965-0035
Coley, Tommy                    3rd Grade Picture          1966-0059
Coley, Tommy                    4th Grade Picture          1967-0065
Coley, Tommy                    5th Grade Picture          1968-0067
Coley, Tommy                    6th Grade Picture          1969-0053
Coley, Tommy                    7th Grade Picture          1970-0054
Coley, Tommy                    8th Grade Picture          1971-0055
Coley, Tommy                    Freshman Picture         1972-0022
Coley, Tommy                    Class Officer Picture    1972-0027
Coley, Tommy                    Sophomore Picture      1973-0021
Coley, Tommy                    Class Officer Picture    1973-0027
Coley, Tommy                    Favorites Picture          1973-0027
Coley, Verna    4th Grade Class Roll           1941-0053
Coley, Verna                    Sophomore Picture      1946-0023
Coley, Verna                    Junior Picture                1947-0041
Coley, Verna                    Senior Picture               1948-0020
College Hill Steam Laundry, Jacksboro     Advertising                    1950-0165
Collins, Connie                    5th Grade Picture          1977-0025
Collins, Connie                    6th Grade Picture          1978-0022
Collins, Connie                    7th Grade Picture          1979-0021
Collins, Connie                    Queen Picture               1979-0039
Collins, Jimmie                    8th Grade Picture          1978-0020
Collins, Jimmie                    Favorites Picture          1978-0032
Collins, Jimmy                    7th Grade Picture          1977-0023
Collins, Jimmy                    Freshman Picture         1979-0019
Collins, Jimmy                    Class Officer Picture    1979-0019
Collins, Ronald                    3rd Grade Picture          1977-0026
Collins, Ronnie                    4th Grade Picture          1978-0023
Collins, Ronnie                    5th Grade Picture          1979-0023
Collins, Ronny                    Escort Picture               1978-0036
Colwell, Cindy                    5th Grade Picture          1975-0023
Colwell, James                    Sophomore Picture      1975-0019
Colwell, James                    Class Officer Picture    1975-0019
Colwell, Robert                    7th Grade Picture          1975-0022
Combs, Judy  2nd Grade Picture                1960-0034
Combs, Mary 7th Grade Picture                1960-0029
Comeau, Randy                    Freshman Picture         1978-0019
Community Public Service       Advertising                   1952-0111
Community Public Service       Advertising                   1954-0189
Community Public Service, Chester Haley                    Advertising                   1948-0091
Community Public Service, Chester Haley                    Advertising                   1949-0121
Community Public Service, Chester Haley                    Advertising                   1950-0163
Community Public Service, Clyde Morris  Advertising                    1953-0159
Conner, Harold                    Sophomore Picture      1968-0022
Conner, Harold                    Sophomore Picture      1969-0020
Conner, James 1st Grade Class Roll           1941-0051
Conner, Margie                    Freshman Class Roll    1941-0045
Conner, Olin                    Sophomore Picture      1968-0022
Conner, Olin                    Sophomore Picture      1969-0020
Connor, Alton 2nd Grade Class Roll           1941-0051
Connor, Anita  2nd Grade Class Roll           1941-0051
Conoco Service Station, Floyd F. Bennett & Carl Smith                    Advertising                   1938-0046
Conway, Terry                    Who's Who Picture     1971-0039
Cook, Becky   7th Grade Picture                1972-0055
Cook, Becky                    Favorites Picture          1972-0055
Cook, Becky   8th Grade Picture                1973-0051
Cook, Charles Ralph                    2nd Grade Picture         1951-0071
Cook, Debbie                    Junior Picture                1972-0018
Cook, Debbie                    Queen Picture               1972-0033
Cook, Debbie Louise        Senior Picture               1973-0016
Cook, Donald Ray                    5th Grade Class Roll    1941-0055
Cook, Donald Ray                    Sophomore Picture      1946-0023
Cook, Donald Ray                    Junior Picture                1947-0041
Cook, Donald Ray                    Senior Picture               1948-0020
Cook, Dub        4th Grade Picture                1950-0073
Cook, Jesse                    Sophomore Picture      1948-0039
Cook, Jesse Wayne                    Junior Picture                1949-0047
Cook, Jessie W.                    Senior Picture               1950-0027
Cook, Jessie Wayne                    Freshman Picture         1947-0059
Cook, Louise                    Dedication to Parents  1973-0006
Cook, Norma                    Senior Picture               1946-0013
Cook, Phillip   1st Grade Picture                1964-0041
Cook, Richard                    2nd Grade Picture         1979-0024
Cook, Sharon 1st Grade Picture                1961-0061
Cook, Sharon 2nd Grade Picture                1962-0060
Cook, Sharon 3rd Grade Picture                1963-0035
Cook, Sharon 6th Grade Picture                1966-0056
Cook, Sharon 7th Grade Picture                1967-0059
Cook, Wayne   3rd Grade Class Roll           1941-0053
Cook's Appliance Store, Graham               Advertising                    1953-0141
Coon, Cynthia                    Faculty Picture             1973-0012
Coon, Gary                    Faculty Picture             1973-0012
Corner Drug Store, Bowman Lewis             Advertising                    1947-0117
Corner Drug Store, Bowman Lewis             Advertising                    1948-0089
Corner Drug Store, Bowman Lewis             Advertising                    1949-0121
Corner Drug Store, Bowman Lewis             Advertising                    1950-0147
Corner Drug Store, Bowman Lewis             Advertising                    1952-0129
Corner Drug Store, Bowman Lewis             Advertising                    1953-0153
Corner Drug Store, Bowman Lewis             Advertising                    1954-0175
Corse Music Co., Graham       Advertising                   1952-0119
Corse Music Co., Graham       Advertising                   1953-0153
Corse Music Co., Graham       Advertising                   1954-0191
Corse, George                    Faculty Picture             1948-0015
Corse, George                    Faculty Picture             1950-0019
Corse, George                    Faculty Picture             1951-0019
Corse, George                    Faculty Picture             1952-0019
Corse, Mr.                    Faculty Picture             1949-0019
Cosby, Bill        6th Grade Picture                1954-0071
Cosby, Bill        7th Grade Picture                1955-0060
Cosby, Jim        2nd Grade Picture                1954-0079
Cosby, Jim        3rd Grade Picture                1955-0064
Cosby, John     5th Grade Picture                1954-0073
Cosby, John     6th Grade Picture                1955-0061
Cosby, Sam      6th Grade Picture                1954-0071
Cosby, Shirley                    Freshman Picture         1954-0061
Cosby, Shirley                    Sophomore Picture      1955-0052
Counts, Kenneth                    Junior Picture                1955-0047
Cowan's Grocery                    Advertising                   1938-0046
Coy 'Speedy' Ware, Jermyn       Advertising                   1954-0189
Crager, Vernon                    8th Grade Picture          1950-0065
Crager, Vernon                    Freshman Picture         1951-0053
Crager, Vernon                    Sophomore Picture      1952-0041
Crager, Vernon                    Junior Picture                1953-0037
Crager, Vernon                    Senior Picture               1954-0025
Cretsinger, Billy                    7th Grade Picture          1970-0054
Cretsinger, Debbie                    7th Grade Picture          1970-0054
Crews, Richard A.                    Faculty Picture             1960-0009
Crews, Richard A.                    Faculty Picture             1961-0011
Cribbs, James   2nd Grade Picture                1955-0065
Cribbs, Lula      7th Grade Picture                1955-0060
Cribbs, Richard                    4th Grade Picture          1955-0063
Crisp, Robert  8th Grade Picture                1971-0055
Crisp, Vernon 6th Grade Picture                1970-0056
Crisp, Vernon 6th Grade Picture                1971-0057
Crisp, Vernon 7th Grade Picture                1972-0055
Crites, Johnny                    2nd Grade Picture         1961-0060
Crittington, Charles                    Sophomore Picture      1956-0030
Cross, Barbara                    Freshman Picture         1959-0026
Cross, James    7th Grade Picture                1959-0057
Cross, Marsha Ann                    5th Grade Picture          1959-0058
Crow, Brenda   1st Grade Picture                1955-0066
Crow, Brenda   2nd Grade Picture                1956-0070
Crow, Brenda   4th Grade Picture                1958-0055
Crow, Brenda   5th Grade Picture                1959-0058
Crow, Brenda 6th Grade Picture                1960-0030
Crow, Brenda 7th Grade Picture                1961-0055
Crow, Brenda 8th Grade Picture                1962-0054
Crow, Brenda                    Freshman Picture         1963-0026
Crow, Brenda                    Queen Picture               1963-0044
Crow, Brenda                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0026
Crow, Brenda Class Officer Picture               1964-0030
Crow, Brenda                    Favorites Picture          1964-0054
Crow, Brenda                    Junior Picture                1965-0020
Crow, Brenda                    Senior Picture               1966-0014
Crow, Brenda Class Officer Picture               1966-0023
Crow, Brenda                    Favorites Picture          1966-0026
Crow, Brenda                    Favorites Picture          1966-0029
Crow, Brenda                    Favorites Picture          1966-0030
Crow, Brenda                    Sweetheart Picture       1966-0033
Crow, Brenda                    Newspaper Staff Picture                    1966-0038
Crow, Brenda Drum Major Picture                1966-0040
Crow, Brenda Pep Squad Picture               1966-0041
Crow, Brenda Kay                    3rd Grade Picture          1957-0029
Crow, Vernon   2nd Grade Class Roll           1941-0051
Crum, David   5th Grade Picture                1962-0057
Crum, David   6th Grade Picture                1963-0032
Crum, David   7th Grade Picture                1964-0035
Crum, David   8th Grade Picture                1965-0028
Crum, David                    Freshman Picture         1966-0022
Crum, David   Class Officer Picture               1966-0024
Crum, David                    Sophomore Picture      1967-0020
Crum, David                    Escort Picture               1967-0035
Crum, David                    Junior Picture                1968-0020
Crum, David                    Football Picture            1968-0037
Crum, David                    Football Picture            1968-0038
Crum, David                    Football Picture            1968-0048
Crum, David                    Yearbook Staff Picture                    1969-0007
Crum, David                    Senior Picture               1969-0014
Crum, David                    Football Picture            1969-0033
Crum, Faye                    Senior Picture               1948-0019
Crum, Gerald    7th Grade Picture                1950-0067
Crum, Gerald                    Freshman Picture         1952-0045
Crum, Glen        5th Grade Picture                1952-0057
Crum, Glenn     3rd Grade Picture                1950-0075
Crum, Glenn     4th Grade Picture                1951-0067
Crum, Glenn     6th Grade Picture                1953-0057
Crum, Glenn     7th Grade Picture                1954-0069
Crum, Glenn     8th Grade Picture                1955-0059
Crum, Glenn                    Freshman Picture         1956-0033
Crum, Glenn                    Sophomore Picture      1957-0020
Crum, Glenn                    Junior Picture                1958-0018
Crum, Glenn                    Senior Picture               1959-0011
Crum, Glenn                    Favorites Picture          1959-0036
Crum, Glenn     Beau Picture        1959-0048
Crum, Ira, Jr.                    Sophomore Picture      1947-0051
Crum, J.W.                    Junior Picture                1954-0045
Crum, J.W.                    Senior Picture               1955-0037
Crum, James   8th Grade Picture                1963-0030
Crum, James                    Freshman Picture         1964-0028
Crum, James   Class Officer Picture               1964-0030
Crum, James                    Favorites Picture          1964-0054
Crum, James                    Sophomore Picture      1965-0022
Crum, Jerald     8th Grade Picture                1951-0059
Crum, Jerald                    Freshman Picture         1953-0047
Crum, Jimmy   7th Grade Picture                1962-0055
Crum, Junior                    Freshman Picture         1946-0027
Crum, Junior                    Sophomore Picture      1948-0039
Crum, Sandra                    Freshman Picture         1962-0022
Crum, Sandra                    Sophomore Picture      1963-0024
Crum, Sandra                    Junior Picture                1964-0024
Crum, Sandra Class Officer Picture               1964-0029
Crum, Sandra                    Senior Picture               1965-0017
Crum, Sandra Pep Squad Picture               1965-0042
Crumpton Variety Store           Advertising                   1946-0051
Crumpton, Alva Nell                    Senior Picture               1948-0019
Crumpton, Ava Nell                    Sophomore Picture      1946-0023
Crumpton, Ava Nell                    Junior Picture                1947-0041
Crumpton, Bobby                    1st Grade Picture          1957-0030
Crumpton, Bobby                    2nd Grade Picture         1958-0056
Crumpton, Bobby                    3rd Grade Picture          1959-0059
Crumpton, Bobby                    4th Grade Picture          1960-0032
Crumpton, Bobby                    5th Grade Picture          1961-0057
Crumpton, Bobby                    6th Grade Picture          1962-0056
Crumpton, Bobby                    7th Grade Picture          1963-0031
Crumpton, Bobby                    8th Grade Picture          1964-0034
Crumpton, Caren                    1st Grade Picture          1953-0067
Crumpton, Caren                    2nd Grade Picture         1954-0079
Crumpton, Dewayne                    1st Grade Picture          1951-0073
Crumpton, Dewayne                    2nd Grade Picture         1952-0063
Crumpton, Dewayne                    4th Grade Picture          1954-0075
Crumpton, Dewayne                    5th Grade Picture          1955-0062
Crumpton, Dewayne                    6th Grade Picture          1956-0066
Crumpton, Dewayne                    7th Grade Picture          1957-0027
Crumpton, Dewayne                    8th Grade Picture          1958-0053
Crumpton, Dewayne                    Freshman Picture         1959-0026
Crumpton, Dewayne   Sophomore Picture      1960-0022
Crumpton, Dewayne   Senior Picture               1962-0014
Crumpton, Dewayne   Escort Picture               1962-0040
Crumpton, Dwayne                    3rd Grade Picture          1953-0063
Crumpton, Dwayne                    Junior Picture                1961-0020
Crumpton, Sherrion                    1st Grade Picture          1959-0060
Crumpton, Sherrion                    2nd Grade Picture         1960-0034
Crumpton, Sherrion                    3rd Grade Picture          1961-0059
Crumpton, Sherrion                    4th Grade Picture          1962-0058
Crumpton, Sherrion                    5th Grade Picture          1963-0033
Crumpton, Sherrion                    6th Grade Picture          1964-0036
Crumpton, Shirley                    3rd Grade Picture          1952-0061
Crumpton, Shirley                    4th Grade Picture          1953-0061
Crumpton, Shirley                    5th Grade Picture          1954-0073
Crumpton, Terry                    1st Grade Picture          1958-0056
Crumpton, Terry                    2nd Grade Picture         1959-0060
Crumpton, Terry                    3rd Grade Picture          1960-0033
Crumpton, Terry                    4th Grade Picture          1961-0058
Crumpton, Terry                    5th Grade Picture          1962-0057
Crumpton, Terry                    6th Grade Picture          1963-0032
Crumpton, Terry                    7th Grade Picture          1964-0035
Crumpton, Terry                    Senior Picture               1970-0017
Crumpton, Terry                    Who's Who Picture     1970-0036
Crutchfield, John                    6th Grade Picture          1979-0022
Cruthfield, Jerry                    8th Grade Picture          1979-0020
Culbertson, Don                    7th Grade Picture          1953-0055
Culbertson, Don                    8th Grade Picture          1954-0067
Culbertson, Don                    Freshman Picture         1955-0056
Culbertson, Joe                    3rd Grade Picture          1954-0077
Culbertson, Joe                    4th Grade Picture          1955-0063
Culler, Zelma  Class Officer Picture               1966-0024
Cullers Feed Store                    Advertising                   1953-0155
Cullers, Alma                    Sophomore Class Roll 1941-0037
Cullers, Carolyn                    7th Grade Picture          1950-0067
Cullers, Carolyn                    8th Grade Picture          1951-0059
Cullers, Carolyn                    Freshman Picture         1952-0045
Cullers, Carolyn                    Sophomore Picture      1953-0041
Cullers, Carolyn                    Junior Picture                1954-0045
Cullers, Carolyn                    Senior Picture               1955-0037
Cullers, Charles                    6th Grade Class Roll    1941-0057
Cullers, Daniel                    3rd Grade Picture          1961-0059
Cullers, Danny 1st Grade Picture                1959-0060
Cullers, Danny                    2nd Grade Picture         1960-0034
Cullers, Danny                    5th Grade Picture          1963-0033
Cullers, Danny                    6th Grade Picture          1964-0036
Cullers, Danny                    7th Grade Picture          1965-0029
Cullers, Danny                    8th Grade Picture          1966-0054
Cullers, Danny                    Freshman Picture         1967-0022
Cullers, Danny                    Class Officer Picture    1967-0025
Cullers, Evelyn                    3rd Grade Class Roll    1941-0053
Cullers, Evelyn                    Freshman Picture         1947-0059
Cullers, Evelyn                    Sophomore Picture      1948-0039
Cullers, Evelyn                    Junior Picture                1949-0047
Cullers, Evelyn                    Senior Picture               1950-0027
Cullers, James  1st Grade Class Roll           1941-0051
Cullers, James                    Freshman Picture         1949-0063
Cullers, James                    Favorites Picture          1949-0093
Cullers, James                    Sophomore Picture      1950-0053
Cullers, James                    Favorites Picture          1950-0093
Cullers, James                    Junior Picture                1951-0043
Cullers, James                    Favorites Picture          1951-0085
Cullers, James                    Senior Picture               1952-0027
Cullers, Lizzie   7th Grade Class Roll           1941-0057
Cullers, Mark                    Junior Class Roll          1941-0025
Cullers, Noma                    1st Grade Picture          1964-0041
Cullers, Noma                    2nd Grade Picture         1965-0035
Cullers, Noma                    3rd Grade Picture          1966-0059
Cullers, Noma                    4th Grade Picture          1967-0064
Cullers, Pamela                    1st Grade Picture          1967-0070
Cullers, Sue                    Sophomore Picture      1946-0023
Cullers, Sue Beth                    4th Grade Class Roll    1941-0053
Cullers, Sue Beth                    Junior Picture                1947-0041
Cullers, Sue Beth                    Senior Picture               1948-0020
Cullers, Virginia                    Senior Picture               1938-0011
Cullers, Virginia                    Yearbook Staff Picture                    1938-0028
Cullers, Wallace                    7th Grade Class Roll    1941-0057
Cullers, Wendell                    2nd Grade Picture         1950-0077
Cullers, Wendell                    3rd Grade Picture          1951-0069
Cullers, Wendell                    4th Grade Picture          1952-0059
Cullers, Wendell                    5th Grade Picture          1953-0059
Cullers, Wendell                    6th Grade Picture          1954-0071
Cullers, Wendell                    8th Grade Picture          1956-0064
Cullers, Wendell                    Senior Picture               1960-0015
Cullers, Wendell                    Football Picture            1960-0063
Cullers, Will Ed                    7th Grade Picture          1950-0067
Cullers, Will Ed                    8th Grade Picture          1951-0059
Cullers, Will Ed                    Freshman Picture         1952-0045
Cullers, Will Edd                    Sophomore Picture      1953-0041
Cullers, Will Edd                    Junior Picture                1954-0045
Cullers, Will Edd                    King Picture                  1955-0031
Cullers, Will Edd                    Senior Picture               1955-0037
Cullers, Windell                    7th Grade Picture          1955-0060
Cullers, Windell                    Freshman Picture         1957-0022
Cullers, Windell                    Sophomore Picture      1958-0020
Cullers, Windell                    Class Officer Picture    1958-0024
Cullers, Windell                    Junior Picture                1959-0018
Cullers, Windell                    Who's Who Picture     1960-0038
Cullers, Windell                    Favorites Picture          1960-0064
Cullers, Zelma  1st Grade Picture                1957-0030
Cullers, Zelma  2nd Grade Picture                1958-0056
Cullers, Zelma  3rd Grade Picture                1959-0059
Cullers, Zelma                    4th Grade Picture          1960-0032
Cullers, Zelma                    5th Grade Picture          1961-0057
Cullers, Zelma                    7th Grade Picture          1963-0031
Cullers, Zelma                    8th Grade Picture          1964-0034
Cullers, Zelma                    Freshman Picture         1965-0024
Cullers, Zelma                    Sophomore Picture      1966-0020
Cullers, Zelma                    Who's Who Picture     1966-0036
Cullers, Zelma                    Who's Who Picture     1966-0037
Cullers, Zelma                    Basketball Picture        1966-0051
Cullers, Zelma                    Junior Picture                1967-0018
Cullers, Zelma                    Class Officer Picture    1967-0024
Cullers, Zelma                    Favorites Picture          1967-0027
Cullers, Zelma                    Favorites Picture          1967-0029
Cullers, Zelma                    Beta Club Picture         1967-0044
Cullers, Zelma                    Basketball Picture        1967-0052
Cullers, Zelma Ruth                    Who's Who Picture     1967-0037
Cullum, Linda   5th Grade Picture                1954-0073
Cullum, Linda   6th Grade Picture                1955-0061
Cullum, Marilyn                    4th Grade Picture          1954-0075
Cullum, Marilyn                    5th Grade Picture          1955-0062
Cullum, Virgil   1st Grade Picture                1955-0066
Culwell, Earl                    Sophomore Picture      1960-0022
Culwell, Earl                    Escort Picture               1960-0062
Culwell, Earl                    Favorites Picture          1960-0064
Culwell, Tommy                    7th Grade Picture          1955-0060
Cunningham, Don                    5th Grade Class Roll    1941-0055
Cunningham, Don, Mrs.            PTA Picture                  1965-0011
Cunningham, Earnert       4th Grade Class Roll    1941-0053
Cunningham, Edna                    Sophomore Class Roll 1941-0037
Cunningham, Ernest                    Faculty Picture             1958-0008
Cunningham, Ernest                    Coach Picture               1958-0034
Cunningham, Ernest L.                 Faculty Picture             1957-0010
Cunningham, Ernie                    Faculty Picture             1959-0008
Cunningham, Ernie                    Faculty Picture             1959-0027
Cunningham, Nancy        1st Grade Picture          1963-0037
Cunningham, Nancy        2nd Grade Picture         1964-0040
Cunningham, Nancy        3rd Grade Picture          1965-0034
Cunningham, Nancy        4th Grade Picture          1966-0058
Cunningham, Nancy        5th Grade Picture          1967-0062
Cunningham, Nancy        6th Grade Picture          1968-0064
Cunningham, Rebecca     1st Grade Picture          1966-0061
Cunningham, Rebecca     2nd Grade Picture         1967-0068
Cunningham, Rebecca     3rd Grade Picture          1968-0071
Cunningham, Richard      6th Grade Class Roll    1941-0057
Curtis Crow Pipeline Contractor Advertising                   1950-0159
Curtis, Thelma                    Faculty Picture             1938-0008
Curtis, Thelma                    Faculty Picture             1938-0017
Curtis, Thelma                    Faculty Picture             1941-0011
Curtiss Crow Pipeline Contractor      Advertising                    1948-0090
Curtiss Crow Pipeline Contractor      Advertising                    1949-0139
Custodians & Bus Drivers       Group Picture                1953-0121
Custodians & Bus Drivers       Group Picture                1954-0133
Cutbirth, Randell                    4th Grade Picture          1966-0058
Cutbirth, Sandra                    5th Grade Picture          1965-0032
Cutbirth, Sandra                    Freshman Picture         1969-0025
Cutburth, Randall                    6th Grade Picture          1968-0064
Cutburth, Randell                    1st Grade Picture          1963-0037
Cutburth, Randell                    2nd Grade Picture         1964-0040
Cutburth, Randell                    3rd Grade Picture          1965-0034
Cutburth, Randell                    5th Grade Picture          1967-0062
Cutburth, Randell                    7th Grade Picture          1969-0051
Cutburth, Sandra                    1st Grade Picture          1961-0061
Cutburth, Sandra                    2nd Grade Picture         1962-0060
Cutburth, Sandra                    3rd Grade Picture          1963-0035
Cutburth, Sandra                    4th Grade Picture          1964-0038
Cutburth, Sandra                    6th Grade Picture          1966-0056
Cutburth, Sandra                    7th Grade Picture          1967-0058
Cutburth, Sandra                    Favorites Picture          1968-0032
Cutburth, Sandra                    8th Grade Picture          1968-0059
Cutburth, Sandra                    Queen Picture               1969-0032
Cy Perkins' Motors, Jacksboro  Advertising                   1948-0094
Cy Perkins' Motors, Jacksboro  Advertising                   1949-0133
Cy Perkins' Motors, Jacksboro  Advertising                   1950-0155
Cy Perkins' Motors, Jacksboro  Advertising                   1951-0139
Cy Perkins' Motors, Jacksboro  Advertising                   1952-0117
Cy Perkins' Motors, Jacksboro  Advertising                   1953-0145
Cy Perkins' Motors, Jacksboro  Advertising                   1954-0187
Dairy Best, Graham                    Advertising                   1952-0135
Dairy Best, Graham                    Advertising                   1953-0129
Dairy Best, Graham                    Advertising                   1954-0175
Damron Service Station, Jermyn             Advertising                    1952-0111
Damron, Allen                    1st Grade Picture          1973-0061
Damron, Allen                    2nd Grade Picture         1974-0064
Damron, Allen                    3rd Grade Picture          1975-0025
Damron, David                    6th Grade Picture          1950-0069
Damron, David                    7th Grade Picture          1951-0061
Damron, David                    8th Grade Picture          1952-0051
Damron, David                    Freshman Picture         1953-0047
Damron, David                    Sophomore Picture      1954-0053
Damron, David                    Favorites Picture          1955-0046
Damron, David                    Junior Picture                1955-0047
Damron, David                    Senior Picture               1956-0017
Damron, David                    Favorites Picture          1956-0036
Damron, David                    King Picture                  1956-0038
Damron, David                    Favorites Picture          1956-0040
Damron, Deanna                    3rd Grade Picture          1978-0023
Damron, Deanna                    4th Grade Picture          1979-0023
Damron, Douglas                    Kindergarden Picture  1978-0025
Damron, Douglas                    1st Grade Picture          1979-0025
Damron, Elva Sue                    1st Grade Picture          1955-0066
Damron, Elva Sue                    2nd Grade Picture         1956-0070
Damron, Elva Sue                    3rd Grade Picture          1957-0029
Damron, Freddie                    Freshman Picture         1952-0045
Damron, Freddie Joe                    7th Grade Picture          1950-0067
Damron, Freddie Joe                    8th Grade Picture          1951-0059
Damron, Freddie Joe                    Sophomore Picture      1953-0041
Damron, Freddie Joe                    Junior Picture                1954-0045
Damron, G.S.                    School Board Picture   1958-0007
Damron, G.S.                    School Board Picture   1963-0010
Damron, G.S.                    School Board Picture   1964-0012
Damron, Joe                    Senior Picture               1955-0038
Damron, Kevin                    6th Grade Picture          1978-0022
Damron, Kevin                    7th Grade Picture          1979-0021
Damron, Lucille                    Freshman Picture         1949-0063
Damron, Lucille                    Favorites Picture          1949-0093
Damron, Lucille                    Sophomore Picture      1950-0053
Damron, Lucille                    Favorites Picture          1950-0093
Damron, Lucille                    Junior Picture                1951-0043
Damron, Lucille                    Senior Picture               1952-0027
Damron, Lucille                    Favorites Picture          1952-0069
Damron, Lucille                    Favorites Picture          1952-0071
Damron, Lucille                    Sweetheart Picture       1952-0083
Damron, S.F.                    Junior Picture                1947-0041
Damron, S.F.                    Senior Picture               1948-0020
Damron, Sue    4th Grade Picture                1958-0055
Damron, Sue    5th Grade Picture                1959-0058
Damron, Sue  6th Grade Picture                1960-0030
Damron, Sue  7th Grade Picture                1961-0055
Damron, Sue  8th Grade Picture                1962-0054
Damron, Sue                    Freshman Picture         1963-0026
Damron, Sue  Class Officer Picture               1963-0028
Damron, Sue                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0026
Damron, Sue  Class Officer Picture               1964-0030
Damron, Sue                    Favorites Picture          1964-0054
Damron, Wesley                    6th Grade Picture          1978-0022
Damron, Wesley                    7th Grade Picture          1979-0021
Damron, Wesley Allen          5th Grade Picture          1977-0025
Daniel, Brenda                    Senior Picture               1975-0017
Daniel, C.D.                    Principal Picture           1970-0009
Daniel, C.D.                    Faculty Picture             1970-0011
Daniel, C.D.                    Football Picture            1970-0045
Daniel, C.D., Mrs.                    Faculty Picture             1970-0011
Daniel, Debbie                    7th Grade Picture          1975-0022
Daniel, Lane   8th Grade Picture                1975-0021
Daughty, Herman                    7th Grade Picture          1955-0060
David, Harold                    6th Grade Picture          1961-0056
Davidson Motor Co., Graham                   Advertising                    1953-0133
Davidson Motor Co., Graham                   Advertising                    1954-0177
Davis, Ann     7th Grade Picture                1973-0052
Davis, C.B.                    Faculty Picture             1955-0011
Davis, Charles                    Faculty Picture             1954-0015
Davis, Donna 1st Grade Picture                1968-0074
Davis, Eugene                    Principal Picture           1960-0008
Davis, Eugene                    Principal Picture           1961-0010
Davis, Eugene                    Principal Picture           1962-0010
Davis, Eugene                    Principal Picture           1963-0009
Davis, Eugene                    Principal Picture           1964-0011
Davis, Eugene                    Superintendent Picture                    1965-0007
Davis, Eugene                    School Board Picture   1965-0011
Davis, Eugene                    Superintendent Picture                    1966-0008
Davis, Eugene                    Superintendent Picture                    1967-0008
Davis, Eugene                    Superintendent Picture                    1968-0009
Davis, Eugene                    Faculty Picture             1968-0012
Davis, Linda     2nd Grade Picture                1959-0060
Davis, Wanda                    Faculty Picture             1960-0009
Davis, Wanda                    Faculty Picture             1964-0015
Davis, Wanda                    Faculty Picture             1965-0010
Davis, Wanda                    Faculty Picture             1966-0011
Davis, Wanda                    Faculty Picture             1967-0011
Davis, Wanda                    Faculty Picture             1968-0013
Day, Charles                    Senior Picture               1946-0013
Day, Charles                    Basketball Group Picture                    1946-0035
Day, Charles                    Favorites Picture          1946-0039
Day, Delmar   Bus Driver Picture                1977-0012
Day, Geneva A.                    Faculty Picture             1979-0010
Day, Geneva Arlene        Faculty Picture             1977-0010
Day, Geneva Arlene        Faculty Picture             1978-0008
Day, Joy           1st Grade Picture                1956-0071
Day, Joy           2nd Grade Picture                1957-0030
Day, Joy           3rd Grade Picture                1958-0055
Day, Joy           4th Grade Picture                1959-0059
Day, Joy         5th Grade Picture                1960-0031
Day, Teddy    1st Grade Picture                1960-0035
Dean, Billy                    Freshman Picture         1938-0021
Dean, Billy                    Senior Class Roll          1941-0017
Dean, Margaret                    5th Grade Class Roll    1941-0055
Deck, Ann                    Senior Picture               1957-0013
Deck, Carol       1st Grade Picture                1951-0073
Deck, Carol       2nd Grade Picture                1952-0063
Deck, Carol       3rd Grade Picture                1953-0063
Deck, Carol       4th Grade Picture                1954-0075
Deck, Carol       5th Grade Picture                1955-0062
Deck, Carol       6th Grade Picture                1956-0066
Deck, Carol       7th Grade Picture                1957-0027
Deck, Carol       8th Grade Picture                1958-0053
Deck, Carol                    Freshman Picture         1959-0026
Deck, Carol                    Favorites Picture          1959-0036
Deck, Carol                    Sophomore Picture      1960-0022
Deck, Carol                    Queen Picture               1960-0062
Deck, Carol                    Junior Picture                1961-0020
Deck, Carol     Class Officer Picture               1961-0025
Deck, Carol                    Sweetheart Picture       1961-0033
Deck, Carol                    Favorites Picture          1961-0034
Deck, Carol                    Who's Who Picture     1961-0045
Deck, Carol                    Senior Picture               1962-0014
Deck, Carol     Class Officer Picture               1962-0023
Deck, Carol                    Who's Who Picture     1962-0027
Deck, Carol                    Cheerleader Picture      1962-0031
Deck, Cindy   1st Grade Picture                1966-0061
Deck, Cynthia                    2nd Grade Picture         1967-0069
Deck, Cynthia                    3rd Grade Picture          1968-0071
Deck, Cynthia                    3-4th Grade Picture      1969-0057
Deck, Cynthia                    5th Grade Picture          1970-0057
Deck, Donna  1st Grade Picture                1965-0036
Deck, Donna  2nd Grade Picture                1966-0060
Deck, Donna  3rd Grade Picture                1967-0066
Deck, Donna  4th Grade Picture                1968-0069
Deck, Donna  5th Grade Picture                1969-0056
Deck, Donna  6th Grade Picture                1970-0056
Deck, Gerald     7th Grade Picture                1950-0067
Deck, Gerald     8th Grade Picture                1951-0059
Deck, Gerald                    Freshman Picture         1952-0045
Deck, Gerald                    Sophomore Picture      1953-0041
Deck, Gerald                    Favorites Picture          1953-0077
Deck, Gerald                    Junior Picture                1954-0045
Deck, Gerald                    Favorites Picture          1954-0089
Deck, Gerald                    Favorites Picture          1955-0030
Deck, Gerald                    Senior Picture               1955-0038
Deck, Gerald, Mrs.                    PTA Picture                  1964-0012
Deck, Gerald, Mrs.                    PTA Picture                  1965-0011
Deck, Quincy                    Freshman Picture         1950-0059
Deck, Quincy                    Sophomore Picture      1951-0047
Deck, Quincy                    Senior Picture               1953-0025
Deck, Russel  5th Grade Picture                1967-0062
Deck, Russell 1st Grade Picture                1963-0037
Deck, Russell 2nd Grade Picture                1964-0040
Deck, Russell 3rd Grade Picture                1965-0034
Deck, Russell 4th Grade Picture                1966-0058
Deck, Russell 6th Grade Picture                1968-0064
Deck, Russell 7th Grade Picture                1969-0051
Deck, Russell 8th Grade Picture                1970-0052
DeLux Cleaners, Jacksboro  Advertising                   1953-0151
DeLuxe Cleaners, Jacksboro  Advertising                   1954-0195
Dennan, Arrenia                    1st Grade Picture          1974-0065
Denning, Betty Lue                    6th Grade Class Roll    1941-0057
Denning, C.L.                    Board of Education List                    1947-0013
Denning, C.L.                    Board of Education List                    1951-0017
Denning, Clarence                    Senior Picture               1938-0011
Denning, Clifford                    Senior Picture               1938-0012
Denning, Debbie                    2nd Grade Picture         1959-0060
Denning, Debbie                    Junior Picture                1968-0020
Denning, Debbie                    Yearbook Staff Picture                    1969-0007
Denning, Debbie                    Senior Picture               1969-0014
Denning, Debbie                    Class Officer Picture    1969-0026
Denning, Debbie                    Queen Picture               1969-0033
Denning, Deborah                    3rd Grade Picture          1960-0033
Denning, Deborah                    4th Grade Picture          1961-0058
Denning, Deborah                    5th Grade Picture          1962-0057
Denning, Deborah                    6th Grade Picture          1963-0032
Denning, Dorothy                    7th Grade Class Roll    1941-0057
Denning, Edward                    7th Grade Class Roll    1941-0057
Denning, Edward                    Senior Picture               1946-0014
Denning, Gay   3rd Grade Picture                1951-0069
Denning, Gay   4th Grade Picture                1952-0059
Denning, Gay   6th Grade Picture                1954-0071
Denning, Gay                    Junior Picture                1959-0018
Denning, Gay                    Queen Picture               1959-0035
Denning, Gay                    Senior Picture               1960-0015
Denning, Gaye 5th Grade Picture                1953-0059
Denning, Hazel                    Senior Class Roll          1941-0017
Denning, Hazle                    Freshman Picture         1938-0021
Denning, Homer                    4th Grade Picture          1950-0073
Denning, Homer                    5th Grade Picture          1951-0065
Denning, Homer                    6th Grade Picture          1952-0055
Denning, Homer                    7th Grade Picture          1953-0055
Denning, Homer                    8th Grade Picture          1954-0067
Denning, Homer                    Freshman Picture         1955-0056
Denning, Homer                    Sophomore Picture      1956-0029
Denning, Homer                    Junior Picture                1957-0018
Denning, Homer                    Class Officer Picture    1957-0023
Denning, Homer                    Favorites Picture          1957-0034
Denning, Homer                    Senior Picture               1958-0010
Denning, Homer                    Class Officer Picture    1958-0023
Denning, Homer                    Favorites Picture          1958-0026
Denning, James                    4th Grade Class Roll    1941-0053
Denning, James                    Sophomore Picture      1946-0023
Denning, James                    Junior Picture                1947-0041
Denning, James                    Senior Picture               1948-0020
Denning, John 8th Grade Picture                1950-0065
Denning, John                    Freshman Picture         1951-0053
Denning, John                    Sophomore Picture      1952-0041
Denning, John                    Junior Picture                1953-0037
Denning, John                    Favorites Picture          1953-0075
Denning, John                    Senior Picture               1954-0027
Denning, Lois Jean                    7th Grade Class Roll    1941-0057
Denning, Margaret Sue             Sophomore Picture      1938-0017
Denning, Margaret Sue             Favorites Picture          1938-0034
Denning, Mary                    Freshman Picture         1950-0059
Denning, Mary                    Junior Picture                1952-0037
Denning, Mary                    Favorites Picture          1952-0073
Denning, Mary                    Senior Picture               1953-0025
Denning, Mary Alice           Sophomore Picture      1951-0047
Denning, Mary Alice           Favorites Picture          1951-0087
Denning, Mary Ella                    Sophomore Class Roll 1941-0037
Denning, Math                    Custodian Picture        1957-0047
Denning, Math                    Custodian Picture        1958-0050
Denning, Math                    Custodian Picture        1959-0054
Denning, Math                    Custodian Picture        1960-0012
Denning, Math                    Custodian Picture        1961-0064
Denning, Math Ella                    Sophomore Class Roll 1941-0037
Denning, Mildred                    8th Grade Picture          1950-0065
Denning, Shirley                    7th Grade Picture          1955-0060
Denning, Shirley Gaye           2nd Grade Picture         1950-0077
Denning, Skipper                    1st Grade Picture          1963-0037
Denning, Winifred                    Freshman Class Roll    1941-0045
Dennis Buick Co., Jacksboro  Advertising                   1950-0157
Dennis Buick Co., Jacksboro  Advertising                   1951-0127
Dennis Buick Co., Jacksboro  Advertising                   1951-0135
Dennis Buick Co., Jacksboro  Advertising                   1952-0115
Dennis, Tammy                    Kindergarden Picture  1978-0025
Dennis, Tammy                    1st Grade Picture          1979-0025
Dennis, Terry, Mrs.                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1979-0012
Dick Davis Trucks                    Advertising                   1947-0117
Dick, G.E.                    Faculty Picture             1955-0011
Dick, George                    Faculty Picture             1953-0015
Dickey, Kristy                    Kindergarden Picture  1977-0028
Dickie, Christie                    1st Grade Picture          1978-0024
Dickie, Dristi  1st Grade Picture                1979-0025
Dickson, Keith                    2nd Grade Picture         1973-0060
Dickson, Mary                    5th Grade Picture          1973-0057
Dickson, Terry                    Senior Picture               1962-0015
Dickson, Terry                    Class Officer Picture    1962-0023
Dickson, Terry                    Favorites Picture          1962-0042
Diersing, James                    Faculty Picture             1968-0012
Diersing, James                    Faculty Picture             1969-0011
Dilday, Jan                    Faculty Picture             1961-0011
Divens Dress Shop, Graham       Advertising                   1952-0121
Divine Dress Shop, Graham       Advertising                   1949-0135
Divines Dress Shop, Graham       Advertising                   1953-0149
Dixon General Store, Jacksboro  Advertising                   1950-0167
Dixson General Store, Jacksboro           Advertising                    1954-0181
Dodson, Joe, Mrs.                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1961-0064
Dodson, Joe, Mrs.                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1962-0064
Dodson, Joe, Mrs.                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1963-0014
Dodson, Joe, Mrs.                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1964-0016
Dodson, Joe, Mrs.                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1965-0012
Dodson, Joe, Mrs.                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1966-0012
Dodson, Joe, Mrs.                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1967-0012
Dodson, Joe, Mrs.                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1968-0014
Dodson, Joe, Mrs.                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1969-0013
Dodson, Larry 1st Grade Picture                1956-0071
Dodson, Larry 2nd Grade Picture                1957-0030
Dodson, Larry 3rd Grade Picture                1958-0055
Dodson, Larry 4th Grade Picture                1959-0059
Dodson, Larry                    5th Grade Picture          1960-0031
Dodson, Larry                    6th Grade Picture          1961-0056
Dodson, Larry                    7th Grade Picture          1962-0055
Dodson, Larry                    8th Grade Picture          1963-0030
Dodson, Larry                    Freshman Picture         1964-0028
Dodson, Larry                    Sophomore Picture      1965-0022
Dodson, Larry                    Escort Picture               1965-0048
Dodson, Larry                    Junior Picture                1966-0018
Dodson, Larry                    Senior Picture               1967-0015
Dodson, Larry                    Favorites Picture          1967-0030
Dodson, Larry                    Football Picture            1967-0033
Dodson, Larry                    Who's Who Picture     1967-0036
Dodson, Larry                    Basketball Picture        1967-0049
Dodson, Melba                    8th Grade Picture          1955-0059
Dodson, Melba                    Freshman Picture         1956-0033
Dodson, Melba                    Sophomore Picture      1957-0020
Dodson, Melba                    Junior Picture                1958-0018
Dodson, Melba                    Queen Picture               1958-0029
Dodson, Melba                    Favorites Picture          1958-0030
Dodson, Melba                    Senior Picture               1959-0011
Dodson, Melba                    Sweetheart Picture       1959-0050
Dodson, Michael Larry           Newspaper Staff Picture                    1967-0038
Dodson, Wanda                    Junior Picture                1955-0047
Dodson, Wanda                    Senior Picture               1956-0018
Dodson, Wanda                    Queen Picture               1956-0038
Dodson, Wanda                    Favorites Picture          1956-0040
Don Scarber Taxi Service       Advertising                   1947-0119
Donahoe, Martell                    1st Grade Class Roll     1941-0051
Donahoe, Paul 4th Grade Class Roll           1941-0053
Donahoe, Wayne                    6th Grade Class Roll    1941-0057
Donnel, Naomi 6th Grade Class Roll           1941-0057
Donnell, Marion                    5th Grade Class Roll    1941-0055
Doolen Service Station, Graham            Advertising                    1952-0129
Dooley, Bobby                    6th Grade Picture          1968-0064
Dooley, Joanie                    Freshman Picture         1968-0025
Dooley, Joanie                    Queen Picture               1968-0036
Dooley, Joanie                    Queen Picture               1968-0038
Dooley, Joanie                    Cheerleader Picture      1968-0046
Dooley, Joanie                    Sophomore Picture      1969-0020
Dooley, Joanie                    Junior Picture                1970-0021
Dooley, Joanie                    Class Officer Picture    1970-0027
Dooley, Joanie                    Senior Picture               1971-0016
Dooley, Joanie                    Class Officer Picture    1971-0025
Dooley, Joanie                    Favorites Picture          1971-0025
Dooley, Joanie                    Favorites Picture          1971-0030
Dooley, Joanie                    Favorites Picture          1971-0032
Dooley, Joanie                    Queen Picture               1971-0035
Dooley, Joanie                    Newspaper Editor Picture                    1971-0043
Dooley, Wayne                    5th Grade Picture          1968-0067
Doughty, Dean                    2nd Grade Picture         1952-0063
Doughty, Dean                    3rd Grade Picture          1953-0063
Doughty, Dean                    4th Grade Picture          1954-0075
Doughty, Dean                    5th Grade Picture          1955-0062
Doughty, Dean                    6th Grade Picture          1956-0066
Doughty, Dean                    7th Grade Picture          1957-0027
Doughty, Dean                    8th Grade Picture          1958-0053
Doughty, Dean                    Freshman Picture         1959-0027
Doughty, Herman                    4th Grade Picture          1952-0059
Doughty, Herman                    5th Grade Picture          1953-0059
Doughty, Herman                    6th Grade Picture          1954-0071
Doughty, Herman                    8th Grade Picture          1956-0064
Doughty, Herman                    Freshman Picture         1957-0022
Doughty, Herman                    Sophomore Picture      1959-0023
Dowdle Typewriter Agcy., Graham              Advertising                    1949-0137
Downing Shirley                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1978-0010
Downing, Ann                    1st Grade Picture          1977-0027
Downing, Ann                    Kindergarden Picture  1979-0025
Downing, Johnny                    3rd Grade Picture          1977-0026
Downing, Johnny                    4th Grade Picture          1978-0023
Downing, Johnny                    5th Grade Picture          1979-0023
Downing, Melissa                    2nd Grade Picture         1978-0024
Downing, Missy                    3rd Grade Picture          1979-0024
Downing, Teresa                    4th Grade Picture          1977-0026
Downing, Teresa                    5th Grade Picture          1978-0022
Downing, Teresa                    6th Grade Picture          1979-0022
Dr. Dick Bayns, Optometrist, Graham    Advertising                    1952-0135
Dr. J.A. Stevens                    Advertising                   1954-0187
Dr. J.L. Woods, Optometrist, Graham    Advertising                    1949-0141
Dr. J.L. Woods, Optometrist, Graham    Advertising                    1952-0135
Drake, Martha                    Faculty Picture             1962-0012
Drake, Roland                    Faculty Picture             1962-0011
Drake, Roland                    Coach Picture               1962-0049
Drum Major                    Group Picture                1954-0125
Dubbs Trim Shop, Graham       Advertising                   1949-0127
Duckworth, Carole                    Sophomore Picture      1947-0051
Duke, Billy        2nd Grade Picture                1953-0065
Duke, Janet      5th Grade Picture                1953-0059
Dumas, L.W.                    Faculty Picture             1941-0011
Duncan, Jon   5th Grade Picture                1968-0067
Duncan, Sue  6th Grade Picture                1968-0065
Dunlap, Darrel 6th Grade Picture                1950-0069
Dunlap, Darrell                    7th Grade Picture          1951-0061
Dunlap, Darrell                    8th Grade Picture          1952-0051
Dunlap, Darrell                    Freshman Picture         1953-0047
Dunlap, Darrell                    Sophomore Picture      1954-0053
Dunlap, Darrell                    Junior Picture                1955-0047
Dunlap, Darrell                    Senior Picture               1956-0018
Dunlap, Donald                    Freshman Picture         1948-0045
Dunlap, Donald                    Sophomore Picture      1949-0055
Dunlap, Donald                    Junior Picture                1950-0043
Dunlap, Donald                    Favorites Picture          1950-0091
Dunlap, Donald                    Senior Picture               1951-0029
Dunlap, Donald Ray                    Favorites Picture          1951-0083
Dunlap, Jerry   1st Grade Picture                1952-0065
Dunlap, Jerry   2nd Grade Picture                1953-0065
Dunlap, Jerry   3rd Grade Picture                1954-0077
Dunlap, Jerry   4th Grade Picture                1955-0063
Dunlap, Jerry   4th Grade Picture                1956-0068
Dunlap, Jerry   5th Grade Picture                1957-0028
Dunlap, Jerry   6th Grade Picture                1958-0054
Dunlap, Jerry   7th Grade Picture                1959-0057
Dunlap, Jerry 8th Grade Picture                1960-0028
Dunlap, Jerry 8th Grade Picture                1961-0054
Dunlap, Joan    4th Grade Picture                1950-0073
Dunlap, Joan    5th Grade Picture                1951-0065
Dunlap, Joan    6th Grade Picture                1952-0055
Dunlap, Joan    7th Grade Picture                1953-0055
Dunlap, Joan    8th Grade Picture                1954-0067
Dunlap, Joan                    Freshman Picture         1955-0056
Dunlap, Joan                    Sophomore Picture      1956-0029
Dunlap, Joan                    Junior Picture                1957-0018
Dunlap, Joan                    Senior Picture               1958-0011
Dunlap, Joan    Class Officer Picture               1958-0023
Dunlap, Patsy  4th Grade Picture                1952-0059
Dunlap, Patsy  5th Grade Picture                1953-0059
Dunlap, Patsy  6th Grade Picture                1954-0071
Dunlap, Patsy  7th Grade Picture                1955-0060
Dunlap, Patsy  8th Grade Picture                1956-0064
Dunlap, Patsy                    Freshman Picture         1957-0022
Duvall, R.J.                    Faculty Picture             1955-0011
Duvall, R.J.                    Faculty Picture             1955-0051
Duvall, R.J.                    Faculty Picture             1958-0008
Duvall, Ramond                    Faculty Picture             1954-0015
Duvall, Raymond                    Faculty Picture             1956-0013
Duvall, Raymond                    Faculty Picture             1956-0032
Duvall, Raymond                    Faculty Picture             1957-0010
Dyer, Marlin     1st Grade Class Roll           1941-0051

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