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Index  of Bryson School Yearbooks
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Index of group pictures, individuals in pictures, advertisers, and major articles
(10,132 names in index. For 1955 and after, only faculty pictures, individual class pictures, favorites pictures and advertising with pictures were indexed)(There were errors in some of the names - Look for alternate spellings)
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Person or Item         Type of Picture        Year-Page Number

H&H Grocery                    Advertising                  1941-0093
H.A. Winn Service Station                    Advertising                  1954-0187
H.C. McClure, Judge                    Advertising                  1954-0155
H.C. Teague, Jeweler, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1938-0043
H.C. Teague, Jeweler, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1941-0091
H.C. Teague, Jeweler, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1948-0092
H.C. Teague, Jeweler, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1950-0167
H.C. Teague, Jeweler, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1951-0141
H.N. Jack Garage                    Advertising                  1946-0052
H.N. Jack Garage                    Advertising                  1947-0119
Haberthur, Debbie       1st Grade Picture        1964-0041
Haberthur, Jerry           6th Grade Picture        1952-0055
Haberthur, Jerry           7th Grade Picture        1953-0055
Haberthur, Jerry           8th Grade Picture        1954-0067
Haberthur, Jerry           Freshman Picture        1955-0056
Haberthur, Jerry                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0029
Haberthur, Jerry           Junior Picture        1957-0018
Haberthur, Jerry           Senior Picture        1958-0011
Haberthur, Jerry           2nd Grade Picture        1967-0069
Haberthur, Jimmy         1st Grade Picture        1959-0060
Haberthur, Jimmy         2nd Grade Picture        1960-0034
Haberthur, Jimmy         3rd Grade Picture        1961-0059
Haberthur, Jimmy         4th Grade Picture        1962-0058
Haberthur, Jimmy         5th Grade Picture        1963-0033
Haberthur, Jimmy         6th Grade Picture        1964-0036
Haberthur, Melba         8th Grade Picture        1952-0051
Haberthur, Melba         Freshman Picture        1953-0047
Haberthur, Melba                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0053
Haberthur, Melba         Favorites Picture        1954-0091
Haberthur, Melba         Junior Picture        1955-0047
Haberthur, Prentiss                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0041
Haile, Jimmy         6th Grade Picture        1972-0056
Halcomb, Geneva       Freshman Picture        1960-0024
Halcomb, Jackie         2nd Grade Picture        1960-0034
Halcomb, Larry           5th Grade Picture        1960-0031
Halkias, Mary          Faculty Picture        1954-0015
Halkias, Mary          Faculty Picture        1955-0011
Halkias, Mary          Faculty Picture        1955-0055
Halkias, Mary          Faculty Picture        1956-0013
Hall, Joel                    7th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Hall, Mary Lou  Faculty Picture        1951-0019
Ham, Grace          Faculty Picture        1938-0024
Ham, Grace          Faculty Picture        1948-0014
Ham, Miss           Faculty Picture        1941-0013
Hamilton, Danny        Junior Picture        1968-0020
Hamilton, Danny        Newspaper Staff Picture                    1968-0041
Hammond, Randell       8th Grade Picture        1971-0055
Hand, Jack            6th Grade Picture        1978-0022
Hand, Jack            7th Grade Picture        1979-0021
Hand, Jack            Class Officer Picture                    1979-0021
Hand, Rex              8th Grade Picture        1978-0020
Hand, Rex              Freshman Picture        1979-0019
Hand, Rex              Football Picture        1979-0043
Hankins, Leon           5th Grade Picture        1952-0057
Hankins, Leon           6th Grade Picture        1953-0057
Hankins, Leon           7th Grade Picture        1954-0069
Hankins, Leon           8th Grade Picture        1955-0059
Hankins, Leon           Freshman Picture        1956-0033
Hankins, Leon                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0020
Hankins, Leon           Junior Picture        1958-0018
Hankins, Leon           Senior Picture        1959-0012
Hankins, W.B.           School Board Picture                    1958-0007
Hanna Melissa      3rd Grade Picture        1978-0023
Hanna, Charles       Senior Picture        1967-0016
Hanna, Gayle          Class Officer Picture                    1969-0026
Hanna, Gayle          Senior Picture        1970-0017
Hanna, Melissa                    Kindergarden Picture  1975-0027
Hanna, Missy         2nd Grade Picture        1977-0027
Hanna, Missy         4th Grade Picture        1979-0023
Hanna, Susan         1st Grade Picture        1978-0024
Hanna, Susan         2nd Grade Picture        1979-0024
Hannah, Leon                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0023
Hannah, Missy         Mascot Picture        1974-0037
Hannah, Susan                    Kindergarden Picture  1977-0028
Hannah, Susan         Queen Picture        1979-0039
Hanson, Sarah          1st Grade Picture        1958-0056
Hanson, Sarah          5th Grade Picture        1963-0033
Harbord, Dorothy                    Sophomore Picture     1938-0018
Hardin, Jessie         1st Grade Picture        1962-0061
Hardin, Linda          1st Grade Picture        1962-0061
Hardin, Ruby Lee   3rd Grade Picture        1962-0059
Hardin, Rudy Lee   1st Grade Picture        1958-0056
Hardy, Hazel          Faculty Picture        1947-0017
Hargrove, M.               Class Officer Picture                    1975-0021
Hargrove, Mary          6th Grade Picture        1973-0056
Hargrove, Mary          8th Grade Picture        1975-0021
Hargrove, Mary Ruth 7th Grade Picture        1974-0056
Harlan, Geraldine   Junior Picture        1938-0015
Harlan, Geraldine   Yearbook Staff Picture                    1938-0028
Harlan, Pauline                    Sophomore Picture     1938-0018
Harle, DeLeisa                    Kindergarden Picture  1979-0025
Harper, Conray                    Sophomore Class Roll                    1941-0037
Harper, J.L.              Faculty Picture        1956-0012
Harper, Rita             3rd Grade Picture        1956-0069
Harrell, Marcia        7th Grade Picture        1975-0022
Harrell, Marcia        Freshman Picture        1977-0022
Harrell, Marcia        Who's Who Picture                    1977-0033
Harrell, Marcia        Who's Who Picture                    1977-0033
Harrell, Marcia        Basketball Picture        1977-0054
Harrell, Marcia                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0018
Harrell, Marcia        Who's Who Picture                    1978-0029
Harrell, Marcia        Junior Picture        1979-0017
Harrell, Marcia Renee                    6th Grade Picture        1974-0060
Harrell, Maricia       5th Grade Picture        1973-0057
Harrell, Patricia       1st Grade Picture        1975-0026
Harrell, Patricia       3rd Grade Picture        1977-0026
Harrell, Patricia       4th Grade Picture        1978-0023
Harrell, Patricia       5th Grade Picture        1979-0023
Harris, Betty Mae Freshman Class Roll  1941-0045
Harris, Billy            1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Harris, Judy           Junior Picture        1975-0018
Harrison, A.J., Mrs.   Faculty Picture        1974-0016
Harrison, Dixie           1st Grade Picture        1961-0061
Harrison, Dixie           2nd Grade Picture        1962-0060
Harrison, Dixie Lee    3rd Grade Picture        1963-0035
Harrison, Donna        1st Grade Picture        1962-0061
Harrison, Donna        2nd Grade Picture        1963-0036
Harrison, Donna        3rd Grade Picture        1964-0039
Harrison, Helen          Faculty Picture        1959-0056
Harrison, Helen          Faculty Picture        1960-0011
Harrison, Helen          Faculty Picture        1961-0012
Harrison, Helen          Faculty Picture        1962-0012
Harrison, Helen          PTA Picture        1963-0010
Harrison, Helen          Faculty Picture        1963-0013
Harrison, Helen          PTA Picture        1964-0012
Harrison, Helen          Faculty Picture        1964-0015
Harrison, Helen          Faculty Picture        1965-0010
Harrison, Helen          PTA Picture        1965-0011
Harrison, Helen          Faculty Picture        1966-0011
Harrison, Helen          Faculty Picture        1967-0010
Harrison, Helen          Faculty Picture        1968-0013
Harrison, Helen          Faculty Picture        1969-0012
Harrison, Helen          Faculty Picture        1970-0012
Harrison, Helen          Faculty Picture        1971-0012
Harrison, Helen          Faculty Picture        1972-0011
Harrison, Helen          Faculty Picture        1973-0013
Harrison, Helen          Faculty Picture        1975-0011
Harrison, Helen          Dedication Picture        1977-0006
Harrison, Helen          Faculty Picture        1977-0011
Harrison, James         4th Grade Picture        1960-0032
Harrison, James         5th Grade Picture        1961-0057
Harrison, Jimmy         3rd Grade Picture        1959-0059
Harrison, Jo Ann       1st Grade Picture        1959-0060
Harrison, Jo Ann       2nd Grade Picture        1960-0034
Harrison, Jo Ann       3rd Grade Picture        1961-0059
Harrison, Jo Ann       4th Grade Picture        1962-0058
Harrison, Joyce          Senior Picture        1946-0014
Harrison, Joyce          Volleyball Group Picture                    1946-0035
Harrison, Joyce          Favorites Picture        1946-0039
Harrison, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1938-0024
Harrison, Shirley        8th Grade Picture        1950-0065
Harrison, Shirley        Freshman Picture        1951-0053
Harrison, Shirley                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0041
Harrison, Shirley        Junior Picture        1953-0037
Harrison, Shirley        Twirlers Picture        1953-0107
Harrison, Shirley        Senior Picture        1954-0029
Harrold, Patricia                    Kindergarden Picture  1974-0066
Harry Shryoc                    Advertising                  1952-0125
Hart, David         3rd Grade Picture        1973-0059
Hart, David Lee  4th Grade Picture        1974-0062
Hart, Douglas     Senior Picture        1938-0012
Hart, Douglas     Yearbook Staff Picture                    1938-0028
Hart, Esther         7th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Hart, Joe B.                    Sophomore Class Roll                    1941-0037
Hart, Mary          Freshman Picture        1938-0021
Hart, Mary          Junior Class Roll  1941-0025
Hart, Roy             6th Grade Picture        1973-0056
Hart, Roy             Favorites Picture        1974-0032
Hart, Roy Lee     7th Grade Picture        1974-0056
Hasson, Irene           Junior Picture        1947-0043
Hasson, Irene           Senior Picture        1948-0022
Hastings, Billie                    Sophomore Class Roll                    1941-0037
Hatty's Café, H.H. Hatfield, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1954-0183
Hatty's Café, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1950-0165
Hawkins Funeral Home, Leon Hawkins, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1952-0133
Hawkins, David         3rd Grade Picture        1975-0025
Hawkins, Gary                    Kindergarden Picture  1975-0027
Hawkins, Leon           4th Grade Picture        1951-0067
Hawkins, Michael      1st Grade Picture        1971-0065
Hawkins, Michael      5th Grade Picture        1975-0023
Hawkins, Teresa        2nd Grade Picture        1971-0064
Hawkins, Teresa        6th Grade Picture        1975-0023
Hayes, Dorcas Lanette                    Faculty Picture        1947-0017
Head, Yvonne      Faculty Picture        1962-0011
Heath's Electric Service, Graham                    Advertising                  1951-0139
Helms, Gaylen        8th Grade Picture        1951-0059
Helms, Gaylen        Freshman Picture        1952-0047
Helms, Gaylen        Junior Picture        1954-0047
Helms, Gaylen        Favorites Picture        1955-0035
Helms, Gaylen        Senior Picture        1955-0040
Helms, Gaylin         7th Grade Picture        1950-0067
Helms, Leonard     1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Helms, Leonard     Freshman Picture        1948-0046
Helms, Leonard                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0055
Helms, Leonard     Junior Picture        1950-0043
Helms, Leonard     Senior Picture        1951-0029
Helvey, Barbara Faye                    1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Helvey, Beulah        8th Grade Picture        1950-0065
Helvey, Bobby        Freshman Picture        1948-0046
Helvey, Bobby                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0055
Helvey, Bobby Jean                    1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Helvey, Bobbye      Junior Picture        1950-0043
Helvey, Eugene       3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Helvey, Lillie Belle  Senior Picture        1938-0012
Helvey, Marguerette                    4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Helvey, Marguerette                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0023
Helvey, Marguerette                    Senior Picture        1948-0022
Helvey, Marguerite                    Junior Picture        1947-0043
Helvey, Mrs.            Faculty Picture        1941-0011
Helvey, Tommie Beth                    4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Helvey, Virginia      6th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Helvey, Virginia      Senior Picture        1946-0014
Helvey, Willard       Freshman Class Roll  1941-0045
Helvey, Wilma                    Sophomore Class Roll                    1941-0037
Henderson, Betty Ann 5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Henderson, Billy                    Sophomore Class Roll                    1941-0037
Henderson, Cecil           Freshman Picture        1938-0021
Henderson, Glenda        Freshman Picture        1948-0045
Henderson, Glenda                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0055
Henderson, Glenda        Junior Picture        1950-0043
Henderson, Glenda        Senior Picture        1951-0031
Henderson, Glenn          Board of Education List                    1951-0017
Henderson, Jack            Freshman Picture        1938-0021
Henderson, Jack            Junior Class Roll  1941-0025
Henderson, Juanita       7th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Henderson, Judith         7th Grade Picture        1955-0060
Henderson, Judy           2nd Grade Picture        1950-0077
Henderson, Judy           3rd Grade Picture        1951-0069
Henderson, Judy           4th Grade Picture        1952-0059
Henderson, Judy           5th Grade Picture        1953-0059
Henderson, Judy           6th Grade Picture        1954-0071
Henderson, Judy           8th Grade Picture        1956-0064
Henderson, Judy           Freshman Picture        1957-0022
Henderson, Judy                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0020
Henderson, Judy           Junior Picture        1959-0019
Henderson, Judy           Senior Picture        1960-0016
Henderson, Marilyn      7th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Henderson, Nancy        8th Grade Picture        1950-0065
Henderson, Nancy        Freshman Picture        1951-0053
Henderson, Nancy                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0041
Henderson, Nancy        Favorites Picture        1952-0075
Henderson, Nancy        Junior Picture        1953-0037
Henderson, Nancy        Senior Picture        1954-0029
Henderson, Rex              Junior Class Roll  1941-0025
Henry S. & Nellie B. Bryson                    Advertising                  1953-0155
Hensarling, Jerry           Junior Picture        1954-0047
Hensarling, Jerry           Senior Picture        1955-0040
Herds Auto Salvage, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1954-0197
Herd's Hambergers, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1948-0094
Herndon, J.B.              Faculty Picture        1946-0031
Herndon, Pauline       Faculty Picture        1946-0031
Herring, Ray             7th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Hester & Roberts Grocery                    Advertising                  1938-0044
Hester & Roberts Grocery                    Advertising                  1941-0093
Hester, John Andrew                    5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Hester, Mary          Freshman Picture        1946-0027
Hester, Mary Beth 3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Hester, Mary Beth                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0051
Hester, Mary Beth Junior Picture        1948-0035
Hester, Mary Beth Senior Picture        1949-0025
Hester, Mildred      1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Hester, Mildred      Freshman Picture        1948-0046
Hester, Mildred                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0055
Hester, Mildred      Junior Picture        1950-0043
Hester, Mildred      Senior Picture        1951-0031
Higgins, Audra                    Kindergarden Picture  1979-0025
High School Building                    Picture of Building     1948-0012
High School Building                    Picture of Building     1949-0009
High School Building                    Picture of Building     1951-0013
High School Building                    Picture of Building     1955-0007
High School Building                    Picture of Building     1956-0010
High School Building                    Picture of Building     1957-0005
High School Building                    Picture of Building     1961-0005
High School, New Building                    Picture of Building     1938-0007
Hill Crest Courts, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1953-0145
Hill Crest Courts, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1954-0197
Hillard, Bert             Bus Driver Picture        1975-0012
Hillard, Burt            Bus Driver Picture        1972-0012
Hillard, Burt            Bus Driver Picture        1973-0014
Hillard, Burt            Bus Driver Picture        1974-0017
Hillard, David         5th Grade Picture        1975-0023
Hillard, Debbie                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0019
Hillard, Kenneth     2nd Grade Picture        1961-0060
Hillard, Pat                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0020
Hillard, Pat              Junior Picture        1959-0019
Hillard, Pat              Senior Picture        1960-0014
Hillard, Pat              Class Officer Picture                    1960-0025
Hillard, Russell       3rd Grade Picture        1961-0059
Hinds, John           3rd Grade Picture        1953-0063
Hindsley, Carla           Freshman Picture        1963-0026
Hindsley, Elaine         4th Grade Picture        1962-0058
Hindsley, Elaine         5th Grade Picture        1963-0033
Hindsley, Jenenne     1st Grade Picture        1963-0037
Hines, Brenda       5th Grade Picture        1958-0054
Hines, Connie       3rd Grade Picture        1958-0055
Hines, Wanda       7th Grade Picture        1958-0053
Hines, Wanda       8th Grade Picture        1959-0057
Hinsley, Carla           8th Grade Picture        1962-0054
Hise, Lewis          1st Grade Picture        1956-0071
Hise, Lewis          2nd Grade Picture        1957-0030
Hise, Lewis          3rd Grade Picture        1958-0055
Hobbs, Darla           3rd Grade Picture        1973-0059
Hobbs, Diane          2nd Grade Picture        1972-0063
Hobbs, Pat              2nd Grade Picture        1972-0063
Hobbs, Patricia       3rd Grade Picture        1973-0059
Hodge, Lola            Faculty Picture        1938-0024
Hodge, Miss           Faculty Picture        1941-0013
Hodges, Donna        4th Grade Picture        1961-0058
Hodges, M.                    Class Officer Picture                    1975-0020
Hodges, Margarett  Freshman Picture        1975-0020
Hodges, Margarette                    8th Grade Picture        1974-0055
Hodges, S.                    Class Officer Picture                    1975-0018
Hodges, Sandi          Junior Picture        1975-0018
Hodges, Sandi          Sweetheart Picture        1975-0033
Hodges, Sandi          Sweetheart Picture        1975-0037
Hodges, Sandi                    Cheerleader Picture     1975-0040
Hodges, Sandra Kay                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0024
Hogan Plumbing                    Advertising                  1948-0085
Hogan, Billie Dean 4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Hogan, Billy                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0023
Hogan, Billy            Junior Picture        1947-0043
Hogan, Billy            Senior Picture        1948-0022
Hogan, Bobbie       4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Hogan, Louise                    Sophomore Class Roll                    1941-0037
Hogland, Deana Daye                    8th Grade Picture        1974-0055
Hogland, Glenda Raye                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0024
Holbrook, Mike           1st Grade Picture        1952-0065
Holbrook, Mike           2nd Grade Picture        1953-0065
Holbrook, Mike           3rd Grade Picture        1954-0077
Holbrook, Mike           4th Grade Picture        1955-0063
Holbrook, Mike           5th Grade Picture        1956-0067
Holeman, Jolean         7th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Holman, David         1st Grade Picture        1953-0067
Holman, David         2nd Grade Picture        1954-0079
Holman, David         3rd Grade Picture        1955-0064
Holman, Don E.        Freshman Picture        1948-0046
Holman, Ellis             1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Holman, Ernestine   7th Grade Picture        1951-0061
Holman, Rita             1st Grade Picture        1969-0061
Holman, Rita             2nd Grade Picture        1970-0060
Holman, Rita             3rd Grade Picture        1971-0063
Holman, Rita             4th Grade Picture        1972-0061
Holman, Rita             7th Grade Picture        1975-0022
Holman, Rita             Class Officer Picture                    1975-0022
Holman, Rita             Freshman Picture        1977-0022
Holman, Robert        6th Grade Picture        1969-0053
Holman, Robert        7th Grade Picture        1970-0054
Holman, Robert        7th Grade Picture        1971-0056
Holmes, De Alva     1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Holmes, Halley         3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Holmes, Sherlock     5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Holt, DeAnn       Freshman Picture        1977-0022
Holt, DeAnn       Favorites Picture        1977-0036
Holt, DeAnn       Basketball Picture        1977-0054
Holt, Mr.              Faculty Picture        1973-0034
Holt, R., Coach   Football Picture        1973-0043
Holt, R., Coach   Basketball Picture        1973-0048
Holt, R., Coach   Basketball Picture        1973-0049
Holt, Robert        Faculty Picture        1973-0012
Home Economics Club                    Group Picture        1950-0117
Hopkins, John Bart   Faculty Picture        1977-0010
Hopkins, Norma L.    Faculty Picture        1977-0011
Horany's, Freddy & John E. & Raymon Horany, Olney & Graham                    Advertising                  1954-0179
Horn Grocery                    Advertising                  1954-0163
Horn, Guy             4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Horn, Guy                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0023
Horn, Guy O., Jr.  Junior Picture        1947-0043
Horn, Guy, Jr.       Senior Picture        1948-0022
Horner, Jimmy                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0020
Horn's Grocery                    Advertising                  1948-0094
Horton, Stephen     3rd Grade Picture        1958-0055
Horton, Stevie         1st Grade Picture        1956-0071
Horton, Stevie         2nd Grade Picture        1957-0030
Horton, Stevie         4th Grade Picture        1959-0059
Hotel Barber Shop, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1950-0171
Hotel Barber Shop, R.F. Singleton, F.E. Cox & W.E. Rhodes, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1954-0197
Hotel Barber Shop, W.E. Roades, L.E. Cox & Bob Singleton, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1947-0119
Hotel Barber Shop, W.E. Roades, L.E. Cox & Bob Singleton, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1948-0092
House, Charlotte    1st Grade Picture        1950-0079
House, Charlotte    3rd Grade Picture        1952-0061
House, Charlotte    4th Grade Picture        1953-0061
House, Charlotte    5th Grade Picture        1954-0073
House, Charlotte    6th Grade Picture        1955-0061
House, Charlotte    7th Grade Picture        1956-0065
House, Charlotte    8th Grade Picture        1957-0027
House, Charlotte    Freshman Picture        1958-0022
House, Charlotte    Class Officer Picture                    1958-0024
House, Charlotte                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0023
House, Charlotte    Queen Picture        1959-0034
House, Charlotte    Junior Picture        1960-0020
House, Charlotte    Queen Picture        1960-0063
House, Charlotte    Favorites Picture        1960-0064
House, Charlotte    Senior Picture        1961-0015
House, Charlotte    Sweetheart Picture        1961-0033
House, Charlotte    Who's Who Picture                    1961-0045
House, Charlotte    Drum Major Picture                    1961-0051
House, Charlotte Ann                    2nd Grade Picture        1951-0071
House, G.C., Jr.       School Board Picture                    1958-0007
House, G.C., Jr.       School Board Picture                    1963-0010
House, Jim              4th Grade Picture        1951-0067
House, Jim              5th Grade Picture        1952-0057
House, Jim              6th Grade Picture        1953-0057
House, Jim              7th Grade Picture        1954-0069
House, Jim              8th Grade Picture        1955-0059
House, Jim              Freshman Picture        1956-0033
House, Jim                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0020
House, Jim              Class Officer Picture                    1957-0024
House, Jim              Favorites Picture        1957-0034
House, Jim              Junior Picture        1958-0018
House, Jim              Class Officer Picture                    1958-0023
House, Jim              Senior Picture        1959-0012
House, Jim              Escort Picture        1959-0038
House, Jim C.          3rd Grade Picture        1950-0075
House, Larry           4th Grade Picture        1958-0055
House, Larry           5th Grade Picture        1959-0058
House, Mark           1st Grade Picture        1958-0056
House, Mark           2nd Grade Picture        1959-0060
House, Marvin       3rd Grade Picture        1958-0055
House, Marvin       4th Grade Picture        1959-0059
Hoven, Larae P.      Junior Picture        1978-0017
Hoven, LaRae Perritt                    Yearbook Staff Picture                    1978-0011
Howard, Betty          7th Grade Picture        1952-0053
Howard, Betty          8th Grade Picture        1953-0053
Howard, Betty          Freshman Picture        1954-0061
Howard, Betty          Queen Picture        1955-0032
Howard, Betty                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0052
Howard, Betty          Junior Picture        1956-0025
Howard, Betty          Favorites Picture        1956-0040
Howard, Betty          Senior Picture        1957-0014
Howard, Billy                    Sophomore Class Roll                    1941-0037
Howard, Craig           8th Grade Picture        1977-0023
Howard, Craig           Freshman Picture        1978-0019
Howard, Craig                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0018
Howard, Ken             1st Grade Picture        1968-0074
Howard, Ken             3rd Grade Picture        1971-0063
Howard, Ken             Freshman Picture        1977-0022
Howard, Ken             Favorites Picture        1977-0036
Howard, Ken                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0018
Howard, Ken             Junior Picture        1979-0017
Howard, Ken             Football Picture        1979-0043
Howard, Michael      3rd Grade Picture        1968-0072
Howard, Michael W.                    Senior Picture        1977-0015
Howard, Mike           6th Grade Picture        1971-0057
Howard, Mike                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0019
Howard, Mike           Class Officer Picture                    1975-0019
Howard, Mike           Favorites Picture        1975-0032
Howard, Mike           Football Picture        1975-0033
Howard, Mike           Beau Picture        1975-0037
Howard, Mike           Football Picture        1975-0042
Howard, Mike           Yearbook Editor Picture                    1977-0008
Howard, Mike           Yearbook Officer Picture                    1977-0019
Howard, Mike           Who's Who Picture                    1977-0033
Howard, Richard      1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Howard, Wayne       Freshman Picture        1952-0047
Howard, Wayne                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0043
Howard, Wayne       Junior Picture        1954-0047
Howard, Wayne       Senior Picture        1955-0040
Howell, Allen          5th Grade Picture        1978-0022
Howell, Allen          6th Grade Picture        1979-0022
Howell, Henry         1st Grade Picture        1978-0024
Howell, Henry         1st Grade Picture        1979-0025
Howell, Lynn           4th Grade Picture        1977-0026
Howell, Lynn           5th Grade Picture        1978-0022
Howell, Lynn           6th Grade Picture        1979-0022
Howell, Troy A.      4th Grade Picture        1977-0026
Howerton, Furlon        6th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Howerton, Galen          4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Hubert Jackson Service Station, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1953-0151
Hudman, Charles                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0023
Hudman, Charles       Junior Picture        1947-0043
Hudman, Charles       Senior Picture        1948-0022
Hudman, Ruth           Senior Picture        1946-0014
Huffstutler, T.L.             Faculty Picture        1941-0011
Huggins, Bennie        5th Grade Picture        1957-0028
Huggins, Benny        1st Grade Picture        1953-0067
Huggins, Benny        2nd Grade Picture        1954-0079
Huggins, Benny        3rd Grade Picture        1955-0064
Huggins, Benny        4th Grade Picture        1956-0068
Huggins, Benny        6th Grade Picture        1958-0054
Huggins, Benny        7th Grade Picture        1959-0057
Huggins, Benny        8th Grade Picture        1960-0028
Huggins, Benny        Freshman Picture        1961-0024
Huggins, Benny                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0020
Huggins, Benny        Senior Picture        1964-0020
Hughes Drug Store                    Advertising                  1938-0044
Hughes, Edward       Junior Picture        1938-0014
Hughes, Edward       Favorites Picture        1938-0033
Hughes, Griffith        3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Hughes, Lawrence                    Sophomore Picture     1938-0018
Hughes, Lawrence   Senior Class Roll  1941-0017
Hulcy, Brenda       1st Grade Picture        1977-0027
Hulcy, Judy           4th Grade Picture        1977-0026
Hulcy, Mary          6th Grade Picture        1977-0024
Hull Chevrolet, Aaron Hull, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1948-0084
Hull Chevrolet, Aaron Hull, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1949-0123
Hull Chevrolet, Aaron Hull, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1950-0139
Hull Chevrolet, Aaron Hull, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1951-0131
Hull Chevrolet, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1947-0111
Hull Chevrolet, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1953-0141
Hull Chevrolet, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1954-0183
Hull, Helen          1st Grade Picture        1963-0037
Hull, Helen          2nd Grade Picture        1964-0040
Hull, Helen          3rd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Hull, Helen          4th Grade Picture        1966-0058
Hull, Helen          5th Grade Picture        1967-0063
Hull, Helen          6th Grade Picture        1968-0065
Hull, Helen          7th Grade Picture        1969-0051
Hull, Helen          8th Grade Picture        1970-0052
Hull, Helen                    Cheerleader Picture     1970-0063
Hull, Helen          Freshman Picture        1971-0023
Hull, Helen          Favorites Picture        1971-0028
Hull, Helen          Queen Picture        1971-0035
Hull, Helen                    Cheerleader Picture     1971-0044
Hull, Helen                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0020
Hull, Helen          Class Officer Picture                    1972-0026
Hull, Helen          Favorites Picture        1972-0026
Hull, Helen          Sweetheart Picture        1972-0034
Hull, Helen                    Cheerleader Picture     1972-0044
Hull, Helen          Junior Picture        1973-0019
Hull, Helen          Favorites Picture        1973-0026
Hull, Helen          Class Officer Picture                    1974-0028
Hull, Helen          Favorites Picture        1974-0034
Hull, Helen Ann Senior Picture        1974-0020
Hull, Howard      1st Grade Picture        1961-0061
Hull, Howard      2nd Grade Picture        1962-0060
Hull, Howard      3rd Grade Picture        1963-0035
Hull, Howard      4th Grade Picture        1964-0038
Hull, Howard      5th Grade Picture        1965-0032
Hull, Howard      6th Grade Picture        1966-0056
Hull, Howard      7th Grade Picture        1967-0059
Hull, Howard      8th Grade Picture        1968-0060
Hull, Howard      Freshman Picture        1969-0023
Hull, Howard                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0023
Hull, Howard      Junior Picture        1971-0019
Hull, Howard      Class Officer Picture                    1971-0026
Hull, Howard      Favorites Picture        1971-0026
Hull, Howard      Senior Picture        1972-0015
Hull, Howard      Escort Picture        1972-0033
Hull, J.D., Mrs.   PTA Picture        1963-0010
Hull, J.D., Mrs.   PTA Picture        1964-0012
Hull, Jackie         Freshman Picture        1948-0046
Hull, Jackie                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0055
Hull, Jackie         Junior Picture        1950-0045
Hull, Jackie         School Board Picture                    1975-0009
Hull, Jackie         School Board Picture                    1977-0009
Hull, Jackie D.    School Board Picture                    1973-0010
Hull, Jackie D.    School Board Picture                    1974-0012
Hull, Jackie Del  2nd Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Hull, Jacky          Senior Picture        1951-0031
Hulsey, Ronald       Freshman Picture        1946-0027
Hulsey, Ronnie       3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Hulsey, Wanda       5th Grade Picture        1977-0025
Hunt, David         2nd Grade Picture        1978-0024
Hunt, Jessie                    Kindergarden Picture  1978-0025
Hunt, Sammy       3rd Grade Picture        1979-0024
Hunt, Teresa        Freshman Picture        1978-0019
Hunt, Teresa                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0018
Hurley, Robert        1st Grade Picture        1966-0061
Hurst, Donna        Freshman Picture        1969-0025
Ice House                    Advertising                  1950-0165
Irving, Kenny        7th Grade Picture        1975-0022
Isabell, Thurman    6th Grade Picture        1958-0054
Isbell, Thurman    7th Grade Picture        1959-0057
Iverning, Kenny        2nd Grade Picture        1969-0060
J. Ted Williams Jewelery, Graham                    Advertising                  1938-0048
J.B. Wells & Co. Hardware                    Advertising                  1938-0047
J.C. Shuck Laundry                    Advertising                  1949-0121
J.E. Morrison Co., Graham                    Advertising                  1938-0043
J.F. Willingham, Commissioner                    Advertising                  1954-0155
J.L. Shook Service Station, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1954-0183
J.P. Alexander & Co., Graham                    Advertising                  1938-0048
J.R. Clayton Feed Co.                    Advertising                  1938-0043
J.S. Johnson Farm Machinery, Graham                    Advertising                  1949-0137
J.W. 'Billy' Plaster, Commissioner                    Advertising                  1954-0155
J.W. Husley, County Agent                    Advertising                  1954-0159
Jack & Jill Flowers, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1947-0115
Jack & Jill Flowers, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1948-0092
Jack & Jill Flowers, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1952-0113
Jack & Jill Flowers, Jacksboro & Graham                    Advertising                  1954-0169
Jack & Jill Flowers, Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hawkins, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1950-0167
Jack Co. Herald, Bryson                    Advertising                  1950-0159
Jack Co. Truck & Tractor Co., Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1950-0145
Jack County Herald, Bryson                    Advertising                  1947-0117
Jack County Herald, Bryson                    Advertising                  1948-0090
Jack County Herald, Mr. & Mrs. Leigh McGee & Mrs. Lizzie Bradford                    Advertising                  1953-0159
Jacksboro Feed Mill, G.L. Mosely                    Advertising                  1954-0169
Jacksboro Gazette                    Advertising                  1947-0107
Jacksboro Gazette                    Advertising                  1948-0086
Jacksboro Gazette                    Advertising                  1949-0125
Jacksboro Gazette                    Advertising                  1950-0155
Jacksboro Gazette                    Advertising                  1951-0137
Jacksboro Hardware                    Advertising                  1950-0167
Jacksboro Hardware & Funiture, Ed Morris                    Advertising                  1950-0155
Jacksboro Hardware & Funiture, Ed Morris                    Advertising                  1951-0127
Jacksboro Inn, A. Jap Smith                    Advertising                  1954-0167
Jacksboro National Bank, J.W. Kinder & S.V. Stark                    Advertising                  1938-0042
Jacksboro Variety                    Advertising                  1952-0113
Jacksboro Variety Store                    Advertising                  1941-0091
Jacksboro Variety Store                    Advertising                  1947-0117
Jackson Jewelry, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1954-0189
Jackson, Teresa        8th Grade Picture        1979-0020
James, Dolores      2nd Grade Picture        1973-0060
James, Doloros      1st Grade Picture        1972-0064
James, Walter        1st Grade Picture        1971-0065
James, Walter        2nd Grade Picture        1972-0063
James, Walter        3rd Grade Picture        1973-0059
Jay, Jimmy         2nd Grade Picture        1973-0060
Jeffereys, Mrs.            Faculty Picture        1949-0017
Jefferies, Joy              5th Grade Picture        1955-0062
Jefferies, Joy              6th Grade Picture        1956-0066
Jeffreyes, Tommie      Faculty Picture        1947-0017
Jeffreys, Gertrude     Faculty Picture        1946-0031
Jeffreys, Gertrude     Faculty Picture        1948-0014
Jeffreys, Joy              2nd Grade Picture        1952-0063
Jeffreys, Joy              3rd Grade Picture        1953-0063
Jeffreys, Joy              7th Grade Picture        1957-0027
Jeffreys, Joy              8th Grade Picture        1958-0053
Jeffreys, Joy              Freshman Picture        1959-0027
Jeffreys, Joy                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0022
Jeffreys, Mrs.            Faculty Picture        1950-0021
Jeffrys, Joy              4th Grade Picture        1954-0075
Jenkines, Donald       Faculty Picture        1960-0009
Jenkines, Donald       Faculty Picture        1961-0011
Jenkines, Donald       Faculty Picture        1962-0011
Jenkines, Donald       Faculty Picture        1963-0012
Jenkins, Donald       Faculty Picture        1959-0008
Jenning, Pamela        8th Grade Picture        1969-0048
Jennings, Boyd          Junior Picture        1968-0020
Jennings, Chris           1st Grade Picture        1969-0061
Jennings, Chris           2nd Grade Picture        1970-0060
Jennings, Kris             1st Grade Picture        1968-0074
Jennings, Kris             7th Grade Picture        1975-0022
Jennings, Kris             8th Grade Picture        1977-0023
Jennings, Kris             Freshman Picture        1978-0019
Jennings, Kris                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0018
Jennings, Kris             Class Officer Picture                    1979-0018
Jennings, Kris             Favorites Picture        1979-0031
Jennings, Kris             Queen Picture        1979-0039
Jennings, Krisstal      3rd Grade Picture        1971-0063
Jennings, Krisstal      Queen Picture        1979-0033
Jennings, Krisstal Ann                    6th Grade Picture        1974-0060
Jennings, Krisstal Ann                    Favorites Picture        1978-0026
Jennings, Kristal        4th Grade Picture        1972-0061
Jennings, Kristal        5th Grade Picture        1973-0057
Jennings, Rickey        5th Grade Picture        1968-0067
Jennings, Rickey        7th Grade Picture        1971-0056
Jennings, Rickey        Junior Picture        1975-0018
Jennings, Rickey L.    Senior Picture        1977-0018
Jennings, Rickey Lynn                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0024
Jennings, Ricky          5th Grade Picture        1969-0056
Jennings, Ricky          6th Grade Picture        1970-0056
Jennings, Ricky          8th Grade Picture        1972-0054
Jennings, Ricky          Freshman Picture        1973-0023
Jermyn Drug Store, Nell Jones                    Advertising                  1954-0167
Jewel Barker                    Advertising                  1954-0195
Joe B. Lewis Oil Well Service                    Advertising                  1950-0167
Joe B. Lewis Oil Well Service                    Advertising                  1951-0123
Joe B. Lewis Oil Well Service                    Advertising                  1953-0125
Joe B. Lewis Oil Well Service                    Advertising                  1954-0163
Joe Beck Grocery                    Advertising                  1946-0049
Joe Beck Grocery                    Advertising                  1947-0105
Joe Beck Grocery                    Advertising                  1948-0080
Joe Beck Grocery                    Advertising                  1949-0117
Joe Beck Grocery                    Advertising                  1950-0139
Joe Beck Grocery                    Advertising                  1951-0133
Joe Beck Grocery                    Advertising                  1952-0109
Joe Beck Grocery                    Advertising                  1953-0125
Joe Beck Grocery                    Advertising                  1954-0171
John H. Tucker Insurance, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1954-0195
John Nunley Blacksmith                    Advertising                  1949-0129
John R. Lindsey, County Attorney                    Advertising                  1954-0159
John R. Lindsey, County Attorney                    Advertising                  1954-0183
Johnson & Johnson Allis Chalmers, Graham                    Advertising                  1954-0165
Johnson, Ayra B.      Junior Class Roll  1941-0025
Johnson, Billy Van, Mrs.                    Faculty Picture        1974-0016
Johnson, Gay                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0021
Johnson, Gay             Favorites Picture        1969-0028
Johnson, Gay             Junior Picture        1970-0021
Johnson, Gay             Class Officer Picture                    1970-0027
Johnson, Gay             Favorites Picture        1970-0027
Johnson, Gay             Sweetheart Picture        1970-0035
Johnson, Jack            4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Johnson, Karen         7th Grade Picture        1969-0051
Johnson, Karen         8th Grade Picture        1970-0052
Johnson, Karen         Twirler Picture        1970-0063
Johnson, Louise        Dedication Picture        1972-0006
Johnson, Louise        Faculty Picture        1972-0010
Johnson, Louise        Faculty Picture        1973-0012
Johnson, Louise        Faculty Picture        1975-0011
Johnson, Louise        Faculty Picture        1977-0010
Johnson, Louise        Faculty Picture        1978-0008
Johnson, Louise        Faculty Picture        1979-0010
Johnson, Verla Mae  2nd Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Johnston Service Station                    Advertising                  1954-0163
Johnston, Ray             1st Grade Picture        1958-0056
Jonas, Bill              4th Grade Picture        1978-0023
Jonas, Bill              5th Grade Picture        1979-0023
Jonas, Danny        1st Grade Picture        1957-0030
Jonas, Danny        2nd Grade Picture        1958-0056
Jonas, Danny        3rd Grade Picture        1959-0059
Jonas, Danny        4th Grade Picture        1960-0032
Jonas, Danny        5th Grade Picture        1961-0057
Jonas, Danny        6th Grade Picture        1962-0056
Jonas, Danny        7th Grade Picture        1963-0031
Jonas, Danny        8th Grade Picture        1964-0034
Jonas, Danny        Freshman Picture        1965-0024
Jonas, Danny                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0020
Jonas, Danny        Favorites Picture        1966-0031
Jonas, Danny        Junior Picture        1967-0018
Jonas, Danny        Class Officer Picture                    1967-0024
Jonas, Danny        Favorites Picture        1967-0030
Jonas, David         1st Grade Picture        1973-0061
Jonas, David         1st Grade Picture        1974-0065
Jonas, David         2nd Grade Picture        1975-0025
Jonas, David         4th Grade Picture        1977-0026
Jonas, David         5th Grade Picture        1978-0022
Jonas, David         6th Grade Picture        1979-0022
Jonas, Jennifer                    Kindergarden Picture  1975-0027
Jonas, Jennifer      1st Grade Picture        1977-0027
Jonas, Jennifer      2nd Grade Picture        1978-0024
Jonas, Jennifer      3rd Grade Picture        1979-0024
Jones Brothers Store                    Advertising                  1938-0042
Jones Brothers Store                    Advertising                  1946-0052
Jones Brothers Store                    Advertising                  1947-0113
Jones Brothers Store                    Advertising                  1948-0085
Jones Brothers Store                    Advertising                  1949-0129
Jones Brothers Store                    Advertising                  1950-0147
Jones Brothers Store                    Advertising                  1951-0125
Jones Brothers Store                    Advertising                  1952-0111
Jones Brothers Store                    Advertising                  1953-0153
Jones Brothers Store                    Advertising                  1954-0193
Jones Welding Shop                    Advertising                  1947-0109
Jones Welding Shop                    Advertising                  1950-0159
Jone's Welding Shop                    Advertising                  1948-0085
Jones, Becky                    Kindergarden Picture  1977-0028
Jones, Becky         1st Grade Picture        1978-0024
Jones, Becky         2nd Grade Picture        1979-0024
Jones, Berenice     Freshman Picture        1938-0021
Jones, Bobbie       Junior Picture        1938-0015
Jones, Bobbie       Favorites Picture        1938-0033
Jones, Bonnie       Junior Picture        1938-0015
Jones, Cynthia      2nd Grade Picture        1955-0065
Jones, Cynthia      3rd Grade Picture        1956-0069
Jones, Cynthia Ann                    1st Grade Picture        1954-0081
Jones, Dewayne   2nd Grade Picture        1975-0025
Jones, Duwayne   1st Grade Picture        1974-0065
Jones, Duwayne   5th Grade Picture        1978-0022
Jones, Dwayne     4th Grade Picture        1977-0026
Jones, Dwayne     6th Grade Picture        1979-0022
Jones, Earl             Junior Class Roll  1941-0025
Jones, Files            6th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Jones, Files            Senior Picture        1946-0014
Jones, J.T.              School Supervisor Picture                    1963-0014
Jones, J.T.              Supervisor Picture        1964-0016
Jones, J.T.              Supervisor Picture        1965-0012
Jones, Jack            Freshman Picture        1938-0020
Jones, Jack            Favorites Picture        1938-0034
Jones, Jack            Senior Class Roll  1941-0017
Jones, James         3rd Grade Picture        1977-0026
Jones, James         4th Grade Picture        1978-0023
Jones, James         5th Grade Picture        1979-0023
Jones, Larry           3rd Grade Picture        1950-0075
Jones, Michelle                    Kindergarden Picture  1974-0066
Jones, Michelle     1st Grade Picture        1975-0026
Jones, Michelle     3rd Grade Picture        1977-0026
Jones, Michelle     4th Grade Picture        1978-0023
Jones, Nancy Michelle                    5th Grade Picture        1979-0023
Jones, Norman, Mrs.                    Faculty Picture        1947-0017
Jones, Paula          Faculty Picture        1967-0010
Jones, Paula          Faculty Picture        1968-0012
Jones, Paula          Faculty Picture        1969-0011
Jones, Paula          Faculty Picture        1970-0011
Jones, Richard      Freshman Picture        1948-0046
Jones, Richard                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0055
Jones, Richard      Junior Picture        1950-0045
Jones, Richard      Senior Picture        1951-0031
Jones, Richard M.                    Dedication Picture        1951-0009
Jones, Teresa        1st Grade Picture        1977-0027
Jones, Teresa        3rd Grade Picture        1979-0024
Jones, Theresa      2nd Grade Picture        1978-0024
Jones, Tommy                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0022
Jones. Virginia      Junior Class Roll  1941-0025
Jordan, Bobbie       Senior Picture        1946-0013
Jordan, Clarence     Junior Picture        1938-0014
Jordan, Clarence     Favorites Picture        1938-0032
Jordan, Mary          Junior Picture        1938-0015
Jordon, Doris                    Sophomore Class Roll                    1941-0037
Jowers, Billy J.        2nd Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Judge McClure, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1950-0171
Junior Class History                    Story                    1946-0018
Junior Class Officers                    Group Picture        1947-0039
Junior Class Officers                    Group Picture        1948-0034
Junior Class Officers                    Group Picture        1949-0045
Junior Class Officers                    Group Picture        1950-0041
Junior Class Officers                    Group Picture        1951-0023
Junior Class Officers                    Group Picture        1952-0021
Junior Class Officers                    Group Picture        1953-0035
Junior Class Officers                    Group Picture        1954-0043
Junior Quotations                    Story                    1941-0029
Junior Quotations                    Story                    1941-0031
Juniors                    Pictures With No Names                    1941-0027
Justus, Joe                    Kindergarden Picture  1979-0025
Justus, Terry          1st Grade Picture        1979-0025
Kays Café                    Advertising                  1954-0183
Kays Café, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1952-0133
Kee, Alpha         Freshman Picture        1938-0021
Kee, Alpha         Senior Class Roll  1941-0017
Kee, Burnice                    Sophomore Class Roll                    1941-0037
Kee, Eula Faye           6th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Kee, J.W.                    4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Kee, J.W.                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0023
Kee, J.W.                    Junior Picture        1947-0045
Kee, J.W.                    Senior Picture        1948-0023
Kee, Lanethia     2nd Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Kee, Lanethia     Freshman Picture        1947-0059
Kee, Lanethia                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0040
Kee, Lanethia     Junior Picture        1949-0047
Kee, Lanethia     Senior Picture        1950-0029
Kee, Linda          1st Grade Picture        1950-0079
Kee, Linda          3rd Grade Picture        1952-0061
Kee, Linda          4th Grade Picture        1953-0061
Kee, Linda          5th Grade Picture        1954-0073
Kee, Linda          6th Grade Picture        1955-0061
Kee, Linda          7th Grade Picture        1956-0065
Kee, Linda Kay  2nd Grade Picture        1951-0071
Kee, Luther        1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Kee, Rolland      5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Keener, Johnnie                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0023
Keener, Johnny       Freshman Picture        1967-0022
Keith Garner Electrical Shop, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1951-0141
Keith, Boyd          Freshman Picture        1978-0019
Keith, Boyd                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0018
Keith, Boyd          King Picture        1979-0039
Keith, Boyd          Football Picture        1979-0042
Kelly, Elouise       Faculty Picture        1953-0015
Kemp Bus Line, Mineral Wells                    Advertising                  1948-0093
Key, Linda          8th Grade Picture        1957-0027
Key, Pam             5th Grade Picture        1969-0056
Key, Pam             7th Grade Picture        1971-0056
Key, Pam             8th Grade Picture        1972-0054
Keyser, Gary            1st Grade Picture        1956-0071
Keyser, Gary            2nd Grade Picture        1957-0030
Keyser, Gary            3rd Grade Picture        1958-0055
Keyser, Gary            4th Grade Picture        1959-0059
Keyser, Gary            5th Grade Picture        1960-0031
Keyser, Gary            6th Grade Picture        1961-0056
Keyser, Gary            7th Grade Picture        1962-0055
Keyser, Gary            8th Grade Picture        1963-0030
Keyser, Gary            Freshman Picture        1964-0028
Keyser, Gary            Class Officer Picture                    1964-0030
Keyser, Gary            Escort Picture        1964-0049
Keyser, Gary                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0022
Keyser, Gary            Who's Who Picture                    1965-0050
Keyser, Gary            Junior Picture        1966-0018
Keyser, Gary            Class Officer Picture                    1966-0023
Keyser, Gary            Favorites Picture        1966-0028
Keyser, Gary            Football Picture        1966-0032
Keyser, Gary            Who's Who Picture                    1966-0036
Keyser, Gary            Beta Club Picture        1966-0044
Keyser, Gary            Senior Picture        1967-0015
Keyser, Gary            Class Officer Picture                    1967-0024
Keyser, Gary            Football Picture        1967-0032
Keyser, Gary            Football Picture        1967-0033
Keyser, Gary            Who's Who Picture                    1967-0036
Keyser, Gary            Beta Club Picture        1967-0044
Keyser, Gary            Football Picture        1967-0046
Keyser, Gary            Faculty Picture        1974-0015
Keyser, Gary            Faculty Picture        1975-0010
Keyser, Gary            Faculty Picture        1979-0010
Keyser, Gary S.       Faculty Picture        1977-0010
Keyser, Gary S.       Faculty Picture        1978-0008
Keyser, Gary Steven                    Who's Who Picture                    1967-0037
Keyser, Heather      1st Grade Picture        1977-0027
Keyser, Jimmie        Junior Class Roll  1941-0025
Keyser, Kenneth     6th Grade Picture        1951-0063
Keyser, Kenneth     Junior Picture        1956-0025
Keyser, Kenneth     Favorites Picture        1956-0040
Keyser, Kenneth     Senior Picture        1957-0014
Keyser, Kenneth     Favorites Picture        1957-0032
Keyser, Le Ann       1st Grade Picture        1978-0024
Keyser, LeAnn                    Kindergarden Picture  1977-0028
Keyser, Leann         2nd Grade Picture        1979-0024
Keyser, Linda          1st Grade Picture        1950-0079
Keyser, Linda          7th Grade Picture        1956-0065
Keyser, Linda          8th Grade Picture        1957-0027
Keyser, Linda          Freshman Picture        1958-0022
Keyser, Linda          Queen Picture        1958-0029
Keyser, Linda                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0023
Keyser, Linda          Favorites Picture        1959-0036
Keyser, Linda          Junior Picture        1960-0020
Keyser, Linda          Senior Picture        1961-0016
Keyser, Linda          Class Officer Picture                    1961-0025
Keyser, Linda          Who's Who Picture                    1961-0044
Keyser, Wayne       5th Grade Picture        1950-0071
Killen, Marvin       Junior Picture        1977-0020
Killen, Marvin       Class Officer Picture                    1977-0020
Kinder, Beth            7th Grade Picture        1950-0067
Kinder, Beth            8th Grade Picture        1951-0059
Kinder, Beth            Freshman Picture        1952-0047
Kinder, Beth                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0043
Kinder, Beth            Favorites Picture        1953-0077
Kinder, Beth                    Cheerleaders Picture   1953-0107
Kinder, Beth            Sweetheart Picture        1953-0109
Kinder, Beth            Junior Picture        1954-0047
Kinder, Beth            Favorites Picture        1955-0029
Kinder, Beth            Queen Picture        1955-0031
Kinder, Beth            Senior Picture        1955-0041
Kinder, Betty Gene                    Sophomore Class Roll                    1941-0037
Kinder, Billy            Freshman Picture        1947-0059
Kinder, Billy                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0040
Kinder, Billy            Junior Picture        1949-0047
Kinder, Billy            Senior Picture        1950-0029
Kinder, Bobby        5th Grade Picture        1950-0071
Kinder, Bobby        6th Grade Picture        1951-0063
Kinder, Bobby        7th Grade Picture        1952-0053
Kinder, Bobby        7th Grade Picture        1953-0055
Kinder, Bobby        8th Grade Picture        1954-0067
Kinder, Bobby        Favorites Picture        1955-0055
Kinder, Bobby        Freshman Picture        1955-0056
Kinder, Bobby                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0029
Kinder, Bobby        Junior Picture        1957-0018
Kinder, Bobby        Senior Picture        1958-0012
Kinder, David         1st Grade Picture        1966-0061
Kinder, Debbie       1st Grade Picture        1963-0037
Kinder, Debbie       2nd Grade Picture        1964-0040
Kinder, Debbie       3rd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Kinder, Debbie       4th Grade Picture        1966-0058
Kinder, Debbie       5th Grade Picture        1967-0063
Kinder, Eddie          1st Grade Picture        1962-0061
Kinder, Eddie          2nd Grade Picture        1963-0036
Kinder, Eddie          5th Grade Picture        1966-0057
Kinder, Eddie          7th Grade Picture        1968-0061
Kinder, Eddie          7th Grade Picture        1969-0050
Kinder, Eddie          8th Grade Picture        1970-0052
Kinder, Eddie          Freshman Picture        1971-0023
Kinder, Eddie                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0020
Kinder, Eddie          Escort Picture        1972-0032
Kinder, Eddie          Junior Picture        1973-0019
Kinder, Eddie          Class Officer Picture                    1973-0026
Kinder, Eddie          Favorites Picture        1974-0028
Kinder, Eddie          Football Picture        1974-0037
Kinder, Eddie          Who's Who Picture                    1974-0039
Kinder, Eddie          Beau Picture        1974-0043
Kinder, Eddie          Football Picture        1974-0047
Kinder, Fred            2nd Grade Picture        1967-0069
Kinder, G.L.             Junior Picture        1946-0019
Kinder, George       School Board Picture                    1963-0010
Kinder, George       School Board Picture                    1964-0012
Kinder, George       School Board Picture                    1965-0011
Kinder, George Norman                    5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Kinder, George Norman                    Junior Picture        1946-0019
Kinder, George Norman                    Senior Picture        1947-0025
Kinder, George, Mrs.                    PTA Picture        1963-0010
Kinder, George, Mrs.                    PTA Picture        1964-0012
Kinder, Gerald         4th Grade Picture        1965-0033
Kinder, Gerald         6th Grade Picture        1967-0060
Kinder, Gerald Edward                    3rd Grade Picture        1964-0039
Kinder, Gerald Edward                    Senior Picture        1974-0019
Kinder, Hellen                    Sophomore Picture     1938-0018
Kinder, Jerry           1st Grade Picture        1952-0065
Kinder, Jerry           2nd Grade Picture        1953-0065
Kinder, Jerry           3rd Grade Picture        1954-0077
Kinder, Jerry           4th Grade Picture        1955-0063
Kinder, Jerry           6th Grade Picture        1957-0028
Kinder, Jerry Dale  5th Grade Picture        1956-0067
Kinder, Jimmie        Freshman Picture        1950-0061
Kinder, Jimmy                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0049
Kinder, Jimmy         Junior Picture        1952-0037
Kinder, Jimmy         Senior Picture        1953-0027
Kinder, Jimmy         Favorites Picture        1953-0075
Kinder, June            8th Grade Picture        1950-0065
Kinder, June            Freshman Picture        1951-0053
Kinder, K.                Class Officer Picture                    1975-0020
Kinder, Kelley         Mascot Picture        1965-0041
Kinder, Kelley         1st Grade Picture        1967-0070
Kinder, Kelley         2nd Grade Picture        1968-0073
Kinder, Kelley         Freshman Picture        1975-0020
Kinder, Kelley         Who's Who Picture                    1975-0029
Kinder, Kelley         Favorites Picture        1975-0032
Kinder, Kelley         Sweetheart Picture        1975-0033
Kinder, Kelley                    Cheerleader Picture     1975-0040
Kinder, Kelley         Junior Picture        1977-0020
Kinder, Kelley         Class Officer Picture                    1977-0020
Kinder, Kelley         Who's Who Picture                    1977-0033
Kinder, Kelley         Favorites Picture        1977-0037
Kinder, Kelley         Queen Picture        1977-0039
Kinder, Kelley         Sweetheart Picture        1977-0041
Kinder, Kelley         Basketball Picture        1977-0055
Kinder, Kelley         Class Officer Picture                    1978-0016
Kinder, Kelley         Who's Who Picture                    1978-0029
Kinder, Kelley         Favorites Picture        1978-0030
Kinder, Kelley         Favorites Picture        1978-0033
Kinder, Kelley June                    Yearbook Staff Picture                    1978-0011
Kinder, Kelley June                    Senior Picture        1978-0013
Kinder, Kelley June                    Queen Picture        1978-0039
Kinder, Kelly           Mascot Picture        1964-0058
Kinder, Kelly           3-4th Grade Picture                    1969-0059
Kinder, Kelly           4th Grade Picture        1970-0058
Kinder, Kelly           5th Grade Picture        1971-0061
Kinder, Kelly           6th Grade Picture        1972-0056
Kinder, Kelly           Favorites Picture        1973-0029
Kinder, Kelly           7th Grade Picture        1973-0052
Kinder, Kelly           Class Officer Picture                    1974-0032
Kinder, Kelly June 8th Grade Picture        1974-0055
Kinder, Patsy          7th Grade Picture        1950-0067
Kinder, Patsy          8th Grade Picture        1951-0059
Kinder, Ruby          Freshman Picture        1938-0021
Kinder, Ruby          Senior Class Roll  1941-0017
Kinder, S.E.             Junior Picture        1946-0019
Kinder, S.E., Jr.       Senior Picture        1947-0025
Kinder, Se, Jr.          5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Kinder, Tommie Ann                    2nd Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Kinder, Tommye                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0040
Kinder, Tommye     Junior Picture        1949-0049
Kinder, Tommye     Senior Picture        1950-0029
Kinder, Tommye Ann                    Freshman Picture        1947-0059
King Hereford Farms, Charles E. & G. Lewis King, Jermyn & Dublin                    Advertising                  1954-0179
King, Carl                    3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
King, Carol           1st Grade Picture        1962-0061
King, Carol           2nd Grade Picture        1963-0036
King, Charles       4th Grade Picture        1950-0073
King, Charles       5th Grade Picture        1951-0065
King, Charles       6th Grade Picture        1952-0055
King, Charles       7th Grade Picture        1953-0055
King, Charles       8th Grade Picture        1954-0067
King, Charles       Freshman Picture        1955-0057
King, Charles                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0029
King, Charles       Junior Picture        1957-0018
King, Charles       Senior Picture        1958-0012
King, Dearl           Junior Picture        1938-0015
King, Douglas     1st Grade Picture        1964-0041
King, Douglas     4th Grade Picture        1967-0065
King, Hazel          7th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
King, Helen          Freshman Picture        1938-0021
King, Helen          Senior Class Roll  1941-0017
King, Janet           2nd Grade Picture        1967-0068
King, Joyce          8th Grade Picture        1950-0065
King, Joyce          Freshman Picture        1951-0053
King, Joyce                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0041
King, Joyce          Junior Picture        1953-0037
King, Joyce          Senior Picture        1954-0029
King, Lowell        Freshman Class Roll  1941-0045
King, Mary          6th Grade Picture        1967-0061
King, Mary Carol                    3rd Grade Picture        1964-0039
King, Neva Lee   6th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
King, Neva Lee   Senior Picture        1946-0015
King, Neva Lee   Volleyball Group Picture                    1946-0035
King, Pauline       Freshman Picture        1950-0061
King, Pauline                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0049
King, Pauline       Junior Picture        1952-0037
King, Pauline       Senior Picture        1953-0027
King, Pauline       Favorites Picture        1953-0075
King, Pauline       Queen Picture        1953-0079
King, Pauline       Group Picture        1953-0113
King, Ray                    5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
King, Tony          1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
King, Tony          Freshman Picture        1948-0046
King, Tony                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0055
King, Tony          Junior Picture        1950-0045
King, Tony          Senior Picture        1951-0031
Kings Grocery                    Advertising                  1947-0109
King's Grocery                    Advertising                  1953-0147
Kings Grocery & Station                    Advertising                  1948-0089
Kings Grocery & Station                    Advertising                  1949-0139
Kings Grocery & Station                    Advertising                  1951-0125
Kings Grocery & Station                    Advertising                  1952-0111
King's Grocery & Station                    Advertising                  1950-0169
King's Grocery & Station                    Advertising                  1954-0193
Kings Service Station                    Advertising                  1941-0093
Kings Service Station                    Advertising                  1954-0163
King's Wrecking Yard, Graham                    Advertising                  1953-0133
Knight, Charles       Freshman Class Roll  1941-0045
Knight, Ritta Ann   3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Koone, Betty Lou  1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Koone, Carmal                    Sophomore Class Roll                    1941-0037
Koone, Carthel       Senior Class Roll  1941-0017
Koone, Carthol       Freshman Picture        1938-0021
Koone, Doyle         6th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Koone, Doyle         Senior Picture        1946-0015
Koone, Ula Dean    3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Koone, Ula Dean    Freshman Picture        1946-0027
Koontz, Annie         Faculty Picture        1948-0015
Koontz, Annie Sue Freshman Picture        1947-0059
Koontz, Annie Sue Favorites Picture        1947-0083
Koontz, Annie Sue                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0040
Koontz, J.L., Mrs.    Faculty Picture        1947-0017
Koontz, Mrs.            Faculty Picture        1949-0017
Koontz, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1950-0019
Koontz, Sue             Junior Picture        1949-0049
Koontz, Sue             Senior Picture        1950-0029
Koontz, Sue             Queen Picture        1950-0087
KSWA Radio Station, Graham                    Advertising                  1953-0137
KSWA Radio Station, Graham                    Advertising                  1954-0177
Kunkulman, Arthur                    Kindergarden Picture  1979-0025

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