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Index  of Bryson School Yearbooks
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Index of group pictures, individuals in pictures, advertisers, and major articles
(10,132 names in index. For 1955 and after, only faculty pictures, individual class pictures, favorites pictures and advertising with pictures were indexed)(There were errors in some of the names - Look for alternate spellings)
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Person or Item         Type of Picture        Year-Page Number

N.F. Smith, Justice of Peace                    Advertising                  1954-0159
Nantz, Denis          Freshman Picture        1968-0026
Nantz, Dennis       6th Grade Picture        1965-0030
Nantz, Dennis       7th Grade Picture        1966-0055
Nantz, Dennis       8th Grade Picture        1967-0056
Nantz, Dennis       Escort Picture        1968-0036
Nantz, Dennis                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0021
Nantz, Dennis       Class Officer Picture                    1969-0028
Nantz, Dennis       Favorites Picture        1969-0028
Nantz, Dennis       Junior Picture        1970-0021
Nantz, Dorothy                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0020
Nantz, Dorothy     Junior Picture        1967-0018
Nantz, Dorothy     Senior Picture        1968-0017
Nantz, Dorthy       Freshman Picture        1965-0024
Nantz, Dorthy       Class Officer Picture                    1966-0024
Nantz, Larry                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0024
Nantz, Larry           Escort Picture        1963-0044
Nantz, Larry           Junior Picture        1964-0024
Nantz, Larry           Who's Who Picture                    1964-0053
Nantz, Larry           Beau Picture        1964-0056
Nantz, Larry           Basketball Picture        1964-0066
Nantz, Larry           Yearbook Editor Picture                    1965-0006
Nantz, Larry           Senior Picture        1965-0018
Nantz, Larry           School Board Picture                    1977-0009
Nantz, Larry           School Board Picture                    1978-0006
Nantz, Lisa                    Kindergarden Picture  1978-0025
Nantz, Lisa             1st Grade Picture        1979-0025
Nantz, Pam                    Kindergarden Picture  1974-0066
Nantz, Pam             4th Grade Picture        1978-0023
Nantz, Pam             5th Grade Picture        1979-0023
Nantz, Pamela        1st Grade Picture        1975-0026
Nantz, Pamela        3rd Grade Picture        1977-0026
Nantz, Steve          8th Grade Picture        1965-0028
Nantz, Steve          Freshman Picture        1966-0022
Nantz, Steve          Class Officer Picture                    1966-0024
Nash & Co. Auto Parts, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1947-0119
Nash & Co. Auto Parts, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1948-0091
Nash & Co. Auto Parts, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1949-0139
Nash & Co. Hardware, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1950-0159
Nash & Co. Hardware, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1951-0135
Nash & Lemond Grocery, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1954-0187
Nash Y Co. Hardware, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1954-0187
National Disinfectant Co., Dallas                    Advertising                  1948-0088
Neeley, Billy                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0020
Neeley, Janice         6th Grade Picture        1958-0054
Neeley, Patsy          3rd Grade Picture        1958-0055
Neeves, Gary            7th Grade Picture        1966-0055
Neeves, Gary            8th Grade Picture        1967-0057
Neeves, Gary                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0021
Neves, John           4th Grade Picture        1966-0058
Neves, John           5th Grade Picture        1967-0062
Neves, John           Freshman Picture        1968-0026
Neves, John           6th Grade Picture        1968-0065
Neves, John           6th Grade Picture        1969-0053
Newby, Billy            2nd Grade Picture        1955-0065
Newby, Billy            3rd Grade Picture        1956-0069
Newby, Billy            5th Grade Picture        1958-0054
Newby, Billy            7th Grade Picture        1960-0029
Newby, Billy            Freshman Picture        1962-0022
Newby, Billy Bob    1st Grade Picture        1954-0081
Newby, Billy Bob    4th Grade Picture        1957-0029
Newby, Billy Bob    6th Grade Picture        1959-0058
Newby, Billy Bob    8th Grade Picture        1961-0054
Newby, Billy Bob    Class Officer Picture                    1962-0024
Newby, Billy Bob    Favorites Picture        1962-0042
Newby, Billy Bob                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0024
Newby, Billy Bob    Class Officer Picture                    1963-0028
Newby, Billy Bob    Junior Picture        1964-0024
Newby, Billy Bob    Senior Picture        1965-0016
Newby, Billy Bob    Escort Picture        1965-0048
Newby, Carolyn      6th Grade Picture        1954-0071
Newby, Carolyn      7th Grade Picture        1955-0060
Newby, Carolyn      8th Grade Picture        1956-0064
Newby, Carolyn      Freshman Picture        1957-0022
Newby, Carolyn                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0020
Newby, Carolyn      Class Officer Picture                    1958-0024
Newby, Carolyn      Junior Picture        1959-0019
Newby, Carolyn      Queen Picture        1959-0038
Newby, Carolyn      Senior Picture        1960-0018
Newby, Carolyn      Class Officer Picture                    1960-0025
Newby, Carolyn      Who's Who Picture                    1960-0039
Newby, Carolyn      Favorites Picture        1960-0059
Newby, Carolyn      Queen Picture        1960-0062
Newby, Morris, Mrs.                    PTA Picture        1965-0011
Newsom, Geneva       Freshman Picture        1951-0055
Newsom, Geneva                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0041
Newsom, Geneva       Junior Picture        1953-0037
Newsom, Gracie         5th Grade Picture        1951-0065
Newsom, Gracie         6th Grade Picture        1952-0055
Newsom, Gracie         7th Grade Picture        1953-0055
Newsom, Gracie         8th Grade Picture        1954-0067
Newsom, Gracie         Favorites Picture        1955-0055
Newsom, Gracie         Junior Picture        1957-0018
Newsom, Gracie         Class Officer Picture                    1957-0023
Newsom, Gracie         Senior Picture        1958-0013
Newsom, Jim              Freshman Picture        1959-0027
Newsom, Jim Pat        1st Grade Picture        1951-0073
Newsom, Jim Pat        2nd Grade Picture        1952-0063
Newsom, Jim Pat        3rd Grade Picture        1953-0063
Newsom, Jim Pat        4th Grade Picture        1954-0075
Newsom, Jim Pat        7th Grade Picture        1957-0027
Newsom, Jim Pat        8th Grade Picture        1958-0053
Newsom, Jim Pat                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0022
Newsom, Jim Pat        Class Officer Picture                    1960-0026
Newsom, Jim Pat        Who's Who Picture                    1960-0038
Newsom, Jim Pat        Junior Picture        1961-0020
Newsom, Jim Pat        Class Officer Picture                    1961-0025
Newsom, Jim Pat        Favorites Picture        1961-0030
Newsom, Jim Pat        Escort Picture        1961-0032
Newsom, Jim Pat        Who's Who Picture                    1961-0044
Newsom, Jim Pat        Senior Picture        1962-0016
Newsom, Jim Pat        Who's Who Picture                    1962-0026
Newsom, Jim Pat        Lariat Editor Picture                    1962-0029
Newsom, Jim Pat        Favorites Picture        1962-0036
Newsom, Jim Pat        Escort Picture        1962-0041
Newsom, Louise        Freshman Picture        1949-0063
Newsom, Louise        Junior Picture        1951-0043
Newsom, Louise        Favorites Picture        1951-0085
Newsom, Louise        Senior Picture        1952-0029
Newsom, Nancy        Faculty Picture        1969-0012
Newsom, Nancy        Faculty Picture        1970-0012
Newsom, Nancy        Faculty Picture        1971-0012
Newsome, Geneva       8th Grade Picture        1950-0065
Newsome, Gracie         4th Grade Picture        1950-0073
Newsome, Gracie         Freshman Picture        1955-0057
Newsome, Gracie                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0030
Newsome, Gracie         Class Officer Picture                    1958-0023
Newsome, Jim Pat        6th Grade Picture        1956-0066
Newsome, Louise                    Sophomore Picture     1950-0053
Newson, Jim              5th Grade Picture        1955-0062
Newson, Nancy        Faculty Picture        1968-0013
Newspaper 'Lariat' Staff                    Group Picture        1954-0131
Newton, Ronnie       2nd Grade Picture        1973-0060
Newton, Ronny Ancil                    3rd Grade Picture        1974-0063
Newton's Jewelry Store, Graham                    Advertising                  1953-0151
Newton's Jewelry Store, Graham                    Advertising                  1954-0197
Newtons Jewelry, Graham                    Advertising                  1950-0163
Newton's Jewelry, Graham                    Advertising                  1948-0093
Nichols Service Station, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1954-0179
Norman's Tailors-Cleaners, Graham, Mr. & Mrs. Norman Askew                    Advertising/Picture    1975-0065
Norma's Dress Shop, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1951-0127
Nunley, Cointon      1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Nunley, Davey        3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Nunley, Davey        Junior Picture        1948-0035
Nunley, Davey        Senior Picture        1949-0027
Nunley, David         Freshman Picture        1946-0027
Nunley, David                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0053
Nunley, Gerald         2nd Grade Picture        1951-0071
Nunley, Gerald         2nd Grade Picture        1952-0063
Nunley, Gerald         3rd Grade Picture        1953-0063
Nunley, Junior         Freshman Class Roll  1941-0045
Nunley, Keren         5th Grade Picture        1979-0023
Nunley, Patti            Junior Picture        1979-0017
Nunley, Richard      1st Grade Picture        1953-0067
Nunley, Sharon                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0055
Nunley, Sharon       Junior Picture        1955-0048
Nunley, Sharon       Senior Picture        1956-0019
Nunley, Sharon       Favorites Picture        1956-0037
Nunley, Wilson       7th Grade Picture        1951-0061
Nunley, Wilson       8th Grade Picture        1952-0051
Nunley, Wilson       Freshman Picture        1953-0049
Nunleys Service Station                    Advertising                  1952-0109
Oates Drug Store                    Advertising                  1938-0042
Odom, Glenda        Senior Picture        1954-0033
OL Ranch, Jacksboro                    Advertising/Picture    1962-0077
Oliver Pharmacy, Graham                    Advertising                  1953-0151
Orr Motor Co., Graham                    Advertising                  1948-0089
Orr Motor Co., Graham                    Advertising                  1949-0119
Orr Motor Co., Graham                    Advertising                  1950-0149
Orr Motor Co., Graham                    Advertising                  1951-0135
Orr, Linda                    1st Grade Picture        1952-0065
Orr, Linda                    2nd Grade Picture        1953-0065
Orr, Linda                    3rd Grade Picture        1954-0077
Orr, Linda                    7th Grade Picture        1958-0053
Orr, Linda                    8th Grade Picture        1959-0057
Orr, Linda          Freshman Picture        1960-0024
Orr, Linda          Class Officer Picture                    1960-0026
Orr, Linda          Who's Who Picture                    1960-0038
Orr, Linda                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0022
Orr, Linda          Who's Who Picture                    1961-0045
Orr, Linda Gay             4th Grade Picture        1955-0063
Orr, Linda Gay             5th Grade Picture        1956-0067
Orr, Linda Gay             6th Grade Picture        1957-0028
Owen, Debra         5th Grade Picture        1965-0032
Paisley, Claudette   3rd Grade Picture        1966-0059
Palmquist, Gary                    Kindergarden Picture  1979-0025
Palmquist, Gus             7th Grade Picture        1979-0021
Palmquist, Yvonne      5th Grade Picture        1979-0023
Panhandle Service Station, Bill Shifflett, Graham                    Advertising                  1949-0135
Panhandle Service Station, Bill Shifflett, Graham                    Advertising                  1950-0165
Panhandle Service Station, Dee W. York                    Advertising                  1941-0093
Paris Tailors, Graham                    Advertising                  1941-0091
Parker, Bobby        Senior Class Roll  1941-0017
Parker, Bobby Jo   Freshman Picture        1938-0022
Parker, Florence     6th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Parker, Florence     Senior Picture        1946-0015
Parker, Ila Mae            Freshman Class Roll  1941-0045
Parker, Rena           Freshman Picture        1938-0022
Parker, Rena           Senior Class Roll  1941-0017
Parkers Food Store, Graham                    Advertising                  1949-0131
Parker's Food Store, Graham                    Advertising                  1948-0094
Parks, Joe                    8th Grade Picture        1950-0065
Parks, Joe Ray             Freshman Picture        1951-0055
Parks, Toy F.        5th Grade Picture        1950-0071
Parks, Toy Fern    6th Grade Picture        1951-0063
Parsons, Billie Ruth  Freshman Class Roll  1941-0045
Parsons, James         Junior Class Roll  1941-0025
Parsons, Wanda Nell                    Freshman Class Roll  1941-0045
Pats Barber Shop, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1952-0113
Patterson, Bobby        3rd Grade Picture        1959-0059
Patterson, Danny        6th Grade Picture        1952-0055
Patterson, Eddie          2nd Grade Picture        1959-0060
Patterson, Fay             Freshman Picture        1959-0027
Patterson, Kenneth     3rd Grade Picture        1952-0061
Patterson, Willis          1st Grade Picture        1952-0065
Patterson, Wyman      8th Grade Picture        1952-0051
Paul's Clothes Shop, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1951-0127
Paul's Clothes Shop, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1952-0111
Payne, Royce         3rd Grade Picture        1977-0026
Payne, Royce         4th Grade Picture        1978-0023
Pemberton, Bessie        Junior Class Roll  1941-0025
Pemberton, Charlie        5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Pemberton, Jerry           1st Grade Picture        1957-0030
Pemberton, Jerry           2nd Grade Picture        1958-0056
Pemberton, Jerry           3rd Grade Picture        1959-0059
Pemberton, Jerry           4th Grade Picture        1960-0032
Pemberton, Lenard        Senior Picture        1938-0010
Pemberton, Lenard        Yearbook Staff Picture                    1938-0028
Pemberton, Linda          1st Grade Picture        1952-0065
Pemberton, Linda          2nd Grade Picture        1953-0065
Pemberton, Linda          3rd Grade Picture        1954-0077
Pemberton, Linda          4th Grade Picture        1955-0063
Pemberton, Linda          5th Grade Picture        1956-0067
Pemberton, Lloyd          Freshman Picture        1947-0061
Pemberton, Lloyd                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0041
Pemberton, Loyd           3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Pemberton, Loyd           Junior Picture        1949-0049
Pemberton, Loyd           Junior Picture        1950-0045
Pennartz, J.J., Mrs.    Faculty Picture        1974-0015
Percy Collins Drug Store, Graham                    Advertising                  1950-0151
Percy Collins Drug Store, Graham                    Advertising                  1951-0139
Peritt, Larae          3-4th Grade Picture                    1969-0058
Perrih, B.R., Mrs.  PTA Picture        1965-0011
Perrih, Bobby        School Board Picture                    1965-0011
Perrit, Bobby        Junior Picture        1952-0037
Perrit, Larae          2nd Grade Picture        1967-0068
Perrit, Lotitia         4th Grade Picture        1966-0058
Perrit, Lynette      3rd Grade Picture        1966-0059
Perrit, Lynette      4th Grade Picture        1967-0065
Perritt, Bobby        Freshman Picture        1950-0061
Perritt, Bobby        Favorites Picture        1952-0069
Perritt, Bobby        School Board Picture                    1974-0012
Perritt, Bobby        School Board Picture                    1975-0009
Perritt, Bobby Ray                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0049
Perritt, Bobby Ray                    Senior Picture        1953-0029
Perritt, Bobby Ray                    Favorites Picture        1953-0073
Perritt, Larae          1st Grade Picture        1965-0036
Perritt, Larae          2nd Grade Picture        1966-0060
Perritt, Larae          3rd Grade Picture        1968-0072
Perritt, Larae          5th Grade Picture        1970-0057
Perritt, Larae          6th Grade Picture        1971-0057
Perritt, Larae          7th Grade Picture        1972-0055
Perritt, Larae          8th Grade Picture        1973-0051
Perritt, Larae          Freshman Picture        1974-0026
Perritt, Larae                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0019
Perritt, Larae          Twirler Picture        1975-0040
Perritt, Lutitia         1st Grade Picture        1963-0037
Perritt, Lutitia         2nd Grade Picture        1964-0040
Perritt, Lutitia         3rd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Perritt, Lutitia         5th Grade Picture        1967-0063
Perritt, Lutitia         6th Grade Picture        1968-0066
Perritt, Lutitia         7th Grade Picture        1969-0050
Perritt, Lutitia         8th Grade Picture        1970-0053
Perritt, Lutitia         Twirler Picture        1970-0063
Perritt, Lutitia         Freshman Picture        1971-0023
Perritt, Lutitia                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0020
Perritt, Lutitia         Queen Picture        1972-0032
Perritt, Lynette      1st Grade Picture        1964-0041
Perritt, Lynette      2nd Grade Picture        1965-0035
Perritt, Lynette      5th Grade Picture        1968-0068
Perritt, Lynette      6th Grade Picture        1969-0054
Perritt, Lynette      7th Grade Picture        1970-0054
Perritt, Lynette                    Cheerleader Picture     1970-0063
Perritt, Lynette                    Cheerleader Picture     1971-0059
Perritt, Lynette      Freshman Picture        1972-0022
Perritt, Lynette      Class Officer Picture                    1972-0027
Perritt, Lynette                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0021
Perritt, Lynette      Junior Picture        1974-0022
Perritt, Lynette      Senior Picture        1975-0014
Perritt, Lynette      Who's Who Picture                    1975-0028
Perritt, Lynette      Who's Who Picture                    1975-0029
Perritt, Lynette      Who's Who Picture                    1975-0029
Perritt, Lynnett      Class Officer Picture                    1973-0027
Perritt, Lynnette    8th Grade Picture        1971-0055
Perritt, Tissie         Twirler Picture        1972-0045
Perritt, Tissie         Junior Picture        1973-0019
Perryman, Coach         Football Picture        1964-0062
Perryman, Joe              Faculty Picture        1964-0014
Perryman, Joe              Basketball Picture        1964-0066
Perryman, Joe              Basketball Picture        1964-0069
Peterson Lumber Co., Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1948-0086
Peterson Lumber Co., Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1954-0181
Peterson, Billy J.        6th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Peterson, Kenneth     1st Grade Picture        1960-0035
Peterson, Russell       2nd Grade Picture        1960-0034
Peterson's Lumber Co., Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1950-0167
Pettit, Josephine J.                    Faculty Picture        1938-0008
Pettit, Josephine J.                    Faculty Picture        1938-0010
Pettit, Josephine J.                    Yearbook Staff Picture                    1938-0028
Petty, Amy           2nd Grade Picture        1964-0040
Petty, Amy           3rd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Petty, Amy           4th Grade Picture        1966-0058
Petty, Amy           5th Grade Picture        1967-0063
Petty, Amy           6th Grade Picture        1968-0066
Petty, Amy           7th Grade Picture        1969-0050
Petty, Amy           8th Grade Picture        1970-0053
Petty, Amy           Twirler Picture        1970-0063
Petty, Amy           Freshman Picture        1971-0023
Petty, Amy           Class Officer Picture                    1971-0028
Petty, Ellen           1st Grade Picture        1965-0036
Petty, Ellen           2nd Grade Picture        1966-0060
Petty, Ellen           3rd Grade Picture        1967-0067
Petty, Ellen           4th Grade Picture        1968-0070
Petty, Ellen           5th Grade Picture        1969-0055
Petty, Ellen           6th Grade Picture        1970-0056
Petty, Ellen           7th Grade Picture        1971-0056
Petty, Ellen                    Cheerleader Picture     1971-0059
Petty, Harrel, Mrs.                    PTA Picture        1965-0011
Petty, Sara            1st Grade Picture        1968-0075
Petty, Sara            4th Grade Picture        1971-0062
Petty, Sara Nan    2nd Grade Picture        1969-0060
Petty, Sara Nan    3rd Grade Picture        1970-0059
Petty, Wade         1st Grade Picture        1967-0070
Petty, Wade         2nd Grade Picture        1968-0073
Petty, Wade         3-4th Grade Picture                    1969-0059
Petty, Wade         4th Grade Picture        1970-0058
Petty, Wade         5th Grade Picture        1971-0061
Pevehouse, Lewis          Junior Picture        1938-0016
Pevehouse, Lewis          Senior Class Roll  1941-0017
Phillip, Charles       4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Phillips Distributing Co., Graham                    Advertising                  1952-0121
Phillips, Berna          1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Phillips, Charles                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0023
Phillips, Walton       Junior Class Roll  1941-0025
Pickard, Mary          Faculty Picture        1948-0014
Pickard, Mary          Faculty Picture        1950-0021
Pickard, Miss           Faculty Picture        1949-0019
Pickard, Vivian         Faculty Picture        1938-0024
Pierce, Arthur        Freshman Picture        1953-0049
Pierce, Arthur                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0055
Pierce, Arthur        Junior Picture        1955-0048
Pierce, Arthur        Senior Picture        1956-0019
Pierce, Arthur Lee 7th Grade Picture        1951-0061
Pierce, Authur       8th Grade Picture        1952-0051
Pierce, Charles       2nd Grade Picture        1951-0071
Pierce, Charles       3rd Grade Picture        1952-0061
Pierce, Charles       4th Grade Picture        1953-0061
Pierce, Charles       5th Grade Picture        1954-0073
Pierce, Charles       6th Grade Picture        1955-0061
Pierce, Charles       7th Grade Picture        1956-0065
Pierce, Charles       8th Grade Picture        1957-0027
Pierce, Charles       Freshman Picture        1958-0022
Pierce, Charles                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0023
Pierce, Charles       Junior Picture        1960-0020
Pierce, Charles       Senior Picture        1961-0016
Pierce, Don            Freshman Picture        1955-0057
Pierce, Don                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0030
Pierce, Don Ray    5th Grade Picture        1951-0065
Pierce, Don Ray    6th Grade Picture        1952-0055
Pierce, Don Ray    7th Grade Picture        1953-0055
Pierce, Don Ray    8th Grade Picture        1954-0067
Pierce, Donna                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0022
Pierce, Donna        Junior Picture        1970-0021
Pierce, Earl             4th Grade Picture        1958-0055
Pierce, Earl             6th Grade Picture        1960-0030
Pierce, Earl             8th Grade Picture        1962-0054
Pierce, Earl D.        Freshman Picture        1963-0026
Pierce, Earl Dean   1st Grade Picture        1955-0066
Pierce, Earl Dean   2nd Grade Picture        1956-0070
Pierce, Earl Dean   3rd Grade Picture        1957-0029
Pierce, Earl Dean   7th Grade Picture        1961-0055
Pierce, Earl Dean                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0026
Pierce, Gene           5th Grade Picture        1952-0057
Pierce, Gene           6th Grade Picture        1953-0057
Pierce, Gene           7th Grade Picture        1954-0069
Pierce, Gene           8th Grade Picture        1955-0059
Pierce, Gene Allen                    4th Grade Picture        1951-0067
Pierce, Margaret    1st Grade Picture        1952-0065
Pierce, Margaret    2nd Grade Picture        1953-0065
Pierce, Margaret    3rd Grade Picture        1954-0077
Pierce, Margaret    4th Grade Picture        1955-0063
Pierce, Margaret    5th Grade Picture        1956-0067
Pierce, Margaret    6th Grade Picture        1957-0028
Pierce, Margaret    7th Grade Picture        1958-0053
Pierce, Margaret    8th Grade Picture        1959-0057
Pierce, Margaret    Freshman Picture        1960-0024
Pierce, Margaret                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0022
Pierce, Margaret    Favorites Picture        1961-0034
Pierce, Margaret    Junior Picture        1962-0018
Pierce, Margaret    Class Officer Picture                    1962-0023
Pierce, Margaret    Queen Picture        1962-0040
Pierce, Margaret    Senior Picture        1963-0017
Pierce, Sarah          1st Grade Picture        1978-0024
Pierce, Sarah          2nd Grade Picture        1979-0024
Pierce, Sherry P.    1st Grade Picture        1979-0025
Pierce, Virginia Retta                    Senior Picture        1947-0025
Pillar, Dawn          Favorites Picture        1966-0030
Piller, Dawn          Junior Picture        1966-0018
Ping's Grocery, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1948-0094
Pippin, Debra         1st Grade Picture        1963-0037
Pippin, Debra         2nd Grade Picture        1964-0040
Pippin, Debra         3rd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Pippin, Debra         4th Grade Picture        1966-0058
Pippin, Debra         5th Grade Picture        1967-0063
Pippin, Debra         6th Grade Picture        1968-0066
Pippin, Debra         8th Grade Picture        1970-0053
Pippin, Debra         Freshman Picture        1971-0023
Pippin, Debra         Who's Who Picture                    1971-0039
Pippin, Debra                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0020
Pippin, Debra         Junior Picture        1973-0019
Pippin, Debra         Class Officer Picture                    1973-0026
Pippin, Debra         Queen Picture        1973-0032
Pippin, Debra         Sweetheart Picture        1973-0033
Pippin, Debra         Who's Who Picture                    1973-0035
Pippin, Debra         Basketball Picture        1973-0049
Pippin, Debra         Class Officer Picture                    1974-0028
Pippin, Debra         Sweetheart Picture        1974-0037
Pippin, Debra         Who's Who Picture                    1974-0039
Pippin, Debra Jewel                    Senior Picture        1974-0020
Pippin, Dennie                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0024
Pippin, Dennie       Beau Picture        1963-0052
Pippin, Dennie       Junior Picture        1964-0024
Pippin, Dennie       Favorites Picture        1964-0044
Pippin, Dennie       1st Grade Picture        1977-0027
Pippin, Dennie       2nd Grade Picture        1978-0024
Pippin, Dennie       2nd Grade Picture        1979-0024
Pippin, Dennis                    Kindergarden Picture  1975-0027
Pippin, Henry         School Board Picture                    1975-0009
Pippin, Henry         School Board Picture                    1977-0009
Pippin, Henry E.     School Board Picture                    1973-0010
Pippin, Henry E.     School Board Picture                    1974-0012
Pippin, J.                 Class Officer Picture                    1975-0018
Pippin, Johnny       1st Grade Picture        1965-0036
Pippin, Johnny       1st Grade Picture        1966-0061
Pippin, Johnny       2nd Grade Picture        1967-0068
Pippin, Johnny       2nd Grade Picture        1968-0073
Pippin, Johnny       3-4th Grade Picture                    1969-0059
Pippin, Johnny       5th Grade Picture        1971-0061
Pippin, Johnny       6th Grade Picture        1972-0056
Pippin, Johnny       7th Grade Picture        1973-0052
Pippin, Johnny       Class Officer Picture                    1974-0032
Pippin, Johnny Wayne                    8th Grade Picture        1974-0055
Pippin, Joyce          1st Grade Picture        1964-0041
Pippin, Joyce          2nd Grade Picture        1965-0035
Pippin, Joyce          3rd Grade Picture        1966-0059
Pippin, Joyce          4th Grade Picture        1967-0065
Pippin, Joyce          5th Grade Picture        1968-0068
Pippin, Joyce          6th Grade Picture        1969-0054
Pippin, Joyce          7th Grade Picture        1970-0054
Pippin, Joyce          7th Grade Picture        1971-0056
Pippin, Joyce          8th Grade Picture        1972-0054
Pippin, Joyce          Favorites Picture        1972-0054
Pippin, Joyce          Freshman Picture        1973-0023
Pippin, Joyce          Class Officer Picture                    1973-0028
Pippin, Joyce          Favorites Picture        1973-0028
Pippin, Joyce          Class Officer Picture                    1974-0030
Pippin, Joyce          Queen Picture        1974-0036
Pippin, Joyce          Sweetheart Picture        1974-0037
Pippin, Joyce          Junior Picture        1975-0018
Pippin, Joyce          Favorites Picture        1975-0032
Pippin, Joyce Marie                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0024
Pippin, Melisa        1st Grade Picture        1973-0061
Pippin, Melisa        2nd Grade Picture        1974-0064
Pippin, Melisa        3rd Grade Picture        1975-0025
Pippin, Melisa        5th Grade Picture        1977-0025
Pippin, Melisa        6th Grade Picture        1978-0022
Pippin, Melissa      7th Grade Picture        1979-0021
Pippin, Pat              2nd Grade Picture        1975-0025
Pippin, Pat              4th Grade Picture        1977-0026
Pippin, Pat              5th Grade Picture        1978-0022
Pippin, Pat              6th Grade Picture        1979-0022
Pippin, Patrick        1st Grade Picture        1974-0065
Pippin, Pete            Beau Picture        1963-0054
Pippin, Pete            Junior Picture        1964-0024
Pippin, Pete            Football Picture        1965-0049
Pippin, Pete            Who's Who Picture                    1965-0051
Pippin, Richard      7th Grade Picture        1962-0055
Pippin, Richard                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0024
Pippin, Richard      Favorites Picture        1964-0046
Pippin, Richard      Favorites Picture        1964-0054
Pippin, Richard      Favorites Picture        1965-0044
Pippin, Richard 'Pete'                    Senior Picture        1965-0015
Pippin, Ricky          1st Grade Picture        1962-0061
Pippin, Ricky          2nd Grade Picture        1963-0036
Pippin, Ricky          3rd Grade Picture        1964-0039
Pippin, Ricky          4th Grade Picture        1965-0033
Pippin, Ricky          5th Grade Picture        1966-0057
Pippin, Ricky          6th Grade Picture        1967-0060
Pippin, Ricky          7th Grade Picture        1968-0062
Pippin, Ricky          8th Grade Picture        1969-0049
Pippin, Ricky          Freshman Picture        1970-0025
Pippin, Ricky                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0021
Pippin, Ricky          Class Officer Picture                    1971-0027
Pippin, Ronnie       8th Grade Picture        1963-0030
Pippin, Ronnie       Freshman Picture        1964-0028
Pippin, Ronnie                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0022
Pippin, Ronnie       Favorites Picture        1965-0037
Pippin, Ronnie       Beau Picture        1965-0042
Pippin, Ronnie       Junior Picture        1966-0018
Pippin, Ronnie       Class Officer Picture                    1966-0023
Pippin, Ronnie       Favorites Picture        1966-0027
Pippin, Ronnie       Football Picture        1966-0033
Pippin, Ronnie       Senior Picture        1967-0014
Pippin, Ronnie       Football Picture        1967-0032
Pippin, Ronnie       Football Picture        1967-0033
Pippin, Ronnie       Football Picture        1967-0046
Pippin, Ronnie Howard                    Newspaper Staff Picture                    1967-0038
Pippin, Troy           6th Grade Picture        1972-0056
Pippins, Dennie       Freshman Picture        1962-0022
Pippins, Richard      Freshman Picture        1962-0022
Pirkle, Gary            Faculty Picture        1962-0011
Pitt, Tommy       Faculty Picture        1971-0012
Pitt, Tommy       Faculty Picture        1972-0011
Plaster, Gip              7th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Plaster, Pauline       3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Plaster, Pauline       Freshman Picture        1946-0027
Plaster, Pauline                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0053
Plaster, Pauline       Favorites Picture        1947-0081
Plaster, Pauline       Junior Picture        1948-0036
Plaster, Pauline       Senior Picture        1949-0027
Plaster, Willie          1st Grade Picture        1954-0081
Plaster, Willie          2nd Grade Picture        1955-0065
Pollack, Mrs.            Faculty Picture        1941-0013
Pollock, Amber        Faculty Picture        1938-0024
Pollock, Amber        Faculty Picture        1946-0031
Pollock, Amber        Faculty Picture        1953-0017
Pollock, Amber        Faculty Picture        1954-0017
Pollock, Amber        Faculty Picture        1955-0012
Pollock, Amber        Faculty Picture        1956-0014
Pollock, Amber        Faculty Picture        1957-0026
Porter, James         7th Grade Picture        1968-0062
Porter, James         7th Grade Picture        1969-0050
Porter, Linda          4th Grade Picture        1950-0073
Porter, Linda          5th Grade Picture        1951-0065
Porter, Linda          6th Grade Picture        1952-0055
Porter, Linda          7th Grade Picture        1953-0055
Porter, Pat              Junior Picture        1968-0020
Porter, Pat              Who's Who Picture                    1968-0040
Porter, Pat              Yearbook Staff Picture                    1969-0007
Porter, Pat              Senior Picture        1969-0014
Porter, Pat              Class Officer Picture                    1969-0026
Porter, Pat              Favorites Picture        1969-0026
Posey, Beverly                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0020
Posey, Jackie         5th Grade Picture        1972-0060
Posey, Kathy         Freshman Picture        1972-0022
Posey, Kathy         Class Officer Picture                    1972-0027
Posey, Sharlet        1st Grade Picture        1972-0064
Posey, Tammy       4th Grade Picture        1972-0061
Posey, Troy           6th Grade Picture        1972-0056
Poteet, Debbie                    Kindergarden Picture  1977-0028
Poteet, Debbie       1st Grade Picture        1978-0024
Poteet, Debbie       2nd Grade Picture        1979-0024
Poteet, Marilyn                    Kindergarden Picture  1975-0027
Poteet, Marilyn      4th Grade Picture        1979-0023
Poteet, Marilyn M.                    3rd Grade Picture        1978-0023
Poteet, Missy         2nd Grade Picture        1977-0027
Poteet, Shayla        2nd Grade Picture        1974-0064
Poteet, Shayla        3rd Grade Picture        1975-0025
Poteet, Shayla        5th Grade Picture        1977-0025
Poteet, Shayla        6th Grade Picture        1978-0022
Poteet, Shayla        Favorites Picture        1978-0032
Poteet, Shayla        7th Grade Picture        1979-0021
Poteet, Wade         2nd Grade Picture        1974-0064
Poteet, Wade         3rd Grade Picture        1975-0025
Poteet, Wade         5th Grade Picture        1977-0025
Poteet, Wade         6th Grade Picture        1978-0022
Poteet, Wade         7th Grade Picture        1979-0021
Potts, C.L.             Freshman Picture        1938-0022
Potts, Vernell        7th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Poulter, Louise        Faculty Picture        1954-0017
Poulter, Louise        Faculty Picture        1955-0012
Pounds, Bobby        Faculty Picture        1968-0012
Pounds, Bobby        Football Picture        1968-0048
Pounds, Bobby        Basketball Picture        1968-0052
Pounds, Bobby        Basketball Picture        1968-0055
Pounds, Bobby        Faculty Picture        1969-0011
Pounds, Bobby        Faculty Picture        1970-0011
Pounds, Bobby        Football Picture        1970-0045
Pounds, Bobby        Basketball Picture        1970-0049
Pounds, Bobby        Basketball Picture        1970-0050
Pounds, Bobby        Faculty Picture        1971-0011
Pounds, Bobby        Faculty Picture        1972-0010
Pounds, Bobby F.    Principal Picture        1971-0009
Pounds, Bobby F.    Principal Picture        1972-0008
Powers, Durwood, Mrs.                    School Nurse Picture                    1961-0064
Powers, Durwood, Mrs.                    School Nurse Picture                    1962-0064
Powers, Durwood, Mrs.                    School Nurse Picture                    1963-0014
Powers, Durwood, Mrs.                    School Nurse Picture                    1964-0016
Powers, Durwood, Mrs.                    School Nurse Picture                    1965-0012
Powers, Durwood, Mrs.                    School Nurse Picture                    1966-0012
Powers, Durwood, Mrs.                    School Nurse Picture                    1967-0012
Powers, Mildred      School Nurse Picture                    1959-0054
Powers, Mildred      School Nurse Picture                    1978-0010
Powers, Mildred      School Nurse Picture                    1979-0012
Powers, Mrs.            School Nurse Picture                    1975-0012
Powers, Mrs.            School Nurse Picture                    1977-0012
Prescott, Darla           1st Grade Picture        1969-0061
Preston, Debra         1st Grade Picture        1963-0037
Preston, Debra         2nd Grade Picture        1964-0040
Preston, Emmett       3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Preston, Emmett       Junior Picture        1950-0045
Preston, Emmett       Senior Picture        1951-0033
Preston, Eutie           1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Preston, Joe              Freshman Picture        1952-0047
Preston, Joe Lonnie                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0043
Preston, Johnny       4th Grade Picture        1963-0034
Preston, Johnny       5th Grade Picture        1964-0037
Preston, Karen         7th Grade Picture        1964-0035
Preston, Lounetta    3rd Grade Picture        1959-0059
Preston, Lounetta    8th Grade Picture        1964-0034
Preston, Mary          Senior Class Roll  1941-0017
Preston, Odus          3rd Grade Picture        1964-0039
Preston, Pearl Ellen  6th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Preston, Robert        8th Grade Picture        1963-0030
Preston, Samantha   1st Grade Picture        1972-0064
Preston, Thomas      3rd Grade Picture        1963-0035
Preston, Thomas      4th Grade Picture        1964-0038
Preston, Wayne       Senior Picture        1959-0013
Price, Betty          Faculty Picture        1955-0011
Price, Betty          Faculty Picture        1955-0035
Price, Dan Lee     Freshman Picture        1948-0047
Price, Dan Lee                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0057
Price, Dan Lee     Junior Picture        1950-0045
Price, Dan Lee     Senior Picture        1951-0033
Price, Dixon          Freshman Picture        1938-0022
Price, Dodothy Sue                    1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Price, Donald                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0053
Price, Donald       Junior Picture        1948-0036
Price, Donald       Senior Picture        1949-0027
Price, Donald       Beau Picture        1949-0095
Price, Jerry           7th Grade Picture        1950-0067
Price, Jerry           8th Grade Picture        1951-0059
Price, Jerry           Freshman Picture        1952-0047
Price, Jerry                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0043
Price, Jim, Mrs.    Faculty Picture        1974-0016
Price, Junior         Junior Class Roll  1941-0025
Price, Kennth                    Sophomore Class Roll                    1941-0037
Price, Larry           3rd Grade Picture        1950-0075
Price, Larry           4th Grade Picture        1951-0067
Price, Larry           5th Grade Picture        1952-0057
Price, Larry           6th Grade Picture        1953-0057
Price, Linda          2nd Grade Picture        1954-0079
Price, Linda          3rd Grade Picture        1955-0064
Price, Teenye       Faculty Picture        1972-0011
Price, Teenye       Faculty Picture        1973-0013
Price, Teenye       Faculty Picture        1975-0011
Price, Teenye       Faculty Picture        1977-0011
Price, Teenye       Faculty Picture        1978-0009
Price, Teenye       Faculty Picture        1979-0011
Price, Wayne       5th Grade Picture        1950-0071
Price, Wayne       6th Grade Picture        1951-0063
Price, Wayne       7th Grade Picture        1952-0053
Price, Wayne       8th Grade Picture        1953-0053
Proffitt, Randy        1st Grade Picture        1963-0037
Proffitt, Randy        2nd Grade Picture        1964-0040
Proffitt, Randy        3rd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Proffitt, Tammy       1st Grade Picture        1965-0036
Profitt, Troy, Mrs. PTA Picture        1963-0010
Pruitt, Dwaine       4th Grade Picture        1950-0073
Pruitt, Dwayne     5th Grade Picture        1951-0065
Pruitt, Dwayne     6th Grade Picture        1952-0055
Pruitt, Dwayne     7th Grade Picture        1953-0055
Pruitt, Dwayne     8th Grade Picture        1954-0067
Pruitt, Dwayne     Freshman Picture        1955-0057
Pruitt, Dwayne                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0030
Pruitt, Dwayne     Junior Picture        1957-0018
Pruitt, Dwayne     Class Officer Picture                    1957-0023
Pruitt, Dwayne     Senior Picture        1958-0013
Pruitt, Maxine       5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Pruitt, Miss           Faculty Picture        1941-0013
Pruitt, Warren       Freshman Picture        1948-0047
Pruitt, Warren                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0057
Pruitt, Warren       Junior Picture        1950-0045
Pruitt, Warren       Senior Picture        1951-0033
Pruitt's Service Station, Jermyn                    Advertising                  1951-0135
Pryor, Frances      4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Pugh, Gary                    Kindergarden Picture  1978-0025
Pugh, Gary            1st Grade Picture        1979-0025
Puryear, Billy            4th Grade Picture        1950-0073
Puryear, Bobby        8th Grade Picture        1950-0065
Puryear, C.S.                    Superintendent Picture                    1948-0013
Puryear, C.S.                    Superintendent Picture                    1949-0015
Puryear, C.S.                    Superintendent Picture                    1950-0017
Puryear, C.S.             Faculty Picture        1950-0019
Puryear, C.S., Mrs.   Dedication Picture        1948-0009
Puryear, C.S., Mrs.   Faculty Picture        1950-0019
Puryear, Clayton S.  Faculty Picture        1947-0017
Puryear, Clayton S., Mrs.                    Faculty Picture        1947-0017
Puryear, Coach         Faculty Picture        1948-0059
Puryear, Jimmy         2nd Grade Picture        1950-0077
Puryear, Mr.              Faculty Picture        1949-0017
Puryear, Mrs.            Faculty Picture        1949-0017
Putnam-Faires Hardware, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1951-0141

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