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Index  of Bryson School Yearbooks
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Index of group pictures, individuals in pictures, advertisers, and major articles
(10,132 names in index. For 1955 and after, only faculty pictures, individual class pictures, favorites pictures and advertising with pictures were indexed)(There were errors in some of the names - Look for alternate spellings)
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Person or Item         Type of Picture        Year-Page Number

Quality Cleaners, J.A. Mitchell                    Advertising                  1938-0044
Qualls, Mike                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0022
Qualls, Mike           Junior Picture        1966-0018
Qualls, Mike           Class Officer Picture                    1966-0023
Qualls, Mike           Escort Picture        1966-0035
Qualls, Mike           Who's Who Picture                    1966-0037
Qualls, Mike           Senior Picture        1967-0016
Qualls, Mike           Class Officer Picture                    1967-0024
Quillan, Leonard     6th Grade Picture        1952-0055
Quillin, Jimmie        5th Grade Picture        1959-0058
Quinn, David         Junior Picture        1959-0019
Quinn, Mary                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0023
R.H. Thompson Funeral Home, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1938-0047
Rackley, Susan         5th Grade Picture        1979-0023
Ragle Bakery, Bill Ragle, Graham                    Advertising                  1951-0137
Ragle Bakery, Graham                    Advertising                  1952-0131
Ragsdale, Effie            Faculty Picture        1946-0009
Raine, Brenda       7th Grade Picture        1972-0055
Raine, Ronnie       3rd Grade Picture        1972-0062
Rainwater, Shirley        5th Grade Picture        1960-0031
Ramsey's Food & Locker, Graham                    Advertising                  1954-0151
Ramsey's Frozen Food Locker, Graham                    Advertising                  1951-0127
Ramsey's Frozen Food Locker, Graham                    Advertising                  1952-0135
Ramspot, Deanne      5th Grade Picture        1952-0057
Ramspot, Judy           4th Grade Picture        1952-0059
Rankin, Jerry                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0023
Rankin, Rigina         Junior Picture        1969-0019
Ranspot, Deanne      4th Grade Picture        1951-0067
Ranspot, Deanne      6th Grade Picture        1953-0057
Ranspot, Deanne      7th Grade Picture        1954-0069
Ranspot, Deanne      8th Grade Picture        1955-0059
Ranspot, Deanne      Freshman Picture        1956-0034
Ranspot, Deanne                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0020
Ranspot, Deanne      Favorites Picture        1957-0034
Ranspot, Deanne      Junior Picture        1958-0018
Ranspot, Deanne      Senior Picture        1959-0014
Ranspot, Deanne      Favorites Picture        1959-0033
Ranspot, Deanne      Queen Picture        1959-0038
Ranspot, James         1st Grade Picture        1954-0081
Ranspot, James         2nd Grade Picture        1955-0065
Ranspot, James         4th Grade Picture        1957-0029
Ranspot, James         5th Grade Picture        1958-0054
Ranspot, James         6th Grade Picture        1959-0058
Ranspot, James         7th Grade Picture        1960-0029
Ranspot, James                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0024
Ranspot, James         Junior Picture        1964-0024
Ranspot, James         Class Officer Picture                    1964-0029
Ranspot, James         Escort Picture        1964-0048
Ranspot, James         Beau Picture        1964-0059
Ranspot, James         Senior Picture        1965-0014
Ranspot, James         Favorites Picture        1965-0037
Ranspot, James         Football Picture        1965-0049
Ranspot, James         Who's Who Picture                    1965-0051
Ranspot, Judy           3rd Grade Picture        1951-0069
Ranspot, Judy           5th Grade Picture        1953-0059
Ranspot, Judy           6th Grade Picture        1954-0071
Ranspot, Judy           7th Grade Picture        1955-0060
Ranspot, Judy           8th Grade Picture        1956-0064
Ranspot, Judy           Freshman Picture        1957-0022
Ranspot, Judy                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0020
Ranspot, Judy           Class Officer Picture                    1958-0024
Ranspot, Judy           Junior Picture        1959-0019
Ranspot, Judy           Senior Picture        1960-0018
Ranspot, Judy           Class Officer Picture                    1960-0025
Ranspot, Nancy        1st Grade Picture        1964-0041
Ranspot, Nancy        2nd Grade Picture        1965-0035
Ranspot, Nancy        3rd Grade Picture        1966-0059
Ranspot, Nancy        4th Grade Picture        1967-0064
Ranspot, Nancy        5th Grade Picture        1968-0068
Ranspot, Nancy        6th Grade Picture        1969-0054
Ranspot, Nancy        7th Grade Picture        1970-0054
Ranspot, Nancy        8th Grade Picture        1971-0055
Ranspot, Nancy        Freshman Picture        1972-0022
Ranspot, Nancy        Favorites Picture        1972-0027
Ranspot, Nancy        Sweetheart Picture        1972-0035
Ranspot, Nancy                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0021
Ranspot, Nancy        Class Officer Picture                    1973-0027
Ranspot, Nancy        Favorites Picture        1973-0027
Ranspot, Nancy        Queen Picture        1973-0032
Ranspot, Nancy        Sweetheart Picture        1973-0033
Ranspot, Nancy        Senior Picture        1975-0015
Ranspot, Nancy        Class Officer Picture                    1975-0017
Ranspot, Nancy        Favorites Picture        1975-0032
Ranspot, Nancy        Queen Picture        1975-0034
Ranspot, Nancy Susan                    Junior Picture        1974-0022
Rasco, James         Favorites Picture        1949-0093
Rasco, Jaunita       Junior Picture        1949-0049
Rasco, Juanita       2nd Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Rasco, Juanita       Freshman Picture        1947-0061
Rasco, Juanita                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0041
Rasco, Mary          5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Rasco, Richard      Freshman Picture        1946-0027
Rasco, Richard      Junior Picture        1948-0036
Rascoe, James         Freshman Picture        1948-0047
Rascoe, James                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0057
Rascoe, James         Junior Picture        1950-0045
Rascoe, Richard      4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Raspot, James         8th Grade Picture        1961-0054
Raspot, James         Freshman Picture        1962-0022
Ratliffe, Betty S.                    Sophomore Picture     1950-0053
Ratliffe, Jackie         Senior Picture        1948-0023
Ratliffe, Jackie         Sweetheart Picture        1948-0076
Ratliffe, Jacqueline Junior Picture        1947-0045
Ratliffe, Jacqueline Favorites Picture        1947-0079
Reaga, Laura          1st Grade Picture        1972-0064
Reagan, J.C.                    Sophomore Class Roll                    1941-0037
Reagan, Jimmie        4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Reagon, Wayne       6th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Red's Radio & TV, Graham                    Advertising                  1951-0129
Reds Radio Shop, Graham                    Advertising                  1950-0161
Red's Radion Shop, Graham                    Advertising                  1949-0127
Reed, Jimmie        1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Reed's Jewelry, F.J. Reed, Graham                    Advertising                  1954-0179
Reeds Jewelry, Graham                    Advertising                  1950-0163
Reed's Jewelry, Graham                    Advertising                  1948-0093
Reed's Jewelry, Graham                    Advertising                  1949-0141
Reed's Jewelry, Graham                    Advertising                  1953-0147
Reeves, Barret         Faculty Picture        1951-0019
Reeves, Barrett        Faculty Picture        1950-0021
Reeves, Barrett        Faculty Picture        1953-0015
Reeves, Barrett        Faculty Picture        1954-0015
Reeves, Barritt         Faculty Picture        1952-0019
Reeves, Homer        6th Grade Picture        1950-0069
Reeves, Homer        7th Grade Picture        1951-0061
Reeves, Homer        8th Grade Picture        1952-0051
Reeves, Mr.              Faculty Picture        1949-0017
Rene Spencer                    Advertising                  1954-0195
Reynolds, Billie           Freshman Picture        1946-0027
Reynolds, Billy Jean                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0053
Reynolds, Billye          Junior Picture        1948-0036
Reynolds, Billye          Senior Picture        1949-0027
Reynolds, Grace          Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1957-0047
Reynolds, Grace          Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1958-0050
Reynolds, Judy           3rd Grade Picture        1950-0075
Reynolds, Judy           4th Grade Picture        1951-0067
Reynolds, Judy           5th Grade Picture        1952-0057
Reynolds, Judy           6th Grade Picture        1953-0057
Reynolds, Judy           7th Grade Picture        1954-0069
Reynolds, Judy           8th Grade Picture        1955-0059
Reynolds, Judy           Freshman Picture        1956-0034
Reynolds, Judy                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0020
Reynolds, Judy           Senior Picture        1958-0014
Reynolds, Judy           Queen Picture        1958-0029
Reynolds, Judy           Sweetheart Picture        1958-0032
Reynolds, June            Freshman Picture        1948-0047
Reynolds, June                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0057
Reynolds, June            Junior Picture        1950-0047
Reynolds, June            Senior Picture        1951-0033
Reynolds, June            Favorites Picture        1951-0083
Rhoades, James         4th Grade Picture        1972-0061
Rhoades, Jerry                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0026
Rhodes, Charles       1st Grade Picture        1957-0030
Rhodes, Charles       2nd Grade Picture        1958-0056
Rhodes, Charles       3rd Grade Picture        1959-0059
Rhodes, Charles       4th Grade Picture        1960-0032
Rhodes, Charles       5th Grade Picture        1961-0057
Rhodes, Charles       6th Grade Picture        1962-0056
Rhodes, Charles       7th Grade Picture        1963-0031
Rhodes, Charles       8th Grade Picture        1964-0034
Rhodes, Charles       Freshman Picture        1965-0024
Rhodes, Charles                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0020
Rhodes, Charles       Junior Picture        1967-0018
Rhodes, Charles       Who's Who Picture                    1967-0036
Rhodes, Charles       Senior Picture        1968-0016
Rhodes, Charles       Football Picture        1968-0038
Rhodes, Charles       Newspaper Staff Picture                    1968-0041
Rhodes, Connie       2nd Grade Picture        1961-0060
Rhodes, Connie       3rd Grade Picture        1962-0059
Rhodes, Connie       6th Grade Picture        1965-0030
Rhodes, Connie       Freshman Picture        1968-0026
Rhodes, Connie                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0022
Rhodes, Connie       Junior Picture        1970-0021
Rhodes, Faye           5th Grade Picture        1950-0071
Rhodes, Faye           6th Grade Picture        1951-0063
Rhodes, Faye           7th Grade Picture        1952-0053
Rhodes, Faye           8th Grade Picture        1953-0053
Rhodes, Faye           Freshman Picture        1954-0061
Rhodes, Faye           Favorites Picture        1955-0051
Rhodes, Faye                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0052
Rhodes, Faye           Junior Picture        1956-0026
Rhodes, Faye           Queen Picture        1956-0039
Rhodes, Faye           Senior Picture        1957-0015
Rhodes, Faye           Favorites Picture        1957-0032
Rhodes, James         1st Grade Picture        1968-0075
Rhodes, James         2nd Grade Picture        1969-0060
Rhodes, James         3rd Grade Picture        1970-0059
Rhodes, James         3rd Grade Picture        1971-0063
Rhodes, James         5th Grade Picture        1973-0057
Rhodes, James         Freshman Picture        1977-0022
Rhodes, James Chester                    6th Grade Picture        1974-0060
Rhodes, James, Jr.   7th Grade Picture        1975-0022
Rhodes, James, Jr.   Class Officer Picture                    1975-0022
Rhodes, Jamie          7th Grade Picture        1966-0055
Rhodes, Jamie          8th Grade Picture        1967-0057
Rhodes, Jamie          Freshman Picture        1968-0026
Rhodes, Jamie                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0022
Rhodes, Jamie          Junior Picture        1970-0021
Rhodes, Jamie          Queen Picture        1970-0033
Rhodes, Jamie          Favorites Picture        1971-0026
Rhodes, Jamie Kay  Junior Picture        1971-0019
Rhodes, Janie           Freshman Picture        1967-0023
Rhodes, Janie           Who's Who Picture                    1968-0039
Rhodes, Jannie         8th Grade Picture        1966-0054
Rhodes, Jannie                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0023
Rhodes, Jannie         Junior Picture        1969-0019
Rhodes, Jerry           1st Grade Picture        1955-0066
Rhodes, Jerry           2nd Grade Picture        1956-0070
Rhodes, Jerry           4th Grade Picture        1958-0055
Rhodes, Jerry           5th Grade Picture        1959-0058
Rhodes, Jerry           6th Grade Picture        1960-0030
Rhodes, Jerry           7th Grade Picture        1961-0055
Rhodes, Jerry           8th Grade Picture        1962-0054
Rhodes, Jerry           Freshman Picture        1963-0026
Rhodes, Jerry           Junior Picture        1965-0020
Rhodes, Jerry           Favorites Picture        1965-0037
Rhodes, Jerry           Queen Picture        1965-0048
Rhodes, Jerry           Senior Picture        1966-0014
Rhodes, Jerry           Class Officer Picture                    1966-0023
Rhodes, Jerry           Sweetheart Picture        1966-0032
Rhodes, Jerry           Queen Picture        1966-0034
Rhodes, Jerry           Newspaper Staff Picture                    1966-0038
Rhodes, Jerry Donna                    3rd Grade Picture        1957-0029
Rhodes, Jo Anna     2nd Grade Picture        1955-0065
Rhodes, Jo Anna     3rd Grade Picture        1956-0069
Rhodes, Jo Anna     5th Grade Picture        1958-0054
Rhodes, Joana          1st Grade Picture        1954-0081
Rhodes, Joanna       4th Grade Picture        1957-0029
Rhodes, Joanna       6th Grade Picture        1959-0058
Rhodes, Joanna       7th Grade Picture        1960-0029
Rhodes, Joanna       8th Grade Picture        1961-0054
Rhodes, Joanna       Freshman Picture        1962-0022
Rhodes, Joanna       Who's Who Picture                    1962-0026
Rhodes, Joanna                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0024
Rhodes, Joanna       Who's Who Picture                    1963-0046
Rhodes, Joanna       Who's Who Picture                    1963-0047
Rhodes, Joanna       Class Officer Picture                    1964-0029
Rhodes, Joanna       Senior Picture        1965-0018
Rhodes, Richard                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0022
Rhodes, Richard      Class Officer Picture                    1969-0028
Rhodes, Thomas      1st Grade Picture        1952-0065
Rhodes, Thomas      2nd Grade Picture        1953-0065
Rhodes, Thomas      3rd Grade Picture        1954-0077
Rhodes, Thomas      4th Grade Picture        1955-0063
Rhodes, Thomas      5th Grade Picture        1956-0067
Rhodes, Thomas      6th Grade Picture        1957-0028
Rhodes, Thomas      7th Grade Picture        1958-0053
Rhodes, Thomas      8th Grade Picture        1959-0057
Rhodes, Thomas      Freshman Picture        1960-0024
Rhodes, Thomas                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0022
Rhodes, Thomas      Junior Picture        1962-0018
Rhodes, Thomas      Favorites Picture        1962-0042
Rhodes, Thomas      Senior Picture        1963-0018
Rhodes, William       7th Grade Picture        1950-0067
Rhodes, William       8th Grade Picture        1951-0059
Rhodes, William       Freshman Picture        1952-0047
Rhodes, William       Freshman Picture        1953-0049
Rhodes, William                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0055
Rhodes, William       Senior Picture        1955-0041
Rhodes, William       Senior Picture        1956-0019
Richardson, Danny      1st Grade Picture        1961-0061
Richardson, Danny      3rd Grade Picture        1963-0035
Richardson, Danny      4th Grade Picture        1964-0038
Richardson, Danny      5th Grade Picture        1965-0032
Richardson, Danny      7th Grade Picture        1967-0059
Richardson, Danny      Favorites Picture        1968-0032
Richardson, Danny      8th Grade Picture        1968-0060
Richardson, Danny      Freshman Picture        1969-0023
Richardson, Danny      Class Officer Picture                    1969-0029
Richardson, Danny                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0023
Richardson, Danny      Class Officer Picture                    1970-0028
Richardson, Danny      Favorites Picture        1970-0028
Richardson, Danny      Escort Picture        1970-0033
Richardson, Danny      Junior Picture        1971-0019
Richardson, Danny      Senior Picture        1972-0014
Richardson, Danny Floyd                    Escort Picture        1969-0032
Richardson, Tracy                    Kindergarden Picture  1979-0025
Ricketts, Connie       1st Grade Picture        1973-0061
Riddle, Alberta       7th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Riddle, Bennie        3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Riddle, Billy            3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Ridenour, Vivian         Faculty Picture        1947-0017
Ridge, Helen          7th Grade Picture        1977-0023
Ridge, Lisa                    Kindergarden Picture  1977-0028
Ridge, Tommy       3rd Grade Picture        1977-0026
Rife, Diana          1st Grade Picture        1964-0041
Rife, Diana          3rd Grade Picture        1966-0059
Rife, Diana          4th Grade Picture        1967-0064
Rife, Diana          5th Grade Picture        1968-0068
Rife, Diana          7th Grade Picture        1970-0054
Rife, Diana          8th Grade Picture        1971-0055
Rife, Teresa        1st Grade Picture        1967-0070
Rife, Teresa        2nd Grade Picture        1968-0073
Rife, Teresa        4th Grade Picture        1970-0058
Rife, Teresa        5th Grade Picture        1971-0061
Riley, Kitty           1st Grade Picture        1961-0061
Riley, Kitty           2nd Grade Picture        1962-0060
Riley, Kitty           4th Grade Picture        1964-0038
Riley, Kitty           5th Grade Picture        1965-0032
Riley, Kitty           6th Grade Picture        1966-0056
Riley, Kitty           8th Grade Picture        1968-0060
Riley, Kitty           Freshman Picture        1969-0023
Riley, Kitty                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0023
Riley, Kitty           Junior Picture        1971-0019
Riley, Kitty           Class Officer Picture                    1971-0026
Riley, Kitty           Senior Picture        1972-0016
Riley, Kitty           Who's Who Picture                    1972-0037
Riley, Kitty           Newspaper Editor Picture                    1972-0043
Riley, Kitty           Yearbook Editor Picture                    1972-0065
Riley, Kitty Sue   3rd Grade Picture        1963-0035
Rippin, Johnny       4th Grade Picture        1970-0058
Rising, Donna Jean                    Sophomore Class Roll                    1941-0037
Rising, Elizabeth Ann                    7th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Ritchie Floy            Senior Picture        1938-0010
Ritchie Floy            Yearbook Staff Picture                    1938-0028
Rittenbury, Delisia        5th Grade Picture        1979-0023
Rittenbury, Delissa       1st Grade Picture        1975-0026
Rittenbury, Delissa       3rd Grade Picture        1977-0026
Rittenbury, Delissa       4th Grade Picture        1978-0023
Rittenbury, Delissa       Queen Picture        1978-0036
Roach, Tangela      8th Grade Picture        1979-0020
Roach, Tim             3rd Grade Picture        1979-0024
Robbins, Anne          8th Grade Picture        1979-0020
Robbins, Carman                    Kindergarden Picture  1978-0025
Robbins, Carmin        1st Grade Picture        1979-0025
Robbins, Daphanne  3rd Grade Picture        1978-0023
Robbins, Daphanne  4th Grade Picture        1979-0023
Robbins, Daphne      2nd Grade Picture        1977-0027
Robbins, John           7th Grade Picture        1977-0023
Robbins, John           8th Grade Picture        1978-0020
Robbins, John           Freshman Picture        1979-0019
Robbins, John           Class Officer Picture                    1979-0019
Robbins, John           Favorites Picture        1979-0031
Robbins, Zelphany   7th Grade Picture        1978-0021
Robbins, Zelphany 'Anne'                    6th Grade Picture        1977-0024
Roberts & Davis Grocery, Wid Roberts & Dick Davis                    Advertising                  1948-0084
Roberts, Dorothy     School Nurse Picture                    1958-0050
Roberts, Joe B.                    Sophomore Class Roll                    1941-0037
Roberts, Leona         6th Grade Picture        1977-0024
Roberts, Pete            1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Roberts, Pete            Freshman Picture        1948-0047
Roberts, Pete                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0057
Roberts, Pete            Junior Picture        1950-0047
Roberts, Pete            Senior Picture        1951-0033
Roberts, Renee         7th Grade Picture        1977-0023
Roberts, Ross           Junior Picture        1946-0019
Roberts, Ross O'Neal                    5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Roberts, Ross O'Neal                    Senior Picture        1947-0025
Roberts, Verney Lee                    Senior Picture        1938-0012
Roberts, Wayne       3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Robertson, Duane        Freshman Picture        1949-0063
Robinson, Aleen                    Sophomore Class Roll                    1941-0037
Robinson, Aletha        8th Grade Picture        1970-0053
Robinson, Aletha        Freshman Picture        1971-0023
Robinson, Aletha        Class Officer Picture                    1971-0028
Robinson, Aletha                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0020
Robinson, Alice Joe    Freshman Class Roll  1941-0045
Robinson, Anita          3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Robinson, Anita          Freshman Picture        1946-0027
Robinson, Anita                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0053
Robinson, Anita          Junior Picture        1948-0036
Robinson, Anita          Senior Picture        1949-0027
Robinson, Bonnie       2nd Grade Picture        1952-0063
Robinson, Bonnie       3rd Grade Picture        1953-0063
Robinson, Bonnie       4th Grade Picture        1954-0075
Robinson, Bonnie       5th Grade Picture        1955-0062
Robinson, Bonnie       6th Grade Picture        1956-0066
Robinson, Bonnie       7th Grade Picture        1957-0027
Robinson, Bonnie       8th Grade Picture        1958-0053
Robinson, Bonnie       Freshman Picture        1959-0027
Robinson, Bonnie                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0022
Robinson, Bonnie       Favorites Picture        1960-0064
Robinson, Bonnie       Junior Picture        1961-0020
Robinson, Bonnie       Class Officer Picture                    1961-0025
Robinson, Bonnie       Senior Picture        1962-0016
Robinson, Bonnie Gay                    1st Grade Picture        1951-0073
Robinson, Brent          1st Grade Picture        1965-0036
Robinson, Brent          2nd Grade Picture        1966-0060
Robinson, Brent          3rd Grade Picture        1967-0067
Robinson, Brent          4th Grade Picture        1968-0070
Robinson, Brent          5th Grade Picture        1969-0055
Robinson, Brent          6th Grade Picture        1970-0056
Robinson, Brent          Favorites Picture        1971-0029
Robinson, Brent          7th Grade Picture        1971-0056
Robinson, Brent          8th Grade Picture        1972-0054
Robinson, Brent          Freshman Picture        1973-0023
Robinson, Brent          Class Officer Picture                    1973-0028
Robinson, Brent          Escort Picture        1974-0036
Robinson, Brent          Junior Picture        1975-0018
Robinson, Brent          Who's Who Picture                    1975-0028
Robinson, Brent Hugh                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0024
Robinson, Candace     1st Grade Picture        1971-0065
Robinson, Candace     2nd Grade Picture        1972-0063
Robinson, Derwood    Freshman Picture        1938-0022
Robinson, Derwood    Senior Class Roll  1941-0017
Robinson, Dickie         1st Grade Picture        1958-0056
Robinson, Donald       8th Grade Picture        1952-0051
Robinson, Donald       Freshman Picture        1953-0049
Robinson, Donald                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0055
Robinson, Donald       Favorites Picture        1954-0091
Robinson, Donald       Junior Picture        1955-0048
Robinson, Donald Wayne                    8th Grade Picture        1951-0059
Robinson, Ellen           Freshman Picture        1947-0061
Robinson, Ellen                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0041
Robinson, Ellen           Senior Picture        1949-0027
Robinson, Ellen           Drum Major Picture                    1949-0097
Robinson, Freda          Freshman Picture        1970-0025
Robinson, Freda                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0021
Robinson, Freda          Junior Picture        1972-0018
Robinson, Freda Sue  Senior Picture        1973-0017
Robinson, Geneva       1st Grade Picture        1954-0081
Robinson, Geneva       2nd Grade Picture        1955-0065
Robinson, Geneva       3rd Grade Picture        1956-0069
Robinson, Geneva       4th Grade Picture        1957-0029
Robinson, Geneva       5th Grade Picture        1958-0054
Robinson, Geneva       6th Grade Picture        1959-0058
Robinson, Geneva       7th Grade Picture        1960-0029
Robinson, Geneva       8th Grade Picture        1961-0054
Robinson, Geneva       Freshman Picture        1962-0022
Robinson, Geneva       Class Officer Picture                    1962-0024
Robinson, Geneva       Queen Picture        1962-0040
Robinson, Geneva                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0024
Robinson, Geneva       Class Officer Picture                    1963-0028
Robinson, Geneva       Who's Who Picture                    1963-0046
Robinson, Geneva       Junior Picture        1964-0024
Robinson, Geneva       Senior Picture        1965-0016
Robinson, Geneva       Pep Squad Picture        1965-0042
Robinson, Geneva       Sweetheart Picture        1965-0049
Robinson, Geneva       Who's Who Picture                    1965-0051
Robinson, Geneva       Basketball Picture        1965-0059
Robinson, Gilbert        School Board Picture                    1975-0009
Robinson, Gilbert E.    School Board Picture                    1973-0010
Robinson, Gilbert E.    School Board Picture                    1974-0012
Robinson, J.E., Mr. & Mrs.                    Dedication to Parents  1973-0006
Robinson, Jeffrey        2nd Grade Picture        1970-0060
Robinson, Jeffrey        3rd Grade Picture        1971-0063
Robinson, Jeffrey        4th Grade Picture        1972-0061
Robinson, Larry           1st Grade Picture        1953-0067
Robinson, Larry           2nd Grade Picture        1954-0079
Robinson, Larry           3rd Grade Picture        1955-0064
Robinson, Larry           4th Grade Picture        1956-0068
Robinson, Larry           5th Grade Picture        1957-0028
Robinson, Larry           6th Grade Picture        1958-0054
Robinson, Larry           7th Grade Picture        1959-0057
Robinson, Larry           8th Grade Picture        1960-0028
Robinson, Larry           Freshman Picture        1961-0024
Robinson, Larry           Class Officer Picture                    1961-0026
Robinson, Larry                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0020
Robinson, Larry           Class Officer Picture                    1962-0024
Robinson, Larry           Favorites Picture        1962-0042
Robinson, Larry           Junior Picture        1963-0022
Robinson, Larry           Senior Picture        1964-0021
Robinson, Larry           Class Officer Picture                    1964-0029
Robinson, Larry           Escort Picture        1964-0051
Robinson, Loretta       1st Grade Picture        1950-0079
Robinson, Loretta       2nd Grade Picture        1951-0071
Robinson, Loretta       3rd Grade Picture        1952-0061
Robinson, Loretta       4th Grade Picture        1953-0061
Robinson, Loretta       5th Grade Picture        1954-0073
Robinson, Loretta       6th Grade Picture        1955-0061
Robinson, Loretta       8th Grade Picture        1957-0027
Robinson, Loretta       Freshman Picture        1958-0022
Robinson, Loretta       Class Officer Picture                    1958-0024
Robinson, Loretta                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0023
Robinson, Loretta       Junior Picture        1960-0020
Robinson, Loretta       Queen Picture        1960-0062
Robinson, Loretta       Queen Picture        1960-0063
Robinson, Loretta       Senior Picture        1961-0017
Robinson, Loretta       Class Officer Picture                    1961-0025
Robinson, Loretta       Favorites Picture        1961-0034
Robinson, Lorretta      7th Grade Picture        1956-0065
Robinson, Michael      1st Grade Picture        1972-0064
Robinson, Michael Scott                    7th Grade Picture        1974-0056
Robinson, Nancy        4th Grade Picture        1957-0029
Robinson, Nancy        5th Grade Picture        1958-0054
Robinson, Nelda          5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Robinson, Newton      Senior Picture        1970-0018
Robinson, Newton      Who's Who Picture                    1970-0037
Robinson, Regina        1st Grade Picture        1969-0061
Robinson, Regina        2nd Grade Picture        1970-0060
Robinson, Regina        3rd Grade Picture        1971-0063
Robinson, Regina        4th Grade Picture        1972-0061
Robinson, Regina        5th Grade Picture        1973-0057
Robinson, Regina        7th Grade Picture        1975-0022
Robinson, Regina        Freshman Picture        1977-0022
Robinson, Regina                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0018
Robinson, Regina        Favorites Picture        1978-0031
Robinson, Regina        Junior Picture        1979-0017
Robinson, Regina Leigh                    6th Grade Picture        1974-0060
Robinson, Ronald       6th Grade Picture        1951-0063
Robinson, Ronald       7th Grade Picture        1952-0053
Robinson, Ronald       7th Grade Picture        1953-0055
Robinson, Ronald       8th Grade Picture        1954-0067
Robinson, Ronald       Freshman Picture        1955-0057
Robinson, Ronald                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0030
Robinson, Ronald       Senior Picture        1958-0013
Robinson, Rowena      2nd Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Robinson, S.                 Class Officer Picture                    1975-0021
Robinson, Scott           8th Grade Picture        1975-0021
Robinson, Shorty        Junior Picture        1957-0018
Robinson, Vicki           6th Grade Picture        1971-0057
Robinson, Vickie         7th Grade Picture        1972-0055
Rogers, Billie           Group Picture        1953-0113
Rogers, Billie Faye  Senior Picture        1953-0031
Rogers, Billy Faye  Freshman Picture        1950-0061
Rogers, Billye          Junior Picture        1952-0037
Rogers, Billye Faye                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0049
Rogers, Billye Faye                    Queen Picture        1952-0079
Rogers, Judith         5th Grade Picture        1977-0025
Rogers, Judy           Favorites Picture        1979-0032
Rogers, Kent           Junior Picture        1977-0020
Rogers, Kent           Junior Picture        1978-0017
Rogers, Lillian         3rd Grade Picture        1977-0026
Rogers, Preston      6th Grade Picture        1977-0024
Rolinson, Vickie         5th Grade Picture        1970-0057
Roney, Paulette      1st Grade Picture        1953-0067
Roney, Paulette      2nd Grade Picture        1954-0079
Roney, Paulette      3rd Grade Picture        1955-0064
Rooms-Apartments, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1948-0094
Roper, Trescia       8th Grade Picture        1970-0053
Roper, Tresda        1st Grade Picture        1963-0037
Roper, Tresda        2nd Grade Picture        1964-0040
Roper, Tresda        3rd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Roper, Tresda        4th Grade Picture        1966-0058
Roper, Tresda        5th Grade Picture        1967-0063
Roper, Tresda        6th Grade Picture        1968-0066
Roper, Tresda        7th Grade Picture        1969-0050
Roper, Tresda        Freshman Picture        1971-0023
Roper, Tresda                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0020
Roper, Tresda        Junior Picture        1973-0019
Roper, Tresda        Class Officer Picture                    1973-0026
Roper, Tresda        Yearbook Editor Picture                    1974-0010
Roper, Tresda        Class Officer Picture                    1974-0028
Roper, Tresda        Yearbook Editor Picture                    1974-0033
Roper, Tresda        Who's Who Picture                    1974-0038
Roper, Tresda Elizabeth                    Senior Picture        1974-0020
Rose, Marlen       1st Grade Picture        1964-0041
Ross, Carrol         5th Grade Picture        1952-0057
Ross, Carrol         6th Grade Picture        1953-0057
Ross, Carrol         7th Grade Picture        1954-0069
Ross, Carrol                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0020
Ross, Carroll        8th Grade Picture        1955-0059
Ross, Carroll        Freshman Picture        1956-0034
Ross, Charles       3rd Grade Picture        1952-0061
Ross, Charles       4th Grade Picture        1953-0061
Ross, Charles       5th Grade Picture        1954-0073
Ross, Charles       6th Grade Picture        1955-0061
Ross, Charles       7th Grade Picture        1956-0065
Ross, Charles       8th Grade Picture        1957-0027
Ross, Gail                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0052
Ross, Gayle          7th Grade Picture        1952-0053
Ross, Gayle          8th Grade Picture        1953-0053
Ross, Gayle          Freshman Picture        1954-0061
Ross, J.P.                    Sophomore Picture     1938-0019
Ross, Joe Wilson       Freshman Picture        1938-0022
Rowe, Gary                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0023
Rowe, Gary            Junior Picture        1969-0019
Rowe, Gary            Senior Picture        1970-0019
Rowe, Jan Gilmore                    Senior Picture        1972-0015
Roy Clayton Dairy                    Advertising                  1938-0044
Roy Simpson Photography, Graham                    Advertising                  1952-0137
Roy Simpson Photography, Graham                    Advertising                  1953-0069
Roy Simpson Photography, Graham                    Advertising                  1953-0157
Roy Thompson Implement Co., Graham                    Advertising                  1954-0175
Roy Wood Welding Works, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1953-0135
Royal Park Fashions                    Advertising/Picture    1977-0060
Rubenkoenig, Miss      Faculty Picture        1941-0013
Rudolp, John C.       Faculty Picture        1953-0017
Rudolph, Anna          1st Grade Picture        1950-0079
Rudolph, Buddy        3rd Grade Picture        1950-0075
Rudolph, Buddy        4th Grade Picture        1951-0067
Rudolph, Buddy                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0020
Rudolph, Buddy        Class Officer Picture                    1957-0024
Rudolph, Buddy        Class Officer Picture                    1958-0023
Rudolph, Buddy        Yearbook Editor Picture                    1959-0005
Rudolph, Buddy        Senior Picture        1959-0014
Rudolph, Carol           4th Grade Picture        1950-0073
Rudolph, Carol           6th Grade Picture        1952-0055
Rudolph, Carroll        5th Grade Picture        1951-0065
Rudolph, Carroll        7th Grade Picture        1953-0055
Rudolph, Carroll        8th Grade Picture        1954-0067
Rudolph, Carroll        Freshman Picture        1955-0057
Rudolph, Carroll                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0030
Rudolph, Carroll        Junior Picture        1957-0018
Rudolph, Carroll        Class Officer Picture                    1957-0023
Rudolph, Carroll        Senior Picture        1958-0014
Rudolph, Carroll        Class Officer Picture                    1958-0023
Rudolph, Carroll        Favorites Picture        1958-0028
Rudolph, J.C.              Faculty Picture        1947-0017
Rudolph, J.C.              Principal Picture        1948-0013
Rudolph, J.C.              Faculty Picture        1948-0014
Rudolph, J.C.              Faculty Picture        1950-0021
Rudolph, J.C.              Faculty Picture        1951-0021
Rudolph, J.C.              Faculty Picture        1955-0012
Rudolph, J.C.              Faculty Picture        1956-0012
Rudolph, J.C.              Faculty Picture        1957-0026
Rudolph, J.C.              Faculty Picture        1958-0052
Rudolph, J.C.              Faculty Picture        1959-0056
Rudolph, Jane            1st Grade Picture        1950-0079
Rudolph, Jane            2nd Grade Picture        1951-0071
Rudolph, Jane            5th Grade Picture        1954-0073
Rudolph, Jane            6th Grade Picture        1955-0061
Rudolph, Jane            7th Grade Picture        1956-0065
Rudolph, Jane            8th Grade Picture        1957-0027
Rudolph, Jane            Freshman Picture        1958-0022
Rudolph, Jane            Favorites Picture        1958-0031
Rudolph, Jane                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0023
Rudolph, Jane            Junior Picture        1960-0020
Rudolph, Jane            Yearbook Editor Picture                    1961-0006
Rudolph, Jane            Senior Picture        1961-0017
Rudolph, Jane            Favorites Picture        1961-0029
Rudolph, Jane            Favorites Picture        1961-0031
Rudolph, Janie           3rd Grade Picture        1952-0061
Rudolph, Janie           4th Grade Picture        1953-0061
Rudolph, John           Faculty Picture        1946-0031
Rudolph, John           Faculty Picture        1952-0017
Rudolph, John           5th Grade Picture        1952-0057
Rudolph, John           6th Grade Picture        1953-0057
Rudolph, John           7th Grade Picture        1954-0069
Rudolph, John           8th Grade Picture        1955-0059
Rudolph, John           Freshman Picture        1956-0034
Rudolph, John           Junior Picture        1958-0018
Rudolph, John           Principal Picture        1960-0008
Rudolph, John           Principal Picture        1961-0010
Rudolph, John           Principal Picture        1962-0010
Rudolph, John           Principal Picture        1963-0009
Rudolph, John           Principal Picture        1964-0011
Rudolph, John           Faculty Picture        1964-0015
Rudolph, John           Principal Picture        1965-0008
Rudolph, John C.       Faculty Picture        1954-0017
Rudolph, John C.       Principal Picture        1966-0009
Rudolph, Mary          3rd Grade Picture        1954-0077
Rudolph, Mary          4th Grade Picture        1955-0063
Rudolph, Mary          5th Grade Picture        1956-0067
Rudolph, Mary          7th Grade Picture        1958-0053
Rudolph, Mary          8th Grade Picture        1959-0057
Rudolph, Mary          Freshman Picture        1960-0024
Rudolph, Mary          Class Officer Picture                    1960-0026
Rudolph, Mary                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0022
Rudolph, Mary          Junior Picture        1962-0018
Rudolph, Mary          Class Officer Picture                    1962-0023
Rudolph, Mary          Yearbook Editor Picture                    1963-0005
Rudolph, Mary          Senior Picture        1963-0018
Rudolph, Mary          Class Officer Picture                    1963-0027
Rudolph, Mary          Queen Picture        1963-0044
Rudolph, Mary          Sweetheart Picture        1963-0045
Rudolph, Mary Nell  1st Grade Picture        1952-0065
Rudolph, Mary Nell  2nd Grade Picture        1953-0065
Rudolph, Mary Nell  6th Grade Picture        1957-0028
Rudolph, Mr.              Faculty Picture        1949-0019
Rundell, Maggie      6th Grade Picture        1950-0069
Rundell, Maggie      7th Grade Picture        1951-0061
Rundell, Maggie      8th Grade Picture        1952-0051
Rundell, Maggie      Freshman Picture        1953-0049
Rundell, Maggie                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0055
Rundell, Maggie      Senior Picture        1956-0020
Rundell, Maggie Sue                    Junior Picture        1955-0048
Runnels, Robert                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0053
Runyan, Mary          8th Grade Picture        1968-0060
Runyan, Randy        4th Grade Picture        1968-0070
Russell, Holt                    Kindergarden Picture  1977-0028
S.V. Willingham Well Service                    Advertising                  1946-0052
S.V. Willingham Well Service                    Advertising                  1948-0091
S.V. Willingham Well Service                    Advertising                  1949-0127
S.V. Willingham Well Service                    Advertising                  1950-0151
Saddle Shop, George Murray, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1952-0113
Sally's Beauty Shop                    Advertising                  1946-0051
Sally's Beauty Shop                    Advertising                  1947-0115
Sally's Beauty Shop                    Advertising                  1948-0089
Sally's Beauty Shop                    Advertising                  1949-0139
Sally's Beauty Shop                    Advertising                  1950-0171
Sally's Beauty Shop                    Advertising                  1953-0147
Sally's Beauty Shop                    Advertising                  1954-0163
Sam Pummill Cleaning, Graham                    Advertising                  1952-0131
Sam Pummill Cleaning, Graham                    Advertising                  1953-0149
Sam Smith Insurance Agency                    Advertising                  1953-0157
Sampson, Barbara      Freshman Picture        1938-0022
Sampson, Barbara      Senior Class Roll  1941-0017
Sampson, Robert        7th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Sam's Boot Shop, Graham                    Advertising                  1953-0149
Sam's Shoe & Boot Shop, Graham                    Advertising                  1948-0094
Sanchez, Silvia          1st Grade Picture        1971-0065
Sanchez, Sylvia         2nd Grade Picture        1973-0060
Sanchez, Sylvia         4th Grade Picture        1975-0024
Sanders Variety Store                    Advertising                  1941-0093
Sanders Variety Store                    Advertising                  1947-0113
Sanders Variety Store                    Advertising                  1948-0090
Sanders, Gary            8th Grade Picture        1956-0064
Sanders, Gary            Freshman Picture        1957-0022
Sanders, Gary                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0020
Sanders, Gary Lee    2nd Grade Picture        1950-0077
Sanders, Helen          Freshman Picture        1938-0022
Sanders, Helen          Senior Class Roll  1941-0017
Sanders, James         Freshman Picture        1938-0022
Sanders, Janie           1st Grade Picture        1975-0026
Sanders, Nellie Marie                    2nd Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Sanderson, Blake          Junior Class Roll  1941-0025
Sanderson, Gloe            6th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Sanderson, Pauline       5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Sargent, Doris          Junior Picture        1938-0016
Sartain, L.U.             School Board Picture                    1965-0011
Sartain, L.V.             School Board Picture                    1963-0010
Sartain, L.V.             School Board Picture                    1964-0012
Sartain, Leona                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0043
Sartain, Leona         Junior Picture        1954-0047
Sartain, Leona         Senior Picture        1955-0042
Sartain, Leona Mae                    8th Grade Picture        1951-0059
Sartain, Leta            1st Grade Picture        1959-0060
Sartain, Letta           2nd Grade Picture        1960-0034
Sartain, Letta           3rd Grade Picture        1961-0059
Sartain, Letta           4th Grade Picture        1962-0058
Sartain, Letta           5th Grade Picture        1963-0033
Sartain, Letta           6th Grade Picture        1964-0036
Sartain, Letta           8th Grade Picture        1966-0054
Sartain, Letta           Freshman Picture        1967-0023
Sartain, Lewis          1st Grade Picture        1955-0066
Sartain, Lewis          2nd Grade Picture        1956-0070
Sartain, Lewis          4th Grade Picture        1958-0055
Sartain, Lewis          5th Grade Picture        1959-0058
Sartain, Lewis          6th Grade Picture        1960-0030
Sartain, Lewis          7th Grade Picture        1961-0055
Sartain, Lewis          8th Grade Picture        1962-0054
Sartain, Lewis          Freshman Picture        1963-0026
Sartain, Lewis                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0026
Sartain, Lewis          Class Officer Picture                    1964-0030
Sartain, Lewis          Senior Picture        1966-0016
Sartain, Lewis          Class Officer Picture                    1966-0023
Sartain, Lewis          Football Picture        1966-0032
Sartain, Lewis          Who's Who Picture                    1966-0036
Sartain, Lewis          Newspaper Staff Picture                    1966-0038
Sartain, Lewis          Beta Club Picture        1966-0044
Sartain, Lewis          Basketball Picture        1966-0049
Sartain, Lois            1st Grade Picture        1952-0065
Sartain, Lois            3rd Grade Picture        1954-0077
Sartain, Lois            4th Grade Picture        1955-0063
Sartain, Lois            5th Grade Picture        1956-0067
Sartain, Lois            6th Grade Picture        1957-0028
Sartain, Lois            7th Grade Picture        1958-0053
Sartain, Lois            8th Grade Picture        1959-0057
Sartain, Lois            Freshman Picture        1960-0024
Sartain, Lois                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0022
Sartain, Lois            Junior Picture        1962-0018
Sartain, Lois            Who's Who Picture                    1962-0026
Sartain, Lois            Senior Picture        1963-0018
Sartain, Lois            Class Officer Picture                    1963-0027
Sartain, Lois            Favorites Picture        1963-0042
Sartain, Lois            Sweetheart Picture        1963-0045
Sartain, Lois            Who's Who Picture                    1963-0046
Sartain, Lois            Favorites Picture        1963-0048
Sartain, Lois            Lariat Staff Picture        1963-0051
Sartain, Lois Maris 2nd Grade Picture        1953-0065
Sartain, Louis          Basketball Picture        1965-0057
Sartain, Robert Lewis                    3rd Grade Picture        1957-0029
Sartin, L.V.             School Board Picture                    1958-0007
Sartin, Leona         Freshman Picture        1952-0047
Sartin, Leona Mae                    7th Grade Picture        1950-0067
Sartin, Letty           7th Grade Picture        1965-0029
Sartin, Lewis          Junior Picture        1965-0020
Sartin, Lewis          Escort Picture        1965-0048
Sarvis, Louise        Faculty Picture        1938-0024
Sarvis, Stephen     Freshman Picture        1938-0022
Saunders, Gary            3rd Grade Picture        1951-0069
Saunders, Gary            4th Grade Picture        1952-0059
Sawyer, Don            3rd Grade Picture        1971-0063
Sawyer, Jimmy Don                    2nd Grade Picture        1970-0060
Schlettler, Gay             3rd Grade Picture        1971-0063
Schlitter, Gay             1st Grade Picture        1969-0061
Schlitter, Gay             2nd Grade Picture        1970-0060
Schlitter, Vickie         6th Grade Picture        1970-0056
Schlitter, Ward          Favorites Picture        1971-0028
Schlittler, Beth            Faculty Picture        1957-0010
Schlittler, Beth            School Secretary Picture                    1959-0054
Schlittler, Carol           1st Grade Picture        1967-0070
Schlittler, Carol           2nd Grade Picture        1968-0073
Schlittler, Carol           3-4th Grade Picture                    1969-0059
Schlittler, Carol           4th Grade Picture        1970-0058
Schlittler, Carol           5th Grade Picture        1971-0061
Schlittler, Carol           6th Grade Picture        1972-0056
Schlittler, Carol           7th Grade Picture        1973-0052
Schlittler, Carol           Class Officer Picture                    1974-0032
Schlittler, Carol           Favorites Picture        1974-0032
Schlittler, Carol           Freshman Picture        1975-0020
Schlittler, Carol Leigh                    8th Grade Picture        1974-0055
Schlittler, Gay             4th Grade Picture        1972-0061
Schlittler, Gay             5th Grade Picture        1973-0057
Schlittler, Gay                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0018
Schlittler, Gay             Junior Picture        1979-0017
Schlittler, Gay             Favorites Picture        1979-0030
Schlittler, Gay             Queen Picture        1979-0040
Schlittler, Susan Gay 6th Grade Picture        1974-0060
Schlittler, Vickie         1st Grade Picture        1965-0036
Schlittler, Vickie         2nd Grade Picture        1966-0060
Schlittler, Vickie         3rd Grade Picture        1967-0067
Schlittler, Vickie         4th Grade Picture        1968-0070
Schlittler, Vickie         5th Grade Picture        1969-0055
Schlittler, Vickie         Favorites Picture        1971-0029
Schlittler, Vickie         7th Grade Picture        1971-0056
Schlittler, Vickie                    Cheerleader Picture     1971-0059
Schlittler, Vickie         8th Grade Picture        1972-0054
Schlittler, Vickie         Freshman Picture        1973-0023
Schlittler, Vickie         Class Officer Picture                    1973-0028
Schlittler, Vickie         Sweetheart Picture        1973-0033
Schlittler, Vickie         Class Officer Picture                    1974-0030
Schlittler, Vickie         Favorites Picture        1974-0030
Schlittler, Vickie         Sweetheart Picture        1974-0037
Schlittler, Vickie Elaine                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0024
Schlittler, Ward          1st Grade Picture        1963-0037
Schlittler, Ward          2nd Grade Picture        1964-0040
Schlittler, Ward          3rd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Schlittler, Ward          4th Grade Picture        1966-0058
Schlittler, Ward          5th Grade Picture        1967-0062
Schlittler, Ward          6th Grade Picture        1968-0066
Schlittler, Ward          7th Grade Picture        1969-0050
Schlittler, Ward          8th Grade Picture        1970-0053
Schlittler, Ward          Freshman Picture        1971-0023
Schlittler, Ward          Class Officer Picture                    1971-0028
Schlittler, Ward                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0020
Schlittler, Ward          Class Officer Picture                    1972-0026
Schlittler, Ward          Who's Who Picture                    1972-0036
Schlittler, Ward          Basketball Picture        1972-0051
Schlittler, Ward          Junior Picture        1973-0019
Schlittler, Ward          Class Officer Picture                    1973-0026
Schlittler, Ward          Who's Who Picture                    1973-0034
Schlittler, Ward          Football Picture        1973-0043
Schlittler, Ward          Basketball Picture        1973-0048
Schlittler, Ward          Favorites Picture        1974-0035
Schlittler, Ward          Football Picture        1974-0037
Schlittler, Ward          Football Picture        1974-0047
Schlittler, Willard       School Board Picture                    1973-0010
Schlittler, Willard       School Board Picture                    1975-0009
Schlittler, William Ward                    Senior Picture        1974-0019
Schlittler, Williard      School Board Picture                    1974-0012
Schmittou, Jerry           2nd Grade Picture        1953-0065
Schmittou, Jerry           3rd Grade Picture        1954-0077
School Building     Picture of Building     1947-0013
School Building     Picture of Building     1953-0013
School Building, Grammar                    Picture of Building     1953-0051
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1952-0011
School Buildings   Aerial Photo         1953-0002
School Buildings   Aerial Photo         1953-0003
School Buildings   Aerial Photo         1953-0166
School Buildings   Aerial Photo         1953-0167
Schuck, Marcielle    1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Scoggins, Jimmy         1st Grade Picture        1973-0061
Scoggins, Steve          3rd Grade Picture        1973-0059
Scott, Travis         7th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Scroggins, Stephen     1st Grade Picture        1971-0065
Scroggins, Steve          2nd Grade Picture        1972-0063
Searcy, Jerrie                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0049
Second Grade          Group Picture        1938-0026
Second Grade          Group Picture        1946-0032
Second Grade          Group Picture        1947-0071
Second Grade          Group Picture        1948-0053
Second Grade          Group Picture        1949-0073
Selby, Charles       7th Grade Picture        1973-0052
Selby, Charles       Freshman Picture        1975-0020
Selby, Charles Yantis                    8th Grade Picture        1974-0055
Selby, James         8th Grade Picture        1973-0051
Selby, James                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0019
Selby, James Bailey                    Freshman Picture        1974-0026
Self, Charles       7th Grade Picture        1952-0053
Self, Charles       8th Grade Picture        1953-0053
Self, Charles       1st Grade Picture        1971-0065
Self, Charles       2nd Grade Picture        1972-0063
Self, Charles       3rd Grade Picture        1973-0059
Self, Charles       5th Grade Picture        1975-0023
Self, Charles       7th Grade Picture        1977-0023
Self, Charles       8th Grade Picture        1978-0020
Self, Charles 'Buzz'                    Freshman Picture        1979-0019
Self, Charles Lynn                    4th Grade Picture        1974-0062
Self, David         1st Grade Picture        1974-0065
Self, David         1st Grade Picture        1975-0026
Self, David         4th Grade Picture        1977-0026
Self, David         5th Grade Picture        1978-0022
Self, David         6th Grade Picture        1979-0022
Self, Joyce          1st Grade Picture        1952-0065
Self, Joyce          2nd Grade Picture        1953-0065
Self, Marie          4th Grade Picture        1952-0059
Self, Marie          5th Grade Picture        1953-0059
Self, Richard      7th Grade Picture        1953-0055
Self, Trena          1st Grade Picture        1970-0061
Self, Trena          2nd Grade Picture        1971-0064
Self, Trena          3rd Grade Picture        1972-0062
Self, Trena          4th Grade Picture        1973-0058
Self, Trena          6th Grade Picture        1975-0023
Self, Trena          8th Grade Picture        1977-0023
Self, Trena          Freshman Picture        1978-0019
Self, Trena          Class Officer Picture                    1978-0019
Self, Trena                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0018
Self, Trena          Class Officer Picture                    1979-0018
Self, Trena Gayle                    5th Grade Picture        1974-0061
Senior Class History                    Story                    1938-0010
Senior Class History                    Story                    1941-0075
Senior Class History                    Story                    1941-0077
Senior Class History                    Story                    1946-0012
Senior Class History                    Story                    1947-0029
Senior Class History                    Story                    1948-0025
Senior Class History                    Story                    1948-0026
Senior Class History                    Story                    1949-0031
Senior Class History                    Story                    1949-0033
Senior Class Officers                    Group Picture        1947-0021
Senior Class Officers                    Group Picture        1948-0018
Senior Class Officers                    Group Picture        1949-0023
Senior Class Officers                    Group Picture        1950-0025
Senior Class Officers                    Group Picture        1951-0023
Senior Class Officers                    Group Picture        1952-0021
Senior Class Officers                    Group Picture        1953-0021
Senior Class Officers                    Group Picture        1954-0023
Senior Class Prophecy                    Story                    1941-0071
Senior Class Prophecy                    Story                    1941-0073
Senior Class Prophecy                    Story                    1946-0040
Senior Class Prophecy                    Story                    1946-0041
Senior Class Prophecy                    Story                    1947-0033
Senior Class Prophecy                    Story                    1947-0035
Senior Class Prophecy                    Story                    1948-0030
Senior Class Prophecy                    Story                    1948-0031
Senior Class Prophecy                    Story                    1949-0039
Senior Class Prophecy                    Story                    1949-0041
Senior Class Will  Story                    1941-0079
Senior Class Will  Story                    1941-0081
Senior Class Will  Story                    1941-0083
Senior Class Will  Story                    1946-0042
Senior Class Will  Story                    1946-0043
Senior Class Will  Story                    1946-0044
Senior Class Will  Story                    1947-0031
Senior Class Will  Story                    1948-0027
Senior Class Will  Story                    1948-0028
Senior Class Will  Story                    1948-0029
Senior Class Will  Story                    1949-0035
Senior Class Will  Story                    1949-0037
Senior Class Will  Story                    1950-0033
Senior Class Will  Story                    1950-0035
Senior Class Will  Story                    1950-0037
Senior Class Will  Story                    1951-0037
Senior Class Will  Story                    1951-0039
Senior Class Will  Story                    1952-0033
Senior Class Will  Story                    1953-0033
Senior Class Will  Story                    1954-0039
Seniors                    Pictures With No Names                    1941-0019
Service Drug Store, Roy Stephens, Graham                    Advertising                  1953-0133
Service Drug Store, Roy Stephens, Graham                    Advertising                  1954-0195
Settle, Edith           Faculty Picture        1958-0052
Settle, Edith           Faculty Picture        1959-0056
Settle, James         5th Grade Picture        1957-0028
Settle, James B.                    Superintendent Picture                    1957-0008
Settle, James B.     Faculty Picture        1957-0010
Settle, James B.                    Superintendent Picture                    1958-0007
Settle, James B.                    Superintendent Picture                    1959-0007
Settle, Koma          Freshman Picture        1957-0022
Settle, Koma                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0020
Settle, Koma          Junior Picture        1959-0019
Settle, Lewis          6th Grade Picture        1958-0054
Settle, Lewis          7th Grade Picture        1959-0057
Seventh Grade          Group Picture        1938-0024
Seventh Grade          Group Picture        1946-0032
Seventh Grade          Group Picture        1947-0065
Seventh Grade          Group Picture        1948-0050
Seventh Grade          Group Picture        1949-0067
Shabay Brothers, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1947-0111
Shabay Brothers, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1948-0085
Shabay Brothers, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1950-0157
Shabay Men & Boys Store, Graham                    Advertising                  1950-0161
Shahan, Ralph          Senior Picture        1946-0015
Shanafelt, Arthur        Freshman Picture        1938-0022
Shanafelt, Arthur        Senior Class Roll  1941-0017
Shanafelt, Elizabeth    6th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Shanafelt, Elizabeth    Senior Picture        1946-0015
Shanafelt, H.C.            3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Shanafelt, H.C.            Freshman Picture        1946-0027
Shanafelt, H.C.            Favorites Picture        1946-0039
Shanafelt, H.C.                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0053
Shanafelt, Janell          Junior Picture        1938-0016
Shanafelt, Janell          Favorites Picture        1938-0032
Shanafelt, Sammy       1st Grade Picture        1953-0067
Shanafelt, Sammy       2nd Grade Picture        1954-0079
Shanafelt, Sammy       3rd Grade Picture        1955-0064
Shanafelt, Suzetta       2nd Grade Picture        1955-0065
Shanafelt, Suzette       1st Grade Picture        1954-0081
Shanhan, Ralph          Basketball Group Picture                    1946-0035
Shanks, Jack Dempsey                    6th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Shanks, Lura Love                    Sophomore Picture     1938-0017
Shanks, Terry Lee   Freshman Class Roll  1941-0045
Sharpe, Norma        7th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Shaw Insurance, Cecil B. Shaw, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1947-0107
Shawn, David         8th Grade Picture        1964-0034
Shawn, David         Freshman Picture        1965-0024
Shawn, David         Yearbook Staff Picture                    1969-0007
Shawn, David         Senior Picture        1969-0016
Shawn, David         Favorites Picture        1969-0026
Shawn, Raymond                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0026
Shawn, Raymond   Favorites Picture        1964-0054
Shawn, Raymond   Senior Picture        1966-0016
Shawn, Raymond   Class Officer Picture                    1966-0023
Shawn, Raymond   Football Picture        1966-0033
Shawn, Raymond   Escort Picture        1966-0034
Shawn, Raymond   Newspaper Staff Picture                    1966-0038
Shawn, Raymond   Dedication Picture        1969-0006
Shepard, Barbara      6th Grade Picture        1950-0069
Shepard, Barbara      7th Grade Picture        1951-0061
Shepard, Barbara      8th Grade Picture        1952-0051
Shepard, Barbara      Freshman Picture        1953-0049
Shepard, Barbara      3rd Grade Picture        1953-0063
Shepard, Barbara      Favorites Picture        1953-0077
Shepard, Carroll        5th Grade Picture        1950-0071
Shepard, Hazel          4th Grade Picture        1950-0073
Shepard, Karen         2nd Grade Picture        1952-0063
Shepard, Karen         3rd Grade Picture        1953-0063
Shepard, Karen         4th Grade Picture        1954-0075
Shepard, Karen         5th Grade Picture        1955-0062
Shepard, Karen         6th Grade Picture        1956-0066
Shepard, Karen         7th Grade Picture        1957-0027
Shepard, Karen         8th Grade Picture        1958-0053
Shepard, Karen         Freshman Picture        1959-0027
Shepard, Karen         Queen Picture        1959-0038
Shepard, Karen                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0022
Shephard, Karen Ann                    1st Grade Picture        1951-0073
Shepherd, Don            Freshman Picture        1948-0048
Shepherd, Don                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0057
Shepherd, Norman      1st Grade Picture        1950-0079
Sherill, Cleo            Senior Class Roll  1941-0017
Sherley, Linda          3rd Grade Picture        1957-0029
Sherley, Linda          Junior Picture        1967-0018
Sherley, Linda          Class Officer Picture                    1967-0024
Sherley, Linda          Favorites Picture        1967-0030
Sherley, Linda          Queen Picture        1967-0035
Sherrill, Cleo            Freshman Picture        1938-0022
Sherwood, W.H.           Faculty Picture        1938-0008
Shields, Billy            Freshman Class Roll  1941-0045
Shields, Lori                    Kindergarden Picture  1979-0025
Shiffletts Service Station, Graham                    Advertising                  1952-0131
Shifflett's Service Station, Graham                    Advertising                  1954-0175
Shipman, James         Senior Picture        1967-0015
Shirley, J.C.              5th Grade Picture        1954-0073
Shirley, J.C.              7th Grade Picture        1956-0065
Shirley, J.C.              8th Grade Picture        1957-0027
Shirley, Linda          2nd Grade Picture        1956-0070
Shock Laundry                    Advertising                  1951-0125
Shoddys Variety Store, Graham                    Advertising                  1952-0121
Shofner, Beth            Faculty Picture        1953-0015
Shook & Tate Service Station, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1950-0169
Shook Service Station, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1953-0153
Shook, Carolyn      8th Grade Picture        1962-0054
Shook, Clyde          School Board Picture                    1977-0009
Shook, Clyde          School Board Picture                    1978-0006
Shook, Delores                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0041
Shook, Delores      Senior Picture        1954-0033
Shook, Delores      Favorites Picture        1954-0085
Shook, Delores      Favorites Picture        1954-0089
Shook, Deloris       Junior Picture        1953-0037
Shook, Dolores      Freshman Picture        1951-0055
Shool Building     Picture of Building     1954-0011
Shuck, Billy Ray    4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Shuck, Carolyn      1st Grade Picture        1955-0066
Shuck, Carolyn      2nd Grade Picture        1956-0070
Shuck, Carolyn      7th Grade Picture        1961-0055
Shuck, Carolyn      Freshman Picture        1963-0026
Shuck, Chester                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0023
Shuck, Chester      Junior Picture        1947-0045
Shuck, Chester Glenn                    4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Shuck, Dale            6th Grade Picture        1951-0063
Shuck, Dale            7th Grade Picture        1952-0053
Shuck, Dale            7th Grade Picture        1953-0055
Shuck, Dale            8th Grade Picture        1954-0067
Shuck, Dale            Freshman Picture        1955-0057
Shuck, Dale                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0030
Shuck, Dale            Junior Picture        1957-0018
Shuck, Dale            Class Officer Picture                    1957-0023
Shuck, Dale            Senior Picture        1958-0014
Shuck, Delores      8th Grade Picture        1950-0065
Shuck, Michael L. Senior Picture        1977-0018
Shuck, Michael Lee                    Freshman Picture        1974-0026
Shuck, Mike                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0019
Shuck, Mike           Class Officer Picture                    1975-0019
Shuck, Orlena                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0023
Shuck, Orlena        Junior Picture        1947-0045
Shucks Laundry                    Advertising                  1948-0094
Shucks Laundry                    Advertising                  1950-0171
Shuck's Laundry                    Advertising                  1953-0151
Shuck's Laundry                    Advertising                  1954-0153
Shucks, Orlena        4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Shucks, Weldon, Rudelle                    Freshman Class Roll  1941-0045
Shults, Hollis          Faculty Picture        1973-0013
Sikes, Jerry           4th Grade Picture        1950-0073
Sills, Mike           1st Grade Picture        1953-0067
Sills, Mike           1st Grade Picture        1954-0081
Simms, Robert        3rd Grade Picture        1970-0059
Simpson Studio, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1951-0141
Simpson, Bernie                    Sophomore Picture     1938-0019
Simpson, Birt              2nd Grade Picture        1956-0070
Simpson, Ruby Lee                    Sophomore Class Roll                    1941-0037
Simpson, W. Birt       1st Grade Picture        1955-0066
Simpson, Ward                    Sophomore Picture     1938-0019
Sims, B.J.              School Board Picture                    1964-0012
Sims, B.J.              School Board Picture                    1965-0011
Sims, B.J., Mrs.   PTA Picture        1964-0012
Sims, B.J., Mrs.   PTA Picture        1965-0011
Sims, Bobby        1st Grade Picture        1963-0037
Sims, Bobby        2nd Grade Picture        1964-0040
Sims, Bobby        3rd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Sims, Bobby        3rd Grade Picture        1966-0059
Sims, David         1st Grade Picture        1966-0061
Sims, David         2nd Grade Picture        1967-0068
Sims, Robert        4th Grade Picture        1971-0062
Sinclair Refining Co., Travis Cole, Graham                    Advertising                  1948-0082
Singleton, Dub                    Kindergarden Picture  1977-0028
Singleton, Mona         3rd Grade Picture        1974-0063
Singleton, Mona         6th Grade Picture        1977-0024
Singleton, Sharon                    Kindergarden Picture  1974-0066
Singleton, Sharon       3rd Grade Picture        1977-0026
Sipe, B.D., Mrs.  Faculty Picture        1974-0015
Sipe, B.D., Mrs.  Faculty Picture        1975-0010
Sipe, Marylen     Faculty Picture        1977-0011
Sipe, Marylen     Faculty Picture        1978-0009
Sipe, Marylen     Faculty Picture        1979-0011
Sixth Grade          Group Picture        1938-0025
Sixth Grade          Group Picture        1946-0032
Sixth Grade          Group Picture        1947-0067
Sixth Grade          Group Picture        1948-0051
Sixth Grade          Group Picture        1949-0069
Slate, Lonnetta    Freshman Picture        1979-0019
Slate, Melven      Freshman Picture        1979-0019
Slate, Melven      Class Officer Picture                    1979-0019
Slate, Roy             4th Grade Picture        1979-0023
Slay, Kay             Faculty Picture        1966-0010
Slay, Kay             Newspaper Staff Picture                    1966-0038
Slentz, Lisa             Senior Picture        1970-0019
Slentz, Teri                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0021
Slentz, Teri             Queen Picture        1971-0035
Slentz, Teri             Junior Picture        1972-0018
Slentz, Terry          Freshman Picture        1970-0025
Sloan, David         8th Grade Picture        1963-0030
Sloan, Diana          1st Grade Picture        1952-0065
Sloan, Diana          2nd Grade Picture        1953-0065
Sloan, Diana          3rd Grade Picture        1954-0077
Sloan, Diana          4th Grade Picture        1955-0063
Sloan, Diana          5th Grade Picture        1956-0067
Sloan, Diana          6th Grade Picture        1957-0028
Sloan, Diana          7th Grade Picture        1958-0053
Sloan, Diana          8th Grade Picture        1959-0057
Sloan, Diana          Freshman Picture        1960-0024
Sloan, Diana          Class Officer Picture                    1960-0026
Sloan, Diana          Who's Who Picture                    1960-0039
Sloan, Diana          Queen Picture        1960-0063
Sloan, Diana          Favorites Picture        1960-0064
Sloan, Diana                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0022
Sloan, Diana          Class Officer Picture                    1961-0026
Sloan, Diana          Queen Picture        1961-0032
Sloan, Diana          Sweetheart Picture        1961-0033
Sloan, Diana          Junior Picture        1962-0018
Sloan, Diana          Class Officer Picture                    1962-0023
Sloan, Diana          Who's Who Picture                    1962-0026
Sloan, Diana          Drum Major Picture                    1962-0030
Sloan, Diana          Sweetheart Picture        1962-0032
Sloan, Diana          Queen Picture        1962-0041
Sloan, Diana          Senior Picture        1963-0019
Sloan, Diana          Class Officer Picture                    1963-0027
Sloan, Diana          Favorites Picture        1963-0041
Sloan, Diana          Who's Who Picture                    1963-0047
Sloan, Diana          Drum Major Picture                    1963-0054
Sloan, Diana          Basketball Picture        1963-0063
Sloan, Harold        2nd Grade Picture        1957-0030
Sloan, Harold        3rd Grade Picture        1958-0055
Sloan, Harold        5th Grade Picture        1960-0031
Sloan, Harold David                    1st Grade Picture        1956-0071
Sloan, Harold David                    4th Grade Picture        1959-0059
Sloan, Harold David                    7th Grade Picture        1962-0055
Sloan, J.R.              Board of Education List                    1947-0013
Sloan, J.R.              Board of Education List                    1951-0017
Sloan, J.R.              Board of Education List                    1954-0011
Sloan, J.R., Jr.        Board of Education List                    1953-0013
Sloan, Patricia       Freshman Picture        1948-0047
Sloan, Patricia                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0057
Sloan, Patricia       Favorites Picture        1949-0093
Sloan, Patricia       Junior Picture        1950-0047
Sloan, Patricia       Senior Picture        1951-0035
Sloan, Patricia       Favorites Picture        1951-0077
Smethers, Billy Joe     5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Smethers, Frances      7th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Smith Garage, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1947-0119
Smith, Ardis          6th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Smith, Ardis          Senior Picture        1946-0015
Smith, Ardis          Basketball Group Picture                    1946-0035
Smith, Ardis          Favorites Picture        1946-0039
Smith, B.T.             Custodian Picture        1958-0050
Smith, B.T.             Custodian Picture        1959-0054
Smith, Barbara      Freshman Picture        1950-0061
Smith, Barbara                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0049
Smith, Barbara      Junior Picture        1952-0037
Smith, Barbara      Senior Picture        1953-0031
Smith, Barbara      5th Grade Picture        1953-0059
Smith, Betty                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0042
Smith, Betty          Junior Picture        1949-0049
Smith, Betty          Senior Picture        1950-0031
Smith, Betty Ann 2nd Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Smith, Betty Ann Freshman Picture        1947-0061
Smith, Billie Joy    Junior Picture        1974-0022
Smith, Bobby        Freshman Picture        1947-0061
Smith, Bobby                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0042
Smith, Bobby        Junior Picture        1949-0049
Smith, Bobby        Favorites Picture        1949-0091
Smith, Bobby        Senior Picture        1950-0031
Smith, Bobby        Favorites Picture        1950-0085
Smith, Bobby        Favorites Picture        1950-0089
Smith, Bobby        Football Picture        1950-0101
Smith, Bobby Lee 2nd Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Smith, Carl Roy     Junior Picture        1974-0022
Smith, Carrol         4th Grade Picture        1960-0032
Smith, Chester      6th Grade Picture        1950-0069
Smith, Curtis         3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Smith, Dean           1st Grade Picture        1950-0079
Smith, Dean           3rd Grade Picture        1952-0061
Smith, Dean           4th Grade Picture        1953-0061
Smith, Dean           5th Grade Picture        1954-0073
Smith, Dean           6th Grade Picture        1955-0061
Smith, Dean           7th Grade Picture        1956-0065
Smith, Dean           8th Grade Picture        1957-0027
Smith, Dean           Freshman Picture        1958-0022
Smith, Dean                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0023
Smith, Dean           Junior Picture        1960-0020
Smith, Dean           Senior Picture        1961-0017
Smith, Dean           Who's Who Picture                    1961-0045
Smith, Doyle         6th Grade Picture        1950-0069
Smith, Doyle         7th Grade Picture        1951-0061
Smith, Doyle         8th Grade Picture        1952-0051
Smith, Doyle         Freshman Picture        1979-0019
Smith, Ernestine   Dedication Picture        1963-0006
Smith, Ernestine   Faculty Picture        1963-0012
Smith, Ernestine   Faculty Picture        1964-0014
Smith, Eva             Junior Picture        1952-0037
Smith, Eva             Group Picture        1953-0113
Smith, Eva Glen    Freshman Picture        1950-0061
Smith, Eva Glen    Favorites Picture        1950-0095
Smith, Eva Glyn                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0049
Smith, Eva Glynn  Senior Picture        1953-0031
Smith, Eva Glynn  Favorites Picture        1953-0071
Smith, Fannie        Faculty Picture        1965-0009
Smith, Fannie        Faculty Picture        1966-0010
Smith, Gerald         7th Grade Picture        1950-0067
Smith, Gerald         8th Grade Picture        1951-0059
Smith, Gerald         Freshman Picture        1952-0047
Smith, Gerald         Freshman Picture        1953-0049
Smith, Gerald         Junior Picture        1954-0047
Smith, Gerald         Senior Picture        1955-0042
Smith, Gorden       4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Smith, Gordon                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0023
Smith, Gordon       Senior Picture        1948-0023
Smith, Gordon, Hugh                    Junior Picture        1947-0045
Smith, Harvey       1st Grade Picture        1959-0060
Smith, Harvey       Freshman Picture        1967-0023
Smith, Harvey       Freshman Picture        1968-0026
Smith, Jennifer      4th Grade Picture        1973-0058
Smith, Jennifer Beth                    5th Grade Picture        1974-0061
Smith, Jerry           2nd Grade Picture        1953-0065
Smith, Jesse Arnold                    Junior Picture        1974-0022
Smith, Jessie         1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Smith, Jessie         Freshman Picture        1949-0063
Smith, Jessie         Freshman Picture        1972-0022
Smith, Joan                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0022
Smith, Joan            Who's Who Picture                    1969-0035
Smith, John           1st Grade Picture        1961-0061
Smith, John           2nd Grade Picture        1962-0060
Smith, Jolene         2nd Grade Picture        1950-0077
Smith, Jolene         3rd Grade Picture        1951-0069
Smith, Jolene         4th Grade Picture        1952-0059
Smith, Jolene         5th Grade Picture        1953-0059
Smith, Jolene         6th Grade Picture        1954-0071
Smith, Jolene         8th Grade Picture        1956-0064
Smith, Jolene         Freshman Picture        1957-0022
Smith, Jolene         Class Officer Picture                    1957-0024
Smith, Jolene                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0020
Smith, Jolene         Class Officer Picture                    1958-0024
Smith, Jolene         Favorites Picture        1958-0031
Smith, Jolene         Junior Picture        1959-0019
Smith, Jolene         Queen Picture        1959-0034
Smith, Jolene         Senior Picture        1960-0017
Smith, Joy              2nd Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Smith, Joy              6th Grade Picture        1969-0054
Smith, Joy                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0021
Smith, Joy              Class Officer Picture                    1974-0029
Smith, Julia            Freshman Picture        1969-0025
Smith, June            3-4th Grade Picture                    1969-0059
Smith, June            7th Grade Picture        1973-0052
Smith, June            Class Officer Picture                    1974-0032
Smith, June            8th Grade Picture        1974-0055
Smith, Kenneth     5th Grade Picture        1972-0060
Smith, Kenneth     6th Grade Picture        1973-0056
Smith, Kenneth Edward                    7th Grade Picture        1974-0056
Smith, Kenny        Class Officer Picture                    1974-0032
Smith, Kenny        8th Grade Picture        1975-0021
Smith, Louise        Freshman Picture        1949-0063
Smith, Martin Arthur                    3rd Grade Picture        1974-0063
Smith, Marty         2nd Grade Picture        1973-0060
Smith, Mary          7th Grade Picture        1955-0060
Smith, Mary Frances                    5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Smith, Mary Francis                    Senior Picture        1947-0027
Smith, Mary Helen                    3rd Grade Picture        1953-0063
Smith, Mikie          Senior Picture        1971-0016
Smith, Mildred      Junior Picture        1938-0014
Smith, Miller          2nd Grade Picture        1950-0077
Smith, Nellie                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0023
Smith, Nellie          Volleyball Group Picture                    1946-0035
Smith, Patsy          Junior Picture        1946-0019
Smith, Patsy          Volleyball Group Picture                    1946-0035
Smith, Patsy          Senior Picture        1947-0027
Smith, Patsy Ruth                    5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Smith, Randel        2nd Grade Picture        1951-0071
Smith, Rondell      2nd Grade Picture        1950-0077
Smith, Rondell      3rd Grade Picture        1952-0061
Smith, Roy             6th Grade Picture        1969-0054
Smith, Roy                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0021
Smith, Sam             Board of Education List                    1947-0013
Smith, Sammye Lee                    7th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Smith, Shannon    1st Grade Picture        1974-0065
Smith, Shannon    4th Grade Picture        1977-0026
Smith, Shannon    5th Grade Picture        1978-0022
Smith, Shannon    6th Grade Picture        1979-0022
Smith, Shannon    Class Officer Picture                    1979-0022
Smith, Sharon       3rd Grade Picture        1975-0025
Smith, Shawn        Mascot Picture        1974-0037
Smith, Shawn                    Kindergarden Picture  1975-0027
Smith, Shawn        2nd Grade Picture        1977-0027
Smith, Shawn        3rd Grade Picture        1978-0023
Smith, Shawn        4th Grade Picture        1979-0023
Smith, Sue                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0023
Smith, T.A.                    Superintendent Picture                    1938-0006
Smith, T.A.            Faculty Picture        1938-0008
Smith, Talmage     Freshman Picture        1938-0020
Smith, Teddy        5th Grade Picture        1950-0071
Smith, Teddy        6th Grade Picture        1951-0063
Smith, Teddy        7th Grade Picture        1952-0053
Smith, Teddy                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0052
Smith, Teddy        Junior Picture        1956-0026
Smith, Teddy        Senior Picture        1957-0015
Smith, Teddy Ralph                    8th Grade Picture        1953-0053
Smith, Teddy Ralph                    Freshman Picture        1954-0061
Smith, Vance         1st Grade Picture        1969-0061
Smith, Vance         5th Grade Picture        1973-0057
Smith, W.H.                    Superintendent Picture                    1963-0008
Smith, W.H.           School Board Picture                    1963-0010
Smith, W.H.           PTA Picture        1963-0010
Smith, W.H.                    Superintendent Picture                    1964-0010
Smith, W.H.           School Board Picture                    1964-0012
Smith, W.H.           PTA Picture        1964-0012
Smith, Warren Vance                    6th Grade Picture        1974-0060
Smith, William Dean                    2nd Grade Picture        1951-0071
Smith, Winnie Mae                    Sophomore Picture     1938-0019
Smith, Zena           Faculty Picture        1956-0014
Smith, Zena           Faculty Picture        1957-0026
Smith, Zena           Faculty Picture        1958-0052
Smith, Zena           Faculty Picture        1959-0056
Smith's Beauty Shop, Naomie Smith                    Advertising                  1954-0187
Smiths' Café                    Advertising                  1951-0125
Smith's Garage, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1948-0094
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1938-0040
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1938-0049
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1938-0050
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1938-0051
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1941-0069
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1946-0045
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1946-0046
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1947-0099
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1947-0101
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1948-0016
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1948-0032
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1948-0068
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1948-0070
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1948-0072
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1948-0077
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1948-0078
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1948-0095
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1949-0109
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1949-0111
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1949-0113
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1950-0129
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1950-0131
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1950-0133
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1950-0135
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1951-0113
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1951-0115
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1951-0117
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1951-0119
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1952-0101
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1952-0103
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1952-0105
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1953-0115
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1953-0117
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1953-0119
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1954-0037
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1954-0135
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1954-0137
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1954-0139
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1954-0141
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1954-0143
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1954-0145
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1954-0147
Sneed, Joan            4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Sneed, Victor         Freshman Picture        1938-0022
Snoddy's Store, Graham                    Advertising                  1948-0093
Snoddy's Store, Graham                    Advertising                  1949-0133
Snoddy's Store, Graham                    Advertising                  1950-0163
Snoddy's Store, Graham                    Advertising                  1953-0147
Snoddy's Store, Graham                    Advertising                  1954-0197
Solomon, Sarah          Junior Picture        1938-0016
Solomon, Sarah          Yearbook Staff Picture                    1938-0028
Sonnenberg, Peggy M.                    Faculty Picture        1977-0011
Sophomore Class Officers                    Group Picture        1947-0049
Sophomore Class Officers                    Group Picture        1948-0038
Sophomore Class Officers                    Group Picture        1949-0053
Sophomore Class Officers                    Group Picture        1950-0051
Sophomore Class Officers                    Group Picture        1951-0025
Sophomore Class Officers                    Group Picture        1952-0023
Sophomore Class Officers                    Group Picture        1953-0039
Sophomore Class Officers                    Group Picture        1954-0051
Sophomores                  Pictures With No Names                    1941-0039
Southerland, Franklin Freshman Picture        1949-0063
Southerland, Lorene   1st Grade Picture        1951-0073
Southwestern Balfour Co., Dallas                    Advertising                  1951-0143
Spanish Club            Group Picture with Names                    1938-0030
Sparks, Hazel          8th Grade Picture        1965-0028
Spearman, Betty          7th Grade Picture        1950-0067
Spearman, Betty          8th Grade Picture        1951-0059
Spearman, Betty          Freshman Picture        1952-0047
Spearman, Betty                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0043
Spearman, Betty          Junior Picture        1954-0047
Spearman, Betty          Favorites Picture        1955-0035
Spearman, Betty          Senior Picture        1955-0042
Spearman, D.B.            Board of Education List                    1947-0013
Spearman, James         Freshman Picture        1948-0048
Spearman, James                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0057
Spearman, James         Junior Picture        1950-0047
Spearman, James David                    Senior Picture        1951-0035
Spears Drug Store, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1948-0091
Spear's Drug Store, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1950-0167
Spencer Service Station, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1947-0107
Sports Activities   Story                    1951-0097
Sports Activities   Story                    1952-0087
Sports Scores        Story                    1947-0091
Sports Year            Story                    1947-0093
Sports, Girl's           Story                    1941-0063
Spray, J.T.              Faculty Picture        1955-0012
Spray, Jeanette     2nd Grade Picture        1955-0065
Spring, Imogene     Faculty Picture        1972-0011
Square L Ranch, L.O. Moore & W.G. Stamper                    Advertising/Picture    1963-0082
Stafford, Dorothy     7th Grade Picture        1950-0067
Stafford, Dorothy     8th Grade Picture        1951-0059
Stafford, Dorothy     Freshman Picture        1952-0047
Stafford, Dorothy                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0043
Stafford, Dorothy     Senior Picture        1954-0033
Stafford, Glen            3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Stafford, Jeannine    2nd Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Stafford, Jeannine    Freshman Picture        1947-0061
Stafford, Jeannine                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0042
Stafford, Jeannine    Junior Picture        1949-0049
Stafford, Jeannine    Favorites Picture        1949-0091
Stafford, Jeannine    Senior Picture        1950-0031
Stafford, Jeannine    Sweetheart Picture        1950-0101
Stafford, Michael      4th Grade Picture        1950-0073
Stafford, Michael      Freshman Picture        1955-0057
Stafford, Michael                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0030
Stafford, Micheal      6th Grade Picture        1952-0055
Stafford, Mike           5th Grade Picture        1951-0065
Stafford, Mike           7th Grade Picture        1953-0055
Stafford, Mike           8th Grade Picture        1954-0067
Stafford, Mike           Junior Picture        1957-0018
Stafford, Mike           Senior Picture        1958-0015
Stafford, Mike           Favorites Picture        1958-0030
Stafford, Orville        2nd Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Stafford, Orville        Freshman Picture        1947-0061
Stamper, Bill              4th Grade Picture        1951-0067
Stamper, Bill              6th Grade Picture        1953-0057
Stamper, Bill              7th Grade Picture        1954-0069
Stamper, Bill                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0020
Stamper, Bill              Senior Picture        1959-0014
Stamper, Craig           1st Grade Picture        1952-0065
Stamper, Craig           2nd Grade Picture        1953-0065
Stamper, Craig           3rd Grade Picture        1954-0077
Stamper, Craig           4th Grade Picture        1955-0063
Stamper, Craig           6th Grade Picture        1957-0028
Stamper, Craig           7th Grade Picture        1958-0053
Stamper, Craig           8th Grade Picture        1959-0057
Stamper, Craig           Freshman Picture        1960-0024
Stamper, Craig                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0022
Stamper, Craig           Class Officer Picture                    1961-0026
Stamper, Craig           Escort Picture        1961-0032
Stamper, Craig           Junior Picture        1962-0018
Stamper, Craig           Who's Who Picture                    1962-0027
Stamper, Craig           Escort Picture        1962-0041
Stamper, Craig           Senior Picture        1963-0019
Stamper, Craig           Class Officer Picture                    1963-0027
Stamper, Craig           Favorites Picture        1963-0043
Stamper, Craig           Escort Picture        1963-0045
Stamper, Craig           Who's Who Picture                    1963-0046
Stamper, Craig           Who's Who Picture                    1963-0047
Stamper, Craig           Favorites Picture        1963-0048
Stamper, Craig           Basketball Picture        1963-0061
Stamper, Graig           5th Grade Picture        1956-0067
Stamper, Sheryl         1st Grade Picture        1972-0064
Stamper, Stephen     1st Grade Picture        1962-0061
Stamper, Stephen     3rd Grade Picture        1964-0039
Stamper, Stephen     4th Grade Picture        1965-0033
Stamper, Stephen     5th Grade Picture        1966-0057
Stamper, Stevie         2nd Grade Picture        1963-0036
Stamper, W.G.           School Board Picture                    1958-0007
Stamper, Willis          3rd Grade Picture        1950-0075
Stamper, Willis          5th Grade Picture        1952-0057
Stamper, Willis          8th Grade Picture        1955-0059
Stamper, Willis          Freshman Picture        1956-0034
Stamper, Willis          Junior Picture        1958-0018
Stamper, Willis G., Jr.                    Faculty Picture        1964-0014
Stampleton, Betty          4th Grade Picture        1956-0068
Stancil, Jackie         7th Grade Picture        1950-0067
Standifer, Tommy       2nd Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Standifer, William       5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Standiger, Bonnie Lee                    4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Stanley, David         Junior Picture        1975-0018
Stanley, Harlan        4th Grade Picture        1978-0023
Stanley, Harlan        5th Grade Picture        1979-0023
Stanley, Harlen        1st Grade Picture        1975-0026
Stanley, Harlian       3rd Grade Picture        1977-0026
Stansel, Brenda       1st Grade Picture        1972-0064
Stansel, Brenda       2nd Grade Picture        1973-0060
Stansel, Cathleen    2nd Grade Picture        1971-0064
Stansel, Cathleen    3rd Grade Picture        1972-0062
Stansel, Cathleen    4th Grade Picture        1973-0058
Stansel, Keith          1st Grade Picture        1971-0065
Stansel, Keith          2nd Grade Picture        1972-0063
Stansel, Keith          3rd Grade Picture        1973-0059
Stansell, Jackie         8th Grade Picture        1951-0059
Stansell, Jackie         Freshman Picture        1952-0047
Stansell, Jackie                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0043
Stapleton, Betty          1st Grade Picture        1953-0067
Stapleton, Betty          2nd Grade Picture        1954-0079
Stapleton, Betty          3rd Grade Picture        1955-0064
Stapleton, Betty          5th Grade Picture        1957-0028
Stapleton, Betty          6th Grade Picture        1958-0054
Stapleton, Betty          7th Grade Picture        1959-0057
Stapleton, Betty          8th Grade Picture        1960-0028
Stapleton, Betty          Freshman Picture        1961-0024
Stapleton, Betty                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0020
Stapleton, Betty          Favorites Picture        1962-0042
Stapleton, Betty          Junior Picture        1963-0022
Stapleton, Betty          Class Officer Picture                    1963-0027
Stapleton, Betty          Favorites Picture        1963-0048
Stapleton, Betty          Senior Picture        1964-0021
Stapleton, Martha       1st Grade Picture        1950-0079
Stapleton, Martha       2nd Grade Picture        1952-0063
Stapleton, Martha       3rd Grade Picture        1954-0077
Stapleton, Martha       4th Grade Picture        1955-0063
Stapleton, Martha       5th Grade Picture        1956-0067
Stapleton, Martha       6th Grade Picture        1957-0028
Stapleton, Martha       7th Grade Picture        1958-0053
Stapleton, Martha       8th Grade Picture        1959-0057
Stapleton, Martha Jo  1st Grade Picture        1951-0073
Stapleton, Martha Jo  2nd Grade Picture        1953-0065
Star Café, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1950-0171
Starbuck, Cotton, Mrs.                    Teachers Aide Picture                    1968-0014
Starbuck, Cotton, Mrs.                    Teachers Aide Picture                    1969-0013
Starbuck, F.T., Mrs.   PTA Picture        1964-0012
Starbuck, F.T., Mrs.   PTA Picture        1965-0011
Starbuck, Richard      1st Grade Picture        1960-0035
Starbuck, Richard      4th Grade Picture        1963-0034
Starbuck, Richard      5th Grade Picture        1964-0037
Starbuck, Richard      6th Grade Picture        1965-0030
Starbuck, Richard      7th Grade Picture        1966-0055
Starbuck, Richard      8th Grade Picture        1967-0056
Starbuck, Richard      Freshman Picture        1968-0026
Starbuck, Richard                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0022
Starbuck, Richard      Class Officer Picture                    1969-0028
Starbuck, Richard      Junior Picture        1970-0021
Starbuck, Richard      Class Officer Picture                    1970-0027
Starbuck, Richard      Football Picture        1970-0035
Starbuck, Richard      Senior Picture        1971-0017
Starbuck, Richard      Class Officer Picture                    1971-0025
Starbuck, Ricky          2nd Grade Picture        1961-0060
Starbuck, Ricky          3rd Grade Picture        1962-0059
Starnes Café                    Advertising                  1950-0171
Starnes Café                    Advertising                  1953-0153
Starnes Café, Mr. & Mrs. D.R. Starnes                    Advertising                  1949-0135
Starnes, Donald       Junior Picture        1946-0019
Starnes, Donald       Favorites Picture        1946-0039
Starnes, Donald Ray                    5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Starnes, Donald Ray                    Senior Picture        1947-0027
Starnes, Donald Ray                    Senior Picture        1948-0024
Starnes, Francile      Freshman Picture        1946-0027
Starnes, Francille     3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Starnes, Francille                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0053
Starnes, Francille     Junior Picture        1948-0036
Starnes, Francille     Senior Picture        1949-0027
Starnes, Jack            1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Starnes, Jack            Freshman Picture        1948-0048
Starnes, Jack                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0057
Starnes, Jack            Junior Picture        1950-0047
Starnes, Jack            Senior Picture        1951-0035
Starnes, Jack            Favorites Picture        1951-0079
Starnes, Ricky          3rd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Staton, Gloria                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0042
Staton, Gloria          Senior Picture        1949-0029
Stegall, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1946-0031
Stephens & Stephens Trucking, Graham                    Advertising                  1954-0165
Stephens Drug Store, Graham                    Advertising                  1948-0092
Stephens Drug Store, Graham                    Advertising                  1949-0139
Stephens Drug Store, Graham                    Advertising                  1950-0165
Stephen's Radio Service, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1950-0169
Stephen's Radio Service, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1951-0127
Stephens' Radio Service, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1948-0091
Stephen's Rexall Drug, Graham                    Advertising                  1951-0129
Stephens, Francis       3rd Grade Picture        1958-0055
Stephens, Francis       5th Grade Picture        1960-0031
Stephens, Judie           1st Grade Picture        1961-0061
Stephens, Julie            1st Grade Picture        1961-0061
Stephens, Michael      3rd Grade Picture        1958-0055
Stephens, Michael      5th Grade Picture        1960-0031
Stephens, Mike           4th Grade Picture        1959-0059
Stephens, Mike           6th Grade Picture        1961-0056
Stephens, Missy         1st Grade Picture        1978-0024
Stephens, Steve          4th Grade Picture        1959-0059
Stephens, Steve          6th Grade Picture        1961-0056
Stevens, Billie           6th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Stevens, Lois            4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Stevens, Melissa                    Kindergarden Picture  1977-0028
Stevens, Troy           5th Grade Picture        1977-0025
Stevens, Troy           6th Grade Picture        1978-0022
Stevenson, William       Junior Class Roll  1941-0025
Stewart's Grocery, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1953-0145
Stockton, Elsie            1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Stoddard, Anita          3rd Grade Picture        1975-0025
Stoddard, Tina                    Kindergarden Picture  1975-0027
Stoker-Young Auto Supply, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1948-0086
Stoneman, Mildred      Senior Picture        1948-0024
Stoneman, Mildred      Senior Picture        1949-0029
Stoneman, Millie          Favorites Picture        1949-0087
Stoneman, Millie          Favorites Picture        1949-0091
Stoneman, Millie          Sweetheart Picture        1949-0095
Stones Brownbilt Shoe Store, Graham                    Advertising                  1953-0143
Sudderth, Carolyn      3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Suddeth, John Andrew                    5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Sullivan, Nathan       Freshman Picture        1968-0026
Sullivan, Nathan                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0022
Sullivan, Victor         4th Grade Picture        1968-0070
Sullivan, Victor         5th Grade Picture        1969-0055
Summers, Geraldine   Faculty Picture        1941-0011
Summey, Roland       Senior Picture        1952-0031
Summey, Roland       Favorites Picture        1952-0071
Surrat, Loyd           2nd Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Surratt, Dorothy Mae                    3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Surrett Food Store                    Advertising                  1946-0051
Swan, Betty Joy   2nd Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Swan, Darcus Nell                    6th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Swan, Edyth                    Sophomore Class Roll                    1941-0037
Swan, Mary Jo     7th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Swetnam Service Station                    Advertising                  1938-0047
Swetnam Service Station                    Advertising                  1941-0093
Swetnam Service Station                    Advertising                  1946-0051
Swetnam Service Station                    Advertising                  1947-0119
Swetnam Service Station                    Advertising                  1948-0089
Swetnam Service Station                    Advertising                  1949-0127
Swetnam Service Station                    Advertising                  1951-0135
Swetnam Service Station                    Advertising                  1952-0109
Swetnam Service Station                    Advertising                  1954-0163
Swetnam, Billy            Junior Picture        1946-0019
Swetnam, Billy            Senior Picture        1947-0027
Swetnam, George       Senior Class Roll  1941-0017
Swetnam, George R., Jr.                    Freshman Picture        1938-0022
Swetnam, Gwendolyn                    Junior Picture        1938-0016
Swetnam, Harold        Freshman Class Roll  1941-0045
Swetnam, Jimmy         Freshman Picture        1946-0027
Swetnam, Jimmy                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0053
Swetnam, Jimmy         Junior Picture        1948-0036
Swetnam, Jimmy         Senior Picture        1949-0029
Swetnam, Jimmy Rit   1st Grade Picture        1954-0081
Swetnam, Joyce          Freshman Picture        1948-0048
Swetnam, Joyce                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0057
Swetnam, Joyce          Senior Picture        1951-0035
Swetnam, Kenneth     Junior Class Roll  1941-0025
Swetnam's Service Station                    Advertising                  1953-0147
Swetnam's Station                    Advertising                  1950-0161
Swetnan, Joyce          Junior Picture        1950-0047
Syrus, Betty          1st Grade Picture        1952-0065
Syrus, Betty          2nd Grade Picture        1953-0065
Syrus, Doris          7th Grade Picture        1950-0067
Syrus, Jerry           5th Grade Picture        1951-0065
Syrus, Jerry           6th Grade Picture        1952-0055
Syrus, Jerry           7th Grade Picture        1953-0055

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