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Index  of Bryson School Yearbooks
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Index of group pictures, individuals in pictures, advertisers, and major articles
(10,132 names in index. For 1955 and after, only faculty pictures, individual class pictures, favorites pictures and advertising with pictures were indexed)(There were errors in some of the names - Look for alternate spellings)
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Person or Item         Type of Picture        Year-Page Number

T.A. Smith                    Advertising                  1938-0043
T.G. Wignall Builder, Graham                    Advertising                  1949-0135
T.M. Bruce                    Advertising                  1948-0094
T.M. Bruce Dirt Work                    Advertising                  1938-0047
Tackel, C.L.             Freshman Picture        1938-0022
Tackel, C.L.             Senior Class Roll  1941-0017
Tackel, Lois            Junior Class Roll  1941-0025
Tate, Denell         1st Grade Picture        1957-0030
Tate, Denell         2nd Grade Picture        1958-0056
Tate, Denell         3rd Grade Picture        1959-0059
Tate, Denell         4th Grade Picture        1960-0032
Tate, Denell         5th Grade Picture        1961-0057
Tate, Denell         6th Grade Picture        1962-0056
Tate, Denell         7th Grade Picture        1963-0031
Tate, Denell         8th Grade Picture        1964-0034
Tate, Denell         Freshman Picture        1965-0024
Tate, Denell         Favorites Picture        1965-0037
Tate, Denell         Queen Picture        1965-0048
Tate, Denell                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0020
Tate, Denell         Class Officer Picture                    1966-0024
Tate, Denell         Queen Picture        1966-0035
Tate, Denell         Junior Picture        1967-0018
Tate, Denell         Class Officer Picture                    1967-0024
Tate, Denell         Senior Picture        1968-0017
Tate, Denell         Newspaper Staff Picture                    1968-0041
Tate, Flo              Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1970-0013
Tate, Flo              Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1971-0013
Tate, Flo              Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1972-0012
Tate, Flo              Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1973-0014
Tate, Leon           1st Grade Picture        1960-0035
Tate, Leon           2nd Grade Picture        1961-0060
Tate, Leon           3rd Grade Picture        1962-0059
Tate, Leon           4th Grade Picture        1963-0034
Tate, Leon           5th Grade Picture        1964-0037
Tate, Leon           6th Grade Picture        1965-0030
Tate, Leon           7th Grade Picture        1966-0055
Tate, Leon           8th Grade Picture        1967-0056
Tate, Leon           8th Grade Picture        1968-0060
Tate, Leon           Freshman Picture        1969-0023
Tate, Leon                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0023
Tate, Leon           Junior Picture        1971-0019
Tate, Leon           Escort Picture        1971-0034
Tate, Leon           Senior Picture        1972-0014
Tatum, Charlotte    Dedication Picture        1967-0006
Tatum, Charlotte    Faculty Picture        1967-0010
Taylor Publishing Co., Dallas                    Advertising                  1947-0121
Taylor Publishing Co., Dallas                    Advertising                  1948-0096
Taylor Publishing Co., Dallas                    Advertising                  1949-0143
Taylor Publishing Co., Dallas                    Advertising                  1950-0173
Taylor Publishing Co., Dallas                    Advertising                  1951-0145
Taylor, Aubrey      2nd Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Taylor, Bertha        Faculty Picture        1957-0010
Taylor, Bob             6th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Taylor, Gayla          Junior Picture        1969-0019
Taylor, Gayla          Class Officer Picture                    1969-0027
Taylor, Gayla          Senior Picture        1970-0017
Taylor, Gayla          Class Officer Picture                    1970-0026
Taylor, Gayla          Sweetheart Picture        1970-0034
Taylor, Gayla                    Cheerleader Picture     1970-0042
Taylor, Gayla          Basketball Picture        1970-0050
Taylor, Glenda        1st Grade Picture        1951-0073
Taylor, H. Marley                    Superintendent Picture                    1969-0008
Taylor, H.M.           Faculty Picture        1969-0011
Taylor, H.M.                    Superintendent Picture                    1970-0008
Taylor, H.M.           Faculty Picture        1970-0011
Taylor, H.M.                    Superintendent Picture                    1971-0008
Taylor, H.M.           Faculty Picture        1971-0011
Taylor, H.M.                    Superintendent Picture                    1972-0007
Taylor, H.M.           Faculty Picture        1972-0010
Taylor, J.R.              Faculty Picture        1957-0010
Taylor, J.R.              Faculty Picture        1958-0008
Taylor, Jackie         5th Grade Picture        1951-0065
Taylor, James R.     Principal Picture        1958-0007
Taylor, Manley      6th Grade Picture        1969-0054
Taylor, Manley      7th Grade Picture        1970-0054
Taylor, Manley      8th Grade Picture        1971-0055
Taylor, Manley      Freshman Picture        1972-0022
Taylor, Manley      Class Officer Picture                    1972-0027
Taylor, Manley      Favorites Picture        1972-0027
Taylor, Manley      Escort Picture        1972-0033
Taylor, Marlene     Yearbook Staff Picture                    1969-0007
Taylor, Marlene     Senior Picture        1969-0016
Taylor, Marlene     Favorites Picture        1969-0030
Taylor, Marlyce     Yearbook Staff Picture                    1969-0007
Taylor, Marlyce     Senior Picture        1969-0016
Teague, Malvin       8th Grade Picture        1950-0065
Teague, Malvin       Freshman Picture        1951-0055
Teague, Malvin       Junior Picture        1953-0037
Teague, Malvin       Senior Picture        1954-0035
Teague, Malvin       Favorites Picture        1954-0089
Teague, Melvin                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0041
Teague, Oleta           6th Grade Picture        1951-0063
Teague, Oleta           7th Grade Picture        1952-0053
Teague, Oleta           8th Grade Picture        1953-0053
Teague, Oleta           Freshman Picture        1954-0061
Teague, Oleta                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0052
Teague, Oleta           Junior Picture        1956-0026
Teague, Oleta           Sweetheart Picture        1956-0042
Teague, Oletta         5th Grade Picture        1950-0071
Teague, Robert        Junior Picture        1947-0045
Teague, Robert        Senior Picture        1948-0024
Tedrick, Billy            8th Grade Picture        1978-0020
Tedrick, Leslie          2nd Grade Picture        1978-0024
Tedrick, Shannon                    Kindergarden Picture  1978-0025
Tennis Club            Group Picture        1938-0039
Texaco, Ellis Bentley                    Advertising                  1938-0046
The Bryson News                    Advertising                  1938-0047
The City Drug Store, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1941-0091
The Herald Publishing Co., Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1954-0195
The Nick Nack Café, W.C. Sampson                    Advertising                  1938-0044
The Star Café                    Advertising                  1947-0109
The Star Café                    Advertising                  1948-0090
The Sweet Shop, Mr. & Mrs. A.V. Crumpton                    Advertising                  1948-0089
The Texas Co., Barnett Brothers                    Advertising                  1947-0109
Thedford, Billy                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0042
Thedford, Billy            Junior Picture        1949-0049
Thedford, Billy            Senior Picture        1950-0031
Thedford, Billy Lee     2nd Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Thedford, Bobby        Freshman Picture        1947-0061
Thedford, Sue             7th Grade Picture        1950-0067
Thedford, Sue             8th Grade Picture        1951-0059
Thedford, Sue             Freshman Picture        1952-0047
Thedford, Sue                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0043
Thedford, Sue             Twirlers Picture        1953-0107
Thedford, Sue             Junior Picture        1954-0047
Thedford, Sue             Favorites Picture        1954-0089
Thedford, W.L.           Board of Education List                    1953-0013
Thedford, W.L.           Board of Education List                    1954-0011
Thipp, Iona            7th Grade Picture        1965-0029
Third Grade          Group Picture        1938-0026
Third Grade          Group Picture        1946-0032
Third Grade          Group Picture        1947-0069
Third Grade          Group Picture        1948-0052
Third Grade          Group Picture        1949-0071
Thomas, Bill              2nd Grade Picture        1975-0025
Thomas, Bill              4th Grade Picture        1977-0026
Thomas, Bill              6th Grade Picture        1979-0022
Thomas, Billy            1st Grade Picture        1973-0061
Thomas, Billy            5th Grade Picture        1978-0022
Thomas, Billy Don   1st Grade Picture        1974-0065
Thomas, Bruce          1st Grade Picture        1970-0061
Thomas, Bruce          2nd Grade Picture        1971-0064
Thomas, Bruce          3rd Grade Picture        1972-0062
Thomas, Bruce          4th Grade Picture        1973-0058
Thomas, Charles Ray                    7th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Thomas, Cleta           Freshman Class Roll  1941-0045
Thomas, Neta Jo       5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Thomas, Sharon       2nd Grade Picture        1971-0064
Thomas, Sharon       3rd Grade Picture        1972-0062
Thomas, Sharon       3rd Grade Picture        1973-0059
Thomas, Sharon       4th Grade Picture        1974-0062
Thomas, Sharon       5th Grade Picture        1975-0023
Thomas, Sharon       7th Grade Picture        1977-0023
Thomas, Truman      5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Thompson Plumbing Co.                    Advertising                  1950-0163
Thompson, Daniul B.    Faculty Picture        1963-0012
Thompson, Katha         4th Grade Picture        1952-0059
Thompson, Katha         5th Grade Picture        1953-0059
Thompson, Katha         6th Grade Picture        1954-0071
Thompson, Katha         7th Grade Picture        1955-0060
Thompson, Katha Jo    2nd Grade Picture        1950-0077
Thompson, Katha Jo    3rd Grade Picture        1951-0069
Thompson, Richard      1st Grade Picture        1953-0067
Thompson, Richard      2nd Grade Picture        1954-0079
Thompson, Richard      3rd Grade Picture        1955-0064
Thompson, Sybil           Faculty Picture        1963-0013
Thornburg, Allen          2nd Grade Picture        1970-0060
Thornburg, Allen          3rd Grade Picture        1971-0063
Thornburg, Allen          4th Grade Picture        1972-0061
Thornburg, Allen          2nd Grade Picture        1973-0060
Thornburg, Allen          7th Grade Picture        1975-0022
Thornburg, Allen          Freshman Picture        1977-0022
Thornburg, Allen                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0018
Thornburg, Allen          Junior Picture        1979-0017
Thornburg, Dennis       1st Grade Picture        1974-0065
Thornburg, Dennis       2nd Grade Picture        1975-0025
Thornburg, Dennis       4th Grade Picture        1977-0026
Thornburg, Dennis       5th Grade Picture        1978-0022
Thornburg, Dennis       6th Grade Picture        1979-0022
Thornburg, Mark           5th Grade Picture        1974-0061
Thornburg, Scott           4th Grade Picture        1975-0024
Thornburg, Scotty        1st Grade Picture        1972-0064
Thornburg, Scotty        6th Grade Picture        1977-0024
Thornburg, Scotty        7th Grade Picture        1978-0021
Thornburg, Scotty        8th Grade Picture        1979-0020
Thornburg, Scotty Jay 3rd Grade Picture        1974-0063
Thornburn, Troy Allen 6th Grade Picture        1974-0060
Thronburg, Allen          5th Grade Picture        1973-0057
Thurman, Mary                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0023
Thurman, Mary          Junior Picture        1947-0045
Thurman, Mary          Senior Picture        1948-0024
Tigrett, Bill              7th Grade Picture        1963-0031
Tigrett, Danny        Freshman Picture        1963-0026
Tigrett, Sharon       7th Grade Picture        1963-0031
Tilghman Upholstery, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1950-0171
Tilghman, Gwen          Faculty Picture        1957-0026
Tilghman, Gwen          Faculty Picture        1958-0052
Tilghman, Gwen          Faculty Picture        1959-0056
Tilghman, Gwen          Faculty Picture        1960-0011
Tilghman, Gwen          Faculty Picture        1961-0012
Tilghman, Gwen          Faculty Picture        1962-0012
Tilghman, Gwendolyn                    Faculty Picture        1953-0017
Tilghman, Gwendolyn                    Faculty Picture        1954-0017
Tilghman, Gwendolyn                    Faculty Picture        1955-0012
Tilghman, Gwendolyn                    Faculty Picture        1956-0014
Tilghman, Joy              1st Grade Picture        1971-0065
Tilghman, Joy              2nd Grade Picture        1972-0063
Tilghman, Joy              3rd Grade Picture        1973-0059
Tilghman, Joy              5th Grade Picture        1975-0023
Tilghman, Joy              7th Grade Picture        1977-0023
Tilghman, Joy              8th Grade Picture        1978-0020
Tilghman, Joy              Class Officer Picture                    1978-0020
Tilghman, Joy              Queen Picture        1978-0036
Tilghman, Joy              Freshman Picture        1979-0019
Tilghman, Joy              Class Officer Picture                    1979-0019
Tilghman, Joy Lynette                    4th Grade Picture        1974-0062
Tilghman, Lloyd          5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Tillery, Loyd DeWayne                    7th Grade Picture        1974-0056
Timmons, Betty          Junior Picture        1948-0036
Timmons, Betty Jean Senior Picture        1949-0029
Todd, Jessie         3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Todd, Lee              5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Tonche, Esther         1st Grade Picture        1966-0061
Tonche, Yolanda     4th Grade Picture        1966-0058
Toombs, A.M.           Faculty Picture        1941-0011
Toombs, Alton M.    Faculty Picture        1938-0008
Toombs, Alton M.    Faculty Picture        1938-0014
Track Team, Boys                    Group Picture        1938-0038
Trantham, Opal            1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Tranthum, Gladys Belle                    4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Tranthum, Waurine     4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Tranthum, Zora Mae   4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Travis Cole Sinclair Products, Graham                    Advertising                  1953-0137
Travis Cole Sinclair, Graham                    Advertising                  1950-0153
Travis G. Matlock, Commissioner                    Advertising                  1954-0155
Tripp, Fain            Custodian Picture        1965-0012
Tripp, Fain            Custodian Picture        1966-0012
Tripp, Fain            Custodian Picture        1967-0012
Tripp, Fain            Custodian Picture        1968-0014
Tripp, Fain            Custodian Picture        1969-0013
Tripp, Fain            Custodian Picture        1970-0013
Tripp, Fain            Custodian Picture        1971-0013
Tripp, Fain            Custodian Picture        1972-0012
Tripp, Fain            Custodian Picture        1973-0014
Tripp, Fain            Custodian Picture        1974-0017
Tripp, Faine          Custodian Picture        1962-0064
Tripp, Faine          Custodian Picture        1963-0014
Tripp, Faine          Custodian Picture        1964-0016
Tripp, Iona            4th Grade Picture        1961-0058
Tripp, Iona            5th Grade Picture        1962-0057
Tripp, Iona            6th Grade Picture        1963-0032
Tripp, Iona            7th Grade Picture        1964-0035
Tripp, Iona            8th Grade Picture        1966-0054
Tripp, Iona            Freshman Picture        1967-0023
Tripp, Iona                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0023
Trout, Cindy         Junior Picture        1969-0019
Tucker Brothers Auto Supply, Graham                    Advertising                  1947-0113
Tucker Brothers Auto Supply, Graham                    Advertising                  1948-0093
Tucker Brothers, Graham                    Advertising                  1952-0131
Tucker Brothers, Graham                    Advertising                  1953-0149
Tuel, Brent          1st Grade Picture        1977-0027
Tuel, Brent          2nd Grade Picture        1978-0024
Tuel, Brent          3rd Grade Picture        1979-0024
Tuel, George       1st Grade Picture        1952-0065
Tuel, George       2nd Grade Picture        1953-0065
Tuel, George       3rd Grade Picture        1954-0077
Tuel, George       4th Grade Picture        1955-0063
Tuel, George       5th Grade Picture        1956-0067
Tuel, George       6th Grade Picture        1957-0028
Tuel, George       7th Grade Picture        1958-0053
Tuel, George       8th Grade Picture        1959-0057
Tuel, George       Freshman Picture        1960-0024
Tuel, George       Escort Picture        1960-0062
Tuel, George                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0022
Tuel, George       Class Officer Picture                    1961-0026
Tuel, George       Favorites Picture        1961-0034
Tuel, George       Junior Picture        1962-0018
Tuel, George       Class Officer Picture                    1962-0023
Tuel, George       Beau Picture        1962-0031
Tuel, George       Favorites Picture        1962-0038
Tuel, George       Escort Picture        1962-0041
Tuel, George       Senior Picture        1963-0019
Tuel, George       Favorites Picture        1963-0040
Tuel, George       Escort Picture        1963-0044
Tuel, George       Escort Picture        1963-0045
Tuel, George       Basketball Picture        1963-0061
Tuel, Sandra        Faculty Picture        1971-0012
Tuel, Sandra        Faculty Picture        1972-0010
Tuel, Sandra        Basketball Picture        1972-0052
Tuel, Sandra, Coach                    Basketball Picture        1971-0053
Turner, Cynthia      1st Grade Picture        1965-0036
Turner, Cynthia      2nd Grade Picture        1966-0060
Turner, Cynthia      3rd Grade Picture        1967-0066
Turner, Cynthia      4th Grade Picture        1968-0070
Turner, David         2nd Grade Picture        1965-0035
Turner, David         3rd Grade Picture        1966-0059
Turner, David         4th Grade Picture        1967-0064
Turner, David         5th Grade Picture        1968-0068
Turner, Elizabeth    3rd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Turner, Elizabeth    4th Grade Picture        1966-0058
Turner, Elizabeth    5th Grade Picture        1967-0063
Turner, Elizabeth    6th Grade Picture        1968-0066
Turner, Stephen     1st Grade Picture        1967-0070
Turner, Stephen     2nd Grade Picture        1968-0073
Turner, Virginia      Faculty Picture        1966-0011
Turner, Virginia      Faculty Picture        1967-0011
Turner, Virginia      Faculty Picture        1968-0013
Tyra, Billie Jean  1st Grade Picture        1960-0035
Tyra, Billie Jean  2nd Grade Picture        1961-0060
Tyra, Billie Jean  3rd Grade Picture        1962-0059
Tyra, Billie Jean  5th Grade Picture        1964-0037
Tyra, Billie Jean  7th Grade Picture        1966-0055
Tyra, Bily             6th Grade Picture        1965-0030
Tyra, David         1st Grade Picture        1958-0056
Tyra, David         2nd Grade Picture        1959-0060
Tyra, David         3rd Grade Picture        1960-0033
Tyra, David         4th Grade Picture        1961-0058
Tyra, David         5th Grade Picture        1962-0057
Tyra, David         7th Grade Picture        1964-0035
Tyra, David         8th Grade Picture        1965-0028
Tyra, David         Freshman Picture        1966-0022
Tyra, J.C.                    Freshman Picture        1938-0022
Tyra, J.C.                    Junior Class Roll  1941-0025
Tyra, Johnnie      2nd Grade Picture        1950-0077
Tyra, Johnnie      7th Grade Picture        1955-0060
Tyra, Larane        6th Grade Picture        1958-0054
Tyra, Loraine       Queen Picture        1961-0032
Tyra, Loraine       Favorites Picture        1961-0034
Tyra, Lorane        3rd Grade Picture        1955-0064
Tyra, Lorane        4th Grade Picture        1956-0068
Tyra, Lorane        5th Grade Picture        1957-0028
Tyra, Lorane        7th Grade Picture        1959-0057
Tyra, Lorane        8th Grade Picture        1960-0028
Tyra, Lorane        Freshman Picture        1961-0024
Tyra, Lorane        Class Officer Picture                    1961-0026
Tyra, Lorane                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0020
Tyra, Lorane        Class Officer Picture                    1962-0024
Tyra, Lorane        Queen Picture        1962-0041
Tyra, Lorane        Senior Picture        1964-0021
Tyra, Lorane        Class Officer Picture                    1964-0029
Tyra, Lorane                    Cheerleader Picture     1964-0059
Tyra, Neal            3rd Grade Picture        1951-0069
Tyra, Neal            4th Grade Picture        1952-0059
Tyra, Neal            7th Grade Picture        1955-0060
Tyra, Neal            8th Grade Picture        1956-0064
Tyra, Neal            Freshman Picture        1957-0022
Tyra, Neal                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0020
Tyra, Neal            Favorites Picture        1958-0031
Tyra, Neal            Junior Picture        1959-0019
Tyra, Neal            Escort Picture        1959-0034
Tyra, Neal            Senior Picture        1960-0016
Tyra, Neal            Football Picture        1960-0063
Tyra, Toynua      1st Grade Picture        1966-0061
Underwood Mfg. Co., Bowie                    Advertising                  1954-0153
Underwood, Calvin       Junior Picture        1956-0026
Underwood, Calvin       Senior Picture        1957-0016
Underwood, Calvin       Class Officer Picture                    1957-0023
Underwood, Calvin       Favorites Picture        1957-0034
Underwood, Veda         7th Grade Picture        1957-0027
Underwood, Veda         8th Grade Picture        1958-0053
Underwood, Veda         Freshman Picture        1959-0027
Underwood, Veda                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0022
Underwood, Veda         Junior Picture        1961-0020
Underwood, Veda         Senior Picture        1962-0016
Underwood, Veda         Class Officer Picture                    1962-0023
Underwood, Veda         Favorites Picture        1962-0037
Underwood, Venda       6th Grade Picture        1956-0066
University Supply & Equipment Co., Fort Worth                    Advertising                  1953-0161
Van Cleeve, Loil                    Custodian Picture        1975-0012
Van Cleve, Loil 6th Grade Picture        1951-0063
Van Cleve, Loil Custodian Picture        1978-0010
Vance, Karen         1st Grade Picture        1954-0081
Vance, Karen         2nd Grade Picture        1955-0065
Vance, Karen         3rd Grade Picture        1956-0069
Vance, Karen         4th Grade Picture        1957-0029
Vance, Karen         5th Grade Picture        1958-0054
Vance, Karen         6th Grade Picture        1959-0058
Vance, Karen         7th Grade Picture        1960-0029
Vance, Karen         8th Grade Picture        1961-0054
Vancleeve, Loil             Custodian Picture        1974-0017
Vancleve, Loil             5th Grade Picture        1950-0071
Vancleve, Loil             Custodian Picture        1977-0012
Vancleve, Loil             Custodian Picture        1979-0012
Vanhooser, Helen          5th Grade Picture        1951-0065
Vanhooser, Helen          6th Grade Picture        1952-0055
Vanhooser, Helen          7th Grade Picture        1953-0055
Vanhooser, Helen          Queen Picture        1955-0032
Vanhooser, Helen          Freshman Picture        1955-0057
Vanhooser, Helen                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0030
Vanhooser, Helen          Favorites Picture        1956-0041
Vanhooser, Helen          Junior Picture        1957-0018
Vanhooser, Helen          Senior Picture        1958-0015
Vanhooser, Helen          Class Officer Picture                    1958-0023
Vanhooser, Helen          Favorites Picture        1958-0027
Vanhooser, Helen          Favorites Picture        1958-0030
Vanhooser, Joy              6th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Vanhooser, Joy              Senior Picture        1946-0015
Vanhooser, Nomi G.                    Sophomore Class Roll                    1941-0037
Vanhooser, Stanley       1st Grade Picture        1954-0081
Vanhooser, Stanley       2nd Grade Picture        1955-0065
Vanhooser, Stanley       3rd Grade Picture        1956-0069
Vanhooser, Stanley       4th Grade Picture        1957-0029
Vanhooser, Stanley       5th Grade Picture        1958-0054
Vanhooser, Stanley       6th Grade Picture        1959-0058
Vanhooser, Stanley       7th Grade Picture        1960-0029
Vanhooser, Stanley       8th Grade Picture        1961-0054
Vanhooser, Stanley       Freshman Picture        1962-0022
Vanhooser, Stanley                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0024
Vanhooser, Stanley       Favorites Picture        1963-0048
Vanhooser, Stanley       Junior Picture        1964-0024
Vanhooser, Stanley       Escort Picture        1964-0050
Vanhooser, Stanley       Who's Who Picture                    1964-0052
Vanhooser, Stanley       Football Picture        1964-0062
Vanhooser, Stanley       Senior Picture        1965-0016
Vanhooser, Stanley       Football Picture        1965-0049
Vanhoosier, Helen        4th Grade Picture        1950-0073
Vanity Beauty Shop, Graham                    Advertising                  1938-0045
Vanshooser, Helen      8th Grade Picture        1954-0067
Vaughn, Grady W.                    Superintendent Picture                    1960-0007
Vaughn, Grady W.                    Superintendent Picture                    1962-0008
Vaughn, Susan         6th Grade Picture        1960-0030
Vaughn, Susan         7th Grade Picture        1961-0055
Vaughn, Susan         8th Grade Picture        1962-0054
Vaughn, Wesley      3rd Grade Picture        1960-0033
Vaughn, Wesley      4th Grade Picture        1961-0058
Vaughn, Wesley      5th Grade Picture        1962-0057
Vick, Fern                    Junior Class Roll  1941-0025
Vincent Variety Store, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1954-0181
Vincent, Mac            Faculty Picture        1951-0021
Vincent, Mac            Faculty Picture        1952-0017
Vincent, Mac            Faculty Picture        1953-0017
Vinyard, Mike           Principal Picture        1968-0010
Vinyard, Mike           Faculty Picture        1968-0012
Vinyard, Mike           Principal Picture        1969-0009
Vinyard, Mike           Faculty Picture        1969-0011
Viola Kemp                    Advertising                  1954-0195
Volley Ball Team, Girls A                    Group Picture        1938-0037
Volley Ball Team, Girls B                    Group Picture        1938-0037
Volleyball Team, Girls                    Group Picture        1947-0087
Volleyball year            Story                    1946-0034
W&W Generator Shop, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1947-0107
W.C. 'Bill' Koone, County Clerk                    Advertising                  1954-0159
W.C. Duncan, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1954-0181
W.E. Sartain, District Clerk                    Advertising                  1954-0159
W.L. McCloud, City Secretary                    Advertising                  1949-0121
Wade, Bill              Freshman Picture        1973-0023
Wade, Don            Freshman Picture        1973-0023
Wade, Freddie       4th Grade Picture        1950-0073
Wade, James         Favorites Picture        1973-0029
Wade, James         7th Grade Picture        1973-0052
Wade, John           6th Grade Picture        1973-0056
Wadley, Tisha          1st Grade Picture        1978-0024
Wagnon, George       5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Wagnor, Irvine          7th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Walden Feed & Hatchery, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1950-0169
Walden, Becky         Teachers Aide Picture                    1977-0012
Walden, Becky         Teachers Aide Picture                    1978-0010
Walden, Becky         Teachers Aide Picture                    1979-0012
Walden, Freda          8th Grade Picture        1950-0065
Walden, Freita          Freshman Picture        1951-0055
Walden, Freita          Favorites Picture        1951-0089
Walden, John D., Mrs.                    Teachers Aide Picture                    1974-0017
Walden, Johnny       Freshman Picture        1964-0028
Walden, Johnny                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0022
Walden, Johnny       Who's Who Picture                    1965-0050
Walden, Johnny       Junior Picture        1966-0018
Walden, Johnny       Class Officer Picture                    1966-0023
Walden, Johnny       Senior Picture        1967-0014
Walden, Johnny       Class Officer Picture                    1967-0024
Walden, Johnny       Football Picture        1967-0040
Walden, Margaret    Junior Picture        1938-0016
Walden, Patsy          Favorites Picture        1947-0083
Walden, Patsy          Freshman Picture        1948-0048
Walden, Patsy                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0057
Walden, Patsy          Junior Picture        1950-0047
Walden, Patsy          Favorites Picture        1950-0091
Walden, Patsy          Senior Picture        1951-0035
Walden, Patsy          Queen Picture        1951-0081
Walden, Peggy         8th Grade Picture        1950-0065
Walden, Peggy         Freshman Picture        1951-0055
Walden, Peggy                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0041
Walden, Russell                    Kindergarden Picture  1977-0028
Walden, Russell       1st Grade Picture        1978-0024
Walden, Russell       2nd Grade Picture        1979-0024
Waldon, Johnny       8th Grade Picture        1963-0030
Walker, Betty          3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Walker, Carman       1st Grade Picture        1963-0037
Walker, Carman       2nd Grade Picture        1964-0040
Walker, Evelyn        Freshman Class Roll  1941-0045
Walker, Harrell        4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Walker, Leroy          Freshman Class Roll  1941-0045
Walker, Renah         2nd Grade Picture        1962-0060
Walker, Renah         2nd Grade Picture        1963-0036
Walker, Renah         3rd Grade Picture        1964-0039
Walker, Renah                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0021
Walker, Ronney      5th Grade Picture        1962-0057
Walker, Ronnie       5th Grade Picture        1963-0033
Walker, Ronnie       6th Grade Picture        1964-0036
Walker, Tommy       7th Grade Picture        1962-0055
Walker, Waldene    Freshman Picture        1962-0022
Walker, Waldene                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0024
Walker, Waldene    Junior Picture        1964-0024
Wallace, Jerry           4th Grade Picture        1952-0059
Wallace, Joyce          6th Grade Picture        1952-0055
Walters, Allen Ray  3rd Grade Picture        1974-0063
Walters, Carrie          7th Grade Picture        1974-0056
Walters, Janna Lynnette                    6th Grade Picture        1974-0060
Wancer, Kenny        5th Grade Picture        1969-0055
Wanser, Debbie       Junior Picture        1969-0019
Wanser, Debbie       Who's Who Picture                    1969-0035
Wanser, Stephen     7th Grade Picture        1969-0050
Ward, Darla                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0018
Ward, Don            Freshman Picture        1978-0019
Ward, Merritt        8th Grade Picture        1978-0020
Ward, Ronald Eugene                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0024
Ware, Bob             Senior Picture        1957-0016
Ware, Bobby        Freshman Picture        1953-0049
Ware, Bobby                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0055
Ware, Bobby        Junior Picture        1955-0048
Warren, Clayton      1st Grade Picture        1974-0065
Wasson, Wanda       Senior Picture        1949-0029
Watkins, Bobby T.   Senior Picture        1977-0015
Watkins, Bonitta       5th Grade Picture        1950-0071
Watkins, Bonnette    6th Grade Picture        1951-0063
Watkins, Jerry           4th Grade Picture        1950-0073
Watkins, Julie            7th Grade Picture        1977-0023
Watkins, Julie            8th Grade Picture        1978-0020
Watkins, Marilyn      2nd Grade Picture        1977-0027
Watkins, Marilyn      3rd Grade Picture        1978-0023
Watkins, Wade         Freshman Picture        1977-0022
Watkins, Wade                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0018
Watkins, Wade         Junior Picture        1979-0017
Watkins, Wade         Football Picture        1979-0043
Watkins, Wilma         7th Grade Picture        1950-0067
Watson, Cora            Senior Picture        1938-0012
Watson, Cora            Yearbook Staff Picture                    1938-0028
Watson, Harold        Junior Picture        1938-0016
Watson, Thomas      Freshman Picture        1938-0022
Watson, Thomas      Senior Class Roll  1941-0017
Weatherall, Miss           Faculty Picture        1941-0013
Weatherall, Sammie       Faculty Picture        1938-0024
Weathered, Harrold       Faculty Picture        1956-0013
Weathered, Harrold       Faculty Picture        1956-0028
Weaver, Nell             Faculty Picture        1975-0011
Webb, Jesse          Freshman Picture        1977-0022
Webster, Larry           3rd Grade Picture        1979-0024
Webster, Stephen     1st Grade Picture        1979-0025
Welch, Alta            7th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Welch, Bonnie Sue                    1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Welch, Gilbert        6th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Wells, Bethany     1st Grade Picture        1959-0060
Wells, Bethany     2nd Grade Picture        1960-0034
Wells, Bethany     3rd Grade Picture        1961-0059
Wells, Bethany     4th Grade Picture        1962-0058
Wells, Bethany     5th Grade Picture        1963-0033
Wells, Bethany     6th Grade Picture        1964-0036
Wells, Bethany     7th Grade Picture        1965-0029
Wells, Bethany     8th Grade Picture        1966-0054
Wells, Betty                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0041
Wells, Betty Lou  8th Grade Picture        1950-0065
Wells, Betty Lou  Freshman Picture        1951-0055
Wells, Betty Lou  Junior Picture        1953-0037
Wells, Betty Lou  Senior Picture        1954-0035
Wells, Dusky        1st Grade Picture        1962-0061
Wells, Dusky        2nd Grade Picture        1963-0036
Wells, Dusky        3rd Grade Picture        1964-0039
Wells, Dusky        4th Grade Picture        1965-0033
Wells, Dusky        5th Grade Picture        1966-0057
Wells, Earlene       Junior Picture        1947-0045
Wells, Erlene         Senior Picture        1948-0024
Wells, Hettie         5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Wells, Jeannie       1st Grade Picture        1964-0041
Wells, Jeannie       2nd Grade Picture        1965-0035
Wells, Jeannie       3rd Grade Picture        1966-0059
Wells, John Porter                    Favorites Picture        1947-0079
Wells, John Porter 'Titus'                    Favorites Picture        1947-0077
Wells, Johnny       Senior Picture        1947-0027
Wells, Louise                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0053
Wells, Wilma                    Sophomore Class Roll                    1941-0037
Western Auto Store, Graham                    Advertising                  1948-0087
Western Auto Store, Graham                    Advertising                  1950-0161
Western Auto Store, Graham                    Advertising                  1951-0129
Western Auto Store, Graham                    Advertising                  1954-0193
Western Auto Store, Irene Knappenberger, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1954-0191
Western Auto Store, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1948-0094
Western Auto Store, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1949-0127
Western Auto Store, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1954-0179
Wheeler, Jewel          3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Whetzel, Lewis Dale 5th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Whitacker, Billie           1st Grade Picture        1952-0065
Whitaker, Lynn           3rd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Whitaker, Tommy       4th Grade Picture        1965-0033
White Auto Store, M.W. Harber, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1950-0169
White, Geraldine                    Sophomore Picture     1938-0019
Whitmire, Terry          3rd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Whitmire, Terry          6th Grade Picture        1968-0066
Whitmire, Terry          7th Grade Picture        1969-0050
Whitmire, Terry          8th Grade Picture        1970-0053
Whitmire, Terry          Freshman Picture        1971-0023
Whitmire, Terry          Class Officer Picture                    1971-0028
Whitmire, Terry                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0020
Whitmire, Terry          Class Officer Picture                    1972-0026
Whitmire, Terry          Junior Picture        1973-0019
Whitmire, Terry          Class Officer Picture                    1973-0026
Whitmire, Terry          Escort Picture        1973-0032
Whitmire, Terry          Football Picture        1974-0037
Whitmire, Terry          Who's Who Picture                    1974-0039
Whitmire, Terry          Football Picture        1974-0047
Whitmire, Terry Gene                    Senior Picture        1974-0019
Whitsit, Lora            6th Grade Picture        1952-0055
Whitsitt, Annie         4th Grade Picture        1952-0059
Whitzel, Norma Jean                    6th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Wickens, Nancy Lee 2nd Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Wickens, Robert        3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Wiedebusch, Carl         2nd Grade Picture        1979-0024
Wiedebush, Carl           1st Grade Picture        1978-0024
Wilkins, Barbara      6th Grade Picture        1952-0055
Willard, Helen          Faculty Picture        1965-0009
Willhite, Jack            Freshman Class Roll  1941-0045
Williams Hardware, Graham                    Advertising                  1952-0121
Williams, Betty Lou  1st Grade Class Roll  1941-0051
Williams, Bobby        3rd Grade Picture        1950-0075
Williams, Bobby        4th Grade Picture        1951-0067
Williams, Bobby                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0020
Williams, Bobby        Junior Picture        1958-0018
Williams, Bobby        Class Officer Picture                    1958-0023
Williams, Bobby        Favorites Picture        1958-0028
Williams, Bobby        Senior Picture        1959-0015
Williams, Bobby        Favorites Picture        1959-0032
Williams, Bobby        Escort Picture        1959-0038
Williams, C.B.             Board of Education List                    1954-0011
Williams, C.B., Jr.       Board of Education List                    1953-0013
Williams, Clinton       Freshman Picture        1947-0061
Williams, Clinton                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0042
Williams, Dean           2nd Grade Picture        1966-0060
Williams, Delo            Junior Class Roll  1941-0025
Williams, Ina Jo         4th Grade Class Roll  1941-0055
Williams, Jackie         Freshman Class Roll  1941-0045
Williams, James         Junior Class Roll  1941-0025
Williams, Janet           1st Grade Picture        1963-0037
Williams, Janet           2nd Grade Picture        1964-0040
Williams, Janet           3rd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Williams, Jean            1st Grade Picture        1963-0037
Williams, Jean            2nd Grade Picture        1964-0040
Williams, Jean            3rd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Williams, Joy              2nd Grade Picture        1963-0036
Williams, Joy Ann     3rd Grade Picture        1964-0039
Williams, Joy Anna   1st Grade Picture        1962-0061
Williams, Joy Anna   4th Grade Picture        1965-0033
Williams, Judy           1st Grade Picture        1959-0060
Williams, Judy           2nd Grade Picture        1960-0034
Williams, Judy           3rd Grade Picture        1961-0059
Williams, Judy           4th Grade Picture        1962-0058
Williams, Judy           5th Grade Picture        1963-0033
Williams, Judy           6th Grade Picture        1964-0036
Williams, Judy           7th Grade Picture        1965-0029
Williams, Lewis          1st Grade Picture        1965-0036
Williams, Maxine       Senior Picture        1946-0015
Williams, Olan            5th Grade Picture        1950-0071
Williams, Patty           Queen Picture        1955-0032
Williams, Patty           8th Grade Picture        1955-0059
Williams, Patty           Freshman Picture        1956-0034
Williams, Richard      6th Grade Picture        1950-0069
Williams, Richard      7th Grade Picture        1951-0061
Williams, Richard      8th Grade Picture        1952-0051
Williams, Richard      Freshman Picture        1953-0049
Williams, Richard                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0055
Williams, Richard      Junior Picture        1955-0048
Williams, Richard      Senior Picture        1956-0020
Williams, Robert        5th Grade Picture        1952-0057
Williams, Robert        6th Grade Picture        1953-0057
Williams, Robert        7th Grade Picture        1954-0069
Williams, Robert        8th Grade Picture        1955-0059
Williams, Robert        Freshman Picture        1956-0034
Williams, Sybil           7th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Williams, Tommy       Senior Picture        1947-0027
Williams, Wayne       Faculty Picture        1948-0015
Williamson, Sarah          Junior Picture        1977-0020
Willingham, Beverly June                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0053
Willingham, June          3rd Grade Class Roll  1941-0053
Willingham, June          Freshman Picture        1946-0027
Willingham, June          Favorites Picture        1946-0039
Willingham, June          Junior Picture        1948-0036
Willingham, June          Queen Picture        1948-0071
Willingham, June          Senior Picture        1949-0029
Wilson, Diane          Senior Picture        1960-0017
Wilson, Diane          Who's Who Picture                    1960-0038
Wilson, Gordon       Freshman Class Roll  1941-0045
Wilton, Don            4th Grade Picture        1951-0067
Wilton, Don            5th Grade Picture        1952-0057
Wilton, Don            6th Grade Picture        1953-0057
Wilton, Don            7th Grade Picture        1954-0069
Wilton, Don            8th Grade Picture        1955-0059
Wilton, Don            Freshman Picture        1956-0034
Wilton, Don                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0020
Wilton, Don            Class Officer Picture                    1957-0024
Wilton, Don            Junior Picture        1958-0018
Wilton, Don            Senior Picture        1959-0015
Wilton, Don            Escort Picture        1959-0034
Wilton, John           1st Grade Picture        1961-0061
Wilton, John           2nd Grade Picture        1962-0060
Wilton, John           3rd Grade Picture        1963-0035
Wilton, John           4th Grade Picture        1964-0038
Wilton, John           5th Grade Picture        1965-0032
Wilton, John           6th Grade Picture        1966-0056
Wilton, John           Freshman Picture        1969-0023
Wilton, John           Class Officer Picture                    1969-0029
Wilton, John                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0023
Wilton, John           Class Officer Picture                    1970-0028
Wilton, John           Junior Picture        1971-0019
Wilton, John           Senior Picture        1972-0015
Wilton, John           Favorites Picture        1972-0029
Wilton, Loretta       2nd Grade Picture        1959-0060
Wilton, Loretta       3rd Grade Picture        1960-0033
Wilton, Loretta       4th Grade Picture        1961-0058
Wilton, Loretta       5th Grade Picture        1962-0057
Wilton, Loretta       6th Grade Picture        1963-0032
Wilton, Loretta       7th Grade Picture        1964-0035
Wilton, Loretta       8th Grade Picture        1965-0028
Wilton, Loretta       Freshman Picture        1966-0022
Wilton, Loretta       Class Officer Picture                    1966-0024
Wilton, Margie       7th Grade Picture        1950-0067
Wilton, Margie       8th Grade Picture        1951-0059
Wilton, Margie       Freshman Picture        1952-0047
Wilton, Margie                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0043
Wilton, Margie       Junior Picture        1954-0047
Wilton, Margie       Senior Picture        1955-0042
Wilton, Melba         Junior Picture        1947-0045
Wilton, Melba         Senior Picture        1948-0024
Winfred Ainsworth Santa Gertrudis Cattle                    Advertising/Picture    1961-0080
Wolf & Klar Jewelry Sporting Goods                    Advertising                  1952-0123
Wolf & Klar, Fort Worth                    Advertising                  1948-0081
Wolfe, Billy            1st Grade Picture        1952-0065
Wolfe, Billy            2nd Grade Picture        1953-0065
Wolfe, Coleen        Freshman Picture        1951-0055
Wolfe, Coleene                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0041
Wolfe, Colleen       8th Grade Picture        1950-0065
Wolfe, Colleen       Junior Picture        1953-0037
Wolfe, Colleen       Senior Picture        1954-0035
Wolfe, Jackie         1st Grade Picture        1953-0067
Wolfe, Jimmie        6th Grade Picture        1950-0069
Wolfe, Jimmy         7th Grade Picture        1951-0061
Wolfe, Jimmy         8th Grade Picture        1952-0051
Wolfe, Jimmy         Freshman Picture        1953-0049
Wolfe, Jimmy                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0055
Wolfe, Jimmy         Junior Picture        1955-0048
Wolfe, Jimmy         Senior Picture        1956-0020
Wolfe, Lula Mae   Faculty Picture        1969-0012
Wolfe, Lula Mae   Faculty Picture        1970-0012
Wolfe, Lula Mae   Faculty Picture        1971-0012
Wolfe, Lula Mae   Faculty Picture        1972-0011
Wolfe, Ralph          Board of Education List                    1947-0013
Womack, Diana K.     Senior Picture        1977-0017
Wood, Florence     Freshman Class Roll  1941-0045
Wood, Katherine   2nd Grade Picture        1951-0071
Wood, Kathy         1st Grade Picture        1950-0079
Wood, Kathy         3rd Grade Picture        1952-0061
Wood, Kathy         4th Grade Picture        1953-0061
Wood, Kathy         5th Grade Picture        1954-0073
Wood, Kathy         Freshman Picture        1958-0022
Wood, Kathy                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0023
Wood, Kathy         Junior Picture        1960-0020
Wood, Kathy         Class Officer Picture                    1960-0025
Wood, Kathy         Senior Picture        1961-0017
Wood, Kathy         Class Officer Picture                    1961-0025
Wood, Kathy         Who's Who Picture                    1961-0044
Woodie's Printery, Graham                    Advertising                  1941-0091
Woods, Kathy         6th Grade Picture        1955-0061
Woods, Kathy         7th Grade Picture        1956-0065
Woods, Kathy         8th Grade Picture        1957-0027
Woodson, Elisabeth Lee                    Freshman Picture        1974-0026
Woolbright, Loree        Bus Driver Picture        1979-0012
Woolery, Joe              6th Grade Picture        1975-0023
Woolery, Joe Gable   4th Grade Picture        1974-0061
Woolery, Joey            8th Grade Picture        1977-0023
Woolery, Joey            Freshman Picture        1978-0019
Woolery, Joey            Class Officer Picture                    1978-0019
Woolery, Joey                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0018
Woolery, Joey            Class Officer Picture                    1979-0018
Woolery, Joey            Favorites Picture        1979-0031
Woolery, Joey            Football Picture        1979-0042
Woolery, Patricia       5th Grade Picture        1975-0023
Woolery, Patricia Marie                    4th Grade Picture        1974-0062
Woolery, Patty           7th Grade Picture        1977-0023
Woolery, Patty           8th Grade Picture        1978-0020
Woolery, Patty           Class Officer Picture                    1978-0020
Woolery, Patty           Freshman Picture        1979-0019
Wrenn Studio, Graham                    Advertising                  1948-0092
Wrenn Studio, Graham                    Advertising                  1949-0137
Wright Davis & Sons Farm Machinery, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1950-0155
Wright, Billie           7th Grade Class Roll  1941-0057
Wright, Davis & Sons Farm Machinery & Shop, Jacksboro                    Advertising                  1949-0119
Wright, Sarah          Senior Picture        1960-0018
Wyatt, James         1st Grade Picture        1960-0035
Wyatt, Michael      1st Grade Picture        1962-0061
Wyatt, Michael      2nd Grade Picture        1963-0036
Wyatt, Michael      3rd Grade Picture        1964-0039
Wyatt, Michael      4th Grade Picture        1965-0033
Wyatt, Michael      5th Grade Picture        1966-0057
Wyatt, Michael      6th Grade Picture        1967-0061
Wyatt, Michael      7th Grade Picture        1968-0062
Wyatt, Michael      Escort Picture        1970-0033
Wyatt, Michael      Escort Picture        1972-0033
Wyatt, Michael      Football Picture        1972-0035
Wyatt, Michael Stephen                    Senior Picture        1973-0017
Wyatt, Michall       8th Grade Picture        1969-0049
Wyatt, Michall       Freshman Picture        1970-0025
Wyatt, Micheal      Favorites Picture        1970-0029
Wyatt, Mike                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0021
Wyatt, Mike           Class Officer Picture                    1971-0027
Wyatt, Mike           Junior Picture        1972-0018
Wyatt, Mike           Class Officer Picture                    1972-0025
Wyatt, Randy        2nd Grade Picture        1961-0060
Wyatt, Randy        4th Grade Picture        1963-0034
Wyatt, Randy        5th Grade Picture        1964-0037
Wyatt, Randy        6th Grade Picture        1965-0030
Wyatt, Randy        7th Grade Picture        1966-0055
Wyatt, Randy        8th Grade Picture        1967-0057
Wyatt, Randy        Freshman Picture        1968-0026
Wyatt, Randy                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0022
Wyatt, Randy        Class Officer Picture                    1969-0028
Wyatt, Randy        Junior Picture        1970-0021
Wyatt, Randy        Class Officer Picture                    1970-0027
Wyatt, Randy        Favorites Picture        1970-0027
Wyatt, Randy        Senior Picture        1971-0017
Wyatt, Randy        Class Officer Picture                    1971-0025
Wyatt, Randy        Favorites Picture        1971-0031
Wyatt, Randy        Escort Picture        1971-0035
Wyatt, Terry          1st Grade Picture        1965-0036
Wyatt, Terry          2nd Grade Picture        1966-0060
Wyatt, Terry          2nd Grade Picture        1967-0069
Wyatt, Terry          3rd Grade Picture        1968-0072
Wyatt, Terry          3-4th Grade Picture                    1969-0058
Wyatt, Terry          5th Grade Picture        1970-0057
Wyatt, Terry          6th Grade Picture        1971-0057
Wyatt, Terry          7th Grade Picture        1972-0055
Wyly Paint, Farine Wyly, Graham                    Advertising                  1954-0175
Wyly Paint, Graham                    Advertising                  1952-0131
Wynn, Leasel                    Sophomore Picture     1938-0019
Wytt, Randy        3rd Grade Picture        1962-0059
Yearbook Staff            Group Picture        1948-0010
Yearbook Staff            Group Picture        1950-0011
Yearbook Staff            Group Picture        1951-0011
Yearbook Staff            Group Picture        1952-0007
Yearbook Staff            Group Picture        1953-0009
Yearbook Staff            Group Picture        1954-0009
Yoder, Trampus                    Kindergarden Picture  1974-0066
Yoder, Trampus    1st Grade Picture        1975-0026
York, Pat                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0022
Young County Lumber Co., Graham                    Advertising                  1948-0093
Young County Lumber Co., Graham                    Advertising                  1949-0139
Young County Lumber Co., Graham                    Advertising                  1950-0161
Young County Lumber Co., Graham                    Advertising                  1953-0139
Young County Lumber Co., Graham                    Advertising                  1954-0185
Young, Arthur        Faculty Picture        1951-0019
Young, Arthur        Faculty Picture        1953-0015
Young, Authur       Faculty Picture        1952-0019
Young, Bobby        5th Grade Picture        1958-0054
Young, Bobby        6th Grade Picture        1959-0058
Young, Bobby        7th Grade Picture        1960-0029
Young, Bobby        8th Grade Picture        1961-0054
Young, J.B.              Faculty Picture        1955-0011
Young, J.B.                    Superintendent Picture                    1973-0009
Young, J.B.              Faculty Picture        1973-0012
Young, Janele         6th Grade Picture        1951-0063
Young, Janell          5th Grade Picture        1950-0071
Young, Janell          7th Grade Picture        1952-0053
Young, Janell          8th Grade Picture        1953-0053
Young, Janell          Freshman Picture        1954-0061
Young, Janell          Favorites Picture        1954-0091
Young, Janell                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0052
Young, Janell          Junior Picture        1956-0026
Young, Janell          Senior Picture        1957-0016
Young, John           Principal Picture        1948-0013
Young, John           Faculty Picture        1948-0015
Young, John           Faculty Picture        1952-0019
Young, John B.       Dedication Picture        1949-0011
Young, John B.       Faculty Picture        1950-0019
Young, John B.                    Superintendent Picture                    1951-0017
Young, John B.                    Superintendent Picture                    1952-0015
Young, John B.       Faculty Picture        1953-0015
Young, John B.                    Superintendent Picture                    1953-0019
Young, John B.       Faculty Picture        1954-0015
Young, John B.                    Superintendent Picture                    1954-0019
Young, John B.                    Superintendent Picture                    1955-0009
Young, John B.                    Superintendent Picture                    1956-0009
Young, John B.       Faculty Picture        1956-0012
Young, John B.       Dedication Picture        1974-0009
Young, Mary          1st Grade Picture        1955-0066
Young, Mary          2nd Grade Picture        1956-0070
Young, Mr.              Faculty Picture        1949-0017
Young, Newman     Faculty Picture        1960-0009
Young, Newman     Faculty Picture        1961-0011
Youngblood, Dorris     Faculty Picture        1960-0011
Youngblood, Dorris     Faculty Picture        1961-0012
Younger, Brian                    Kindergarden Picture  1974-0066
Younger, Brian           1st Grade Picture        1975-0026
Younger, Bryan         2nd Grade Picture        1977-0027
Younger, Bryan         3rd Grade Picture        1978-0023
Younger, Bryan         4th Grade Picture        1979-0023
Younger, Doug          Faculty Picture        1964-0014
Younger, Doug          Faculty Picture        1965-0009
Younger, Doug          Faculty Picture        1966-0010
Younger, Doug          Beta Club Picture        1966-0044
Younger, Le Ann       2nd Grade Picture        1978-0024
Younger, Leann         1st Grade Picture        1977-0027
Younger, Lee Ann     3rd Grade Picture        1979-0024
Youngs Lumber Co., Graham                    Advertising                  1952-0127