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Index  of Jacksboro High School Yearbooks
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Index of group pictures, individuals in pictures, advertisers, and major articles
(15,264 names in index. For 1955 and after, only faculty pictures, individual class pictures, favorites pictures and advertising with pictures were indexed)(There were errors in some of the names - Look for alternate spellings)
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Person or Item         Type of Picture        Year-Page Number

C.A. Green Humble Station                    Advertisement           1952-0105
C.A. Green Service Station                    Advertisement           1954-0155
C.B. Shaw Indurance Agency                    Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0114
C.B. Shaw Inshrance Agency                    Advertisement           1952-0104
C.B. Shaw Inshrance Agency                    Advertisement           1953-0119
C.C. 'Jack' Hulsey Humble Service Station                    Advertisement           1953-0129
C.D. Hartnett Co. Grocers, Weatherford                    Advertisement           1949-0132
C.D. Hartnett Co. Grocers, Weatherford                    Advertisement           1951-0112
C.D. Hartnett Co. Grocers, Weatherford                    Advertisement           1952-0106
C.D. Hartnett Co. Grocers, Weatherford                    Advertisement           1953-0125
C.D. Hartnett Co. Grocers, Weatherford                    Advertisement           1954-0145
C.D. Samburger & Furrh Lumber                    Advertisement           1949-0123
C.D. Shamburger & Furrh Lumber Co.                    Advertisement           1952-0099
C.D. Shamburger & Furrh Lumber Co., Wichita Falls                    Advertisement           1951-0110
C.D. Shamburger-Furrh Lumber Co.                    Advertisement           1953-0117
C.D. Shamburger-Furrh Lumber Co. - Jack LaBarr, Jerry Brooks & Oscar Jackson, Jr.                    Advertisement           1954-0140
C.F. Roland Candy Vending Machines                    Advertisement/Picture                    1954-0141
C.F., 'Jessie'        Baseball Picture        1922-0039
Caddell, Dale            Award Picture        1977-0028
Caddell, Dale            Freshman Picture        1977-0131
Caddell, Dale                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0041
Caddell, Dale            Award From Teachers                    1978-0079
Caddell, Dale            Junior Picture        1979-0024
Caddell, Dale            Award From Teachers                    1979-0070
Caddell, Dale            FFA Award Picture                    1979-0101
Caddell, Dana           Freshman Picture        1978-0047
Caddell, Dana                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0028
Caddell, Dana           Award From Teachers                    1979-0071
Caddell, Dana           Who's Who Picture                    1979-0076
Caddell, Dana           Favorites Picture        1979-0077
Caddell, Dawn          Freshman Picture        1976-0111
Caddell, Dawn                    Cheerleader Picture     1977-0044
Caddell, Dawn          Award From Teachers                    1977-0079
Caddell, Dawn                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0125
Caddell, Dawn          Junior Picture        1978-0034
Caddell, Dawn          Award From Teachers                    1978-0079
Caddell, Dawn          Favorites Picture        1978-0087
Caddell, Dawn          Senior Picture        1979-0009
Caddell, Dawn          Award From Teachers                    1979-0071
Caddell, Dawn          Favorites Picture        1979-0078
Caddell, Dawn          FFA Award Picture                    1979-0101
Caddell, Joyce          Faculty Picture        1967-0014
Caddell, Joyce          Faculty Picture        1968-0016
Caddell, Joyce          Faculty Picture        1969-0011
Caddell, Joyce          Faculty Picture        1974-0071
Caddell, Joyce          Faculty Picture        1975-0025
Caddell, Joyce          Faculty Picture        1976-0024
Caddell, Joyce          Faculty Picture        1977-0021
Caddell, Joyce          Faculty Picture        1978-0016
Caddell, Joyce          Faculty Picture        1979-0139
Caddell, Mrs.                    Homecoming Picture  1968-0027
Caddell, Stanley       Faculty Picture        1969-0012
Caddell, Stanley       Faculty Picture        1970-0012
Caddell, Stanley       Faculty Picture        1971-0010
Caddell, Stanley       Faculty Picture        1972-0018
Caddell, Stanley       Faculty Picture        1973-0020
Caddell, Stanley       Faculty Picture        1974-0071
Caddell, Stanley       Counselor Picture        1975-0022
Caddell, Stanley       Counselor Picture        1976-0022
Caddell, Stanley       Counselor Picture        1977-0020
Caddell, Stanley       Counselor Picture        1978-0016
Caddell, Stanley       Faculty Picture        1979-0137
Cain, Teresa        Freshman Picture        1962-0089
Cain, Teresa                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0082
Cain, Teresa        Junior Picture        1964-0081
Cain, Teresa        Senior Picture        1965-0099
Cain, Thomas      Class Officer Picture                    1966-0104
Cain, Thomas      Freshman Picture        1966-0105
Cain, Virginia      Freshman Picture        1955-0113
Calcote, Nelda          Freshman Picture        1964-0090
Caldwell, Clint            Freshman Picture        1947-0034
Caldwell, Clint                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0030
Caldwell, Clint            Football Group Picture                    1948-0054
Caldwell, Clint            Kittens Football Picture                    1948-0057
Caldwell, Clint            Junior Picture        1949-0030
Caldwell, Clint            Football Picture        1949-0066
Caldwell, Clint            Basketball Picture        1949-0077
Caldwell, Clint            Future Business Leaders Group Picture                    1949-0087
Calendar                    List                    1922-0047
Calendar of Activities                    List                    1948-0080
Calhoun, Christie      Class Officer Picture                    1970-0108
Calhoun, Christie      Favorites Picture        1970-0108
Calhoun, Christie      Freshman Picture        1970-0109
Calhoun, Christie                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0101
Calhoun, Christie      Junior Picture        1972-0091
Calhoun, Christie      Who's Who Picture                    1973-0076
Calhoun, Christie      Senior Picture        1973-0082
Calhoun, Dale                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0077
Calhoun, Dale            Favorites Picture        1958-0083
Calhoun, Dale            Junior Picture        1958-0101
Calhoun, Dale            Class Officer Picture                    1959-0021
Calhoun, Dale            Favorites Picture        1959-0062
Calhoun, Dale            Who's Who Picture                    1959-0065
Calhoun, Dale            Senior Picture        1959-0077
Calhoun, Dale            Biography                    1959Reun-0013
Calhoun, Dale            Biography                    1959Reun-0014
Calhoun, Danny        Freshman Picture        1964-0090
Calhoun, Danny        Freshman Picture        1965-0116
Calhoun, David         8th Grade Picture        1951-0047
Calhoun, David         Drum Major Picture                    1952-0048
Calhoun, David         Freshman Picture        1952-0083
Calhoun, David         Band Officer Picture                    1953-0045
Calhoun, David                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0093
Calhoun, David         Favorites Picture        1958-0080
Calhoun, David         Class Officer Picture                    1958-0110
Calhoun, David         Freshman Picture        1958-0111
Calhoun, David         Favorites Picture        1959-0057
Calhoun, David         Class Officer Picture                    1959-0090
Calhoun, David                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0091
Calhoun, Dean           Freshman Picture        1971-0112
Calhoun, Dorcas       Freshman Picture        1966-0105
Calhoun, Dorcas       Who's Who Picture                    1967-0062
Calhoun, Dorcas                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0097
Calhoun, Doris                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0082
Calhoun, Doris          Junior Picture        1964-0081
Calhoun, Doyle                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0082
Calhoun, Doyle         Junior Picture        1964-0081
Calhoun, Freddie       Class Officer Picture                    1951-0018
Calhoun, Freddie       Senior Picture        1951-0019
Calhoun, Freddie, Mrs.                    Snapshot                    1953-0020
Calhoun, Gail             Freshman Picture        1972-0102
Calhoun, Gail                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Calhoun, Gail             Who's Who Picture                    1974-0076
Calhoun, Gail             Junior Picture        1974-0087
Calhoun, Gail             Favorites Picture        1975-0035
Calhoun, Gail             Who's Who Picture                    1975-0040
Calhoun, Gail             Band Officer Picture                    1975-0066
Calhoun, Gail             Senior Picture        1975-0086
Calhoun, Mr. & Mrs.                    Parent's Picture        1970-0028
Callahan, Lillian         1904 Flower Girl 1965-0009a
Callahan, Pearl           1906 Senior Picture                    1965-0009a
Callahan, S.O.             Early School Board List                    1965-0009
Callaway, A.B., Mrs.  Advisor Picture        1954-0053
Callaway, Joe                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0030
Callaway, Joe              Junior Picture        1948-0026
Callaway, Joe              Football Picture        1948-0046
Callaway, Joe              Senior Picture        1949-0020
Callaway, Joe              Football Picture        1949-0066
Callaway, Joe              Basketball Picture        1949-0076
Callaway, Neeley        Basketball Group Picture                    1946-0057
Callaway, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1953-0010
Callaway, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1954-0016
Callaway, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1955-0015
Callaway, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1956-0013
Callaway, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1957-0014
Callaway, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1958-0022
Callaway, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1959-0014
Callaway, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1960-0010
Callaway, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1961-0011
Callaway, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1962-0010
Callaway, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1963-0012
Callaway, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1964-0012
Callaway, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1965-0026
Callaway, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1966-0017
Callaway, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1967-0015
Callaway, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1968-0019
Callaway, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1969-0011
Callaway, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1970-0008
Callaway, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1971-0009
Callaway, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1972-0017
Callaway, Ruth           Faculty Picture        1973-0020
Calloway, Joe              Freshman Picture        1946-0043
Calloway, Joe              Group Picture - The Fighting Tigers         1946-0054
Calloway, Joe              Basketball, Junior Boys Group Picture        1947-0051
Calloway, Joe              FFA Group Picture        1947-0056
Calloway, Joe              Football Group Picture                    1948-0044
Calloway, Joe              Distinction Roll List     1949-0050
Camera Club            Group Picture        1949-0096
Campbell, Billy            Junior Picture        1946-0027
Campbell, Billy Ray    Senior Picture        1947-0016
Campbell, Billy Ray    Senior Class Play Group Picture        1947-0063
Campbell, Bobbie                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0030
Campbell, Cindy         Freshman Picture        1972-0102
Campbell, Cindy         Freshman Picture        1973-0098
Campbell, J.C.              Freshman Picture        1975-0104
Campbell, J.C.                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0107
Campbell, Jack            Freshman Picture        1947-0034
Campbell, Jack                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0030
Campbell, Jack            Junior Picture        1949-0030
Campbell, Lee Roy     8th Grade Picture        1949-0046
Campbell, Lee Roy     Book Club Member List                    1949-0094
Campbell, Linda          Freshman Picture        1962-0089
Campbell, Linda                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0082
Campbell, Linda          Junior Picture        1964-0081
Campbell, Linda          Senior Picture        1965-0099
Campbell, Sharon       Freshman Picture        1976-0111
Campbell, Sharon                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0125
Campsey,                     Volleyball Group Picture                    1946-0057
Campsey, Brad            Freshman Picture        1976-0111
Campsey, Brad                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0125
Campsey, Brad            Junior Picture        1978-0034
Campsey, Brad            Award From Teachers                    1978-0078
Campsey, Brad            Class Officer Picture                    1979-0008
Campsey, Brad            Senior Picture        1979-0009
Campsey, Brad            Favorites Picture        1979-0015
Campsey, Brad            Award From Teachers                    1979-0071
Campsey, Brad            FFA Award Picture                    1979-0101
Campsey, Christine    Junior Picture        1946-0027
Campsey, Dorothy     Senior Picture        1946-0019
Campsey, Guinn         School Board Picture                    1975-0021
Campsey, Guinn         School Board Picture                    1976-0021
Campsey, Guinn         School Board Picture                    1977-0018
Campsey, Guinn         School Board Picture                    1978-0014
Campsey, Guinn         School Board Picture                    1979-0134
Campsey, Lilliah         Junior Picture        1946-0027
Campsey, Lilliah         Volleyball Group Picture                    1946-0057
Campsey, Lilliah         Letterman Picture        1947-0050
Campsey, Lilliah Rae  Class Officer Picture                    1947-0015
Campsey, Lilliah Rae  Senior Picture        1947-0016
Campsey, Lilliah Rae  Favorites Group Picture                    1947-0039
Campsey, Lilliah Rae  Football Sweetheart                    1947-0048
Campsey, Lilliah Rae  Baskerball, Girls Group Picture                    1947-0049
Campsey, Lilliah Rae  Volleyball Group Picture                    1947-0051
Campsey, Lilliah Rae  Senior Class Play Group Picture        1947-0063
Campsey, Lillian Rae  FFA Sweetheart Picture                    1946-0061
Campsey, Minnie       Senior Picture        1946-0019
Campsey, Minnie       Volleyball Group Picture                    1946-0057
Campsey, Minnie       List of Fang Staff  1946-0060
Campsey, Ricky          Class Officer Picture                    1970-0108
Campsey, Ricky          Favorites Picture        1970-0108
Campsey, Ricky          Freshman Picture        1970-0109
Campsey, Ricky          Class Officer Picture                    1971-0100
Campsey, Ricky                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0101
Campsey, Ricky          Junior Picture        1972-0091
Campsey, Ricky          Favorites Picture        1973-0075
Campsey, Ricky          Who's Who Picture                    1973-0076
Campsey, Ricky          Class Officer Picture                    1973-0080
Campsey, Ricky          Senior Picture        1973-0082
Campus activities Picture                    Snapshots                    1948-0083
Campus Couples     Snapshots                    1948-0082
Campus Scenes       Snapshots                    1948-0089
Camsy, Loyce         Senior Picture        1946-0019
Cannon, Jo Alice      Freshman Picture        1951-0041
Cannon, Jo Alice                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0079
Cannon, Jo Alice      Senior Picture        1953-0081
Canterbury, Joe              Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Canterbury, Joe                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0107
Canterbury, Joe              Junior Picture        1977-0120
Canterbury, Joe              Senior Picture        1978-0021
Cantrell, Bobby        Junior Picture        1949-0030
Cantrell, Carolene    Freshman Picture        1957-0081
Cantrell, Carolene                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0107
Cantrell, Carolene    Junior Picture        1959-0085
Cantrell, Carolene    Senior Picture        1960-0069
Cantrell, Dale            Freshman Picture        1961-0082
Cantrell, Dale                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0086
Cantrell, Dale            Junior Picture        1963-0078
Cantrell, Dale            Senior Picture        1964-0075
Cantrell, Karen         Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Cantrell, Karen                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0107
Cantrell, Kenneth     Freshman Picture        1951-0041
Cantrell, Kenneth                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0079
Cantrell, Kenneth     Junior Picture        1953-0089
Cantrell, Kenneth     Senior Picture        1954-0107
Cantrell, Lavern        8th Grade Picture        1951-0047
Cantrell, Lavern        Freshman Picture        1952-0083
Cantrell, Lavern        Junior Picture        1954-0117
Cantrell, Laverne                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0093
Cantrell, Marilyn      Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Cantrell, Marilyn                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0077
Cantrell, Marilyn      Junior Picture        1958-0101
Cantrell, Marilyn      Senior Picture        1959-0077
Cantrell, Marilyn (Marilyn Cook)         Biography                    1959Reun-0015
Cantrell, Nolan         Freshman Picture        1948-0034
Cantrell, Nolan                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0036
Cantrell, Theda         Freshman Picture        1958-0111
Cantrell, Theda                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0091
Cantrell, Theda         Class Officer Picture                    1960-0075
Cantrell, Theda         Junior Picture        1960-0076
Cantrell, Theda         Senior Picture        1961-0067
Cantrell, Vicky          Freshman Picture        1973-0098
Cantrell, Vicky                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0091
Cantrell, Vicky          Junior Picture        1975-0094
Carey, Bobby        Freshman Picture        1958-0111
Carey, Bobby                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0091
Carey, Bobby        Class Officer Picture                    1960-0075
Carey, Bobby        Junior Picture        1960-0076
Carey, Bobby        Senior Picture        1961-0067
Carlton, Nita Sprague                    Biography                    1959Reun-0048
Carlton, Nita Sprague                    Biography                    1959Reun-0049
Carney, Joan            Freshman Picture        1948-0034
Carney, Joan                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0036
Carney, Joan            Basketball Picture        1949-0078
Carney, Joan            Senior Picture        1951-0019
Carney, Ruby Nell  Freshman Picture        1949-0042
Carpenter, David         Freshman Picture        1978-0047
Carpenter, David         Favorites Picture        1978-0087
Carpenter, David         Class Officer Picture                    1979-0028
Carpenter, David                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0028
Carpenter, David         Award From Teachers                    1979-0071
Carpenter, David         Favorites Picture        1979-0078
Carpenter, Jaroy          Freshman Picture        1976-0111
Carpenter, Jaroy                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0126
Carpenter, Jaroy          Junior Picture        1978-0034
Carpenter, Jaroy          Senior Picture        1979-0009
Carpenter, Jaroy          Award From Teachers                    1979-0070
Carpenter, Kathi          Freshman Picture        1972-0102
Carpenter, Kathi                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Carpenter, Kathi          Junior Picture        1974-0087
Carpenter, Kathi          Favorites Picture        1975-0035
Carpenter, Kathi          Who's Who Picture                    1975-0038
Carpenter, Kathi          Senior Picture        1975-0086
Carpenter, Kathi          Award Picture        1975-0106
Carpenter, Pearle, Mrs.                    Speaker Picture        1979-0039
Carr, Dale            Faculty Picture        1973-0017
Carr, Dale            Faculty Picture        1974-0072
Carr, Dale            Faculty Picture        1975-0023
Carr, Dale            Faculty Picture        1976-0026
Carr, Dale            Faculty Picture        1977-0022
Carr, Dale            Class Officer Picture                    1977-0024
Carr, Dale            Faculty Picture        1978-0016
Carr, Dale            Faculty Picture        1979-0136
Carter, Ricky          Freshman Picture        1968-0112
Carter, Ricky                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0099
Carter, Ricky          Junior Picture        1970-0098
Carter, Ricky          Senior Picture        1971-0087
Carter, Susan         Freshman Picture        1976-0111
Carter, Terry          Freshman Picture        1970-0109
Carter, Terry                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0101
Carter, Terry                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0096
Carter, Terry          Football Picture        1973-0063
Carter, Terry          Favorites Picture        1973-0088
Carter, Terry          Junior Picture        1973-0089
Cartoon                    Cartoon                    1949-0133
Cartwright, Ricky          Freshman Picture        1968-0112
Cartwright, Ricky                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0099
Cartwright, Ricky          Junior Picture        1970-0098
Cartwright, Ricky          Senior Picture        1971-0087
Caruthers, Melina                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0091
Caruthers, Melina        Junior Picture        1957-0071
Caruthers, Melina        Class Officer Picture                    1958-0090
Caruthers, Melina        Senior Picture        1958-0091
Carver, Barbara      Freshman Picture        1951-0041
Carver, Barbara                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0079
Casey, Eastin         Freshman Picture        1977-0131
Casey, Eastin                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0041
Casey, Eastin         Junior Picture        1979-0025
Casey, Elaine                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0104
Casey, Elaine         Junior Picture        1971-0095
Casey, Elaine         Senior Picture        1972-0081
Casey, Scheryl                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0107
Caster, Clinton       Basketball, Junior Boys Group Picture        1947-0051
Castleberry, Bertha    1906 Senior Picture                    1965-0009a
Castleberry, La Vern    Senior Picture        1958-0091
Castleberry, Stewart     Early School Board List                    1965-0009
Catcher, 'Pete'           Baseball Picture        1922-0039
Cate, Frances      8th Grade Picture        1952-0087
Cate, Frances      8th Grade Picture        1953-0103
Cate, Mary                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0093
Cate, Mary L.                 Freshman Picture        1952-0083
Cate, Mary Louise        8th Grade Picture        1951-0047
Cate, Ruth                    Junior Picture        1951-0031
Cate, Ruth                    Senior Picture        1952-0069
Cathey, Hylia                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0028
Catlin, James         Class Officer Picture                    1966-0104
Catlin, James         Freshman Picture        1966-0105
Catlin, James                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0097
Catlin, James         Junior Picture        1968-0103
Catlin, James         Senior Picture        1969-0088
Catlin, Karen         Freshman Picture        1964-0090
Catlin, Karen                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0112
Catlin, Karen         Junior Picture        1966-0095
Catlin, Karen         Who's Who Picture                    1967-0059
Catlin, Karen         Senior Picture        1967-0084
Catlin, Laura          Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Catlin, Laura                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0104
Catlin, Laura          Junior Picture        1971-0095
Catlin, Laura          Senior Picture        1972-0081
Catlin, William       Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Catlin, William                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0107
Catlin, William       Junior Picture        1977-0120
Catlin, William       Senior Picture        1978-0022
Caudle, Billye          Freshman Picture        1959-0095
Caudle, Billye                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0079
Caudle, Billye          Senior Picture        1962-0075
Caufal, Joe Ray             Freshman Picture        1948-0034
Cave, Nancy        Faculty Picture        1962-0010
Cecil B. Shaw Insurance Co.                    Advertisement           1951-0103
Chambers, Wayne       Freshman Picture        1964-0092
Champ Clark Oil & Butane Co.                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0116
Champ Clark Oil & Butane Co.                    Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0105
Champ Clark Oil & Butane Co.                    Advertisement/Picture                    1961-0106
Champ Clark Oil & Butane Co.                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0105
Champ Clark Oil Co.                    Advertisement           1953-0115
Champ Clark Oil Co.                    Advertisement           1954-0142
Chapman, Deborah     Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Chapman, Deborah                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0104
Chapman, Deborah     Junior Picture        1971-0095
Chapman, Dennis       Faculty Picture        1967-0016
Chapman, Dennis       Faculty Picture        1968-0019
Chapman, Dennis       Faculty Picture        1969-0011
Chapman, Dennis       Faculty Picture        1970-0009
Chapman, Dennis       Faculty Picture        1971-0008
Chapman, Dennis       Faculty Picture        1972-0016
Chapman, Dennis       Faculty Picture        1973-0018
Chapman, Dennis       Faculty Picture        1974-0071
Chapman, Dennis       Faculty Picture        1975-0025
Chapman, Dennis       Faculty Picture        1976-0023
Chapman, Dennis       Faculty Picture        1977-0021
Chapman, Dennis       Faculty Picture        1978-0016
Chapman, Julie            Freshman Picture        1970-0109
Chapman, Julie                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0101
Chapman, Karol          Faculty Picture        1970-0008
Chapman, Karol          Faculty Picture        1973-0017
Chapman, Karol          Faculty Picture        1974-0071
Chapman, Margaret    Freshman Picture        1966-0105
Chapman, Margaret                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0097
Chapman, Margaret    Junior Picture        1968-0103
Chapman, Margaret    Senior Picture        1969-0088
Chapman, Sue                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0121
Chapman, Sue             Junior Picture        1955-0105
Chapman, Sue             Favorites Picture        1956-0059
Chapman, Sue             Senior Picture        1956-0078
Chappell, Alfred         Senior Picture        1953-0081
Charles E. King Herefords, Jermyn                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0137
Charles E. King Herefords, Jermyn                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0132
Charlie Grace Drilling Co.                    Advertisement           1953-0129
Charlie Grace Drilling Co.                    Advertisement           1954-0143
Charlie Grace Drilling Co.                    Advertisement/Picture                    1955-0125
Charlie Grace Drilling Co.                    Advertisement/Picture                    1956-0107
Charlie Grace Drilling Co.                    Advertisement/Picture                    1957-0121
Charlie Grace Drilling Co.                    Advertisement/Picture                    1958-0121
Chase, Lynn           1903 Senior List 1965-0008
Cheerleaders                  Group Picture-Last Names                    1949-0074
Cheerleaders                  Group Picture        1948-0052
Cherryhomes, Bill        Freshman Picture        1965-0116
Cherryhomes, Bill                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0101
Cherryhomes, Bill        Junior Picture        1967-0091
Cherryhomes, Billy      Senior Picture        1968-0097
Cherryhomes, Doris                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0079
Cherryhomes, Doris    Junior Picture        1953-0089
Cherryhomes, Doris                    Cheerleader Picture     1954-0035
Cherryhomes, Doris    Senior Picture        1954-0107
Cherryhomes, Lynelle 8th Grade Picture        1952-0087
Cherryhomes, Lynelle Freshman Picture        1953-0099
Cherryhomes, Lynelle                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0121
Cherryhomes, Lynelle Junior Picture        1955-0105
Cherryhomes, Lynelle Senior Picture        1956-0078
Cherryhomes, Margaret Sue Gregg         Biography                    1959Reun-0033
Cherryhomes, Mike     Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Cherryhomes, Mike                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0077
Cherryhomes, Mike     Junior Picture        1958-0101
Cherryhomes, Mike     Who's Who Picture                    1959-0066
Cherryhomes, Mike     Senior Picture        1959-0077
Cherryhomes, Mike     Biography                    1959Reun-0016
Cherryhomes, Paul      8th Grade Picture        1951-0047
Cherryhomes, Paul      Freshman Picture        1952-0083
Cherryhomes, Paul                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0093
Cherryhomes, Paul      Football Picture        1954-0094
Cherryhomes, Paul      Junior Picture        1954-0117
Cherryhomes, Paul      Senior Picture        1955-0093
Cherryhomes, Pete      Freshman Picture        1962-0089
Cherryhomes, Pete                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0082
Cherryhomes, Pete      Class Officer Picture                    1964-0080
Cherryhomes, Pete      Junior Picture        1964-0081
Cherryhomes, Pete      Who's Who Picture                    1965-0076
Cherryhomes, Pete      Class Officer Picture                    1965-0098
Cherryhomes, Pete      Senior Picture        1965-0099
Cherryhomes, Thomas                    School Board Picture                    1947-0010
Cherryhomes, Thomas                    School Board Picture                    1948-0009
Cherryhomes, Thomas                    School Board Picture                    1948-0010
Cherryhomes, Thomas                    School Board Picture                    1949-0013
Cherryhomes, Thomas                    School Board Picture                    1951-0012
Cherryhomes, Thomas                    School Board Picture                    1951-0013
Cherryhomes, Thomas                    School Board Picture                    1952-0012
Cherryhomes, Wendell                    8th Grade Picture        1951-0047
Cherryhomes, Wendell                    8th Grade Picture        1952-0087
Cherryhomes, Wendell                    Freshman Picture        1953-0099
Cherryhomes, Wendell                    Football Picture        1954-0094
Cherryhomes, Wendell                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0121
Cherryhomes, Wendell                    Junior Picture        1955-0105
Cherryhomes, Wendell                    Senior Picture        1956-0078
Chinese Garden       Cartoon                    1948-0076
Choral Club            Group Picture        1952-0050
Choral Club            Group Picture        1954-0064
Christian, Ima Jean     Junior Picture        1946-0027
Christian, Ima Jean     Senior Picture        1947-0016
Christian, Ima Jean     FHA Group Picture                    1947-0058
Christian, Ima Jean     Senior Class Play Group Picture        1947-0063
Christian, Jeanie         Freshman Picture        1962-0089
Christian, Jeanie                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0082
Christian, Jeanie         Junior Picture        1964-0081
Christian, Jeanie         Queen Picture        1965-0069
Christian, Jeanie         Sweetheart Picture        1965-0072
Christian, Jeanie         Senior Picture        1965-0100
Christian, Jerome        Freshman Picture        1972-0102
Christian, Jerome        Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Christian, Jerome                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0091
Christian, Jerome        Senior Picture        1975-0086
Christian, Lewis          Freshman Picture        1968-0112
Christian, Lewis                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0099
Christian, Lewis          Junior Picture        1970-0098
Christian, Lewis          Who's Who Picture                    1971-0064
Christian, Lewis          Senior Picture        1971-0087
Christy, Deanna                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0091
Circles, Betty          Freshman Picture        1965-0116
Cissell, Leah           Freshman Picture        1970-0109
Cissell, Leah                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0101
Cissell, Leah           Large Picture        1971-0103
Cissell, Leah           Junior Picture        1972-0091
Cissell, Leah           Large Picture        1972-0091
Cissell, Leah           Senior Picture        1973-0082
City Bakery - J.D. Bynum                    Advertizement           1922-0058
City Barber Shop                    Advertisement           1946-0077
City Barber Shop                    Advertisement           1947-0074
City Barber Shop                    Advertisement           1948-0103
City Beauty Shop - Rudi & Margaret Hess                    Advertisement           1953-0126
City Cash Grocery                    Advertisement           1946-0075
City Cash Grocery                    Advertisement           1949-0125
City Cash Grocery                    Advertisement           1952-0107
City Cash Grocery                    Advertisement           1953-0123
City Cash Grocery                    Advertisement           1954-0152
City Cash Grocery                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0117
City Cash Grocery                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0099
City Cash Grocery                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0099
City Cash Grocery                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0128
City Cash Grocery                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0111
City Cash Grocery                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0124
City Cash Grocery                    Advertisement/Picture                    1971-0137
City Cash Grocery - Carroll & Lois Porter                    Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0123
City Cash Meats                    Advertisement           1951-0114
City Drug                    Advertisement           1951-0101
City Drug                    Advertisement           1952-0094
City Drug Store                    Advertisement           1946-0066
City Drug Store                    Advertisement           1947-0076
City Drug Store                    Advertisement           1948-0093
City Drug Store                    Advertisement           1949-0108
City Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1953-0110
City Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1954-0135
City Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1955-0119
City Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1956-0100
City Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1957-0112
City Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1958-0116
City Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0103
City Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0089
City Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1961-0090
City Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0098
City Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0101
City Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0124
City Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0131
City Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1970-0119
City Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1971-0116
City Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0117
City Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0103
City Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1974-0101
City Fabric Shoppe                    Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0110
City Garage - R.L. Fitzgerald & H.J. Roth                    Advertisement           1922-0054
City of Jacksboro - Henry D. Hurd, Charles H. Geer, L.E. 'Pete' Grace, Stella Hensley & C.C. Humphries                    Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0088
City of Jacksboro - Henry D. Hurd, Charles H. Geer, L.E. 'Pete' Grace, Stella Hensley & C.C. Humphries                    Advertisement/Picture                    1961-0091
City of Jacksboro - J.L. Lacewell, Don Gardner, F.C. Heard, Lorraine McCoy & R.H. Tate                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0110
City of Jacksboro - J.L. Lacewell, Don Gardner, F.C. Heard, Lorraine McCoy & R.H. Tate                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0110
City of Jacksboro - J.L. Lacewell, Henry Hurd, Charles Geer, Lorraine McCoy & R.H. Tate                    Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0116
City of Jacksboro - List of Officials                    Advertisement           1949-0122
City of Jacksboro - Lists Officials                    Advertisement/Picture                    1948-0106
City of Jacksboro - Lists Officials                    Advertisement/Picture                    1951-0121
City of Jacksboro - Lists Officials                    Advertisement/Picture                    1952-0097
City of Jacksboro - Lists Officials                    Advertisement/Picture                    1953-0112
City of Jacksboro - Lists Officials                    Advertisement/Picture                    1954-0137
City of Jacksboro - Lists Officials                    Advertisement/Picture                    1955-0122
City of Jacksboro - Lists Officials                    Advertisement/Picture                    1956-0101
City of Jacksboro - Lists Officials                    Advertisement/Picture                    1957-0115
City of Jacksboro - Lists Officials                    Advertisement/Picture                    1958-0115
City of Jacksboro - Lists Officials                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0105
City of Jacksboro - Pete Simons, Charles H. Geer, Dr. A.F. Little, Stella Hensley & C.C. Humphries                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0096
City of Jacksboro - Pete Simons, Charles H. Geer, Dr. A.F. Little, Stella Hensley & C.C. Humphries                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0115
City of Jacksboro - Pete Simons, Charles H. Geer, F.C. Heard, Lorraine McCoy & R.H. Tate                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0122
City of Jacksboro - Pete Simons, Charles H. Geer, F.C. Heard, Stella Hensley & R.H. Tate                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0095
Cladwell, Clint            El Chico Club Group Picture                    1949-0088
Clark & Reese Oil - Champ Clark & O.A. 'Jimmy' Reese                    Advertisement           1946-0076
Clark, Annetta     Freshman Picture        1967-0103
Clark, Annetta                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0107
Clark, Annette     Junior Picture        1969-0094
Clark, Annette     Senior Picture        1970-0096
Clark, Elsie                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0091
Clark, Elsie                    Junior Picture        1957-0071
Clark, Elsie                    Who's Who Picture                    1958-0086
Clark, Elsie Joan            Senior Picture        1958-0092
Clark, Jim                    Junior Picture        1956-0087
Clark, Jim                    Senior Picture        1957-0061
Clark, Jim                    Football Picture        1957-0102
Clark, John           Freshman Picture        1971-0112
Clark, Joyce          Junior Picture        1953-0089
Clark, Lonnie        Freshman Picture        1960-0083
Clark, Lonnie                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0078
Clark, Lonnie        Junior Picture        1965-0107
Clark, Marsha      Freshman Picture        1961-0082
Clark, Marsha      Favorites Picture        1962-0040
Clark, Marsha                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0086
Clark, Marsha      Junior Picture        1963-0078
Clark, Marsha      Favorites Picture        1964-0034
Clark, Marsha      Senior Picture        1964-0076
Clark, Nina Smith Biography                    1959Reun-0047
Clark, Patricia       Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Clark, Patty                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0077
Clark, Patty           Junior Picture        1958-0101
Clark, Patty           Sweetheart Picture        1959-0064
Clark, Patty           Senior Picture        1959-0077
Clark, Patty (Patty Gunter Geer)           Biography                    1959Reun-0017
Clark, Roger         Coach Picture        1974-0058
Clark, Roger         Faculty Picture        1974-0072
Clark, Roger         Faculty Picture        1975-0026
Clark, Roger         Coach Picture        1975-0070
Clark, Tony          Class Officer Picture                    1951-0046
Clark, Tony          8th Grade Picture        1951-0047
Clark, Tony          Freshman Picture        1952-0083
Clark, Tony          FFA Officer Picture                    1953-0039
Clark, Tony                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0093
Clark, Tony          Football Picture        1954-0094
Clark, Tony          Junior Picture        1954-0117
Clark, Tony          Favorites Picture        1955-0072
Clark, Tony          Senior Picture        1955-0093
Claude Gregg Motor Co                    Advertisement           1946-0067
Clay Building Material Co.                    Advertisement           1952-0106
Clay Building Material Co.                    Advertisement           1953-0127
Clay Building Material Co.                    Advertisement           1954-0153
Clay Building Materials                    Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0108
Clay, Barbara      Freshman Picture        1962-0089
Clay, Barbara                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0082
Clay, Barbara      Junior Picture        1964-0081
Clay, Barbara      Senior Picture        1965-0100
Clay, Charles       Junior Picture        1947-0024
Clay, Charlie                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0035
Clay, Charlie        FFA Group Picture        1947-0056
Clay, Charlie        Basketball Group Picture                    1947-0089
Clay, Charlie        Letterman Picture        1947-0090
Clay, Charlie        Senior Picture        1948-0016
Clay, Denise        Freshman Picture        1971-0107
Clay, Denise                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0096
Clay, Denise        Junior Picture        1973-0089
Clay, Denise        Senior Picture        1974-0081
Clay, Eddie          Freshman Picture        1965-0116
Clay, Eddie                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0101
Clay, Eddie          Junior Picture        1967-0091
Clay, Eddie          Senior Picture        1968-0097
Clay, Jamie          Freshman Picture        1972-0103
Clay, Jamie                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Clay, Jamie          Junior Picture        1974-0087
Clay, Jamie          Senior Picture        1975-0086
Clay, Janice         Freshman Picture        1963-0086
Clay, Janice                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0086
Clay, Janice         Senior Picture        1966-0087
Clay, Janis           Junior Picture        1965-0107
Clay, Lynn           Freshman Picture        1967-0103
Clay, Lynn                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0107
Clay, Lynn           Favorites Picture        1969-0056
Clay, Lynn           Junior Picture        1969-0094
Clay, Lynn           Senior Picture        1970-0089
Clay, Marie          Junior Picture        1946-0027
Clay, Melvin       Freshman Picture        1965-0116
Clay, Melvin                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0101
Clay, Melvin       Favorites Picture        1967-0056
Clay, Melvin       Junior Picture        1967-0091
Clay, Melvin       Senior Picture        1968-0097
Clay, Mrs.            Parent Picture        1973-0024
Claypool, Stephen     Freshman Picture        1968-0112
Clayton, Billy            Freshman Picture        1949-0042
Clayton, Billy            Kitten's Football Group Picture                    1949-0082
Clayton, Billy            Junior Picture        1951-0031
Clayton, Billy            Favorites Picture        1951-0055
Clayton, Billy            Football Picture        1951-0070
Clayton, Billy            Football Picture        1952-0019
Clayton, Billy                    International Club Officer Picture                    1952-0037
Clayton, Billy            Senior Picture        1952-0069
Clayton, Connie       Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Clayton, Darla           Junior Picture        1978-0035
Clayton, Floyd          Senior Picture        1956-0078
Clayton, Greg                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0098
Clayton, Greg            Junior Picture        1976-0102
Clayton, Greg            Senior Picture        1977-0105
Clayton, Jerry           Freshman Picture        1967-0103
Clayton, Jerry                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0107
Clayton, Jimmy         Freshman Picture        1972-0103
Clayton, Jimmy                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Clayton, Jimmy         Junior Picture        1974-0087
Clayton, Jimmy         Senior Picture        1975-0086
Clayton, Linda          Freshman Picture        1958-0111
Clayton, Mickey       Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Clayton, Mickey                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0104
Clayton, Mickey       Junior Picture        1971-0095
Clayton, Mickey       Senior Picture        1972-0081
Clayton, Mildred      8th Grade Picture        1951-0047
Clayton, Mildred      Freshman Picture        1952-0083
Clayton, Mildred                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0093
Clayton, Odell           Junior Picture        1949-0030
Clayton, Paula          Junior Picture        1977-0120
Clayton, Paula          Senior Picture        1978-0022
Clayton, Randy        Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Clayton, Randy                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0107
Clayton, Rebecca     Freshman Picture        1968-0112
Clayton, Rebecca     Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Clayton, Stanley       Freshman Picture        1967-0103
Clayton, Stanley                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0107
Cleason, William       Senior Picture        1947-0017
Clements, Paul            Freshman Picture        1967-0103
Clepper, Vickie         Freshman Picture        1963-0086
Clerihew Appliances                    Advertisement           1954-0147
Clerihew Appliances - George Clerihew                    Advertisement           1953-0127
Clerihew, Arthur        Who's Who Picture                    1974-0076
Clerihew, Arthur        Senior Picture        1974-0081
Clerihew, James         Freshman Picture        1971-0107
Clerihew, James         Junior Picture        1973-0089
Clerihew, Patricia       Faculty Picture        1971-0009
Clerihew, Patricia       Faculty Picture        1972-0016
Clerihew, Patricia       Faculty Picture        1973-0017
Clerihew, Rex              Freshman Picture        1979-0032
Clerihew, Susan         Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Clerihew, Susan                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0091
Clerihew, Susan         Who's Who Picture                    1975-0039
Clerihew, Susan         Junior Picture        1975-0094
Clerihew, Susan         Who's Who Picture                    1976-0056
Clerihew, Susan         Senior Picture        1976-0092
Clerihew, Walter        Junior Picture        1947-0024
Clerihew, Walter        Senior Picture        1948-0016
Clerihew. James                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0096
Cleveland, Donald       School Board Picture                    1967-0011
Cleveland, Donald       School Board Picture                    1968-0009
Cleveland, Donald       School Board Picture                    1969-0009
Cleveland, Donald       School Board Picture                    1970-0007
Cleveland, Donald       School Board Picture                    1971-0006
Cleveland, Marsha      Freshman Picture        1968-0112
Cleveland, Marsha                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0099
Cleveland, Marsha      Class Officer Picture                    1970-0097
Cleveland, Marsha      Junior Picture        1970-0098
Cleveland, Marsha      Senior Picture        1971-0087
Cleveland, William       Freshman Picture        1964-0090
Cleveland, William                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0112
Cleveland, William       Award Picture        1966-0083
Cleveland, William       Junior Picture        1966-0095
Cleveland, William       Favorites Picture        1967-0043
Cleveland, William       Favorites Picture        1967-0056
Cleveland, William       Class Officer Picture                    1967-0082
Cleveland, William       Senior Picture        1967-0084
Cliffton, Wysonda  Junior Picture        1946-0027
Clifton,                    Volleyball Group Picture                    1946-0057
Clifton, Jerry                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0101
Clinton, Easter         FFA Group Picture        1947-0056
Club Café                    Advertisement/Picture                    1948-0101
Club Café                    Advertisement           1949-0116
Club Café - Elmo Phillips                    Advertisement           1951-0116
Coach, 'Johnnie'     Baseball Picture        1922-0039
Coan, Cliff             Senior Picture        1975-0086
Coan, Clifford       Freshman Picture        1972-0103
Coan, Clifford                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Coan, Clifford       Junior Picture        1974-0087
Coan, Kay             Freshman Picture        1976-0112
Coan, Lera            Class Officer Picture                    1974-0094
Coan, Lera            Freshman Picture        1974-0095
Coan, Lera                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0098
Coca-Cola Bottling Co                    Advertisement           1949-0127
Cochran, Helen          Freshman Picture        1967-0103
Cochran, Helen                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0107
Cochran, Helen          Junior Picture        1969-0094
Cochran, Helen          Senior Picture        1970-0089
Cofal, Joe Ray             Football Group Picture                    1948-0054
Coffman, Charles       Freshman Picture        1960-0083
Coffman, Charles                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0078
Coffman, Charles       Junior Picture        1962-0082
Coffman, Charles       Senior Picture        1963-0071
Coffman, Pam             Class Officer Picture                    1968-0106
Coffman, Pam                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0107
Coffman, Pam             Junior Picture        1969-0094
Coffman, Pam             Queen Picture        1970-0018
Coffman, Pam             Senior Picture        1970-0089
Coffman, Vera            Who's Who Picture                    1959-0065
Coffman, Vera            Senior Picture        1959-0078
Coffman, Vera Faye  Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Coffman, Vera Faye                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0077
Coffman, Vera Faye  Junior Picture        1958-0101
Coiffure Desighing                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0107
Colbert, Floyd          Favorites Picture        1968-0075
Colbert, Floyd          Freshman Picture        1968-0112
Colbert, Floyd          Football Picture        1969-0075
Colbert, Floyd                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0099
Colbert, Floyd          Favorites Picture        1970-0097
Colbert, Floyd          Junior Picture        1970-0098
Colbert, Floyd          Award Picture        1971-0055
Colbert, Floyd          Senior Picture        1971-0087
Colbert, Floyd          Favorites Picture        1971-0087
Colbert, Richard      Favorites Picture        1971-0107
Colbert, Richard      Freshman Picture        1971-0107
Colbert, Richard                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0096
Colbert, Richard      Junior Picture        1973-0089
Colbert, Richard      Football Picture        1974-0057
Colbert, Richard      Senior Picture        1974-0081
Colbert, Ronald       Favorites Picture        1969-0102
Colbert, Ronald       Junior Picture        1971-0095
Colbert, Ronnie       Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Colbert, Ronnie                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0104
Colbert, Ronnie       Football Picture        1972-0034
Colbert, Ronnie       Football Picture        1972-0035
Colbert, Ronnie       Class Officer Picture                    1972-0080
Colbert, Ronnie       Senior Picture        1972-0082
Colbert, Sandra        Freshman Picture        1957-0081
Colbert, Sandra                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0107
Colbert, Sandra                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0091
Colbert, Sandra        Senior Picture        1960-0069
Cole Virginia                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0035
Cole, Cathy         Class Officer Picture                    1974-0094
Cole, Cathy         Freshman Picture        1974-0095
Cole, Charles       Freshman Picture        1970-0109
Cole, Charles                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0101
Cole, Charles                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0096
Cole, Chuck         Class Officer Picture                    1973-0098
Cole, Chuck         Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Cole, Chuck         Class Officer Picture                    1974-0036
Cole, Chuck                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0091
Cole, Chuck         Junior Picture        1975-0094
Cole, Chuck         Senior Picture        1976-0092
Cole, Judy           Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Cole, Judy           Class Officer Picture                    1976-0106
Cole, Judy                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0107
Cole, Judy           Junior Picture        1977-0121
Cole, Judy           Senior Picture        1978-0022
Cole, Kathy         Class Officer Picture                    1975-0097
Cole, Kathy                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0098
Cole, Kathy         Class Officer Picture                    1976-0102
Cole, Kathy         Junior Picture        1976-0102
Cole, Kathy         Queen Picture        1977-0067
Cole, Kathy         Queen Picture        1977-0075
Cole, Kathy         Who's Who Picture                    1977-0077
Cole, Kathy         Senior Picture        1977-0105
Cole, Linda          Freshman Picture        1965-0116
Cole, Linda                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0101
Cole, Linda                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0097
Cole, Linda          Junior Picture        1968-0103
Cole, Norma        Freshman Picture        1958-0111
Cole, Norma                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0091
Cole, Norma        Junior Picture        1960-0076
Cole, Norma        Senior Picture        1961-0067
Cole, Virginia      Junior Picture        1947-0024
Cole, Virginia      FHA Group Picture                    1947-0058
Coleman, Debra L.     Senior Picture        1975-0086
Coley, Billie           Tiger's Tale Staff Group Picture        1947-0061
Coley, Carol           Freshman Picture        1959-0095
Coley, Carol                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0079
Coley, Carol           Junior Picture        1961-0074
Coley, Carol           Senior Picture        1962-0075
Coleys Service Station - Pete Coley                    Advertisement           1953-0124
Coley's Service Station & Motel                    Advertisement           1954-0156
College Hill General Store                    Advertisement           1952-0103
College Hill General Store                    Advertisement           1953-0129
College Hill Grocery                    Advertisement           1948-0105
College Hill Laudry & Automatic Dry Cleaners                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0103
College Hill Laundry                    Advertisement/Picture                    1949-0121
College Hill Laundry                    Advertisement           1952-0103
College Hill Laundry                    Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0125
College Hill Laundry - Mr. & Mrs. James M. Simpson                    Advertisement           1953-0129
College Hill Laundry - Mr. & Mrs. James M. Simpson                    Advertisement           1954-0152
College Hill Steam Laundry                    Advertisement           1948-0105
Collie, Tommy       Freshman Picture        1965-0116
Collie, Tommy                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0101
Collie, Tommy       Class Officer Picture                    1967-0032
Collie, Tommy       Beau Picture        1967-0040
Collie, Tommy       Junior Picture        1967-0091
Collie, Tommy       Favorites Picture        1968-0029
Collie, Tommy       Class Officer Picture                    1968-0036
Collie, Tommy       Senior Picture        1968-0097
Collins Dress Shop                    Advertisement           1949-0117
Collins, Earline        Freshman Picture        1953-0099
Collins, Guy                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0030
Collins, Guy                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0039
Collins, Janine         Freshman Picture        1978-0047
Collom Treva          Freshman Picture        1977-0131
Collom, Kenny        Freshman List             1976-0111
Collum, Kristi          Freshman Picture        1979-0032
Colwell, Maudie Lee                    Freshman Picture        1948-0034
Colwell, Maudie Lee                    Freshman Picture        1949-0042
Connell                    1917-1918 Superintendent                    1965-0009
Conner                    Cartoon                    1948-0088
Conner,                     Basketball Group Picture                    1947-0089
Conner,                     Letterman Picture        1947-0090
Conner, Alan           Freshman Picture        1965-0116
Conner, Alan                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0101
Conner, Diana          Freshman Picture        1962-0089
Conner, Diana                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0082
Conner, Diana          Junior Picture        1964-0082
Conner, Diana          Senior Picture        1965-0100
Conner, Gary            Freshman Picture        1968-0112
Conner, Gary            Class Officer Picture                    1969-0098
Conner, Gary                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0099
Conner, Gary            Junior Picture        1970-0098
Conner, Gary            Senior Picture        1971-0087
Conner, Gene           8th Grade Picture        1954-0129
Conner, Gene           Freshman Picture        1955-0113
Conner, Gene                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0091
Conner, Gene           Junior Picture        1957-0071
Conner, Gene           Senior Picture        1958-0092
Conner, Horold        Freshman Picture        1967-0103
Conner, Kay                    Sophomore Class Officer Picture                    1946-0034
Conner, Kay                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0035
Conner, Kay             Group Picture - The Fighting Tigers         1946-0054
Conner, Kay             Group Picture - The Fighting Tigers         1946-0054
Conner, Kay             Basketball Picture        1946-0056
Conner, Kay             List of Fang Staff  1946-0060
Conner, Kay             Junior Picture        1947-0024
Conner, Kay             Annual Staff Group Picture                    1947-0060
Conner, Kay             Senior Picture        1948-0016
Conner, Kay             Football Group Picture                    1948-0044
Conner, Kay             Football Picture        1948-0046
Conner, Kay             The Fang Staff List    1948-0069
Conner, Kay             Cast of Play List     1948-0074
Conner, Kay             The Fang Staff List    1948-0107
Conner, Kelly           Freshman Picture        1979-0032
Conner, Laura                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0030
Conner, Laura          Junior Picture        1949-0030
Conner, Laura          Future Business Leaders Group Picture                    1949-0087
Conner, Linda          Freshman Picture        1964-0090
Conner, Linda                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0112
Conner, Linda                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0101
Conner, Linda          Junior Picture        1967-0091
Conner, Nancy        Freshman Picture        1970-0109
Conner, Nancy                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0101
Conner, Nancy        Favorites Picture        1972-0027
Conner, Nancy        Junior Picture        1972-0091
Conner, Nancy        Queen Picture        1973-0023
Conner, Nancy        Who's Who Picture                    1973-0076
Conner, Nancy        Favorites Picture        1973-0078
Conner, Nancy        Senior Picture        1973-0082
Conner, Olin?           Freshman Picture        1967-0103
Conner, Pat              Freshman Picture        1948-0034
Conner, Pat                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0036
Conner, Pat              Book Club Member List                    1949-0094
Conner, Pat              Senior Picture        1951-0020
Conner, Paul K.       Senior Activities List                    1947-0062
Conner, Paula          Freshman Picture        1967-0104
Conner, Paula                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0107
Conner, Paula          Favorites Picture        1969-0026
Conner, Paula          Junior Picture        1969-0094
Conner, Paula                    Cheerleader Picture     1970-0022
Conner, Paula          Favorites Picture        1970-0034
Conner, Paula          Award Picture        1970-0038
Conner, Paula          Senior Picture        1970-0089
Conner, Richard      Junior Picture        1978-0035
Conner, Richard      Senior Picture        1979-0009
Conner, Rita             Freshman Picture        1971-0107
Conner, Rita                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0096
Conner, Sandra        Class Officer Picture                    1959-0094
Conner, Sandra        Freshman Picture        1959-0095
Conner, Sandra                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0079
Conner, Sandra        Sweetheart Picture        1961-0032
Conner, Sandra        Junior Picture        1961-0074
Conner, Sandra        Senior Picture        1962-0075
Conner, Sandy         Editor Picture        1962-0030
Conner, Sandy         Favorites Picture        1962-0048
Conner, Sandy         Favorites Picture        1962-0051
Conner, Sandy         Who's Who Picture                    1962-0052
Conner, Tommy       Freshman Picture        1972-0103
Conner, Tommy                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Conner, Tommy       Junior Picture        1974-0087
Connor, Kay             Favorites - Sophomores                    1946-0050
Connor, Kay             Tiger Tale Staff List    1948-0068
Conway, Jimmy         Freshman Picture        1965-0116
Conway, Jimmy                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0101
Conway, Jimmy         Junior Picture        1967-0091
Conway, Jimmy         Senior Picture        1968-0097
Conway, Kenneth     Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Conway, Kenneth                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0104
Conway, Mickey       Freshman Picture        1959-0095
Conway, Mickey                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0079
Conway, Mickey       Junior Picture        1961-0074
Conway, Mickey       Senior Picture        1962-0075
Conway, Pat                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0077
Conway, Pat              Sweetheart Picture        1959-0064
Conway, Pat              Senior Picture        1959-0078
Conway, Patricia       Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Conway, Patricia       Junior Picture        1958-0101
Conway, Patricia       Freshman Picture        1963-0086
Conway, Patricia                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0086
Conway, Patricia       Junior Picture        1965-0107
Conway, Patricia       Senior Picture        1966-0087
Conway, Patricia (Patricia Herring)     Biography                    1959Reun-0018
Conway, Tim             Freshman Picture        1967-0104
Cook, Angela                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0104
Cook, Angie                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0101
Cook, Brenda       Freshman Picture        1978-0047
Cook, Brenda       Class Officer Picture                    1979-0028
Cook, Brenda                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0028
Cook, Dub                    8th Grade Picture        1954-0129
Cook, Dub                    Freshman Picture        1955-0113
Cook, Jimmy         Freshman Picture        1963-0086
Cook, Jimmy                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0086
Cook, Jimmy         Junior Picture        1965-0107
Cook, Jimmy         King Picture        1966-0032
Cook, Jimmy         Senior Picture        1966-0087
Cook, Lee              Class Officer Picture                    1969-0102
Cook, Lee              Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Cook, Lee                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0104
Cook, Lee              Who's Who Picture                    1971-0067
Cook, Lee              Junior Picture        1971-0095
Cook, Lee              Football Picture        1972-0034
Cook, Lee              Football Picture        1972-0035
Cook, Lee              Favorites Picture        1972-0067
Cook, Lee              Who's Who Picture                    1972-0077
Cook, Lee              Senior Picture        1972-0082
Cook, Marilyn Cantrell                    Biography                    1959Reun-0015
Cook, Pat                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0036
Cook, Pat                    Book Club Member List                    1949-0094
Cook, Paula          Class Officer Picture                    1971-0106
Cook, Paula          Freshman Picture        1971-0107
Cook, Paula          Favorites Picture        1972-0075
Cook, Paula                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0097
Cook, Paula          Large Picture        1972-0098
Cook, Paula          Tuffy Picture        1973-0058
Cook, Paula          Junior Picture        1973-0089
Cook, Paula          Senior Picture        1974-0081
Cook, Sharon       Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Cook, Sharon                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0107
Cook, Sharon       Junior Picture        1977-0121
Cook, Sharon       Senior Picture        1978-0022
Cook, Steve          Junior Picture        1970-0098
Cook, Steve          Senior Picture        1971-0088
Cook, William                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0091
Cook, William A. Junior Picture        1958-0101
Cook, William 'Dub'                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0077
Cooley, Billie           School Secretary Picture                    1947-0009
Cooper, Arba           1902 Senior Picture                    1965-0009a
Cooper, Betty          Junior Picture        1948-0027
Cooper, Betty          Girls Basketball Group Picture        1948-0058
Cooper, Elizabeth                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0035
Cooper, Kylia           Senior Picture        1979-0009
Cooper, Lowell        Freshman Picture        1947-0034
Cooper, Lowell        FFA Group Picture        1947-0056
Cooper, Lowell                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0030
Cooper, Lowell        Junior Picture        1949-0030
Cooper, Lowell        FFA Officers List                    1949-0091
Cooper, Mark           Favorites Picture        1973-0098
Cooper, Mark           Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Cooper, Mark                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0091
Cooper, Mark           Junior Picture        1975-0094
Cooper, Mark           King Picture        1976-0061
Cooper, Mark           Senior Picture        1976-0092
Cooper, Michael                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0098
Cooper, Michael      Senior Picture        1977-0105
Cooper, Mike           Freshman Picture        1974-0095
Cooper, Mike           Junior Picture        1976-0102
Cooper, Pam             Class Officer Picture                    1971-0094
Cooper, Pam             Junior Picture        1971-0095
Cooper, Pam             Favorites Picture        1972-0055
Cooper, Pam             Senior Picture        1972-0082
Cooper, Pamela        Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Cooper, Pamela                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0104
Cooper, Paula          Freshman Picture        1971-0107
Cooper, Paula                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0097
Cooper, Paula          Junior Picture        1973-0089
Cooper, Paula          Sweetheart Picture        1974-0055
Cooper, Paula          Senior Picture        1974-0081
Cope, L.L.             Early School Board List                    1965-0009
Copeland, Harriett                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0107
Copeland, Harriett       Who's Who Picture                    1959-0065
Copeland, Harriett       Class Officer Picture                    1959-0084
Copeland, Harriett       Junior Picture        1959-0085
Copeland, Harriett       Who's Who Picture                    1960-0056
Copeland, Harriett                    Cheerleader Picture     1960-0063
Copeland, Harriett       Senior Picture        1960-0070
Copeland, Mary          Freshman Picture        1979-0032
Copeland, Ray             Freshman Picture        1978-0047
Copeland, Ray                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0028
Copeland, Ruth           Freshman Picture        1979-0032
Cornell, Betty          Freshman Picture        1961-0082
Cornell, Betty                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0086
Cornell, Betty          Junior Picture        1963-0078
Cornell, Betty          Senior Picture        1964-0076
Cornell, Billy            Freshman Picture        1964-0090
Cornell, Billy                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0112
Cornell, Billy            Junior Picture        1966-0095
Cornell, Billy            Senior Picture        1967-0084
Cotten Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0125
Cotten Drug Store - Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Cotten                    Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0123
Cotten Drug Store - Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Cotten                    Advertisement/Picture                    1974-0119
Cotten, Bill              Senior Picture        1964-0076
Cotten, Mike           Freshman Picture        1968-0112
Cotten, Mike                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0099
Cotten, Mike           Junior Picture        1970-0098
Cotten, Mike           Senior Picture        1971-0088
Cotton, Bill              Junior Picture        1963-0078
Coufal                    Football Group Picture                    1947-0088
Coufal, Christy       Freshman Picture        1978-0047
Coufal, Christy                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0028
Coufal, Joe Ray             Junior Picture        1951-0031
Coufal, Joe Ray             Class Officer Picture                    1952-0068
Coufal, Joe Ray             Senior Picture        1952-0069
Coufal, Joe Ray             Class Officer Picture                    1948-0033
Coufal, Joe Ray             Kittens Football Picture                    1948-0056
Counts, Eric             Freshman Picture        1978-0047
Counts, Eric                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0028
Counts, James         Freshman Picture        1976-0112
Counts, James                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0126
Counts, James         Junior Picture        1978-0035
Counts, Kenneth     8th Grade Picture        1952-0087
Counts, Kenneth     Class Officer Picture                    1953-0098
Counts, Kenneth     Freshman Picture        1953-0099
Counts, Kenneth                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0121
Counts, Linda          Freshman Picture        1977-0131
Counts, Linda                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0041
Counts, Linda          Junior Picture        1979-0025
Counts, Linda          Twirler Picture        1979-0064
Counts, Robert        Freshman Picture        1963-0086
Counts, Tommy       Junior Picture        1946-0027
Counts, Tommy       Group Picture - The Fighting Tigers         1946-0054
Counts, Tommy       List of Tiger's Tale Staff                    1946-0060
Counts, Tommy       Tiger's Tale Staff Group Picture        1947-0061
Counts, Tommy       Senior Class Play Group Picture        1947-0063
Counts, Tommy Gene                    Senior Picture        1947-0016
County Court House                    Picture of Building     1949-0107
County Court House                    Picture of Building     1958-0113
Covert, Steve          Freshman Picture        1970-0109
Covert, Steve                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0101
Covert, Steve          Junior Picture        1972-0091
Covert, Steve          Senior Picture        1973-0082
Cowden, Cecil           Freshman Picture        1958-0111
Cowger, Linda          8th Grade Picture        1954-0129
Cowger, Linda          Freshman Picture        1955-0113
Cowger, Linda                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0091
Cowger, Linda          Junior Picture        1957-0071
Cowger, Linda          Basketball Picture        1957-0108
Cowger, Linda          Favorites Picture        1958-0077
Cowger, Linda          Senior Picture        1958-0092
Cowley, David         Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Cowley, David                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0091
Cowley, David         Class Officer Picture                    1975-0048
Cowley, David         Junior Picture        1975-0094
Cowley, David         Large Picture        1976-0071
Cowley, David         Favorites Picture        1976-0072
Cowley, David         Senior Picture        1976-0092
Cowley, Debra                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0098
Cowley, Debra         Junior Picture        1976-0102
Cowley, Debra         Senior Picture        1977-0106
Cowley, Frank          Freshman Picture        1976-0112
Cowley, Frank                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0126
Cowloy, Debra         Freshman Picture        1974-0095
Cox, Irene           Freshman Picture        1965-0116
Cox, Irene           Freshman Picture        1966-0105
Cox, Ray                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0086
Cox, Ray                    Junior Picture        1963-0078
Cox, Ray                    Senior Picture        1964-0076
Cox, Sandra                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0109
Cox, Sandra        Class Officer Picture                    1956-0086
Cox, Sandra        Junior Picture        1956-0087
Cox, Sandra        Senior Picture        1957-0061
Cox, Sandra        Sweetheart Picture        1957-0087
Cox, Sandra        Who's Who Picture                    1957-0098
Craft, Billy                    Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Craft, Billy                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0077
Craft, Billy                    Football Picture        1958-0066
Craft, Billy                    Junior Picture        1958-0101
Craft, Billy                    Senior Picture        1959-0078
Craft, J.D.                    School Board Picture                    1947-0010
Craft, J.D.                    School Board Picture                    1948-0010
Craft, J.D.                    School Board Picture                    1953-0008
Craft, J.D.                    School Board Picture                    1954-0013
Craft, J.D.                    Snapshot                    1954-0027
Craft, J.D.                    School Board Picture                    1955-0012
Craft, J.D.                    School Board Picture                    1956-0010
Craft, Jerry                    8th Grade Picture        1951-0047
Craft, Jerry                    Yearbook Staff Picture                    1952-0008
Craft, Jerry                    Freshman Picture        1952-0083
Craft, Jerry                    FFA Officer Picture                    1953-0039
Craft, Jerry                    Football Picture        1953-0056
Craft, Jerry                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0093
Craft, Jerry                    FFA Officer Picture                    1954-0049
Craft, Jerry                    Student Council Officer Picture                    1954-0051
Craft, Jerry                    Football Picture        1954-0093
Craft, Jerry                    Football Picture        1954-0094
Craft, Jerry                    Junior Picture        1954-0117
Craft, Jerry                    Senior Picture        1955-0093
Craft, Jerry           School Board Picture                    1972-0014
Craft, Jerry           School Board Picture                    1973-0015
Craft, Jerry           School Board Picture                    1974-0069
Craft, Jerry           School Board Picture                    1975-0021
Craft, Jerry           School Board Picture                    1976-0021
Craft, Jerry           School Board Picture                    1977-0018
Craft, Jerry           School Board Picture                    1978-0014
Craft, Jerry           School Board Picture                    1979-0134
Craft, John                    Freshman Picture        1958-0111
Craft, John                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0091
Craft, John           Junior Picture        1960-0076
Craft, John           Senior Picture        1961-0068
Craft, Kristy         Freshman Picture        1978-0047
Craft, Kristy         Class Officer Picture                    1979-0028
Craft, Kristy                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0028
Craft, Linda          8th Grade Picture        1952-0087
Craft, Linda          Miss Jacksboro Picture                    1953-0076
Craft, Linda          Freshman Picture        1953-0099
Craft, Linda          Girls Athletic Club Officer Picture        1954-0055
Craft, Linda                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0121
Craft, Linda          Junior Picture        1955-0105
Craft, Linda          Favorites Picture        1956-0053
Craft, Linda          Senior Picture        1956-0078
Craft, Margaret    Freshman Picture        1966-0105
Craft, Margaret                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0097
Craft, Margaret    Who's Who Picture                    1968-0071
Craft, Margaret    Junior Picture        1968-0103
Craft, Margaret    Class Officer Picture                    1969-0014
Craft, Margaret    Who's Who Picture                    1969-0039
Craft, Margaret    Senior Picture        1969-0088
Craft, Martha       Freshman Picture        1966-0105
Craft, Martha                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0097
Craft, Martha       Junior Picture        1968-0103
Craft, Martha       Senior Picture        1969-0088
Craft, W.B. 'Billy' 'Bunk'                    Biography                    1959Reun-0021
Crager, Josie           Freshman Picture        1946-0043
Craig, Barbara      Freshman Picture        1962-0089
Craig, Barbara                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0082
Crain, Autumn     Favorites Picture        1973-0032
Crain, Autumn                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Crain, Autumn     Who's Who Picture                    1974-0077
Crain, Autumn     Class Officer Picture                    1974-0086
Crain, Autumn     Junior Picture        1974-0087
Crain, Autumn     Who's Who Picture                    1975-0039
Crain, Autumn     Senior Picture        1975-0086
Crain, Jerry           Freshman Picture        1960-0083
Crain, Mr. & Mrs. Sam                    Parent Picture        1973-0024
Crain, Reba Sue   Junior Picture        1957-0071
Crane, Hilton A., Mrs.                    School Secretary Picture                    1956-0010
Crane, Hilton A., Mrs.                    School Personnel Picture                    1957-0016
Crane, Hilton A., Mrs.                    Snapshot                    1957-0026
Crane, Hilton, Mrs.                    School Secretary Picture                    1954-0013
Crane, Hilton, Mrs.                    School Secretary Picture                    1955-0012
Crane, Hilton, Mrs.                    School Secretary Picture                    1958-0024
Crane, Hilton, Mrs.                    School Personnel Picture                    1959-0020
Crane, Hilton, Mrs.                    Secretary Picture        1960-0009
Crane, Hilton, Mrs.                    Secretary Picture        1961-0009
Crane, Hilton, Mrs.                    Secretary Picture        1962-0008
Crane, Hilton, Mrs.                    Secretary Picture        1963-0011
Crane, Hilton, Mrs.                    Secretary Picture        1964-0010
Crane, Hilton, Mrs.                    School Personnel Picture                    1965-0026
Crane, Hilton, Mrs.                    School Personnel Picture                    1966-0019
Crane, Mrs.            Snapshot                    1954-0033
Craven, Stanley       Freshman Picture        1977-0131
Crawford, Billie           Faculty Picture        1956-0013
Crawford, Billie           Faculty Picture        1957-0014
Crawford, Billie           Faculty Picture        1958-0022
Crawford, Billie           Faculty Picture        1959-0015
Crawford, Billie, Mrs. Faculty Picture        1960-0013
Crawford, Billie, Mrs. Faculty Picture        1961-0013
Crawford, Billie, Mrs. Faculty Picture        1962-0012
Crawford, Billie, Mrs. Faculty Picture        1963-0013
Crawford, Billie, Mrs. Faculty Picture        1964-0012
Crawford, Billie, Mrs. Faculty Picture        1965-0025
Crawford, Billie, Mrs. Faculty Picture        1966-0016
Crawford, Billie, Mrs. Faculty Picture        1967-0015
Crawford, Billie, Mrs. Faculty Picture        1968-0017
Crawford, Billie, Mrs. Faculty Picture        1969-0011
Crawford, Billie, Mrs. Faculty Picture        1970-0009
Crawford, Billie, Mrs. Faculty Picture        1971-0008
Crawford, Billie, Mrs. Faculty Picture        1972-0018
Crawford, Billie, Mrs. Faculty Picture        1973-0018
Crawford, Billie, Mrs. Faculty Picture        1974-0072
Crawford, Billie, Mrs. Faculty Picture        1975-0025
Crawford, Billie, Mrs. Faculty Picture        1976-0026
Crawford, Billie, Mrs. Faculty Picture        1977-0021
Crawford, Billie, Mrs. Faculty Picture        1978-0016
Crawford, Billie, Mrs. Faculty Picture        1979-0136
Crawford, Eddie          Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Crawford, Eddie          Beau Picture        1970-0046
Crawford, Eddie          Favorites Picture        1970-0103
Crawford, Eddie                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0104
Crawford, Eddie          Class Officer Picture                    1971-0034
Crawford, Eddie          Large Picture        1971-0068
Crawford, Eddie          Junior Picture        1971-0095
Crawford, Eddie          Who's Who Picture                    1972-0077
Crawford, Eddie          Favorites Picture        1972-0078
Crawford, Eddie          Senior Picture        1972-0082
Crawford, Glenda        8th Grade Picture        1953-0103
Crawford, Glenda        Freshman Picture        1954-0125
Crawford, Glenda                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0109
Crawford, Joe Alvin   1901 Senior Picture                    1965-0009a
Crawford, Joyce          8th Grade Picture        1952-0087
Crawford, Joyce          Freshman Picture        1953-0099
Crawford, Joyce                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0121
Crawford, Joyce          Junior Picture        1955-0105
Crawford, Mary Jo     Picture Serving at Luncheon                    1966-0032
Crawford, Mary Jo     Favorites Picture        1966-0059
Crawford, Mary Jo     Class Officer Picture                    1966-0104
Crawford, Mary Jo     Freshman Picture        1966-0105
Crawford, Mary Jo                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0097
Crawford, Mary Jo     Queen Picture        1968-0022
Crawford, Mary Jo     Class Officer Picture                    1968-0036
Crawford, Mary Jo     Queen Picture        1968-0076
Crawford, Mary Jo     Junior Picture        1968-0103
Crawford, Mary Jo     Who's Who Picture                    1969-0039
Crawford, Mary Jo     Senior Picture        1969-0088
Crawford, Mrs.                    Homecoming Picture  1968-0027
Crawford, Mrs.            Large Picture        1971-0027
Crawford, Richard      1903 Senior List 1965-0008
Crawley, Jeane          Faculty Picture        1951-0014
Creek, Frances      Junior Picture        1958-0102
Creek, Frances      Senior Picture        1959-0078
Creek, Frances      Biography                    1959Reun-0022
Creek, Francis       Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Creek, Francis                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0077
Creek, Francis       Basketball Picture        1957-0108
Creek, Johnnie      8th Grade Picture        1953-0103
Creek, Johnnie      Freshman Picture        1954-0125
Creek, Johnnie                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0109
Creek, Johnnie      Junior Picture        1956-0087
Creek, Johnnie      Senior Picture        1957-0062
Creek, Johnnie      Basketball Picture        1957-0108
Cross, Bill                    Freshman Picture        1946-0043
Cross, Bill                    Freshman Picture        1947-0034
Cross, Bill                    FFA Group Picture        1947-0056
Cross, Bill                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0030
Cross, Bill                    Junior Picture        1949-0030
Cross, Gary            Freshman Picture        1967-0104
Cross, Gary                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0107
Cross, Gary            Junior Picture        1969-0094
Cross, Gary            Senior Picture        1970-0090
Cross, Glenn          Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Cross, Glenn                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0104
Cross, Joe                    Freshman Picture        1948-0034
Cross, Joe                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0036
Cross, Mary Ann Junior Picture        1958-0102
Cross, Mary Ann Senior Picture        1959-0078
Cross, Mary Ann (Mary Ann Davidson) Biography                    1959Reun-0023
Crow, David         Freshman Picture        1963-0086
Crow, David                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0086
Crow, David         Junior Picture        1965-0107
Crow, David         Senior Picture        1966-0088
Crow, Laverne                    International Club Officer Picture                    1951-0086
Crowe, Laverne      Freshman Picture        1949-0042
Crowe, Laverne      Senior Picture        1951-0020
Crowe, Laverne                    Cheerleader Picture     1951-0093
Crowley, Debra         Senior Picture        1973-0082
Crowley, Donald       Junior Picture        1973-0089
Crowley, Donald       Senior Picture        1974-0081
Crowley, Gary                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0126
Crowley, Gary            Junior Picture        1978-0035
Crowley, Marty         Freshman Picture        1979-0032
Crowley, Tina            Freshman Picture        1977-0131
Crowley, Tina                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0041
Crowley, Tina            Junior Picture        1979-0025
Crum, Barbara      Freshman Picture        1946-0043
Crum, Barbara                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0030
Crum, Barbara      Junior Picture        1948-0026
Crum, Barbara      Favorites Picture        1948-0039
Crum, Barbara      FFA Sweetheart Picture                    1948-0067
Crum, Barbara      Senior Picture        1949-0020
Crum, Barbara      Tigers Tale Staff List    1949-0092
Crum, Barbara      Press Club Officer Picture                    1949-0095
Crum, Gwen          Book Club Officer Picture                    1951-0085
Crum, Gwendolyn                    Freshman Picture        1948-0034
Crum, Gwendolyn                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0036
Crum, Gwendolyn                    Senior Picture        1951-0020
Crum, Gwendolyn                    Favorites Picture        1951-0052
Crum, James         Junior Picture        1966-0095
Crum, Judy           8th Grade Picture        1951-0047
Crum, Judy           FHA Officer Picture                    1952-0042
Crum, Judy           Freshman Picture        1952-0083
Crum, Judy                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0093
Crum, Judy           Snapshot                    1954-0031
Crum, Judy           Choraleers Picture        1954-0062
Crum, Judy           Favorites Picture        1954-0068
Crum, Judy           Who's Who Picture                    1954-0087
Crum, Judy           Class Officer Picture                    1954-0116
Crum, Judy           Junior Picture        1954-0117
Crum, Judy           Senior Picture        1955-0094
Crumpton, Bobby        Freshman Picture        1965-0116
Crumpton, Bobby                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0101
Crumpton, Bobby        Junior Picture        1967-0091
Crumpton, Bobby        Senior Picture        1968-0098
Crumpton, Joyce          Freshman Picture        1962-0089
Crumpton, Randy        Freshman Picture        1974-0095
Crumpton, Randy                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0098
Crumpton, Randy        Junior Picture        1976-0102
Crumpton, Randy        Senior Picture        1977-0106
Crumpton, Sherrion     Favorites Picture        1967-0057
Crumpton, Sherrion     Freshman Picture        1967-0104
Crumpton, Sherrion                    Cheerleader Picture     1968-0085
Crumpton, Sherrion                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0107
Crumpton, Sherrion     Junior Picture        1969-0094
Crumpton, Sherrion     Class Officer Picture                    1970-0088
Crumpton, Sherrion     Senior Picture        1970-0090
Crumpton, Terry          Freshman Picture        1966-0105
Crumpton, Terry                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0097
Crumpton, Terry                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0107
Crumpton, Terry          Junior Picture        1969-0094
Cruz, Abel, Mrs. 'Dorothy Nash'          1946 Editor Picture        1965-0013
Cullifer, Pat              Secretary Picture        1966-0048
Cullifer, Pat              School Secretary Picture                    1967-0013
Cullifer, Pat              School Personnel Picture                    1968-0019
Culp, Bonnie       Senior Picture        1961-0068
Culp, Charles       Freshman Picture        1963-0086
Culp, Charles                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0086
Culp, Charles       Junior Picture        1965-0107
Culwell, Joe B.         School Board Picture                    1959-0012
Culwell, Joe B.         School Board Picture                    1960-0008
Culwell, Joe B.         School Board Picture                    1961-0014
Culwell, Larry           8th Grade Picture        1954-0129
Culwell, Larry           Freshman Picture        1955-0113
Culwell, Larry                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0091
Culwell, Larry           Junior Picture        1957-0071
Culwell, Larry           Senior Picture        1958-0092
Culwell, Polly           Freshman Picture        1959-0095
Culwell, Polly                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0079
Culwell, Polly           Junior Picture        1961-0074
Culwell, Polly           Who's Who Picture                    1962-0052
Culwell, Polly           Senior Picture        1962-0075
Culwell's Dry Goods                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0119
Cunningham, Jerry      8th Grade Picture        1954-0129
Cunningham, Jerry      Freshman Picture        1955-0113
Cunningham, Jerry                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0091
Cunningham, Jerry      Junior Picture        1957-0071
Cunningham, Jerry      Football Picture        1957-0102
Cunningham, Jerry      Basketball Picture        1957-0109
Cunningham, Jerry      Football Picture        1958-0067
Cunningham, Jerry      Beau Picture        1958-0082
Cunningham, Jerry      Senior Picture        1958-0092
Cunningham, Jimmy    Freshman Picture        1959-0095
Cunningham, Jimmy                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0079
Cunningham, Jimmy    Junior Picture        1961-0074
Cunningham, Jimmy    Senior Picture        1962-0075
Cunningham, Sue        Junior Picture        1954-0117
Cunningham, Sue        Senior Picture        1955-0094
Cunnius, George       Soil Conservation Board Ad Picture 1954-0144
Curham, Lindy          Junior Picture        1949-0030
Curl, Trudy                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0107
Curtis, Charles 'Chuck'                    Faculty Picture        1960-0012
Curtis, Charles 'Chuck'                    Faculty Picture        1961-0012
Curtis, Chuck         Faculty Picture        1962-0013
Curtis, Chuck         Faculty Picture        1963-0013
Curtis, Ken             Freshman Picture        1979-0032
Curtis, Kim             Favorites Picture        1973-0021
Curtis, Kim             Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Curtis, Kim                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0091
Curtis, Kim             Junior Picture        1975-0094
Curtis, Kim             Who's Who Picture                    1976-0056
Curtis, Kim             Senior Picture        1976-0092
Curtner, Neta                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0079
Curtner, Neta            Senior Picture        1962-0075
Curtner, Neta Jo       Miss Jack County       1959-0063
Curtner, Neta Jo       Freshman Picture        1959-0095
Curtner, Neta Jo       Junior Picture        1961-0074
Curtner, Neta Jo       Favorites Picture        1962-0039
Curtner, Paul            Junior Picture        1973-0089
Curtner, Paul D.                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0102
Curtner, Paul D.       Senior Picture        1974-0081
Curtner, Paul David Freshman Picture        1970-0109
Curtner, Paula          8th Grade Picture        1954-0129
Curtner, Paula          Miss Jack County       1955-0074
Curtner, Paula          Freshman Picture        1955-0113
Curtner, Paula                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0091
Curtner, Paula          Junior Picture        1957-0071
Curtner, Paula          Basketball Picture        1957-0108
Curtner, Paula          Senior Picture        1958-0092
Cy Perkins Motor Co.                    Advertisement           1951-0119
Cy Perkins Motor Co.                    Advertisement           1952-0110
Cy Perkins Motor Co.                    Advertisement           1953-0125
Cy Perkins Motor Co.                    Advertisement           1954-0149
Cy Perkins Motors                    Advertisement           1946-0067
Cy Perkins Motors                    Advertisement           1947-0077
Cy Perkins Motors                    Advertisement/Picture                    1948-0102
Cy Perkins Motors                    Advertisement           1949-0126
Cy Perkins Motors                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0123
D.R. Sewell Lumber Co                    Advertisement           1949-0115
D.R. Sewell Lumber Co.                    Advertisement           1951-0106
Dairland Drive-In                    Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0137
Dairy Bar - K.W. Cantrell                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0105
Dairy Bar - K.W. Cantrell                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0102
Dairy Bar - Mr. & Mrs. Paul Smith                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0137
Dairy Bar - Mr. & Mrs. Paul Smith                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0113
Dairy Queen - Joe & Judy Woolfolk                    Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0141
Dairy Queen - Joe & Judy Woolfolk                    Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0126
Dairyland                    Advertisement/Picture                    1970-0120
Dairyland Drive-In                    Advertisement/Picture                    1971-0121
Dairyland Drive-In                    Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0122
Dairyland Drive-In                    Advertisement/Picture                    1974-0117
Dameron, Marvin       Freshman Picture        1954-0125
Damron, Barbara      Freshman Picture        1958-0111
Damron, Barbara                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0093
Damron, Barbara      Senior Picture        1961-0068
D'Amron, Barbara      Junior Picture        1960-0076
Damron, Bobby        Freshman Picture        1964-0090
Damron, Bobby        Freshman Picture        1965-0116
Damron, Bobby                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0101
Damron, Bobby        Junior Picture        1967-0091
Damron, Brenda       Freshman Picture        1967-0104
Damron, Brenda                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0107
Damron, Charlene    Freshman Picture        1966-0105
Damron, Charlene                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0097
Damron, Charlene    Junior Picture        1968-0103
Damron, Charles       Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Damron, Charles       Freshman Picture        1970-0109
Damron, Charles                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0102
Damron, Charles       Junior Picture        1972-0091
Damron, Charlotte    Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Damron, Danny        Freshman Picture        1976-0112
Damron, Danny        Award From Teachers                    1977-0079
Damron, Danny                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0126
Damron, Danny        Junior Picture        1978-0035
Damron, Debra         Freshman Picture        1974-0095
Damron, Debra                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0098
Damron, Debra         Junior Picture        1976-0102
Damron, Debra         Senior Picture        1977-0106
Damron, Donna        Freshman Picture        1977-0131
Damron, Donny                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0041
Damron, Donny        Junior Picture        1979-0025
Damron, Dorothy     Freshman Picture        1957-0081
Damron, Dorothy                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0107
Damron, Dwight       Freshman Picture        1961-0082
Damron, Dwight       Freshman Picture        1962-0089
Damron, Frances      Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Damron, Freddy       Freshman Picture        1971-0107
Damron, Freddy                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0097
Damron, Freddy       Junior Picture        1973-0089
Damron, Freddy       Senior Picture        1974-0081
Damron, Grace          Freshman Picture        1958-0111
Damron, Grace                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0091
Damron, Grace          Junior Picture        1960-0076
Damron, Grace          Senior Picture        1961-0068
Damron, Greg            Freshman Picture        1972-0103
Damron, Greg            Junior Picture        1974-0087
Damron, Greg            Favorites Picture        1975-0043
Damron, Greg            Senior Picture        1975-0086
Damron, Gregg                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Damron, Jerry           Freshman Picture        1957-0081
Damron, Juanita       Freshman Picture        1949-0042
Damron, Karen         Freshman Picture        1961-0082
Damron, Karen                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0086
Damron, Kay             Freshman Picture        1968-0112
Damron, Kay                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0099
Damron, L.D.             8th Grade Picture        1954-0129
Damron, L.D.             Freshman Picture        1955-0113
Damron, L.D.             Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Damron, Larry           Freshman Picture        1964-0090
Damron, Larry           Freshman Picture        1965-0116
Damron, Lee              Award Picture        1966-0045
Damron, Lee              Freshman Picture        1966-0105
Damron, Lee                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0098
Damron, Lee              Junior Picture        1968-0103
Damron, Lee              Favorites Picture        1969-0026
Damron, Lee              Football Picture        1969-0073
Damron, Lee              Senior Picture        1969-0088
Damron, Leisa           Freshman Picture        1972-0103
Damron, Leisa                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Damron, Leisa           Favorites Picture        1974-0086
Damron, Leisa           Junior Picture        1974-0087
Damron, Leisa           Who's Who Picture                    1975-0040
Damron, Leisa           Band Officer Picture                    1975-0066
Damron, Leisa           Sweetheart Picture        1975-0068
Damron, Leisa           Senior Picture        1975-0086
Damron, Martha       Freshman Picture        1962-0089
Damron, Martha                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0082
Damron, Martha       Memorial Picture        1964-0007
Damron, Martha       Junior Picture        1964-0082
Damron, Marvin       8th Grade Picture        1951-0047
Damron, Marvin       8th Grade Picture        1952-0087
Damron, Marvin       8th Grade Picture        1953-0103
Damron, Marvin                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0109
Damron, Mary          Freshman Picture        1951-0041
Damron, Mary                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0079
Damron, Mary                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0078
Damron, Mary          Junior Picture        1962-0082
Damron, Maudine    Freshman Picture        1960-0083
Damron, Maudine                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0078
Damron, Maudine    Junior Picture        1962-0082
Damron, Myria         8th Grade Picture        1951-0047
Damron, Myria         8th Grade Picture        1952-0087
Damron, Norma                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0101
Damron, Norma        Junior Picture        1967-0092
Damron, Norma        Senior Picture        1968-0098
Damron, Norma Jo   Freshman Picture        1965-0116
Damron, Olin             Freshman Picture        1965-0116
Damron, Pamela        Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Damron, Pauline       Senior Picture        1968-0098
Damron, Richard      Freshman Picture        1962-0089
Damron, Richard      Freshman Picture        1963-0086
Damron, Richard                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0086
Damron, Richard      Junior Picture        1965-0107
Damron, Richard      Manager Picture        1966-0068
Damron, Richard      Senior Picture        1966-0088
Damron, Sharon       Freshman Picture        1964-0090
Damron, Sharon                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0112
Damron, Sharon       Junior Picture        1966-0095
Damron, Sharon       Senior Picture        1967-0084
Damron, Wanda       Freshman Picture        1959-0095
Damron, Wilfred                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0030
David, Annette     Junior Picture        1967-0092
Davidson, E.M., Mrs. Faculty Picture        1922-0012
Davidson, E.M., Mrs. Music Club Director Group Picture        1922-0030a
Davidson, Mary Ann Cross                    Biography                    1959Reun-0023
Davidson, Morris        8th Grade Picture        1953-0103
Davidson, Morris        Freshman Picture        1954-0125
Davidson, Morris                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0109
Davidson, Morris        Senior Picture        1956-0078
Davis, Annette     Freshman Picture        1965-0116
Davis, Annette                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0101
Davis, Annette     Who's Who Picture                    1968-0070
Davis, Annette     Senior Picture        1968-0098
Davis, Bobby        Senior Picture        1975-0086
Davis, Dan                    Class Officer Picture                    1954-0128
Davis, Dan                    8th Grade Picture        1954-0129
Davis, Dan                    Freshman Picture        1955-0113
Davis, Dan                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0091
Davis, Dan                    Junior Picture        1957-0072
Davis, Dan                    Football Picture        1957-0103
Davis, Dan                    Football Picture        1958-0065
Davis, Dan                    Football Picture        1958-0067
Davis, Dan                    Senior Picture        1958-0092
Davis, E.                    Kitten's Football Group Picture                    1949-0082
Davis, Eudean       Senior Picture        1948-0016
Davis, George       8th Grade Picture        1951-0047
Davis, George       Band Officer Picture                    1951-0095
Davis, George       Freshman Picture        1952-0083
Davis, George                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0093
Davis, George       Junior Picture        1954-0117
Davis, George       Senior Picture        1955-0094
Davis, Jimmye Lynn                    Freshman Picture        1948-0034
Davis, Johnny       Freshman Picture        1959-0095
Davis, Johnny       Freshman Picture        1960-0083
Davis, Johnny       Class Officer Picture                    1961-0073
Davis, Johnny       Junior Picture        1961-0074
Davis, Johnny       Senior Picture        1962-0075
Davis, K.                    Kitten's Football Group Picture                    1949-0082
Davis, Mary                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0035
Davis, Mary Louise                    FHA Officer in Group Picture        1946-0062
Davis, Mary Louise                    Junior Picture        1947-0024
Davis, Mary Louise                    FHA Group Picture                    1947-0058
Davis, Mary Louise                    Annual Staff Group Picture                    1947-0060
Davis, Mary Louise                    The Fang Staff            1948-0007
Davis, Mary Louise                    Senior Picture        1948-0016
Davis, Mary Louise                    The Fang Staff List    1948-0069
Davis, Mary Louise                    The Fang Staff List    1948-0107
Davis, Pam             Freshman Picture        1976-0112
Davis, Pam                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0126
Davis, Pam             Junior Picture        1978-0035
Davis, Pam             Senior Picture        1979-0009
Davis, Pam             Band Award Picture                    1979-0063
Davis, Pat                    Senior Picture        1946-0019
Davis, Pat                    List of Fang Staff  1946-0060
Davis, Pat                    List of Tiger's Tale Staff                    1946-0060
Davis, Patsy          Junior Picture        1946-0027
Davis, Patsy Rue  Senior Picture        1947-0017
Davis, Peggy                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0091
Davis, Peggy                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0079
Davis, Robert        8th Grade Picture        1949-0046
Davis, Tina            Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Davis, Tina                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0091
Davis, Tina            Junior Picture        1975-0094
Davis, Tina            Senior Picture        1976-0092
Davis, Tom                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0093
Davis, Tommy       Freshman Picture        1951-0041
Davis, Tommy                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0079
Davis, Tommy       Book Club Officer Picture                    1953-0040
Davis, Tommy       Book Club Officer Picture                    1954-0043
Davis, Tommy       Senior Picture        1954-0107
Davis, Yvonne      Freshman Picture        1951-0041
Davis, Yvonne      Football Picture        1952-0019
Davis, Yvonne      Class Officer Picture                    1952-0078
Davis, Yvonne                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0079
Davis, Yvonne      Football Picture        1953-0055
Davis, Yvonne      Class Officer Picture                    1953-0088
Davis, Yvonne      Junior Picture        1953-0089
Davis, Yvonne                    Lettermen's Club Officer Picture                    1954-0054
Davis, Yvonne      Football Picture        1954-0094
Davis, Yvonne      Senior Picture        1954-0107
Davis, Yvonne      School Board Picture                    1970-0007
Davis, Yvonne      School Board Picture                    1971-0006
Davis, Yvonne      School Board Picture                    1972-0014
Davis, Yvonne      School Board Picture                    1973-0015
Davis, Yvonne      School Board Picture                    1974-0069
Davis, Yvonne      School Board Picture                    1975-0021
Davis, Yvonne      School Board Picture                    1976-0021
De Long, Bob             Freshman Picture        1951-0041
De Long, Bob             Freshman Picture        1952-0083
De Long, Bob                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0093
Dean's Auto Repair                    Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0098
Dean's Auto Repair                    Advertisement/Picture                    1961-0098
Dean's Auto Repair                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0107
Dean's Auto Ropair                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0118
Dearing, Kathryn     Freshman Picture        1960-0083
Dearing, Kathryn                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0078
Dearing, Kathryn     Editor Picture        1962-0029
Dearing, Kathryn     Favorites Picture        1962-0081
Dearing, Kathryn     Junior Picture        1962-0082
Dearing, Kathryn     Editor Picture        1963-0008
Dearing, Kathryn     Senior Picture        1963-0071
Decker, Paula          Faculty Picture        1979-0138
Dedication                    Dedication page           1947-0008
Dedication of 1st "Fang"                    Dedication page           1946-0008
Deene, Ula                    Girls Basketball Group Picture        1948-0058
DeLong, Billie F.       Freshman Picture        1947-0034
DeLong, Billie F.                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0030
DeLong, Bob             FFA Officer Picture                    1953-0039
DeLong, Frances                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0036
DeLong, Frances      Basketball Picture        1949-0078
DeLong, Sue             Freshman Picture        1953-0099
DeLong, Sue                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0121
Deluxe Cleaners                    Advertisement           1946-0076
DeLuxe Cleaners                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0099
DeLuxe Cleaners                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0102
Deluxe Cleaners - Bill Bryan                    Advertisement           1951-0112
Deluxe Cleaners - Bill Bryan                    Advertisement           1952-0111
Deluxe Cleaners - Bill Bryan                    Advertisement           1953-0121
Deluxe Cleaners - Mr. & Mrs. John A. Moore, Jr.                    Advertisement           1954-0148
Dement, Jackie         Freshman Picture        1968-0112
Denhart, Ellen Sue                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0112
Denison, Jerry           Freshman Picture        1972-0103
Denison, Jerry           Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Denison, Lisa             Freshman Picture        1972-0103
Denison, Lisa             Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Denison, Lisa             Junior Picture        1974-0087
Denison, Lisa             Junior Picture        1975-0094
Denning, Deanie Waldrop                    Biography                    1959Reun-0052
Denning, Deanie Waldrop                    Biography                    1959Reun-0053
Denning, Deanie Waldrop                    Biography                    1959Reun-0054
Denning, Debbie       Freshman Picture        1966-0105
Denning, Ronnie                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Denning, Ronnie       Favorites Picture        1974-0086
Denning, Ronnie       Junior Picture        1974-0087
Denning, Ronnie       Favorites Picture        1975-0030
Denning, Ronnie       Favorites Picture        1975-0033
Denning, Ronnie       Class Officer Picture                    1975-0048
Denning, Ronnie       Senior Picture        1975-0086
Dennis Buick Co.                    Advertisement           1951-0107
Dennis Buick Co.                    Advertisement           1952-0101
Dennis, Bill                    Sophomore Class Officer Picture                    1946-0034
Dennis, Bill                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0035
Dennis, Bill              List of Tiger's Tale Staff                    1946-0060
Dennis, Bill              Senior Picture        1947-0017
Dennis, Bill              FFA Group Picture        1947-0056
Dennis, Bill              Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Dennis, Bill                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0104
Dennis, Bill              Junior Picture        1971-0095
Dennis, Bill              Football Picture        1972-0037
Dennis, Bill              Senior Picture        1972-0082
Dennis, Bob             Freshman Picture        1968-0112
Dennis, Bob                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0099
Dennis, Bob             Junior Picture        1970-0098
Dennis, Bob             Senior Picture        1971-0088
Dennis, Elizabeth    Freshman Picture        1947-0034
Dennis, Elizabeth                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0030
Dennis, Elizabeth    Junior Picture        1949-0030
Dennis, Elizabeth    Assembly Council Group Picture                    1949-0086
Dennis, Elizabeth    Future Business Leaders Group Picture                    1949-0087
Dennis, Isabel         El Chico Club Group Picture                    1949-0088
Dennis, Joanna       Favorites Picture        1973-0098
Dennis, Joanna       Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Dennis, Joanna                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0091
Dennis, Libby          Tigers Tale Staff List    1949-0092
Derrick, Hazel Kemp                    Daughter of Mr. Kemp                    1970-0027
Derrington, Bobby        Freshman Picture        1959-0095
Derrington, Bobby                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0079
Derrington, Bobby        Junior Picture        1961-0074
Derrington, Bobby        Senior Picture        1962-0076
Deweber, Jimmy         Freshman Picture        1961-0082
Deweber, Jimmy                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0086
Deweber, Jimmy         Junior Picture        1963-0078
Deweber, Jimmy         Senior Picture        1964-0076
Deweber, Johnny       Freshman Picture        1966-0105
Deweber, Johnny                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0098
Deweber, Johnny       Junior Picture        1968-0103
Deweber, Johnny       Junior Picture        1969-0094
Deweber, Johnny       Senior Picture        1970-0090
Deweber, Randy        Freshman Picture        1974-0095
Deweber, Randy                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0098
Deweber, Randy        Junior Picture        1976-0102
Deweber, Randy        Who's Who Picture                    1977-0076
Deweber, Randy        Senior Picture        1977-0106
Deweber, Raymond   Freshman Picture        1972-0103
Deweber, Raymond                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Deweber, Raymond   Junior Picture        1974-0087
Deweber, Raymond   Senior Picture        1975-0086
Deweber, Terri            Senior Picture        1972-0082
Dickenson, Linda          Junior Picture        1960-0076
Dickenson, Linda          Senior Picture        1961-0068
Dickinson, Debra         Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Dickson, Jerry           8th Grade Picture        1954-0129
Dickson, Jerry           Freshman Picture        1955-0113
Dickson, Jerry           Class Officer Picture                    1956-0090
Dickson, Jerry                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0091
Dickson, Jerry           Officer Picture        1957-0035
Dickson, Jerry           Junior Picture        1957-0072
Dickson, Jerry           Favorites Picture        1958-0075
Dickson, Jerry           Favorites Picture        1958-0084
Dickson, Jerry           Who's Who Picture                    1958-0087
Dickson, Jerry           Senior Picture        1958-0092
Dickson, Kenneth     Class Officer Picture                    1959-0094
Dickson, Kenneth     Freshman Picture        1959-0095
Dickson, Kenneth     Class Officer Picture                    1960-0078
Dickson, Kenneth                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0079
Dickson, Kenneth     Junior Picture        1961-0074
Dickson, Kenneth     Class Officer Picture                    1962-0015
Dickson, Kenneth     Who's Who Picture                    1962-0052
Dickson, Kenneth     Senior Picture        1962-0076
Dickson, Kenny        Favorites Picture        1962-0036
Dickson, Kenny        Favorites Picture        1962-0049
Diffenderfer, John        Freshman Picture        1967-0104
Diffenderfer, John                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0107
Diffenderfer, John                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0099
Diffenderfer, John        Junior Picture        1970-0098
Diffenderfer, John        Senior Picture        1971-0088
Diffenderfer, Paul                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0098
Diffenderfer, Paul         Junior Picture        1968-0103
Diffenderfer, Paul         Senior Picture        1969-0088
Dillender, Cheryl                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0102
Dillinder, Cheryl        Freshman Picture        1970-0109
Dillinder, Cheryl        Junior Picture        1972-0091
Dillinder, Cheryl        Favorites Picture        1973-0080
Dillinder, Cheryl        Senior Picture        1973-0082
Dillinder, John           Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Dillinder, Vicki           Freshman Picture        1972-0103
Dillinder, Vicki                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Dillinder, Vicki           Junior Picture        1974-0087
Dillinder, Vicki           Who's Who Picture                    1975-0040
Dillinder, Vicki           Class Officer Picture                    1975-0085
Dillinder, Vicki           Senior Picture        1975-0086
Direct Factory Outlet - Bernice Rumage, Audrey Stalcup, LaDonna & Mae Schmittou                    Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0133
Direct Factory Outlet - Bernice Rumage, Audrey Stalcup, LaDonna & Mae Schmittou                    Advertisement/Picture                    1974-0109
Dishman, Bobby        Senior Picture        1968-0098
Dishman, Johnny       Freshman Picture        1968-0112
Dishman, Mike           Freshman Picture        1968-0112
Dixon's Gen Store                    Advertisement           1949-0119
Dixon's General Store                    Advertisement           1951-0116
Dixson, Jimmy         Snapshot                    1953-0020
Dixson, Jimmy         Class Officer Picture                    1953-0102
Dixson, Jimmy         8th Grade Picture        1953-0103
Dixson, Jimmy         Freshman Picture        1954-0125
Dixson, Jimmy         Class Officer Picture                    1955-0108
Dixson, Jimmy                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0109
Dixson, Jimmy         Junior Picture        1956-0087
Dixson, Jimmy         Class Officer Picture                    1957-0017
Dixson, Jimmy         Senior Picture        1957-0062
Dixson, Jimmy         Favorites Picture        1957-0085
Dixson, Jimmy         Favorites Picture        1957-0095
Dixson, Kikie           Snapshot                    1958-0029
Dixson, Mildred      Favorites Picture        1956-0056
Dixson, Mildred      Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Dixson, Mildred                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0077
Dixson, Mildred      Who's Who Picture                    1957-0098
Dixson, Mildred      Favorites Picture        1958-0083
Dixson, Mildred      Class Officer Picture                    1958-0100
Dixson, Mildred      Junior Picture        1958-0102
Dixson, Mildred      Editor Picture        1959-0008
Dixson, Mildred      Favorites Picture        1959-0051
Dixson, Mildred      Favorites Picture        1959-0052
Dixson, Mildred      Favorites Picture        1959-0054
Dixson, Mildred      Queen Picture        1959-0063
Dixson, Mildred      Who's Who Picture                    1959-0065
Dixson, Mildred      Senior Picture        1959-0078
Dixson's General Store                    Advertisement           1947-0082
Dixson's General Store & Laundry                    Advertisement/Picture                    1948-0103
Dobbs, Billy            Freshman Picture        1977-0131
Dobbs, Billy                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0041
Dobbs, Billy            Junior Picture        1979-0025
Dobbs, Linda                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0086
Dobbs, Tammy       Senior Picture        1977-0107
Dobson, Lawrence   Freshman Picture        1948-0034
Dobson, Lawrence   Football Group Picture                    1948-0054
Dobson, Lawrence                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0036
Dobson, Lawrence   Kitten's Football Group Picture                    1949-0082
Dobson, Lawrence   Junior Picture        1951-0031
Dodson, Buddy        Class Officer Picture                    1958-0110
Dodson, Buddy        Freshman Picture        1958-0111
Dodson, Buddy                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0091
Dodson, Buddy        Class Officer Picture                    1960-0014
Dodson, Buddy        Junior Picture        1960-0076
Dodson, Buddy        Favorites Picture        1961-0033
Dodson, Buddy        Favorites Picture        1961-0045
Dodson, Buddy        Who's Who Picture                    1961-0050
Dodson, Buddy        Senior Picture        1961-0068
Dodson, Nancy        Freshman Picture        1962-0089
Dodson, Nancy                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0082
Dodson, Nancy        Junior Picture        1964-0082
Dodson, Nancy        Who's Who Picture                    1965-0073
Dodson, Nancy        Senior Picture        1965-0100
Dollins, Delaine                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0099
Dollins, Jerry           Junior Picture        1965-0107
Dollins, Jerry           Senior Picture        1966-0088
Donley, Gayle          Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Donley, Gayle                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0077
Don's Glass & Body Shop                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0120
Don's Glass & Body Shop                    Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0104
Dorsman, Alan           Freshman Picture        1965-0116
Dorsman, Alan                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0101
Dosier, Bennie        Freshman Picture        1963-0086
Dosier, Jack            Junior Picture        1958-0102
Dosier, Jack            Senior Picture        1959-0078
Dosier, Jill                    Junior Picture        1958-0102
Dosier, Jill                    Senior Picture        1959-0078
Dosier, Jill (Jill Jackson)                    Biography                    1959Reun-0024
Douglas, John           Freshman Picture        1963-0086
Douglas, John                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0086
Douglas, John           Junior Picture        1965-0107
Douglas, John           Senior Picture        1966-0088
Douglas, Marie                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0121
Douglass, Kay             Faculty Picture        1979-0139
Douglass, Marie          Class Officer Picture                    1954-0120
Dougless, Chiquita     Freshman Picture        1947-0034
Dougless, Chiquita                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0030
Dougless, Marie          Freshman Picture        1953-0099
Dougless, Marie          Junior Picture        1955-0105
Dove, Leah           Freshman Picture        1978-0048
Dove, Leah                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0028
Downey, Terry          Junior Picture        1965-0107
Downey, Terry          Senior Picture        1966-0088
Dr. Jas A. Stevens, Dentist                    Advertisement           1946-0074
Drama Club            Group Picture        1922-0029
Driver, Tommy       Freshman Picture        1978-0048
Driver, Tommy       Freshman Picture        1979-0032
Duerson Insurance                     Advertisement           1952-0100
Duerson Insurance                     Advertisement           1953-0121
Duerson Insurance                     Advertisement           1954-0159
Duerson's Insurance                    Advertisement           1947-0078
Duerson's Insurance                    Advertisement           1948-0099
Duerson's Insurance                    Advertisement           1949-0118
Duerson's Insurance Agency                    Advertisement           1951-0114
Dumas, Bennie        Freshman Picture        1951-0041
Dumas, Benny        Football Picture        1952-0019
Dumas, Benny                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0079
Dumas, Benny        Junior Picture        1953-0089
Dumas, Benny        Senior Picture        1954-0108
Dumas, Reba           8th Grade Picture        1951-0047
Dumas, Reba           Class Officer Picture                    1952-0082
Dumas, Reba           Freshman Picture        1952-0083
Dumas, Reba           Class Officer Picture                    1953-0092
Dumas, Reba                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0093
Dumas, Reba           Book Club Officer Picture                    1954-0043
Dumas, Reba           Junior Picture        1954-0117
Dumas, Reba           Senior Picture        1955-0094
Duncan, Darlene      Freshman Picture        1958-0111
Duncan, Darlene      Majorette Picture        1959-0049
Duncan, Darlene                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0091
Duncan, Darlene      Who's Who Picture                    1960-0056
Duncan, Darlene      Class Officer Picture                    1960-0075
Duncan, Darlene      Junior Picture        1960-0076
Duncan, Darlene      Favorites Picture        1961-0036
Duncan, Darlene      Favorites Picture        1961-0042
Duncan, Darlene      Favorites Picture        1961-0044
Duncan, Darlene      Favorites Picture        1961-0047
Duncan, Darlene      Who's Who Picture                    1961-0051
Duncan, Darlene      Senior Picture        1961-0068
Duncan, Lois            Fang Staff Group Picture                    1949-0012
Duncan, Lois            Class Officer Picture                    1949-0041
Duncan, Lois            Freshman Picture        1949-0042
Duncan, Rhonda      Junior Picture        1968-0103
Duncan-House Motors                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0100
Dunlap, Bernice       8th Grade Picture        1952-0087
Dunlap, Bernice       Freshman Picture        1953-0099
Dunlap, Bernice                    Cheerleader Picture     1954-0035
Dunlap, Bernice                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0121
Dunlap, Betty          Freshman Picture        1966-0105
Dunlap, Diana          Senior Picture        1970-0090
Dunlap, Doris          Tiger Tale Staff List    1948-0068
Dunlap, Doris          Freshman Picture        1949-0042
Dunlap, Doris          Junior Picture        1951-0031
Dunlap, Doris          FHA Officer Picture                    1951-0090
Dunlap, Gary            Freshman Picture        1963-0086
Dunlap, June            8th Grade Picture        1954-0129
Dunlap, June            Freshman Picture        1955-0113
Dunlap, June                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0091
Dunlap, June            Junior Picture        1957-0072
Dunlap, June            Favorites Picture        1957-0092
Dunlap, June            Who's Who Picture                    1957-0097
Dunlap, June            Editor Picture        1958-0008
Dunlap, June            Who's Who Picture                    1958-0087
Dunlap, June            Senior Picture        1958-0093
Dunlap, Nolan         Freshman Picture        1958-0111
Dunlap, Nolan                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0091
Dunlap, Nolan         Junior Picture        1960-0076
Dunlap, Nolan         Senior Picture        1961-0068
Dunn, Horace Charles                    1906 Senior Picture                    1965-0009a
Duree, Betty Jo     Volleyball Group Picture                    1947-0051
Duree, Betty Jo     Senior Picture        1948-0016
Durham, Carol           8th Grade Picture        1952-0087
Durham, Carol           Favorites Picture        1953-0070
Durham, Carol           Freshman Picture        1953-0099
Durham, Carol           FHA Officer Picture                    1954-0047
Durham, Carol           Choral Club Officer Picture                    1954-0064
Durham, Carol                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0121
Durham, Carol           Class Officer Picture                    1955-0104
Durham, Carol           Junior Picture        1955-0105
Durham, Carol           Favorites Picture        1956-0050
Durham, Carol           Favorites Picture        1956-0052
Durham, Carol           Senior Picture        1956-0079
Durham, Joe              School Board Picture                    1954-0013
Durham, Joe              School Board Picture                    1955-0012
Durham, Joe              School Board Picture                    1956-0010
Durham, Joe              School Board Picture                    1957-0011
Durham, Joe              School Board Picture                    1958-0019
Durham, Joe              School Board Picture                    1959-0012
Durham, Lendy         FFA Group Picture        1947-0056
Durham, Lindy          Freshman Picture        1947-0034
Durham, Lindy                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0030
Dutton, D'Anne      Freshman Picture        1978-0048
Dutton, D'Anne                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0028
Dutton, Jeff              Freshman Picture        1976-0112
Dutton, Jeff                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0126
Dutton, Jeff              Class Officer Picture                    1978-0034
Dutton, Jeff              Junior Picture        1978-0035
Dutton, Jeff              Award From Teachers                    1978-0078
Dutton, Jeff              Who's Who Picture                    1978-0086
Dutton, Jeff              Senior Picture        1979-0010
Dutton, Jeff              Award Picture        1979-0069
Dutton, Jeff              Award From Teachers                    1979-0070
Dutton, Jeff              Who's Who Picture                    1979-0075
Duvall, Dawn                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0029
Duvall, Dawn          Favorites Picture        1979-0031
Dyer, Diana          Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Dyer, Diana                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0091
Dyer, Diana          Junior Picture        1975-0094
Dyer, Diana          Senior Picture        1976-0093
Dykes, John           Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Dykes, John           Class Officer Picture                    1970-0103
Dykes, John                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0104
Dykes, John           Junior Picture        1971-0095
Dykes, John           Football Picture        1972-0035
Dykes, John           Class Officer Picture                    1972-0080
Dykes, John           Senior Picture        1972-0082
Dykes, Lora            Freshman Picture        1967-0104
Dykes, Lora                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0107
Dykes, Lora            Class Officer Picture                    1969-0093
Dykes, Lora            Favorites Picture        1969-0093
Dykes, Lora            Junior Picture        1969-0094
Dykes, Lora            Senior Picture        1970-0090

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