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Person or Item         Type of Picture        Year-Page Number

E.E. Hamilton Welding                    Advertisement/Picture                    1949-0121
Eades, Ann            Seniors Class Officers Picture                    1946-0018
Eades, Ann            Senior Picture        1946-0019
Eades, Ann            All-Around Boy and Girl                    1946-0040
Eades, Ann            List of Fang Staff  1946-0060
Eades, Ann            List of Tiger's Tale Staff                    1946-0060
Eades, Ann                    Cheerleaders Group Picture                    1946-0064
Eades, Ann                    Cheerleaders Group Picture                    1946-0064
Eades, Ann                    Cheerleaders Group Picture                    1946-0064
Eakman's Café - J.D. Eakman                    Advertisement           1946-0072
Eakman's Café - J.D. Eakman                    Advertisement           1949-0119
Eason, Bill              Freshman Picture        1967-0104
Eason, Jackie         Freshman Picture        1960-0083
Eason, Jackie                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0078
Eason, Lonnie        Freshman Picture        1963-0086
Eason, Lonnie                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0086
Eason, Lonnie        Junior Picture        1965-0107
Eason, Lonnie        Senior Picture        1966-0088
Easter, Annie Lee  Freshman Picture        1947-0034
Easter, Annie Lee                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0030
Easter, Annie Lee  Junior Picture        1949-0030
Easter, Annie Lee  Future Business Leaders Group Picture                    1949-0087
Easter, Barbara      Class Officer Picture                    1976-0111
Easter, Barbara      Freshman Picture        1976-0112
Easter, Barbara                    Cheerleader Picture     1977-0044
Easter, Barbara      Favorites Picture        1977-0073
Easter, Barbara                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0126
Easter, Barbara      Junior Picture        1978-0035
Easter, Barbara      Senior Picture        1979-0010
Easter, Barbara      Who's Who Picture                    1979-0074
Easter, Betty                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0035
Easter, Betty          FHA Picture        1948-0065
Easter, Betty Jean                     Senior Picture        1948-0016
Easter, Bettye Jean                    Junior Picture        1947-0024
Easter, Billy            Freshman Picture        1972-0103
Easter, Billy            Class Officer Picture                    1973-0094
Easter, Billy                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Easter, Billy            Junior Picture        1974-0087
Easter, Billy            Football Picture        1975-0071
Easter, Billy Joe     Favorites Picture        1975-0085
Easter, Billy Joe     Senior Picture        1975-0087
Easter, Charlotte    Freshman Picture        1959-0095
Easter, Charlotte                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0079
Easter, Charlotte    Junior Picture        1961-0074
Easter, Charlotte    Senior Picture        1962-0076
Easter, Clinton       Freshman Picture        1946-0043
Easter, Clinton       Freshman Picture        1947-0037
Easter, Clinton       Junior Picture        1948-0026
Easter, Clinton       Football Group Picture                    1948-0044
Easter, Clinton       FFA Officers List                    1948-0066
Easter, Clinton       Senior Picture        1949-0020
Easter, Clinton       Favorites Picture        1949-0053
Easter, Clinton       Football Picture        1949-0066
Easter, Floyd          8th Grade Picture        1953-0103
Easter, Floyd          Freshman Picture        1954-0125
Easter, Floyd                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0109
Easter, Floyd          Junior Picture        1956-0087
Easter, Floyd          Senior Picture        1957-0062
Easter, James         8th Grade Picture        1951-0047
Easter, James         Freshman Picture        1952-0083
Easter, James                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0093
Easter, James         Junior Picture        1954-0117
Easter, James         Senior Picture        1955-0094
Easter, Joe                    Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Easter, Joe                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0077
Easter, Joe                    Junior Picture        1958-0102
Easter, Joe                    Senior Picture        1959-0078
Easter, Joe                    Biography                    1959Reun-0025
Easter, Rickey        Junior Picture        1978-0035
Easter, Ricky          Senior Picture        1979-0010
Easter, Ronnie       Junior Picture        1972-0091
Easter, Ronnie       Favorites Picture        1973-0032
Easter, Ronnie       Who's Who Picture                    1973-0077
Easter, Ronnie       Senior Picture        1973-0082
Easter, Ronny        Freshman Picture        1970-0109
Easter, Ronny                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0102
Eatherly, Kim             Freshman Picture        1972-0103
Eatherly, Kim                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Eatherly, Kim             Junior Picture        1974-0087
Eatherly, Kim             Senior Picture        1975-0087
Eatherly, Susan         Freshman Picture        1974-0095
Eatherly, Susan                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0098
Eatherly, Susan         Junior Picture        1976-0103
Eatherly, Susan                    Cheerleader Picture     1977-0043
Eatherly, Susan         Senior Picture        1977-0107
Eatherly, William       School Board Picture                    1966-0011
Eatherly, William       School Board Picture                    1967-0011
Eatherly, William       School Board Picture                    1968-0009
Eatherly, William       School Board Picture                    1969-0009
Eatherly, William       School Board Picture                    1970-0007
Eatherly, William       School Board Picture                    1971-0006
Eatherly, William       School Board Picture                    1972-0014
Eatherly, William       School Board Picture                    1973-0015
Eatherly, William       School Board Picture                    1974-0069
Eckelbarger, Greta         Freshman Picture        1958-0111
Eckelbarger, Jackie       Freshman Picture        1963-0086
Ed Pewitt Motors                    Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0134
Ed Pewitt Motors                    Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0129
Edgerton, Debbie       Freshman Picture        1970-0109
Edwards, Douglas     8th Grade Picture        1951-0047
Edwards, Glennada   Freshman Picture        1959-0095
Edwards, Jack            Coach Picture        1966-0069
Edwards, L.L.             School Board Picture                    1947-0010
Edwards, L.L.             School Board Picture                    1948-0010
Edwards, L.L.             School Board Picture                    1949-0013
Edwards, L.L.             School Board Picture                    1951-0012
Edwards, L.L.             School Board Picture                    1951-0013
Edwards, Lewis          8th Grade Picture        1952-0087
Edwards, Lewis          Freshman Picture        1953-0099
Edwards, Lewis                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0121
Edwards, Lewis          Junior Picture        1955-0105
Edwards, Lewis          Senior Picture        1956-0079
Edwards, Linda          8th Grade Picture        1954-0129
Edwards, Linda          Freshman Picture        1955-0113
Edwards, Linda                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0091
Edwards, Linda          Junior Picture        1957-0072
Edwards, Loyd           School Board Picture                    1952-0012
Eichler, Harman      Freshman Picture        1958-0111
Eichler, Harman                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0092
Eichler, Harmon      Junior Picture        1960-0076
Eichler, Harmon      Junior Picture        1961-0074
Eichler, Harmon      Senior Picture        1962-0076
Eichler, Sabra          Freshman Picture        1963-0086
Eichler, Sabra                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0086
Eichler, Sabra          Junior Picture        1965-0107
Eichler, Sabra          Senior Picture        1966-0088
Elder, Amos         Principal Picture        1966-0013
Elder, Amos G.     Principal Picture        1965-0023
Elementary School-New                    Drawing of Building     1948-0090
Elenburg,                     Basketball Picture        1946-0056
Elenburg,                     Kitten's Football Group Picture                    1949-0082
Elenburg, Brad            Freshman Picture        1974-0095
Elenburg, Brad                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0098
Elenburg, Brad            Junior Picture        1976-0103
Elenburg, Brad            Favorites Picture        1977-0083
Elenburg, Brad            Football Picture        1977-0089
Elenburg, Brad            Senior Picture        1977-0107
Elenburg, Bryan         Class Officer Picture                    1974-0094
Elenburg, Bryan         Freshman Picture        1974-0095
Elenburg, Bryan                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0098
Elenburg, Bryan         Junior Picture        1976-0103
Elenburg, Bryan         Favorites Picture        1977-0074
Elenburg, Bryan         Favorites Picture        1977-0083
Elenburg, Bryan         Football Picture        1977-0089
Elenburg, Bryan         Senior Picture        1977-0107
Elenburg, Coach         Football Group Picture                    1948-0044
Elenburg, Coach         Coach Picture        1949-0065
Elenburg, Dave           Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Elenburg, Dave                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0077
Elenburg, Dave           Junior Picture        1958-0102
Elenburg, Dave           Favorites Picture        1959-0059
Elenburg, Dave           Senior Picture        1959-0079
Elenburg, Dave           Biography                    1959Reun-0026
Elenburg, Delzon        Freshman Picture        1951-0041
Elenburg, Delzon        Football Picture        1952-0019
Elenburg, Delzon        FFA Officer Picture                    1952-0038
Elenburg, Delzon        Beau Picture        1952-0041
Elenburg, Delzon        Band Officer Picture                    1952-0049
Elenburg, Delzon        Class Officer Picture                    1952-0078
Elenburg, Delzon                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0079
Elenburg, Delzon        FFA Officer Picture                    1953-0039
Elenburg, Delzon        Book Club Officer Picture                    1953-0040
Elenburg, Delzon        Football Picture        1953-0055
Elenburg, Delzon        Junior Picture        1953-0089
Elenburg, Delzon        Football Snapshot   1954-0027
Elenburg, Delzon        Football Captain Picture                    1954-0092
Elenburg, Delzon        Football Picture        1954-0093
Elenburg, Delzon        Football Picture        1954-0094
Elenburg, Delzon        Basketball Picture        1954-0101
Elenburg, Delzon        Senior Picture        1954-0108
Elenburg, Howard      Principal Picture        1946-0013
Elenburg, Howard      Coach Picture        1948-0044
Elenburg, Kent           Class Officer Picture                    1973-0098
Elenburg, Kent           Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Elenburg, Kent           Favorites Picture        1974-0025
Elenburg, Kent                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0091
Elenburg, Kent           Who's Who Picture                    1975-0041
Elenburg, Kent           Favorites Picture        1975-0042
Elenburg, Kent           Class Officer Picture                    1975-0093
Elenburg, Kent           Junior Picture        1975-0094
Elenburg, Kent           King Picture        1976-0060
Elenburg, Kent           Favorites Picture        1976-0072
Elenburg, Kent           Senior Picture        1976-0093
Elenburg, Kirby          Favorites Picture        1975-0101
Elenburg, Kirby          Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Elenburg, Kirby                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0107
Elenburg, Kirby          King Picture        1977-0067
Elenburg, Kirby          Who's Who Picture                    1977-0077
Elenburg, Kirby          Class Officer Picture                    1977-0120
Elenburg, Kirby          Junior Picture        1977-0121
Elenburg, Kirby          Senior Picture        1978-0022
Elenburg, Kirby          King Picture        1978-0088
Elenburg, Kirby          Favorites Picture        1978-0090
Elenburg, Kirby          Favorites Picture        1978-0092
Elenburg, Kirby          King Picture        1978-0128
Elenburg, Mitzi           Freshman Picture        1968-0112
Elenburg, Mitzi                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0099
Elenburg, Mitzi           Class Officer Picture                    1970-0015
Elenburg, Mitzi           Junior Picture        1970-0099
Elenburg, Mitzi           Senior Picture        1971-0088
Elenburg, Nell             Freshman Picture        1947-0034
Elenburg, Nell             FHA Group Picture                    1947-0058
Elenburg, Nell                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0030
Elenburg, Nell             Girls Basketball Group Picture        1948-0058
Elenburg, Nell             Junior Picture        1949-0030
Elenburg, Nell             Basketball Picture        1949-0078
Elenburg, Sue             Freshman Picture        1958-0111
Elenburg, Sue                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0092
Elenburg, Sue             Junior Picture        1960-0076
Elenburg, Sue             Favorites Picture        1961-0033
Elenburg, Sue             Senior Picture        1961-0069
Elenburg, Wayland    Senior Picture        1946-0019
Ellis Ready-to-Wear & Variety                    Advertisement           1954-0158
Ellis,                    Kitten's Football Group Picture                    1949-0082
Ellis, Dalton                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0107
Ellis, Dalton        Junior Picture        1959-0085
Ellis, Dalton        Senior Picture        1960-0070
Ellis, James         Freshman Picture        1951-0041
Ellison, Darlene      Senior Picture        1965-0100
Ellison, Ray                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0112
Ellison, Ray             Junior Picture        1966-0095
Ellison, Ray             Senior Picture        1967-0084
Elloit, Billie                    Junior Picture        1946-0028
Endicott, Gayla          Freshman Picture        1963-0086
Endicott, Gayla                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0086
Endicott, Gayla Sue  Senior Picture        1965-0100
Endicott, Margaret    Freshman Picture        1967-0104
Endicott, Margaret    Freshman Picture        1968-0112
Endicott, Margaret                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0099
Engel, Barbara Sue Baker                    Biography                    1959Reun-0009
Enloe, Martha       Faculty Picture        1955-0015
Enloe, Martha       Faculty Picture        1956-0013
Enright, Arthur        Freshman Picture        1978-0048
Enright, Arthur                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0029
Enright, John           Junior Picture        1973-0089
Enright, Laura          Freshman Picture        1976-0112
Enright, Laura                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0126
Enright, Laura          Junior Picture        1978-0035
Enright, Laura          Senior Picture        1979-0010
Epperson, Deanna      Freshman Picture        1963-0086
Epperson, Deanna                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0086
Epperson, Deanna      Junior Picture        1965-0107
Epperson, Deanna                    Cheerleader Picture     1966-0076
Epperson, Deanna      Senior Picture        1966-0088
Epperson, Donna        Freshman Picture        1978-0048
Epperson, Donna                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0029
Epperson, Jackie         Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Epperson, Jackie                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0104
Epperson, Jackie         Junior Picture        1971-0095
Epperson, Jackie         Senior Picture        1972-0082
Epperson, Patti            Favorites Picture        1976-0073
Epperson, Patti            Class Officer Picture                    1977-0120
Epperson, Patti            Junior Picture        1977-0121
Epperson, Patti            Class Officer Picture                    1978-0020
Epperson, Patti            Senior Picture        1978-0022
Epperson, Patti            Favorites Picture        1978-0087
Epperson, Patty           Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Epperson, Patty                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0107
Eppler, Joye            8th Grade Picture        1951-0047
Eppler, Joye            Freshman Picture        1952-0083
Eppler, Joye            Junior Picture        1954-0117
Eppler, Joye            Senior Picture        1955-0094
Epps, Billy            Freshman Picture        1979-0032
Epps, Bob                    Football Picture        1953-0056
Epps, Bob                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0093
Epps, Bob                    Senior Picture        1955-0095
Epps, Brenda       Freshman Picture        1958-0111
Epps, Cynthia      Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Epps, Cynthia                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0077
Epps, Danny        Junior Picture        1967-0092
Epps, Danny        Senior Picture        1968-0098
Epps, Donna        Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Epps, Donna                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0107
Epps, Donna        Junior Picture        1977-0121
Epps, Donna        Senior Picture        1978-0023
Epps, Joe                    8th Grade Picture        1953-0103
Epps, Joe                    Freshman Picture        1954-0125
Epps, Neva           Freshman Picture        1960-0083
Epps, Raymond   Junior Picture        1963-0078
Epps, Raymond   Senior Picture        1964-0076
Epps, Stephen     Class Officer Picture                    1964-0089
Epps, Stephen     Freshman Picture        1964-0090
Epps, Stephen                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0112
Epps, Stephen     Junior Picture        1966-0095
Epps, Stephen     Senior Picture        1967-0084
Epps, Thoburne  8th Grade Picture        1952-0087
Epps, Thoburne  Freshman Picture        1953-0099
Epps, Thoburne                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0121
Epps, Trice           Freshman Picture        1976-0112
Epps, Trice                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0126
Epps, Trice           Junior Picture        1978-0035
Erwin, Beverly      Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Erwin, Beverly                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0104
Erwin, Beverly      Junior Picture        1971-0095
Erwin, Beverly      Senior Picture        1972-0082
Erwin, Cherry        Junior Picture        1965-0108
Erwin, Connie       Freshman Picture        1958-0111
Erwin, Frankie       8th Grade Picture        1949-0046
Erwin, Glenda        Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Erwin, Glenda                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0107
Erwin, Glenda        Junior Picture        1977-0121
Erwin, Glenda        Senior Picture        1978-0023
Erwin, Henry         Freshman Picture        1972-0104
Erwin, Henry                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Erwin, Henry         Junior Picture        1974-0087
Erwin, Henry         Senior Picture        1975-0087
Erwin, J.C.                    8th Grade Picture        1951-0047
Erwin, J.C.                    8th Grade Picture        1952-0087
Erwin, J.C.                    Freshman Picture        1953-0099
Erwin, J.C.                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0121
Erwin, J.C.                    Junior Picture        1955-0105
Erwin, J.C.                    Senior Picture        1956-0079
Erwin, John           Freshman Picture        1964-0090
Erwin, John                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0112
Erwin, John           Memorial Picture        1966-0108
Erwin, Josephine  Freshman Picture        1947-0034
Erwin, Loretta       Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Erwin, Loretta                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0107
Erwin, Loretta       Junior Picture        1977-0121
Erwin, Loretta       Senior Picture        1978-0023
Erwin, Ronald       Freshman Picture        1963-0086
Erwin, Ronnie                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0086
Erwin, Ronnie       Junior Picture        1965-0108
Erwin, Ronnie       Senior Picture        1966-0088
Espinoza, Debra         Senior Picture        1979-0010
Estes, David         Senior Picture        1978-0023
Estes, James         Freshman Picture        1964-0090
Estes, Pat                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0109
Estes, Patricia       8th Grade Picture        1953-0103
Estes, Patricia       Freshman Picture        1954-0125
Estes, Suzy                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0041
Estridge, Janey          Freshman Picture        1961-0082
Estridge, Janey                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0086
Estridge, Janey          Junior Picture        1963-0078
Estridge, Janey          Senior Picture        1964-0076
Estridge, Robert        Freshman Picture        1960-0083
Estridge, Robert                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0078
Estridge, Robert        Junior Picture        1962-0082
Estridge, Robert        Senior Picture        1963-0071
Eubank, Gerry                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Eubank, Gerry          Junior Picture        1974-0087
Eubank, Gerry          Senior Picture        1975-0087
Eubanks, Gerry          Freshman Picture        1972-0104
Evans, Billie           Senior Picture        1946-0020
Evans, Billie           List of Fang Staff  1946-0060
Evans, Billie           List of Tiger's Tale Staff                    1946-0060
Evans, Billie           Majorettes Group Picture                    1946-0063
Evans, Norma        8th Grade Picture        1949-0046
Evans, Norma        Book Club Member List                    1949-0094
Evans, Norma Sue                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0035
Evans, Sue                    Junior Picture        1952-0075
Evans, Sue                    Senior Picture        1953-0081
Ewell, Danny        Senior Picture        1978-0023
Ewell, Dean           Freshman Picture        1979-0032
Faires & Smith Barber & Beauty Shop - J. Hildred Faires & Naomi Smith                    Advertisement           1954-0149
Faires Hardware - E.E. Faires                    Advertisement           1952-0105
Faires Hardware - E.E. Faires                    Advertisement           1953-0126
Faires Hardware - E.E. Faires                    Advertisement           1954-0153
Faires, Bill                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0035
Faires, Bill                    Football Picture        1951-0070
Faires, Bill                    Football Picture        1952-0019
Faires, Bill                    FFA Officer Picture                    1952-0038
Faires, Bill                    Junior Picture        1952-0075
Faires, Bill                    Favorites Picture        1953-0025
Faires, Bill                    Lettermen's Club Officer Picture                    1953-0043
Faires, Bill                    Football Picture        1953-0054
Faires, Bill                    Favorites Picture        1953-0065
Faires, Bill Wayne       Senior Picture        1953-0081
Faires, Hilda           8th Grade Picture        1949-0046
Faires, Hilda                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0035
Faires, Hilda           FHA Officer Picture                    1952-0042
Faires, Hilda           Class Officer Picture                    1952-0074
Faires, Hilda           Junior Picture        1952-0075
Faires, Hilda           Senior Picture        1953-0081
Faires, Idella          Honor Society Officer Picture                    1953-0036
Faires, Mrs.            Snapshot                    1958-0033
Faires, Tommie      Junior Picture        1947-0024
Faires, Tommy                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0035
Faires, Tommy       FHA Officer in Group Picture        1946-0062
Faires, Tommye     Senior Picture        1948-0017
Faires, Tommye     Tiger Tale Staff List    1948-0068
Faires, Tommye     Cast of Play List     1948-0074
Faires, Tommye     Future Business Citizens Officer Picture                    1948-0079
Falkinburg, Guy             Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Falkinburg, Guy                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0107
Falkinburg, Guy             Junior Picture        1977-0121
Falkinburg, Guy             Senior Picture        1978-0023
Falkinburg, Jodie           School Secretary Picture                    1974-0069
Falkinburg, Jodie           School Secretary Picture                    1975-0021
Falkinburg, Jodie           School Secretary Picture                    1976-0021
Fambro, Coach         Football Picture        1951-0074a
Fambro, Luther        Faculty Picture        1951-0015
Fambro, Luther        Faculty Picture        1952-0014
Fambro, Luther, Mrs.                    School Secretary Picture                    1952-0012
Fanning, Mark           Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Fanning, Mark                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0107
Fanning, Mark           Junior Picture        1977-0121
Fanning, Mark           Senior Picture        1978-0024
Fanning, Tim             Junior Picture        1975-0094
Fanning, Tim             Junior Picture        1976-0103
Fanning, Tim             Senior Picture        1977-0108
Farmer, Pam             Freshman Picture        1979-0032
Farmer, Paula          Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Farmer, Paula                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0107
Farmer, Russell       Freshman Picture        1977-0131
Farmer, Russell                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0041
Farmer, Russell       Junior Picture        1979-0025
Farmers Union Supply company                    Advertisement           1922-0056
Farrell, Darlene      Freshman Picture        1964-0090
Farris, Carrol         Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Farris, Carrol                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0104
Farris, Carrol         Junior Picture        1971-0095
Farris, Carrol         Senior Picture        1972-0082
Farris, Claudia       Freshman Picture        1966-0105
Farris, Claudia                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0098
Farris, Claudia       Junior Picture        1968-0103
Farris, Clinton       Freshman Picture        1972-0104
Farris, Clinton       Class Officer Picture                    1973-0094
Farris, Clinton                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Farris, Clinton       Junior Picture        1974-0087
Farris, Clinton       Favorites Picture        1975-0046
Farris, Clinton       Football Picture        1975-0071
Farris, Clinton       Senior Picture        1975-0087
Farris, Don            Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Farris, Idella          8th Grade Picture        1949-0046
Farris, Idella          Favorites Picture        1949-0060
Farris, Idella          Book Club Member List                    1949-0094
Farris, Idella                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0035
Farris, Idella          Business Leaders Officer Picture        1951-0087
Farris, Idella          Yearbook Staff Picture                    1952-0008
Farris, Idella          Business Leaders Officer Picture        1952-0036
Farris, Idella          Junior Picture        1952-0075
Farris, Idella          Senior Picture        1953-0082
Farris, Kathryn     Freshman Picture        1964-0090
Farris, Kathryn                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0112
Farris, Kathryn     Junior Picture        1966-0095
Farris, Kathy         Who's Who Picture                    1967-0060
Farris, Kathy         Senior Picture        1967-0084
Farris, Onita                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0030
Farris, Onita          Junior Picture        1948-0026
Farris, Onita          Senior Picture        1949-0021
Farris, Onita          Future Business Leaders Group Picture                    1949-0087
Farris, Pam             Junior Picture        1971-0095
Farris, Pam             Senior Picture        1972-0082
Farris, Pamela        Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Farris, Pamela                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0104
Farris, Patsy          Freshman Picture        1961-0082
Farris, Patsy                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0086
Farris, Patsy          Junior Picture        1963-0078
Farris, Patsy          Sweetheart Picture        1964-0037
Farris, Patsy          Senior Picture        1964-0076
Faulkner, Doris          Junior Picture        1957-0072
Faulkner, Doris          Senior Picture        1958-0093
Faulkner, Mary          Freshman Picture        1958-0111
Faulknor, Mary                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0092
Faulknor, Mary          Junior Picture        1960-0076
Faulknor, Mary          Senior Picture        1961-0069
Faver, Ralph          Faculty Picture        1946-0015
Faver, Ralph          Faculty Picture        1947-0013
Faver, Ralph          Faculty Picture        1951-0015
Faver, Ralph          FFA Advisor     1951-0091
Faver, Ralph          Faculty Picture        1952-0014
Faver, Ralph          Faculty Picture        1948-0012
Faver, Ralph          Faculty Picture        1949-0017
Faver, Ralph          FFA Officers List                    1949-0091
Faver, Ralph C.     Faculty Picture        1953-0010
Favor, Mr.                    FFA Officers List                    1948-0066
Favorite Pasttime     Snapshots                    1948-0081
Favorites Snapshots Snapshots                    1948-0037
Fearl Smith Garage                    Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0135
Fearl Smith Garage                    Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0117
Felkner, Charles       8th Grade Picture        1949-0046
Felkner, Charles       Assembly Council Group Picture                    1949-0086
Felkner, Charles                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0035
Felkner, Charles       FFA Officer Picture                    1951-0091
Felkner, Charles       FFA Officer Picture                    1952-0038
Felkner, Charles       Junior Picture        1952-0075
Felkner, Charles       FFA Officer Picture                    1953-0039
Felkner, Charles       Senior Picture        1953-0082
Felkner, James         Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Felkner, James                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0077
Felkner, James         Who's Who Picture                    1957-0097
Felkner, James         Junior Picture        1958-0102
Felkner, James         Who's Who Picture                    1959-0066
Felkner, James         Senior Picture        1959-0079
Felkner, James         Biography                    1959Reun-0027
Felkner, Jane Hawkins                    Biography                    1959Reun-0035
Felkner, Roy             Freshman Picture        1959-0095
Felkner, Roy                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0079
Felkner, Roy             Favorites Picture        1961-0047
Felkner, Roy             Junior Picture        1961-0074
Felkner, Roy             Senior Picture        1962-0076
Fenter, Betty          Class Officer Picture                    1954-0128
Fenter, Betty          8th Grade Picture        1954-0129
Fenter, Betty          Freshman Picture        1955-0113
Fenter, Betty                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0091
Fenter, Betty          Junior Picture        1957-0072
Fenter, Betty          Senior Picture        1958-0093
Fenter, Butch         Freshman Picture        1960-0083
Fenter, Butch                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0078
Fenter, Butch         Junior Picture        1962-0082
Fenter, Carolyn      Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Fenter, Carolyn                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0107
Fenter, Carolyn      Sweetheart Picture        1977-0075
Fenter, Carolyn      Junior Picture        1977-0121
Fenter, Carolyn      Senior Picture        1978-0024
Fenter, David         Freshman Picture        1976-0112
Fenter, David                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0126
Fenter, David         Junior Picture        1978-0035
Fenter, David         Senior Picture        1979-0010
Fenter, Donald       Junior Picture        1946-0028
Fenter, Donald       Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Fenter, Donald                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0104
Fenter, Donald       Who's Who Picture                    1971-0067
Fenter, Donald       Junior Picture        1971-0096
Fenter, Eugene                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0035
Fenter, Eugene       Junior Picture        1947-0024
Fenter, Eugene       FFA Group Picture        1947-0056
Fenter, Eugene       Senior Picture        1948-0017
Fenter, Jeff              Class Officer Picture                    1977-0130
Fenter, Jeff              Freshman Picture        1977-0131
Fenter, Jeff                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0041
Fenter, Jeff              Junior Picture        1979-0025
Fenter, Jeff              Award From Teachers                    1979-0071
Fenter, Julie            Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Fenter, Julie                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0091
Fenter, Julie            Favorites Picture        1975-0042
Fenter, Julie            Class Officer Picture                    1975-0048
Fenter, Julie            Favorites Picture        1975-0093
Fenter, Julie            Junior Picture        1975-0094
Fenter, Julie            Senior Picture        1976-0093
Fenter, Larry           Freshman Picture        1966-0105
Fenter, Larry                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0098
Fenter, Lisa             Band Officer Picture                    1975-0066
Fenter, Lisa             Class Officer Picture                    1975-0101
Fenter, Lisa             Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Fenter, Lisa                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0107
Fenter, Lisa             Who's Who Picture                    1977-0077
Fenter, Lisa             Favorites Picture        1977-0082
Fenter, Lisa             Junior Picture        1977-0121
Fenter, Lisa             Class Officer Picture                    1978-0020
Fenter, Lisa             Senior Picture        1978-0024
Fenter, Lisa             Class Officer Picture                    1978-0052
Fenter, Lisa             Favorites Picture        1978-0076
Fenter, Lisa             Sweetheart Picture        1978-0083
Fenter, Lisa             Favorites Picture        1978-0092
Fenter, Lisa             Sweetheart Picture        1978-0117
Fenter, Lowell        Freshman Picture        1948-0034
Fenter, Marcus      Freshman Picture        1960-0083
Fenter, Marcus                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0078
Fenter, Marcus      Junior Picture        1962-0082
Fenter, Marcus      Senior Picture        1963-0071
Fenter, Mark           Freshman Picture        1971-0107
Fenter, Mark                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0097
Fenter, Mark           Class Officer Picture                    1973-0088
Fenter, Mark           Junior Picture        1973-0089
Fenter, Mark           Class Officer Picture                    1974-0080
Fenter, Mark           Senior Picture        1974-0081
Fenter, Mickey       Freshman Picture        1964-0090
Fenter, Mickey       Junior Picture        1966-0095
Fenter, Micky                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0112
Fenter, Mike                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0097
Fenter, Mike           Junior Picture        1973-0089
Fenter, Mike           Senior Picture        1975-0087
Fenter, Pam             Class Officer Picture                    1972-0102
Fenter, Pam             Freshman Picture        1972-0104
Fenter, Pam             Class Officer Picture                    1973-0034
Fenter, Pam             Favorites Picture        1973-0094
Fenter, Pam                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Fenter, Pam             Class Officer Picture                    1974-0036
Fenter, Pam             Junior Picture        1974-0087
Fenter, Pam             Class Officer Picture                    1975-0048
Fenter, Pam             Senior Picture        1975-0088
Fenter, Pam             Who's Who Picture                    1977-0077
Fenter, Pam             Senior Picture        1977-0108
Fenter, Robert        8th Grade Picture        1951-0047
Fenter, Robert        Freshman Picture        1952-0083
Fenter, Robert                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0093
Fenter, Robert        Junior Picture        1954-0117
Fenter, Robert        Senior Picture        1955-0095
Fenter, Russell       Freshman Picture        1949-0042
Fenter, Sandra        Freshman Picture        1979-0032
Fenter, Sharon       Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Fenter, Sharon       Class Officer Picture                    1974-0090
Fenter, Sharon                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0091
Fenter, Sharon       Tuffy Picture        1975-0069
Fenter, Sharon       Junior Picture        1975-0094
Fenter, Sharon       Senior Picture        1976-0093
Fenter, Silva           Freshman Picture        1947-0034
Fenter, Silvia          Junior Picture        1949-0030
Fenter, Stephen     Freshman Picture        1972-0104
Fenter, Steven        Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Fenter, Steven                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0091
Fenter, Sylva                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0030
Fenter, Terry          Freshman Picture        1965-0116
Fenter, Terry                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0101
Fenter, Terry          Junior Picture        1967-0092
Fenter, Truett         8th Grade Picture        1953-0104
Fenter, Truett         Freshman Picture        1954-0125
Fenter, Truett                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0109
Fenter, Truett                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0091
Fenter, Vesta          Freshman Picture        1970-0109
Fenter, Vesta                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0102
Fenter, Vesta          Junior Picture        1972-0091
Fenter, Vesta          Senior Picture        1973-0082
Fenter, Virginia      8th Grade Picture        1954-0129
Fenter, Virginia      Freshman Picture        1955-0113
Fenter, Weldon                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0035
Fenter, Weldon      Junior Picture        1947-0024
Fenter, Weldon      FFA Group Picture        1947-0056
Fenter, Weldon      Senior Picture        1948-0017
Ferguson, Charles       Favorites Picture        1959-0058
Ferguson, Charles       Freshman Picture        1959-0095
Ferguson, Charles                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0079
Ferguson, Charles       Junior Picture        1961-0074
Ferguson, Debra                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Ferguson, Debra         Junior Picture        1974-0087
Ferguson, Debra         Who's Who Picture                    1975-0041
Ferguson, Debra         Senior Picture        1975-0088
Ferguson, Jackie         Senior Picture        1966-0088
Ferguson, Marie          Freshman Picture        1957-0081
Ferguson, Marie                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0107
Ferguson, Marie          Junior Picture        1959-0086
Ferguson, Verlene       Freshman Picture        1954-0125
Ferguson, Verlene                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0109
Ferguson, Verlene       Junior Picture        1956-0087
Ferguson, Verlene       Senior Picture        1957-0062
Fever, Ralph C.     FFA Officer in Group Picture        1946-0061
Fewell, Donna        Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Fewell, Hazel                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0091
FFA Club Members   Group Picture        1951-0091
FFA Club Members   Group Picture        1952-0038
FFA Club Members   Group Picture        1953-0039
FFA Club Members   Group Picture        1954-0048
FFA Club Members   Group Picture        1954-0049
FFA Members   Group Picture        1946-0061
FFA Members   Group Picture        1947-0056
FFA Members   Group Picture        1949-0091
FFA Snapshots Snapshots                    1948-0066
FHA Club Members   Group Picture        1951-0090
FHA Club Members   Group Picture        1952-0042
FHA Club Members   Group Picture        1953-0038
FHA Club Members   Group Picture        1954-0046
FHA Club Members   Group Picture        1954-0047
FHA Members   Group Picture        1946-0062
FHA Members   Goup Picture        1947-0058
FHA Snapshots Snapshots                    1948-0064
FHA Snapshots Snapshots                    1948-0065
FHA Snapshots Snapshots                    1949-0090
Fields, Janie           8th Grade Picture        1951-0047
Fields, Janie           Freshman Picture        1952-0083
Firenza, David                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Firenza, David         Junior Picture        1974-0087
Firenza, David         Senior Picture        1975-0088
Firestone                    Advertisement           1949-0121
First Nation Bank, Jacksboro - James W. Knox & C.A. Worthington                    Advertisement           1922-0053
First National Bank                    Advertisement/Picture                    1948-0101
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement           1951-0105
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement           1952-0098
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement           1953-0117
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement           1954-0140
First National Bank, Jacksboro                    Advertisement           1947-0081
First National Bank, Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0119
First National Bank, Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0122
First National Bank, Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0117
First National Bank, Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1970-0144
First National Bank, Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1971-0142
First National Bank, Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0140
First National Bank, Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0139
First National Bank, Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1974-0104
Fitzgerald, Don            Junior Picture        1952-0075
Fitzgerald, Don            Senior Picture        1953-0082
Fitzgerald, Donald                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0035
Fitzgerald, Donna        Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Fitzgerald, Donna                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0091
Fitzgerald, Donna        Junior Picture        1975-0094
Fitzgerald, Donna        Senior Picture        1976-0093
Fitzgerald, Elaine         Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Fitzgerald, Elaine         Favorites Picture        1974-0029
Fitzgerald, Elaine                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0092
Fitzgerald, Elaine         Sweetheart Picture        1975-0044
Fitzgerald, Elaine         Junior Picture        1975-0094
Fitzgerald, Elaine         Favorites Picture        1976-0065
Fitzgerald, Elaine         Queen Picture        1976-0066
Fitzgerald, Elaine         Senior Picture        1976-0094
Fitzgerald, Janet           Freshman Picture        1976-0112
Fitzgerald, Janet           Class Officer Picture                    1977-0125
Fitzgerald, Janet                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0126
Fitzgerald, Janet           Junior Picture        1978-0036
Fitzgerald, Janet           Who's Who Picture                    1978-0084
Fitzgerald, Janet           Senior Picture        1979-0010
Fitzgerald, Janet           Award From Teachers                    1979-0071
Fitzgerald, Janet           Who's Who Picture                    1979-0074
Fitzgerald, Janet           Queen Picture        1979-0079
Fitzgerald, Janet           Queen Picture        1979-0119
Fitzgerald, Mr.              Parent Picture        1973-0024
Fitzgerald, Ronald       Freshman Picture        1968-0112
Fitzgerald, Ronald                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0099
Fitzgerald, Ronald       Junior Picture        1970-0099
Fitzgerald, Ronald       Senior Picture        1971-0088
Fitzgerald, Ronnie       Favorites Picture        1969-0098
Fitzgerald, W.E.           Early School Board List                    1965-0009
Flag - Our High School                    Picture of Building     1947-0038
Fleet Tire Co. - Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. King                    Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0147
Fleming, Angela       Freshman Picture        1971-0108
Fleming, Angela                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0097
Fleming, Angela                    Cheerleader Picture     1973-0058
Fleming, Angela       Junior Picture        1973-0089
Fleming, Angela       Favorites Picture        1974-0034
Fleming, Angela       Who's Who Picture                    1974-0077
Fleming, Angela       Favorites Picture        1974-0078
Fleming, Angela       Senior Picture        1974-0081
Fleming, Becky         Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Fleming, Becky                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0092
Fleming, Becky         Junior Picture        1975-0094
Fleming, Becky         Who's Who Picture                    1976-0057
Fleming, Becky         Queen Picture        1976-0065
Fleming, Becky         Senior Picture        1976-0094
Fleming, Debbie       Sweetheart Picture        1971-0062
Fleming, Debbie                    Cheerleader Picture     1971-0063
Fleming, Debbie       Senior Picture        1972-0082
Fleming, Deborah     Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Fleming, Deborah                    Cheerleader Picture     1970-0022
Fleming, Deborah     Favorites Picture        1970-0103
Fleming, Deborah                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0104
Fleming, Deborah     Sweetheart Picture        1971-0022
Fleming, Deborah     Junior Picture        1971-0096
Fleming, Deborah     Queen Picture        1972-0029
Fleming, Deborah     Who's Who Picture                    1972-0077
Fleming, Lanny         Freshman Picture        1966-0105
Fleming, Lanny                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0098
Fleming, Lanny         Class Officer Picture                    1968-0102
Fleming, Lanny         Junior Picture        1968-0103
Fleming, Lanny         Favorites Picture        1969-0023
Fleming, Lanny         Who's Who Picture                    1969-0040
Fleming, Lanny         Football Picture        1969-0072
Fleming, Lanny         Favorites Picture        1969-0087
Fleming, Lanny         Senior Picture        1969-0089
Fleming, Philip          Class Officer Picture                    1977-0024
Fleming, Philip          King Picture        1977-0067
Fleming, Philip          King Picture        1977-0075
Fleming, Philip          Junior Picture        1977-0121
Fleming, Philip          Senior Picture        1978-0024
Fleming, Philip          Award From Teachers                    1978-0079
Fleming, Philip          Who's Who Picture                    1978-0086
Fleming, Philip          King Picture        1978-0089
Fleming, Philip          Favorites Picture        1978-0092
Fleming, Philip          Football Picture        1978-0095
Fleming, Phillip         Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Fleming, Phillip                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0107
Flint, ?landa        Freshman Picture        1974-0095
Florance, Dellene       School Personnel Picture                    1978-0016
Florance, Dellene       Faculty Picture        1979-0136a
Florance, James         8th Grade Picture        1949-0046
Florance, James         Kitten's Football Group Picture                    1949-0082
Florance, James                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0035
Florance, James         Senior Picture        1953-0082
Florance, John           Freshman Picture        1947-0034
Florance, John           Basketball, Junior Boys Group Picture        1947-0051
Florance, John           Football Group Picture                    1947-0088
Florance, John                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0030
Florance, John Wayne                    Class Officer Picture                    1948-0029
Florance, John Wayne                    Football Group Picture                    1948-0054
Florance, John Wayne                    Kittens Football Picture                    1948-0057
Florance, John Wayne                    Junior Picture        1949-0031
Florance, Kathy         Freshman Picture        1971-0108
Florance, Kathy                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0097
Florance, Kathy         Class Officer Picture                    1973-0088
Florance, Kathy         Junior Picture        1973-0089
Florance, Keith          Freshman Picture        1978-0048
Florance, Keith                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0029
Florance, Kenneth     Senior Picture        1947-0017
Florance, Kenneth     FFA Group Picture        1947-0056
Florance, Kevin         Freshman Picture        1974-0095
Florance, Kevin                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0098
Florance, Kevin         Junior Picture        1976-0103
Florance, Kevin         Senior Picture        1977-0108
Florance, Mike           Freshman Picture        1974-0095
Florance, Mike                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0098
Florance, Mike           Junior Picture        1976-0103
Florance, Mike           Senior Picture        1977-0108
Florence, James         Junior Picture        1952-0075
Florence, John           FFA Group Picture        1947-0056
Florence, Kenneth                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0035
Florence, Kenneth     Group Picture - The Fighting Tigers         1946-0054
Florence, Kenneth     Group Picture - The Fighting Tigers         1946-0054
Flowler, Stella Ann Junior Picture        1949-0031
Folks, Wanda       Freshman Picture        1965-0116
Football Award Snapshot                    Snapshots                    1954-0097
Football Field           Picture of Building     1964-0055
Football Photos       Snapshots                    1922-0035
Football Photos       Snapshots                    1949-0065
Football Scores        Written inside cover                    1946-0005
Football Scores        List                    1954-0098
Football Snapshots Snapshots                    1947-0053
Football Snapshots Snapshots                    1947-0086
Football Snapshots Snapshots                    1948-0049
Football Snapshots Snapshots                    1948-0050
Football Snapshots Snapshots                    1948-0051
Football Snapshots Snapshots                    1948-0055
Football Snapshots Snapshots                    1949-0068
Football Snapshots Snapshots                    1949-0083
Football Snapshots Snapshots                    1949-0104
Football Snapshots Snapshots                    1951-0069
Football Snapshots Snapshots                    1951-0072
Football Snapshots Snapshots                    1951-0073
Football Snapshots Snapshots                    1951-0075
Football Snapshots Snapshots                    1952-0023
Football Snapshots Snapshots                    1952-0024
Football Snapshots Snapshots                    1953-0053
Football Snapshots Snapshots                    1954-0026
Football Snapshots Snapshots                    1954-0096
Football Squad         Group Picture        1922-0034
Football Sweetheart                    Snapshots                    1948-0048
Football Team          Group Picture        1948-0044
Football Team          Group Picture-Last Names                    1949-0064a
Football Team          Group Picture        1951-0068a
Football Team          Group Picture        1951-0074a
Football Team          Group Picture        1952-0018a
Football Team          Group Picture        1953-0050
Football Team          Group Picture        1953-0051
Football Team          Group Picture        1954-0090
Football Team          Group Picture        1954-0091
Football Team, Junior                    Group Picture        1947-0088
Football Team, Junior                    Group Picture        1948-0054
Football Team, Kittens                    Group Picture        1952-0025a
Football Team, Kittens                    Group Picture        1953-0057
Football Team, Kittens                    Group Picture        1954-0099
Forbus, Dennis       Class Officer Picture                    1962-0088
Forbus, Dennis                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0082
Forbus, Dennis       Junior Picture        1964-0082
Forbus, Dennis       Senior Picture        1965-0100
Forbus, Jerry           Freshman Picture        1960-0083
Forbus, Markita      Freshman Picture        1961-0082
Forbus, Markita                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0086
Forbus, Markita      Junior Picture        1963-0079
Forbus, Markita      Senior Picture        1964-0076
Forbus, Marquita    Who's Who Picture                    1964-0054
Forbus, Mike           Freshman Picture        1979-0032
Forbus, Rita             Freshman Picture        1963-0086
Forbus, Wayne       Freshman Picture        1959-0095
Forbus, Wayne                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0079
Forbus, Wayne       Junior Picture        1961-0074
Forbus, Wayne       Senior Picture        1962-0076
Ford, Charlotte    Faculty Picture        1976-0024
Ford, Judy           Freshman Picture        1962-0090
Ford, Judy                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0082
Ford, Paul            Freshman Picture        1961-0082
Ford, Paul                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0086
Ford, Paul            Junior Picture        1963-0079
Ford, Paul            Senior Picture        1964-0076
Ford, Randy        Freshman Picture        1964-0090
Ford, Randy                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0112
Ford, Randy        Junior Picture        1966-0096
Ford, Randy        Senior Picture        1967-0084
Foreman, Edie            1906 Senior Picture                    1965-0009a
Forson, Emmette     Freshman Picture        1966-0105
Forson, Emmette                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0098
Forson, Emmette     Junior Picture        1968-0104
Forson, Emmette     Senior Picture        1969-0089
Forson, Joe              8th Grade Picture        1953-0104
Forson, Pete            Freshman Picture        1965-0116
Forson, Pete                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0101
Forson, Pete            Junior Picture        1967-0092
Forson, Pete            Senior Picture        1968-0098
Fort Richardson  - Restored    Picture of Building     1956-0007
Fort Richardson Coffee Shop                    Advertisement/Picture                    1948-0095
Fort Richardson Coffee Shop                    Advertisement           1949-0124
Fort Richardson Coffee Shop                    Advertisement           1951-0114
Fort Richardson Coffee Shop                    Advertisement           1952-0108
Fort Richardson Coffee Shop                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0102
Fort Richardson Coffee Shop - R.L. Choate & P.H. Taylor                    Advertisement           1953-0130
Fort Richardson Hospital Building     Picture of Building     1946-0058
Fort Richardson Hotel                    Advertisement           1951-0119
Foster School Store - Floyd Foster                    Advertisement/Picture                    1955-0130
Foster School Store - Floyd Foster                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0121
Foster School Store - Floyd Foster                    Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0097
Foster School Store - Floyd Foster                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0094
Foster, Lacretia      Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Foster, Lacretia                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0092
Foster, Lacretia      Junior Picture        1975-0094
Foster, Lacretia      Senior Picture        1976-0094
Foster, Mr. & Mrs.                    Parent's Picture        1970-0028
Foster, Reggie        Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Foster, Reggie        Class Officer Picture                    1970-0015
Foster, Reggie                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0104
Foster, Reggie        Class Officer Picture                    1971-0094
Foster, Reggie        Junior Picture        1971-0096
Foster, Reggie        Football Picture        1972-0037
Foster, Reggie        Favorites Picture        1972-0071
Foster, Reggie        Who's Who Picture                    1972-0076
Foster, Reggie        Senior Picture        1972-0082
Foster's School Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1954-0144
Fowler, Billy                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0035
Fowler, Billy                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0030
Fowler, Billy            FFA Group Picture        1947-0056
Fowler, Dan Edgar Freshman Picture        1948-0034
Fowler, Dan Edgar                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0036
Fowler, Donald       Freshman Picture        1971-0108
Fowler, Donnie       Freshman Picture        1972-0104
Fowler, Dorcus       Freshman Picture        1951-0041
Fowler, Dorcus                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0079
Fowler, Dorcus       Junior Picture        1953-0089
Fowler, Dorcus       Senior Picture        1954-0108
Fowler, Ira                    Junior Picture        1947-0024
Fowler, Ira                    FFA Group Picture        1947-0056
Fowler, Ira                    Senior Picture        1948-0017
Fowler, Ira                    Football Group Picture                    1948-0044
Fowler, Ira                    Football Picture        1948-0047
Fowler, Ire                    Freshman Picture        1946-0043
Fowler, Jerry           Freshman Picture        1959-0095
Fowler, Jerry           Freshman Picture        1960-0083
Fowler, John           Freshman Picture        1959-0095
Fowler, Margie       Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Fowler, Margie       Junior Picture        1971-0096
Fowler, Margie       Senior Picture        1972-0082
Fowler, Pat                    Freshman Picture        1951-0041
Fowler, Patricia       Freshman Picture        1952-0083
Fowler, Stella Ann Freshman Picture        1947-0034
Fowler, Stella Ann                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0030
Fox, Blanche      Faculty Picture        1968-0017
Fox, Blanche      Faculty Picture        1969-0012
Fox, Blanche      Faculty Picture        1970-0009
Fox, Blanche      Faculty Picture        1971-0008
Fox, Lois                    Senior Picture        1946-0020
Fox, Milton        Faculty Picture        1968-0018
Fox, Milton        Faculty Picture        1969-0013
Fox, Milton        Faculty Picture        1970-0011
Fox, Milton        Faculty Picture        1971-0011
Fox, Mrs.                    Homecoming Picture  1968-0027
Fox, Robert        Freshman Picture        1959-0095
Fox, Robert Lee                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0078
Fraiser, Eddie          Junior Picture        1976-0103
Frambro, Luther, Mrs.                    Faculty Picture        1951-0014
Frank, Clara                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0035
Franklin,                    Debating Team Picture                    1922-0028
Franklin, Hoyt           Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Franklin, Hoyt                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0078
Franklin, Hoyt           Favorites Picture        1957-0090
Franklin, Hoyt           Football Picture        1957-0103
Franklin, Hoyt           Basketball Picture        1957-0109
Franklin, Hoyt           Football Picture        1958-0067
Franklin, Hoyt           Junior Picture        1958-0102
Franklin, Hoyt           Favorites Picture        1959-0051
Franklin, Hoyt           Favorites Picture        1959-0054
Franklin, Hoyt           Senior Picture        1959-0079
Franklin, Hoyt           Biography                    1959Reun-0028
Franklin, Richard      Freshman Picture        1970-0109
Franklin, Richard                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0102
Franklin, Richard      Junior Picture        1972-0091
Franklin, Richard      Senior Picture        1973-0082
Franklin, Ricky          Freshman Picture        1974-0095
Franklin, Ricky                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0098
Franklin, Sandra        Junior Picture        1970-0099
Franklin, Sandra        Senior Picture        1971-0088
Franklin, W.C.           Freshman Picture        1959-0095
Franks, Clara           Junior Picture        1947-0024
Frazier, Eddie          Senior Picture        1977-0109
Freeman, Danny        Freshman Picture        1964-0090
Freeman, Danny                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0112
Freeman, Danny        Junior Picture        1966-0096
Freeman, Danny        Senior Picture        1967-0084
Freeman, Kay Porter Biography                    1959Reun-0029
Freeman, Larry           Freshman Picture        1960-0083
Freeman, Larry                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0078
Freeman, Larry           Junior Picture        1962-0082
Freeman, Larry           Senior Picture        1963-0071
Freeman, Sid              Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Freeman, Sid              Football Picture        1958-0067
Freeman, Sid              Senior Picture        1959-0079
Freeman, Sid              Biography                    1959Reun-0029
Freeman, Sid              Biography                    1959Reun-0030
Freeman, Sidney                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0078
Freeman, Sidney        Junior Picture        1958-0102
Freshmen                    Snapshots                    1922-0026
Freshmen                     Goup Picture        1922-0025
Frie, Carrol         Freshman Picture        1962-0090
Frie, Carrol                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0082
Frie, Carrol         Junior Picture        1964-0082
Frie, Carrol         Senior Picture        1965-0100
Frie, Patricia       Freshman Picture        1958-0111
Frie, Patsy          Freshman Picture        1964-0090
Frie, Patsy                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0112
Frie, Patsy          Junior Picture        1966-0096
Frie, Patsy          Senior Picture        1967-0084
Frie, Shaaron     Freshman Picture        1960-0083
Fry, Bobby        Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Fry, Curtis                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0029
Fry, Mickey       Freshman Picture        1967-0104
Fry, Mickey       Class Officer Picture                    1968-0106
Fry, Mickey                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0108
Fry, Mickey       Football Picture        1969-0073
Fry, Mickey       Favorites Picture        1969-0093
Fry, Mickey       Junior Picture        1969-0094
Fry, Mickey       Senior Picture        1970-0090
Fry, Milton        Junior Picture        1955-0105
Fry, Sandra        Freshman Picture        1964-0090
Fry, Sandra                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0112
Fry, Sandra        Junior Picture        1966-0096
Fry, Sandry       Junior Picture        1967-0092
Fulbright Insurance Agency                    Advertisement           1951-0123
Fulbright Insurance Agency                    Advertisement           1952-0109
Fulbright Insurance Agency                    Advertisement/Picture                    1953-0114
Fulbright, George       Freshman Picture        1967-0104
Fulbright, George                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0108
Fulbright, George       Football Picture        1969-0075
Fulbright, George       Junior Picture        1969-0095
Fulbright, George       Favorites Picture        1970-0050
Fulbright, George       Senior Picture        1970-0090
Fulbright, Steve          Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Fulbright, Steve                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0105
Fulbright, Steve          Junior Picture        1971-0096
Fulbright, Steve          Football Picture        1972-0037
Fulbright, Steve          Senior Picture        1972-0082
Fuller, Gary            Freshman Picture        1968-0112
Fuller, Mike           Freshman Picture        1967-0104
Fuller, Mike                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0108
Fulmer, Don            Junior Picture        1947-0024
Fulmer, Weldon      FFA Group Picture        1947-0056
Future Business Citizens Club            Charter Members Group Picture        1948-0079
Future Business Leaders Club            Group Picture        1951-0087
Future Business Leaders Club            Group Picture        1952-0036
Future Business Leaders Club            Group Picture        1953-0041
Future Business Leaders Club            Group Picture        1954-0044
Future Business Leaders Club            Group Picture        1954-0045
G&H Butane - W.D. Henderson                    Advertisement/Picture                    1970-0131
G&H Butane - W.D. Henderson                    Advertisement/Picture                    1971-0145
G&H Butane - W.D. Henderson                    Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0143
Gaddis, Doyle         8th Grade Picture        1954-0129
Gaddis, Doyle         Freshman Picture        1955-0113
Gaddis, Doyle                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0091
Gaddis, Doyle         Junior Picture        1957-0072
Gaddis, Doyle         Senior Picture        1958-0093
Gaddis, Jean            8th Grade Picture        1953-0104
Gaddis, Jean            Freshman Picture        1954-0125
Gaddis, Jean                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0109
Gaddis, Jo Ann                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0093
Gaddis, Joan            8th Grade Picture        1951-0047
Gaddis, Joan            Freshman Picture        1952-0083
Gafford, Carolyn      Freshman Picture        1960-0083
Gafford, Carolyn                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0078
Gafford, Carolyn      Junior Picture        1962-0082
Gafford, Carolyn      Senior Picture        1963-0071
Gafford, Gynelle       Freshman Picture        1962-0090
Gafford, Gynelle                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0082
Gafford, Gynelle       Junior Picture        1964-0082
Gafford, Gynelle       Who's Who Picture                    1965-0076
Gafford, Gynelle       Senior Picture        1965-0100
Gafford, Sammy       Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Gafford, Sammy       Who's Who Picture                    1958-0087
Gafford, Sammy       Class Officer Picture                    1958-0100
Gafford, Sammy       Junior Picture        1958-0102
Gafford, Sammy       Class Officer Picture                    1959-0076
Gafford, Sammy       Senior Picture        1959-0079
Gafford, Sammy       Biography                    1959Reun-0031
Gafford, Samuel                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0078
Gage, Carol           Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Gaines, Gay             Freshman Picture        1961-0082
Gaines, Gay                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0086
Gaines, Gay             Junior Picture        1963-0079
Gaines, Gay             Senior Picture        1964-0076
Gaines, Sandra        8th Grade Picture        1954-0129
Gaines, Sandra        Freshman Picture        1955-0113
Gaines, Sandra                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0091
Gaines, Sandra        Junior Picture        1957-0072
Gaines, Sandra        Senior Picture        1958-0093
Gallo, Anita, Mrs.                    Award Picture        1974-0022
Gammon, Becky         Freshman Picture        1964-0090
Gammon, Becky                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0112
Gammon, Becky         Junior Picture        1966-0096
Gammon, Becky         Senior Picture        1967-0084
Gammon, Debby        Freshman Picture        1970-0109
Gammon, Deborah                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0102
Gammon, Deborah     Junior Picture        1972-0091
Gammon, Deborah     Sweetheart Picture        1973-0053
Gammon, Deborah     Class Officer Picture                    1973-0080
Gammon, Deborah     Senior Picture        1973-0082
Gammon, Kathy         Freshman Picture        1967-0104
Gammon, Kathy                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0108
Gammon, Kathy         Junior Picture        1969-0095
Gammon, Kathy         Senior Picture        1970-0090
Gardner, Charles       8th Grade Picture        1952-0087
Gardner, Charles       Freshman Picture        1953-0099
Gardner, Charles                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0121
Gardner, Charles       Junior Picture        1955-0105
Gardner, Charles       Senior Picture        1956-0079
Gardner, Debra         Freshman Picture        1971-0108
Gardner, Debra                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0097
Gardner, Debra         Junior Picture        1973-0089
Gardner, Debra         Senior Picture        1974-0082
Gardner, Donna        Freshman Picture        1976-0112
Gardner, Donna                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0126
Gardner, Donna        Junior Picture        1978-0036
Gardner, Donna        Senior Picture        1979-0010
Gardner, Donna        Twirler Picture        1979-0064
Gardner, Karen         Freshman Picture        1977-0131
Gardner, Karen                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0041
Gardner, Karen         Junior Picture        1979-0025
Gardner, Kylia           Freshman Picture        1976-0112
Gardner, Kylia                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0126
Gardner, Kylia           Junior Picture        1978-0036
Gardner, Richard      Football Picture        1954-0094
Gardner, Richard      8th Grade Picture        1954-0129
Gardner, Richard      Freshman Picture        1955-0113
Gardner, Richard                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0091
Gardner, Richard      Junior Picture        1957-0072
Gardner, Richard      Senior Picture        1958-0093
Garibay, Bessie        Freshman Picture        1962-0090
Garibay, Bessie                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0082
Garibay, Toney        Freshman Picture        1960-0083
Garibay, Toney                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0078
Garland, Larry           Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Garland, Larry                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0078
Garland, Larry           Junior Picture        1958-0102
Garland, Larry           Senior Picture        1959-0079
Garland, Larry           Memorial Picture & Article                    1959Reun-0008
Garland, Lloyd                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0094
Garland, Lloyd          Who's Who Picture                    1954-0087
Garland, Lloyd          Junior Picture        1954-0117
Garland, Lloyd          Who's Who Picture                    1955-0076
Garland, Lloyd          Senior Picture        1955-0095
Garland, O.D.            Band Booster Club Officer Picture        1954-0062
Garner, Albert                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0036
Garner, Albert         Junior Picture        1947-0024
Garner, Albert         FFA Group Picture        1947-0056
Garner, Albert         Senior Activities List                    1947-0062
Garner, Albert         Football Group Picture                    1947-0088
Garner, Albert         Junior Picture        1948-0026
Garner, Andy          Senior Picture        1947-0017
Garner, Benny B.    Junior Picture        1970-0099
Garner, Billy            Freshman Picture        1948-0034
Garner, Billy            Football Picture        1951-0070
Garner, Billy            Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Garner, Billy            Favorites Picture        1976-0073
Garner, Billy                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0107
Garner, Billy            Junior Picture        1977-0121
Garner, Billy            Senior Picture        1978-0024
Garner, Billy            Beau Picture        1978-0061
Garner, Billy Bob    Football Group Picture                    1948-0054
Garner, Billy Bob    Kittens Football Picture                    1948-0057
Garner, Billy Bob    Class Officer Picture                    1949-0035
Garner, Billy Bob                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0036
Garner, Billy Bob    Distinction Roll List     1949-0050
Garner, Billy Bob    Football Picture        1949-0066
Garner, Billy Bob    Senior Picture        1951-0020
Garner, Cindy         Freshman Picture        1971-0108
Garner, Cindy                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0097
Garner, Cindy         Junior Picture        1973-0089
Garner, Cindy         Queen Picture        1974-0023
Garner, Cindy         Senior Picture        1974-0082
Garner, David         Junior Picture        1965-0108
Garner, David         Senior Picture        1966-0089
Garner, Debra         Freshman Picture        1974-0095
Garner, Debra                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0098
Garner, Debra         Junior Picture        1976-0103
Garner, Debra         Senior Picture        1977-0109
Garner, Elizabeth Kathlyn                    Senior Picture        1922-0015
Garner, Elizabeth Kathlyn                    Athletic Council Picture                    1922-0032
Garner, Floyd Edwin                    1906 Senior Picture                    1965-0009a
Garner, Holly          Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Garner, Holly          Favorites Picture        1974-0090
Garner, Holly                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0092
Garner, Holly                    Cheerleader Picture     1975-0069
Garner, Holly          Junior Picture        1975-0094
Garner, Holly          Who's Who Picture                    1976-0057
Garner, Holly          Queen Picture        1976-0060
Garner, Holly          Queen Picture        1976-0061
Garner, Holly          Senior Picture        1976-0094
Garner, Jane            Senior Picture        1946-0020
Garner, Joyce          Freshman Picture        1951-0041
Garner, Joyce                    Cheerleader Picture     1951-0093
Garner, Joyce                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0079
Garner, Joyce                    Cheerleader Picture     1952-0089
Garner, Joyce          Junior Picture        1953-0089
Garner, Joyce                    Cheerleader Picture     1954-0035
Garner, Joyce          Favorites Picture        1954-0066
Garner, Joyce          Senior Picture        1954-0108
Garner, Kelly           Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Garner, Kelly                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0107
Garner, Kelly           Junior Picture        1977-0121
Garner, Kelly           Senior Picture        1978-0024
Garner, Kelly           Who's Who Picture                    1978-0086
Garner, Kelly           Football Picture        1978-0095
Garner, Mary Jane List of Fang Staff  1946-0060
Garner, Monte        Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Garner, Monte                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0105
Garner, Monte        Junior Picture        1971-0096
Garner, Monte        Football Picture        1972-0035
Garner, Monte        Senior Picture        1972-0083
Garnett, Greg                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0102
Garnett, Greg            Senior Picture        1973-0082
Garrett Bros Dairy                    Advertisement           1948-0100
Garrett Bros Dairy                    Advertisement           1949-0127
Garrett, Delores      Class Officer Picture                    1948-0029
Garrett, Delores                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0030
Garrett, Delores      Junior Picture        1949-0031
Garrett, Delores      Basketball Picture        1949-0078
Garrett, Delores      Assembly Council Group Picture                    1949-0086
Garrett, Deloris       Favorites Picture        1948-0040
Garrett, Dolores      Freshman Picture        1947-0034
Garrett, Tommy       Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Garrett, Tommy                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0078
Garrett, Tommy       Junior Picture        1958-0103
Garrison, Alene         Junior Picture        1955-0105
Garrison, Alene         Senior Picture        1956-0079
Garrison, Ilene           Freshman Picture        1953-0100
Garrison, Ilene                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0121
Garrison, Shirley        Senior Picture        1946-0020
Garrison, Shirley        List of Fang Staff  1946-0060
Garrison, Shirley        List of Tiger's Tale Staff                    1946-0060
Gartman, Sandra        Senior Picture        1958-0093
Gary, Alton          Freshman Picture        1958-0111
Gary, Arlin           Freshman Picture        1977-0131
Gary, Arlin                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0042
Gary, Arlin           Junior Picture        1979-0025
Gary, Bill              Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Gary, Charles       Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Gary, Charles                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0078
Gary, Charles       Junior Picture        1958-0103
Gary, Charles       Senior Picture        1959-0082
Gary, Charles       Freshman Picture        1974-0095
Gary, Darrell        Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Gary, Dorthy       Freshman Picture        1959-0095
Gary, Linda          Freshman Picture        1961-0082
Gary, Linda                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0086
Gary, Wesley      Freshman Picture        1972-0104
Gary, Wesley                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Gary, Wesley      Junior Picture        1974-0087
Gaskin, Eunice        Senior Picture        1922-0016
Gaskin, Gaye           Junior Picture        1948-0026
Gaskin, Gaye           Girls Basketball Group Picture        1948-0058
Gaskin, Gaye           Senior Picture        1949-0021
Gaskin, Gaye           Basketball Picture        1949-0078
Gaskin, Gaye           Book Club Officer List                    1949-0094
Gaskin, Gaye           Camera Club Officer List                    1949-0096
Gaskin, Harry          Freshman Picture        1961-0082
Gaskin, Harry                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0086
Gaskin, Harry          Junior Picture        1963-0079
Gaskin, Harry          Class Officer Picture                    1964-0009
Gaskin, Harry          Favorites Picture        1964-0035
Gaskin, Harry          Senior Picture        1964-0076
Gates, Polly           Junior Picture        1946-0028
Gates, Polly Ann  Senior Picture        1947-0017
Gatlin, Judy           Junior Picture        1968-0104
Gatlin, Judy           Senior Picture        1969-0089
Gatlin, Mary          Freshman Picture        1968-0112
Gatlin, Mary                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0099
Gatlin, Mary          Junior Picture        1970-0099
Gatlin, Mary          Senior Picture        1971-0088
Gayden, W.J.            1906-1907 Superintendent                    1965-0009
Gazette Printing Co.                    Advertisement           1922-0054
Gazzola, David         Senior Picture        1960-0070
Gee, Teri                    Class Officer Picture                    1976-0111
Gee, Teri                    Freshman Picture        1976-0112
Gee, Teri                    Who's Who Picture                    1977-0076
Gee, Teri                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0126
Geer Service Station                    Advertisement           1949-0125
Geer Tank Trucks                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0114
Geer Tank Trucks                    Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0119
Geer Tank Trucks                    Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0115
Geer Tank Trucks                    Advertisement/Picture                    1970-0124
Geer Tank Trucks                    Advertisement/Picture                    1971-0118
Geer Tank Trucks                    Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0115
Geer Tank Trucks                    Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0122
Geer Tank Trucks                    Advertisement/Picture                    1974-0105
Geer,                     Football Group Picture                    1947-0088
Geer, Betty                    Freshman Picture        1946-0043
Geer, Betty                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0030
Geer, Betty                    Sweetheart Picture        1947-0089
Geer, Betty                    Junior Picture        1948-0026
Geer, Betty                    Girls Basketball Group Picture        1948-0058
Geer, Bobby        Junior Picture        1951-0031
Geer, Bobby        Football Picture        1951-0070
Geer, Bobby        FFA Officer Picture                    1951-0091
Geer, Bobby Frank                    Football Group Picture                    1948-0054
Geer, Bobby Frank                    Kittens Football Picture                    1948-0056
Geer, Bobby Frank                    Freshman Picture        1949-0042
Geer, Bobby Frank                    Favorites Picture        1949-0059
Geer, Bobby Frank                    Football Picture        1949-0066
Geer, Bobby Frank                    Basketball Picture        1949-0076
Geer, Bobby Frank                    Kitten's Football Group Picture                    1949-0082
Geer, Carla           Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Geer, Carla                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0107
Geer, Carla                    Cheerleader Picture     1977-0043
Geer, Carla           Queen Picture        1977-0067
Geer, Carla           Queen Picture        1977-0084
Geer, Carla           Class Officer Picture                    1977-0120
Geer, Carla           Junior Picture        1977-0121
Geer, Carla           Senior Picture        1978-0025
Geer, Carla           Favorites Picture        1978-0074
Geer, Carla           Who's Who Picture                    1978-0085
Geer, Carla           Queen Picture        1978-0088
Geer, Carla           Queen Picture        1978-0128
Geer, Carol           Freshman Picture        1971-0108
Geer, Carol                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0097
Geer, Carol           Junior Picture        1973-0089
Geer, Carol           Senior Picture        1974-0082
Geer, Charles       Junior Picture        1946-0028
Geer, Charles       Senior Picture        1947-0017
Geer, Charles       School Board Picture                    1966-0011
Geer, Connie       Freshman Picture        1969-0103
Geer, Connie                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0105
Geer, Connie       Junior Picture        1971-0096
Geer, Connie       Senior Picture        1972-0083
Geer, Dalphene   Junior Picture        1948-0026
Geer, Dalphine    Freshman Picture        1946-0043
Geer, Dalphine                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0030
Geer, Dalphine    FHA Group Picture                    1947-0058
Geer, Dalphine    Senior Picture        1949-0021
Geer, Dayna        Freshman Picture        1979-0032
Geer, Dayna        Favorites Picture        1979-0035
Geer, G.W.                    8th Grade Picture        1949-0046
Geer, G.W.                    Book Club Member List                    1949-0094
Geer, G.W.                    Class Officer Picture                    1951-0040
Geer, G.W.                    Freshman Picture        1951-0041
Geer, G.W.                    Beau Picture        1951-0064
Geer, G.W.                    Football Picture        1951-0070
Geer, G.W.                    Football Picture        1952-0019
Geer, G.W.                    Band Officer Picture                    1952-0049
Geer, G.W.                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0079
Geer, G.W.                    FFA Officer Picture                    1953-0039
Geer, G.W.                    Lettermen's Club Officer Picture                    1953-0043
Geer, G.W.                    Football Picture        1953-0055
Geer, G.W.                    Favorites Picture        1953-0067
Geer, G.W.                    Junior Picture        1953-0089
Geer, G.W.                    Snapshot                    1954-0024
Geer, G.W.                    Student Council Officer Picture                    1954-0051
Geer, G.W.                    Who's Who Picture                    1954-0087
Geer, G.W.                    Track Snapshot   1954-0097
Geer, G.W.                    Class Officer Picture                    1954-0106
Geer, G.W.                    Senior Picture        1954-0108
Geer, G.W.           School Board Picture                    1974-0069
Geer, G.W.           School Board Picture                    1975-0021
Geer, G.W.           School Board Picture                    1976-0021
Geer, G.W.           School Board Picture                    1977-0018
Geer, G.W.           School Board Picture                    1978-0014
Geer, G.W.           School Board Picture                    1979-0134
Geer, Greg            Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Geer, Greg            Class Officer Picture                    1976-0106
Geer, Greg                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0108
Geer, Greg            Favorites Picture        1977-0073
Geer, Greg            Class Officer Picture                    1977-0120
Geer, Greg            Junior Picture        1977-0121
Geer, Greg            Favorites Picture        1978-0020
Geer, Greg            Senior Picture        1978-0025
Geer, Greg            King Picture        1978-0126
Geer, Jana            Freshman Picture        1967-0104
Geer, Jana                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0108
Geer, Jana            Junior Picture        1969-0095
Geer, Jana            Sweetheart Picture        1970-0023
Geer, Jana            Favorites Picture        1970-0057
Geer, Jana            Senior Picture        1970-0090
Geer, Joe                    Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Geer, Joe                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0078
Geer, Joe                    Junior Picture        1958-0103
Geer, Joe                    Beau Picture        1959-0061
Geer, Joe                    Senior Picture        1959-0079
Geer, Joe Edward                    Biography                    1959Reun-0032
Geer, Johnny       8th Grade Picture        1953-0104
Geer, Johnny       Football Picture        1954-0094
Geer, Johnny       Basketball Picture        1954-0101
Geer, Johnny       Freshman Picture        1954-0125
Geer, Johnny       Favorites Picture        1955-0067
Geer, Johnny                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0109
Geer, Johnny       Beau Picture        1956-0058
Geer, Johnny       Junior Picture        1956-0087
Geer, Judy           Freshman Picture        1967-0104
Geer, Judy           Favorites Picture        1968-0075
Geer, Judy           Class Officer Picture                    1968-0106
Geer, Judy                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0108
Geer, Judy           Junior Picture        1969-0095
Geer, Judy           Senior Picture        1970-0091
Geer, Kristia        Freshman Picture        1972-0104
Geer, Kristie        Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Geer, Lori             Freshman Picture        1974-0095
Geer, Lori                    Cheerleader Picture     1975-0069
Geer, Lori             Favorites Picture        1975-0097
Geer, Lori                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0098
Geer, Lori             Junior Picture        1976-0103
Geer, Lori                    Cheerleader Picture     1977-0043
Geer, Lori             Queen Picture        1977-0067
Geer, Lori             Senior Picture        1977-0109
Geer, Mary Ruth           Freshman Picture        1947-0035
Geer, Mary Ruth           Favorites Group Picture                    1947-0039
Geer, Mary Ruth           Favorites Picture        1947-0046
Geer, Mary Ruth           Baskerball, Girls Group Picture                    1947-0049
Geer, Mary Ruth                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0030
Geer, Mary Ruth           Junior Picture        1949-0031
Geer, Mary Ruth           Football Sweetheart Picture                    1949-0069
Geer, Mary Ruth           Assembly Council Group Picture                    1949-0086
Geer, Mary Ruth           Book Club Member List                    1949-0094
Geer, Patty Clark Gunter Geer            Biography                    1959Reun-0017
Geer, Perry           Freshman Picture        1972-0104
Geer, Perry           Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Geer, Perry           Junior Picture        1974-0087
Geer, Perry           Senior Picture        1975-0088
Geer, Randall       Class Officer Picture                    1965-0115
Geer, Randall       Freshman Picture        1965-0116
Geer, Randall                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0101
Geer, Randall       Junior Picture        1967-0092
Geer, Randall       Senior Picture        1968-0098
Geer, Scott           Freshman Picture        1979-0032
Geer, Stephen     Freshman Picture        1970-0109
Geer, Stephen                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0102
Geer, Stephen     Junior Picture        1972-0092
Geer, Stephen     Senior Picture        1973-0083
Geer, Steve          Favorites Picture        1973-0032
Geer, Steve          Who's Who Picture                    1973-0077
George Murray's Saddle Shop                    Advertisement           1952-0103
George Murray's Saddle Shop                    Advertisement           1954-0157
George Porter Insurance                    Advertisement           1954-0148
George Spiller Land Titles                    Advertisement           1922-0058
George, Sam             Faculty Picture        1965-0026
Gibbs, Allan          Faculty Picture        1964-0013
Gibbs, Allan          Coach Picture        1964-0056
Gibbs, Allan          Faculty Picture        1965-0025
Gibbs, Allan          Coach Picture        1965-0078
Gibbs, Allan          Faculty Picture        1966-0018
Gibbs, Allan          Coach Picture        1966-0069
Gibbs, Allen          Faculty Picture        1958-0022
Gibbs, Allen          Faculty Picture        1959-0018
Gibbs, Allen          Faculty Picture        1960-0012
Gibson, Carolyn      Freshman Picture        1958-0111
Gibson, Carolyn                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0092
Gibson, Carolyn      Junior Picture        1960-0076
Gibson, Carolyn      Senior Picture        1961-0069
Gibson, Dave           School Board Picture                    1953-0008
Gibson, Dave           School Board Picture                    1954-0013
Gibson, Dave           School Board Picture                    1955-0012
Gibson, Dave           School Board Picture                    1956-0010
Gibson, Dave           School Board Picture                    1957-0011
Gibson, Dave           School Board Picture                    1958-0019
Gibson, Eddie          8th Grade Picture        1953-0104
Gibson, Eddie          Freshman Picture        1954-0125
Gibson, Eddie                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0109
Gibson, Eddie          Junior Picture        1956-0087
Gibson, Eddie          Senior Picture        1957-0062
Gibson, Eddie          Football Picture        1957-0103
Gibson, Joyce          Freshman Picture        1951-0041
Gibson, Joyce          Manager Picture        1952-0029
Gibson, Joyce          Majorette Picture        1952-0048
Gibson, Joyce                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0079
Gibson, Joyce          Snapshot                    1953-0019
Gibson, Joyce          Majorette Picture        1953-0045
Gibson, Joyce          Junior Picture        1953-0089
Gibson, Joyce          Business Leaders Officer Picture        1954-0045
Gibson, Joyce          Majorette Picture        1954-0061
Gibson, Joyce          Favorites Picture        1954-0076
Gibson, Joyce          Who's Who Picture                    1954-0086
Gibson, Joyce          Senior Picture        1954-0108
Gibson, Ridley         School Board Picture                    1976-0021
Gibson, Ridley         School Board Picture                    1977-0018
Gibson, Ridley         School Board Picture                    1978-0014
Gideon, Dale            Favorites Picture        1961-0048
Gideon, Dale            Freshman Picture        1961-0082
Gideon, Dale                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0086
Gideon, Dale            Junior Picture        1963-0079
Gideon, Dale            Who's Who Picture                    1964-0054
Gideon, Dale            Senior Picture        1964-0077
Gilbert, Bob             Senior Picture        1963-0071
Gilbert, Eddie          Freshman Picture        1964-0091
Gilbert, Eddie                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0112
Gilbert, Eddie          Junior Picture        1966-0096
Gilbert, Eddie          Senior Picture        1967-0084
Gilbert, Jaynie                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0098
Gilbert, Robert        Junior Picture        1962-0082
Gilbert, Tommy       Freshman Picture        1965-0117
Gilbert, Tommy                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0101
Gilbert, Tommy       Junior Picture        1967-0092
Gilbert, Tommy       Senior Picture        1968-0098
Gillespie, Judy           Faculty Picture        1966-0014
Gillian, Donnie       Freshman Picture        1965-0117
Gillmore, Lynda         8th Grade Picture        1952-0087
Gillmore, Lynda         Freshman Picture        1953-0100
Gillmore, Lynda         FHA Officer Picture                    1954-0047
Gillmore, Lynda         Class Officer Picture                    1954-0120
Gillmore, Lynda         Queen Picture        1955-0074
Gillmore, Lynda         Junior Picture        1955-0105
Gilmore,                     Basketball Group Picture                    1946-0057
Gilmore, Carolyn                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0082
Gilmore, Carolyn      Junior Picture        1964-0082
Gilmore, Carolyn      Favorites Picture        1965-0051
Gilmore, Carolyn      Senior Picture        1965-0100
Gilmore, Jimmy         Freshman Picture        1965-0117
Gilmore, Jimmy                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0102
Gilmore, Jimmy         Junior Picture        1967-0092
Gilmore, Jimmy         Football Picture        1968-0078
Gilmore, Jimmy         Football Picture        1968-0080
Gilmore, Jimmy         Senior Picture        1968-0098
Gilmore, John                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0036
Gilmore, Lynda                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0121
Gilmore, Ouida         Freshman Picture        1946-0043
Gilreath, Betty          Junior Picture        1953-0089
Gilreath, Betty          Senior Picture        1954-0109
Gilreath, Betty Lou  Freshman Picture        1951-0041
Gilreath, Betty Lou                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0079
Gilreath, H.E.             Football Booster Officer Picture        1954-0097
Ginter, Zoy             Junior Picture        1973-0090
Givler, Cathleen    Freshman Picture        1970-0109
Givler, Kathleen                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0102
Givler, Kathy         Queen Picture        1971-0062
Givler, Mike                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0107
Givler, Mike           Escort Picture        1971-0022
Givler, Mike           Junior Picture        1971-0096
Givler, Rosanne    Freshman Picture        1970-0109
Givler, Rosanne                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0102
Gleason, Betty Lou  Freshman Picture        1948-0034
Gleason, Betty Lou                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0037
Gleason, Betty Lou  Class Officer Picture                    1951-0018
Gleason, Betty Lou  Senior Picture        1951-0020
Gleason, Pat              Faculty Picture        1959-0018
Gleason, William                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0036
Gleason, William       Favorites Group Picture                    1947-0039
Gleason, William       Favorites Picture        1947-0041
Gleason, William       Basketball Group Picture                    1947-0089
Gleason, William       Letterman Picture        1947-0090
Gleason, William       Faculty Picture        1954-0018
Gleghorn, Johnny       Freshman Picture        1970-0109
Gleghorn, Johnny       Freshman Picture        1971-0108
Gleghorn, Leta                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0105
Gleghorn, Leta            Junior Picture        1971-0096
Glover, Bill              Freshman Picture        1970-0109
Glover, Billy            8th Grade Picture        1951-0047
Glover, Dolores                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0035
Glover, Dolores      Junior Picture        1952-0075
Glover, Dolores      Senior Picture        1953-0082
Glover, Ray Dell     Freshman Picture        1948-0035
Golf Team                    Group Picture        1953-0026
Gonzales, Sarah                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0126
Goodnight, Jane            FHA Officer Picture                    1952-0042
Goodnight, Jane                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0079
Goodwin, Susan         Faculty Picture        1978-0016
Gordon, Pamela        Freshman Picture        1968-0112
Gossett, Johnny       Freshman Picture        1966-0105
Gossett, Johnny                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0098
Gowan, H.R.            School Board Picture                    1958-0019
Gowan, H.R.            School Board Picture                    1959-0012
Gowan, H.R.            School Board Picture                    1960-0008
Gowan, H.R.            School Board Picture                    1962-0009
Gowan, H.R.            School Board Picture                    1963-0010
Gowan, H.R.            School Board Picture                    1964-0011
Gowan, H.R.            School Board Picture                    1965-0021
Gowan, H.R.            School Board Picture                    1966-0011
Gowan, H.R.            School Board Picture                    1967-0011
Gowan, H.R.            School Board Picture                    1968-0009
Gowan, Jimmy         Freshman Picture        1968-0112
Gowan, Jimmy                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0099
Gowan, Jimmy         Junior Picture        1970-0099
Gowan, Jimmy Don                    Senior Picture        1971-0088
Gowan, Mary          Freshman Picture        1965-0117
Gowan, Mary                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0102
Gowan, Mary          Junior Picture        1967-0092
Gowan, Mary                    Cheerleader Picture     1968-0085
Gowan, Mary          Senior Picture        1968-0098
Gowdy, Lee O., Mrs.                    Snapshot                    1957-0026
Grace, Bob             Freshman Picture        1966-0105
Grace, Bob                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0098
Grace, Bob             Junior Picture        1968-0104
Grace, Bob             Senior Picture        1969-0089
Grace, Mike           Freshman Picture        1962-0090
Grace, Mike                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0083
Grace, Mike           Junior Picture        1964-0082
Grace, Mike           Favorites Picture        1965-0067
Grace, Mike           Who's Who Picture                    1965-0075
Grace, Mike           Senior Picture        1965-0100
Grace, Pete                    Snapshot                    1954-0029
Grace, Pete                    Football Booster Officer Picture        1954-0097
Graham Bottling Co.                    Advertisement           1951-0108
Graham Bottling Co.                    Advertisement           1952-0100
Graham Bottling Co.                    Advertisement/Picture                    1953-0114
Graham Coca-Cola Bottling Co                    Advertisement           1948-0104
Graham, Beverly      Freshman Picture        1968-0112
Graham, Beverly                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0099
Graham, Beverly                    Cheerleader Picture     1970-0022
Graham, Beverly      Junior Picture        1970-0099
Graham, Beverly                    Cheerleader Picture     1971-0063
Graham, Beverly      Senior Picture        1971-0088
Graham, Jackie         Freshman Picture        1967-0104
Graham, Jackie                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0108
Graham, Jackie         Football Picture        1969-0075
Graham, Jackie         Junior Picture        1969-0095
Graham, Jackie         Senior Picture        1970-0091
Graham, Jimmy         Freshman Picture        1974-0095
Graham, Jimmy                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0098
Graham, Jimmy         Junior Picture        1976-0103
Graham, Steven        Freshman Picture        1972-0104
Graham, Steven                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Graham, Steven        Junior Picture        1974-0087
Graham, Steven        Senior Picture        1975-0088
Grahma Motor Co., Graham - Royce Moore & Otis Henderson                    Advertisement           1953-0122
Granger, Carol           Freshman Picture        1964-0091
Granger, Carol           Junior Picture        1966-0096
Granger, Carol           Senior Picture        1967-0085
Granger, Kathy         Freshman Picture        1966-0105
Granger, Kathy                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0098
Granger, Kathy         Junior Picture        1968-0104
Granger, Kathy         Senior Picture        1969-0089
Granger, Linda Carol                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0112
Granger, Peggy         Freshman Picture        1959-0095
Granger, Peggy                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0079
Granger, Peggy         Junior Picture        1961-0074
Granger, Peggy         Senior Picture        1962-0076
Grantham, Eddie          Freshman Picture        1971-0108
Grantham, Eddie          Large Picture        1971-0112
Grantham, Eddie                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0097
Grantham, Eddie          Junior Picture        1973-0090
Grantham, Eddie          Senior Picture        1974-0082
Grantham, Judy           Junior Picture        1966-0096
Grantham, Judy           Senior Picture        1967-0085
Graves,                    Volleyball Group Picture                    1946-0057
Graves, Aldie          Freshman Picture        1946-0043
Graves, Aldie Marie                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0030
Graves, Aldie Marie                    FHA Group Picture                    1947-0058
Graves, Aldie Marie                    Junior Picture        1948-0026
Graves, Aldie Marie                    Senior Picture        1949-0021
Graves, Billie           Freshman Picture        1946-0043
Graves, Bobbie       Junior Picture        1951-0031
Graves, Bobbie Lea                    Freshman Picture        1949-0042
Graves, Bobbie Lea                    Senior Picture        1952-0069
Graves, Dorotha                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0036
Graves, Dorotha     FHA Group Picture                    1947-0058
Graves, Dorotha     Senior Picture        1948-0017
Graves, Dortha Sue                    Junior Picture        1947-0024
Graves, Kay             Faculty Picture        1958-0022
Graves, Kay             Coach Picture        1958-0065
Graves, Kay             Faculty Picture        1959-0017
Graves, Kay             Coach Picture        1959-0068
Gray, Douglas                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0107
Gray, Douglas     Junior Picture        1959-0086
Gray, Douglas     Senior Picture        1960-0070
Gray, Shirley        Junior Picture        1964-0084
Gray, Wilma Jean                    Freshman Picture        1948-0034
Gray, Wilma Jean                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0037
Gray, Wilma Jean                    Senior Picture        1951-0020
Gray, Winford     Junior Picture        1946-0028
Gray, Winford     Group Picture - The Fighting Tigers         1946-0054
Gray, Winford     Senior Picture        1947-0018
Graybill, Jerry           Freshman Picture        1972-0104
Graybill, Jerry           Large Picture        1972-0105
Graybill, Jerry           Favorites Picture        1973-0094
Graybill, Jerry                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Graybill, Jerry           Junior Picture        1974-0088
Graybill, Jerry           Class Officer Picture                    1975-0085
Graybill, Jerry           Senior Picture        1975-0088
Graybill, Patty           Freshman Picture        1970-0109
Graybill, Patty                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0102
Graybill, Patty           Junior Picture        1972-0092
Graybill, Patty           Queen Picture        1973-0030
Graybill, Patty           Senior Picture        1973-0083
Graybill, Wayne       Freshman Picture        1966-0105
Graybill, Wayne                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0098
Graybill, Wayne       Junior Picture        1968-0104
Graybill, Wayne       Senior Picture        1969-0089
Green Frog Café                    Advertisement           1948-0098
Green Frog Café                    Advertisement           1949-0113
Green Frog Café                    Advertisement           1951-0113
Green Frog Café                    Advertisement           1952-0110
Green Frog Café                    Advertisement/Picture                    1971-0141
Green Frog Café - Mr. & Mrs. Tobe Weaver                    Advertisement           1953-0131
Green Frog Café - Mr. & Mrs. Tobe Weaver                    Advertisement           1954-0151
Green Frog Restaurant                    Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0128
Green, Arthur        Freshman Picture        1966-0106
Green, Arthur                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0098
Green, Arthur        Junior Picture        1968-0104
Green, Arthur        Senior Picture        1969-0089
Green, Bernice       Junior Picture        1922-0020
Green, Bernice       Annual Staff Picture                    1922-0031
Green, David         Freshman Picture        1974-0095
Green, David                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0098
Green, David         Junior Picture        1976-0103
Green, David         Senior Picture        1977-0109
Green, Dorcas       Yearbook Staff Picture                    1951-0010
Green, Dorcas       Junior Picture        1951-0031
Green, Dorcas       Yearbook Staff Picture                    1952-0008
Green, Dorcas       Senior Picture        1952-0070
Green, Doris          Class Officer Picture                    1951-0030
Green, Doris          Junior Picture        1951-0031
Green, Doris          Yearbook Staff Picture                    1952-0008
Green, Doris          Favorites Picture        1952-0054
Green, Doris          Class Officer Picture                    1952-0068
Green, Doris          Senior Picture        1952-0070
Green, Joan                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0094
Green, Leigh          1942-1944 Superintendent                    1965-0009
Green, Marlene     8th Grade Picture        1951-0048
Green, Marlene     Freshman Picture        1952-0083
Green, Marlene                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0094
Green, Marlene     Junior Picture        1954-0117
Green, Marlene     Senior Picture        1955-0095
Green, Martha       Faculty Picture        1948-0013
Green, Martha       Faculty Picture        1949-0017
Green, Martha       Faculty Picture        1953-0010
Green, Martha       Faculty Picture        1954-0016
Green, Martha       Faculty Picture        1955-0015
Green, Martha       Faculty Picture        1956-0013
Green, Martha       Faculty Picture        1957-0014
Green, Martha       Faculty Picture        1958-0022
Green, Martha       Faculty Picture        1959-0014
Green, Martha       Faculty Picture        1960-0010
Green, Martha       Faculty Picture        1961-0011
Green, Martha       Faculty Picture        1962-0010
Green, Martha       Faculty Picture        1963-0012
Green, Martha       Faculty Picture        1964-0012
Green, Martha       Faculty Picture        1965-0025
Green, Martha       School Personnel Picture                    1966-0019
Green, Martha       Faculty Picture        1967-0015
Green, Martha       School Personnel Picture                    1968-0019
Green, Martha       School Personnel Picture                    1969-0013
Green, Martha       School Personnel Picture                    1970-0013
Green, Martha       School Personnel Picture                    1971-0011
Green, Martha       School Personnel Picture                    1972-0015
Green, Martha       School Personnel Picture                    1973-0016
Green, Martha       School Personnel Picture                    1974-0070
Green, Martha Sue                    Freshman Picture        1963-0088
Green, Melvin       Freshman Picture        1976-0112
Green, Melvin                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0127
Green, Melvin       Junior Picture        1978-0036
Green, Melvin       Senior Picture        1979-0010
Green, Mrs.            Assembly Council Group Picture                    1949-0086
Green, Mrs.            Snapshot                    1953-0023
Green, Richard      Award Picture        1966-0045
Green, Richard      Freshman Picture        1966-0106
Green, Richard                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0098
Green, Richard      Junior Picture        1968-0104
Green, Richard      Football Picture        1969-0074
Green, Richard      Senior Picture        1969-0089
Green, Sandra        Favorites Picture        1975-0043
Green, Sandra        Junior Picture        1975-0094
Green, Sandra        Queen Picture        1976-0061
Green, Sandra        Favorites Picture        1976-0062
Green, Sandra        Favorites Picture        1976-0068
Green, Sandra        Favorites Picture        1976-0070
Green, Sandra        Sweetheart Picture        1976-0072
Green, Sandra        Class Officer Picture                    1976-0090
Green, Sandra        Senior Picture        1976-0094
Greer, G.W.           Book Club Officer Picture                    1952-0035
Greer, Joe                    Football Picture        1958-0068
Gregg Motor Co                    Advertisement           1949-0122
Gregg Sinclair Station                    Advertisement           1953-0131
Gregg Sinclair Station                    Advertisement           1954-0152
Gregg, Laura B.     Junior Picture        1946-0028
Gregg, Laura Beth Senior Picture        1947-0017
Gregg, Laura Beth Tiger's Tale Staff Group Picture        1947-0061
Gregg, Laura Beth Senior Activities List                    1947-0062
Gregg, Margaret    Who's Who Picture                    1958-0086
Gregg, Margaret    Junior Picture        1958-0103
Gregg, Margaret    Senior Picture        1959-0079
Gregg, Margaret (Margaret Sue Cherryhomes)                    Biography                    1959Reun-0033
Gregg, Margaret Sue                    Freshman Picture        1956-0095
Gregg, Margaret Sue                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0078
Gregg, Margaret Sue                    Who's Who Picture                    1957-0097
Gregg, Margaret Sue                    Who's Who Picture                    1959-0066
Gregg, Martha       Senior Picture        1956-0079
Gregg, Martha Sue                    Junior Picture        1955-0105
Gregory, Delbert       Freshman Picture        1978-0048
Gregory, Delbert                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0029
Gregory, Lora            Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Gregory, Lora                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0108
Gregory, Lora            Junior Picture        1977-0122
Gregory, Lora            Senior Picture        1978-0025
Gresham, James                    Sophomore Class Officer Picture                    1946-0034
Gresham, James                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0036
Gresham, James         Basketball Group Picture                    1946-0057
Gresham, James         List of Tiger's Tale Staff                    1946-0060
Gresham, James         Class Officer Picture                    1947-0023
Gresham, James         Junior Picture        1947-0025
Gresham, James         Basketball, Junior Boys Group Picture        1947-0051
Gresham, James         Annual Staff Group Picture                    1947-0060
Gresham, James         Tiger's Tale Staff Group Picture        1947-0061
Gresham, James         Class Officer Picture                    1948-0015
Gresham, James         Senior Picture        1948-0017
Gresham, James         Tiger Tale Staff List    1948-0068
Gresham, James         The Fang Staff List    1948-0069
Gresham, James         Cast of Play List     1948-0074
Gresham, James         The Fang Staff List    1948-0107
Grimes, Pat                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0094
Groner, William Christopher, Jr.                1901 Senior Picture                    1965-0009a
Grubbs, Don            Senior Picture        1952-0070
Guber's Drive In - Doris Adams                    Advertisement/Picture                    1970-0138
Guber's Drive In - Doris Adams                    Advertisement/Picture                    1971-0142
Guber's Drive In - Doris Adams                    Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0137
Guevara, Martina      Freshman Picture        1972-0104
Guevara, Martina                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0092
Guinn, James         Freshman Picture        1948-0034
Guinn, Janna          Freshman Picture        1979-0032
Guinn, John           Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Guinn, Kenneth     Freshman Picture        1973-0099
Guinn, Kenneth                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0092
Guinn, Kenneth     Junior Picture        1975-0094
Guinn, Kenneth     Senior Picture        1976-0094
Guinn, Vicki                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0097
Guinn, Vicki                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0095
Gunter,                     Football Group Picture                    1947-0088
Gunter, Angel         Junior Picture        1976-0103
Gunter, Arlin                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0108
Gunter, Arlin           Junior Picture        1977-0122
Gunter, Arlin           Senior Picture        1978-0025
Gunter, Benjamin    8th Grade Picture        1952-0087
Gunter, Benjamin    Freshman Picture        1953-0100
Gunter, Benjamin    FFA Officer Picture                    1954-0049
Gunter, Benjamin                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0121
Gunter, Benjamin    Junior Picture        1955-0106
Gunter, Benjamin    Senior Picture        1956-0080
Gunter, Benny        8th Grade Picture        1949-0046
Gunter, Benny                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0035
Gunter, Benny        Junior Picture        1952-0075
Gunter, Benny        Senior Picture        1953-0082
Gunter, Brad            Freshman Picture        1975-0102
Gunter, Brad                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0108
Gunter, Brad            Who's Who Picture                    1977-0077
Gunter, Brad            Junior Picture        1977-0122
Gunter, Brad            Senior Picture        1978-0025
Gunter, Brenda       Freshman Picture        1971-0108
Gunter, Brenda                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0098
Gunter, Brenda       Junior Picture        1973-0090
Gunter, Dan             8th Grade Picture        1954-0129
Gunter, Eugene                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0030
Gunter, Eugene       FFA Group Picture        1947-0056
Gunter, Eugene                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0030
Gunter, George       Freshman Picture        1947-0035
Gunter, George                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0030
Gunter, George L.   Senior Picture        1951-0021
Gunter, George L.   Band Officer Picture                    1951-0095
Gunter, Lela                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0109
Gunter, Lelia            8th Grade Picture        1953-0104
Gunter, Lelia            Freshman Picture        1954-0125
Gunter, Lelia            Junior Picture        1956-0087
Gunter, Lelia Vene  Favorites Picture        1955-0067
Gunter, Lelia Vene  Senior Picture        1957-0062
Gunter, Lelia Vene  Sweetheart Picture        1957-0093
Gunter, Linda          Freshman Picture        1955-0113
Gunter, Linda                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0091
Gunter, Linda          Junior Picture        1957-0072
Gunter, Linda          Senior Picture        1958-0093
Gunter, Linda                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0127
Gunter, Loretta       Favorites Picture        1975-0101
Gunter, Loretta       Freshman Picture        1975-0103
Gunter, Loretta       Class Officer Picture                    1976-0106
Gunter, Loretta                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0108
Gunter, Loretta       Tuffy Picture        1977-0043
Gunter, Loretta       Sweetheart Picture        1977-0048
Gunter, Loretta       Sweetheart Picture        1977-0081
Gunter, Loretta       Junior Picture        1977-0122
Gunter, Loretta       Senior Picture        1978-0025
Gunter, Loretta       Sweetheart Picture        1978-0064
Gunter, Loretta       Favorites Picture        1978-0092
Gunter, Loy             Freshman Picture        1957-0081
Gunter, Loy                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0107
Gunter, Loy             Favorites Picture        1959-0056
Gunter, Loy             Junior Picture        1959-0086
Gunter, Loy             Class Officer Picture                    1960-0068
Gunter, Loy             Senior Picture        1960-0070
Gunter, Marilyn      Freshman Picture        1960-0083
Gunter, Marilyn      Favorites Picture        1961-0048
Gunter, Marilyn                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0078
Gunter, Marilyn      Junior Picture        1962-0082
Gunter, Marilyn      Senior Picture        1963-0072
Gunter, Mary                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0094
Gunter, Mary E.      Freshman Picture        1952-0083
Gunter, Mary Ellen 8th Grade Picture        1951-0048
Gunter, Mitchell     Freshman Picture        1976-0112
Gunter, Mitchell                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0127
Gunter, Mitchell     Junior Picture        1978-0036
Gunter, Mitchell     Senior Picture        1979-0011
Gunter, Mollie         Freshman Picture        1959-0095
Gunter, Mouaton   8th Grade Picture        1954-0129
Gunter, Mouaton   Favorites Picture        1955-0068
Gunter, Mouaton   Freshman Picture        1955-0114
Gunter, Mouaton                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0091
Gunter, Mouaton   Junior Picture        1957-0072
Gunter, Mouaton   Football Picture        1957-0103
Gunter, Mouaton   Senior Picture        1958-0094
Gunter, Mouaton   Memorial                    1959Reun-0017
Gunter, Mouton     Football Picture        1954-0094
Gunter, R.C.             Junior Picture        1946-0028
Gunter, R.C.             Basketball Group Picture                    1946-0057
Gunter, R.C.             Senior Picture        1947-0018
Gunter, R.C.             FFA Group Picture        1947-0056
Gunter, Steve          Freshman Picture        1978-0048
Gunter, Steve                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0029
Gunter, Twila                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0035
Gunter, Twila          Junior Picture        1952-0075
Gunter, Twila Fern 8th Grade Picture        1949-0046
Gunter, Velta           Freshman Picture        1960-0083
Gunter, Velta                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0078
Gunter, Velta           Junior Picture        1962-0082
Gunter, Velta           Senior Picture        1963-0072
Gunter, Zoy             Freshman Picture        1971-0108
Gunter, Zoy             Favorites Picture        1972-0075
Gunter, Zoy                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0098
Gunter, Zoy             Class Officer Picture                    1973-0034
Gunter, Zoy             Award Picture        1974-0045
Gunter, Zoy             Senior Picture        1974-0082
Gustin, Lewis          8th Grade Picture        1952-0087
Gustin, Lewis          Class Officer Picture                    1953-0098
Gustin, Lewis          Freshman Picture        1953-0100
Gustin, Lewis                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0121
Gustin, Lewis          Favorites Picture        1955-0066
Gustin, Lewis          Class Officer Picture                    1955-0104
Gustin, Lewis          Junior Picture        1955-0106
Gustin, Lewis          Senior Picture        1956-0080
Gustin, Loyd           Freshman Picture        1951-0042
Gustin, Loyd           Football Picture        1952-0019
Gustin, Loyd                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0079
Gustin, Loyd           Junior Picture        1953-0089
Gustin, Loyd           Football Picture        1954-0094
Gustin, Loyd           Senior Picture        1954-0109
Guy Kemp Fountain                    Dedication Pictures      1971-0019
Gwaltney Furniture                    Advertisement/Picture                    1948-0094
Gwaltney, Packie         Football Picture        1951-0070
Gwaltney, Pascal         Freshman Picture        1948-0034
Gwaltney, Pascal                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0037
Gwaltney, Pascal         Tigers Tale Staff List    1949-0092
Gwaltney, Pascal         Book Club Member List                    1949-0094
Gwaltney, Pascal         Class Officer Picture                    1951-0018
Gwaltney, Pascal         Senior Picture        1951-0021
Gwaltney, R.L.             1925 School Board List                    1965-0010
Gwaltney, Roderick                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0036
Gwaltney, Roderick    Junior Picture        1947-0027
Gwaltney, Roderick    Class Officer Picture                    1948-0015
Gwaltney, Roderick    Senior Picture        1948-0017
Gwaltney, Roderick    Tiger Tale Staff List    1948-0068
Gwaltney, Roderick    Cast of Play List     1948-0074
Gwaltney's                    Advertisement           1946-0072
Gwaltney's Furniture                    Advertisement/Picture                    1949-0125
Gwaltney's Furniture Store                    Advertisement           1947-0073
Gym                    Picture of Building     1960-0059

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