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Index  of Jacksboro High School Yearbooks
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Person or Item         Type of Picture        Year-Page Number

Qualls, Roland       Freshman Picture        1962-0091
Qualls, Sheryl         Freshman Picture        1959-0097
Qualls, Sheryl                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0081
Qualls, Sheryl         Junior Picture        1961-0076
Qualls, Sheryl         Senior Picture        1962-0079
Quarterback Club                    Advertisement/Picture                    1974-0123
R & R Truck & Tractor                    Advertisement           1947-0078
R.A. Frank Texaco                    Advertisement           1946-0069
R.A. Frank Texaco                    Advertisement           1948-0097
R.A. Frank Texaco Service Station                    Advertisement           1947-0077
R.F., 'Bull'                    Baseball Picture        1922-0040
Ragen, Lo Lynn     Freshman Picture        1972-0107
Ragle, Tommy       Junior Picture        1959-0088
Ragle, Tommy       Junior Picture        1960-0077
Ragsdale, George       8th Grade Picture        1952-0088
Ragsdale, George       8th Grade Picture        1953-0105
Ragsdale, George       Freshman Picture        1954-0127
Ragsdale, George                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0110
Ragsdale, George                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0093
Ragsdale, George       Junior Picture        1957-0074
Ragsdale, George       Junior Picture        1958-0104
Ragsdale, George       Senior Picture        1959-0081
Raines, Sandra                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0080
Rainwater, Carl             Freshman Picture        1970-0111
Raley, John Moore                    1901 Senior Picture                    1965-0009a
Ramsaier, Margaret                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0122
Ramsaier, Wanda       8th Grade Picture        1954-0130
Ramsey,                     Track Picture        1922-0037
Ramsey, Bobbie       FFA Group Picture        1947-0056
Ramsey, Bobby                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0031
Ramsey, Celia           8th Grade Picture        1954-0131
Ramsey, Celia                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0093
Ramsey, Celia Anita                    Freshman Picture        1955-0115
Ramszy, Trevia         Freshman Picture        1947-0036
Ramzey, Bibbie         FFA Group Picture        1947-0056
Ramzey, Vera            Senior Picture        1951-0023
Ramzy, Bobby        Freshman Picture        1946-0045
Ramzy, Bobby        Junior Picture        1948-0027
Ramzy, Bobby        Junior Picture        1949-0034
Ramzy, C.O.            School Board Picture                    1951-0012
Ramzy, Carl             School Board Picture                    1947-0010
Ramzy, Carl             School Board Picture                    1948-0010
Ramzy, Jimmy         Freshman Picture        1967-0106
Ramzy, Jimmy                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0109
Ramzy, Jimmy         Junior Picture        1969-0096
Ramzy, Jimmy         Senior Picture        1970-0094
Ramzy, Karen         Freshman Picture        1968-0114
Ramzy, Karen                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0100
Ramzy, Karen         Junior Picture        1970-0101
Ramzy, Karen         Senior Picture        1971-0090
Ramzy, Trevia                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0031
Ramzy, Trevia         Junior Picture        1949-0034
Ramzy, Trevia         Camera Club Officer List                    1949-0096
Randall, Brenda       Freshman Picture        1967-0106
Randall, Brenda                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0109
Randall, Clifford       Freshman Picture        1970-0111
Randall, Guy             Freshman Picture        1968-0114
Randall, Guy                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0100
Randall, Guy             Junior Picture        1970-0101
Randall, Guy             Senior Picture        1971-0090
Randall, Lea              School Personnel Picture                    1971-0011
Randall, Pam             Freshman Picture        1968-0114
Randall, Pam                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0100
Randall, Pam             Junior Picture        1970-0101
Randall, Pam             Who's Who Picture                    1971-0066
Randall, Pam             Senior Picture        1971-0090
Ranzy, C.O.            School Board Picture                    1949-0013
Ranzy, Trevia         Fang Staff Group Picture                    1949-0012
Ray, Charles       8th Grade Picture        1954-0131
Ray, Charles       Freshman Picture        1955-0115
Ray, Charles                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0093
Ray, Charles       Junior Picture        1957-0074
Ray, Charles       Junior Picture        1958-0104
Ray, Charles       Senior Picture        1959-0081
Ray, Charles       Biography                    1959Reun-0044
Ray, James                    Freshman Picture        1954-0126
Ray, Ken                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0043
Ray, Kenneth     Freshman Picture        1977-0133
Ray, Kenneth     Junior Picture        1979-0027
Ray, Lee                    Freshman Picture        1978-0049
Ray, Lee                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0030
Ray, Regina        Freshman Picture        1976-0114
Ray, Regina                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0128
Ray, Regina        Junior Picture        1978-0038
Ray, Regina        Senior Picture        1979-0014
Reagan, Bill              Freshman Picture        1958-0112
Reagan, Bill                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0093
Reagan, Bill              Favorites Picture        1960-0053
Reagan, Bill              Junior Picture        1960-0077
Reagan, Bill              Favorites Picture        1961-0043
Reagan, Bill              Favorites Picture        1961-0046
Reagan, Bill              Favorites Picture        1961-0047
Reagan, Bill              Favorites Picture        1961-0052
Reagan, Bill              Senior Picture        1961-0071
Reagan, Sharon       Freshman Picture        1969-0105
Reagan, Sharon                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0107
Reagan, Sharon       Large Picture        1971-0036
Reagan, Sharon       Who's Who Picture                    1971-0065
Reagan, Sharon       Junior Picture        1971-0098
Reagan, Sharon       Favorites Picture        1972-0070
Reagan, Sharon       Who's Who Picture                    1972-0076
Reagan, Sharon       Senior Picture        1972-0087
Reaves, Arthur        Freshman Picture        1961-0083
Reaves, Arthur        Junior Picture        1963-0080
Reaves, Arthur        Senior Picture        1964-0078
Reaves, Marie          8th Grade Picture        1951-0049
Reaves, Marie          Freshman Picture        1952-0084
Reaves, Marie                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0096
Reaves, Marie          Junior Picture        1954-0118
Reaves, Marie          Senior Picture        1955-0099
Reaves, Mildred                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0036
Reaves, Mildred      Junior Picture        1952-0076
Reaves, Mildred      Senior Picture        1953-0086
Reddin, Logan         Junior Picture        1970-0101
Redus, Guy             Faculty Picture        1957-0015
Reed, David         Freshman Picture        1962-0091
Reed, David                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0084
Reed, Wayne       Freshman Picture        1960-0085
Reedy, Louise        Senior Picture        1956-0083
Reeves, Anita                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0093
Reeves, Anita          Junior Picture        1975-0096
Reeves, Anita          Senior Picture        1976-0098
Reeves, Arthur                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0087
Reeves, Freda          Freshman List             1976-0111
Reeves, Freda          Freshman Picture        1979-0034
Reeves, Gary                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0102
Reeves, Gary            Junior Picture        1967-0094
Reeves, Jeanette     Freshman Picture        1969-0105
Reeves, Jeanette                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0107
Reeves, Jeanette     Junior Picture        1971-0098
Reeves, Jeanette     Senior Picture        1972-0087
Reeves, Kevin         Freshman Picture        1970-0111
Reeves, Kevin                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0104
Reeves, Kevin         Junior Picture        1972-0093
Reeves, Kevin         Senior Picture        1973-0086
Reeves, Mildred      8th Grade Picture        1949-0048
Reeves, Robert        Freshman Picture        1962-0091
Reeves, Wenona     Freshman Picture        1973-0101
Reid, Steve          Coach Picture        1974-0058
Reid, Steve          Faculty Picture        1974-0074
Reid, Steve          Faculty Picture        1975-0025
Reid, Steve          Coach Picture        1975-0070
Reilly, Jo Ann       Junior Picture        1964-0083
Reilly, Jo Ann       Senior Picture        1965-0103
Reynolds, Dondi         Favorites Picture        1976-0071
Reynolds, Dondi         Freshman Picture        1976-0114
Reynolds, Dondi                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0128
Reynolds, Dondi         Junior Picture        1978-0038
Reynolds, Dondi         Senior Picture        1979-0014
Reynolds, Kathleen    Freshman Picture        1958-0112
Reynolds, Kathleen    Freshman Picture        1959-0097
Reynolds, Kathleen    Junior Picture        1960-0077
Reynolds, Kenneth                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0038
Reynolds, Kenneth     Basketball Group Picture                    1946-0057
Reynolds, Kenneth                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0032
Reynolds, Kenneth     Basketball, Junior Boys Group Picture        1947-0051
Reynolds, Kenneth     Football Group Picture                    1947-0088
Reynolds, Kenneth     Junior Picture        1948-0027
Reynolds, Kenneth     Football Group Picture                    1948-0044
Reynolds, Kenneth     Football Picture        1948-0046
Reynolds, Kenneth     Senior Picture        1949-0024
Reynolds, Nelda          Freshman Picture        1948-0035
Reynolds, Nelda                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0038
Reynolds, Nelda          Senior Picture        1951-0023
Reynolds, Roberta      8th Grade Picture        1951-0049
Reynolds, Roberta      Freshman Picture        1952-0084
Reynolds, Roberta                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0096
Reynolds, Roberta      Junior Picture        1954-0118
Reynolds, Roberta      Senior Picture        1955-0099
Reynolds, Terry          Freshman Picture        1960-0085
Reynolds, Terry                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0080
Reynolds, Terry          Junior Picture        1962-0084
Reynolds, Terry          Senior Picture        1963-0074
Reynolds, Tina            Class Officer Picture                    1979-0032
Reynolds, Tina            Freshman Picture        1979-0034
Reynolds, Tina            Favorites Picture        1979-0073
Rhine, Barbara      Freshman Picture        1972-0107
Rhine, Barbara                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0097
Rhoades, Ellen           Senior Picture        1946-0022
Rhoades, Ellen           List of Fang Staff  1946-0060
Rhoades, Ellen           List of Tiger's Tale Staff                    1946-0060
Rhoades, Eva                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0080
Rhoades, Johnny       Freshman Picture        1977-0133
Rhoades, May Dell    Senior Picture        1947-0021
Rhoads, Ginny         8th Grade Picture        1954-0131
Rhoads, Ginny         Freshman Picture        1955-0115
Rhoads, Ginny                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0093
Rhoads, Ginny         Junior Picture        1957-0074
Rhoads, Ginny         Senior Picture        1958-0096
Rhoads, Lonnie                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0122
Rhoads, Lonnie        Junior Picture        1955-0107
Rhoads, Lonnie        Senior Picture        1956-0084
Rhodes, Bennie        8th Grade Picture        1952-0088
Rhodes, Bennie        Class Officer Picture                    1953-0098
Rhodes, Bennie        Freshman Picture        1953-0101
Rhodes, Bennie                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0122
Rhodes, Benny        Junior Picture        1955-0107
Rhodes, Benny        Senior Picture        1956-0084
Rhodes, Doris          Freshman Picture        1952-0085
rhodes, Eva             Freshman Picture        1960-0085
Rhodes, Glen            8th Grade Picture        1952-0088
Rhodes, Glenn          Freshman Picture        1953-0101
Rhodes, Glenn                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0122
Rhodes, Glenn          Junior Picture        1955-0107
Rhodes, Glenn          Senior Picture        1956-0084
Rhodes, Julie            Freshman Picture        1959-0097
Rhodes, Julie                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0081
Rhodes, Julie            Junior Picture        1961-0076
Rhodes, Julie            Senior Picture        1962-0079
Rhodes, May            Junior Picture        1946-0030
Rhodes, Ruthey Fae                    Junior Picture        1952-0076
Rhodes, Ruthey Fae                    Senior Picture        1953-0086
Rhone, Billy            Freshman Picture        1975-0104
Rhone, Billy                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0109
Rhone, Billy            Junior Picture        1977-0124
Rhone, Billy            Senior Picture        1978-0031
Rhone, Brenda       Freshman Picture        1967-0107
Rhone, Brenda                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0109
Rhone, Brenda       Junior Picture        1969-0097
Rhone, Brenda       Senior Picture        1970-0094
Rhone, La Donna   Freshman Picture        1971-0111
Rhone, LaDonna                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0099
Rhone, LaDonna    Junior Picture        1973-0092
Rhone, LaDonna    Senior Picture        1974-0084
Rhoten, Adina                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0084
Rhoten, Adina         Favorites Picture        1964-0052
Rhoten, Adina         Junior Picture        1964-0084
Rhoten, Adina         Sweetheart Picture        1965-0054
Rhoten, Adina         Favorites Picture        1965-0069
Rhoten, Adina                    Cheerleader Picture     1965-0083
Rhoten, Adina         Senior Picture        1965-0103
Rhoten, Dickey        Freshman Picture        1974-0096
Rhoten, Dickey        Senior Picture        1977-0115
Rhoten, Dicky                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0099
Rhoten, Dicky          Junior Picture        1976-0104
Rhoten, Dicky          Favorites Picture        1977-0073
Rich, Carolyn      8th Grade Picture        1952-0088
Rich, Carolyn      Freshman Picture        1953-0101
Rich, Carolyn                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0122
Rich, Carolyn      Junior Picture        1955-0107
Rich, Connie       Freshman Picture        1956-0096
Rich, Connie                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0079
Rich, Connie       Junior Picture        1958-0104
Rich, Elizabeth    8th Grade Picture        1953-0105
Rich, Elizabeth    Freshman Picture        1954-0127
Rich, Elizabeth                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0110
Rich, Elizabeth    Junior Picture        1956-0088
Rich, Elizabeth    Senior Picture        1957-0066
Rich, Ervin                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0081
Rich, Ervin           Junior Picture        1961-0076
Rich, Ervin           Senior Picture        1962-0079
Rich, Erwin          Freshman Picture        1959-0097
Rich, Mrs.                    FHA Officer Picture                    1951-0090
Rich, Pat                    Faculty Picture        1952-0016
Rich, Pat, Mrs.            Faculty Picture        1951-0016
Rich, Pat, Mrs.            Faculty Picture        1952-0015
Rich, T.J.              Freshman Picture        1960-0085
Rich, T.J.                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0080
Rich, T.J.              Junior Picture        1962-0084
Rich, T.J.              Senior Picture        1963-0074
Richards, E.C.             1925 School Board List                    1965-0010
Richards, Floyd          Freshman Picture        1957-0082
Richards, Floyd                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0109
Richards, Floyd          Junior Picture        1959-0088
Richards, Floyd          Senior Picture        1960-0072
Richards, Leah           Freshman Picture        1959-0097
Richards, Leah                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0081
Richards, Leah           Junior Picture        1961-0076
Richardson, Bill            Junior Picture        1966-0098
Richardson, Billy                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0087
Richardson, Billy          Senior Picture        1967-0088
Richardson, Billy Ed    Freshman Picture        1963-0087
Richardson, Billy Ed    Junior Picture        1965-0109
Richardson, Marlene   Freshman Picture        1964-0092
Richardson, Marlene                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0114
Richardson, Marlene   Memorial Picture        1966-0108
Riddle, Benny        Freshman Picture        1946-0045
Riddle, Carl             Freshman Picture        1970-0111
Riddle, Carl                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0104
Riddle, Carl                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0099
Riddle, Eva Lou     Junior Picture        1947-0026
Riddle, Eva Lou     FHA Group Picture                    1947-0058
Riddle, Eve Lou                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0038
Riddle, Eve Lou     List of Tiger's Tale Staff                    1946-0060
Riddle, Jerry           Freshman Picture        1968-0114
Riddle, Jerry                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0100
Riddle, Jerry           Junior Picture        1970-0101
Riddle, Jerry           Senior Picture        1971-0091
Riddle, Jimmy         Freshman Picture        1963-0087
Riddle, Jimmy         Freshman Picture        1964-0092
Riddle, Jimmy         Junior Picture        1965-0109
Riddle, Jimmy         Award Picture        1966-0045
Riddle, Jimmy         Senior Picture        1966-0091
Riddle, Rita             Freshman Picture        1967-0106
Riddle, Rita                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0109
Riddle, Ross           Freshman Picture        1964-0092
Riddle, Ross                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0114
Riddle, Ross           Junior Picture        1966-0098
Riddle, Ross           Senior Picture        1967-0088
Rider, Amy           Class Officer Picture                    1963-0085
Rider, Amy Sue    Freshman Picture        1963-0087
Rider, Amy Sue                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0087
Rider, Amy Sue    Who's Who Picture                    1965-0076
Rider, Amy Sue    Class Officer Picture                    1965-0106
Rider, Amy Sue    Junior Picture        1965-0109
Rider, Amy Sue    Class Officer Picture                    1966-0020
Rider, Amy Sue    Favorites Picture        1966-0032
Rider, Amy Sue    Sweetheart Picture        1966-0045
Rider, Amy Sue    Favorites Picture        1966-0056
Rider, Amy Sue    Favorites Picture        1966-0062
Rider, Amy Sue    Who's Who Picture                    1966-0066
Rider, Amy Sue    Senior Picture        1966-0091
Rider, Carol           Class Officer Picture                    1954-0128
Rider, Carol           8th Grade Picture        1954-0131
Rider, Carol           Favorites Picture        1955-0068
Rider, Carol           Freshman Picture        1955-0115
Rider, Carol                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0093
Rider, Carol           Junior Picture        1957-0074
Rider, Carol           Sweetheart Picture        1958-0081
Rider, Carol           Senior Picture        1958-0096
Riggs,                     Basketball Group Picture                    1947-0089
Riggs, Bobbie       Junior Picture        1947-0026
Riggs, Bobby                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0038
Riggs, Bobby        Senior Picture        1948-0020
Riggs, Bobby        Tiger Tale Staff List    1948-0068
Riggs, Bobby        Cartoon                    1948-0088
Riggs, Michael      Freshman Picture        1972-0107
Riggs, Michael                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0097
Riggs, Sammy       Junior Picture        1946-0030
Riggs, Sammy       FFA Officer in Group Picture        1946-0061
Riggs, Thurman    Senior Picture        1961-0071
Riggs, Tommy       8th Grade Picture        1953-0105
Riggs, Tommy       Freshman Picture        1954-0127
Riggs, Tommy                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0110
Riggs, Tommy       Junior Picture        1956-0088
Riggs, Tommy       Senior Picture        1957-0066
Riggs, Yolanda                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0104
Riggs, Yolanda     Junior Picture        1972-0093
Riggs, Yolanda     Senior Picture        1973-0086
Riggs, Yvonne                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0104
Riggs, Yvonne      Junior Picture        1972-0093
Riggs, Yvonne      Senior Picture        1973-0086
Riley, Edwin         Freshman Picture        1961-0084
Riley, Porter         Freshman Picture        1948-0035
Risley Goodyear                    Advertisement           1948-0104
Risley Tires                    Advertisement           1949-0126
Risley Truck & Imp's                    Advertisement           1946-0071
Risley Truck & Imp's                    Advertisement           1947-0082
Risley, Grace          1904 Senior Picture                    1965-0009a
Risley, Pat                    8th Grade Picture        1953-0105
Risley, Pat                    Freshman Picture        1954-0127
Risley, Pat                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0110
Risley, Pat                    Junior Picture        1956-0088
Risley, Pat                    Senior Picture        1957-0066
Risley, Porter                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0038
Risley, Porter                    International Club Officers Group Picture        1949-0089
Risley, Porter         Senior Picture        1951-0023
Ritchey, Dorothy                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0080
Robbins, Pat                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0084
Robbins, Pat              Junior Picture        1964-0084
Robbins, Pat              Favorites Picture        1965-0068
Robbins, Pat              Favorites Picture        1965-0069
Robbins, Pat              Favorites Picture        1965-0070
Robbins, Pat              Football Picture        1965-0078
Robbins, Pat              Senior Picture        1965-0103
Roberson, Crystal                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0030
Robert H. Austin Jeweler & Optometrist                    Advertisement           1922-0058
Roberts,                    Football Group Picture                    1947-0088
Roberts, Brec            Freshman Picture        1978-0049
Roberts, Chad           Freshman Picture        1976-0114
Roberts, Chad                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0128
Roberts, Chad           Junior Picture        1978-0038
Roberts, Chad           Senior Picture        1979-0014
Roberts, Chad           Football Picture        1979-0085
Roberts, Janice         Freshman Picture        1952-0085
Roberts, Janice                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0096
Roberts, Janice         Majorette Picture        1954-0061
Roberts, Janice         Junior Picture        1954-0118
Roberts, Janice         Senior Picture        1955-0099
Roberts, John           Freshman Picture        1957-0082
Roberts, John                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0109
Roberts, John           Junior Picture        1959-0088
Roberts, John           Senior Picture        1960-0072
Roberts, Linda          Freshman Picture        1961-0083
Roberts, Linda          Class Officer Picture                    1962-0085
Roberts, Linda          Favorites Picture        1962-0085
Roberts, Linda          Junior Picture        1963-0080
Roberts, Linda          Senior Picture        1964-0078
Roberts, Pete            Freshman Picture        1964-0092
Roberts, Pete                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0114
Roberts, Pete            Who's Who Picture                    1966-0065
Roberts, Pete            Junior Picture        1966-0098
Roberts, Pete            Senior Picture        1967-0088
Roberts, Terrell         8th Grade Picture        1953-0105
Roberts, Terrill          Snapshot                    1954-0104
Roberts, Terrill          Freshman Picture        1954-0127
Roberts, Terrill                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0111
Roberts, Terrill          Junior Picture        1956-0088
Roberts, Terrill          Senior Picture        1957-0067
Robertson, Eddie          Freshman Picture        1962-0091
Robertson, Eddie          Freshman Picture        1963-0088
Robertson, Eddie                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0114
Robertson, Melvin       Freshman Picture        1956-0096
Robertson, Melvin                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0079
Robertson, Melvin       Favorites Picture        1958-0078
Robertson, Melvin       Junior Picture        1958-0104
Robertson, Melvin       Senior Picture        1959-0081
Robertson, Melvin       Biography                    1959Reun-0045
Robertson, Risa            Freshman Picture        1971-0111
Robertson, Risa                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0099
Robertson, Risa            Junior Picture        1973-0092
Robertson, Risa            Senior Picture        1974-0084
Robertson, Rocky         Freshman Picture        1970-0112
Robertson, Rocky                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0104
Robertson, Rocky                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0099
Robinson, Andrew      Junior Picture        1972-0093
Robinson, Dennis       Freshman Picture        1963-0088
Robinson, Dennis       Class Officer Picture                    1964-0085
Robinson, Dennis                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0087
Robinson, Dennis       Class Officer Picture                    1965-0106
Robinson, Dennis       Junior Picture        1965-0109
Robinson, Dennis       Favorites Picture        1966-0060
Robinson, Dennis       Class Officer Picture                    1966-0086
Robinson, Dennis       Senior Picture        1966-0091
Robinson, Gary            Freshman Picture        1957-0082
Robinson, Gary                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0109
Robinson, Gary            Junior Picture        1959-0088
Robinson, Gary            Senior Picture        1960-0072
Robinson, Gary            Freshman Picture        1961-0083
Robinson, Gary                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0087
Robinson, Gary            Junior Picture        1963-0080
Robinson, Gary            Class Officer Picture                    1964-0074
Robinson, Gary            Senior Picture        1964-0078
Robinson, Glen                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0122
Robinson, Glen            Junior Picture        1955-0107
Robinson, Glen            Senior Picture        1956-0084
Robinson, Jim                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0099
Robinson, Joe              Junior Picture        1957-0074
Robinson, Judy           Freshman Picture        1969-0105
Robinson, Judy                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0107
Robinson, Judy           Junior Picture        1971-0099
Robinson, Judy           Favorites Picture        1972-0074
Robinson, Judy           Who's Who Picture                    1972-0076
Robinson, Judy           Senior Picture        1972-0088
Robinson, Leonard     Junior Picture        1972-0093
Robinson, Linda          8th Grade Picture        1954-0131
Robinson, Linda          Class Officer Picture                    1955-0112
Robinson, Linda          Freshman Picture        1955-0115
Robinson, Linda                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0093
Robinson, Linda          Junior Picture        1957-0074
Robinson, Linda          Who's Who Picture                    1958-0087
Robinson, Linda          Senior Picture        1958-0096
Robinson, Mike           Freshman Picture        1965-0118
Robinson, Mike                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0103
Robinson, Mike           Junior Picture        1967-0094
Robinson, Mike           Senior Picture        1968-0100
Robinson, Terry          Freshman Picture        1962-0091
Robinson, Terry                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0084
Robinson, Terry          Junior Picture        1964-0084
Robinson, Terry          Senior Picture        1965-0103
Rock, Ann                    Junior Picture        1955-0107
Rockey, Danny        Freshman Picture        1975-0104
Rockey, Danny                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0109
Rockey, Debra         Freshman Picture        1978-0049
Rockey, Rhonda      Freshman Picture        1978-0049
Rodgers, Connie       Freshman Picture        1968-0114
Rodgers, Connie                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0100
Rodgers, Connie       Senior Picture        1971-0091
Rodgers, Mca Jean   Freshman Picture        1964-0092
Rodgers, Mca Jean                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0114
Rodgers, Mca Jean   Junior Picture        1966-0098
Rodgers, Mca Jean   Who's Who Picture                    1967-0061
Rodgers, Mca Jean   Senior Picture        1967-0088
Rodgers, Pam                    Cheerleader Picture     1977-0044
Rodgers, Pam                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0043
Rodgers, Pam             Junior Picture        1979-0027
Rodgers, Vicki           Freshman Picture        1971-0111
Rodgers, Vicki                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0099
Rodgers, Vicki           Junior Picture        1973-0091
Rodgers, Vicki           Senior Picture        1974-0084
Roe, Kathy                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0114
Rogers, Billy Ray    Freshman Picture        1948-0035
Rogers, Connie       Junior Picture        1970-0101
Rogers, Eddie          Freshman Picture        1963-0088
Rogers, Eddie          Junior Picture        1965-0109
Rogers, Eddie          Senior Picture        1966-0091
Rogers, Eddy                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0087
Rogers, Florence     Freshman Picture        1961-0083
Rogers, Florence                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0087
Rogers, Glenda        Freshman Picture        1956-0096
Rogers, Glenda                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0079
Rogers, Glenda        Basketball Picture        1957-0108
Rogers, Glenda        Junior Picture        1958-0104
Rogers, Glenda        Senior Picture        1959-0081
Rogers, Jerry           Freshman Picture        1962-0091
Rogers, Jerry                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0084
Rogers, Jerry           Junior Picture        1964-0084
Rogers, Jerry           Beau Picture        1965-0055
Rogers, Jerry           Senior Picture        1965-0103
Rogers, Kelly           Freshman Picture        1979-0034
Rogers, Kent                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0109
Rogers, La Nell        Junior Picture        1962-0084
Rogers, LaNelle       Freshman Picture        1960-0085
Rogers, LaNelle                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0080
Rogers, LaNelle       Who's Who Picture                    1962-0052
Rogers, Lanelle       Who's Who Picture                    1963-0049
Rogers, Lanelle       Senior Picture        1963-0074
Rogers, Leroy          Football Group Picture                    1948-0054
Rogers, Leroy          Kittens Football Picture                    1948-0057
Rogers, Pamela        Freshman Picture        1977-0133
Roland, Billy            Freshman Picture        1978-0049
Roland, Billy                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0030
Rollins, James         Freshman Picture        1954-0127
Rollins, Mary F.      Junior Picture        1954-0118
Rollwitz, Vicki           Who's Who Picture                    1971-0064
Rollwitz, Vickie         Freshman Picture        1968-0114
Rollwitz, Vickie                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0100
Rollwitz, Vickie         Junior Picture        1970-0101
Rollwitz, Vickie         Senior Picture        1971-0091
Romines, Janean                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0031
Romines, Janean        Award From Teachers                    1979-0071
Romines, Jeanean      Freshman Picture        1978-0049
Romines, Jeanean      Who's Who Picture                    1979-0076
Romines, Kellie          Freshman Picture        1976-0114
Romines, Kellie                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0128
Romines, Kellie          Junior Picture        1978-0038
Romines, Kellie          Senior Picture        1979-0014
Romines, Kellie          Award From Teachers                    1979-0071
Roop, Frank          Senior Picture        1979-0014
Roper, Brenda                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0110
Roper, Carla           Freshman Picture        1964-0092
Roper, Mary          Freshman Picture        1947-0036
Roper, Mary          Baskerball, Girls Group Picture                    1947-0049
Roper, Mary          Letterman Picture        1947-0050
Roper, Mary          Volleyball Group Picture                    1947-0051
Roper, Mary          FHA Group Picture                    1947-0058
Roper, Mary                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0031
Roper, Mary          Girls Basketball Group Picture        1948-0058
Roper, Mary          Junior Picture        1949-0034
Ross,                    Kitten's Football Group Picture                    1949-0082
Ross, Dempsey   Freshman Picture        1979-0034
Ross, Frank          Faculty Picture        1962-0011
Ross, Frank          Faculty Picture        1963-0013
Ross, Frank          Faculty Picture        1964-0013
Ross, Frank          Faculty Picture        1965-0026
Ross, Frank          Faculty Picture        1966-0017
Ross, Frank          Faculty Picture        1967-0015
Ross, John                    Book Club Officer Picture                    1954-0043
Ross, John                    Lettermen's Club Officer Picture                    1954-0054
Ross, Johnny       Freshman Picture        1951-0043
Ross, Johnny       Football Picture        1951-0071
Ross, Johnny       Football Picture        1952-0021
Ross, Johnny                    Lettermen's Club Officer Picture                    1952-0051
Ross, Johnny                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0080
Ross, Johnny       Football Picture        1953-0054
Ross, Johnny       Junior Picture        1953-0091
Ross, Johnny       Snapshot                    1954-0025
Ross, Johnny       Snapshot                    1954-0030
Ross, Johnny       Football Picture        1954-0095
Ross, Johnny       Class Officer Picture                    1954-0106
Ross, Johnny       Senior Picture        1954-0112
Ross, Linda          Senior Picture        1965-0103
Ross, Loretta       Who's Who Picture                    1968-0070
Ross, Loretta       Junior Picture        1968-0105
Ross, Loretta       Favorites Picture        1969-0054
Ross, Loretta       Favorites Picture        1969-0085
Ross, Loretta       Senior Picture        1969-0091
Roster of Faculty & Students with Addresses                    List                    1957-0141
Roster of Faculty & Students with Addresses                    List                    1957-0142
Roster of Faculty & Students with Addresses                    List                    1957-0143
Roster of Faculty & Students with Addresses                    List                    1958-0142
Roster of Faculty & Students with Addresses                    List                    1958-0143
Roster of Faculty & Students with Addresses                    List                    1958-0144
Rowe, David         Freshman Picture        1978-0050
Rowe, David         Freshman Picture        1979-0034
Rowe, Jessie         Freshman Picture        1956-0096
Rowe, Jessie                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0079
Rowe, Jessie         Junior Picture        1958-0104
Rowe, Joe              Freshman Picture        1960-0085
Rowe, Joe                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0080
Rowe, Joe              Junior Picture        1962-0084
Rowe, Joe              Senior Picture        1963-0074
Rowe, Kathy         Freshman Picture        1964-0092
Rowe, William                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0043
Rowe, William                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0031
Roy Simpson Studio                    Advertisement           1951-0110
Roy Simpson Studio, Graham                    Advertisement/Picture                    1954-0161
Roy Wood Welding - H.D. Hurd                    Advertisement           1951-0112
Roy Wood Welding - H.D. Hurd                    Advertisement           1952-0105
Roy Wood Welding - H.D. Hurd                    Advertisement           1953-0124
Roy Wood Welding - H.D. Hurd                    Advertisement           1954-0148
Royal Jones Studio                    Advertisement           1947-0076
Rucker, Judy           Freshman Picture        1961-0083
Rumage, C.M., Jr., Mrs.                    Band Booster Club Officer Picture        1954-0062
Rumage, Carl             Senior Picture        1946-0022
Rumage, Carl             Group Picture - The Fighting Tigers         1946-0054
Rumage, Carl             Group Picture - The Fighting Tigers         1946-0054
Rumage, Edwin         Freshman Picture        1963-0088
Rumage, Edwin         Class Officer Picture                    1964-0085
Rumage, Edwin                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0087
Rumage, Edwin         Favorites Picture        1965-0039
Rumage, Edwin         Favorites Picture        1965-0070
Rumage, Edwin         Junior Picture        1965-0109
Rumage, Edwin         Favorites Picture        1966-0032
Rumage, Edwin         Favorites Picture        1966-0062
Rumage, Edwin         Senior Picture        1966-0091
Rumage, Ellisene      Class Officer Picture                    1957-0080
Rumage, Ellisene      Freshman Picture        1957-0082
Rumage, Ellisene      Class Officer Picture                    1958-0106
Rumage, Ellisene                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0109
Rumage, Ellisene      Junior Picture        1959-0088
Rumage, Ellisene      Future Teachers Picture                    1960-0041
Rumage, Ellisene      Queen Picture        1960-0055
Rumage, Ellisene      Who's Who Picture                    1960-0056
Rumage, Ellisene      Senior Picture        1960-0072
Rumage, Janice         Freshman Picture        1963-0088
Rumage, Janis                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0087
Rumage, Janis                    Cheerleader Picture     1965-0083
Rumage, Janis           Junior Picture        1965-0109
Rumage, Janis           Favorites Picture        1966-0032
Rumage, Janis                    Cheerleader Picture     1966-0076
Rumage, Janis           Senior Picture        1966-0091
Rumage, Jimmy         Freshman Picture        1966-0107
Rumage, Jimmy         Favorites Picture        1967-0057
Rumage, Jimmy                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0101
Rumage, Jimmy         Junior Picture        1968-0105
Rumage, Jimmy         Football Picture        1969-0072
Rumage, Jimmy         Senior Picture        1969-0091
Rumage, Randall       Class Officer Picture                    1975-0101
Rumage, Randall       Freshman Picture        1975-0104
Rumage, Randall       Class Officer Picture                    1976-0028
Rumage, Randall       Award Picture        1976-0048
Rumage, Randall       Favorites Picture        1976-0062
Rumage, Randall                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0109
Rumage, Randall       Class Officer Picture                    1977-0024
Rumage, Randall       Band Officer Picture                    1977-0040
Rumage, Randall       Award Picture        1977-0045
Rumage, Randall       Who's Who Picture                    1977-0077
Rumage, Randall       Award From Teachers                    1977-0079
Rumage, Randall       Favorites Picture        1977-0082
Rumage, Randall       Junior Picture        1977-0124
Rumage, Randall       Senior Picture        1978-0031
Rumage, Randall       Class Officer Picture                    1978-0052
Rumage, Randall       Favorites Picture        1978-0074
Rumage, Randall       Favorites Picture        1978-0076
Rumage, Randall       Award From Teachers                    1978-0079
Rumage, Randall       Who's Who Picture                    1978-0084
Rumage, Randall       Favorites Picture        1978-0087
Rumage, Randall       Favorites Picture        1978-0090
Rumage, Randall       Award Picture        1978-0138
Rumage, Roxanna     Class Officer Picture                    1973-0098
Rumage, Roxanna     Freshman Picture        1973-0101
Rumage, Roxanna     Queen Picture        1974-0021
Rumage, Roxanna                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0093
Rumage, Roxanna     Favorites Picture        1975-0032
Rumage, Roxanna     Favorites Picture        1975-0033
Rumage, Roxanna                    Cheerleader Picture     1975-0069
Rumage, Roxanna     Junior Picture        1975-0096
Rumage, Roxanna     Who's Who Picture                    1976-0057
Rumage, Roxanna     Favorites Picture        1976-0058
Rumage, Roxanna     Sweetheart Picture        1976-0063
Rumage, Roxanna     Favorites Picture        1976-0071
Rumage, Roxanna     Favorites Picture        1976-0072
Rumage, Roxanna     Senior Picture        1976-0098
Rumage, W.W.         School Board Picture                    1966-0011
Rumage, Warren       School Board Picture                    1961-0014
Rumage, Warren       School Board Picture                    1962-0009
Rumage, Warren       School Board Picture                    1963-0010
Rumage, Warren       School Board Picture                    1964-0011
Rumage, Warren       School Board Picture                    1965-0021
Rummage, Minnie Fay                    Senior Picture        1922-0016
Russel Jones, Tiger Land Photographer                    Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0146
Rutherford, Deloris       Freshman Picture        1967-0106
Rutherford, Deloris                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0110
Rutherford, Deloris       Junior Picture        1969-0097
Rutherford, Deloris       Senior Picture        1970-0094
Rutherford, George       Senior Picture        1963-0074
Rutherford, Pat              Junior Picture        1963-0080
Rutherford, Pat              Senior Picture        1964-0078
Rutherford, Reba           Freshman Picture        1963-0088
Rutherford, Reba                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0087
Rutherford, Reba           Junior Picture        1965-0109
Rutherford, Reba           Senior Picture        1966-0091
Rutherford, Roger         Freshman Picture        1965-0118
Rutherford, Roger                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0103
Rutherford, Roger         Manager Picture        1967-0065
Rutherford, Roger         Junior Picture        1967-0094
Rutherford, Roger         Senior Picture        1968-0100
Rye, Brenda                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0100
Rylee, Tammy       Freshman Picture        1979-0034
S.S., 'Chet'                    Baseball Picture        1922-0040
Sadler, Mary Elda  Faculty Picture        1960-0010
Safeway Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0115
Safeway Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0112
Sain, Rusty         Freshman Picture        1970-0112
Sain, Rusty                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0104
Sain, Rusty         Junior Picture        1972-0093
Sain, Rusty         Football Picture        1973-0063
Sain, Rusty         Senior Picture        1973-0086
Sain, Terry          Freshman Picture        1967-0106
Sain, Terry                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0110
Sain, Terry          Junior Picture        1969-0097
Sain, Terry          Senior Picture        1970-0094
Salazar, Dino           Freshman Picture        1979-0034
Sampley, Bobby        Freshman Picture        1957-0082
Sampley, Bobby                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0109
Sampley, Bobby        Senior Picture        1960-0073
Sampley, Jimmy         8th Grade Picture        1953-0106
Sampley, Jimmy         Freshman Picture        1954-0127
Sampley, Jimmy                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0111
Sampley, Jimmy         Junior Picture        1956-0089
Sampley, Jimmy         Senior Picture        1957-0067
Sampley, Jimmy         Football Picture        1957-0105
Sampley, Martha                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0038
Sampley, Martha Lou                    Junior Picture        1947-0026
Sampley, Martha Lou                    FHA Group Picture                    1947-0058
Sampley, Martha Lou                    Senior Picture        1948-0020
Sampley, Troy           Freshman Picture        1948-0035
Sampley, Troy                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0038
Sampley, Troy           Kitten's Football Group Picture                    1949-0082
Sampley, Troy           Senior Picture        1951-0024
Sampley, Troy           Football Picture        1951-0071
Sampley, Troy                    Lettermen's Club Officer Picture                    1951-0092
Sampley's Diamonds                    Advertisement           1949-0116
Samron, Mary          Freshman Picture        1960-0083
Sanders, Billy            Freshman Picture        1976-0114
Sanders, Billy                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0128
Sanders, Billy            Junior Picture        1978-0038
Sanders, Billy            Senior Picture        1979-0014
Sanders, Jimmy                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0099
Sanders, Jimmy         Junior Picture        1976-0104
Sanders, Jimmy         Senior Picture        1977-0116
Sanders, Ronald       Freshman Picture        1978-0050
Sanders, Ronald                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0031
Sanderson, Connie       Freshman Picture        1973-0101
Sanderson, Connie                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0093
Sanderson, Connie       Junior Picture        1975-0096
Sanderson, Connie       Senior Picture        1976-0098
Sanderson, Ronnie       Freshman Picture        1975-0104
Sanderson, Ronnie                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0109
Sanderson, Ronnie       Junior Picture        1977-0124
Sandoval, Mickie                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0099
Sandoval, Mickie        Junior Picture        1973-0092
Sapp, John                    Freshman Picture        1954-0127
Sapp, John                    Freshman Picture        1955-0115
Sartain, Aaron         Junior Picture        1922-0020
Sartain, Aaron         Debating Team Picture                    1922-0028
Sartain, Aaron         Annual Staff Picture                    1922-0031
Sartain, Aaron         Athletic Council Picture                    1922-0032
Sartain, Sharion      Freshman Picture        1963-0088
Scaff, Monte                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0109
Scarber, Clifford       Freshman Picture        1951-0043
Scarber, Clifford                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0080
Scarber, Clifford       Junior Picture        1953-0091
Scarber, Clifford       Senior Picture        1954-0112
Scarber, Virgie          8th Grade Picture        1951-0049
Scarber, Virgie          Freshman Picture        1952-0085
Scarber, Virgie          Snapshot                    1953-0024
Scarber, Virgie                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0096
Scarber, Virgie          Class Officer Picture                    1954-0116
Scarber, Virgie          Junior Picture        1954-0118
Scarber, Virgie          Senior Picture        1955-0099
Scarber, Warren       Junior Picture        1949-0034
Scarber, Willie Ruth                    8th Grade Picture        1953-0106
Scarber, Willie Ruth                    Freshman Picture        1954-0127
Scarber, Willie Ruth                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0111
Scarber, Willie Ruth                    Who's Who Picture                    1956-0062
Scarber, Willie Ruth                    Junior Picture        1956-0089
Scarber, Willie Ruth                    Senior Picture        1957-0067
Scarber, Willie Ruth                    Favorites Picture        1957-0084
Scarber, Willie Ruth                    Favorites Picture        1957-0095
Schlittler, Charles                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0081
Schlittler, Charles       Class Officer Picture                    1961-0073
Schlittler, Charles       Senior Picture        1962-0079
Schlittler, Charlie        Freshman Picture        1959-0097
Schlittler, Charlie        Favorites Picture        1960-0054
Schlittler, Charlie        Junior Picture        1961-0076
Schmittou, Donna        Freshman Picture        1967-0106
Schmittou, Jerry           Freshman Picture        1960-0085
Schmittou, Jerry                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0080
Schmittou, Jerry           Junior Picture        1962-0084
Schmittou, Jerry           Senior Picture        1963-0074
Schmittou, Jimmy         Freshman Picture        1975-0104
Schmittou, Jimmy                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0109
Schmittou, Jimmy         Junior Picture        1977-0124
Schmittou, Jimmy         Senior Picture        1978-0031
Schmittou, LaDonna                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0110
Schmittou, LaDonna    Junior Picture        1969-0097
Schmittou, LaDonna    Senior Picture        1970-0094
Schmittou, Sharon       Freshman Picture        1962-0091
Schmittou, Sharon                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0084
Schmittou, Sharon       Junior Picture        1964-0084
Schmittou, Sharon                    Cheerleader Picture     1965-0083
Schmittou, Sharon       Senior Picture        1965-0104
School Building     Picture of Building     1922-0042
School Building     Picture of Building     1947-0002
School Building     Picture of Building     1947-0003
School Building     Picture of Building     1949-0008
School Building     Picture of Building     1949-0009
School Building     Picture of Building     1951-0002
School Building     Picture of Building     1951-0003
School Building     Picture of Building     1951-0008
School Building     Picture of Building     1951-0009
School Building     Picture of Building     1951-0130
School Building     Picture of Building     1951-0131
School Building     Picture of Building     1953-0002
School Building     Picture of Building     1953-0003
School Building     Picture of Building     1953-0006
School Building     Picture of Building     1953-0007
School Building     Picture of Building     1953-0134
School Building     Picture of Building     1953-0135
School Building     Picture of Building     1954-0009
School Building     Picture of Building     1954-0010
School Building     Picture of Building     1954-0011
School Building     Picture of Building     1955-0008
School Building     Picture of Building     1956-0064
School Building     Picture of Building     1957-0007
School Building     Picture of Building     1957-0010
School Building     Picture of Building     1958-0006
School Building     Picture of Building     1958-0007
School Building     Picture of Building     1958-0009
School Building     Picture of Building     1959-0006
School Building     Picture of Building     1959-0007
School Building     Picture of Building     1959Reun-0004
School Building     Picture of Building     1960-0007
School Building     Picture of Building     1961-0006
School Building     Picture of Building     1961-0007
School Building     Picture of Building     1961-0008
School Building     Picture of Building     1961-0087
School Building     Picture of Building     1962-0006
School Building     Picture of Building     1962-0007
School Building     Picture of Building     1963-0006a
School Building     Picture of Building     1966-0006a
School Building     Picture of Building     1966-0007
School Building     Picture of Building     1967-0006
School Building     Picture of Building     1968-0005
School Building     Picture of Building     1970-0006
School Building     Picture of Building     1970-0068
School Building     Picture of Building     1971-0012
School Building     Picture of Building     1971-0013
School Building     Picture of Building     1971-0014
School Building     Picture of Building     1972-0005
School Building     Picture of Building     1973-0006
School Building     Picture of Building     1974-0012
School Building     Picture of Building     1974-0013
School Building     Picture of Building     1975-0005
School Building     Picture of Building     1976-0012
School Building     Picture of Building     1976-0013
School Building     Picture of Building     1977-0005
School Building     Picture of Building     1977-0014
School Building     Picture of Building     1977-0015
School Building - 1898-1910                    Picture of Building     1965-0008
School Building - 1910-1929 - Red Brick   Picture of Building     1965-0010
School Building - 1930-1962                    Picture of Building     1965-0011
School Building - Administration                    Picture of Building     1966-0012
School Building - Burned                    Picture of Building     1963-0007a
School Building - New                    Picture of Building     1965-0006
School Building - New                    Picture of Building     1965-0007
School Building - New                    Picture of Building     1965-0012
School Building - New                    Story                    1965-0012
School Building - New                    Picture of Building     1965-0014
School Building - New                    Picture of Building     1965-0015
School Building - New                    Picture of Building     1965-0065
School Building - New                    Picture of Building     1965-0097
School Building in Snow                    Picture of Building     1955-0007
School Building, Elementary                    Picture of Building     1956-0125
School Buildings   Picture of Buildings   1946-0009
School Buildings   Picture of Buildings   1946-0010
School Buildings   Snapshots                    1949-0010
School Buildings   Snapshots                    1949-0011
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1952-0009
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1952-0010
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1952-0011
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1954-0012
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1955-0009
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1955-0010
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1955-0011
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1956-0008
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1956-0009
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1957-0008
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1957-0009
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1959-0009
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1959-0010
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1959-0011
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1963-0024
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1966-0008
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1966-0009
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1967-0008
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1967-0009
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1967-0010
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1968-0014
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1968-0015
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1969-0006
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1969-0007
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1978-0006
School Buildings   Picture of Building     1978-0007
School Buildings - Aerial                    Picture of Building     1969-0107
School Buildings - Aerial View           Picture of Building     1968-0012
School Buildings - Aerial View           Picture of Building     1968-0013
School Buildings - Auditorium                    Picture of Building     1967-0113
School Buildings - Construction                    Picture of Building     1964-0016
School Buildings - Construction                    Picture of Building     1964-0027
School Buildings - Temporary                    Picture of Building     1964-0014
School Buildings - Temporary                    Picture of Building     1964-0015
School Buses         Picture                    1947-0067a
School History       Story                    1965-0008
School Song           Sheet Music         1948-0002
School Song           Sheet Music         1948-0003
School Song           Sheet Music         1948-0112
School Song           Sheet Music         1948-0113
School Students    Dedication                    1948-0008
Schwartz, Glen            Faculty Picture        1974-0074
Schwartz, Glenn          Faculty Picture        1975-0024
Schwartz, Glenn          Faculty Picture        1976-0023
Schwartz, Glenn          Faculty Picture        1977-0021
Schweyer, Paul            Freshman Picture        1979-0034
Scoggins, Ana            El Chico Club Group Picture                    1949-0088
Scoggins, Shirley        Freshman Picture        1948-0035
Scoggins, Shirley                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0038
Scoggins, Shirley        Book Club Member List                    1949-0094
Scoggins, Shirley        Yearbook Staff Picture                    1951-0010
Scoggins, Shirley        Senior Picture        1951-0024
Scoggins, Shirley        FHA Officer Picture                    1951-0090
Seale, Vicky          Freshman Picture        1971-0111
Searcy, Charles       Senior Picture        1975-0091
Sears, Michael      Freshman Picture        1973-0101
Sears, Michael                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0093
Sears, Michael      Junior Picture        1975-0096
Sears, Michael      Senior Picture        1976-0099
Senior Snapshots Snapshots                    1946-0024
Senior Will                    Story                    1922-0048
Seniors                    Snapshots                    1922-0017
Seniors                    Snapshots                    1946-0016
Sessums, Bennie        8th Grade Picture        1953-0106
Sessums, Bennie        Freshman Picture        1954-0127
Sessums, Eddie          8th Grade Picture        1954-0131
Sewell, Anna Maud                    1901 Senior Picture                    1965-0009a
Sewell, H.B.            1925 School Board List                    1965-0010
Sewell, Joan            Senior Picture        1947-0021
Sewell, Joan            Tiger's Tale Staff Group Picture        1947-0061
Sewell, Joan            Senior Activities List                    1947-0062
Sewell, Joan            Senior Class Play Group Picture        1947-0063
Sewell, John H.      1903 Senior List 1965-0008
Sewell, Ruth           8th Grade Picture        1952-0088
Sewell, Ruth           Freshman Picture        1953-0101
Sewell, Ruth           FHA Officer Picture                    1954-0047
Sewell, Ruth           Favorites Picture        1954-0070
Sewell, Ruth                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0123
Sewell, Ruth           Class Officer Picture                    1955-0104
Sewell, Ruth           Junior Picture        1955-0107
Sewell, Ruth           Queen Picture        1956-0061
Sewell, Ruth           Class Officer Picture                    1956-0076
Sewell, Ruth           Senior Picture        1956-0084
Sewell, Sheryl         Freshman Picture        1966-0107
Sewell, Sheryl                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0101
Sewell, Sheryl         Junior Picture        1968-0105
Sewell, Sheryl         Who's Who Picture                    1969-0040
Sewell, Sheryl         Senior Picture        1969-0092
Sewell, Stace          Freshman Picture        1975-0104
Sewell, Stace                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0109
Sewell, Stace          Junior Picture        1977-0124
Sewell, Stace          Senior Picture        1978-0031
Sewell, Stan            Freshman Picture        1973-0101
Sewell, Stan                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0093
Sewell, Stan            Junior Picture        1975-0096
Sewell, Stan            Senior Picture        1976-0099
Shabah, Mary          List of Tiger's Tale Staff                    1946-0060
Shabah, Sammye     Junior Picture        1947-0026
Shabay Bros                    Advertisement           1947-0072
Shabay Bros. Department Store                    Advertisement           1946-0071
Shabay, Mary          Senior Picture        1946-0022
Shabay, Sammye                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0038
Shabay, Sammye     FHA Group Picture                    1947-0058
Shabay, Sammye     Senior Picture        1948-0020
Shabay, Sammye     The Fang Staff List    1948-0069
Shabay, Sammye     Cast of Play List     1948-0074
Shabay, Sammye     Cartoon                    1948-0088
Shabay, Sammye     The Fang Staff List    1948-0107
Shabay's Dept                    Advertisement           1948-0097
Shabay's Dept Store                    Advertisement           1949-0124
Shabay's Dept. Store                    Advertisement           1951-0116
Shackelford, Kevin       Junior Picture        1972-0093
Shackelford, Kevin       Senior Picture        1973-0086
Shadle, Glenda        Faculty Picture        1961-0012
Shadle, Miss           Coach Picture        1961-0061
Shamburger-Furrh Lumber - M.B. Marley                    Advertisement           1946-0075
Shanafelt, Sammy       Class Officer Picture                    1962-0088
Shanafelt, Sammy       Favorites Picture        1963-0081
Shanafelt, Sammy                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0084
Shanafelt, Sammy       Junior Picture        1964-0084
Shanafelt, Sammy       Senior Picture        1965-0104
Shanafelt, Sammy       Freshman Picture        1979-0034
Shanafelt, Shari           Freshman Picture        1965-0118
Shanafelt, Shari                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0103
Shanafelt, Shari           Class Officer Picture                    1967-0090
Shanafelt, Shari           Junior Picture        1967-0094
Shanafelt, Shari           Sweetheart Picture        1968-0072
Shanafelt, Shari           Class Officer Picture                    1968-0096
Shanafelt, Shari           Senior Picture        1968-0100
Shanafelt, Suzette       Class Officer Picture                    1962-0088
Shanafelt, Suzette                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0084
Shanafelt, Suzette       Junior Picture        1964-0084
Shanafelt, Suzette       Favorites Picture        1965-0039
Shanafelt, Suzette       Senior Picture        1965-0104
Shanafelt, Virginia      Senior Picture        1965-0104
Sharp, Douglas     Freshman Picture        1967-0106
Sharp, J.B.                    Superintendent Picture                    1946-0012
Sharp, J.B.                    Superintendent Picture                    1947-0009
Sharp, J.B.                    School Board Picture                    1947-0010
Sharp, J.B.                    Superintendent Picture & Message    1947-0011
Sharp, J.B.                    Superintendent Picture                    1948-0009
Sharp, J.B.                    School Board Picture                    1948-0010
Sharp, J.B.                    Superintendent Picture & Message    1948-0011
Sharp, J.B.                    Chinese Garden Handbill                    1948-0077
Sharp, J.B.                    School Board Picture                    1949-0013
Sharp, J.B.                    Superintendent Notes & Picture                    1949-0014
Sharp, J.B.                    Superintendent Picture                    1949-0015
Sharp, J.B.                    School Board Picture                    1951-0012
Sharp, J.B.                    School Board Picture                    1952-0012
Sharp, J.B.                    Superintendent Picture                    1952-0013
Sharp, J.B.                    School Board Picture                    1953-0008
Sharp, J.B.                    Superintendent Picture                    1953-0009
Sharp, J.B., Mrs.            Faculty Picture        1946-0015
Sharp, J.B., Mrs.            List of Fang Staff  1946-0060
Sharp, J.B., Mrs.            List of Tiger's Tale Staff                    1946-0060
Sharp, J.B., Mrs.            Faculty Picture        1947-0014
Sharp, J.B., Mrs.            Annual Staff Group Picture                    1947-0060
Sharp, J.B., Mrs.            Tiger's Tale Staff Group Picture        1947-0061
Sharp, J.B., Mrs.            Faculty Picture        1948-0013
Sharp, J.B., Mrs.            Faculty Picture        1949-0017
Sharp, J.B., Mrs.            Faculty Picture        1951-0016
Sharp, J.B., Mrs.            Faculty Picture        1952-0016
Sharp, Jerry           Freshman Picture        1970-0112
Sharp, Jerry                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0104
Sharp, Jerry                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0099
Sharp, Jerry           Junior Picture        1973-0092
Sharp, Jerry           Senior Picture        1974-0084
Sharp, John b.       1944-1953 Superintendent                    1965-0009
Sharp, Larry           Freshman Picture        1969-0105
Sharp, Linda          Freshman Picture        1963-0088
Sharp, Linda                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0087
Sharp, Mrs.            Book Club Officer Picture                    1951-0085
Sharp, Phillip         Junior Picture        1968-0105
Sharp, Phillip         Senior Picture        1969-0092
Shaw Insurance Agency - C.B. Shaw                    Advertisement           1946-0068
Shaw Insurance Agency - Cecil B. Shaw                    Advertisement           1954-0155
Shaw, Carolyn      Freshman Picture        1948-0035
Shaw, Carolyn      Football Sweetheart Picture                    1948-0045
Shaw, Carolyn                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0038
Shaw, Carolyn      Assembly Council Group Picture                    1949-0086
Shaw, Carolyn      Tigers Tale Staff List    1949-0092
Shaw, Carolyn      Senior Picture        1951-0024
Shaw, Carolyn      Favorites Picture        1951-0027
Shaw, Carolyn      Business Leaders Officer Picture        1951-0087
Shaw, Carolyn      FHA Officer Picture                    1951-0090
Shaw, Doris                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0032
Shaw, Doris          Baskerball, Girls Group Picture                    1947-0049
Shaw, Doris          Volleyball Group Picture                    1947-0051
Shaw, Ronnie       Freshman Picture        1966-0107
Shaw, Ronnie                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0101
Shaw, Ronnie       Junior Picture        1968-0105
Shaw, Ronnie       Class Officer Picture                    1969-0085
Shaw, Ronnie       Senior Picture        1969-0092
Shaw, Sandra        Freshman Picture        1961-0083
Shaw, Sandra                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0087
Shaw, Sandra        Junior Picture        1963-0080
Shaw, Sandra        Sweetheart Picture        1964-0045
Shaw, Sandra        Senior Picture        1964-0078
Shaw, Sharon                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0114
Shawn, James         Freshman Picture        1959-0097
Shaw's Insurance                    Advertisement           1947-0072
Shawver,                     Kitten's Football Group Picture                    1949-0082
Shawver, A.D., Mrs. Director Picture        1957-0053
Shawver, A.D., Mrs. Choral Director Picture                    1960-0048
Shawver, A.D., Mrs. Choral Director Picture                    1961-0042
Shawver, Charlotte    Freshman Picture        1969-0105
Shawver, Charlotte                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0107
Shawver, Charlotte    Junior Picture        1971-0099
Shawver, Charlotte    Senior Picture        1972-0088
Shawver, David         Freshman Picture        1951-0043
Shawver, David         Football Picture        1951-0071
Shawver, David         Football Picture        1952-0021
Shawver, David         FFA Officer Picture                    1952-0038
Shawver, David                    Lettermen's Club Officer Picture                    1952-0051
Shawver, David                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0080
Shawver, David                    International Club Officer Picture                    1953-0042
Shawver, David         Football Picture        1953-0055
Shawver, David         Class Officer Picture                    1953-0088
Shawver, David         Junior Picture        1953-0091
Shawver, David         Favorites Picture        1954-0077
Shawver, David         Who's Who Picture                    1954-0086
Shawver, David         Football Picture        1954-0093
Shawver, David         Football Picture        1954-0095
Shawver, David         Senior Picture        1954-0113
Shawver, Dortha        Freshman Picture        1953-0101
Shawver, Eva             Faculty Picture        1972-0020
Shawver, Karen         Freshman Picture        1973-0101
Shawver, Karen                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0093
Shawver, Karen         Junior Picture        1975-0096
Shawver, Karen         Senior Picture        1976-0099
Shawver, Lester         Freshman Picture        1976-0114
Shawver, Lester                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0129
Shawver, Lester         Junior Picture        1978-0038
Shawver, Lester         Senior Picture        1979-0014
Shawver, Mary Lois  Freshman Picture        1948-0035
Shawver, Mary Lois                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0038
Shawver, Mary Lois  Tigers Tale Staff List    1949-0092
Shawver, Mary Lois  Book Club Member List                    1949-0094
Shawver, Mary Lois  Senior Picture        1951-0024
Shawver, Mrs.            Director Picture        1966-0051
Shawver, Paul            Freshman Picture        1963-0088
Shawver, Paul                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0087
Shawver, Paul            Junior Picture        1965-0109
Shawver, Paul            Senior Picture        1966-0091
Shawver, Sue             Junior Picture        1953-0091
Shawyer, Larry           Freshman Picture        1979-0034
Shelton, Lenora Wilton                    Biography                    1959Reun-0056
Shepard, Pam             Freshman Picture        1967-0106
Sherrod, Kim             Freshman Picture        1977-0133
Sherrod, Kim                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0043
Sherrod, Kim             Junior Picture        1979-0027
Sherrod, Mark           Freshman Picture        1976-0114
Sherrod, Mark                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0129
Sherrod, Mark           Junior Picture        1978-0038
Sherrod, Mark           Senior Picture        1979-0015
Sherrod, Mitchell     Freshman Picture        1979-0034
Shields, Barbara      Freshman Picture        1957-0082
Shields, Barbara                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0109
Shields, Barbara      Junior Picture        1959-0088
Shields, Barbara      Who's Who Picture                    1960-0056
Shields, Barbara      Senior Picture        1960-0073
Shields, Brenda       Freshman Picture        1960-0085
Shields, Brenda                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0080
Shields, Brenda       Junior Picture        1962-0084
Shields, Brenda       Senior Picture        1963-0074
Shields, Dorothy     8th Grade Picture        1949-0048
Shields, Dorothy                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0036
Shields, Dorothy     Honor Society Officer Picture                    1952-0052
Shields, Dorothy     Favorites Picture        1952-0056
Shields, Dorothy     Junior Picture        1952-0076
Shields, Dorothy     Business Leaders Officer Picture        1953-0041
Shields, Dorothy     Senior Picture        1953-0086
Shields, Gary            Freshman Picture        1962-0091
Shields, Gary                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0084
Shields, Gary            Junior Picture        1964-0084
Shields, Gary            Senior Picture        1965-0104
Shields, Gene           Freshman Picture        1947-0036
Shields, Gene           Football Group Picture                    1947-0088
Shields, Gene           Class Officer Picture                    1948-0029
Shields, Gene                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0031
Shields, Gene           Football Group Picture                    1948-0054
Shields, Gene           Kittens Football Picture                    1948-0056
Shields, Gene           Junior Picture        1949-0034
Shields, Gene           FHA Price Charming   1949-0062
Shields, Gene           Football Picture        1949-0067
Shields, Gene           Assembly Council Group Picture                    1949-0086
Shields, Gene           Future Business Leaders Group Picture                    1949-0087
Shields, Gene                    Homecoming Picture  1953-0018
Shields, Janie           Freshman Picture        1951-0043
Shields, Janie                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0081
Shields, Janie           Band Officer Picture                    1953-0045
Shields, Janie           Junior Picture        1953-0091
Shields, Janie           Book Club Officer Picture                    1954-0043
Shields, Janie           Business Leaders Officer Picture        1954-0045
Shields, Janie           Band Officer Picture                    1954-0062
Shields, Janie           Choral Club Officer Picture                    1954-0064
Shields, Janie           Senior Picture        1954-0113
Shields, Larry           Class Officer Picture                    1964-0089
Shields, Larry           Freshman Picture        1964-0092
Shields, Larry           Who's Who Picture                    1965-0074
Shields, Larry                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0114
Shields, Larry           Class Officer Picture                    1966-0020
Shields, Larry           Beau Picture        1966-0044
Shields, Larry           Junior Picture        1966-0098
Shields, Larry           Favorites Picture        1967-0030
Shields, Larry           Favorites Picture        1967-0039
Shields, Larry           Favorites Picture        1967-0053
Shields, Larry           Favorites Picture        1967-0054
Shields, Larry           Favorites Picture        1967-0058
Shields, Larry           Who's Who Picture                    1967-0059
Shields, Larry           Class Officer Picture                    1967-0082
Shields, Larry           Senior Picture        1967-0088
Shields, Ronnie       Freshman Picture        1965-0118
Shields, Ronnie                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0103
Shields, Terry          Freshman Picture        1965-0118
Shields, Terry                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0103
Shields, Terry          Junior Picture        1967-0094
Shields, Terry          Senior Picture        1968-0100
Shingleton, Joan            Junior Picture        1949-0034
Shook Service Station                    Advertisement           1953-0125
Shook Sinclair Service Station                    Advertisement           1954-0151
Shook, Billie           Freshman Picture        1952-0085
Shook, Billie Ruth  8th Grade Picture        1951-0049
Shook, Billie Ruth  Class Officer Picture                    1953-0092
Shook, Billie Ruth                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0096
Shook, Billie Ruth  Junior Picture        1954-0118
Shook, Billie Ruth  Senior Picture        1955-0099
Shook, Billy            Freshman Picture        1957-0082
Shook, Billy Bob                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0109
Shook, Billy Bob    Junior Picture        1959-0088
Shook, Billy Bob    Senior Picture        1960-0073
Shook, Clement      Freshman Picture        1962-0091
Shook, Clement                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0084
Shook, Clement      Junior Picture        1964-0084
Shook, Clement      Senior Picture        1965-0104
Shook, Clyde          Freshman Picture        1961-0084
Shook, Clyde                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0087
Shook, Clyde          Junior Picture        1963-0080
Shook, Clyde          Senior Picture        1964-0078
Shook, Reba           Junior Picture        1951-0032
Shook, Reba           Senior Picture        1952-0071
Shook, Rita             Freshman Picture        1958-0112
Shook, Rita                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0093
Shook, Rita             Junior Picture        1960-0077
Shook, Rita             Favorites Picture        1961-0034
Shook, Rita             Who's Who Picture                    1961-0051
Shook, Rita             Senior Picture        1961-0071
Shook, Robert        Freshman Picture        1956-0096
Shook, Robert        Class Officer Picture                    1957-0076
Shook, Robert                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0079
Shook, Robert        Junior Picture        1958-0104
Shook, Robert        Senior Picture        1959-0081
Shook, Robert 'Rob'                    Biography                    1959Reun-0046
Shook, Shirley        Class Officer Picture                    1959-0094
Shook, Shirley        Freshman Picture        1959-0097
Shook, Shirley                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0081
Shook, Shirley        Who's Who Picture                    1961-0050
Shook, Shirley        Favorites Picture        1961-0052
Shook, Shirley        Junior Picture        1961-0076
Shook, Shirley        Who's Who Picture                    1962-0052
Shook, Shirley        Senior Picture        1962-0079
Shoun, David         Freshman Picture        1951-0043
Shoun, David         Junior Picture        1953-0091
Shoun, David         Senior Picture        1954-0113
Shoun, Frances      Senior Picture        1951-0024
Shown, David                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0081
Shown, Frances      Freshman Picture        1948-0035
Shown, Frances                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0038
Shown, Frances      Book Club Member List                    1949-0094
Shown, Gladys        School Secretary Picture                    1949-0015
Shown, James                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0081
Shown, James         Junior Picture        1961-0076
Shown, James         Senior Picture        1962-0079
Shown, Joe              Senior Picture        1922-0015
Shown, Joe              Debating Team Picture                    1922-0028
Shown, Joe, Mrs.    Soil Conservation Board Ad Picture 1954-0144
Shown, Mary          Senior Picture        1922-0014
Shown, Mary          Faculty Picture        1946-0014
Shown, Mary          Faculty Picture        1947-0014
Shown, Mary          Faculty Picture        1948-0013
Shown, Mary          Faculty Picture        1949-0017
Shown, Mary          Faculty Picture        1951-0016
Shown, Mary          Faculty Picture        1952-0016
Shown, Mary          Faculty Picture        1953-0012
Shown, Melinda     Class Officer Picture                    1965-0115
Shown, Melinda     Freshman Picture        1965-0119
Shown, Melinda                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0103
Shown, Melinda     Favorites Picture        1967-0056
Shown, Melinda     Junior Picture        1967-0094
Shown, Melinda     Favorites Picture        1968-0066
Shown, Melinda     Who's Who Picture                    1968-0069
Shown, Melinda     Favorites Picture        1968-0073
Shown, Melinda     Favorites Picture        1968-0076
Shown, Melinda     Senior Picture        1968-0100
Shurbet, Aubrey      Junior Picture        1959-0088
Shurbet, Aubry        Freshman Picture        1956-0096
Shurbet, Aubry                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0109
Shurbet, Aubry        Senior Picture        1960-0073
Shurbet, Linda          Freshman Picture        1958-0112
Shurbet, Linda                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0093
Shurbet, Linda          Junior Picture        1960-0077
Shurbet, Linda          Senior Picture        1961-0071
Sickles, Anna          Freshman Picture        1957-0082
Sickles, Anna          Class Officer Picture                    1958-0106
Sickles, Anna                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0109
Sickles, Anna          Class Officer Picture                    1959-0084
Sickles, Anna          Junior Picture        1959-0088
Sickles, Anna          Sweetheart Picture        1960-0046
Sickles, Anna          Senior Picture        1960-0073
Sikes, Becky         Freshman Picture        1964-0092
Sikes, Becky                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0114
Sikes, Becky         Junior Picture        1966-0098
Sikes, Becky         Senior Picture        1967-0088
Sikes, Bob                    Class Officer Picture                    1951-0046
Sikes, Bob                    8th Grade Picture        1951-0049
Sikes, Bob                    Freshman Picture        1952-0085
Sikes, Bob                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0096
Sikes, Bob                    Who's Who Picture                    1954-0088
Sikes, Bob                    Football Picture        1954-0095
Sikes, Bob                    Basketball Picture        1954-0101
Sikes, Bob                    Junior Picture        1954-0118
Sikes, Bob                    Who's Who Picture                    1955-0075
Sikes, Bob                    Senior Picture        1955-0099
Sikes, Harry, Mrs.                    Faculty Picture        1957-0015
Sikes, Marty         Favorites Picture        1960-0054
Sikes, Marty         Freshman Picture        1960-0085
Sikes, Marty                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0080
Sikes, Marty         Class Officer Picture                    1962-0081
Sikes, Marty         Who's Who Picture                    1963-0049
Sikes, Marty         Senior Picture        1963-0075
Sikes, Mrs.                    Snapshot                    1953-0016
Sikes, Nick                    8th Grade Picture        1953-0106
Sikes, Nick                    Freshman Picture        1954-0127
Sikes, Nick                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0111
Sikes, Nick                    Junior Picture        1956-0089
Sikes, Nick                    Senior Picture        1957-0067
Sikes, Nick                    Who's Who Picture                    1957-0098
Sikes, Nick                    Football Picture        1957-0105
Sikes, Nicky          Class Officer Picture                    1954-0124
Sikes, Nicky          Class Officer Picture                    1955-0108
Sikes, Sarah, Mrs.                    Snapshot                    1956-0028
Sikes, Sarah, Mrs.                    Snapshot                    1958-0037
Simons, Carolyn      Freshman Picture        1951-0043
Simons, Carolyn      FHA Officer Picture                    1951-0090
Simons, Carolyn      Yearbook Staff Picture                    1952-0008
Simons, Carolyn      Favorites Picture        1952-0058
Simons, Carolyn                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0081
Simons, Carolyn      Favorites Picture        1953-0025
Simons, Carolyn      FHA Officer Picture                    1953-0038
Simons, Carolyn      Band Officer Picture                    1953-0045
Simons, Carolyn      Class Officer Picture                    1953-0088
Simons, Carolyn      Junior Picture        1953-0091
Simons, Carolyn      Sweetheart Snapshot   1954-0024
Simons, Carolyn      Manager Picture        1954-0038
Simons, Carolyn      Business Leaders Officer Picture        1954-0045
Simons, Carolyn      Band Officer Picture                    1954-0062
Simons, Carolyn      Choraleers Picture        1954-0062
Simons, Carolyn      Sweetheart Picture        1954-0079
Simons, Carolyn      Who's Who Picture                    1954-0087
Simons, Carolyn      Senior Picture        1954-0113
Simons, Guinn         Freshman Picture        1971-0111
Simons, Guinn         Class Officer Picture                    1972-0096
Simons, Guinn                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0099
Simons, Guinn         Junior Picture        1973-0092
Simons, Guinn         Senior Picture        1974-0085
Simons, Janice         8th Grade Picture        1951-0049
Simons, Janice         Favorites Picture        1951-0060
Simons, Janice                    Cheerleader Picture     1951-0093
Simons, Janice         Yearbook Staff Picture                    1952-0008
Simons, Janice         Majorette Picture        1952-0048
Simons, Janice         Freshman Picture        1952-0085
Simons, Janice         FHA Officer Picture                    1953-0038
Simons, Janice         Majorette Picture        1953-0045
Simons, Janice                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0096
Simons, Janice         Business Leaders Officer Picture        1954-0045
Simons, Janice         Student Council Officer Picture                    1954-0051
Simons, Janice         Majorette Picture        1954-0061
Simons, Janice         Class Officer Picture                    1954-0116
Simons, Janice         Junior Picture        1954-0118
Simons, Janice         Editor Picture        1955-0006
Simons, Janice         Queen Picture        1955-0069
Simons, Janice         Senior Picture        1955-0100
Simons, Pete            Football Booster Officer Picture        1954-0097
Simpson Furniture                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0112
Simpson, Bill              Seniors Class Officers Picture                    1946-0018
Simpson, Bill              Senior Picture        1946-0022
Simpson, Bill              Group Picture - The Fighting Tigers         1946-0054
Simpson, Bill              List of Fang Staff  1946-0060
Simpson, Bill              List of Tiger's Tale Staff                    1946-0060
Simpson, Clarkey       Freshman Picture        1954-0127
Simpson, Clarkey       Junior Picture        1956-0089
Simpson, Clarkey       Senior Picture        1957-0067
Simpson, Clarkey       Football Picture        1957-0099
Simpson, Clarkey       Football Picture        1957-0101
Simpson, Clarky         8th Grade Picture        1953-0106
Simpson, Clarky                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0111
Simpson, E.                 Football Group Picture                    1947-0088
Simpson, Earl             Freshman Picture        1946-0045
Simpson, Earl Ed                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0032
Simpson, Earl Ed        Class Officer Picture                    1948-0025
Simpson, Earl Ed        Junior Picture        1948-0027
Simpson, Earl Ed        Kittens Football Picture                    1948-0057
Simpson, Earl Ed        Chinese Garden Handbill                    1948-0077
Simpson, Earl Ed        Senior Picture        1949-0024
Simpson, Earl Ed        Favorites Picture        1949-0027
Simpson, Earl Ed        Distinction Roll List     1949-0050
Simpson, Earl Ed        Football Picture        1949-0066
Simpson, Earl Ed        Assembly Council Group Picture                    1949-0086
Simpson, Earl Ed        Future Business Leaders Group Picture                    1949-0087
Simpson, Earl Ed        Tigers Tale Staff List    1949-0092
Simpson, Earl Ed        Book Club Member List                    1949-0094
Simpson, Ed               Football Group Picture                    1948-0054
Simpson, Ed               Tiger Tale Staff List    1948-0068
Simpson, Helen                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0038
Simpson, Helen          Favorites - Sophomores                    1946-0050
Simpson, Helen          List of Tiger's Tale Staff                    1946-0060
Simpson, Helen          Class Officer Picture                    1947-0023
Simpson, Helen          FHA Group Picture                    1947-0058
Simpson, Helen          Annual Staff Group Picture                    1947-0060
Simpson, Helen          The Fang Staff            1948-0007
Simpson, Helen          Favorites Picture        1948-0023
Simpson, Helen          Tiger Tale Staff List    1948-0068
Simpson, Helen          The Fang Staff List    1948-0069
Simpson, Helen          Cast of Play List     1948-0074
Simpson, Helen          Chinese Garden Handbill                    1948-0077
Simpson, Helen          The Fang Staff List    1948-0107
Simpson, Helen          1948 Senior List 1965-0010
Simpson, Helen          Senior Picture        1948-0020
Simpson, J.P.              1902 Principal     1965-0009
Simpson, J.P., Mrs. 'Grace Sidebottom'                    1910 Faculty Picture                    1965-0010
Simpson, John           Class Officer Picture                    1960-0082
Simpson, John           Freshman Picture        1960-0085
Simpson, John           Class Officer Picture                    1961-0077
Simpson, John                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0080
Simpson, John           Who's Who Picture                    1962-0052
Simpson, John           Junior Picture        1962-0084
Simpson, John           Favorites Picture        1963-0031
Simpson, John           Favorites Picture        1963-0045
Simpson, John           Favorites Picture        1963-0047
Simpson, John           Who's Who Picture                    1963-0049
Simpson, John           Class Officer Picture                    1963-0070
Simpson, John           Senior Picture        1963-0075
Simpson, John P.       1904 Principal-Center back                    1965-0009a
Simpson, Joni             Freshman Picture        1970-0112
Simpson, Joni             Class Officer Picture                    1971-0100
Simpson, Joni                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0104
Simpson, Joni             Class Officer Picture                    1972-0048
Simpson, Joni             Junior Picture        1972-0093
Simpson, Joni             Favorites Picture        1973-0032
Simpson, Joni             Senior Picture        1973-0086
Simpson, Lewis          1933 Senior List 1965-0010
Simpson, Paul            Freshman Picture        1977-0133
Simpson, Paul                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0043
Simpson, Paul            Junior Picture        1979-0027
Simpson, Reagan       Class Officer Picture                    1968-0111
Simpson, Reagan       Freshman Picture        1968-0114
Simpson, Reagan                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0100
Simpson, Reagan       Class Officer Picture                    1970-0015
Simpson, Reagan       Junior Picture        1970-0102
Simpson, Reagan       Favorites Picture        1971-0021
Simpson, Reagan       Award Picture        1971-0032
Simpson, Reagan       Favorites Picture        1971-0059
Simpson, Reagan       Who's Who Picture                    1971-0065
Simpson, Reagan       Large Picture        1971-0068
Simpson, Reagan       Senior Picture        1971-0091
Simpson, Roy                    Homecoming Picture  1953-0018
Simpson, Scott           Freshman Picture        1976-0114
Simpson, Scott                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0129
Simpson, Scott           Class Officer Picture                    1978-0034
Simpson, Scott           Junior Picture        1978-0038
Simpson, Scott           Senior Picture        1979-0015
Simpson, Scott           Football Picture        1979-0085
Simpson, Vaughn      Junior Picture        1947-0026
Simpson, Vaughn      Basketball, Junior Boys Group Picture        1947-0051
Simpson, Vaughn      Football Group Picture                    1947-0088
Simpson, Vaughn      Senior Picture        1948-0021
Sims, LaRonda                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0107
Sims, LaRonda    Junior Picture        1971-0099
Sims, Ronda        Freshman Picture        1969-0105
Sims, Ronda        Senior Picture        1972-0088
Sims, Tab             Freshman Picture        1974-0096
Sims, Tab                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0099
Sims, Tab             Beau Picture        1976-0072
Sims, Tab             Junior Picture        1976-0104
Sims, Tab             Favorites Picture        1977-0083
Sims, Tab             Senior Picture        1977-0116
Sims, Ted             Freshman Picture        1970-0112
Sims, Ted                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0104
Sims, Ted             Junior Picture        1972-0093
Sims, Ted             Senior Picture        1973-0086
Sims, Tony                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0099
Sims, Trena          Freshman Picture        1978-0050
Sims, Trena                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0031
Sine, Tim                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0043
Sine, Zan             Junior Picture        1978-0038
Sine, Zan             Senior Picture        1979-0015
Singleton, Charles       8th Grade Picture        1954-0131
Singleton, Charles       Freshman Picture        1955-0115
Singleton, Charles                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0093
Singleton, Charles       Junior Picture        1957-0074
Singleton, Charles       Senior Picture        1958-0097
Singleton, David         Freshman Picture        1971-0111
Singleton, David                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0099
Singleton, David         Junior Picture        1973-0092
Singleton, Elwanda     Faculty Picture        1967-0014
Singleton, Elwanda     Faculty Picture        1968-0016
Singleton, James         Freshman Picture        1946-0045
Singleton, James                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0032
Singleton, James         Basketball, Junior Boys Group Picture        1947-0051
Singleton, James         Football Group Picture                    1947-0088
Singleton, James         Junior Picture        1948-0027
Singleton, James         Senior Picture        1949-0024
Singleton, James         Tigers Tale Staff List    1949-0092
Singleton, James         Book Club Member List                    1949-0094
Singleton, Joan            Freshman Picture        1947-0036
Singleton, Joan                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0031
Singleton, Joan            Tigers Tale Staff List    1949-0092
Singleton, Joan            Book Club Member List                    1949-0094
Singleton, Lela             Freshman Picture        1951-0043
Singleton, Lela                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0081
Singleton, Lela             FHA Officer Picture                    1953-0038
Singleton, Lela             Junior Picture        1953-0091
Singleton, Lela             Class Officer Picture                    1954-0106
Singleton, Lela             Senior Picture        1954-0113
Singleton, Leslie          Award Picture        1977-0028
Singleton, Leslie          Freshman Picture        1977-0133
Singleton, Leslie                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0043
Singleton, Leslie          Junior Picture        1979-0027
Singleton, Michael                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0097
Singleton, Mike           Freshman Picture        1972-0107
Singleton, Mike           Junior Picture        1974-0089
Singleton, Mike           Senior Picture        1975-0091
Singleton, Stacey        Freshman Picture        1975-0104
Singleton, Stacey                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0110
Singleton, Stacey        Junior Picture        1977-0124
Singleton, Stacey        Senior Picture        1978-0031
Slate, Anita          Freshman Picture        1948-0035
Slate, Anita                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0038
Slate, Anita          Assembly Council Group Picture                    1949-0086
Slate, Anita          Book Club Member List                    1949-0094
Slate, Anita          Senior Picture        1951-0024
Slate, Betty Jean Senior Picture        1947-0021
Slate, Betty Jean Annual Staff Group Picture                    1947-0060
Slate, Betty Jean Senior Class Play Group Picture        1947-0063
Slate, Betty Jean                    Cheerleader Group Picture                    1947-0087
Slaton, Edwin         Name Inside front cover                    1946-0002
Slaton, Edwin         Date of Book           1946-0004
Slaton, Edwin         Freshman Class Officer Picture                    1946-0042
Slaton, Edwin         Freshman Picture        1946-0045
Slaton, Edwin         Group Picture - The Fighting Tigers         1946-0054
Slaton, Edwin         Group Picture - The Fighting Tigers         1946-0054
Slaton, Edwin                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0032
Slaton, Edwin         Junior Picture        1948-0027
Slaton, Edwin         Football Group Picture                    1948-0044
Slaton, Edwin         Football Picture        1948-0046
Slaton, Edwin         Senior Picture        1949-0024
Slaton, Pat                    FHA Officer Picture                    1952-0042
Slaton, Pat                    Junior Picture        1952-0076
Slaton, Pat                    Editor Picture        1953-0032
Slaton, Patricia       8th Grade Picture        1949-0048
Slaton, Patricia                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0036
Slaton, Patricia       Senior Picture        1953-0086
Slimp, Cindy         Freshman Picture        1967-0106
Slimp, Cindy                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0110
Slimp, Cindy         Junior Picture        1969-0097
Slimp, Cindy         Who's Who Picture                    1970-0041
Slimp, Cindy         Senior Picture        1970-0094
Slimp, Mike           Freshman Picture        1960-0085
Slimp, Mike                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0080
Slimp, Mike           Junior Picture        1962-0084
Slimp, Mike           Senior Picture        1963-0075
Slimp, Patty           Freshman Picture        1964-0092
Slimp, Patty                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0114
Slimp, Patty           Junior Picture        1966-0098
Slimp, Patty           Favorites Picture        1967-0039
Slimp, Patty           Who's Who Picture                    1967-0060
Slimp, Patty           Senior Picture        1967-0088
Sloan, David         Freshman Picture        1964-0092
Sloan, David                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0114
Sloan, David         Favorites Picture        1966-0032
Sloan, David         Junior Picture        1966-0099
Sloan, David         Senior Picture        1967-0088
Smith , Wynelle     Senior Picture        1947-0021
Smith Dan Roy             Freshman Class Officer Picture                    1946-0042
Smith,                     Football Picture        1947-0085
Smith,                     Football Group Picture                    1947-0088
Smith, Alton          8th Grade Picture        1951-0049
Smith, Alton          Freshman Picture        1952-0085
Smith, Alton                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0096
Smith, Alton          Junior Picture        1954-0119
Smith, Alton          Senior Picture        1955-0100
Smith, Barbara      Freshman Picture        1968-0114
Smith, Barbara                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0100
Smith, Barbara      Junior Picture        1970-0102
Smith, Barbara      Who's Who Picture                    1971-0065
Smith, Barbara      Senior Picture        1971-0091
Smith, Belva                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0036
Smith, Belva          Junior Picture        1952-0077
Smith, Belva          Senior Picture        1953-0086
Smith, Belva Jane 8th Grade Picture        1949-0048
Smith, Bernice       Senior Picture        1948-0021
Smith, Betty          Senior Picture        1946-0023
Smith, Betty          List of Fang Staff  1946-0060
Smith, Betty          List of Tiger's Tale Staff                    1946-0060
Smith, Betty          8th Grade Picture        1954-0131
Smith, Betty          Freshman Picture        1955-0115
Smith, Betty                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0093
Smith, Betty          Junior Picture        1957-0074
Smith, Betty          Senior Picture        1958-0097
Smith, Billy            Freshman Picture        1967-0107
Smith, Billy                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0101
Smith, Billy                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0107
Smith, Billy            Freshman Picture        1971-0111
Smith, Billy Joe, Mrs.                    Memorial to son, Kenneth                    1972-0098
Smith, Carl             Freshman Picture        1973-0101
Smith, Carl                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0093
Smith, Carl             Junior Picture        1975-0096
Smith, Carl             Senior Picture        1976-0099
Smith, Casey         Freshman Picture        1974-0096
Smith, Casey                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0099
Smith, Casey         Junior Picture        1976-0104
Smith, Casey         Senior Picture        1977-0116
Smith, Cathleen    Freshman Picture        1970-0112
Smith, Cathleen                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0105
Smith, Cathy         Junior Picture        1972-0093
Smith, Cathy         Senior Picture        1973-0086
Smith, Charla         Freshman Picture        1976-0114
Smith, Charla                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0129
Smith, Charla         Junior Picture        1978-0038
Smith, Charla         Who's Who Picture                    1978-0085
Smith, Charla         Senior Picture        1979-0015
Smith, Charla         Award Picture        1979-0069
Smith, Charla         Who's Who Picture                    1979-0075
Smith, Charles       Junior Picture        1955-0107
Smith, Charles       Senior Picture        1956-0084
Smith, Charles       Junior Picture        1957-0075
Smith, Charles       Basketball Picture        1957-0109
Smith, Charles       Football Picture        1958-0069
Smith, Charles       Senior Picture        1958-0097
Smith, Charles       Freshman Picture        1971-0111
Smith, Christy       Freshman Picture        1978-0050
Smith, Christy                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0031
Smith, Chuck                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0099
Smith, Chuck         Junior Picture        1973-0092
Smith, Chuck         Senior Picture        1974-0085
Smith, Connie       Freshman Picture        1965-0119
Smith, Craig           Freshman Picture        1965-0119
Smith, Craig           Class Officer Picture                    1966-0100
Smith, Craig                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0103
Smith, Craig           Junior Picture        1967-0094
Smith, Craig           Who's Who Picture                    1968-0071
Smith, Craig           Favorites Picture        1968-0073
Smith, Craig           Favorites Picture        1968-0074
Smith, Craig           Football Picture        1968-0078
Smith, Craig           Football Picture        1968-0080
Smith, Craig           Senior Picture        1968-0101
Smith, Cynthia      Freshman Picture        1973-0101
Smith, Cynthia                    Sophomore Picture     1974-0093
Smith, Cynthia      Junior Picture        1975-0096
Smith, Cynthia      Senior Picture        1976-0099
Smith, D.L.                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0031
Smith, D.L.                    Football Group Picture                    1948-0044
Smith, D.L.                    Junior Picture        1949-0034
Smith, D.L.                    Football Picture        1949-0067
Smith, Dan                    Freshman Picture        1946-0045
Smith, Dan Roy                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0032
Smith, Dan Roy             Senior Picture        1948-0021
Smith, Darla           Freshman Picture        1976-0114
Smith, Dave                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0110
Smith, David         Freshman Picture        1957-0082
Smith, David                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0109
Smith, David         Junior Picture        1959-0088
Smith, David         Senior Picture        1960-0073
Smith, David         Freshman Picture        1967-0107
Smith, David         Freshman Picture        1975-0104
Smith, David         Freshman Picture        1976-0114
Smith, David                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0129
Smith, David         Senior Picture        1978-0031
Smith, Dean           Freshman Picture        1971-0111
Smith, Debbie       Freshman Picture        1965-0119
Smith, Debbie       Favorites Picture        1966-0059
Smith, Debbie                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0103
Smith, Debbie       Junior Picture        1967-0094
Smith, Delores      Junior Picture        1968-0105
Smith, Delores      Senior Picture        1969-0092
Smith, Don                    Principal Picture        1956-0012
Smith, Don                    Principal Picture        1957-0013
Smith, Don                    Principal Picture        1958-0021
Smith, Don                    Principal Picture        1959-0013
Smith, Don            Principal Picture        1960-0009
Smith, Don            Principal Picture        1961-0009
Smith, Don            Principal Picture        1962-0008
Smith, Don            Principal Picture        1963-0011
Smith, Don            Principal Picture        1964-0010
Smith, Don            School Board Picture                    1965-0021
Smith, Don                    Superintendent Picture                    1965-0022
Smith, Don            School Board Picture                    1966-0011
Smith, Don                    Superintendent Picture                    1966-0012
Smith, Don            School Board Picture                    1967-0011
Smith, Don                    Superintendent Picture                    1967-0012
Smith, Don            School Board Picture                    1968-0009
Smith, Don                    Superintendent Picture                    1968-0010
Smith, Don            School Board Picture                    1969-0009
Smith, Don                    Superintendent Picture                    1969-0010
Smith, Don                    Superintendent Picture                    1970-0007
Smith, Don                    Superintendent Picture                    1971-0006
Smith, Donald       Freshman Picture        1955-0115
Smith, Donald                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0093
Smith, Donald       Junior Picture        1957-0075
Smith, Ece                    8th Grade Picture        1951-0049
Smith, Ece                    Freshman Picture        1952-0085
Smith, Ece                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0096
Smith, Ece                    Junior Picture        1954-0119
Smith, Ece                    Senior Picture        1955-0100
Smith, Edie            Freshman Picture        1974-0096
Smith, Edie                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0099
Smith, Edie            Who's Who Picture                    1976-0056
Smith, Edie            Junior Picture        1976-0104
Smith, Edie            Who's Who Picture                    1977-0076
Smith, Edie            Award From Teachers                    1977-0078
Smith, Edie            Class Officer Picture                    1977-0104
Smith, Edie            Senior Picture        1977-0116
Smith, Edward       Freshman Picture        1970-0112
Smith, Edward                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0105
Smith, Edward                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0099
Smith, Edward       Senior Picture        1973-0086
Smith, Ferrol                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0032
Smith, Ferrol          Junior Picture        1948-0027
Smith, Florence     8th Grade Picture        1949-0048
Smith, Florence                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0036
Smith, Florence     Junior Picture        1952-0077
Smith, Fred                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0087
Smith, Garry          Junior Picture        1965-0109
Smith, Garry          Who's Who Picture                    1966-0063
Smith, Gary            Freshman Picture        1963-0088
Smith, Gary                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0087
Smith, Gary            Award Picture        1966-0045
Smith, Gary            Senior Picture        1966-0092
Smith, Glenda        8th Grade Picture        1954-0131
Smith, Glenda        Freshman Picture        1955-0115
Smith, Glenda                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0093
Smith, Glenda        Junior Picture        1957-0075
Smith, Glenda        Senior Picture        1958-0097
Smith, Glenda        Senior Picture        1959-0081
Smith, Glenda Kay                    Junior Picture        1958-0105
Smith, Glenda Kay                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0108
Smith, Harvey       8th Grade Picture        1954-0131
Smith, Harvey       Freshman Picture        1955-0115
Smith, Harvey                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0093
Smith, Harvey       Junior Picture        1957-0075
Smith, Harvey       Favorites Picture        1957-0089
Smith, Harvey       Football Picture        1958-0068
Smith, Harvey       Senior Picture        1958-0097
Smith, James         Freshman Picture        1975-0104
Smith, Jap, Mr.              Snapshot                    1956-0021
Smith, Jap, Mr.              Snapshot                    1957-0031
Smith, Jap, Mr.              Snapshot                    1958-0034
Smith, Jap, Mr.              Snapshot                    1959-0023
Smith, Jaynie                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0103
Smith, Jean                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0093
Smith, Jean            Senior Picture        1958-0097
Smith, Jeanie         8th Grade Picture        1954-0131
Smith, Jeanie         Who's Who Picture                    1955-0076
Smith, Jeanie         Freshman Picture        1955-0115
Smith, Jeanie         Junior Picture        1957-0075
Smith, Jewell         Freshman Picture        1958-0112
Smith, Jimmy         Freshman Picture        1962-0091
Smith, Jimmy                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0084
Smith, Jimmy         Junior Picture        1964-0084
Smith, Jimmy         Senior Picture        1965-0104
Smith, Joan            Freshman Picture        1968-0114
Smith, John           8th Grade Picture        1954-0131
Smith, Johnny Mack                    Freshman Picture        1965-0119
Smith, Joyce                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0109
Smith, Joyce          Junior Picture        1959-0088
Smith, Joyce          Senior Picture        1960-0073
Smith, Joyce Ann Freshman Picture        1958-0112
Smith, Joyce Ann                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0093
Smith, Kay             Freshman Picture        1965-0119
Smith, Kay                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0103
Smith, Kay             Junior Picture        1967-0094
Smith, Kay             Senior Picture        1968-0101
Smith, Kenneth     Freshman Picture        1971-0111
Smith, Larry           Freshman Picture        1975-0104
Smith, Linda          Senior Picture        1970-0094
Smith, Linda          Freshman Picture        1971-0111
Smith, Linda                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0099
Smith, Linda          Junior Picture        1973-0092
Smith, Linda          Senior Picture        1974-0085
Smith, Lindon       8th Grade Picture        1954-0131
Smith, Lindon       Freshman Picture        1955-0115
Smith, Lindon                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0093
Smith, Lindon       Senior Picture        1958-0097
Smith, Lindsey      Freshman Picture        1961-0084
Smith, Lucille        Freshman Picture        1960-0085
Smith, Lucille                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0080
Smith, Lucille        Junior Picture        1962-0084
Smith, Lucille        Senior Picture        1963-0075
Smith, Marie          8th Grade Picture        1951-0049
Smith, Marie          FHA Officer Picture                    1952-0042
Smith, Marie          Freshman Picture        1952-0085
Smith, Marie          Favorites Picture        1953-0068
Smith, Marie          Class Officer Picture                    1953-0092
Smith, Marie                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0096
Smith, Marie          Class Officer Picture                    1954-0116
Smith, Marie          Junior Picture        1954-0119
Smith, Marie          Favorites Picture        1955-0072
Smith, Marie          Senior Picture        1955-0100
Smith, Marvin       Freshman Picture        1953-0101
Smith, Mary Jean Freshman Picture        1947-0036
Smith, Mary Jean Baskerball, Girls Group Picture                    1947-0049
Smith, Mary Jean Letterman Picture        1947-0050
Smith, Mary Jean                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0031
Smith, Mary Jean Junior Picture        1949-0034
Smith, Michael                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0099
Smith, Mildred      Senior Picture        1954-0113
Smith, Nina            Freshman Picture        1956-0096
Smith, Nina            Class Officer Picture                    1957-0076
Smith, Nina                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0079
Smith, Nina            Junior Picture        1958-0104
Smith, Nina            Senior Picture        1959-0081
Smith, Nina (Nina Clark)                    Biography                    1959Reun-0047
Smith, Pam                    Sophomore Picture     1973-0097
Smith, Pamela        Freshman Picture        1972-0108
Smith, Pauline       Freshman Picture        1946-0045
Smith, Richard      Freshman Picture        1967-0107
Smith, Richard                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0110
Smith, Richard                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0101
Smith, Ricky          Freshman Picture        1968-0114
Smith, Ricky                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0101
Smith, Ronnie                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0087
Smith, Ronnie       Freshman Picture        1964-0092
Smith, Ronnie                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0114
Smith, Ronnie       Junior Picture        1966-0099
Smith, Ronnie       Who's Who Picture                    1967-0061
Smith, Ronnie       Football Picture        1967-0065
Smith, Ronnie       Senior Picture        1967-0089
Smith, Royce         8th Grade Picture        1952-0088
Smith, Royce         Freshman Picture        1953-0101
Smith, Royce         Favorites Picture        1954-0071
Smith, Royce                    Sophomore Picture     1954-0123
Smith, Royce         Junior Picture        1955-0107
Smith, Royce         Senior Picture        1956-0085
Smith, Sabra          Freshman Picture        1977-0133
Smith, Sherry        Freshman Picture        1965-0119
Smith, Sherry                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0103
Smith, Shirley        Freshman Picture        1958-0112
Smith, Shirley                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0093
Smith, Shirley        Junior Picture        1960-0077
Smith, Sue             Class Officer Picture                    1968-0111
Smith, Sue             Freshman Picture        1968-0114
Smith, Sue                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0101
Smith, Sue                    Cheerleader Picture     1970-0022
Smith, Sue             Who's Who Picture                    1970-0042
Smith, Sue             Favorites Picture        1971-0021
Smith, Sue             Award Picture        1971-0032
Smith, Sue             Favorites Picture        1971-0058
Smith, Sue             Favorites Picture        1971-0060
Smith, Sue                    Cheerleader Picture     1971-0063
Smith, Sue             Who's Who Picture                    1971-0067
Smith, Sue             Favorites Picture        1971-0087
Smith, Sue             Senior Picture        1971-0091
Smith, Sue Ann    Junior Picture        1970-0102
Smith, Susan         Freshman Picture        1969-0105
Smith, Susan                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0107
Smith, Susan         Junior Picture        1971-0099
Smith, Susan         Senior Picture        1972-0088
Smith, Ted                    Freshman Picture        1959-0097
Smith, Ted                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0081
Smith, Ted             Junior Picture        1961-0076
Smith, Ted             Senior Picture        1962-0079
Smith, Thelma       8th Grade Picture        1951-0049
Smith, Thelma       Freshman Picture        1952-0085
Smith, Thelma       Freshman Picture        1953-0101
Smith, Theresa      Freshman Picture        1977-0133
Smith, Theresa                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0044
Smith, Theresa                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0031
Smith, Tommy       Freshman Picture        1964-0092
Smith, Tommy                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0114
Smith, Tommy       Junior Picture        1966-0099
Smith, Tommy       Class Officer Picture                    1967-0032
Smith, Tommy       Football Picture        1967-0065
Smith, Tommy       Senior Picture        1967-0089
Smith, Urelda        Freshman Picture        1948-0035
Smith, Urelda                    Sophomore Picture     1949-0038
Smith, Urelda        Basketball Picture        1949-0078
Smith, Vicki                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0099
Smith, Vickie         Freshman Picture        1974-0096
Smith, Vickie         Junior Picture        1976-0104
Smith, Vickie         Senior Picture        1977-0117
Smith, Virginia      Favorites Picture        1953-0072
Smith, Virginia      8th Grade Picture        1953-0106
Smith, Virginia      Freshman Picture        1954-0127
Smith, Virginia                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0111
Smith, Virginia      Junior Picture        1956-0089
Smith, Virginia      Class Officer Picture                    1957-0060
Smith, Virginia      Senior Picture        1957-0067
Smith, Weldon      Freshman Picture        1960-0085
Smith, Weldon                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0080
Smith, Weldon      Junior Picture        1962-0084
Smith, Weldon      Senior Picture        1963-0075
Smith, Winston    8th Grade Picture        1953-0106
Smith, Winston    Freshman Picture        1954-0127
Smith, Winston                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0111
Smith, Winston    Junior Picture        1956-0089
Smith, Winston    Senior Picture        1957-0068
Smith, Wynelle     Annual Staff Group Picture                    1947-0060
Smith's Steam Laundry                    Advertisement           1946-0069
Smothers, Junior         Freshman Picture        1969-0105
Smothers, Junior                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0107
Smothers, Susan         Freshman Picture        1965-0119
Smothers, Susan                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0103
Smothers, Susan         Junior Picture        1967-0094
Smothers, Susan         Senior Picture        1968-0101
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1922-0042
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1946-0058
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1947-0028
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1947-0066
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1947-0068
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1948-0028
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1948-0036
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1949-0100
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1949-0101
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1949-0102
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1949-0105
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1949-0106
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1951-0098
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1952-0066
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1952-0090
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1953-0014
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1953-0015
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1953-0016
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1953-0017
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1954-0020
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1954-0021
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1954-0032
Snapshots                    Snapshots                    1954-0034
Snyder, Carroll        Freshman Picture        1951-0043
Snyder, Carroll        Football Picture        1951-0071
Snyder, Carroll        Football Picture        1952-0021
Snyder, Carroll                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0081
Snyder, Carroll        FFA Officer Picture                    1953-0039
Snyder, Carroll        Football Picture        1953-0055
Snyder, Carroll        Junior Picture        1953-0091
Snyder, Carroll                    Lettermen's Club Officer Picture                    1954-0054
Snyder, Carroll        Football Picture        1954-0093
Snyder, Carroll        Football Picture        1954-0095
Snyder, Carroll        Senior Picture        1954-0114
Snyder, Nancy        Freshman Picture        1946-0045
Snyder, Nancy        Majorettes Group Picture                    1946-0063
Snyder, Nancy                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0032
Snyder, Nancy        Junior Picture        1948-0027
Snyder, Nancy        Majorette Picture        1948-0072
Snyder, Nancy        Senior Picture        1949-0025
Snyder, Nancy        Assembly Council Group Picture                    1949-0086
Snyder, Nancy        Tigers Tale Staff List    1949-0092
Snyder, Nancy        Book Club Member List                    1949-0094
Soil Conservation District - Lists Officers                    Advertisement           1951-0123
Solomon, David         Freshman Picture        1971-0112
Solomon, David                    Sophomore Picture     1972-0100
Solomon, David         Junior Picture        1973-0092
Solomon, David         Senior Picture        1974-0085
Solomon, Diane          Picture Serving at Luncheon                    1966-0032
Solomon, Diane          Freshman Picture        1966-0107
Solomon, Diane                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0101
Solomon, Diane          Class Officer Picture                    1968-0102
Solomon, Diane          Queen Picture        1969-0029
Solomon, Diane          Who's Who Picture                    1969-0038
Solomon, Diane          Favorites Picture        1969-0086
Solomon, Diane          Senior Picture        1969-0092
Solomon, Dianne       Junior Picture        1968-0105
Sophomores                  Group Picture        1922-0024
Southerland, Angela   Freshman Picture        1968-0114
Southerland, Angela                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0101
Southerland, Angela   Junior Picture        1970-0102
Southerland, Angela   Who's Who Picture                    1971-0067
Southerland, Angela   Class Officer Picture                    1971-0086
Southerland, Angela   Senior Picture        1971-0092
Southerland, Hamiliton                    FFA Officers List                    1948-0066
Southerland, Hamilton                    Freshman Picture        1946-0045
Southerland, Hamilton                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0032
Southerland, Hamilton                    FFA Group Picture        1947-0056
Southerland, Hamilton                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0031
Southerland, Sandra   Freshman Picture        1969-0105
Southerland, Sandra                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0107
Southerland, Sandra   Junior Picture        1971-0099
Southerland, Sandy                    Cheerleader Picture     1971-0063
Southerland, Sandy    Sweetheart Picture        1972-0072
Southerland, Sandy    Senior Picture        1972-0088
Southwestern Balfour                    Advertisement           1949-0132
Southwestern Engraving, Fort Worth                    Advertisement           1922-0059
Sparks, Bill                    Freshman Picture        1955-0115
Sparks, Bill                    Class Officer Picture                    1956-0090
Sparks, Bill                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0093
Sparks, Bill                    Class Officer Picture                    1957-0070
Sparks, Bill                    Junior Picture        1957-0075
Sparks, Bill                    Favorites Picture        1957-0094
Sparks, Bill                    Football Picture        1957-0105
Sparks, Bill                    Basketball Picture        1957-0109
Sparks, Bill                    Favorites Picture        1958-0085
Sparks, Bill                    Senior Picture        1958-0097
Sparks, Charlsie      Freshman Picture        1960-0085
Sparks, Eddie          Freshman Picture        1969-0105
Sparks, Eddie                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0107
Sparks, Eddie          Junior Picture        1971-0099
Sparks, Eddie          Senior Picture        1972-0088
Sparks, Teresa        Freshman Picture        1975-0104
Sparks, Trae                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0129
Sparks, Trae            Junior Picture        1978-0038
Sparks, Trae            Senior Picture        1979-0015
Spear's Confectionery                    Advertisement           1922-0052
Spears Drug Store                    Advertisement           1948-0101
Spears Drug Store                    Advertisement           1949-0111
Spears Drug Store                    Advertisement           1951-0104
Spears Drug Store                    Advertisement           1952-0095
Spears Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1953-0111
Spears Drug Store Snapshot                    1954-0028
Spears Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1954-0136
Spears Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1955-0120
Spears Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1956-0099
Spears Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1957-0113
Spears Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1958-0117
Spears Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0101
Spears Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0091
Spears Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1961-0088
Spears Drug Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0097
Spears Drug Store - Harold & Jean Spears                    Advertisement           1947-0075
Spear's Drug Store - Jean & Harold Spears                    Advertisement           1946-0071
Spears, Harold        Senior Picture        1968-0101
Spears, Lawrence                    Sophomore Officer Group Picture        1922-0024
Spears, Lawrence   Athletic Council Picture                    1922-0032
Spears, Lawrence   Track Picture        1922-0037
Spears, Mary Anne                    Freshman Picture        1962-0091
Spears, Mary Anne                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0084
Spears, Mary Anne                    Junior Picture        1964-0084
Spears, Mary Anne                    Senior Picture        1965-0104
Spears, Paul            Freshman Picture        1965-0119
Spears, Paul                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0103
Spears, Paul            Junior Picture        1967-0094
Special Assemblies                    Snapshots                    1949-0098
Spencer,                     Kitten's Football Group Picture                    1949-0082
Spencer, Andy          Freshman Picture        1967-0107
Spencer, Andy                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0110
Spencer, Andy          Junior Picture        1969-0097
Spencer, Andy          Senior Picture        1970-0094
Spencer, Diane          Freshman Picture        1962-0091
Spencer, Diane                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0084
Spencer, Diane                    Cheerleader Picture     1964-0059
Spencer, Diane          Junior Picture        1964-0084
Spencer, Diane          Class Officer Picture                    1965-0098
Spencer, Diane          Senior Picture        1965-0104
Spencer, Janice         8th Grade Picture        1953-0106
Spencer, Janice         Freshman Picture        1954-0127
Spencer, Janice                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0111
Spencer, Janice         Junior Picture        1956-0089
Spencer, Janice         Senior Picture        1957-0068
Spencer, Jerry           Freshman Picture        1951-0043
Spencer, Jerry                    Sophomore Picture     1952-0081
Spencer, Jerry           Junior Picture        1953-0091
Spencer, Jerry           Senior Picture        1954-0114
Spencer, Mike           Freshman Picture        1959-0097
Spencer, Mike           Freshman Picture        1960-0085
Spencer, Mike           Junior Picture        1961-0076
Spencer, Mike           Senior Picture        1962-0080
Spencer, Nelda          Freshman Picture        1963-0088
Spencer, Nelda                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0088
Spencer, Nelda          Junior Picture        1965-0109
Spencer, Nelda          Senior Picture        1966-0092
Spencer, Nita             Senior Picture        1964-0078
Spencer, Tommy       Freshman Picture        1965-0119
Spencer, Tommy                    Sophomore Picture     1966-0103
Spencer, Tommy       Who's Who Picture                    1967-0062
Spencer, Tommy       Junior Picture        1967-0094
Spencer, Tommy       Senior Picture        1968-0101
Spiller, David         Class Officer Picture                    1976-0111
Spiller, David         Freshman Picture        1976-0114
Spiller, David                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0129
Spiller, David         Junior Picture        1978-0038
Spiller, David         Favorites Picture        1978-0081
Spiller, David         Favorites Picture        1978-0090
Spiller, David         Senior Picture        1979-0016
Spiller, David         Favorites Picture        1979-0068
Spiller, David         Award From Teachers                    1979-0071
Spiller, David         Favorites Picture        1979-0073
Spiller, David         Who's Who Picture                    1979-0074
Spiller, David         Favorites Picture        1979-0078
Spiller, David         Football Picture        1979-0085
Spiller, David         King Picture        1979-0119
Spiller, David         Sports Award Picture                    1979-0124
Spiller, George       Early School Board List                    1965-0009
Spiller, James                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0032
Spiller, James         Basketball, Junior Boys Group Picture        1947-0051
Spiller, James         Football Group Picture                    1947-0088
Spiller, James         Junior Picture        1948-0027
Spiller, James         The Fang Staff List    1948-0107
Spiller, James         Fang Staff Group Picture                    1949-0012
Spiller, James         Senior Picture        1949-0025
Spiller, James         Future Business Leaders Group Picture                    1949-0087
Spiller, James         Press Club Officer Picture                    1949-0095
Spiller, Jim                    Freshman Picture        1946-0046
Spiller, Jim                    Class Officer Picture                    1948-0025
Spiller, Jim                    Football Group Picture                    1948-0044
Spiller, Jim                    Football Picture        1948-0047
Spiller, Jim                    The Fang Staff List    1948-0069
Spiller, Jim                    Chinese Garden Handbill                    1948-0077
Spiller, Jim                    Class Officer Picture                    1949-0019
Spiller, Jim                    Football Picture        1949-0067
Spiller, Jim              School Board Picture                    1975-0021
Spiller, Jim              School Board Picture                    1976-0021
Spiller, Jim              School Board Picture                    1977-0018
Spiller, Jim              School Board Picture                    1978-0014
Spiller, Jim              School Board Picture                    1979-0134
Spiller, Karen         Freshman Picture        1978-0050
Spiller, Karen                    Sophomore Picture     1979-0031
Spiller, Karen         Award From Teachers                    1979-0070
Spiller, Loving 'Red'                    Football Coach in Group Picture        1922-0034
Sports Snapshots Snapshots                    1947-0052
Sports Snapshots Snapshots                    1947-0054
Sports Snapshots Snapshots                    1948-0043
Spradling, Gary            Freshman Picture        1964-0092
Spradling, Gary                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0114
Spradling, Gary            Junior Picture        1966-0099
Spradling, Gary            Senior Picture        1967-0088
Spradling, Glenda        Freshman Picture        1960-0085
Spradling, Glenda                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0080
Spradling, Glenda        Junior Picture        1962-0084
Spradling, Glenda        Senior Picture        1963-0075
Spradling, Larry           Freshman Picture        1962-0091
Spradling, Larry                    Sophomore Picture     1963-0084
Spradling, Larry           Junior Picture        1964-0084
Spradling, Sarah          Senior Picture        1965-0105
Sprague, Nelson                    Sophomore Picture     1959-0093
Sprague, Nelson       Junior Picture        1960-0077
Sprague, Nelson       Senior Picture        1961-0071
Sprague, Nita             Favorites Picture        1959-0055
Sprague, Nita             Favorites Picture        1959-0062
Sprague, Nita             Senior Picture        1959-0082
Sprague, Nita (Nita Carlton)                    Biography                    1959Reun-0048
St. Clair, Terry          Freshman Picture        1959-0097
St. Clair, Terry                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0081
St. Clair, Terry          Junior Picture        1961-0076
St. Clair, Terry          Senior Picture        1962-0080
Staley, Royce         8th Grade Picture        1949-0048
Staley, Royce                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0036
Stamper, Conner       Class Officer Picture                    1975-0101
Stamper, Conner       Freshman Picture        1975-0104
Stamper, Conner                    Sophomore Picture     1976-0110
Stamper, Conner       Award From Teachers                    1977-0078
Stamper, Conner       Junior Picture        1977-0124
Stamper, Conner       Senior Picture        1978-0032
Stamper, Conner       Award Picture        1978-0138
Stamper, Flo              Senior Picture        1979-0016
Stamper, Flo Beth     Freshman Picture        1976-0114
Stamper, Flo Beth                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0129
Stamper, Flo Beth     Junior Picture        1978-0038
Stamper, Mixon         School Board Picture                    1967-0011
Stamper, Mixon         School Board Picture                    1968-0009
Stamper, Mixon         School Board Picture                    1969-0009
Stamper, Mixon         School Board Picture                    1970-0007
Stamper, Mixon         School Board Picture                    1971-0006
Stamper, Mixon         School Board Picture                    1972-0014
Stamper, Mixon         School Board Picture                    1973-0015
Stamper, Mixon         School Board Picture                    1974-0069
Stamper, Steve          Freshman Picture        1970-0112
Stamper, Steve                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0105
Stamper, Steve          Junior Picture        1972-0093
Stamper, Steve          Senior Picture        1973-0087
Stampfli, Glenda        Junior Picture        1961-0076
Stark, Lilly May            Officer Picture        1957-0035
Stark, Lilly May            Class Officer Picture                    1957-0080
Stark, Lilly May            Freshman Picture        1957-0082
Stark, Lilly May            Favorites Picture        1958-0079
Stark, Lilly May            Queen Picture        1958-0088
Stark, Lilly May            Class Officer Picture                    1958-0106
Stark, Lilly May                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0109
Stark, Lilly May            Class Officer Picture                    1959-0084
Stark, Lilly May   FHA Picture        1960-0022
Stark, Lilly May   FBLA Picture        1960-0040
Stark, Lilly May   Favorites Picture        1960-0050
Stark, Lilly May   Who's Who Picture                    1960-0057
Stark, Lilly May   Class Officer Picture                    1960-0068
Stark, Lilly May   Senior Picture        1960-0073
Stark, S.V.             1925 School Board List                    1965-0010
Stark, Temple       Class Officer Picture                    1961-0081
Stark, Temple       Freshman Picture        1961-0084
Stark, Temple       Favorites Picture        1962-0085
Stark, Temple                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0087
Stark, Temple       Class Officer Picture                    1963-0077
Stark, Temple       Junior Picture        1963-0080
Stark, Temple       Senior Picture        1964-0078
Starnes, Claudine    8th Grade Picture        1951-0050
Starnes, Claudine    Freshman Picture        1952-0085
Starnes, Claudine                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0096
Starnes, Claudine    Student Council Officer Picture                    1954-0051
Starnes, Claudine    Junior Picture        1954-0119
Starnes, Claudine    Favorites Picture        1955-0064
Starnes, Claudine    Queen Picture        1955-0069
Starnes, Claudine    Senior Picture        1955-0100
Starnes, Jay              Faculty Picture        1977-0022
Starnes, Jay              Coach Picture        1977-0089
Starr, Diane                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0088
Starr, Dianne       Freshman Picture        1963-0088
Starr, Dianne       Who's Who Picture                    1965-0075
Starr, Dianne       Junior Picture        1965-0109
Starr, Dianne       Favorites Picture        1966-0046
Starr, Dianne       Who's Who Picture                    1966-0064
Starr, Dianne       Senior Picture        1966-0092
Starr, Ronnie       Class Officer Picture                    1968-0111
Starr, Ronnie       Freshman Picture        1968-0114
Starr, Ronnie       Class Officer Picture                    1969-0098
Starr, Ronnie                    Sophomore Picture     1969-0101
Starr, Ronnie       Junior Picture        1970-0102
Starr, Ronnie       Senior Picture        1971-0092
Starr, Sheila         Freshman Picture        1964-0092
Starr, Sheila                    Sophomore Picture     1965-0114
Starr, Sheila         Class Officer Picture                    1966-0094
Starr, Sheila         Junior Picture        1966-0099
Starr, Sheila         Favorites Picture        1967-0054
Starr, Sheila         Sweetheart Picture        1967-0055
Starr, Sheila         Who's Who Picture                    1967-0061
Starr, Sheila                    Cheerleader Picture     1967-0071
Starr, Sheila         Senior Picture        1967-0089
Steadham, Caroline     Senior Picture        1962-0080
Steadman, Clifton        Kittens Football Picture                    1948-0056
Stedman, Clifton                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0031
Stedman, Clifton        Football Group Picture                    1948-0054
Stedman, Clifton        Junior Picture        1949-0034
Stedman, Clifton        Favorites Picture        1949-0055
Stedman, Clifton        Football Picture        1949-0067
Stenger, Charlene Miller                    Biography                    1959Reun-0042
Stephens Radio Service                    Advertisement           1947-0082
Stephen's Radio Service                    Advertisement           1948-0103
Stephen's Radio Service                    Advertisement           1949-0114
Stephens Trucks, Inc., Graham                    Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0135
Stephens, Bill                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0038
Stephens, Bill              Junior Picture        1947-0026
Stephens, Bill              FFA Group Picture        1947-0056
Stephens, Bill              Senior Picture        1948-0021
Stephens, Catherine   8th Grade Picture        1949-0048
Stephens, Catherine                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0036
Stephens, James         Junior Picture        1946-0030
Stephens, James         Senior Picture        1947-0021
Stephens, June            Freshman Picture        1960-0085
Stephens, Margaret    Class Officer Picture                    1947-0033
Stephens, Margaret    Freshman Picture        1947-0036
Stephens, Margaret                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0031
Stephens, Margaret    Junior Picture        1949-0034
Stephens, Margaret    Favorites Picture        1949-0054
Stephens, Margaret    Book Club Member List                    1949-0094
Stephenson, Mike       Faculty Picture        1979-0138
Stevens, Karen         Freshman Picture        1963-0088
Stevens, Karen                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0088
Stevens, Karen         Favorites Picture        1965-0070
Stevens, Karen         Junior Picture        1965-0109
Stevens, Ralph          Freshman Picture        1952-0085
Stevens, Ralph                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0096
Stevens, Ralph          Junior Picture        1954-0119
Stevens, Ralph          Favorites Picture        1955-0073
Stevens, Ralph          Senior Picture        1955-0100
Stevenson, Pat              Freshman Picture        1974-0096
Stevenson, Pat                    Sophomore Picture     1975-0099
Stevenson, Pat              Junior Picture        1976-0104
Stewart, Betty          Freshman Picture        1958-0112
Stewart, Betty          Junior Picture        1967-0095
Stewart, Betty          Senior Picture        1968-0101
Stewart, Bruce          8th Grade Picture        1951-0050
Stewart, Bruce          Freshman Picture        1952-0085
Stewart, Bruce                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0096
Stewart, Bruce          Junior Picture        1954-0119
Stewart, Bruce          Senior Picture        1955-0101
Stewart, Cleo            Faculty Picture        1954-0018
Stewart, Cleo            Advisor Picture        1954-0053
Stewart, Cleo            Faculty Picture        1955-0016
Stewart, Cleo            Faculty Picture        1956-0014
Stewart, Cleo            Faculty Picture        1957-0015
Stewart, Cleo            Faculty Picture        1958-0024
Stewart, Cleo            Faculty Picture        1959-0019
Stewart, Cleo            Faculty Picture        1960-0013
Stewart, Ed               Freshman Picture        1946-0046
Stewart, Ed Henry                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0032
Stewart, Ed Henry   Junior Picture        1948-0027
Stewart, Ed Henry   Football Group Picture                    1948-0044
Stewart, Ed Henry   Football Picture        1948-0047
Stewart, Ed Henry   Tiger Tale Staff List    1948-0068
Stewart, Ed Henry   Class Officer Picture                    1949-0019
Stewart, Ed Henry   Senior Picture        1949-0025
Stewart, Ed Henry   Football Picture        1949-0067
Stewart, Ed Henry   Future Business Leaders Group Picture                    1949-0087
Stewart, Ed Henry   Tigers Tale Staff List    1949-0092
Stewart, Ed Henry   Book Club Member List                    1949-0094
Stewart, Henry         Distinction Roll List     1949-0050
Stewart, Janie           8th Grade Picture        1954-0131
Stewart, Janie           Freshman Picture        1955-0115
Stewart, Janie           Who's Who Picture                    1956-0063
Stewart, Janie                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0093
Stewart, Janie           Junior Picture        1957-0075
Stewart, Janie           Senior Picture        1958-0098
Stewart, John Kirk   School Personnel Picture                    1971-0011
Stewart, Kathy         Freshman Picture        1967-0107
Stewart, Kathy                    Sophomore Picture     1968-0110
Stewart, Kathy         Junior Picture        1969-0097
Stewart, Kathy         Senior Picture        1970-0095
Stewart, Loretta       8th Grade Picture        1954-0131
Stewart, Loretta       Freshman Picture        1956-0096
Stewart, Loretta                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0079
Stewart, Loretta       Junior Picture        1958-0105
Stewart, Loretta       Senior Picture        1959-0081
Stewart, Loretta (Loretta Terrell)       Biography                    1959Reun-0050
Stewart, M.L.            School Board Picture                    1947-0010
Stewart, M.L.            School Board Picture                    1948-0010
Stewart, M.L.            School Board Picture                    1949-0013
Stewart, M.L.            School Board Picture                    1951-0012
Stewart, M.L.            School Board Picture                    1953-0008
Stewart, Mike           Freshman Picture        1963-0088
Stewart, Mike                    Sophomore Picture     1964-0088
Stewart, Mizelle       School Board Picture                    1952-0012
Stewart, Mizelle       School Board Picture                    1954-0013
Stewart, Virgil           Senior Picture        1951-0026
Stewarts Grocery                    Advertisement           1946-0076
Stewart's Grocery                    Advertisement           1949-0126
Stewart's Grocery                    Advertisement           1951-0113
Stewart's Grocery                    Advertisement           1952-0111
Stewart's Grocery                    Advertisement           1953-0130
Stewart's Grocery                    Advertisement           1954-0154
Stockdale, John           Faculty Picture        1975-0026
Stockdale, John           Faculty Picture        1976-0026
Stockdale, John           Faculty Picture        1977-0022
Stockdale, John           Faculty Picture        1978-0018
Stockman, Yvonne      Junior Picture        1947-0026
Stoddard, Eula Fay     8th Grade Picture        1953-0106
Stoddard, Eula Faye   Freshman Picture        1954-0127
Stoddard, Eula Faye                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0111
Stoddard, Eula Faye   Junior Picture        1956-0089
Stoker-Young Sales                    Advertisement/Picture                    1948-0100
Stone's Food Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0106
Stone's Food Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0109
Stone's Food Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0100
Stone's Food Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0145
Stone's Food Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0115
Stone's Food Store, Jacksboro & Graham                    Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0121
Stout, Agnes        8th Grade Picture        1951-0050
Stout, Agnes        Freshman Picture        1952-0085
Stout, Agnes                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0096
Stout, David         8th Grade Picture        1951-0050
Stout, David         Football Picture        1952-0021
Stout, David         Freshman Picture        1952-0085
Stout, David         Football Picture        1953-0056
Stout, David         Beau Picture        1953-0077
Stout, David                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0096
Stout, David         FFA Officer Picture                    1954-0049
Stout, David         Favorites Picture        1954-0069
Stout, David         Football Picture        1954-0095
Stout, David         Junior Picture        1954-0119
Stout, David         Senior Picture        1955-0101
Strain, Eve             Favorites Picture        1972-0075
Strain, Eve             Junior Picture        1972-0094
Strain, Eve             Senior Picture        1973-0087
Strain, Sunny        Senior Picture        1972-0088
Strange, Virginia      Junior Picture        1960-0077
Strange, Virginia      Senior Picture        1961-0071
Strickland, Clifford       Freshman Picture        1976-0114
Strickland, Clifford                    Sophomore Picture     1977-0129
Strickland, Clifford       Junior Picture        1978-0038
Strickland, Clifford       Class Officer Picture                    1979-0008
Strickland, Clifford       Senior Picture        1979-0016
Strickland, Clifford       King Picture        1979-0079
Strickland, Clifford       Football Picture        1979-0085
Strickland, James         8th Grade Picture        1953-0106
Strickland, Louella       Freshman Picture        1960-0085
Strickland, Louella                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0080
Strickland, Oma            8th Grade Picture        1954-0131
Strickland, Oma            Freshman Picture        1955-0115
Strickland, Randal        Freshman Picture        1979-0034
Strong, Cindy         Junior Picture        1966-0099
Strong, Cindy         Mascot Picture        1967-0071
Strong, Cindy         Senior Picture        1967-0088
Student Council      Group Picture        1954-0051
Student Directory (1959 Students in 1999)                    List                    1959Reun-0058
Sub., 'Herk'                    Baseball Picture        1922-0040
Sullens, David         Senior Picture        1966-0092
Sullens, Judy           Freshman Picture        1966-0107
Sullens, Judy                    Sophomore Picture     1967-0101
Sullens, Judy           Junior Picture        1968-0105
Sullens, Judy           Who's Who Picture                    1969-0041
Sullens, Judy           Senior Picture        1969-0092
Sullivan, Dean           Freshman Picture        1979-0034
Sumner, Ann            Freshman Picture        1959-0097
Sumner, Ann                    Sophomore Picture     1960-0081
Sumner, Gail             Freshman Picture        1961-0084
Sumner, Gail                    Sophomore Picture     1962-0087
Sumner, Gail             Junior Picture        1963-0080
Sumner, Gail             Senior Picture        1964-0078
Suttle, Dan                    Sophomore Picture     1955-0111
Suttles, Joe Rene    Junior Picture        1956-0089
Swaffard, Jayla                    Sophomore Picture     1970-0107
Swafford, Jayla           Freshman Picture        1969-0105
Swafford, Jayla           Favorites Picture        1971-0051
Swafford, Jayla           Junior Picture        1971-0099
Swafford, Sharon       Freshman Picture        1960-0085
Swafford, Sharon                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0080
Swafford, Sharon       Junior Picture        1962-0084
Swafford, Sharon       Sweetheart Picture        1963-0048
Swafford, Sharon       Senior Picture        1963-0075
Swan,                    Kitten's Football Group Picture                    1949-0082
Swan, Charles                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0038
Swan, Charles       Group Picture - The Fighting Tigers         1946-0054
Swan, Charles       Basketball, Junior Boys Group Picture        1947-0051
Swan, Charles Ray                    Junior Picture        1947-0026
Swan, Charles Ray                    Senior Picture        1948-0021
Swan, Dale            Freshman Picture        1978-0050
Swan, Dale            Freshman Picture        1979-0034
Swan, Edward       8th Grade Picture        1951-0050
Swan, Edward       Freshman Picture        1952-0085
Swan, Edward                    Sophomore Picture     1953-0096
Swan, Edward       Junior Picture        1954-0119
Swan, Edward       Senior Picture        1955-0101
Swan, Elbert          8th Grade Picture        1954-0131
Swan, Elbert                    Sophomore Picture     1956-0093
Swan, Elbert          Junior Picture        1957-0075
Swan, Elbert          Junior Picture        1958-0105
Swan, Elbert Ray  Freshman Picture        1955-0115
Swan, Emory         Class Officer Picture                    1947-0023
Swan, Emory         FFA Group Picture        1947-0056
Swan, James                    Sophomore Picture     1961-0080
Swan, James         Junior Picture        1962-0084
Swan, James         Who's Who Picture                    1963-0050
Swan, James         Senior Picture        1963-0075
Swan, Ken             Freshman Picture        1977-0133
Swan, Ken                    Sophomore Picture     1978-0044
Swan, Ken             Junior Picture        1979-0027
Swan, Patsy          Freshman Picture        1957-0082
Swan, Patsy                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0109
Swan, Patsy          Favorites Picture        1959-0056
Swan, Patsy          Senior Picture        1960-0073
Swan, Roy                    Sophomore Picture     1971-0105
Swan, Roy             Junior Picture        1972-0094
Swan, Roy             Senior Picture        1973-0087
Swan, Tommie      Freshman Picture        1956-0096
Swan, Tommie      Junior Picture        1958-0105
Swan, Tommie Dean                    Sophomore Picture     1957-0079
Swan, Tommie Dean                    Senior Picture        1959-0082
Swann, C                    Basketball Group Picture                    1946-0057
Swann, Emory                    Sophomore Picture     1946-0038
Swann, Emory         Group Picture - The Fighting Tigers         1946-0054
Swann, Emory         Basketball Group Picture                    1946-0057
Swann, Emory         Junior Picture        1947-0026
Swann, Emory         Senior Picture        1948-0021
Swann, Emory         Football Group Picture                    1948-0044
Swann, Emory         Football Picture        1948-0046
Swann, Emory         FFA Officers List                    1948-0066
Swann, Jake                    Sophomore Picture     1951-0036
Swann, Jake            Football Picture        1951-0071
Swann, Jake            FFA Officer Picture                    1951-0091
Swann, Jake            Football Picture        1952-0021
Swann, Jake            FFA Officer Picture                    1952-0038
Swann, Jake            Honor Society Officer Picture                    1952-0052
Swann, Jake            Junior Picture        1952-0077
Swann, Jake            Favorites Picture        1953-0025
Swann, Jake            Honor Society Officer Picture                    1953-0036
Swann, Jake            Football Picture        1953-0054
Swann, Jake            Senior Picture        1953-0086
Swann, James         Freshman Picture        1960-0085
Swann, Leon           Class Officer Picture                    1949-0045
Swann, Weldon      8th Grade Picture        1949-0048
Swetnam, Ann            Freshman Picture        1946-0046
Swetnam, Ann                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0032
Swetnam, Ann            Junior Picture        1948-0027
Swetnam, Ann            Fang Staff Group Picture                    1949-0012
Swetnam, Ann            Senior Picture        1949-0025
Swetnam, Ann            Future Business Leaders Group Picture                    1949-0087
Swetnam, Ann            Book Club Member List                    1949-0094
Swetnam, Shirley        Freshman Picture        1951-0044
Swiney, Leslie          Junior Picture        1949-0034
Swiney, Pat              Freshman Picture        1957-0082
Swiney, Pat              Basketball Picture        1957-0108
Swiney, Pat                    Sophomore Picture     1958-0109
Swiney, Pat              Who's Who Picture                    1959-0066
Swiney, Pat              Queen Picture        1960-0055
Swiney, Pat                    Cheerleader Picture     1960-0063
Swiney, Pat              Senior Picture        1960-0073
Swinney, Leslie                    Sophomore Picture     1947-0032
Swinney, Leslie                    Sophomore Picture     1948-0031

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