Jack County, North Texas
Index  of Perrin School Yearbooks
(not all years-37 years)

Index of group pictures, individuals in pictures, advertisers, and major articles
(14,293 names in index. For 1955 and after, only faculty pictures, individual class pictures, favorites pictures and advertising with pictures were indexed)(There were errors in some of the names - Look for alternate spellings)
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Person or Item         Type of Picture        Year-Page Number

E.W. Wendrick Buick Co                    Advertisement              1953-0105
Eades Motor Company - Ford                    Advertisement              1939-0052
Earl, Carolyn                 2nd Grade Picture        1972-0036
Earl, Carolyn                 3rd Grade Picture        1973-0040
Earl, Carolyn                 4th Grade Picture        1974-0045
Earl, Carolyn                 5th Grade Picture        1975-0038
Earl, Carolyn                 6th Grade Picture        1976-0026
Earl, Dora  Kindergarten Picture                    1975-0043
Earl, Floyd Custodian Picture                    1974-0023
Earl, Rosie 1st Grade Picture                    1974-0051
Earl, Rosie 2nd Grade Picture                    1975-0041
Earl, Rosie Lee              3rd Grade Picture        1976-0030
Earl, Ruby Kindergarten Picture                    1974-0053
Earl, Ruby 1st Grade Picture                    1975-0042
Earl, Ruby 2nd Grade Picture                    1976-0031
Earl, Tiny   1st Grade Picture                    1976-0032
Early, Russell                 Picture, 7th Grade          1949-0061
East Side Service Station                    Advertisement              1954-0079
Easy Pay     Advertisement                    1951-0147
Eaton, Jimmy                2nd Grade Picture        1967-0034
Eaton, Larry Joe           3rd Grade Picture        1967-0033
Ecker, Christina            1st Grade Picture        1977-0038
Ecker, Kenny                4th Grade Picture        1976-0029
Economy Feed Store                    Advertisement              1951-0155
Ed Lee Chevrolet Co., Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1955-0084
Ed Lee Chevrolet Co., Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1957-0078
Ed Lee Chevrolet Co., Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1958-0082
Ed Lee Chevrolet Co., Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0072
Ed Lee Chevrolet Co., Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0084
Ed Lee Chevrolet Co., Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1961-0084
Ed Lee Chevrolet Co., Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0089
Ed Lee Chevrolet Co., Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0073
Ed Lee Chevrolet Co., Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0105
Ed Lee Chevrolet Co., Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0092
Ed Lee Chevrolet Co., Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0104
Ed Lee Chevrolet Co., Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0118
Ed Lee Chevrotet-Buick, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0107
Ed Lee Chevrotet-Buick, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1974-0124
Ed Lee Chevrotet-Buick, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1975-0135
Ed Lee Chevrotet-Buick, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1976-0117
Ed Lee Chevrotet-Buick, Mineral Wells - Carl M. Hartt   Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0126
Ed Lee Motor Co                    Advertisement              1952-0119
Ed Lee Motor Co                    Advertisement              1954-0070
Edd Lee Motor Co                    Advertisement              1953-0083
Ed's Holiday Gulf, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0126
Edwards, A.G., Jr.        1st Grade Picture        1961-0047
Edwards, James            Faculty Picture        1961-0015
Edwards, James A.      Faculty Picture        1962-0015
Effie Luna Insurance                    Advertisement/Picture                    1957-0099
Effie Luna Insurance                    Advertisement/Picture                    1958-0106
Effie Luna Insurance                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0106
Effie Luna Insurance                    Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0114
Effie Luna Insurance                    Advertisement/Picture                    1961-0121
Effie Luna Insurance                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0112
Effie Luna Insurance                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0086
Effie Luna Insurance                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0073
Effie Luna Insurance                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0100
Effie Luna Insurance                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0102
Effie Luna, Insurance                    Advertisement              1953-0110
Effie Luna, Insurance                    Advertisement              1954-0089
Eight Grade                    Picture, Group         1946-0067
Eighth Grade Class Officers                    Picture, Group               1954-0033
Elam's Service Sta & Café                    Advertisement              1946-0127
Elliot's Pastries                    Advertisement              1947-0149
Elmore, Del                    Kindergarten Picture   1978-0065
Emmit Wood Feed Store                    Advertisement              1953-0079
Emmit Wood Feed Store                    Advertisement              1954-0083
Emmit Woods                    Advertisement              1951-0157
Erwin, Corena                Picture, 8th Grade          1951-0065
Erwin, Corena                Picture, Freshman   1952-0051
Erwin, Derwin                Picture, 5th Grade          1951-0069
Erwin, Derwin                Picture, 6th Grade          1952-0061
Erwin, Frankie                Picture, Freshman   1950-0039
Erwin, Frankie                Picture, Sophomore                    1951-0055
Erwin, Frankie                Picture, Girls Basketball             1951-0093
Erwin, Frankie                Picture, Junior         1952-0039
Estes, James                    Sophomore Picture      1965-0025
Estes, James                 Junior Picture        1966-0023
Estes, James                 King Picture        1966-0042
Evans, Jane                    5th Grade Picture        1955-0035
Evans, Jane                    6th Grade Picture        1956-0036
Evans, Mary Layne      8th Grade Picture        1955-0032
Evans, Mary Layne      Freshman Picture        1956-0030
Evans, Patsy                 Senior Picture        1973-0020
Evans, Wade                    Sophomore Picture      1972-0026
Evans, Wade                Junior Picture        1973-0024
Evans, Wade                Class Officer Picture               1973-0025
Evans, Wade                Class Officer Picture               1974-0028
Evans, Wade                Senior Picture        1974-0029
Evans, Wade                Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1974-0120
Evelyn & Tela Beauty Bar, Mineral Wells - Evelyn Austin, Betty Flies & Ann Herrin                    Advertisement/Picture                    1961-0086
Evelyn's Beauty Bar, Mineral Wells - Evelyn Austin, Betty Flies & Avonelle Hoover         Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0092
Ewin, Jimmie                   5th Grade Picture        1958-0039
Ewin, Larry 2nd Grade Picture                    1958-0042
Ewin, Linda Joyce         1st Grade Picture        1958-0043
Ewin, Sandra                  2nd Grade Picture        1958-0042
Ewing, Albert                 2nd Grade                    1918-0016
Ewing, J.P., The Modern Blacksmith & Tin Shop                    Advertisement              1918-0031
Ewing, Jimmy                 5th Grade Picture        1959-0039
Ewing, John                   4th Grade                    1918-0017
Ewing, Larry Edward    3rd Grade Picture        1959-0041
Ewing, Libby Mae         6th Grade                    1918-0018
Ewing, Linda                  2nd Grade Picture        1959-0042
Ewing, Mary Lee           7th Grade                    1918-0018
Ewing, Rickie                 1st Grade Picture        1959-0043
Ewing, Sandra                3rd Grade Picture        1959-0041
Ewing, Vickie                 1st Grade Picture        1959-0043
Ex Libris      Inside Fly Sheet                    1942-0003
F.H.T. History                FHT History       1942-0065
Faires, Edith                   Picture, High School Faculty    1947-0023
Faires, Edith                   Picture, Annual Staff                 1948-0013
Faires, Edith                   Picture, High School Faculty    1948-0023
Faires, Edity                   Dedication                    1948-0011
Fairis Barbershop                    Advertisement              1954-0076
Fallis Store - Drugs & Groceries                    Advertisement              1939-0052
Farm & Ranch Supply                    Advertisement              1951-0159
Farmer, Bryan                7th Grade                    1918-0018
Farmer, Bryan                    Kindergarten Picture   1974-0053
Farmer, Bryan               1st Grade Picture        1975-0042
Farmer, Bryan               2nd Grade Picture        1976-0031
Farmer, Bryan               3rd Grade Picture        1977-0036
Farmer, Bryan               4th Grade Picture        1978-0061
Farmer, Bryan               5th Grade Picture        1979-0044
Farmer, Carvel                Picture, 3rd Grade          1947-0071
Farmer, Carvel                Picture, 5th Grade          1950-0044
Farmer, Carvel Lee        Picture, 4th Grade          1949-0057
Farmer, Carvelee            Picture, 4th Grade          1948-0067
Farmer, Carvelee            Picture, 6th Grade          1951-0069
Farmer, Frances             Picture, Sophomore Class Officers              1947-0049
Farmer, Frances             Picture, Girl's Volleyball             1947-0123
Farmer, Frances             Picture, Junior         1948-0043
Farmer, Garvalee            Picture, Late Student                 1952-0091
Farmer, Gerald                2nd Grade Picture        1957-0040
Farmer, Gerald                3rd Grade Picture        1958-0041
Farmer, Gerald                4th Grade Picture        1959-0040
Farmer, Gerald              5th Grade Picture        1960-0039
Farmer, Gerald              6th Grade Picture        1961-0042
Farmer, Gerald              7th Grade Picture        1962-0039
Farmer, Gerald              8th Grade Picture        1963-0034
Farmer, Gerald                    Sophomore Picture      1965-0025
Farmer, Gerald              Junior Picture        1966-0023
Farmer, Gerald              Favorites Picture        1966-0041
Farmer, Gerald              Favorites Picture        1967-0019
Farmer, Gerald              Senior Picture        1967-0021
Farmer, Gerald              Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1967-0097
Farmer, Gerald William 1st Grade Picture        1956-0041
Farmer, Grady                5th Grade                    1918-0020
Farmer, Lavell                Picture, 8th Grade          1947-0075
Farmer, Lavell                Picture, Freshman   1948-0055
Farmer, Lavell                Picture, Sophomore                    1949-0043
Farmer, Lavell                Volley Ball Girls            1949-0081
Farmer, Mary Frances  Picture, Freshman   1946-0055
Farmer, Melba                Picture, 1st Grade          1947-0069
Farmer, Melba                Picture, 2nd Grade  1948-0065
Farmer, Melba                Picture, 4th Grade          1950-0045
Farmer, Melba                Picture, 5th Grade          1951-0069
Farmer, Melba                Picture, 7th Grade          1953-0035
Farmer, Melba                Picture, 8th Grade          1954-0033
Farmer, Melba                Freshman Picture        1955-0028
Farmer, Melba                    Sophomore Picture      1956-0026
Farmer, Melba                Junior Picture        1957-0023
Farmer, Melba                Senior Picture        1958-0018
Farmer, Melba                Favorites Picture        1958-0055
Farmer, Metha               Picture, Late Student                 1952-0091
Farmer, Milba Jane        Picture, 3rd Grade          1949-0057
Farmer, Sharon             1st Grade Picture        1960-0043
Farmer, Sharon             2nd Grade Picture        1961-0046
Farmer, Sharon             3rd Grade Picture        1962-0043
Farmer, Sharon             4th Grade Picture        1963-0038
Farmer, Sharon             6th Grade Picture        1965-0030
Farmer, Sharon             7th Grade Picture        1966-0031
Farmer, Sharon             8th Grade Picture        1967-0028
Farmer, Sharon             Freshman Picture        1968-0025
Farmer, Sharon                    Sophomore Picture      1969-0031
Farmer, Thelma              2nd Grade                      1918-0020
Farmer, Velma                2nd Grade                      1918-0020
Farmer, Virgie                 4th Grade                     1918-0020
Farmer, Wanda              Picture, 1st Grade          1953-0041
Farmers General Headquarters                    Advertisement              1942-0081
Farmers Insurance, Mineral Wells - Lewis A. Moore         Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0111
Farris Cabinet Shop                    Advertisement              1954-0090
Farris, Don                    Junior Picture        1977-0016
Farris, Don                    Senior Picture        1978-0038
Farris, Judy                   Freshman Picture        1977-0024
Farris, Judy                   Favorites Picture        1977-0026
Farris, Judy                    Sophomore Picture      1978-0046
Farris, Judy                   Junior Picture        1979-0030
Farris, Judy                   Yearbook Staff Picture                  1979-0058
Faubion, C.H.               Junior Picture        1979-0030
Faubion, James            Freshman Picture        1969-0035
Faubion, James                    Sophomore Picture      1970-0031
Faubion, James            Junior Picture        1971-0025
Faubion, James            Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1972-0098
Faubion, James            Freshman Picture        1979-0034
Faubion, James Otis    Senior Picture        1972-0022
Faubion, Joe                 7th Grade Picture        1969-0039
Faubion, Joe                 8th Grade Picture        1970-0038
Faubion, Joe                 Freshman Picture        1971-0028
Faubion, Joe                 Favorites Picture        1971-0042
Faubion, Joe                 Class Officer Picture               1972-0026
Faubion, Joe                    Sophomore Picture      1972-0026
Faubion, Joe                 Junior Picture        1973-0024
Faubion, Joe                 Senior Picture        1974-0029
Faubion, Joe                 Favorites Picture        1974-0056
Faubion, Joe                 Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1974-0121
Features      Sketch        1939-0039
Fellow Traveler                    Advertisement              1950-0101
Ferguson, Deela                    Kindergarten Picture   1975-0043
Ferguson, Hoyt            2nd Grade Picture        1974-0049
Ferguson, Hoyt            3rd Grade Picture        1975-0040
Ferguson, Patrick         2nd Grade Picture        1976-0031
Ferguson, Roger          2nd Grade Picture        1976-0031
Ferrill Chevrolet, Westherford                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0132
FFA             Picture, Group                    1949-0097
FFA             Picture, Group                    1951-0107
FFA             Picture, Group                    1951-0109
FFA             Picture, Group                    1952-0089
FFA             Picture, Group                    1950-0073
FFA Club    Picture, Group                    1953-0066
FFA Members               Picture, Group         1946-0105
FFA of America             Picture, Group         1947-0101
FFA Officers                  Picture, Group         1950-0072
FFA Officers                  Picture, Group         1952-0087
FFA Officers                  Picture, Group         1953-0063
FHA            Picture, Group                    1948-0099
FHA            Picture, Group                    1949-0093
FHA            Picture, Group                    1952-0089
FHA            Picture, Group                    1950-0073
FHA            Picture, Group                    1951-0109
FHA Club   Picture, Group                    1953-0066
FHA Members               Picture, Group         1946-0101
FHA of America            Picture, Group         1947-0097
FHA Officers                 Picture, Group         1950-0071
FHA Officers                 Picture, Group         1951-0105
FHA Officers                 Picture, Group         1952-0087
FHA Officers                 Picture, Group         1953-0063
Fiddler, Bobby                    Sophomore Picture      1939-0024
Fiddler, Bobby               FFA History       1942-0063
Fiddler, Claud Deen      4th Grade Picture        1939-0031
Fiddler, Illa Fae              Picture, Freshman   1947-0055
Fiddler, Lila Mae           Picture, Most Popular Girl - Soph                1947-0091
Fidler, Claud                   Picture, Senior         1946-0027
Fidler, Claud                   Picture, Basketball Team           1946-0089
Fidler, Iila Fae                2nd Grade Picture        1939-0033
Fidler, Illa, Fae               Group Picture        1939-0040
Fidler, Lila Mae              2nd Grade Picture        1939-0033
Fidler, Lila Mae              Group Picture        1939-0040
Fidler, Lila Mae              Picture, Freshman   1946-0055
Fielder, Diane               7th Grade Picture        1977-0030
Fielder, Dianne             3rd Grade Picture        1973-0040
Fielder, Terecia             1st Grade Picture        1973-0044
Fielder, Trecia               5th Grade Picture        1977-0034
Fielder, Wayne             2nd Grade Picture        1977-0037
Fifth Grade Picture, Group                    1946-0069
Files, A.A.  Faculty       1918-0007
Files, A.A. Former Teacher Picture        1967-0042
Findley, Roland            1st Grade Picture        1960-0043
Finney, Jeffery             3rd Grade Picture        1969-0044
Finney, Linda               Senior Picture        1969-0022
Finney, Linda Diane    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1969-0104
Finney, Sandra                    Sophomore Picture      1969-0031
First Grade  Picture, Group                    1946-0073
First Nation Bank, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0079
First National Bank                    Advertisement              1947-0145
First National Bank                    Advertisement              1948-0131
First National Bank of Graford                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0129
First National Bank of Graford                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0114
First National Bank of Graford                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0132
First National Bank of Graford                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0112
First National Bank of Graford                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0121
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement              1950-0095
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement              1952-0117
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement              1953-0086
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement              1953-0088
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement              1954-0084
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1955-0064
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1956-0072
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1957-0091
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1958-0093
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0089
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0096
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1961-0104
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0118
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0096
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0093
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0078
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0123
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0123
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0120
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0129
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1971-0122
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0121
First National Bank of Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0137
First National Bank, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1957-0070
First National Bank, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0078
First National Bank, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0096
First National Bank, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0109
First National Bank, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0128
First National Bank, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1974-0124
First National Bank, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1975-0135
First National Bank, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1979-0125
First National Bank, Mineral Wells - List of Officers                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0106
First National Bank, Mineral Wells - List of Officers                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0090
First National Bank, Mineral Wells - List of Officers                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0103
First National Bank, Mineral Wells - Lists Officers              Advertisement/Picture                    1958-0074
First National Bank, Weatherford                    Advertisement/Picture                    1961-0113
First National Bank, Weatherford                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0126
Fix, Chris   1st Grade Picture                    1969-0046
Fix, Chris   1st Grade Picture                    1970-0048
Fix, Chris   2nd Grade Picture                    1971-0036
Fix, Chris   3rd Grade Picture                    1972-0035
Fix, Mark   4th Grade Picture                    1969-0043
Fix, Mark   6th Grade Picture                    1971-0032
Fix, Mark Thomas        5th Grade Picture        1970-0044
Floyd Chenshaw Gro & Mkt                    Advertisement              1950-0095
Floyd Crenshaw Grocery                    Advertisement              1953-0098
Floyd's Service Station                    Advertisement              1950-0100
Floyd's Service Station                    Advertisement              1951-0165
For Sale - two quarter mares                    Advertisement              1951-0163
Foreword    1939 Yearbook                    1939-0008
Forrestine's Beauty Bar - Forrestine Rushing, Avanell Hoover & Jean Trentham   Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0077
Fort Richardson Hotel                    Advertisement              1951-0155
Fortenberry, Ross        5th Grade Picture        1968-0029
Fortenberry, Sherie      8th Grade Picture        1968-0026
Foster, Atell                   Picture, Junior         1947-0041
Foster, Azell                   Picture, Sophomore                    1946-0049
Foster, Azell                   Picture, Senior         1948-0033
Foster, Darrell               1st Grade Picture        1970-0048
Foster, Darrell               2nd Grade Picture        1971-0036
Foster, Darrell               3rd Grade Picture        1972-0035
Foster, Darrell               4th Grade Picture        1973-0038
Foster, Darrell               6th Grade Picture        1975-0036
Foster, Donna                1st Grade Picture        1958-0043
Foster, Donna                2nd Grade Picture        1959-0042
Foster, Donna              3rd Grade Picture        1960-0041
Foster, Donna              4th Grade Picture        1961-0044
Foster, Donna              5th Grade Picture        1962-0041
Foster, Donna              6th Grade Picture        1963-0036
Foster, Donna              7th Grade Picture        1964-0041
Foster, Donna              8th Grade Picture        1965-0028
Foster, Donna              Class Officer Picture               1966-0027
Foster, Donna              Freshman Picture        1966-0028
Foster, Donna                    Sophomore Picture      1967-0025
Foster, Donna              Sweetheart Picture        1967-0080
Foster, Doris                  Picture, Late Student                 1952-0091
Foster, Doris                  Picture Yearbook Staff              1953-0010
Foster, Doris                  Picture, Senior         1953-0016
Foster, Doris                  Picture, FFA Sweetheart           1953-0051
Foster, Kenneth            Picture, Late Student                 1952-0091
Foster, Kenneth            Picture, 5th Grade          1953-0037
Foster, Kenneth            Picture, 6th Grade          1954-0035
Foster, Kenneth            7th Grade Picture        1955-0033
Foster, Kenneth            8th Grade Picture        1956-0034
Foster, Kenneth            Freshman Picture        1957-0031
Foster, Kenneth                    Sophomore Picture      1958-0029
Foster, Kennith                    Sophomore Picture      1959-0028
Foster, Russell             1st Grade Picture        1972-0037
Foster, Russell             2nd Grade Picture        1973-0042
Foster, Russell             3rd Grade Picture        1974-0047
Foster, Russell             4th Grade Picture        1975-0039
Foster, Russell             5th Grade Picture        1976-0028
Foster, Russell             6th Grade Picture        1977-0032
Foster, Russell             7th Grade Picture        1978-0056
Foster, Shane               1st Grade Picture        1975-0042
Foster, Sylvia                 Picture, Freshman   1948-0055
Foster, Sylvia                 Picture, Freshman Favorite Girl                    1948-0083
Foster, Sylvia                 Picture, Sophomore                    1949-0043
Foster, Sylvia                 Picture, Junior         1950-0030
Foster, Sylvia                 Picture, Senior         1951-0033
Foster, Sylvia                 Picture, Carnival Queen             1951-0089
Fourth Grade                  Picture, Group         1946-0071
Fowler, Deana              1st Grade Picture        1969-0046
Fowler, Jerry                 1st Grade Picture        1971-0037
Fowler, Jerry                 2nd Grade Picture        1972-0036
Fowler, Jerry                 3rd Grade Picture        1973-0040
Fowler, Jerry                 4th Grade Picture        1974-0045
Fowler, Jerry                 5th Grade Picture        1975-0038
Fowler, Regina             2nd Grade Picture        1973-0042
Fowler, Tina                  2nd Grade Picture        1973-0042
Fowler, Tina                  3rd Grade Picture        1974-0047
Fowler, Tina                  4th Grade Picture        1975-0039
Fowler, Tina Louise     1st Grade Picture        1972-0037
Fox, Bessie Picture, 7th Grade                    1947-0075
Fox, Bessie Picture, 7th Grade                    1948-0071
Fox, Bessie Jo                Picture, 8th Grade          1949-0061
Fox, Bessie Jo                Picture, Freshman   1950-0039
Fox, Wayne                    Picture, 1st Grade          1947-0069
Fox, Wayne                    Picture, 1st Grade          1948-0065
Fox, Wayne                    Picture, 2nd Grade  1949-0055
Fox, Wayne                    Picture, 3rd Grade          1950-0045
Frances, Billy                 Picture, Sophomore                    1946-0049
Frances, Delton            3rd Grade Picture        1960-0041
Frances, Marjorie          Picture, Freshman   1946-0055
Frances, Marjorie          Picture, Junior         1948-0043
Francis, Bill                    Picture, FFA Sentinal                 1947-0099
Francis, Bill                    Picture, Boy's Basketball           1947-0119
Francis, Bill                    Picture, Senior         1948-0033
Francis, Bill                    Picture, Basketball                      1948-0095
Francis, Bill                    Picture, Junior         1947-0043
Francis, Billie                 2nd Grade Picture        1939-0033
Francis, Billy                  Group Picture        1939-0040
Francis, Billy                  Picture, FFA Officers                 1946-0103
Francis, Calvin             1st Grade Picture        1960-0043
Francis, Calvin             2nd Grade Picture        1961-0046
Francis, Calvin             3rd Grade Picture        1962-0043
Francis, Calvin             4th Grade Picture        1963-0038
Francis, Calvin             5th Grade Picture        1964-0043
Francis, Calvin             7th Grade Picture        1966-0031
Francis, Calvin             8th Grade Picture        1967-0028
Francis, Calvin             Favorites Picture        1967-0036
Francis, Calvin             Favorites Picture        1968-0024
Francis, Calvin             Freshman Picture        1968-0025
Francis, Calvin                    Sophomore Picture      1969-0031
Francis, Calvin             Who's Who Picture                  1969-0080
Francis, Calvin             Favorites Picture        1970-0050
Francis, Calvin             Who's Who Picture                  1970-0081
Francis, Calvin             Senior Picture        1971-0022
Francis, Calvin             Favorites Picture        1971-0040
Francis, Calvin             Favorites Picture        1971-0041
Francis, Calvin             Beau Picture        1971-0053
Francis, Calvin             Who's Who Picture                  1971-0086
Francis, Calvin             Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1971-0106
Francis, Darell                Picture, 3rd Grade          1950-0045
Francis, Darrell              Picture, 1st Grade          1948-0065
Francis, Darrell              Picture, 2nd Grade  1949-0055
Francis, Darrell              Picture, 4th Grade          1951-0071
Francis, Darrell              Picture, 5th Grade          1952-0061
Francis, Darrell              Picture, 6th Grade          1953-0038
Francis, Darrell              Picture, 7th Grade          1954-0034
Francis, Darrell              8th Grade Picture        1955-0032
Francis, Darrell              Freshman Picture        1956-0030
Francis, Darrell                    Sophomore Picture      1957-0026
Francis, Darrell              Junior Picture        1958-0024
Francis, Darrell              Favorites Picture        1958-0056
Francis, Darrell              Senior Picture        1959-0017
Francis, Darrell              Favorites Picture        1959-0021
Francis, Darrell              Beau Picture        1959-0053
Francis, Darrell              Court Attendant Picture        1959-0057
Francis, Darrell              Beau Picture        1959-0064
Francis, Darrell             School Board Picture                1976-0034
Francis, Darrell             School Board Picture                1977-0010
Francis, Darrell             School Board Picture                1978-0016
Francis, Darren             1st Grade Picture        1974-0051
Francis, Darren             Favorites Picture        1974-0059
Francis, Darren             2nd Grade Picture        1975-0041
Francis, Darren             3rd Grade Picture        1976-0030
Francis, Darren             4th Grade Picture        1977-0035
Francis, Darren             5th Grade Picture        1978-0060
Francis, Darren             6th Grade Picture        1979-0040
Francis, Darren             Class Officer Picture               1979-0041
Francis, Darren             Favorites Picture        1979-0042
Francis, Debra              1st Grade Picture        1963-0041
Francis, Debra              2nd Grade Picture        1964-0046
Francis, Debra              3rd Grade Picture        1965-0033
Francis, Debra              4th Grade Picture        1966-0034
Francis, Debra              6th Grade Picture        1968-0028
Francis, Debra              7th Grade Picture        1969-0039
Francis, Debra              8th Grade Picture        1970-0038
Francis, Debra              Class Officer Picture               1971-0028
Francis, Debra              Freshman Picture        1971-0028
Francis, Debra                    Sophomore Picture      1972-0026
Francis, Debra              Junior Picture        1973-0024
Francis, Debra              Senior Picture        1974-0029
Francis, Debra              Favorites Picture        1974-0054
Francis, Debra              Favorites Picture        1974-0057
Francis, Debra              Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1974-0121
Francis, Debra Ann     5th Grade Picture        1967-0031
Francis, Delton              1st Grade Picture        1958-0043
Francis, Delton              2nd Grade Picture        1959-0042
Francis, Delton             4th Grade Picture        1961-0044
Francis, Delton             5th Grade Picture        1962-0041
Francis, Delton             6th Grade Picture        1963-0036
Francis, Delton             8th Grade Picture        1965-0028
Francis, Delton             Awards Picture        1966-0091
Francis, Delton                    Sophomore Picture      1967-0025
Francis, Delton             Junior Picture        1968-0021
Francis, Delton             Senior Picture        1969-0022
Francis, Delton             Beau Picture        1969-0057
Francis, Delton             Award Picture        1969-0081
Francis, Delton             Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1969-0104
Francis, Doris Nell        Senior Picture        1942-0015
Francis, Doris Nelle      1942 Pirate's Review Staff    1942-0055
Francis, Doris Nelle      Senior Play Cast            1942-0061
Francis, Dwan                Picture, Senior         1946-0027
Francis, Eddie               1st Grade Picture        1966-0037
Francis, Eddie               2nd Grade Picture        1967-0034
Francis, Eddie               Favorites Picture        1967-0037
Francis, Eddie               3rd Grade Picture        1968-0031
Francis, Eddie               4th Grade Picture        1969-0043
Francis, Eddie               5th Grade Picture        1970-0044
Francis, Eddie               6th Grade Picture        1971-0032
Francis, Eddie               6th Grade Picture        1972-0032
Francis, Eddie               7th Grade Picture        1973-0032
Francis, Eddie               8th Grade Picture        1974-0037
Francis, Eddie               Favorites Picture        1974-0058
Francis, Eddie               Freshman Picture        1975-0030
Francis, Eddie                    Sophomore Picture      1976-0018
Francis, Eddie               Favorites Picture        1976-0048
Francis, Eddie               Junior Picture        1977-0016
Francis, Eddie               Favorites Picture        1977-0049
Francis, Eddie               Favorites Picture        1978-0028
Francis, Eddie               Who's Who Picture                  1978-0034
Francis, Eddie               Senior Picture        1978-0038
Francis, Eddie               Favorites Picture        1978-0040
Francis, George Calvin                    6th Grade Picture          1965-0030
Francis, George Calvin                    Junior Picture                1970-0027
Francis, Glenna              Picture, 1st Grade          1951-0073
Francis, Glenna              Picture, 2nd Grade  1952-0065
Francis, Glenna              Picture, 3rd Grade          1953-0039
Francis, Glenna              Picture, 4th Grade          1954-0037
Francis, Glenna              5th Grade Picture        1955-0035
Francis, Glenna              6th Grade Picture        1956-0036
Francis, Glenna              7th Grade Picture        1957-0035
Francis, Glenna              Freshman Picture        1959-0032
Francis, Glenna                    Sophomore Picture      1960-0029
Francis, Glenna            Favorites Picture        1960-0052
Francis, Glenna            Junior Picture        1961-0028
Francis, Glenna            Senior Picture        1962-0019
Francis, Glenna            Favorites Picture        1962-0022
Francis, Glenna            Favorites Picture        1962-0049
Francis, Glenna            Sweetheart Picture        1962-0078
Francis, Glenna Sue      8th Grade Picture        1958-0036
Francis, Homer              8th Grade                    1918-0019
Francis, J.C.                  School Board Picture                1964-0010
Francis, J.D.                  7th Grade Picture        1964-0041
Francis, J.D.                  Freshman Picture        1966-0028
Francis, Jack                  6th Grade Picture        1939-0029
Francis, Jack                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Francis, Jack                 School Board Picture                1963-0007
Francis, Jack                 School Board Picture                1965-0009
Francis, Marjorie           Group Picture        1939-0040
Francis, Marjorie           Picture, Sophomore                    1947-0049
Francis, Marjorie           Picture, Junior         1949-0037
Francis, Marjoris           1st Grade Picture        1939-0034
Francis, Marvin             4th Grade                    1918-0017
Francis, Ruth                 6th Grade                    1918-0018
Francis, Vicki                Senior Picture        1973-0020
Francis, Vicki                Queen Picture        1973-0056
Francis, Vicki                Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1973-0114
Francisco, Bobby        2nd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Francisco, Bobby        3rd Grade Picture        1966-0035
Francisco, Frank            Picture, Annual Staff                 1952-0013
Francisco, Frank            Picture, Junior         1952-0039
Francisco, Frank            Picture Yearbook Staff              1953-0010
Francisco, Frank            Picture, Senior         1953-0015
Francisco, Frank            Picture, Senior Fav & Best Citizen               1953-0048
Francisco, Frank            FHA Beau                    1953-0054
Francisco, Frankie       5th Grade Picture        1965-0031
Francisco, Frankie       6th Grade Picture        1966-0032
Francisco, Umekichi     Picture, Sophomore                    1951-0055
Frank Mason                    Advertisement              1950-0092
Frank Mason                    Advertisement              1951-0147
Frank Mason                    Advertisement              1952-0131
Frank Mason                    Advertisement              1953-0101
Frank, Carrie                   Faculty                     1918-0007
Frank, Ethel                    9th Grade                    1918-0019
Frank, J.B., Blacksmith                    Advertisement              1918-0036
Frank, Rachel                 8th Grade                    1918-0019
Frank, Ramond              5th Grade                    1918-0018
Franklin, Alta                 Picture, 8th Grade          1947-0075
Franklin, Alta                 Picture, Freshman   1948-0055
Franklin, Alta Faye       Picture, Sophomore                    1949-0043
Franklin, Alta Faye       Picture, Junior         1950-0030
Franklin, Andrew         3rd Grade Picture        1967-0033
Franklin, Andrew         4th Grade Picture        1968-0030
Franklin, Andrew         5th Grade Picture        1969-0042
Franklin, Andrew         Junior Picture        1975-0026
Franklin, Andrew Joseph                    1st Grade Picture          1965-0035
Franklin, Andrew Joseph                    Senior Picture               1976-0013
Franklin, Andy             6th Grade Picture        1970-0040
Franklin, Andy             8th Grade Picture        1972-0030
Franklin, Andy             Freshman Picture        1973-0028
Franklin, Andy                    Sophomore Picture      1974-0033
Franklin, Andy Joe      2nd Grade Picture        1966-0036
Franklin, Andy Joe      7th Grade Picture        1971-0031
Franklin, Becky            2nd Grade Picture        1968-0032
Franklin, Becky            Favorites Picture        1968-0035
Franklin, Becky            3rd Grade Picture        1969-0044
Franklin, Becky            5th Grade Picture        1971-0033
Franklin, Becky            6th Grade Picture        1972-0032
Franklin, Becky            7th Grade Picture        1973-0032
Franklin, Becky            8th Grade Picture        1974-0037
Franklin, Becky            Freshman Picture        1975-0030
Franklin, Becky                    Sophomore Picture      1976-0018
Franklin, Becky            Junior Picture        1977-0016
Franklin, Becky            Senior Picture        1978-0038
Franklin, Betty              1st Grade Picture        1971-0037
Franklin, Bobbie            Picture, 6th Grade          1947-0073
Franklin, Bonnie            Group Picture        1939-0014
Franklin, Bonnie            Senior Picture        1939-0015
Franklin, Bonnie            Favorites Picture        1939-0020
Franklin, Bonnie            Favorites Picture        1939-0020
Franklin, Bonnie            Home Ec. Group Picture                1939-0043
Franklin, Bonnie            Theatre Group Picture                1939-0044
Franklin, Bonnie            Play Group Picture        1939-0045
Franklin, Bonnie            Typing Class Group Picture     1939-0046
Franklin, Bulah             Room Mother Picture             1963-0020
Franklin, Carrol R.        7th Grade Picture        1965-0029
Franklin, Carroll             1st Grade Picture        1959-0043
Franklin, Carroll            2nd Grade Picture        1960-0042
Franklin, Carroll            3rd Grade Picture        1961-0045
Franklin, Carroll            4th Grade Picture        1962-0042
Franklin, Carroll            Favorites Picture        1962-0052
Franklin, Carroll            5th Grade Picture        1963-0037
Franklin, Carroll            6th Grade Picture        1964-0042
Franklin, Carroll            Favorites Picture        1966-0043
Franklin, Carroll            Freshman Picture        1967-0027
Franklin, Carroll                    Sophomore Picture      1968-0023
Franklin, Carroll            Junior Picture        1969-0027
Franklin, Carroll            Class Officer Picture               1970-0022
Franklin, Carroll            Senior Picture        1970-0023
Franklin, Carroll            Favorites Picture        1970-0052
Franklin, Carroll            Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1970-0104
Franklin, Carroll R.       8th Grade Picture        1966-0030
Franklin, Charlotte        3rd Grade Picture        1957-0039
Franklin, Charlotte        4th Grade Picture        1958-0040
Franklin, Charlotte        5th Grade Picture        1959-0039
Franklin, Charlotte       6th Grade Picture        1960-0038
Franklin, Charlotte       7th Grade Picture        1961-0041
Franklin, Charlotte       8th Grade Picture        1962-0038
Franklin, Charlotte       Freshman Picture        1963-0030
Franklin, Charlotte                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0032
Franklin, Charlotte       Junior Picture        1965-0022
Franklin, Charlotte       Class Officer Picture               1966-0019
Franklin, Charlotte       Senior Picture        1966-0020
Franklin, Charlotte       Awards Picture        1966-0091
Franklin, Charlotte       Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1966-0092
Franklin, Daniel                    Kindergarten Picture   1976-0033
Franklin, Daniel            1st Grade Picture        1977-0038
Franklin, Daniel            Favorites Picture        1977-0040
Franklin, Daniel            2nd Grade Picture        1978-0063
Franklin, Daniel            3rd Grade Picture        1979-0046
Franklin, David             1st Grade Picture        1969-0046
Franklin, David             3rd Grade Picture        1971-0035
Franklin, David             4th Grade Picture        1972-0034
Franklin, David             5th Grade Picture        1973-0036
Franklin, David             6th Grade Picture        1974-0041
Franklin, David             7th Grade Picture        1975-0034
Franklin, David             8th Grade Picture        1976-0022
Franklin, David             Freshman Picture        1977-0024
Franklin, David                    Sophomore Picture      1978-0046
Franklin, David             Junior Picture        1979-0030
Franklin, David Wayne                    2nd Grade Picture         1970-0047
Franklin, Dennis           2nd Grade Picture        1963-0040
Franklin, Dennis R.      3rd Grade Picture        1964-0045
Franklin, Dennis Ray   4th Grade Picture        1965-0032
Franklin, Diana             4th Grade Picture        1971-0034
Franklin, Doris               Freshman Picture        1939-0026
Franklin, Doris               Volleyball, Girls Group Picture       1939-0037
Franklin, Doris               Theatre Group Picture                1939-0044
Franklin, Doris               Senior Picture        1942-0015
Franklin, Faye                Picture, Senior         1951-0035
Franklin, Geneva           1st Grade Picture        1957-0041
Franklin, Geneva           2nd Grade Picture        1958-0042
Franklin, Geneva           3rd Grade Picture        1959-0041
Franklin, Geneva          4th Grade Picture        1960-0040
Franklin, Geneva          5th Grade Picture        1961-0043
Franklin, Geneva          6th Grade Picture        1962-0040
Franklin, Geneva          7th Grade Picture        1963-0035
Franklin, Geneva          8th Grade Picture        1964-0040
Franklin, Geneva          Freshman Picture        1965-0027
Franklin, Geneva                    Sophomore Picture      1966-0026
Franklin, Geneva          Awards Picture        1966-0090
Franklin, Geneva          Junior Picture        1967-0023
Franklin, Geneva          Senior Picture        1968-0018
Franklin, Geneva          Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1968-0093
Franklin, Geneva          Cafeteria Worker Picture             1969-0014
Franklin, Harleth                    Sophomore Picture      1939-0024
Franklin, Harleth            Typing Class Group Picture     1939-0046
Franklin, Harleth            FFA History       1942-0063
Franklin, Jerry               2nd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Franklin, Jerry Lee       1st Grade Picture        1964-0047
Franklin, John               1st Grade Picture        1967-0035
Franklin, John               2nd Grade Picture        1968-0032
Franklin, John               3rd Grade Picture        1969-0044
Franklin, John               Favorites Picture        1969-0052
Franklin, John               Junior Picture        1977-0016
Franklin, John               Senior Picture        1978-0038
Franklin, John, Jr.         5th Grade Picture        1971-0033
Franklin, Johnnie           1st Grade Picture        1958-0043
Franklin, Johnnie           2nd Grade Picture        1959-0042
Franklin, Johnnie         3rd Grade Picture        1960-0041
Franklin, Johnnie         4th Grade Picture        1961-0044
Franklin, Johnnie         5th Grade Picture        1962-0041
Franklin, Johnnie         6th Grade Picture        1963-0036
Franklin, Johnnie         7th Grade Picture        1964-0041
Franklin, Johnnie         8th Grade Picture        1965-0028
Franklin, Johnnie         Freshman Picture        1966-0028
Franklin, Johnnie                    Sophomore Picture      1967-0025
Franklin, Johnnie         Junior Picture        1968-0021
Franklin, Johnnie         Senior Picture        1969-0022
Franklin, Johnnie Elaine                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1969-0104
Franklin, Johnny          4th Grade Picture        1970-0045
Franklin, Johnny          6th Grade Picture        1972-0032
Franklin, Johnny          7th Grade Picture        1973-0032
Franklin, Johnny          8th Grade Picture        1974-0037
Franklin, Johnny          Freshman Picture        1975-0030
Franklin, Johnny                    Sophomore Picture      1976-0018
Franklin, Judi                4th Grade Picture        1971-0034
Franklin, Judi                Favorites Picture        1973-0052
Franklin, Judi                7th Grade Picture        1974-0039
Franklin, Judi                8th Grade Picture        1975-0032
Franklin, Judi                Freshman Picture        1976-0020
Franklin, Judi                    Sophomore Picture      1977-0020
Franklin, Judi                Junior Picture        1978-0042
Franklin, Judi                Senior Picture        1979-0026
Franklin, Judith            2nd Grade Picture        1969-0045
Franklin, Judith            3rd Grade Picture        1970-0046
Franklin, Judith            5th Grade Picture        1972-0033
Franklin, Judy               1st Grade Picture        1968-0033
Franklin, Judy               Favorites Picture        1972-0044
Franklin, Judy               6th Grade Picture        1973-0034
Franklin, Lavern            Picture, Senior         1946-0027
Franklin, Lavern            Picture, FFA Officers                 1946-0103
Franklin, Leslie              6th Grade Picture        1939-0029
Franklin, Leslie                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Franklin, Margaret        Freshman Picture        1939-0026
Franklin, Margaret        Home Ec. Group Picture                1939-0043
Franklin, Melba             Senior Picture        1939-0019
Franklin, Melba             Home Ec. Group Picture                1939-0043
Franklin, Patrica           Freshman Picture        1960-0033
Franklin, Patrica                    Sophomore Picture      1961-0032
Franklin, Patrica           Junior Picture        1962-0026
Franklin, Patrica           Senior Picture        1963-0016
Franklin, Patrica           Favorites Picture        1963-0046
Franklin, Patricia            Picture, 1st Grade          1952-0065
Franklin, Patricia            Picture, 2nd Grade  1953-0042
Franklin, Patricia            Picture, 3rd Grade          1954-0038
Franklin, Patricia            4th Grade Picture        1955-0036
Franklin, Patricia            5th Grade Picture        1956-0037
Franklin, Patricia            6th Grade Picture        1957-0036
Franklin, Patricia            7th Grade Picture        1958-0037
Franklin, Patricia            8th Grade Picture        1959-0036
Franklin, Rebecca        1st Grade Picture        1967-0035
Franklin, Rebecca        Favorites Picture        1967-0037
Franklin, Rebecca        4th Grade Picture        1970-0045
Franklin, Robert           1st Grade Picture        1964-0047
Franklin, Robert           2nd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Franklin, Robert           3rd Grade Picture        1966-0035
Franklin, Robert           4th Grade Picture        1967-0032
Franklin, Robert           5th Grade Picture        1968-0029
Franklin, Robert           6th Grade Picture        1969-0040
Franklin, Robert           7th Grade Picture        1970-0039
Franklin, Robert           8th Grade Picture        1971-0030
Franklin, Robert           Freshman Picture        1972-0028
Franklin, Robert                    Sophomore Picture      1973-0026
Franklin, Robert           Junior Picture        1974-0031
Franklin, Robert           Favorites Picture        1974-0057
Franklin, Robert           Senior Picture        1975-0024
Franklin, Ronnie           1st Grade Picture        1960-0043
Franklin, Ronnie           2nd Grade Picture        1961-0046
Franklin, Ronnie           3rd Grade Picture        1962-0043
Franklin, Ronnie           4th Grade Picture        1963-0038
Franklin, Ronnie           5th Grade Picture        1964-0043
Franklin, Ronnie           6th Grade Picture        1965-0030
Franklin, Ronnie           7th Grade Picture        1966-0031
Franklin, Ronnie           8th Grade Picture        1967-0028
Franklin, Ronnie           Freshman Picture        1968-0025
Franklin, Ronnie                    Sophomore Picture      1969-0031
Franklin, Ronnie           Junior Picture        1970-0027
Franklin, Ronnie           Senior Picture        1971-0022
Franklin, Ronnie           Football Picture        1971-0058
Franklin, Ronnie           Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1971-0106
Franklin, Sheryl            1st Grade Picture        1966-0037
Franklin, Sheryl            2nd Grade Picture        1967-0034
Franklin, Sheryl            3rd Grade Picture        1968-0031
Franklin, Sheryl            4th Grade Picture        1969-0043
Franklin, Sheryl            5th Grade Picture        1970-0044
Franklin, Sheryl            6th Grade Picture        1971-0032
Franklin, Sheryl            7th Grade Picture        1972-0031
Franklin, Sheryl            8th Grade Picture        1973-0030
Franklin, Sheryl            Freshman Picture        1974-0035
Franklin, Sheryl                    Sophomore Picture      1975-0028
Franklin, Sheryl            Junior Picture        1976-0016
Franklin, Sheryl            Favorites Picture        1977-0047
Franklin, Sheryl            Award Picture        1977-0097
Franklin, Sheryl Beth   Senior Picture        1977-0012
Franklin, Sondrea         1st Grade Picture        1973-0044
Franklin, Sondrea         2nd Grade Picture        1974-0049
Franklin, Sondrea         3rd Grade Picture        1975-0040
Franklin, Sondrea         5th Grade Picture        1977-0034
Franklin, Sondrea         6th Grade Picture        1978-0058
Franklin, Sondrea         Class Officer Picture               1979-0041
Franklin, Sondrea                    Cheerleader Picture      1979-0080
Franklin, Sondrea Joy 4th Grade Picture        1976-0029
Franklin, Sondrea Joy 7th Grade Picture        1979-0039
Franklin, Susan            1st Grade Picture        1963-0041
Franklin, Susan            2nd Grade Picture        1964-0046
Franklin, Susan            3rd Grade Picture        1965-0033
Franklin, Susan            6th Grade Picture        1968-0028
Franklin, Susan            7th Grade Picture        1969-0039
Franklin, Susan            Freshman Picture        1971-0028
Franklin, Susan            Junior Picture        1973-0024
Franklin, Susan            Senior Picture        1974-0029
Franklin, Susan            Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1974-0121
Franklin, Susan Kay    4th Grade Picture        1966-0034
Franklin, Susan Kay    5th Grade Picture        1967-0031
Franklin, Susan Kay    8th Grade Picture        1970-0038
Franklin, Susan Kay                    Sophomore Picture      1972-0027
Franklin, Vicki               6th Grade Picture        1963-0036
Franklin, Vicki               7th Grade Picture        1964-0041
Franklin, Vicki               8th Grade Picture        1965-0028
Franklin, Wanda            Freshman Picture        1939-0026
Franklin, Wanda            Home Ec. Group Picture                1939-0043
Franklin, Wanda            Senior Picture        1942-0015
Franklin, Wesley           4th Grade                    1918-0017
Fred Davis Groceries                    Advertisement              1950-0098
Freeman, Betty              Spanish Club Group Picture      1939-0042
Freeman, Betty Jo         Freshman Picture        1939-0026
Freeman, Fay                 6th Grade                    1918-0018
Freeman, Ina                  4th Grade                    1918-0017
Freeman, Irving             3rd Grade                    1918-0017
Freeman, Opal                9th Grade                    1918-0019
Freeman's Fountain                    Advertisement              1918-0029
Freshman Class History                    Narrative    1942-0041
Freshman Cover Sheet Sketch                    1942-0037
Freshmen    Sketch        1939-0025
Frie, Oneta                    Class Officer Picture               1970-0022
Frie, Oneta Strickland  Senior Picture        1970-0023
Frie, Oneta Strickland  Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1970-0104
Frosty Cone - Kathy, Lowell & Sissie Sanders              Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0118
Frozen Food Locker Co.                    Advertisement              1946-0121
Frozen Foods Locker                    Advertisement              1951-0155
Frye, Thomas                    Kindergarten Picture   1977-0039
Frye, Tommy                1st Grade Picture        1978-0064
Ft Richardson Coffee Shop                    Advertisement              1948-0163
Ft Richardson Coffee Shop                    Advertisement              1950-0098
Fulbright Insurance                    Advertisement              1953-0103
Fulcher, J.W., Co. Super, Jack Co., TX              Important School Officers                    1918-0023
Furr Building Materials, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1977-0127
Furr Building Materials, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1978-0126
Furr Building Materials, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1979-0122
Furr, Bonnie                  2nd Grade Picture        1967-0034
Furr, Bonnie                  3rd Grade Picture        1968-0031
Furr, Charles                  Picture, 3rd Grade          1947-0071
Furr, Connie                   1st Grade Picture        1958-0043
Furr, Connie                  3rd Grade Picture        1960-0041
Furr, Connie Ray           2nd Grade Picture        1959-0042
Furr, Connie Ray          4th Grade Picture        1961-0044
Furr, Eva Kay               7th Grade Picture        1967-0029
Furr, Eva Kay                    Sophomore Picture      1970-0031
Furr, Kay   8th Grade Picture                    1968-0026
Furr, Louise                    Picture, 6th Grade          1947-0073
Furr, Lucille                   4th Grade Picture        1967-0032
Furr, Lucille                   5th Grade Picture        1968-0029
Furr, Paula Jo                1st Grade Picture        1960-0043
Furr, Paula Jo                2nd Grade Picture        1961-0046
Furr, Sonya                   2nd Grade Picture        1968-0032
Furr, Sonya Lee            1st Grade Picture        1967-0035
Future Farmers of America                    Picture Group                1954-0058
Future Homemakers of America                    Picture Group                1954-0057
G&E Novelties                    Advertisement              1947-0165
G.E. Mask Grocery                    Advertisement              1946-0135
Gam?rell, Rondal                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Gambell, Junior              Picture, 8th Grade          1953-0034
Gambrel, Leonard          Picture, 2nd Grade  1947-0069
Gambrell, A.L., Jr.                    Sophomore Picture      1955-0024
Gambrell, Arthur            Picture, 3rd Grade          1948-0067
Gambrell, Bert                3rd Grade Picture        1939-0032
Gambrell, Bert                Group Picture        1939-0040
Gambrell, Bert                Picture, Junior         1946-0043
Gambrell, Bert                Picture, Basketball Team           1946-0089
Gambrell, Bert                Picture, FFA Officers                 1946-0103
Gambrell, Bert                Picture, Senior         1947-0031
Gambrell, Bert                Picture, Boy's Basketball           1947-0119
Gambrell, Junior             Picture, 4th Grade          1949-0057
Gambrell, Junior             Picture, 5th Grade          1950-0044
Gambrell, Junior             Picture, 6th Grade          1951-0069
Gambrell, Junior             Picture, 7th Grade          1952-0059
Gambrell, Junior             Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0029
Gambrell, Peggy            Picture, 8th Grade          1947-0075
Gambrell, Peggy            Picture, Freshman   1948-0055
Gambrell, Peggy            Picture, Sophomore                    1949-0043
Gambrell, Peggy            Picture, Junior         1950-0030
Gambrell, Peggy            Picture, Senior         1951-0035
Gambrell, Peggy Jay     1st Grade Picture        1939-0034
Gambrell, Peggy Joy     Group Picture        1939-0040
Gambrell, Rondal           6th Grade Picture        1939-0029
Gandy, Delfa                    Kindergarten Picture   1974-0053
Gandy, Delfa                 1st Grade Picture        1975-0042
Gandy, Delfa                 3rd Grade Picture        1977-0036
Gandy, Delfa                 4th Grade Picture        1978-0061
Gandy, Delfa                 5th Grade Picture        1979-0044
Gandy, Delfa Kay        2nd Grade Picture        1976-0031
Gandy, Jan                    Junior Picture        1965-0022
Gandy, Jan                    Favorites Picture        1965-0036
Gandy, Jan                    FFA Officer Picture               1965-0046
Gandy, Jan                    Senior Picture        1966-0020
Gandy, Jan                    Favorites Picture        1966-0039
Gandy, Jan                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1966-0092
Gardner, Joe                   1st Grade Picture        1958-0043
Gardner, Joe                  3rd Grade Picture        1960-0041
Gardner, Joe                  4th Grade Picture        1961-0044
Gardner, Joe                  5th Grade Picture        1962-0041
Gardner, Joe                  Freshman Picture        1966-0028
Gardner, Joe                  Class Officer Picture               1967-0024
Gardner, Joe                  Junior Picture        1968-0021
Gardner, Joe                  Senior Picture        1969-0022
Gardner, Joe H.             6th Grade Picture        1963-0036
Gardner, Joe H.             7th Grade Picture        1964-0041
Gardner, Joe H.             8th Grade Picture        1965-0028
Gardner, Joe H.                    Sophomore Picture      1967-0025
Gardner, Joe H.             Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1969-0104
Gardner, Joe Henry       2nd Grade Picture        1959-0042
Gardner, Johnny          1st Grade Picture        1966-0037
Gardner, Millie              PTA Officer Picture               1963-0053
Gardner, Millie              PTA Officer Picture               1964-0059
Gardner, R.P.                  School Board Picture                1957-0009
Gardner, R.P.                  School Board Picture                1958-0009
Gardner, R.P.                 School Board Picture                1961-0011
Gardner, R.P.                 School Board Picture                1964-0010
Gardner, Rayford           Picture, School Board                1954-0009
Gardner, Rayford           Picture, 1st Grade          1954-0040
Gardner, Rayford           School Board Picture                1955-0009
Gardner, Rayford           2nd Grade Picture        1955-0038
Gardner, Rayford           School Board Picture                1956-0011
Gardner, Rayford           3rd Grade Picture        1956-0039
Gardner, Rayford           5th Grade Picture        1958-0039
Gardner, Rayford           School Board Picture                1959-0009
Gardner, Rayford           6th Grade Picture        1959-0038
Gardner, Rayford         7th Grade Picture        1960-0037
Gardner, Rayford         8th Grade Picture        1961-0040
Gardner, Rayford         School Board Picture                1962-0013
Gardner, Rayford         Freshman Picture        1962-0034
Gardner, Rayford         Favorites Picture        1962-0036
Gardner, Rayford                    Sophomore Picture      1963-0026
Gardner, Rayford         Junior Picture        1964-0028
Gardner, Rayford         School Board Picture                1965-0009
Gardner, Rayford         Senior Picture        1965-0016
Gardner, Rayford         Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1965-0018
Gardner, Rayford         Favorites Picture        1965-0056
Gardner, Rayford         School Board Picture                1966-0011
Gardner, Rayford         School Board Picture                1967-0010
Gardner, Rayford         School Board Picture                1968-0010
Gardner, Rayford         School Board Picture                1969-0011
Gardner, Rayford Paul  4th Grade Picture        1957-0038
Gardner, Rayford, Mr. & Mrs.                    Room Parent Picture    1965-0016
Gardner, Sally                1st Grade Picture        1956-0041
Gardner, Sally                2nd Grade Picture        1957-0040
Gardner, Sally                3rd Grade Picture        1958-0041
Gardner, Sally                4th Grade Picture        1959-0040
Gardner, Sally               5th Grade Picture        1960-0039
Gardner, Sally               6th Grade Picture        1961-0042
Gardner, Sally               7th Grade Picture        1962-0039
Gardner, Sally               8th Grade Picture        1963-0034
Gardner, Sally               Freshman Picture        1964-0037
Gardner, Sally                    Sophomore Picture      1965-0025
Gardner, Sally               Class Officer Picture               1966-0022
Gardner, Sally               Junior Picture        1966-0023
Gardner, Sandra           Junior Picture        1960-0025
Gardner, Sandra                    Cheerleader Picture      1960-0065
Gardner,Rayford          School Board Picture                1960-0011
Garland, Jerry Lee         3rd Grade Picture        1959-0041
Garrett Brothers                    Advertisement              1950-0092
Garrett, Bill Spanish Club Group Picture        1939-0042
Garrett, Bill Senior Picture                    1942-0017
Garrett, Bill 1942 Pirate's Review Staff            1942-0055
Garrett, Billy                   Freshman Picture        1939-0026
Garrett, Billy                   Theatre Group Picture                1939-0044
Garrett, Bob                    Picture, Freshman   1948-0055
Garrett, Bob                    Picture, Sophomore                    1949-0045
Garrett, Bob                    Picture, Junior         1950-0030
Garrett, Bob                    Picture, Annual Staff                 1951-0015
Garrett, Bob                    Picture, Senior         1951-0035
Garrett, Bobby Lee        Picture, 8th Grade          1947-0075
Garrison, Alene             Picture, 3rd Grade          1947-0071
Garrison, Alene             Picture, 8th Grade          1952-0057
Garrison, Alene             Picture, Freshmen   1953-0030
Garrison, Arnold           6th Grade Picture        1939-0029
Garrison, Arnold           Freshman Group Picture                1942-0039
Garrison, Arnold           Freshman Group Picture                1942-0039
Garrison, Cecil               6th Grade Picture        1939-0029
Garrison, Cecil               Freshman Group Picture                1942-0039
Garrison, Lorn                Picture, Freshman   1946-0055
Garrison, Lorne              2nd Grade Picture        1939-0033
Garrison, Lorne              Group Picture        1939-0040
Garrison, Mollie             Typing Class Group Picture     1939-0046
Garrison, Molly             Senior Picture        1939-0016
Gaston, Augusta           5th Grade                    1918-0018
Gaston, Ina 3rd Grade   1918-0017
Gates, Bety Senior Picture                    1942-0017
Gates, George                4th Grade Picture        1939-0031
Gates, George                Picture, Senior         1946-0027
Gates, George                Picture, Basketball Team           1946-0089
Gates, Terva                   Picture, Senior Girls Basketball                    1950-0063
Gates, Treva                   Picture, 8th Grade          1947-0075
Gates, Treva                   Picture, Freshman   1948-0055
Gates, Treva                   Picture, Sophomore                    1949-0045
Gates, Treva                   Volley Ball Girls            1949-0081
Gates, Treva                   Picture, Junior         1950-0030
Gates, Treva                   Picture, Annual Staff                 1951-0015
Gates, Treva                   Picture, Senior         1951-0035
Gates, Treva                   Picture, Girls Basketball             1951-0093
Gazola, Emelia               Freshman Picture        1963-0030
Gazzola, Amelia             3rd Grade Picture        1957-0039
Gazzola, Amelia             5th Grade Picture        1959-0039
Gazzola, Amelia             Queen Picture        1959-0050
Gazzola, David               Picture, 3rd Grade          1951-0071
Gazzola, David               Freshman Picture        1957-0031
Gazzola, David               Junior Picture        1959-0025
Gearld Ray & Sons Registered Rambouillet Sheep       Advertisement/Picture                    1961-0125
Genen Jewelry                    Advertisement              1953-0102
George C. Jones, Realty                    Advertisement              1953-0100
George Murry Saddle Shop                    Advertisement              1952-0105
George Murry Saddle Shop                    Advertisement              1953-0085
George Porter, Insurance                    Advertisement              1954-0076
George, Beverly           7th Grade Picture        1968-0027
George, Beverly           8th Grade Picture        1969-0038
George, Beverly           Freshman Picture        1970-0035
George, Darrell             5th Grade Picture        1968-0029
George, Darrell             5th Grade Picture        1969-0042
George, Darrell             6th Grade Picture        1970-0040
George, Loyd                3rd Grade Picture        1968-0031
George, Loyd                3rd Grade Picture        1969-0044
George, Loyd                4th Grade Picture        1970-0045
Gibbs, Allan                  Principal Picture        1967-0012
Gibbs, Allan                  Faculty Picture        1967-0016
Gibbs, Allan                  Coach Picture        1967-0074
Gibbs, Allan                  Principal Picture        1969-0012
Gibbs, Allan                  Principal Picture        1970-0013
Gibbs, Allan                  Coach Picture        1970-0086
Gibbs, Allan                  Coach Picture        1971-0059
Gibbs, Allan                  Faculty Picture        1972-0016
Gibbs, Allan                  Coach Picture        1972-0072
Gibbs, Allan                  Principal Picture        1973-0013
Gibbs, Allan                  Faculty Picture        1973-0015
Gibbs, Allan                  Principal Picture        1974-0017
Gibbs, Allan                  Faculty Picture        1974-0020
Gibbs, Allan B.             Principal Picture        1968-0011
Gibbs, Allan B.             Faculty Picture        1968-0012
Gibbs, Allan B.             Faculty Picture        1969-0016
Gibbs, Allan B.             Faculty Picture        1970-0016
Gibbs, Allan B.             Principal Picture        1971-0013
Gibbs, Allan B.             Faculty Picture        1971-0016
Gibbs, Allan B.             Principal Picture        1972-0015
Gibbs, Bethany            1st Grade Picture        1970-0048
Gibbs, Bethany            2nd Grade Picture        1971-0036
Gibbs, Bethany            3rd Grade Picture        1972-0035
Gibbs, Bethany            4th Grade Picture        1973-0038
Gibbs, Bethany            5th Grade Picture        1974-0043
Gibbs, Blaine                1st Grade Picture        1967-0035
Gibbs, Blaine                2nd Grade Picture        1968-0032
Gibbs, Blaine                4th Grade Picture        1971-0034
Gibbs, Blaine                5th Grade Picture        1972-0033
Gibbs, Blaine                6th Grade Picture        1973-0034
Gibbs, Blaine                7th Grade Picture        1974-0039
Gibbs, Blaine                Favorites Picture        1974-0058
Gibbs, Bruce                 3rd Grade Picture        1967-0033
Gibbs, Bruce                 4th Grade Picture        1968-0030
Gibbs, Bruce                 5th Grade Picture        1969-0042
Gibbs, Bruce                 7th Grade Picture        1971-0031
Gibbs, Bruce                 8th Grade Picture        1972-0030
Gibbs, Bruce                 Favorites Picture        1972-0043
Gibbs, Bruce                 Award Picture        1972-0094
Gibbs, Bruce                 Freshman Picture        1973-0028
Gibbs, Bruce                 Class Officer Picture               1973-0029
Gibbs, Bruce                 Favorites Picture        1973-0051
Gibbs, Bruce                 Award Picture        1973-0067
Gibbs, Bruce                    Sophomore Picture      1974-0033
Gibbs, Bruce                 Favorites Picture        1974-0055
Gibbs, Bruce Allan      6th Grade Picture        1970-0040
Gibbs, Coach                Award Picture        1973-0100
Gibbs, Linda                 PTA Officer Picture               1972-0057
Gibbs, Linda                 PTA Officer Picture               1973-0082
Gibbs, Mr. Coach Picture                    1968-0072
Gibbs, Nettie Mae         1st Grade                    1918-0016
Giddens, Juddilee                    Sophomore Picture      1979-0032
Gifford, Kathy              2nd Grade Picture        1975-0041
Gifford, Kathy              3rd Grade Picture        1976-0030
Gifford, Kathy              Favorites Picture        1976-0050
Gifford, Kathy              4th Grade Picture        1977-0035
Gifford, Kathy              5th Grade Picture        1978-0060
Gifford, Kathy              6th Grade Picture        1979-0040
Gifford, Kathy              Class Officer Picture               1979-0041
Gifford, Steve               Junior Picture        1975-0026
Gifford, Steve               Favorites Picture        1976-0041
Gifford, Steve               Favorites Picture        1976-0044
Gifford, Steven Wiley Senior Picture        1976-0013
Gilbert, Almoth              Picture, Late Student                 1952-0091
Gilbert, Almoth              Picture, 4th Grade          1953-0040
Gilbert, Alvin                Freshman Picture        1971-0028
Gilbert, Darrell              Freshman Picture        1971-0028
Gilbert, Darrell              Junior Picture        1973-0024
Gilbert, Darrell              Senior Picture        1974-0029
Gilbert, Darrell              Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1974-0121
Gilbert, Jennie                Picture, Late Student                 1952-0091
Gilbert, Jennie                Picture, Freshmen   1953-0030
Gilespie, Billie                3rd Grade Picture        1955-0037
Gilespie, Billie               Freshman Picture        1961-0036
Gillespie, Bill, Mr. & Mrs.                    Room Parent Picture    1960-0030
Gillespie, Bill, Mr. & Mrs.                    Room Parent Picture    1961-0030
Gillespie, Bill, Mrs.        Mothers Club Officer                   1959-0055
Gillespie, Billie               Picture, 1st Grade          1953-0041
Gillespie, Billie               4th Grade Picture        1956-0038
Gillespie, Billie               5th Grade Picture        1957-0037
Gillespie, Billie               6th Grade Picture        1958-0038
Gillespie, Billie               7th Grade Picture        1959-0037
Gillespie, Billie              8th Grade Picture        1960-0036
Gillespie, Billie                    Sophomore Picture      1962-0030
Gillespie, Billie              Junior Picture        1963-0022
Gillespie, Billie              Queen Picture        1963-0048
Gillespie, Billie              Favorites Picture        1963-0056
Gillespie, Billie              Sweetheart Picture        1963-0064
Gillespie, Billie              Senior Picture        1964-0019
Gillespie, Billie              Favorites Picture        1964-0025
Gillespie, Billie              Queen Picture        1964-0054
Gillespie, Billie              Favorites Picture        1964-0066
Gillespie, Billie Gail        Picture, 2nd Grade  1954-0039
Gillespie, Bruce            8th Grade Picture        1976-0022
Gillespie, Bruce            Freshman Picture        1977-0024
Gillespie, Bruce                    Sophomore Picture      1978-0046
Gillespie, Bruce            Favorites Picture        1979-0023
Gillespie, Bruce            Junior Picture        1979-0030
Gillespie, Bruce            King Picture        1979-0091
Gillespie, David            Senior Picture        1974-0029
Gillespie, David            Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1974-0121
Gillespie, Diana            7th Grade Picture        1979-0039
Gillespie, Earl, Mr. & Mrs.                    Room Parent Picture    1961-0038
Gillespie, Ernestine      Room Mother Picture             1962-0023
Gillespie, Gary              8th Grade Picture        1961-0040
Gillespie, Gary              Freshman Picture        1962-0034
Gillespie, Gary                    Sophomore Picture      1963-0026
Gillespie, Gary              Favorites Picture        1963-0028
Gillespie, Gary              Junior Picture        1964-0028
Gillespie, Gary              Senior Picture        1965-0016
Gillespie, Gary              Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1965-0018
Gillespie, Gary              FFA Officer Picture               1965-0046
Gillespie, Jeff                2nd Grade Picture        1978-0063
Gillespie, Jeff                3rd Grade Picture        1979-0046
Gillespie, Jeffery           1st Grade Picture        1977-0038
Gillespie, Jeffrey                    Kindergarten Picture   1976-0033
Gillespie, Jennifer                    Kindergarten Picture   1979-0049
Gillespie, Jennifer         Favorites Picture        1979-0050
Gillespie, Joe                  Picture, Junior         1950-0031
Gillespie, Joe                  Picture, Junior         1951-0049
Gillespie, Joe                  Picture, Senior         1952-0029
Gillespie, Kay                 Picture, 1st Grade          1951-0073
Gillespie, Kay                 Picture, 2nd Grade  1952-0065
Gillespie, Kay                 Picture, 3rd Grade          1953-0039
Gillespie, Kay                 5th Grade Picture        1955-0035
Gillespie, Kay                 6th Grade Picture        1956-0036
Gillespie, Kaye               7th Grade Picture        1957-0035
Gillespie, Kaye               Freshman Picture        1959-0033
Gillespie, Kaye               Favorites Picture        1959-0034
Gillespie, Kaye               Queen Picture        1959-0056
Gillespie, Kaye                    Sophomore Picture      1960-0029
Gillespie, Kaye             Junior Picture        1961-0029
Gillespie, Kaye             Sweetheart Picture        1961-0058
Gillespie, Kaye             Senior Picture        1962-0020
Gillespie, Kaye             Favorites Picture        1962-0022
Gillespie, Kaye             Favorites Picture        1962-0048
Gillespie, Kaye             Favorites Picture        1962-0066
Gillespie, Kenneth       Freshman Picture        1961-0036
Gillespie, Kenneth                    Sophomore Picture      1962-0030
Gillespie, Kenneth       Junior Picture        1963-0022
Gillespie, Kenneth       Senior Picture        1964-0019
Gillespie, Kenneth       Favorites Picture        1964-0025
Gillespie, Kenneth       School Board Picture                1977-0010
Gillespie, Kenneth       School Board Picture                1978-0016
Gillespie, Mrs.                Room Mother Picture             1959-0034
Gillespie, Nellwyn        1st Grade Picture        1960-0043
Gillespie, Nellwyn        2nd Grade Picture        1961-0046
Gillespie, Nellwyn        3rd Grade Picture        1962-0043
Gillespie, Nellwyn        4th Grade Picture        1963-0038
Gillespie, Nellwyn        5th Grade Picture        1964-0043
Gillespie, Nellwyn        7th Grade Picture        1966-0031
Gillespie, Nellwyn        8th Grade Picture        1967-0028
Gillespie, Nelwyn         6th Grade Picture        1965-0030
Gillespie, Norma Kay    Picture, 4th Grade          1954-0037
Gillespie, Norma Kay    8th Grade Picture        1958-0036
Gillespie, Patricia           Picture, 4th Grade          1949-0057
Gillespie, Patricia           Picture, 5th Grade          1950-0044
Gillespie, Patricia           Picture, 6th Grade          1951-0069
Gillespie, Patricia           Picture, 7th Grade          1952-0059
Gillespie, Patricia           Picture, 8th Grade          1953-0034
Gillespie, Patricia           Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0029
Gillespie, Patricia                    Sophomore Picture      1955-0024
Gillespie, Patricia           Favorites Picture        1955-0048
Gillespie, Patricia           Junior Picture        1956-0022
Gillespie, Patricia           Senior Picture        1957-0016
Gillespie, Patricia           Class Officer Picture               1957-0019
Gillespie, Patricia           Queen Picture        1957-0051
Gillespie, Rita                5th Grade Picture        1963-0037
Gillespie, Rita                Class Officer Picture               1967-0026
Gillespie, Rita                Favorites Picture        1967-0026
Gillespie, Rita                Freshman Picture        1967-0027
Gillespie, Rita                    Sophomore Picture      1968-0023
Gillespie, Rita                Junior Picture        1969-0027
Gillespie, Rita                Senior Picture        1970-0023
Gillespie, Rita                Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1970-0104
Gillespie, Rita Kay       6th Grade Picture        1964-0042
Gillespie, Rita Kay       7th Grade Picture        1965-0029
Gillespie, Rita Kay       8th Grade Picture        1966-0030
Gillespie, Sandra            Picture, 5th Grade          1954-0036
Gillespie, Sandra            6th Grade Picture        1955-0034
Gillespie, Sandra            7th Grade Picture        1956-0035
Gillespie, Sandra            8th Grade Picture        1957-0034
Gillespie, Sandra            Freshman Picture        1958-0032
Gillespie, Sandra            Picture, 4th Grade          1953-0040
Gillespie, Sandra?          Picture, 1st Grade          1950-0046
Gillespie, Sandra?          Picture, 2nd Grade  1951-0073
Gillespie, Sandra?          Picture, 3rd Grade          1952-0063
Gillespie, Will                 1st Grade                    1918-0016
Gillespie's Grocery & Texaco, Mineral Wells               Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0124
Gilliland, Mike                10th Grade                    1918-0019
Gillispie, Diane             6th Grade Picture        1978-0058
Gillispie, Joe                   Picture, 8th Grade          1947-0075
Gillispie, Patricia            Picture, 2nd Grade  1947-0069
Gillispie, Patricia            Picture, 3rd Grade          1948-0067
Gillispie,Joe                    Picture, Freshman   1948-0055
Gilmore, Billie                 7th Grade Picture        1939-0028
Gilmore, Billie                 Volleyball, Girls Group Picture       1939-0038
Gilmore, Billie                 Junior Picture        1942-0025
Gilmore, Billie Louise    Choral Club Group Picture      1939-0041
Gilmore, Ed                    Bus Driver Picture        1970-0019
Gilmore, Ed                    Bus Driver Picture        1972-0019
Gilmore, Ed                    Bus Driver Picture        1973-0018
Gilmore, Jo Edd              3rd Grade Picture        1939-0032
Gilmore, Jo Edd              Group Picture        1939-0040
Gilmore, Jo Edd              Picture, Junior         1946-0041
Gilmore, Mary                Picture, 1st Grade          1947-0069
Gilmore, Mary                Picture, 2nd Grade  1948-0065
Gilmore, Mary                Picture, 4th Grade          1950-0045
Gilmore, Mary                Picture, 5th Grade          1951-0069
Gilmore, Mary                Picture, 6th Grade          1952-0061
Gilmore, Mary                Picture, 7th Grade          1953-0035
Gilmore, Mary Eva        Picture, 8th Grade          1954-0033
Gilmore, Mary Eva        Freshman Picture        1955-0028
Gilmore, Mary Eva                    Sophomore Picture      1956-0026
Gilmore, Mary Eva        Junior Picture        1957-0023
Gilmore, Mary Eva        Senior Picture        1958-0018
Gilmore, Mary Eva        Queen Picture        1958-0060
Gilmore, Wanda             Picture, Freshmen   1953-0030
Gilson, Kim                   5th Grade Picture        1979-0044
Gilson, Kim                   Favorites Picture        1979-0050
Gilson, Lydia                Junior Picture        1979-0030
Gilson, Mr.                    Faculty Picture        1979-0010
Girls Basketball              Picture, Group         1953-0057
Girl's Basketball             Picture, Group, B Squad            1953-0062
Girl's Basketball             Picture, Group         1951-0095
Girl's Basketball & Sr Girls Group                    Picture, Group               1950-0065
Glandon, Grace              5th Grade                    1918-0018
Glandon, Lela                 2nd Grade                    1918-0016
Glandon, Minnie           1st Grade                    1918-0016
Glandon, Zida                3rd Grade                    1918-0017
Gleghorn, Johnny        7th Grade Picture        1968-0027
Gleghorn, Johnny        8th Grade Picture        1969-0038
Gleghorn, Leta              8th Grade Picture        1968-0026
Gleghorn, Leta              Freshman Picture        1969-0035
Glidewell, Angela                    Kindergarten Picture   1976-0033
Glidewell, Angela         1st Grade Picture        1977-0038
Glidewell, Paul              2nd Grade Picture        1973-0042
Glidewell, Paul              3rd Grade Picture        1974-0047
Glidewell, Paul              4th Grade Picture        1975-0039
Glidewell, Paul              5th Grade Picture        1976-0028
Glidewell, Paul              6th Grade Picture        1977-0032
Glidewell, Robert Paul 1st Grade Picture        1972-0037
Glover, Calvin               Senior Picture        1968-0018
Glover, Edith                  Picture, 4th Grade          1951-0071
Glover, Ida  Picture, 5th Grade                    1951-0069
Glover, Larry                 Junior Picture        1966-0023
Glover, Larry                 Senior Picture        1967-0021
Glover, Larry                 Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1967-0097
Glover, Lottie                 Picture, 8th Grade          1951-0065
Glover, Mildred             Picture, 2nd Grade  1951-0073
Glover, Vivian                Picture, Freshman   1951-0061
Goddard, Francis           3rd Grade                    1918-0017
Goddard, Hazel              7th Grade                    1918-0018
Goddard, Jewell             9th Grade                    1918-0019
Gonce, Eula                    Picture, 5th Grade          1947-0073
Gonce, Eula Fae             Picture, Senior         1954-0014
Gonce, Eula Fae             Picture, Senior Friendliest Girl  1954-0018
Gonce, Eula Fae             Picture Carnival Queen             1954-0048
Gonce, Eula Faye          Picture, 7th Grade          1949-0061
Gonce, Fay Picture, 8th Grade                    1950-0043
Gonce, Faye                   Picture, 6th Grade          1948-0069
Gonce, Faye                   Picture, Freshman   1951-0061
Gonce, Faye                   Picture, Sophomore                    1952-0045
Gonce, Faye                   Picture, Junior         1953-0022
Good Year Service Station                    Advertisement              1953-0092
Good Year Service Station                    Advertisement              1954-0079
Goodwin, Martha         Freshman Picture        1972-0028
Goodwin, Martha         Freshman Picture        1973-0028
Goodyear Service Store                    Advertisement              1951-0157
Goodyear Service Store                    Advertisement              1952-0121
Goodyear Service Store                    Advertisement              1953-0091
Gordon, Etta                   Picture, Grade School Faculty  1953-0014
Gordon, Etta                   Picture, Grade School Faculty  1954-0012
Gordon, Etta                   Picture, Grade School Faculty  1949-0023
Gordon, Etta                   Picture, Grade School Faculty  1952-0023
Gordon, Etta M              Picture, Grade School Faculty  1948-0025
Gordon, Etta Mae          Picture, Grade School Faculty  1946-0019
Gordon, Etta Mae          Picture, Grade School Faculty  1947-0025
Gordon, Etta Mae          Grade School Faculty             1950-0018
Gordon, Etta Mae          Picture, Grade School Faculty  1951-0027
Gordon, Etta Mae          Dedication                    1952-0011
Gordon, Etta Mae          Faculty Picture        1955-0013
Gordon, Etta Mae          Faculty Picture        1956-0013
Gordon, Etta Mae          Faculty Picture        1957-0011
Gordon, Etta Mae          Faculty Picture        1958-0013
Gordon, Etta Mae          Faculty Picture        1959-0011
Gordon, Etta Mae        Faculty Picture        1960-0013
Gordon, Etta Mae        Faculty Picture        1961-0015
Gordon, Etta Mae        Faculty Picture        1962-0015
Gordon, Etta Mae        Faculty Picture        1963-0011
Gordon, Etta Mae        Faculty Picture        1964-0015
Gordon, Etta Mae        Faculty Picture        1965-0013
Gordon, Etta Mae        Faculty Picture        1966-0013
Gordon, Etta Mae        Memorial Picture        1966-0016
Grace-Schlittler Operating Co                    Advertisement              1954-0089
Grace-Schlittler Operating Co., Jacksboro - H.E. Schlittler, L.E. & C.B. Grace                    Advertisement/Picture                    1957-0085
Grace-Schlittler Operating Co., Jacksboro - H.E. Schlittler, L.E. & C.B. Grace                    Advertisement/Picture                    1958-0089
Grace-Schlittler Operating Co., Jacksboro - H.E. Schlittler, L.E. & C.B. Grace                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0095
Grade School                 Sketch                    1939-0027
Grade School King & Queen                    List of princes & princesses                    1951-0119
Gragson, Lucile             2nd Grade                    1918-0016
Graham Coca Cola Co                    Advertisement              1947-0163
Graham Coca Cola Co                    Advertisement              1948-0157
Graham Produce Co                    Advertisement              1918-0034
Grand News Stand                    Advertisement              1947-0161
Grand Theater                    Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0126
Grand Theater                    Advertisement/Picture                    1976-0113
Grand Theater                    Advertisement/Picture                    1977-0125
Grand-Ritz & Gem Theaters                    Advertisement              1946-0137
Grand-Ritz & Gem Theaters                    Advertisement              1947-0159
Grand-Ritz-Brazos Theatres                    Advertisement              1948-0131
Grand-Ritz-Gem Theaters                    Advertisement              1942-0081
Granger Plumbing & Appliances                    Advertisement              1954-0071
Grattidge, Vallarie        Freshman Picture        1972-0028
Grattidge, Vallarie                    Sophomore Picture      1973-0026
Grattidge, Vallarie        Junior Picture        1974-0031
Graves, M.A., Comm, Cardiff, TX                    Important School Officers                    1918-0023
Gray, Allen                    3rd Grade Picture        1961-0045
Gray, Allen                    4th Grade Picture        1962-0042
Gray, Allen                    5th Grade Picture        1963-0037
Gray, Connie                 Freshman Picture        1972-0028
Gray, Connie                    Sophomore Picture      1973-0026
Gray, Edward                6th Grade Picture        1961-0042
Gray, Edward                7th Grade Picture        1962-0039
Gray, Edward                8th Grade Picture        1963-0034
Gray, Frankie                7th Grade Picture        1978-0056
Gray, Frankie                8th Grade Picture        1979-0038
Gray, Georgia                3rd Grade Picture        1967-0033
Gray, Ira D., Comm, Jasksboro, TX                    Important School Officers                    1918-0023
Gray, Rocky                  1st Grade Picture        1967-0035
Green Frog Café                    Advertisement              1948-0133
Green Frog Café                    Advertisement              1949-0119
Green Frog Café                    Advertisement              1950-0089
Green, Alvin                 Junior Picture        1968-0021
Green, Alvin                 Senior Picture        1969-0022
Green, Alvin                 Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1969-0105
Green, Alvin R.                    Sophomore Picture      1967-0025
Green, Billie Irene         Freshman Picture        1969-0035
Green, Irene                    Sophomore Picture      1970-0031
Green, Kevin                    Kindergarten Picture   1975-0043
Green, Martha              Counselor Picture        1966-0012
Green, Martha              Counselor Picture        1967-0014
Green, Martha              Counselor Picture        1968-0014
Green, Martha              Counselor Picture        1969-0013
Green, Martha              Counselor Picture        1970-0018
Green, Martha              Counselor Picture        1971-0018
Green, Martha              Counselor Picture        1972-0018
Green, Martha              Counselor Picture        1973-0017
Green, Martha              Counselor Picture        1974-0022
Greene's Florist, Weatherford                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0106
Gregory, Chris              2nd Grade Picture        1975-0041
Gregory, Chris              3rd Grade Picture        1976-0030
Gregory, Chris              Favorites Picture        1976-0050
Gregory, Chris              4th Grade Picture        1977-0035
Gregory, Chris              Favorites Picture        1977-0040
Gregory, Chris              5th Grade Picture        1978-0060
Gregory, Chris              6th Grade Picture        1979-0040
Gregory, James             8th Grade Picture        1975-0032
Gregory, James             Favorites Picture        1975-0049
Gregory, James                    Sophomore Picture      1977-0020
Gregory, James             Class Officer Picture               1977-0022
Gregory, James             Favorites Picture        1977-0050
Gregory, James             Award Picture        1977-0065
Gregory, James             Junior Picture        1978-0043
Gregory, James             Favorites Picture        1978-0044
Gregory, James             Favorites Picture        1979-0015
Gregory, James             Favorites Picture        1979-0018
Gregory, James             Favorites Picture        1979-0020
Gregory, James             Senior Picture        1979-0026
Gregory, James R.        Freshman Picture        1976-0020
Gregory, Malinda         5th Grade Picture        1975-0038
Gregory, Malinda         6th Grade Picture        1976-0026
Gregory, Malinda         7th Grade Picture        1977-0030
Gregory, Malinda         Class Officer Picture               1977-0031
Gregory, Malinda         8th Grade Picture        1978-0054
Gregory, Malinda         Freshman Picture        1979-0034
Gregory, Malinda                    Cheerleader Picture      1979-0062
Gregory, Tracey           3rd Grade Picture        1975-0040
Gregory, Tracy             4th Grade Picture        1976-0029
Gregory, Tracy             5th Grade Picture        1977-0034
Gregory, Tracy             6th Grade Picture        1978-0058
Gregory, Tracy             7th Grade Picture        1979-0039
Gregson, Gaynell           Picture, 6th Grade          1952-0061
Gregson, Gaynell           Picture, 7th Grade          1953-0035
Grett, Cindy                  Freshman Picture        1978-0051
Grett, Cindy                  Favorites Picture        1978-0052
Grett, Cindy                    Sophomore Picture      1979-0032
Grett, Gene                    7th Grade Picture        1978-0056
Grett, Gene                    8th Grade Picture        1979-0038
Grett, Melinda              Junior Picture        1978-0042
Grett, Melinda              Senior Picture        1979-0026
Grett, Stanley                6th Grade Picture        1977-0032
Griffen, Mary                 Picture, 1st Grade          1949-0055
Grimes Jan  Picture, Fresh,Class Favorite Boy                 1950-0055
Grimes, Basil                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Grimes, Don                  Bus Driver Picture        1960-0008
Grimes, Don                  Faculty Picture        1960-0012
Grimes, Don                  Athletic Instructor Picture         1960-0065
Grimes, Don                  Bus Driver Picture        1961-0013
Grimes, Don                  Faculty Picture        1961-0014
Grimes, Don                  Coach Picture        1961-0068
Grimes, Don L.              2nd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Grimes, Don L., Jr.        1st Grade Picture        1964-0047
Grimes, Don, Mr. & Mrs.                    Sponsor Picture            1960-0026
Grimes, Don, Mr. & Mrs.                    Sponsor Picture            1961-0023
Grimes, Imogene            Group Picture        1939-0014
Grimes, Imogene            Senior Picture        1939-0016
Grimes, Ina Jo                Picture, Sophomore                    1946-0049
Grimes, Ina Jo                Picture, Volleyball  1946-0093
Grimes, Ina Jo                Picture, Junior         1947-0043
Grimes, Ina Jo                Picture, Agriculture Sweetheart                   1947-0081
Grimes, Ina Jo                Picture, FHA Reporter               1947-0095
Grimes, Ina Jo                Picture, Girl's Volleyball             1947-0123
Grimes, Ina Jo                Picture, Volleyball  1948-0089
Grimes, Ina Joe              Picture, Most Popular Girl - Junior              1947-0091
Grimes, Jan Picture, 6th Grade                    1947-0073
Grimes, Jan Picture, 7th Grade                    1948-0071
Grimes, Jan Picture, 8th Grade                    1949-0061
Grimes, Jan Picture, Freshman                    1950-0039
Grimes, Jan Picture, Sophomore                    1951-0055
Grimes, Jan Picture, Boys Basketball  1951-0097
Grimes, Jan Picture, Junior Class Officers      1952-0037
Grimes, Jan Picture, Junior                    1952-0039
Grimes, Jan Picture, Junior Favorite Boy                 1952-0073
Grimes, Jan Picture Yearbook Staff                    1953-0010
Grimes, Jan Picture, Senior                    1953-0015
Grimes, Jan Picture, High School Favorite Boy                 1953-0046
Grimes, Jan Picture, Most Athletic Boy             1953-0058
Grimes, Lois                   Picture, Freshman   1950-0039
Grimes, Lois                   Picture, Sophomore                    1951-0055
Grimes, Lois                   Picture, Junior         1952-0039
Grimes, Lois                   Picture, Senior         1953-0015
Grimes, Mary Olive                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Grimes, Mildred             Picture, Senior         1950-0021
Grimsley, Jason            1st Grade Picture        1979-0048
Grooms, Daniel             Freshman Picture        1977-0024
Grose, Wanda              Senior Picture        1961-0020
Guber's Drive-In, Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0114
Guber's Drive-In, Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1971-0124
Guber's Drive-In, Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0119
Guber's Drive-In, Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0138
Guinn, Frances              Freshman Group Picture                1942-0039
Gulf Oil Products                    Advertisement              1948-0167
Gunder, Gary                  Picture, Late Student                 1954-0063
Gunder, Gary                  5th Grade Picture        1957-0037
Gunder, Gary                  6th Grade Picture        1958-0038
Gunder, Gary                  7th Grade Picture        1959-0037
Gunder, Gary                8th Grade Picture        1960-0036
Gunder, Gary                Freshman Picture        1961-0036
Gunder, Gary Lee          3rd Grade Picture        1955-0037
Gunder, Gary Lee          4th Grade Picture        1956-0038
Gwaltney's Home Furnishing                    Advertisement              1947-0157
Gwaltney's Home Furnishing                    Advertisement              1948-0161
Gwaltney's Radio Headquarters                    Advertisement              1946-0127
Gymnasium-Administration                    Picture of Building       1960-0006

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