Jack County, North Texas
Index  of Perrin School Yearbooks
(not all years-37 years)

Index of group pictures, individuals in pictures, advertisers, and major articles
(14,293 names in index. For 1955 and after, only faculty pictures, individual class pictures, favorites pictures and advertising with pictures were indexed)(There were errors in some of the names - Look for alternate spellings)
Index before 1955 by E. Lynn Wright of Scottsdale AZ lynn.wright@cox.net 
Index after 1954 by Sue Tackel - Report problems or corrections to Sue@JackCoTX.com
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Person or Item         Type of Picture        Year-Page Number

H & H Feed Store                    Advertisement              1948-0159
H&H Texaco, Jacksboro - Pete Horton & Tuffy Horn  Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0118
H&H Texaco, Jacksboro - Pete Horton & Tuffy Horn  Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0136
H.A. Winn Service Station                    Advertisement              1954-0071
H.C. Teague Jeweler                    Advertisement              1948-0149
H.C. Teague Jeweler                    Advertisement              1950-0092
H.C. Teague, Jeweler                    Advertisement              1939-0051
H.C. Teague, Jeweler                    Advertisement              1942-0085
Hagan Floral Co                    Advertisement              1946-0131
Hagan Floral Co                    Advertisement              1947-0157
Hagle, Jan Freshman Picture                    1970-0035
Hagle, Jay 7th Grade Picture                    1979-0039
Hagle, Johnny              1st Grade Picture        1970-0048
Hail, Eugunea                Choral Club Group Picture      1939-0041
Hale, Eugenia                 5th Grade Picture        1939-0030
Hale, Eugenia                 Freshman Group Picture                1942-0039
Hale, Robert                    Sophomore Picture      1939-0024
Hale, Robert                   FFA History       1942-0063
Hall, Carol Junior Picture                    1966-0023
Hall, Carol Favorites Picture                    1967-0019
Hall, Carol Senior Picture                    1967-0021
Hall, Carol Awards Picture                    1967-0094
Hall, Carol Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                   1967-0097
Hall, Chris Kindergarten Picture                    1974-0053
Hall, Chris 1st Grade Picture                    1975-0042
Hall, Chris 2nd Grade Picture                    1976-0031
Hall, Chris 3rd Grade Picture                    1977-0036
Hall, Chris Favorites Picture                    1977-0040
Hall, Chris 4th Grade Picture                    1978-0061
Hall, Chris King Picture                    1978-0077
Hall, Chris 5th Grade Picture                    1979-0044
Hall, Christy                  1st Grade Picture        1978-0064
Hall, Christy                  2nd Grade Picture        1979-0047
Hall, Harol Freshman Picture                    1966-0028
Hall, Harol Memorial Picture                    1966-0029
Hall, Judy  5th Grade Picture                    1966-0033
Hall, Judy  Favorites Picture                    1966-0043
Hall, Judy  6th Grade Picture                    1967-0030
Hall, Judy  7th Grade Picture                    1968-0027
Hall, Judy  Favorites Picture                    1968-0034
Hall, Judy  8th Grade Picture                    1969-0038
Hall, Judy  Favorites Picture                    1969-0051
Hall, Judy  Award Picture                    1969-0107
Hall, Judy  Class Officer Picture                    1970-0034
Hall, Judy  Freshman Picture                    1970-0035
Hall, Judy  Queen Picture                    1970-0068
Hall, Judy  Class Officer Picture                    1971-0026
Hall, Judy  Sophomore Picture                    1971-0026
Hall, Judy  Award Picture                    1971-0055
Hall, Judy  Queen Picture                    1971-0082
Hall, Judy  Class Officer Picture                    1972-0024
Hall, Judy  Junior Picture                    1972-0024
Hall, Judy  Award Picture                    1972-0047
Hall, Judy  Class Officer Picture                    1973-0020
Hall, Judy  Senior Picture                    1973-0020
Hall, Judy  Favorites Picture                    1973-0048
Hall, Judy  Favorites Picture                    1973-0050
Hall, Judy  Award Picture                    1973-0059
Hall, Judy  Cheerleader Picture                    1973-0090
Hall, Judy  Award Picture                    1973-0112
Hall, Judy  Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                   1973-0115
Hall, Loretta                  1st Grade Picture        1971-0037
Hall, Margaret              Faculty Picture        1966-0013
Hall, Margaret              Faculty Picture        1967-0016
Hall, Margaret              Faculty Picture        1969-0017
Hall, Margaret              Faculty Picture        1970-0017
Hall, Margaret              Faculty Picture        1971-0017
Hall, Margaret              Sponsor Picture        1971-0065
Hall, Margaret              Faculty Picture        1972-0017
Hall, Margaret              Faculty Picture        1973-0016
Hall, Margaret              Sponsor Picture        1973-0091
Hall, Margaret              Faculty Picture        1974-0020
Hall, Margaret              Faculty Picture        1975-0017
Hall, Margaret              Faculty Picture        1976-0037
Hall, Margaret              Faculty Picture        1977-0008
Hall, Margaret              Faculty Picture        1978-0018
Hall, Mildred, RN          Faculty Picture        1955-0013
Hall, Monta                   2nd Grade Picture        1977-0037
Hall, Mrs.  Faculty Picture                    1979-0010
Halloween Carnival       Picture, Group Photo & List of students    1952-0077
Ham, C.E.   Principal Picture                    1961-0010
Ham, Clarence              Faculty Picture        1961-0015
Ham, Clarence              Bus Driver Picture        1962-0010
Ham, Clarence E.          Principal Picture        1962-0013
Ham, Clarence E.          Faculty Picture        1962-0015
Ham, Coach                  Coach Picture        1962-0067
Ham, Coach                  Coach Picture        1962-0081
Ham, Mr.   Coach Picture                    1961-0076
Hamilton, Bruce           3rd Grade Picture        1966-0035
Hamilton, Bruce           5th Grade Picture        1968-0029
Hamilton, Bruce           5th Grade Picture        1969-0042
Hamilton, Bruce           6th Grade Picture        1970-0040
Hamilton, Bruce           6th Grade Picture        1971-0032
Hamilton, Dave                    Sophomore Picture      1968-0023
Hamilton, David           7th Grade Picture        1965-0029
Hamilton, David           8th Grade Picture        1966-0030
Hamilton, David           Junior Picture        1969-0027
Hamilton, David           Senior Picture        1970-0023
Hamilton, David           Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1970-0104
Hamilton, Delbert         2nd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Hamilton, Lois               Picture, 4th Grade          1947-0071
Hamilton, Lois               Picture, 5th Grade          1948-0069
Hamilton, Lois               Picture, 6th Grade          1949-0059
Hamilton, Lois               Picture, 7th Grade          1950-0043
Hamilton, Lois               Picture, 8th Grade          1951-0065
Hamilton, Lois               Picture, Freshman   1952-0051
Hamilton, Peggy            Picture, 2nd Grade  1947-0069
Hamilton, Peggy            Picture, 3rd Grade          1948-0067
Hamilton, Peggy            Picture, 4th Grade          1949-0057
Hamilton, Peggy            Picture, 5th Grade          1950-0044
Hamilton, Peggy            Picture, 6th Grade          1951-0069
Hamilton, Peggy            Picture, 7th Grade          1952-0059
Hamilton, Peggy            Picture, 8th Grade          1953-0034
Hamilton, Peggy            Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0029
Hamilton, Wilma            Picture, 8th Grade          1947-0075
Hamilton, Wilma            Picture, Freshman   1948-0055
Hamilton, Wilma            Picture, Junior         1950-0031
Hamilton, Wilma            Picture, Senior         1951-0035
Hamilton, Wilma            Picture, Senior         1952-0029
Hamilton's  Advertisement                    1953-0094
Hanchey, Charles        Freshman Picture        1972-0028
Hanchey, Charles                    Sophomore Picture      1973-0026
Hanchey, Michael       1st Grade Picture        1965-0035
Hanchey, Michael       2nd Grade Picture        1966-0036
Hanchey, Michael       3rd Grade Picture        1967-0033
Haney, Billy                   Picture, 1st Grade          1948-0065
Haney, Billy                   Picture, 2nd Grade  1949-0055
Haney, Clarence            Picture, 6th Grade          1948-0069
Haney, Clarence            Picture, 6th Grade          1949-0059
Haney, Dorothy            Picture, 6th Grade          1949-0059
Haney, Dorothy Ruth   Picture, 5th Grade          1948-0069
Haney, Maggie              Picture, 7th Grade          1948-0071
Haney, Maggie Mae     Picture, 8th Grade          1949-0061
Haney's Sandwich Shop                    Advertisement              1947-0143
Hanna, Willard                    Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0100
Hanna, Willard                    Commissioners Picture                    1962-0119
Hanna, Willard                    Commissioners Picture                    1963-0095
Hanna, Willard                    Commissioners Picture                    1964-0093
Hanna, Willard                    Commissioners Picture                    1965-0075
Hanna, Willard                    Commissioners Picture                    1966-0125
Hannah, Debra             Senior Picture        1974-0029
Hannah, Debra             Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1974-0121
Hannah, James             5th Grade Picture        1974-0043
Hannah, James             6th Grade Picture        1975-0036
Hannah, James L.         7th Grade Picture        1976-0024
Hannah, Lynn              Freshman Picture        1974-0035
Hannah, Lynn                    Sophomore Picture      1975-0028
Hannah, Lynn              Junior Picture        1976-0016
Hardin         Faculty Picture                    1942-0011
Hardin, Etta Mae           Faculty Picture        1939-0012
Hardin, Etta Mae           List of faculty        1942-0009
Hardner, Rayford         School Board Picture                1963-0007
Hardy, David                1st Grade Picture        1968-0033
Hardy, David                2nd Grade Picture        1969-0045
Hardy, David                4th Grade Picture        1971-0034
Hardy, David                5th Grade Picture        1972-0033
Hardy, David                6th Grade Picture        1973-0034
Hardy, David                7th Grade Picture        1974-0039
Hardy, David                8th Grade Picture        1975-0032
Hardy, David                Award Picture        1975-0114
Hardy, David                Freshman Picture        1976-0020
Hardy, David                Award Picture        1976-0064
Hardy, David                    Sophomore Picture      1977-0020
Hardy, David                Junior Picture        1978-0042
Hardy, David                Favorites Picture        1979-0016
Hardy, David                Favorites Picture        1979-0017
Hardy, David                Senior Picture        1979-0026
Hardy, David                Beau Picture        1979-0098
Hardy, David                Award Picture        1979-0104
Hardy, David Thomas 3rd Grade Picture        1970-0046
Hardy, Eugene                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Hardy, Martha              1st Grade Picture        1962-0045
Hardy, Martha              2nd Grade Picture        1963-0040
Hardy, Martha              4th Grade Picture        1965-0032
Hardy, Martha              5th Grade Picture        1966-0033
Hardy, Martha              7th Grade Picture        1968-0027
Hardy, Martha              8th Grade Picture        1969-0038
Hardy, Martha              Freshman Picture        1970-0035
Hardy, Martha                    Sophomore Picture      1971-0026
Hardy, Martha              Junior Picture        1972-0024
Hardy, Martha              Senior Picture        1973-0021
Hardy, Martha              Award Picture        1973-0067
Hardy, Martha              Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1973-0115
Hardy, Martha Jean     3rd Grade Picture        1964-0045
Hardy, Martha Jean     6th Grade Picture        1967-0030
Hardy, T.F. FFA History                    1942-0063
Hardy, Thelma               8th Grade                    1918-0019
Hare & Finley Farm Store, Weatherford                 Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0106
Hare & Finley Farm Store, Weatherford                 Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0131
Hare & Finley Farm Store, Weatherford                 Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0136
Hargrave, Jerrie             Picture, 2nd Grade  1947-0069
Hargrave, Jimmie           Picture, 1st Grade          1947-0069
Harkins, Ricky              Freshman Picture        1973-0028
Harkins, Ricky                    Sophomore Picture      1974-0033
Harman, Bertha              9th Grade                    1918-0019
Harman, Effie                 2nd Grade                    1918-0016
Harman, J.T., Notary Public                    Advertisement              1918-0035
Harman, Myrtle             7th Grade                    1918-0018
Harman, Stella                4th Grade                    1918-0017
Harris, Buckey              Freshman Picture        1966-0028
Harris, James                  6th Grade Picture        1939-0029
Harris, James                  Choral Club Group Picture      1939-0041
Harris, Joe Junior Picture                    1965-0022
Harris, Joe Senior Picture                    1966-0020
Harris, Joe Awards Picture                    1966-0090
Harris, Joe Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                   1966-0092
Harrison, Agnes            Junior Picture        1939-0022
Harrison, Agnes            Home Ec. Group Picture                1939-0043
Harrison, Barron          1st Grade Picture        1970-0048
Harrison, Barron          2nd Grade Picture        1971-0036
Harrison, Barron          3rd Grade Picture        1972-0035
Harrison, Barron          4th Grade Picture        1973-0038
Harrison, Barron          7th Grade Picture        1977-0030
Harrison, Barron          8th Grade Picture        1978-0054
Harrison, Cindi Jo        1st Grade Picture        1978-0064
Harrison, Cinthia                    Kindergarten Picture   1977-0039
Harrison, Dwaine          Picture, 5th Grade          1947-0073
Harrison, Dwaine          Picture, 6th Grade          1948-0069
Harrison, Dwaine          Picture, 7th Grade          1949-0061
Harrison, Dwaine          Picture, 8th Grade          1950-0043
Harrison, Dwaine          Picture, Freshman   1951-0061
Harrison, Dwaine          Picture, Sophomore                    1952-0045
Harrison, Dwaine          Picture, Junior         1953-0022
Harrison, Hollice           4th Grade Picture        1939-0031
Harrison, Hollice           Picture, Senior         1946-0029
Harrison, Hollice           Picture, Basketball Team           1946-0089
Harrison, Janette           Picture, 1st Grade          1949-0055
Harrison, Janette           Picture, 2nd Grade  1950-0046
Harrison, Janette           Freshman Picture        1957-0031
Harrison, Jannette         Picture, 3rd Grade          1951-0071
Harrison, Jannette         Picture, 5th Grade          1953-0037
Harrison, Jannette         Picture, 6th Grade          1954-0035
Harrison, Jannette         7th Grade Picture        1955-0033
Harrison, Jannette         8th Grade Picture        1956-0034
Harrison, Jerry              1st Grade Picture        1967-0035
Harrison, Jerry              2nd Grade Picture        1968-0032
Harrison, Jimmy           2nd Grade Picture        1963-0040
Harrison, Jimmy           3rd Grade Picture        1964-0045
Harrison, Jimmy           4th Grade Picture        1965-0032
Harrison, Jimmy           5th Grade Picture        1966-0033
Harrison, Jimmy           6th Grade Picture        1968-0028
Harrison, Jimmy D.      6th Grade Picture        1967-0030
Harrison, Jnnette           Picture, 4th Grade          1952-0063
Harrison, Jo                    Picture, Annual Staff                 1947-0105
Harrison, Jo Gilmore     Picture, Senior         1947-0033
Harrison, Kenneth        Picture, 7th Grade          1947-0075
Harrison, Kenneth        Picture, 8th Grade          1948-0071
Harrison, Kenneth        Picture, Freshman   1949-0049
Harrison, Kenneth        Picture, Sophomore                    1950-0035
Harrison, Kenneth        Picture, Senior Boys Basketball                   1950-0064
Harrison, Kenneth        Picture, Junior         1951-0049
Harrison, Kenneth        Picture, Boys Basketball           1951-0097
Harrison, Kenneth        Picture, Annual Staff                 1952-0013
Harrison, Kenneth        Picture, Senior         1952-0029
Harrison, Margaret       Picture, Freshman   1947-0055
Harrison, Margaret       Picture, Sophomore                    1948-0049
Harrison, Margaret       Picture, Volleyball  1948-0089
Harrison, Margaret       Picture, Junior         1949-0037
Harrison, Margaret       Volley Ball Girls            1949-0081
Harrison, Margaret       Annual Staff            1950-0013
Harrison, Margaret       Picture, Senior         1950-0022
Harrison, Margaret       Picture, Best Citizen Girl            1950-0053
Harrison, Margaret       Picture, Senior Girls Basketball                    1950-0063
Harrison, N.B.                School Board Picture                1955-0009
Harrison, N.B.                School Board Picture                1956-0011
Harrison, N.B.                School Board Picture                1957-0009
Harrison, N.B.                School Board Picture                1958-0009
Harrison, Natan             Picture, School Board                1954-0009
Harrison, Nathan           Picture, School Board                1948-0019
Harrison, Nathan           Picture, Board of Trustees        1951-0021
Harrison, Nathan           Picture, School Board                1952-0019
Harrison, Nathan           Picture, School Board                1953-0012
Harrison, Ozella             7th Grade Picture        1939-0028
Harrison, Ozella             Junior Picture        1942-0025
Harrison, Ozella             Junior Play Cast            1942-0061
Harrison, Randy           1st Grade Picture        1960-0043
Harrison, Randy           2nd Grade Picture        1961-0046
Hartt Chevrolet-Buick, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1977-0130
Hartt Chevrolet-Buick, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1978-0132
Hartt Chevrolet-Buick, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1979-0129
Hatty's Café                    Advertisement              1950-0096
Hatty's Café Drive-In                    Advertisement              1951-0141
Hatty's Café Drive-In                    Advertisement              1952-0119
Hatty's Café Drive-In                    Advertisement              1953-0088
Hatty's Café Motel Service Station                    Advertisement              1954-0078
Havens, David               3rd Grade Picture        1958-0041
Hawkins Funeral Home                    Advertisement              1946-0119
Hawkins Funeral Home                    Advertisement              1948-0137
Hawkins Funeral Home                    Advertisement              1949-0125
Hawkins Funeral Home                    Advertisement              1950-0087
Hawkins Funeral Home                    Advertisement              1951-0133
Hawkins Funeral Home                    Advertisement              1952-0123
Hawthorne, Grace         Grade School Faculty             1950-0018
Hawthorne, Grace         Picture, Grade School Faculty  1951-0027
Hawthorne, Grace         Picture, Grade School Faculty  1952-0023
Hawthorne, Grace         Picture, Grade School Faculty  1953-0014
Hawthorne, Grace         Picture, Grade School Faculty  1954-0012
Hawthorne, Grace         Faculty Picture        1955-0013
Hawthorne, Grace         Faculty Picture        1957-0011
Hayes Lumber Co                    Advertisement              1948-0121
Hayes Lumber Co                    Advertisement              1950-0094
Hayes Lumber Co                    Advertisement              1953-0110
Hayes Lumber Co                    Advertisement              1954-0068
Hayes, Cindy                1st Grade Picture        1966-0037
Hayes, Cindy                2nd Grade Picture        1967-0034
Hayes, Cindy                3rd Grade Picture        1968-0031
Hayes, Cindy                2nd Semester Students       1971-0038
Hayes, Cindy                7th Grade Picture        1972-0031
Hayes, Cindy                Favorites Picture        1972-0043
Hayes, Jay                    2nd Semester Students       1971-0038
Hayes, Jay                    4th Grade Picture        1972-0034
Hayes, Jay                    Freshman Picture        1977-0024
Hays Lumber Co                    Advertisement              1947-0133
Hazelwood, Mike         Senior Picture        1973-0021
Hazelwood, Mike         Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1973-0115
Hazlewood, Mike         2nd Semester Students       1972-0038
Heath, Betty Jo              4th Grade Picture        1939-0031
Heath, Jessie                  4th Grade                    1918-0022
Heath, Lena                    6th Grade                    1918-0022
Heath, Leva Mae           4th Grade                    1918-0017
Heath, Lois 6th Grade   1918-0018
Heath, Loreta                 Picture, 8th Grade          1954-0033
Heath, Loreta                 Freshman Picture        1955-0028
Heath, R.J., Dray Work                    Advertisement              1918-0036
Hendershot, Junior      2nd Grade Picture        1970-0047
Henderson, Clint          1st Grade Picture        1974-0051
Henderson, Clint          3rd Grade Picture        1976-0030
Henderson, Clint          4th Grade Picture        1977-0035
Henderson, Clint          5th Grade Picture        1978-0060
Henderson, Clint          6th Grade Picture        1979-0040
Henderson, Clint          Class Officer Picture               1979-0041
Henderson, Clinton     2nd Grade Picture        1975-0041
Henderson, Delaina                    Kindergarten Picture   1974-0053
Henderson, Delaina     1st Grade Picture        1975-0042
Henderson, Delaina     2nd Grade Picture        1976-0031
Henderson, Delaina     3rd Grade Picture        1977-0036
Henderson, Delaina     4th Grade Picture        1978-0061
Henderson, Delaina     5th Grade Picture        1979-0044
Henderson, Elaine       Class Officer Picture               1966-0019
Henderson, Elaine       Senior Picture        1966-0020
Henderson, Elaine Dodson                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1966-0093
Henderson, Ronnye    Senior Picture        1965-0016
Henderson, Tara          Faculty Picture        1977-0008
Henderson, Tara          Faculty Picture        1978-0018
Hendrick, John              Faculty Picture        1959-0010
Hendrick, John             Faculty Picture        1960-0012
Hendrick, John             Faculty Picture        1961-0014
Hendrick, John, Mr. & Mrs.                    Sponsor Picture            1960-0021
Hendrick, Mr. & Mrs.  Sponsor Picture        1961-0030
Hendrick, Myrna          Substitute Teacher Picture            1961-0012
Henry Moulder's Cleaners, Mineral Wells               Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0119
Henry W Whitsitt Mobilgas                    Advertisement              1951-0163
Henscom, Doris             Picture, Grade School Faculty  1953-0014
Hensley, Berry               Picture, 7th Grade          1951-0067
Hensley, Berry               Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0025
Hensley, Betie               Picture, 6th Grade          1950-0044
Hensley, Betty               Picture, 3rd Grade          1947-0071
Hensley, Betty               Picture, 4th Grade          1948-0067
Hensley, Betty               Picture, 8th Grade          1952-0057
Hensley, Betty               Picture, Freshmen   1953-0030
Hensley, Betty               Junior Picture        1955-0022
Hensley, Betty               Senior Picture        1956-0016
Hensley, Bobby            Picture, 1st Grade          1947-0069
Hensley, Bobby            Picture, 2nd Grade  1948-0065
Hensley, Bobby            Picture, 4th Grade          1950-0045
Hensley, Bobby            Picture, 5th Grade          1951-0069
Hensley, Bobby            Picture, 6th Grade          1952-0061
Hensley, Bobby            Picture, 7th Grade          1953-0035
Hensley, Bobby            Picture, 8th Grade          1954-0033
Hensley, Bobby            Freshman Picture        1955-0029
Hensley, Bobby                    Sophomore Picture      1956-0026
Hensley, Bobby            Junior Picture        1957-0023
Hensley, Bobby            Senior Picture        1958-0019
Hensley, Bobby Ray    Faculty Picture        1956-0012
Hensley, Delinda           2nd Grade Picture        1956-0040
Hensley, Donald                    Sophomore Picture      1970-0031
Hensley, Dorothy        4th Grade Picture        1969-0043
Hensley, Dorothy        4th Grade Picture        1970-0045
Hensley, Dorothy        5th Grade Picture        1971-0033
Hensley, Dorothy        6th Grade Picture        1972-0032
Hensley, Dorothy        7th Grade Picture        1973-0032
Hensley, Dorothy        8th Grade Picture        1974-0037
Hensley, Dorothy        Freshman Picture        1975-0030
Hensley, Dorothy                    Sophomore Picture      1976-0018
Hensley, Dorothy        Junior Picture        1977-0016
Hensley, Dorothy        Favorites Picture        1978-0033
Hensley, Dorothy        Senior Picture        1978-0038
Hensley, Dorothy        Award Picture        1978-0095
Hensley, Joan                Picture, 1st Grade          1952-0065
Hensley, John C.           Picture, High School Faculty    1951-0025
Hensley, Joy                  Junior Picture        1942-0025
Hensley, Kevin            1st Grade Picture        1973-0044
Hensley, R.J., City Garage                    Advertisement              1918-0024
Herald Publishing                    Advertisement              1953-0104
Herald Publishing                    Advertisement              1954-0071
Herbert, Buddy              Freshman Picture        1956-0030
Herbert, Edwin               Picture, 7th Grade          1954-0034
Herbert, Edwin               8th Grade Picture        1955-0032
Herbert, Mary                Picture, 7th Grade          1954-0034
Herbert, Mary                8th Grade Picture        1955-0032
Herbert, Mary                Freshman Picture        1956-0031
Herbert, Shirley             Picture, Junior         1954-0021
Hercher, Becky             Faculty Picture        1976-0036
Hercher, Rebecca         Faculty Picture        1975-0011
Herd's Hamburger Stand                    Advertisement              1953-0104
Herd's Hamburger Stand                    Advertisement              1954-0085
Herrera, Dawn              4th Grade Picture        1970-0045
Herrera, Dawn              5th Grade Picture        1971-0033
Herrera, Dawn              Favorites Picture        1971-0044
Herrera, Dawn              6th Grade Picture        1972-0032
Herrera, Dawn              7th Grade Picture        1973-0032
Herrera, Dawn              8th Grade Picture        1974-0037
Herrera, Dawn              Award Picture        1974-0114
Herrera, Dawn              Freshman Picture        1975-0030
Herrera, Dawn                    Sophomore Picture      1976-0018
Herrera, Dawn              Class Officer Picture               1976-0019
Herrera, Dawn              Queen Picture        1976-0070
Herrera, Dawn              Junior Picture        1977-0016
Herrera, Debbie            Favorites Picture        1971-0044
Herrera, Debbie            Favorites Picture        1972-0044
Herrera, Debbie            5th Grade Picture        1973-0036
Herrera, Debbie            Favorites Picture        1973-0053
Herrera, Debbie            Class Officer Picture               1974-0040
Herrera, Debbie            6th Grade Picture        1974-0041
Herrera, Debbie            7th Grade Picture        1975-0034
Herrera, Debbie            8th Grade Picture        1976-0022
Herrera, Debbie            Class Officer Picture               1976-0023
Herrera, Debbie            Freshman Picture        1977-0024
Herrera, Deborah         3rd Grade Picture        1971-0035
Herrera, Deborah Denise                    2nd Grade Picture         1970-0047
Herrin Motor Co                    Advertisement              1946-0131
Herrin Motor Co                    Advertisement              1948-0161
Herrin Motor Co                    Advertisement              1950-0099
Herring, Arthur              3rd Grade                    1918-0017
Herring, Bernice            2nd Grade                    1918-0016
Herring, Brenda            Freshman Picture        1964-0037
Herring, Brenda            Favorites Picture        1964-0038
Herring, Ella                    Homecoming Picture   1967-0042
Herring, Eloise               4th Grade Picture        1939-0031
Herring, Eloise               Choral Club Group Picture      1939-0041
Herring, Eloise               Picture, Yearbook Staff              1946-0013
Herring, Eloise               Picture, Senior         1946-0025
Herring, James               2nd Grade Picture        1958-0042
Herring, James               3rd Grade Picture        1959-0041
Herring, James              4th Grade Picture        1960-0040
Herring, James              5th Grade Picture        1961-0043
Herring, Jim, Mrs.        PTA Officer Picture               1961-0063
Herring, Jimmy               1st Grade Picture        1957-0041
Herring, Jimmy             6th Grade Picture        1962-0040
Herring, L.S., Mrs.                    Homecoming Officers Picture                    1966-0046
Herring, L.S., Mrs.                    Homecoming Officers Picture                    1967-0042
Herring, Larry               7th Grade Picture        1964-0041
Herring, Marge             PTA Officer Picture               1960-0061
Herring, Margie            PTA Officer Picture               1962-0059
Herring, Mark                1st Grade Picture        1959-0043
Herring, Mark               2nd Grade Picture        1960-0042
Herring, Mark               3rd Grade Picture        1961-0045
Herring, Mark               4th Grade Picture        1962-0042
Herring, Red, Mrs.       PTA Past President Picture          1969-0054
Herring, Russell           4th Grade Picture        1964-0044
Herring's Perrin Grocery                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0075
Herring's Perrin Grocery                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0102
Herring's Perrin Grocery                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0100
Herring's Perrin Grocery                    Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0122
Herring's Perrin Grocery                    Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0110
Herrira, Debbie             4th Grade Picture        1972-0034
Hershell, Blocker           Absent on class picture day          1951-0055
Hestand, Audra             3rd Grade                    1918-0017
Hestand, Clifford           6th Grade                    1918-0018
Hestand, Herman          1st Grade                    1918-0016
Hickey, Bill                    8th Grade Picture        1978-0054
Hickey, Billy                 7th Grade Picture        1977-0030
Hickey, Billy                 Freshman Picture        1979-0034
Hickey, Billy                 Class Officer Picture               1979-0035
Hickey, Ethel                    Sophomore Picture      1973-0026
Hickey, Ethel                Junior Picture        1974-0031
Hickey, Ethel                Senior Picture        1975-0024
Hickey, Ethel                Favorites Picture        1975-0046
Hickey, Jean                 Freshman Picture        1964-0037
Hickey, Jean                    Sophomore Picture      1965-0025
Hickey, Jean                 Junior Picture        1966-0023
Hickey, Jube                 Senior Picture        1973-0021
Hickey, Jube                 Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1973-0115
Hickey, Rose                Freshman Picture        1974-0035
Hickey, Rose                    Sophomore Picture      1975-0028
Hickey, Rose                Junior Picture        1976-0016
Hickey, Rose                Class Officer Picture               1976-0017
Hickey, Rose                Senior Picture        1977-0013
Hickman, Dan               4th Grade Picture        1978-0061
Higgins, Doris              8th Grade Picture        1965-0028
Higgins, Doris              Freshman Picture        1966-0028
Higgins, Doris                    Sophomore Picture      1967-0025
Higgins, Doris              Junior Picture        1968-0021
Higgins, Doris              Senior Picture        1969-0023
Higgins, Doris              Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1969-0105
Higgins, Henry             Freshman Picture        1961-0036
Higgins, Henry                    Sophomore Picture      1962-0030
Higgins, Henry             Junior Picture        1963-0022
Higgins, Henry             Senior Picture        1964-0019
Higgins, Henry             Favorites Picture        1964-0025
Higgins, Lloyd             3rd Grade Picture        1965-0033
Higgins, Lloyd             4th Grade Picture        1966-0034
Higgins, Lloyd             5th Grade Picture        1967-0031
Higgins, Lloyd             Favorites Picture        1967-0036
Higgins, Lloyd             6th Grade Picture        1968-0028
Higgins, Lloyd             7th Grade Picture        1969-0039
Higgins, Lloyd             8th Grade Picture        1970-0038
Higgins, Lloyd             Class Officer Picture               1971-0028
Higgins, Lloyd             Freshman Picture        1971-0028
Higgins, Lloyd                    Sophomore Picture      1972-0027
Higgins, Lloyd             Junior Picture        1973-0024
Higgins, Lloyd             Class Officer Picture               1973-0025
Higgins, Lloyd             Senior Picture        1974-0029
Higgins, Lloyd             Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1974-0121
Higgins, Stephen         7th Grade Picture        1966-0031
Higgins, Stephen         Favorites Picture        1966-0043
Higgins, Steve              6th Grade Picture        1965-0030
Higgins, Steve              Freshman Picture        1968-0025
Higgins, Steve                    Sophomore Picture      1969-0031
Higgins, Steve              Junior Picture        1970-0027
Higgins, Steve              Favorites Picture        1970-0053
Higgins, Steve              Class Officer Picture               1971-0022
Higgins, Steve              Senior Picture        1971-0022
Higgins, Steve              Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1971-0107
Higgins, Steve A.        8th Grade Picture        1967-0028
Higgins, Tommy          Freshman Picture        1961-0036
Higgins, Tommy                    Sophomore Picture      1962-0030
Higgins, Tommy          Junior Picture        1963-0022
Higgins, Tommy          Senior Picture        1964-0020
Hill, Audine                    Junior Picture        1939-0022
Hill, Audine                    Home Ec. Group Picture                1939-0043
Hill, Audine                    Typing Class Group Picture     1939-0046
Hill, Betty Ann              2nd Grade Picture        1939-0033
Hill, Betty Ann              Group Picture        1939-0040
Hill, Bige     6th Grade   1918-0022
Hill, Billie    3rd Grade Picture                    1939-0032
Hill, Billy     Group Picture                    1939-0040
Hill, Carlton                    Picture, 6th Grade          1947-0073
Hill, Carlton                    Picture, 7th Grade          1948-0071
Hill, Carlton                    Picture, 8th Grade          1949-0061
Hill, Carlton                    Picture, Freshman   1950-0039
Hill, Carlton                    Picture, Sophomore                    1951-0057
Hill, Carlton                    Picture, Junior         1952-0039
Hill, Carlton                    Picture, Senior         1953-0015
Hill, Carlton                    Picture, Basketball Beau            1953-0050
Hill, Charles                    3rd Grade Picture        1939-0032
Hill, Charles                    Group Picture        1939-0040
Hill, Curtis  Picture, 4th Grade                    1947-0071
Hill, Curtis  Picture, 5th Grade                    1948-0069
Hill, Curtis  Picture, 7th Grade                    1950-0043
Hill, Curtis Ray              Picture, 6th Grade          1949-0059
Hill, Earl      Picture, 1st Grade                    1951-0073
Hill, Earl      Picture, 1st Grade                    1952-0065
Hill, Earl      7th Grade Picture                    1958-0037
Hill, Earl, Jr.                    4th Grade Picture        1955-0036
Hill, Earl, Jr.                    5th Grade Picture        1956-0037
Hill, Earl, Jr.                    6th Grade Picture        1957-0036
Hill, Eral      Picture, 2nd Grade                    1953-0042
Hill, Evelyn Picture, 8th Grade                    1947-0075
Hill, Evlyn   Picture, Freshman                    1948-0057
Hill, Finis    1st Grade   1918-0021
Hill, Helen   7th Grade Picture                    1939-0028
Hill, Helen   Volleyball, Girls Group Picture        1939-0038
Hill, James  Freshman Picture                    1955-0029
Hill, Jessie, Mrs.           Piano Teacher      1961-0012
Hill, Jimmy  Picture, 4th Grade                    1950-0045
Hill, Jimmy  Picture, 5th Grade                    1951-0069
Hill, Jimmy  Picture, 6th Grade                    1952-0061
Hill, Jimmy  Picture, 7th Grade                    1953-0035
Hill, Jimmy  Picture, 8th Grade                    1954-0033
Hill, Jimmy  Sophomore Picture                    1956-0027
Hill, Jimmy  Junior Picture                    1957-0023
Hill, Jimmy  Senior Picture                    1958-0019
Hill, Jimmy  Favorites Picture                    1958-0050
Hill, Jimmy  Favorites Picture                    1958-0055
Hill, Jr., Earl                    Picture, 3rd Grade          1954-0038
Hill, Leeta   Picture, Junior Officer                    1950-0029
Hill, Leeta   Picture, Senior Girls Basketball  1950-0063
Hill, Leetta  Picture, 8th Grade                    1947-0075
Hill, Leta     Senior Picture                    1939-0017
Hill, Leta     Volleyball, Girls Group Picture        1939-0037
Hill, Leta     Home Ec. Group Picture        1939-0043
Hill, Leta     FHT History                    1942-0065
Hill, Letta    Picture, Sophomore                    1949-0045
Hill, Letta    Volley Ball Girls                    1949-0081
Hill, Lora     5th Grade   1918-0022
Hill, Marcell                    4th Grade Picture        1939-0031
Hill, Marcell                    Choral Club Group Picture      1939-0041
Hill, Mary   Picture, Freshman                    1948-0055
Hill, Mitchell                  2nd Grade                     1918-0022
Hill, Moody                  Faculty Picture        1975-0016
Hill, Moody C.              Faculty Picture        1974-0020
Hill, Velma Deen            6th Grade Picture        1939-0029
Hill, Velma Deen            Choral Club Group Picture      1939-0041
Hill, Velma Deen                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Hillcrest Courts                    Advertisement              1953-0104
Hillcrest Motel, Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0082
Hilley's Pharmacy, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0099
Hill-Moore Nash Co                    Advertisement              1949-0123
Hills             Advertisement                    1948-0165
Hill's Café - Grocery                    Advertisement              1946-0135
Hills Wearing Apparel                    Advertisement              1947-0165
Himilton, Wilma             Picture, Sophomore                    1949-0045
Hinds, Edward               5th Grade Picture        1959-0039
Hinds, Edward              6th Grade Picture        1960-0038
Hinds, Louise                3rd Grade Picture        1959-0041
Hinds, Louise               4th Grade Picture        1960-0040
Hinds, Stella Jo              1st Grade Picture        1959-0043
Hinds, Stella Jo            1st Grade Picture        1960-0043
History of F.F.A. Chapter                    FFA History                  1942-0063
Hitts Cleaner                    Advertisement              1951-0159
Hi-Way Café                    Advertisement              1951-0143
Hi-Way Café                    Advertisement              1953-0090
Hi-Way Café                    Advertisement              1954-0089
Hiway Café - Bessie Boydstun                    Advertisement/Picture                    1957-0098
Hobbs, Jimmie               Junior Play Cast            1942-0061
Hobbs, Jimmie Ruth      7th Grade Picture        1939-0028
Hobbs, Jimmie Ruth      Choral Club Group Picture      1939-0041
Hobbs, Jimmie Ruth      Junior Picture        1942-0025
Hobbs, W.A.                 4th Grade Picture        1939-0031
Hobbs, W.A.                 Choral Club Group Picture      1939-0041
Hobby's Car Wash, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1978-0142
Hobson, Amy               6th Grade Picture        1979-0040
Hobson, Jonathan       8th Grade Picture        1979-0038
Hockaday Feed & Produce                    Advertisement              1952-0125
Hockaday Feed & Produce                    Advertisement              1953-0106
Hockaday Feed & Produce                    Advertisement              1954-0065
Hodge's Garage                    Advertisement              1949-0135
Hodge's Garage                    Advertisement              1950-0092
Hodges Laundry                    Advertisement              1947-0141
Hodges, H.L.                  5th Grade Picture        1957-0037
Hodges, H.L.                  6th Grade Picture        1958-0038
Hodges, H.L., Jr.            3rd Grade Picture        1955-0037
Hodges, H.L., Jr.            4th Grade Picture        1956-0038
Hodges, Jr., H.L.            Picture, 1st Grade          1953-0041
Hodges, Jr., H.L.            Picture, 2nd Grade  1954-0039
Hodges, Lena                Picture, Grade School Faculty  1947-0025
Hodges, Lorena             Picture, 3rd Grade          1947-0071
Hodges, Lorena             Picture, 4th Grade          1948-0067
Hodges, Lorena             Picture, 5th Grade          1949-0059
Hodges, Lorena             Picture, 7th Grade          1951-0067
Hodges, Lorena             Picture, 8th Grade          1952-0057
Hodges, Lorena             Junior Picture        1955-0022
Hodges, Lorena             Senior Picture        1956-0017
Hodges, Lorene             Picture, Freshmen   1953-0030
Hodges, Lorene             Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0025
Hodges, Mary               Picture, 6th Grade          1950-0044
Hodges, Velma              Picture, 5th Grade          1947-0073
Hodges, Wilma              Picture, 6th Grade          1948-0069
Hodges, Wilma              Picture, 8th Grade          1950-0043
Hodges, Wilma              Picture, Freshman   1951-0061
Hodges, Wilma              Picture, Sophomore                    1952-0045
Hodges, Wilma              Picture, Junior         1953-0022
Hodges, Wilma              Picture, Senior         1954-0015
Hodges, Wilma Lee      Picture, 7th Grade          1949-0061
Hoffmans Dept Store                    Advertisement              1952-0113
Hoffman's Dept Store                    Advertisement              1953-0096
Hoffman's Dept Store                    Advertisement              1954-0075
Hollis, Bill  1st Grade Picture                    1979-0048
Hollis, Tammy                    Kindergarten Picture   1979-0049
Holman, Barbara          3rd Grade Picture        1963-0039
Holman, Donnie           Freshman Picture        1977-0025
Holman, Donnie                    Sophomore Picture      1978-0046
Holman, Donnie           Junior Picture        1979-0030
Holman, James             6th Grade Picture        1977-0032
Holman, James             7th Grade Picture        1978-0056
Holman, James             8th Grade Picture        1979-0038
Holman, Larry               8th Grade Picture        1977-0028
Holman, Larry               Freshman Picture        1978-0051
Holman, Larry                    Sophomore Picture      1979-0032
Holman, Marsha          PTA Officer Picture               1978-0016
Holman, Mary Ruth     5th Grade Picture        1963-0037
Holman, Thomas          4th Grade Picture        1963-0038
Holman, Tim                 3rd Grade Picture        1977-0036
Holman, Tim                 4th Grade Picture        1978-0061
Holman, Timothy         5th Grade Picture        1979-0044
Holmes, Gordon            7th Grade                    1918-0018
Holt Hardware Co                    Advertisement              1918-0028
Holub, Starla                    Sophomore Picture      1979-0032
Homemaking building Picture of Building     1960-0007
Homemaking Club         Picture, Group         1948-0101
Homemaking Club         Picture, Group         1949-0095
Homer Hodges Garage                    Advertisement              1951-0167
Homer, Darla                 2nd Grade Picture        1972-0036
Hooten, Geneva           PTA Officer Picture               1962-0059
Hooten, Laura              7th Grade Picture        1960-0037
Hooten, Laura              Freshman Picture        1962-0034
Hooten, Laura              Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1965-0018
Hooten, Laura Jane                    Sophomore Picture      1939-0024
Hooten, Laura Jane       Home Ec. Group Picture                1939-0043
Hooten, Laura Lee        Picture, 1st Grade          1954-0040
Hooten, Laura Lee        2nd Grade Picture        1955-0038
Hooten, Laura Lee        3rd Grade Picture        1956-0039
Hooten, Laura Lee        4th Grade Picture        1957-0038
Hooten, Laura Lee        5th Grade Picture        1958-0039
Hooten, Laura Lee        6th Grade Picture        1959-0038
Hooten, Laura Lee       8th Grade Picture        1961-0040
Hooten, Laura Lee                    Sophomore Picture      1963-0026
Hooten, Laura Lee       Junior Picture        1964-0028
Hooten, Laura Lee       Queen Picture        1964-0054
Hooten, Laura Lee       Sweetheart Picture        1964-0056
Hooten, Laura Lee       Senior Picture        1965-0016
Hooten, Laura Lee       Favorites Picture        1965-0037
Hooten, Linda                Favorites Picture        1957-0053
Hooten, Linda                Favorites Picture        1958-0054
Hooten, Linda Fay        Picture, 8th Grade          1954-0033
Hooten, Linda Fay        Picture Grade School Queen    1954-0048
Hooten, Linda Fay        Freshman Picture        1955-0029
Hooten, Linda Fay                    Sophomore Picture      1956-0027
Hooten, Linda Fay        Junior Picture        1957-0023
Hooten, Linda Fay        Senior Picture        1958-0019
Hooten, Mr. & Mrs.    Room Parent Picture               1963-0028
Hooten, R. B.                School Board Picture                1963-0007
Hooten, R.B.                 School Board Picture                1964-0010
Hooten, R.R.                 School Board Picture                1965-0009
Hooten, R.R., Mrs.       PTA Officer Picture               1961-0063
Hooten, Raymond, Mr. & Mrs.                    Room Parent Picture    1965-0016
Hooten, Willis               Senior Picture        1939-0018
Horan, Joe 1st Grade Picture                    1963-0041
Horan, Joe 3rd Grade Picture                    1965-0033
Horan, Joe Bill              2nd Grade Picture        1964-0046
Horan, Joe Bill              King Picture        1964-0060
Horan, Joe Bill              4th Grade Picture        1966-0034
Horan, Joe Bill              Favorites Picture        1966-0043
Horan, Joe Bill              5th Grade Picture        1967-0031
Horan, Joe Bill              6th Grade Picture        1968-0028
Horan, Joe Bill              7th Grade Picture        1969-0039
Horan, Joe Bill              8th Grade Picture        1970-0038
Horan, Joe Bill              Freshman Picture        1971-0028
Horan, Martha              1st Grade Picture        1965-0035
Horan, Martha              2nd Grade Picture        1966-0036
Horan, Martha              3rd Grade Picture        1967-0033
Horan, Martha              4th Grade Picture        1968-0030
Horan, Martha              5th Grade Picture        1969-0042
Horan, Martha              6th Grade Picture        1970-0040
Horan, Martha              7th Grade Picture        1971-0031
Horan, Martha              8th Grade Picture        1972-0030
Horan, Martha              Freshman Picture        1973-0028
Horan, Martha              Queen Picture        1973-0056
Horan, Martha                    Sophomore Picture      1974-0033
Horan, Martha              Junior Picture        1975-0026
Horan, Martha LaVerne                    Senior Picture               1976-0012
Horner, Darla                3rd Grade Picture        1973-0040
Horner, Darla                4th Grade Picture        1974-0045
Horner, Deana              4th Grade Picture        1972-0034
Horner, Deana              5th Grade Picture        1973-0036
Horner, Deana              6th Grade Picture        1974-0041
Horton, Early                 8th Grade                    1918-0019
Horton, Juriel Douglas 1st Grade Picture        1939-0034
Horton, Juriel Douglas Group Picture        1939-0040
Horton, Ramond            5th Grade                    1918-0018
Hotel Barber Shop                    Advertisement              1948-0143
Hotel Barber Shop                    Advertisement              1949-0127
Hotel Drug Advertisement                    1946-0131
Hotel Drug Advertisement                    1947-0141
Hotel Drug Advertisement                    1952-0129
Hotel Rexall Drug                    Advertisement              1950-0093
Hotel Rexall Drug                    Advertisement              1953-0089
Hotel Rexall Drug                    Advertisement              1954-0084
House, Gwen                 Picture, Junior         1951-0047
House, Gwen                 Picture, Most Popular Girl - Junior              1951-0085
House, Gwen                 Picture, Annual Staff                 1952-0013
House, Gwen                 Picture, Senior Class Officers   1952-0027
House, Gwen                 Picture, Senior         1952-0029
House, Gwen                 Picture, FFA Sweetheart           1952-0075
House, Gwen                Freshman Picture        1968-0025
House, Gwen                 Picture, Senior Girls Basketball                    1950-0063
House, Gwendloyn       Picture, Sophomore                    1950-0035
House, Gwendolyn       Picture, 7th Grade          1947-0075
House, Gwendolyn       Picture, 8th Grade          1948-0071
House, Gwendolyn       Picture, Freshman   1949-0049
House, Gwenell            2nd Grade Picture        1961-0046
House, Larry                  3rd Grade Picture        1957-0039
House, Larry                 7th Grade Picture        1961-0041
House, Larry                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0032
House, Larry                 Junior Picture        1965-0023
House, Larry                 Senior Picture        1966-0020
House, Larry                 Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1966-0093
House, Lee                    4th Grade Picture        1979-0045
House, Loreda              3rd Grade Picture        1968-0031
House, Loreda              4th Grade Picture        1969-0043
House, Loreda              5th Grade Picture        1970-0044
House, Loreda              6th Grade Picture        1972-0032
House, Loreda              Favorites Picture        1972-0043
House, Mark                 4th Grade Picture        1961-0044
House, Mark                 Freshman Picture        1966-0028
House, Mark                    Sophomore Picture      1967-0025
House, Mark                 Junior Picture        1968-0021
House, Mark                 Senior Picture        1969-0023
House, Mark                 Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1969-0105
House, Marvin              2nd Grade Picture        1957-0040
House, Marvin             5th Grade Picture        1961-0043
House, Marvin             Freshman Picture        1965-0027
House, Marvin                    Sophomore Picture      1966-0026
House, Marvin             Favorites Picture        1967-0022
House, Marvin             Senior Picture        1968-0019
House, Marvin             Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1968-0093
House, Marvin Lee      Junior Picture        1967-0023
House, Mrs.                   Cafeteria Worker Picture             1959-0012
House, Natha               Senior Picture        1966-0021
House, Patsy                7th Grade Picture        1968-0027
House, Patsy                8th Grade Picture        1969-0038
House, Patsy                Freshman Picture        1970-0035
House, Patsy                    Sophomore Picture      1971-0026
House, Patsy                Junior Picture        1972-0024
House, Scott                 2nd Grade Picture        1974-0049
House, Scott                 7th Grade Picture        1979-0039
Houston, Kimberly      4th Grade Picture        1979-0045
Houston, Melanie        2nd Grade Picture        1979-0047
Houston, Mrs.              Faculty Picture        1979-0010
Howard Nevils Oil and Gas leases                    Advertisement              1951-0163
Howard, Cleta               PTA Officer Picture               1970-0056
Howard, Craig              2nd Grade Picture        1968-0032
Howard, Craig              Favorites Picture        1968-0035
Howard, Craig              3rd Grade Picture        1969-0044
Howard, Craig              4th Grade Picture        1970-0045
Howard, Craig              5th Grade Picture        1971-0033
Howard, J.P.                   3rd Grade                    1918-0017
Howard, Kim                 4th Grade Picture        1968-0030
Howard, Kim                 Favorites Picture        1968-0035
Howard, Kim                 5th Grade Picture        1969-0042
Howard, Kim                 6th Grade Picture        1970-0040
Howard, Kim                 7th Grade Picture        1971-0031
Howard, Susie              6th Grade Picture        1968-0028
Howard, Susie              7th Grade Picture        1969-0039
Howard, Susie              8th Grade Picture        1970-0038
Howard, Susie              Freshman Picture        1971-0029
Howland, Allie               1st Grade                    1918-0016
Howland, Herman         3rd Grade                    1918-0017
Howland, Sidney           2nd Grade                    1918-0016
Howry, N.A.                   Address to Senior by Superintendent               1946-0011
Howry, N.A.                   Picture, School Board                1948-0019
Howry, N.A.                   Picture, High School Faculty    1948-0023
Howry, N.A.                   Picture, High School Faculty    1949-0021
Howry, N.A. Superintendent                    Photograph                   1947-0017
Howry, N.A. Superintendent                    Photograph                   1948-0017
Howry, N.A., Superintendent                    Photograph                   1949-0015
Howry, Norman             Picture, High School Faculty    1946-0017
Howry, Norman, Superintendent                    Picture, High School Faculty                    1947-0023
Huddleston, Angellina                    2nd Grade Picture         1977-0037
Huddleston, Troy        4th Grade Picture        1977-0035
Hudson, Danny Joe    7th Grade Picture        1968-0027
Hudson, Elton               7th Grade Picture        1958-0037
Hudson, Gary                5th Grade Picture        1958-0039
Hudson, Justin             7th Grade Picture        1968-0027
Hudson, Ronnie           Freshman Picture        1968-0025
Hudson, Wayne            8th Grade Picture        1958-0036
Hudson, Wayne            Freshman Picture        1959-0033
Hudson, Wayne                    Sophomore Picture      1960-0029
Hudson, Wayne          Junior Picture        1961-0029
Hudson, Wayne          Senior Picture        1962-0020
Huff, Lucy Marie           Picture, Junior         1947-0043
Huffaker's Garage                    Advertisement              1954-0090
Huffstuttler, Wyona     Picture, Grade School Faculty  1947-0025
Hughes Bros. Grocery                    Advertisement              1954-0065
Hughes Hobby House & Museum, Jacksboro - Sam & Mary Hughes                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0083
Hughes Hobby House & Museum, Jacksboro - Sam & Mary Hughes                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0124
Hughes Hobby House & Museum, Jacksboro - Sam & Mary Hughes                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0133
Hughes, Alta Faye        Freshman Picture        1939-0026
Hughes, Alta Faye        Home Ec. Group Picture                1939-0043
Hughes, Alta Faye        Theatre Group Picture                1939-0044
Hughes, Don Leta         2nd Grade Picture        1939-0033
Hughes, Don Leta         Group Picture        1939-0040
Hughitt, Kenneth                    Kindergarten Picture   1978-0065
Hughitt, Kenneth         1st Grade Picture        1979-0048
Hughitt, Kenneth         King Picture        1979-0091
Hughitt, Michael          2nd Grade Picture        1977-0037
Hughitt, Michael          3rd Grade Picture        1978-0062
Hughitt, Michael          4th Grade Picture        1979-0045
Hull Chevrolet                    Advertisement              1950-0085
Hull Chevrolet                    Advertisement              1951-0027
Hull Chevrolet                    Advertisement              1952-0109
Hull Chevrolet Co                    Advertisement              1946-0125
Hull Chevrolet Co                    Advertisement              1947-0131
Hull Chevrolet Co                    Advertisement              1948-0117
Hull Chevrolet Co                    Advertisement              1949-0113
Hull Chevrolet Co                    Advertisement              1953-0107
Hull Chevrolet Co                    Advertisement              1954-0067
Hull Chevrolet Co., Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1957-0093
Hull Chevrolet Co., Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1958-0097
Hull Chevrolet Co., Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0092
Hull Chevrolet Co., Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0097
Hull Chevrolet Co., Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0130
Hull Chevrolet Co., Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0115
Hull Chevrolet Co., Jacksboro - Aaron Hull                    Advertisement/Picture                    1955-0076
Hull, Clydia                    Picture, 4th Grade          1951-0071
Hull, Donald                   Picture, 6th Grade          1951-0069
Hulsey, J.W.                 County Agent Picture               1962-0058
Hulsey, J.W.                 County Agent Picture               1963-0052
Hulsey, J.W.                 County Agent Picture               1965-0049
Humble Café - Mr. & Mrs. Hooten                    Advertisement/Picture                    1955-0092
Humble Oil & Refg Co                    Advertisement              1953-0093
Humble Oil & Refg Co                    Advertisement              1954-0077
Humble Oil & Refining Co., Mineral Wells - Jerome Self                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0098
Humble Oil & Refining Co., Mineral Wells - Jerome Self                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0083
Humble Products                    Advertisement              1954-0090
Humble Station & Café - Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Rankin       Advertisement/Picture                    1958-0107
Humble Station & Café - T.J. & Margaret Patton           Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0110
Humble Station & Café -T.J. & Margaret Patton           Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0117
Humble Station & Café -T.J. & Margaret Patton           Advertisement/Picture                    1961-0123
Humble Station & Café -T.J. & Margaret Patton           Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0111
Humble Station & Café -T.J. & Margaret Patton           Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0108
Humphries, Jim             Bus Driver Picture        1967-0015
Humphries, Jim E.        Faculty Picture        1967-0016
Hungerford, Dana        5th Grade Picture        1976-0028
Hungerford, Dana        6th Grade Picture        1977-0032
Hungerford, Dana        7th Grade Picture        1978-0056
Hungerford, Dana        8th Grade Picture        1979-0038
Hungerford, Kellie       1st Grade Picture        1976-0032
Hungerford, Kellie       2nd Grade Picture        1977-0037
Hungerford, Kellie       3rd Grade Picture        1978-0062
Hungerford, Kellie       4th Grade Picture        1979-0045
Hungerford, Michael   Junior Picture        1978-0042
Hungerford, Mike        8th Grade Picture        1975-0032
Hungerford, Mike        Freshman Picture        1976-0020
Hungerford, Mike                    Sophomore Picture      1977-0020
Hungerford, Sheri        7th Grade Picture        1977-0030
Hungerford, Sheri        8th Grade Picture        1978-0054
Hungerford, Sheri        Freshman Picture        1979-0034
Hungerford, Sherri       6th Grade Picture        1976-0026
Hunt, Eddie                   1st Grade Picture        1967-0035
Hunt, Mark                   1st Grade Picture        1968-0033
Hunter, James P.                    Kindergarten Picture   1977-0039
Hunter, James Paul      1st Grade Picture        1978-0064
Hunter, James Paul      2nd Grade Picture        1979-0047
Hurd Oil Field Equip. - H.D. Hurd, L.J. 'Gubber' Adams     Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0083
Hurd Oilfield Service, Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0106
Huskey, Sarah              6th Grade Picture        1975-0036
Huskey, Sarah              7th Grade Picture        1976-0024
Huskey, Sarah              Favorites Picture        1977-0029
Huskey, Sarah              Freshman Picture        1978-0051
Huskey, Sarah              Favorites Picture        1979-0024
Huskey, Sarah                    Sophomore Picture      1979-0032
Husky, Sarah                8th Grade Picture        1977-0028
Hutcheson Royce         Junior Picture        1939-0022
Hutcheson, Billy Ray   2nd Grade Picture        1939-0033
Hutcheson, Billy Ray   Group Picture        1939-0040
Hutcheson, Clyde         6th Grade Picture        1939-0029
Hutcheson, Ernestine                    Sophomore Picture      1939-0024
Hutcheson, Ernestine   Home Ec. Group Picture                1939-0043
Hutcheson, Ernestine   Theatre Group Picture                1939-0044
Hutcheson, Marce        Group Picture        1939-0014
Hutcheson, Marce        Senior Picture        1939-0016
Hutcheson, Marce        Basketball Group Picture                1939-0036
Hutcheson, Royce        Basketball Group Picture                1939-0036
Hutton, Bobby              Picture, 5th Grade          1947-0073
Hutton, Bobby              Picture, 6th Grade          1948-0069
Hutton, Bobby              Picture, 7th Grade          1949-0061
Hutton, Bobby              Picture, 8th Grade          1950-0043
Hutton, Bobby              Picture, Freshman   1951-0061
Hutton, Bobby              Picture, Sophomore                    1952-0045
Hutton, Bobby              Picture, Sophomore Favorite Boy                1952-0073
Hutton, Bobby              Picture, Junior         1953-0021
Hutton, Bobby              Picture, Junior Favorite Boy     1953-0049
Hutton, Bobby              Picture, Senior         1954-0015
Hutton, Bobby              Picture, Senior Best All Around Girl           1954-0018
Hutton, Bobby              Picture -High School Basketball Beau         1954-0045
Hutton, Bobby              Picture -High School Senior Favorite Boy  1954-0046
Hutton, Bobby              Picture Most Athletic Boy       1954-0049
Hutton, Bobby             School Board Picture                1970-0014
Hutton, Bobby             School Board Picture                1971-0012
Hutton, Bobby             School Board Picture                1972-0014
Hutton, Bobby             School Board Picture                1973-0012
Hutton, Bobby             School Board Picture                1974-0017
Hutton, Bobby             School Board Picture                1975-0014
Hutton, Bobby             School Board Picture                1976-0034
Hutton, Bobby             School Board Picture                1977-0010
Hutton, Bobby             School Board Picture                1978-0016
Hutton, Bobby, Mrs.   PTA Officer Picture               1967-0058
Hutton, Brad                    Kindergarten Picture   1976-0033
Hutton, Brad                 Favorites Picture        1976-0050
Hutton, Brad                 1st Grade Picture        1977-0038
Hutton, Brad                 Favorites Picture        1978-0059
Hutton, Brad                 2nd Grade Picture        1978-0063
Hutton, Brad                 3rd Grade Picture        1979-0046
Hutton, Brad                 Favorites Picture        1979-0050
Hutton, Carl                   Picture, 4th Grade          1947-0071
Hutton, Carles               Picture, Freshman   1947-0055
Hutton, Charles             Picture, Sophomore                    1948-0049
Hutton, Charles             Picture, Basketball                      1948-0095
Hutton, Charles             Picture, Junior         1949-0037
Hutton, Charles             Picture, Basketball                      1949-0087
Hutton, Charles             Picture, Senior         1950-0022
Hutton, Charles             Picture, Senior Boys Basketball                   1950-0064
Hutton, David              1st Grade Picture        1964-0047
Hutton, David              2nd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Hutton, David              3rd Grade Picture        1966-0035
Hutton, David              4th Grade Picture        1967-0032
Hutton, David              5th Grade Picture        1968-0029
Hutton, David              6th Grade Picture        1969-0040
Hutton, David              8th Grade Picture        1971-0030
Hutton, F.D.                   Picture, Board of Trustees        1951-0021
Hutton, F.D.                   Picture, School Board                1952-0019
Hutton, F.D.                   Picture, School Board                1953-0012
Hutton, F.D.                   Picture, School Board                1954-0009
Hutton, F.D.                   School Board Picture                1955-0009
Hutton, F.D.                   School Board Picture                1956-0011
Hutton, F.D.                   School Board Picture                1957-0009
Hutton, George E.        Junior Picture        1967-0023
Hutton, George E.        Senior Picture        1968-0019
Hutton, George Ed        1st Grade Picture        1957-0041
Hutton, George Ed        2nd Grade Picture        1958-0042
Hutton, George Ed        3rd Grade Picture        1959-0041
Hutton, George Ed       4th Grade Picture        1960-0040
Hutton, George Ed       5th Grade Picture        1961-0043
Hutton, George Ed       6th Grade Picture        1962-0040
Hutton, George Ed       7th Grade Picture        1963-0035
Hutton, George Ed       8th Grade Picture        1964-0040
Hutton, George Ed       Freshman Picture        1965-0027
Hutton, George Ed       Class Officer Picture               1966-0025
Hutton, George Ed                    Sophomore Picture      1966-0026
Hutton, George Ed       Beau Picture        1967-0047
Hutton, George Ed       Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1968-0093
Hutton, Joey                 1st Grade Picture        1970-0048
Hutton, Joey                 Favorites Picture        1970-0054
Hutton, Joey                 5th Grade Picture        1974-0043
Hutton, Joey                 6th Grade Picture        1975-0036
Hutton, Joey                 7th Grade Picture        1976-0024
Hutton, Joey                 8th Grade Picture        1977-0028
Hutton, Joey                 Freshman Picture        1978-0051
Hutton, Joey                 Favorites Picture        1979-0024
Hutton, Joey                    Sophomore Picture      1979-0032
Hutton, Joseph            2nd Grade Picture        1971-0036
Hutton, Joseph            3rd Grade Picture        1972-0035
Hutton, Joseph            4th Grade Picture        1973-0038
Hutton, Kathie             2nd Grade Picture        1967-0034
Hutton, Katie                1st Grade Picture        1966-0037
Hutton, Katie                3rd Grade Picture        1968-0031
Hutton, Katie                4th Grade Picture        1969-0043
Hutton, Katie                Favorites Picture        1969-0052
Hutton, Katie                6th Grade Picture        1971-0032
Hutton, Katie                7th Grade Picture        1972-0031
Hutton, Katie                8th Grade Picture        1973-0030
Hutton, Katie                Favorites Picture        1973-0052
Hutton, Katie                Freshman Picture        1974-0035
Hutton, Katie                Favorites Picture        1974-0057
Hutton, Katie                    Sophomore Picture      1975-0028
Hutton, Katie                Favorites Picture        1975-0048
Hutton, Katie                Junior Picture        1976-0016
Hutton, Katie                Favorites Picture        1976-0048
Hutton, Katie                Favorites Picture        1977-0049
Hutton, Katie                Favorites Picture        1977-0050
Hutton, Katie Lynn     5th Grade Picture        1970-0044
Hutton, Katie Lynn     Senior Picture        1977-0013
Hutton, L.G.                   School Board Picture                1959-0009
Hutton, L.G.                  School Board Picture                1960-0011
Hutton, L.G.                  School Board Picture                1961-0011
Hutton, Linda                Picture, 1st Grade          1951-0073
Hutton, Linda                5th Grade Picture        1955-0035
Hutton, Linda                5th Grade Picture        1956-0037
Hutton, Linda               PTA Officer Picture               1968-0039
Hutton, Linda               PTA Officer Picture               1970-0056
Hutton, Linda               PTA Officer Picture               1972-0057
Hutton, Michael           2nd Grade Picture        1969-0045
Hutton, Michael Lynn                    3rd Grade Picture          1970-0046
Hutton, Mike                1st Grade Picture        1968-0033
Hutton, Mike                4th Grade Picture        1971-0034
Hutton, Mike                Favorites Picture        1971-0044
Hutton, Mike                5th Grade Picture        1972-0033
Hutton, Mike                Favorites Picture        1972-0044
Hutton, Mike                6th Grade Picture        1973-0034
Hutton, Mike                Class Officer Picture               1974-0038
Hutton, Mike                7th Grade Picture        1974-0039
Hutton, Mike                8th Grade Picture        1975-0032
Hutton, Mike                Freshman Picture        1976-0020
Hutton, Mike                    Sophomore Picture      1977-0020
Hutton, Mike                Favorites Picture        1977-0022
Hutton, Mike                Junior Picture        1978-0042
Hutton, Mike                Favorites Picture        1979-0014
Hutton, Mike                Favorites Picture        1979-0019
Hutton, Mike                Favorites Picture        1979-0020
Hutton, Mike                Favorites Picture        1979-0022
Hutton, Mike                Senior Picture        1979-0027
Hutton, Mike                Beau Picture        1979-0077
Hutton, Paula                 Picture, 4th Grade          1947-0071
Hutton, Paula                 Picture, 5th Grade          1948-0069
Hutton, Paula                 Picture, 6th Grade          1949-0059
Hutton, Paula                 Picture, 7th Grade          1950-0043
Hutton, Paula                 Picture, 8th Grade          1951-0065
Hutton, Paula                 Picture, Freshman   1952-0051
Hutton, Paula                 Picture, Sophomore                    1953-0026
Hutton, Paula                 Picture, Junior         1954-0021
Hutton, Paula                 Senior Picture        1955-0017
Hutton, Paula                 Favorites Picture        1955-0049
Hutton, Pete                 7th Grade Picture        1970-0039
Hutton, Pete                 Favorites Picture        1970-0051
Hutton, Pete                 Freshman Picture        1972-0028
Hutton, Pete                    Sophomore Picture      1973-0026
Hutton, Pete                 King Picture        1973-0055
Hutton, Pete                 Junior Picture        1974-0031
Hutton, Pete                 Senior Picture        1975-0024
Hutton, Pete                 Favorites Picture        1975-0047
Hutton, Pete                 Football Picture        1975-0072
Hutton, Pete                 Track Award Picture               1975-0095
Hutton, Shad                    Kindergarten Picture   1979-0049
Hutton, Shad                Favorites Picture        1979-0050
Icenhower, Sarah          Picture, Grade School Faculty  1946-0019
Irwin, Corina                  Picture, 7th Grade          1950-0043
Irwin, Derwin                 Picture, 4th Grade          1950-0045
Isbell, Helen Faith         Freshman Group Picture                1942-0039
Israel, Eddy                    Sophomore Picture      1963-0026
J.B. Shirley Pest & Tree Service, Mineral Wells               Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0116
J.C. Patton  Advertisement                    1950-0098
J.C. Penney Co                    Advertisement              1939-0052
J.C. Roy & Sons Blacksmithing                    Advertisement              1951-0147
J.C. Saul Furniture, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0108
J.C. Saul Furniture, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0117
J.C. Saul Furniture, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0102
J.G. Holmes, General Merchandise                    Advertisement              1918-0029
J.H. Mullinax Cotton Buyer                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0073
J.J. Walker Grocery                    Advertisement              1948-0149
J.J. Walker Grocery                    Advertisement              1949-0131
J.R. Younger Magnolia Dealer                    Advertisement              1953-0088
J.S. Ervin Gulf                    Advertisement              1952-0105
J.S. Erwin - Dist Good Products                    Advertisement              1946-0133
J.T. Harman, Effie Luna Insurance                    Advertisement              1951-0153
J.T. Harman, Effie Luna Insurance                    Advertisement              1952-0115
J.W. Dodson Barber                    Advertisement              1948-0149
Jack & Jeff Auto Service, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0119
Jack & Jill Flowers                    Advertisement              1947-0151
Jack & Jill Flowers                    Advertisement              1948-0141
Jack & Jill Flowers                    Advertisement              1949-0125
Jack & Jill Flowers                    Advertisement              1950-0091
Jack & Jill Flowers                    Advertisement              1951-0141
Jack & Jill Flowers                    Advertisement              1952-0105
Jack & Jill Flowers                    Advertisement              1953-0085
Jack & Jill Flowers                    Advertisement              1954-0086
Jack County                      Advertisement              1951-0133
Jack County Elected Officials                    List of names                1952-0133
Jack County Elected Officials                    Advertisement              1953-0078
Jack County Elected Officials                    Advertisement              1954-0088
Jack County Farm Bureau - Chuck Mayfield & Alan Hall                    Advertisement/Picture                    1977-0118
Jack County Farm Bureau - Chuck Mayfield & Kenny Rogers                    Advertisement/Picture                    1976-0121
Jack County Farm Bureau - Chuck Mayfield & Tom Higganbotham                    Advertisement/Picture                    1978-0117
Jack County Farm Bureau - Tom Higganbotham              Advertisement/Picture                    1979-0116
Jack County Hospital                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0114
Jack County Hospital, Jacksboro - A.F. Little                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0127
Jack County Hospital, Jacksboro - J.W. Galloway            Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0084
Jack County Truck & Tractor                    Advertisement              1948-0147
Jack County Truck & Tractor                    Advertisement              1949-0117
Jack County Truck & Tractor                    Advertisement              1950-0088
Jack County Truck & Tractor                    Advertisement              1951-0153
Jack O Lantern Café                    Advertisement              1952-0131
Jack O Lantern Café                    Advertisement              1953-0098
Jack O Lantern Café                    Advertisement              1954-0065
Jackboro Hardware                    Advertisement              1951-0155
Jack-O-Lantern Café                    Advertisement              1951-0161
Jack's Clothes Shop                    Advertisement              1954-0071
Jacksboro Butane Co                    Advertisement              1953-0080
Jacksboro Clinic Hospital                    Advertisement              1949-0127
Jacksboro Dairy                    Advertisement              1951-0131
Jacksboro Gazette-News                    Advertisement              1949-0129
Jacksboro Hardware                    Advertisement              1950-0091
Jacksboro Motor Parts                    Advertisement              1942-0085
Jacksboro National Bank                    Advertisement              1949-0127
Jacksboro National Bank                    Advertisement              1949-0137
Jacksboro National Bank                    Advertisement              1952-0123
Jacksboro National Bank                    Advertisement              1953-0080
Jacksboro National Bank                    Advertisement/Picture                    1957-0093
Jacksboro National Bank                    Advertisement/Picture                    1958-0097
Jacksboro National Bank                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0092
Jacksboro National Bank                    Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0094
Jacksboro National Bank - William Eatherly & others listed                    Advertisement/Picture                    1977-0115
Jacksboro National Bank - William Eatherly & others listed                    Advertisement/Picture                    1978-0118
Jacksboro National Bank - William Eatherly & others listed                    Advertisement/Picture                    1979-0117
Jacksboro National Bank - William Eatherly, Joe E. & S.V. Stark, Jr.                    Advertisement/Picture                    1976-0120
Jacksboro National Bank - William Eatherly, S.V. Stark, Jr. & Sr.                    Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0132
Jacksboro National Bank - William Eatherly, S.V. Stark, Jr. & Sr.                    Advertisement/Picture                    1974-0132
Jacksboro National Bank -S.V. Stark & William M. Eatherly                    Advertisement/Picture                    1971-0126
Jacksboro National Bank -S.V. Stark & William M. Eatherly                    Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0117
Jacksboro National Bank -S.V. Stark, R.C. Christian & William M. Eatherly                    Advertisement/Picture                    1961-0103
Jacksboro National Bank -S.V. Stark, R.C. Christian & William M. Eatherly                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0116
Jacksboro National Bank -S.V. Stark, R.C. Christian & William M. Eatherly                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0094
Jacksboro National Bank -S.V. Stark, R.C. Christian & William M. Eatherly                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0081
Jacksboro National Bank -S.V. Stark, R.C. Christian & William M. Eatherly                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0124
Jacksboro National Bank -S.V. Stark, R.C. Christian & William M. Eatherly                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0124
Jacksboro National Bank -S.V. Stark, William M. Eatherly & Joe Stark                    Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0114
Jacksboro National Bank -S.V. Stark, William M. Eatherly & R.C. Christian                    Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0128
Jacksboro Natonal Bank                    Advertisement              1954-0081
Jacksboro Perrin Butane Gas Co. -Joe Watson & John Pankey                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0109
Jacksboro Perrin Butane Gas Co. -John Watson & John Pankey                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0107
Jacksboro Perrin Butane Gas Co.-Charles & Von Ford & John Pankey                    Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0113
Jacksboro Perrin Butane Gas Co.-John Watson & John Pankey                    Advertisement/Picture                    1961-0102
Jacksboro Tin Shop                    Advertisement              1953-0102
Jacksboro Variety Store                    Advertisement              1942-0085
Jacksboro Variety Store                    Advertisement              1946-0141
Jacksboro Variety Store                    Advertisement              1947-0167
Jacksboro Variety Store                    Advertisement              1948-0165
Jackson Butain                    Advertisement              1954-0073
Jackson Butane Gas                    Advertisement              1953-0092
Jackson Gazette News                    Advertisement              1950-0096
Jackson Tin Shop                    Advertisement              1954-0089
Jackson, Brenda           Senior Picture        1970-0023
Jackson, Brenda Damron                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1970-0104
Jackson, Danny           3rd Grade Picture        1979-0046
Jackson, Jack                 Picture, 2nd Grade  1948-0065
Jackson, Jackie              Picture, 1st Grade          1947-0069
Jackson, Joey               2nd Grade Picture        1979-0047
Jackson, La Rita            7th Grade Picture        1957-0035
Jackson's Jewelry                    Advertisement              1954-0071
Jackson's Servie Station                    Advertisement              1954-0085
Jacktex Shoe Co.                    Advertisement/Picture                    1957-0091
James, Billy                   Favorites Picture        1961-0056
James, Billy Ray           8th Grade Picture        1961-0040
James, J.M.                   Junior Picture        1961-0029
Janette M Bonner, Attorney at Law             Advertisement              1952-0115
Jay H Thetford Insurance                    Advertisement              1953-0104
Jeffries, Carolee             Picture, 4th Grade          1947-0071
Jeffries, Carolee             Picture, 4th Grade          1948-0067
Jennings Auto Body                    Advertisement              1953-0096
Jennings, Audie            Picture, 7th Grade          1950-0043
Jennings, Ava               Picture, 3rd Grade          1950-0045
Jennings, Bobbie          Picture, 1st Grade          1953-0041
Jennings, Lois               Picture, 1st Grade          1953-0041
Jennings, Mona            Picture, 8th Grade          1950-0043
Jennings, Opal               Picture, 5th Grade          1950-0044
Jennings, Wilburn        Picture, 4th Grade          1950-0045
Jimmies Drive In                    Advertisement              1952-0119
Jimmye Middleton        Picture, Girls Basketball             1951-0093
Jo Nell Crum                   Picture, Best Citizen Girl            1946-0083
Joe Harvey's Café                    Advertisement              1951-0139
Joe Rankin  Advertisement                    1947-0167
Joe Russell Filling Station                    Advertisement              1951-0161
Joe Sitton Exxon                    Advertisement/Picture                    1978-0135
Joe Sitton Exxon                    Advertisement/Picture                    1979-0123
Joe Sitton, Exxon                    Advertisement/Picture                    1977-0128
John C Allensworth, MD                    Advertisement              1948-0131
John Deer Dealer                    Advertisement              1954-0091
John H. Tucker, Insurance                    Advertisement              1953-0102
John Pankey Butane Gas Co., Jacksboro  Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0132
John Pankey Butane Gas Co., Jacksboro  Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0121
John Pankey Butane Gas Co., Jacksboro  Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0134
John Pankey Butane Gas Co., Jacksboro  Advertisement/Picture                    1971-0124
John Pankey Butane Gas Co., Jacksboro  Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0120
John Pankey Butane Gas Co., Jacksboro  Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0135
John Pankey Butane Gas Co., Jacksboro - Britton Hanchey & Floyd Martin                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0088
John Pankey Butane Gas Co., Jacksboro - John Watson                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0090
Johnson & Freeman Auto Supply                    Advertisement              1947-0165
Johnson, Ann                2nd Grade Picture        1939-0033
Johnson, Ann                Group Picture        1939-0040
Johnson, Ann                Picture, Sophomore                    1946-0049
Johnson, Ann                Picture, Volleyball  1946-0093
Johnson, Ann                Picture, Junior         1947-0043
Johnson, Ann                Picture, Girl's Volleyball             1947-0123
Johnson, Ann                Picture, Senior         1948-0033
Johnson, Bobbie           Spanish Club Group Picture      1939-0042
Johnson, Bobbie           Picture, Freshman Favorite Boy                   1948-0083
Johnson, Bobbie Louise                    Home Ec. Group Picture                    1939-0043
Johnson, Bobby            Picture, 8th Grade          1947-0075
Johnson, Bobby            Picture, Freshman   1948-0057
Johnson, Bobby            Picture, Sophomore                    1949-0045
Johnson, Bobby            Picture, Junior         1950-0031
Johnson, Bobby          Freshman Picture        1974-0035
Johnson, Bobby            Picture, Senior         1951-0037
Johnson, Bobby            Picture, Boys Basketball           1951-0097
Johnson, Bobby Louise                    Sophomore Picture      1939-0024
Johnson, Bobby Louise                    Volleyball, Girls Group Picture                    1939-0037
Johnson, Connie           Freshman Group Picture                1942-0039
Johnson, Connie           Picture, Yearbook Staff              1946-0013
Johnson, Connie           Picture, Senior         1946-0029
Johnson, Connie           Picture, Basketball Team           1946-0089
Johnson, Connie Gwen                    5th Grade Picture          1939-0030
Johnson, Dewey           Picture, 2nd Grade  1947-0069
Johnson, Dewey           Picture, 3rd Grade          1948-0067
Johnson, Dewey           Picture, 5th Grade          1950-0044
Johnson, Dewey           Picture, 6th Grade          1951-0069
Johnson, Dewey           Picture, 8th Grade          1953-0034
Johnson, Dewey           Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0029
Johnson, Dolly              2nd Grade                      1918-0020
Johnson, Donny          1st Grade Picture        1966-0037
Johnson, Donny          2nd Grade Picture        1967-0034
Johnson, Donny          3rd Grade Picture        1968-0031
Johnson, Donny          4th Grade Picture        1969-0043
Johnson, Donny          Favorites Picture        1969-0052
Johnson, Donny          5th Grade Picture        1970-0044
Johnson, Donny          6th Grade Picture        1971-0032
Johnson, Donny          7th Grade Picture        1972-0031
Johnson, Donny          8th Grade Picture        1973-0030
Johnson, Donny          Freshman Picture        1974-0035
Johnson, Donny                    Sophomore Picture      1975-0028
Johnson, Donny          FFA Team                    1975-0057
Johnson, Donny          Junior Picture        1976-0016
Johnson, Donny          Class Officer Picture               1977-0015
Johnson, Donny Roy  Senior Picture        1977-0013
Johnson, Doris              Picture, Sophomore                    1947-0049
Johnson, Doris              Picture, Junior         1948-0045
Johnson, Doris              Picture, Annual Staff                 1949-0017
Johnson, Doris              Picture, Best Citizen Girl            1949-0069
Johnson, Eddie              1st Grade Picture        1955-0039
Johnson, Eddie              2nd Grade Picture        1956-0040
Johnson, Eddie              3rd Grade Picture        1957-0039
Johnson, Eddie              4th Grade Picture        1958-0040
Johnson, Eddie              5th Grade Picture        1959-0039
Johnson, Eddie            6th Grade Picture        1960-0038
Johnson, Eddie            7th Grade Picture        1961-0041
Johnson, Eddie            8th Grade Picture        1962-0038
Johnson, Eddie            Freshman Picture        1963-0030
Johnson, Eddie                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0032
Johnson, Eddie            Junior Picture        1965-0023
Johnson, Eddie            Senior Picture        1966-0021
Johnson, Eddie            Favorites Picture        1966-0041
Johnson, Eddie            Awards Picture        1966-0091
Johnson, Eddie Joe     Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1966-0093
Johnson, Eddie Joe     Awards Picture        1966-0096
Johnson, Escar              4th Grade                     1918-0020
Johnson, Estellene                    Sophomore Picture      1939-0024
Johnson, Estellene        Spanish Club Group Picture      1939-0042
Johnson, Estellene        Home Ec. Group Picture                1939-0043
Johnson, Estellene        Theatre Group Picture                1939-0044
Johnson, Frieda           2nd Semester Students       1971-0038
Johnson, H.E.               School Board Picture                1964-0010
Johnson, Howard          6th Grade                    1918-0021
Johnson, Jack                Senior Picture        1939-0017
Johnson, Jack                Favorites Picture        1939-0020
Johnson, Jack                Basketball Group Picture                1939-0036
Johnson, James             Picture, Junior         1947-0043
Johnson, James Wade Picture, Sophomore                    1946-0049
Johnson, Jean                Junior Picture        1942-0025
Johnson, Jean                Junior Play Cast            1942-0061
Johnson, Joy                 Freshman Picture        1939-0026
Johnson, Joy                 Senior Picture        1942-0017
Johnson, Landon          7th Grade                    1918-0018
Johnson, Laura              10th Grade                    1918-0019
Johnson, Lena Dee       Picture, Senior         1946-0029
Johnson, Lois               PTA Past President Picture          1969-0054
Johnson, Louie              Picture, 8th Grade          1947-0075
Johnson, Louie              Picture, Freshman   1948-0057
Johnson, Louie              Picture, Sophomore                    1949-0045
Johnson, Louie              Picture, Junior         1950-0031
Johnson, Louie              Picture, Senior Boys Basketball                   1950-0064
Johnson, Louie              Picture, Junior         1951-0049
Johnson, Louie              Picture, Boys Basketball           1951-0097
Johnson, Louis              3rd Grade                     1918-0021
Johnson, Lucile             5th Grade                     1918-0021
Johnson, Luther            8th Grade                    1918-0019
Johnson, Margaret Jean                    7th Grade Picture          1939-0028
Johnson, Margaret Jean                    Volleyball, Girls Group Picture                    1939-0038
Johnson, Margaret Jean                    Choral Club Group Picture                    1939-0041
Johnson, Marlin            Picture, Sophomore                    1946-0049
Johnson, Marlin            Picture, FFA Officers                 1946-0103
Johnson, Marlin            Picture, Boy's Basketball           1947-0119
Johnson, Marlin            Picture, Senior         1948-0033
Johnson, Marlin            Picture, Best Citizen Boy           1948-0081
Johnson, Marlin            Picture, Basketball                      1948-0093
Johnson, Marline          Picture, Junior         1947-0043
Johnson, Martha           Art Teacher      1918-0007
Johnson, Maude           5th Grade                    1918-0018
Johnson, Mildred          4th Grade                    1918-0017
Johnson, Milton            Group Picture        1939-0040
Johnson, Milton            Picture, Parlimentarian               1947-0099
Johnson, Milton            Picture, Senior         1948-0033
Johnson, Milton            Picture, Basketball                      1948-0095
Johnson, Milton            Picture, FFA Officers                 1946-0103
Johnson, Milton Lee    Picture, Sophomore                    1946-0051
Johnson, Monty          1st Grade Picture        1966-0037
Johnson, Monty          2nd Grade Picture        1967-0034
Johnson, Monty          3rd Grade Picture        1968-0031
Johnson, Monty          4th Grade Picture        1969-0043
Johnson, Monty          5th Grade Picture        1970-0044
Johnson, Monty          6th Grade Picture        1971-0032
Johnson, Monty          7th Grade Picture        1972-0031
Johnson, Monty          8th Grade Picture        1973-0030
Johnson, Monty          Freshman Picture        1974-0035
Johnson, Monty          Junior Picture        1976-0016
Johnson, Monty          Class Officer Picture               1977-0015
Johnson, Monty          Favorites Picture        1977-0046
Johnson, Monty Ray  Senior Picture        1977-0013
Johnson, Myra              Picture Yearbook Staff              1953-0010
Johnson, Myra              Picture, Senior         1953-0018
Johnson, Nicki               4th Grade Picture        1955-0036
Johnson, Nicki               6th Grade Picture        1957-0036
Johnson, Nicki               7th Grade Picture        1958-0037
Johnson, Nicki               8th Grade Picture        1959-0036
Johnson, Nickie             5th Grade Picture        1956-0037
Johnson, R.L.                 Junior Picture        1939-0022
Johnson, R.L.                 Theatre Group Picture                1939-0044
Johnson, R.L.                 Typing Class Group Picture     1939-0046
Johnson, R.L.                 FFA History       1942-0063
Johnson, Ralph, Mrs.   PTA Officer Picture               1959-0055
Johnson, Ricky            1st Grade Picture        1961-0047
Johnson, Ricky            2nd Grade Picture        1962-0044
Johnson, Ricky            3rd Grade Picture        1963-0039
Johnson, Ricky            Favorites Picture        1963-0042
Johnson, Ricky            4th Grade Picture        1964-0044
Johnson, Ricky            6th Grade Picture        1966-0032
Johnson, Ricky            7th Grade Picture        1967-0029
Johnson, Ricky            8th Grade Picture        1968-0026
Johnson, Ricky            Freshman Picture        1969-0035
Johnson, Ricky                    Sophomore Picture      1970-0031
Johnson, Ricky            Junior Picture        1971-0025
Johnson, Ricky            Class Officer Picture               1972-0022
Johnson, Ricky            Senior Picture        1972-0022
Johnson, Ricky            Favorites Picture        1972-0042
Johnson, Ricky            Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1972-0098
Johnson, Ricky Allen  5th Grade Picture        1965-0031
Johnson, Sarah              Picture, 2nd Grade  1947-0069
Johnson, Sarah              Picture, 3rd Grade          1948-0067
Johnson, Sarah              Picture, 4th Grade          1949-0057
Johnson, Sarah              Picture, 5th Grade          1950-0044
Johnson, Sarah              Picture, 6th Grade          1951-0069
Johnson, Sarah              Picture, 8th Grade          1953-0034
Johnson, Sarah              Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0029
Johnson, Teresa          Junior Picture        1974-0031
Johnson, Thomas         7th Grade                    1918-0018
Johnson, Tommye                    Sophomore Picture      1967-0025
Johnson, Wade             Junior Picture        1939-0022
Johnson, Wade             FFA History       1942-0063
Johnson, Wanda           Picture, 1st Grade          1954-0040
Johnson, Wanda           3rd Grade Picture        1956-0039
Johnston, Anita            1st Grade Picture        1955-0039
Johnston, Anita Kay    3rd Grade Picture        1957-0039
Johnston, Anita Kay    4th Grade Picture        1958-0040
Johnston, Anita Kaye 6th Grade Picture        1960-0038
Johnston, Anita Kaye 8th Grade Picture        1962-0038
Johnston, Anita Kaye Freshman Picture        1963-0030
Johnston, Anita Kaye                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0032
Johnston, Anita Kaye Junior Picture        1965-0023
Johnston, Anita Kaye Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1966-0093
Johnston, Bob               Picture, Basketball                      1949-0087
Johnston, Bobby          Picture, Senior Boys Basketball                   1950-0064
Johnston, Bobby          Picture, Annual Staff                 1951-0015
Johnston, Bobby          Picture, Best Citizen Boy           1951-0079
Johnston, Bobby          Picture, Carnival King                1951-0089
Johnston, Bobby         School Board Picture                1966-0011
Johnston, Bobby         School Board Picture                1970-0014
Johnston, Bobby         School Board Picture                1971-0012
Johnston, Bobby         School Board Picture                1972-0014
Johnston, Bobby         School Board Picture                1973-0012
Johnston, Bobby         School Board Picture                1974-0017
Johnston, Bobby         School Board Picture                1975-0014
Johnston, Bobby         School Board Picture                1976-0034
Johnston, Bobby Paul                    Junior Picture                1976-0016
Johnston, Bobby Paul                    Senior Picture               1977-0013
Johnston, Dewey          Picture, 4th Grade          1949-0057
Johnston, Dewey          Picture, 7th Grade          1952-0059
Johnston, Dewey                    Sophomore Picture      1955-0024
Johnston, Dewey          Junior Picture        1956-0022
Johnston, Dewey          Favorites Picture        1956-0053
Johnston, Dewey          Senior Picture        1957-0016
Johnston, Dewey          Class Officer Picture               1957-0019
Johnston, Doris             Picture, Senior         1949-0031
Johnston, Elizabeth      8th Grade Picture        1959-0036
Johnston, Elizabeth     Freshman Picture        1960-0033
Johnston, Everett        5th Grade Picture        1968-0029
Johnston, Everett        7th Grade Picture        1970-0039
Johnston, Everett        8th Grade Picture        1971-0030
Johnston, Everette      1st Grade Picture        1964-0047
Johnston, Everette      2nd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Johnston, Everette      3rd Grade Picture        1966-0035
Johnston, Everette      Favorites Picture        1966-0043
Johnston, Everette      4th Grade Picture        1967-0032
Johnston, Everette      6th Grade Picture        1969-0040
Johnston, Everette      Favorites Picture        1971-0043
Johnston, Everette      Freshman Picture        1972-0028
Johnston, Everette                    Sophomore Picture      1973-0026
Johnston, Everette      Class Officer Picture               1973-0027
Johnston, Everette      Favorites Picture        1973-0051
Johnston, Everette      Junior Picture        1974-0031
Johnston, Everette      Senior Picture        1975-0024
Johnston, Everette      Class Officer Picture               1975-0025
Johnston, Everette      Favorites Picture        1975-0044
Johnston, Everette      Favorites Picture        1975-0047
Johnston, Everette      Football Picture        1975-0072
Johnston, Everette      Award Picture        1975-0118
Johnston, Howard       School Board Picture                1963-0007
Johnston, Howard       School Board Picture                1965-0009
Johnston, Jamie           1st Grade Picture        1979-0048
Johnston, Jimmye         Faculty Picture        1958-0013
Johnston, Jimmye Lee Faculty Picture        1967-0016
Johnston, Jimmye Lee Coach Picture        1967-0082
Johnston, Kay               2nd Grade Picture        1956-0040
Johnston, Kaye             5th Grade Picture        1959-0039
Johnston, Kaye            7th Grade Picture        1961-0041
Johnston, Kaye            Senior Picture        1966-0021
Johnston, Lisa              Favorites Picture        1972-0044
Johnston, Lisa              2nd Grade Picture        1973-0042
Johnston, Lisa              3rd Grade Picture        1974-0047
Johnston, Lisa              Favorites Picture        1974-0059
Johnston, Lisa              4th Grade Picture        1975-0039
Johnston, Lisa              5th Grade Picture        1976-0028
Johnston, Lisa              Favorites Picture        1976-0050
Johnston, Lisa              6th Grade Picture        1977-0032
Johnston, Lisa              Class Officer Picture               1977-0033
Johnston, Lisa              7th Grade Picture        1978-0056
Johnston, Lisa              8th Grade Picture        1979-0038
Johnston, Lisa              Class Officer Picture               1979-0041
Johnston, Lisa              Award Picture        1979-0106
Johnston, Lisa Gail      1st Grade Picture        1972-0037
Johnston, Marlin           Picture, FFA Secretary              1947-0099
Johnston, Milton          2nd Grade Picture        1939-0033
Johnston, Milton          Picture, Junior         1947-0043
Johnston, Monty                    Sophomore Picture      1975-0028
Johnston, Mrs.             PTA Officer Picture               1970-0056
Johnston, Paul             1st Grade Picture        1966-0037
Johnston, Paul             Favorites Picture        1966-0043
Johnston, Paul             2nd Grade Picture        1967-0034
Johnston, Paul             3rd Grade Picture        1968-0031
Johnston, Paul             Favorites Picture        1968-0035
Johnston, Paul             4th Grade Picture        1969-0043
Johnston, Paul             5th Grade Picture        1970-0044
Johnston, Paul             6th Grade Picture        1971-0032
Johnston, Paul             Favorites Picture        1971-0043
Johnston, Paul             7th Grade Picture        1972-0031
Johnston, Paul             8th Grade Picture        1973-0030
Johnston, Paul             Favorites Picture        1973-0052
Johnston, Paul             Class Officer Picture               1974-0034
Johnston, Paul             Freshman Picture        1974-0035
Johnston, Paul                    Sophomore Picture      1975-0028
Johnston, Paul             FFA Team                    1975-0057
Johnston, Paul             Class Officer Picture               1976-0017
Johnston, Paul             Football Picture        1977-0076
Johnston, Sarah            Picture, 7th Grade          1952-0059
Johnston, Sarah                    Sophomore Picture      1955-0024
Johnston, Sarah            Junior Picture        1956-0023
Johnston, Sarah            Senior Picture        1957-0016
Johnston, Sarah            Favorites Picture        1957-0052
Johnston, Tina             1st Grade Picture        1971-0037
Johnston, Tina             2nd Grade Picture        1972-0036
Johnston, Tina             3rd Grade Picture        1973-0040
Johnston, Tina             Queen Picture        1973-0055
Johnston, Tina             4th Grade Picture        1974-0045
Johnston, Tina             5th Grade Picture        1975-0038
Johnston, Tina             6th Grade Picture        1976-0026
Johnston, Tina             Class Officer Picture               1976-0027
Johnston, Tina             Favorites Picture        1976-0049
Johnston, Tina             7th Grade Picture        1977-0030
Johnston, Tina             Award Picture        1977-0063
Johnston, Tina             Award Picture        1977-0065
Johnston, Tina             8th Grade Picture        1978-0054
Johnston, Tina             Freshman Picture        1979-0034
Johnston, Wanda         2nd Grade Picture        1955-0038
Johnston, Wanda         4th Grade Picture        1957-0038
Johnston, Wanda         5th Grade Picture        1958-0039
Johnston, Wanda         6th Grade Picture        1959-0038
Johnston, Wanda        7th Grade Picture        1960-0037
Johnston, Wanda        8th Grade Picture        1961-0040
Johnston, Wanda        Freshman Picture        1962-0034
Johnston, Wanda                    Sophomore Picture      1963-0026
Johnston, Wanda        Senior Picture        1965-0016
Johnston, Wanda        Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1965-0018
Johnston, Wanda Ruth                    Junior Picture                1964-0028
Jones & Jones Garage                    Advertisement              1953-0100
Jones & Jones Garage                    Advertisement              1954-0075
Jones Studio                    Advertisement              1948-0163
Jones Studio                    Advertisement              1949-0133
Jones, Bonnie               1st Grade Picture        1969-0046
Jones, Deloris               2nd Semester Students       1971-0038
Jones, Ellen                    6th Grade                    1918-0021
Jones, Eugene              2nd Semester Students       1971-0038
Jones, Gladys                6th Grade                    1918-0021
Jones, Ida Mae              2nd Grade                     1918-0021
Jones, Ita    1st Grade   1918-0021
Jones, J.T. Counselor Picture                    1963-0012
Jones, J.T. Counselor Picture                    1964-0010
Jones, J.T. Counselor Picture                    1965-0009
Jones, Joe 1st Grade Picture                    1970-0048
Jones, Joyce                 2nd Semester Students       1971-0038
Jones, Marty                2nd Grade Picture        1969-0045
Jones, Travis                    Kindergarten Picture   1977-0039
Jones, Travis                1st Grade Picture        1978-0064
Jones, Travis                2nd Grade Picture        1979-0047
Joy Counts Picture, Most Popular Girl              1946-0079
Judy's, Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1977-0113
Junior Boy's Basketball                    Picture, Group               1950-0067
Junior Class Comments                    Narrative    1942-0029
Junior Class Officers    Picture, Group Photo                 1954-0021
Junior Class Play           Picture, Cast            1947-0109
Junior Class Play           List of cast members    1949-0105
Junior Class Play           Picture & List of cast members    1953-0074
Junior Class Play           Picture Group & List of cast memer            1954-0061
Junior Girl's Basketball Picture, Group         1950-0067
Junior Girl's Basketball Picture, Group         1951-0101
Junior Girls Basketball Team                    Picture, Group               1952-0085
Junior Girl's Basketball Team                    Picture, Group               1953-0061
Junior Play List of cast - "Miss Jimmy"       1946-0109
Junior Play List of cast members                    1950-0075
Junior Play List of cast members                    1951-0115
Junior Play List of cast members                    1952-0095
Junior Volleyball Girls  Volleyball, Girls Group Picture       1939-0038
Juniors Cover Sheet     Sketch                    1939-0021
Juniors Cover Sheet     Sketch                    1942-0023
Junior-Senior Banquet List of speakers    1946-0113
Justice, Nelda                Picture, Senior         1948-0035
Justice, Nelda                Picture, Junior Class Officers   1947-0041
Justice, Nelda Ruth       Picture, Sophomore                    1946-0049
Justice, Peggy               Picture, 6th Grade          1947-0073
Justice, Peggy               Picture, 7th Grade          1948-0071
Justice, Peggy               Picture, 8th Grade          1949-0061
Justice, Peggy               Picture, Freshman   1950-0039
Justice, Peggy               Picture, Sophomore                    1951-0057
Justice, Peggy               Picture, Junior Class Officers   1952-0037
Justice, Peggy               Picture, Junior         1952-0041
Justice, Peggy               Picture Yearbook Staff              1953-0010
Justice, Peggy               Picture, Senior         1953-0018
Justice, Ronnie              Freshman Picture        1958-0033
Justice, Ronnie                    Sophomore Picture      1959-0028
Justice, Ronnie             Junior Picture        1960-0025
Justice, Ronny               Picture, 1st Grade          1950-0046
Justice, Ronny               Picture, 2nd Grade  1951-0073
Justice, Ronny               Picture, 3rd Grade          1952-0063
Justice, Ronny               Picture, 4th Grade          1953-0040
Justice, Ronny               Picture, 5th Grade          1954-0036
Justice, Ronny               6th Grade Picture        1955-0034
Justice, Ronny               7th Grade Picture        1956-0035
Justice, Ronny               8th Grade Picture        1957-0034
Justus, Mrs.                  Cafeteria Worker Picture             1975-0020
Kammerdiener, L.G.       Dedication with Picture                   1939-0010
Kammerdiener, L.G.       Faculty Picture        1939-0012
Kandricks, Junior          Senior Picture        1939-0019
Karl Walker - Mattress Man                    Advertisement              1954-0079
Kay's Café  Advertisement                    1952-0123
Kay's Café  Advertisement                    1953-0086
Kay's Café  Advertisement                    1954-0085
Keaton's Market                    Advertisement              1953-0094
Kechi Realty Co                    Advertisement              1918-0028
Keck, Gary                    8th Grade Picture        1970-0038
Keck, Gary                    Freshman Picture        1971-0029
Keck, Judy                    4th Grade Picture        1971-0034
Keck, Judy Kathleen   3rd Grade Picture        1970-0046
Keck, Ricky                   4th Grade Picture        1970-0045
Keck, Ricky                   5th Grade Picture        1971-0033
Keck, Tammy                7th Grade Picture        1970-0039
Keck, Tammy                8th Grade Picture        1971-0030
Keener, Carol                 Picture, 1st Grade          1954-0040
Keener, Carol                 2nd Grade Picture        1955-0038
Keener, Clay                 Freshman Picture        1974-0035
Keener, Clay                    Sophomore Picture      1975-0028
Keener, Clay                 Favorites Picture        1975-0048
Keener, Clay                 Junior Picture        1976-0016
Keener, Clay                 Favorites Picture        1976-0046
Keener, Clay                 Favorites Picture        1977-0044
Keener, Clay                 Beau Picture        1977-0044
Keener, Clay                 Favorites Picture        1977-0048
Keener, Donna              1st Grade Picture        1955-0039
Keener, Howard            School Board Picture                1955-0009
Keener, Milburn            Picture, Late Student                 1952-0091
Keener, Milburn            Picture, 4th Grade          1953-0040
Keener, Milburn            Picture, 5th Grade          1954-0036
Keener, Milburn            6th Grade Picture        1955-0034
Keener, Ross Clay       Senior Picture        1977-0012
Keeney's Office Furniture                    Advertisement              1954-0081
Keith           Faculty Picture                    1942-0011
Keith Garner Electic Shop                    Advertisement              1949-0137
Keith Garner Electric                    Advertisement              1954-0076
Keith, Clifftene              List of faculty        1942-0009
Keith-Garner Electrical Appliances                    Advertisement              1950-0090
Keller, Betty                  1st Grade Picture        1965-0035
Keller, Betty                  2nd Grade Picture        1966-0036
Keller, Betty                  3rd Grade Picture        1967-0033
Keller, Betty                  4th Grade Picture        1968-0030
Keller, Betty                  PTA Officer Picture               1968-0039
Keller, Betty                  5th Grade Picture        1969-0042
Keller, Betty                  6th Grade Picture        1970-0040
Keller, Betty                  7th Grade Picture        1971-0031
Keller, Bobbie               1st Grade Picture        1967-0035
Keller, Bobbie               2nd Grade Picture        1968-0032
Keller, Bobbie               3rd Grade Picture        1969-0044
Keller, Bobbie               4th Grade Picture        1970-0045
Keller, Bobbie               5th Grade Picture        1971-0033
Keller, Doug                    Sophomore Picture      1968-0023
Keller, Doug                 Award Picture        1968-0053
Keller, Doug                 Who's Who Picture                  1969-0080
Keller, Doug                 Who's Who Picture                  1970-0081
Keller, Doug                 Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1970-0105
Keller, Doug Martin    Senior Picture        1970-0023
Keller, Douglas            8th Grade Picture        1966-0030
Keller, Douglas            King Picture        1966-0042
Keller, Douglas            Awards Picture        1966-0088
Keller, Douglas            Freshman Picture        1967-0027
Keller, Douglas            Junior Picture        1969-0027
Keller, Douglas M.      6th Grade Picture        1964-0042
Keller, Douglas M.      7th Grade Picture        1965-0029
Keller, Tressa               7th Grade Picture        1966-0031
Keller, Tressa               8th Grade Picture        1967-0028
Keller, Tressa               Favorites Picture        1967-0036
Keller, Tressa               Awards Picture        1967-0098
Keller, Tressa               Freshman Picture        1968-0025
Keller, Tressa               Class Officer Picture               1969-0030
Keller, Tressa                    Sophomore Picture      1969-0031
Keller, Tressa               Award Picture        1969-0081
Keller, Tressa               Class Officer Picture               1970-0026
Keller, Tressa               Favorites Picture        1970-0053
Keller, Tressa               Queen Picture        1970-0068
Keller, Tressa                    Cheerleader Picture      1970-0089
Keller, Tressa               Class Officer Picture               1971-0022
Keller, Tressa               Senior Picture        1971-0022
Keller, Tressa               Who's Who Picture                  1971-0087
Keller, Tressa               Award Picture        1971-0104
Keller, Tressa               Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1971-0107
Keller, Tressa Marie    5th Grade Picture        1964-0043
Keller, Tressa Marie    6th Grade Picture        1965-0030
Keller, Tressa Marie    Junior Picture        1970-0027
Keller, Verna                 4th Grade Picture        1965-0032
Keller, Verna                 5th Grade Picture        1966-0033
Keller, Verna                 7th Grade Picture        1968-0027
Keller, Verna                 8th Grade Picture        1969-0038
Keller, Verna                 Freshman Picture        1970-0035
Keller, Verna                    Sophomore Picture      1971-0026
Keller, Verna Faye       3rd Grade Picture        1964-0045
Keller, Verna Faye       6th Grade Picture        1967-0030
Keller, Wilma                2nd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Keller, Wilma                3rd Grade Picture        1966-0035
Keller, Wilma                4th Grade Picture        1967-0032
Keller, Wilma                5th Grade Picture        1968-0029
Keller, Wilma                7th Grade Picture        1970-0039
Keller, Wilma                8th Grade Picture        1971-0030
Keller, Wilma Louise   1st Grade Picture        1964-0047
Kelsay, Juanita              Group Picture        1939-0040
Kelsay, Juanita              Picture, Junior         1946-0041
Kelsay, Juanita              Picture, Senior         1947-0033
Kelsay, Juanita              Picture, Most Popular Girl - Senior              1947-0087
Kelsey, Jaunita              3rd Grade Picture        1939-0032
Kemp Bus Lines                    Advertisement              1952-0131
Kennaman, Donilita      Junior Picture        1939-0022
Kennedy, Deborah      Junior Picture        1978-0042
Kennedy, Kathy          8th Grade Picture        1978-0054
Kennedy, Kathy          Freshman Picture        1979-0034
Kennedy, Pam                    Kindergarten Picture   1978-0065
Kennedy, Pamela         1st Grade Picture        1979-0048
Kennedy, Pamela         Queen Picture        1979-0091
Kennedy, Ronnie         Freshman Picture        1978-0051
Kennedy, Ronnie                    Sophomore Picture      1979-0032
Kent, Larry                    Bus Driver Picture        1969-0014
Kent, Larry                    Bus Driver Picture        1970-0019
Kent, Larry                    Coach Picture        1970-0086
Kent, Larry E.               Faculty Picture        1969-0016
Kent, Larry E.               Faculty Picture        1970-0017
Kent, Linda                   Faculty Picture        1970-0017
Kent, Linda                   Faculty Picture        1971-0016
Kent, Linda                   PTA Officer Picture               1971-0046
Kent, Linda                   Sponsor Picture        1971-0065
Kent, Linda                   Faculty Picture        1972-0016
Kent, Patrick                 1st Grade Picture        1971-0037
Kent, Patrick                 2nd Grade Picture        1972-0036
Kerley, Rhonda            Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1970-0105
Kerley, Susie                Junior Picture        1969-0027
Kerley, Susie                Senior Picture        1970-0023
Key, Frances                  Picture, Freshman   1948-0057
Key, Frances                  Picture, Sophomore                    1949-0045
Key, Frances                  Picture, Junior         1950-0031
Key, Frances                  Picture, Annual Staff                 1951-0015
Key, Frances                  Picture, Senior         1951-0037
Key, Frances                  Picture, Girls Basketball             1951-0093
Key, John   9th Grade   1918-0019
Khun, Shane                 3rd Grade Picture        1979-0046
Kiel, P.D.     High School Faculty                    1950-0017
Kiel, Preston                  Picture, High School Faculty    1949-0021
Killian, Ruby Lee           Volleyball, Girls Group Picture       1939-0037
Killian, Ruby Lee           Typing Class Group Picture     1939-0046
Killion, Ruby Lee          Junior Picture        1939-0022
Kincaid, Dale                 4th Grade Picture        1957-0038
Kincaid, Dale                 5th Grade Picture        1958-0039
Kincaid, Dale                 6th Grade Picture        1959-0038
Kincaid, Dale                7th Grade Picture        1960-0037
Kincaid, Dale                8th Grade Picture        1961-0040
Kincaid, Dale                Freshman Picture        1962-0034
Kincaid, Dale                    Sophomore Picture      1963-0026
Kincaid, Dale                Junior Picture        1964-0028
Kincaid, Dale                Favorites Picture        1964-0030
Kincaid, Dale                Senior Picture        1965-0016
Kincaid, Dale                Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1965-0018
Kincaid, Debra             1st Grade Picture        1964-0047
Kincaid, Debra             2nd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Kincaid, Debra             3rd Grade Picture        1966-0035
Kincaid, Debra             4th Grade Picture        1967-0032
Kincaid, Debra             5th Grade Picture        1968-0029
Kincaid, Debra             6th Grade Picture        1969-0040
Kincaid, Debra             8th Grade Picture        1971-0030
Kincaid, Debra             Freshman Picture        1972-0028
Kincaid, Debra                    Sophomore Picture      1973-0026
Kincaid, Debra             Junior Picture        1974-0031
Kincaid, Debra             Senior Picture        1975-0024
Kincaid, Debra Beth    7th Grade Picture        1970-0039
Kincaid, Eddie               Picture, Freshman   1952-0051
Kincaid, Eddie               Picture, Sophomore                    1953-0026
Kincaid, Eddie               Picture, Junior         1954-0021
Kincaid, Jackie             PTA Officer Picture               1964-0059
Kincaid, Jacquie           PTA Officer Picture               1968-0039
Kincaid, Mark               1st Grade Picture        1961-0047
Kincaid, Mark               2nd Grade Picture        1962-0044
Kincaid, Mark               3rd Grade Picture        1963-0039
Kincaid, Mark               4th Grade Picture        1964-0044
Kincaid, Mark               5th Grade Picture        1965-0031
Kincaid, Mark               6th Grade Picture        1966-0032
Kincaid, Mark               7th Grade Picture        1967-0029
Kincaid, Mark               8th Grade Picture        1968-0026
Kincaid, Mark               Freshman Picture        1969-0035
Kincaid, Mark                    Sophomore Picture      1970-0031
Kincaid, Mark                    Sophomore Picture      1971-0027
Kincaid, Mark G.          Junior Picture        1972-0025
Kincaid, Mary Jo           1st Grade Picture        1959-0043
Kincaid, Mary Jo         2nd Grade Picture        1960-0042
Kincaid, Mary Jo         3rd Grade Picture        1961-0045
Kincaid, Mary Jo         4th Grade Picture        1962-0042
Kincaid, Mary Jo         5th Grade Picture        1963-0037
Kincaid, Mary Jo         6th Grade Picture        1964-0042
Kincaid, Mary Jo         8th Grade Picture        1966-0030
Kincaid, Mary Jo         Freshman Picture        1967-0027
Kincaid, Mary Jo                    Sophomore Picture      1968-0023
Kincaid, Mary Jo         Junior Picture        1969-0027
Kincaid, Mary Jo         Senior Picture        1970-0023
Kincaid, Mary Jo         Queen Picture        1970-0068
Kincaid, Mary Jo         Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1970-0105
Kincaid, Michael           6th Grade Picture        1957-0036
Kincaid, Michael           7th Grade Picture        1958-0037
Kincaid, Michael           8th Grade Picture        1959-0036
Kincaid, Michael          Freshman Picture        1960-0033
Kincaid, Michael                    Sophomore Picture      1961-0032
Kincaid, Michael          Junior Picture        1962-0026
Kincaid, Michael          Senior Picture        1963-0016
Kincheloe, Jacquie      Freshman Picture        1977-0025
Kincheloe, Jacquie                    Sophomore Picture      1978-0047
Kincheloe, Tonya                    Kindergarten Picture   1976-0033
Kincheloe, Tonya        1st Grade Picture        1977-0038
Kincheloe, Tonya        2nd Grade Picture        1978-0063
Kincheloe, Tonya        3rd Grade Picture        1979-0046
Kinder, Donna              7th Grade Picture        1976-0024
Kinder, Donna              Class Officer Picture               1976-0025
Kinder, Irene                 Cafeteria Worker Picture             1977-0011
Kinder, Irene                 Bus Driver Picture        1977-0011
Kinder, Joe                    Freshman Picture        1976-0020
Kinder, Joe                    Class Officer Picture               1976-0021
Kinder, Joe                    Favorites Picture        1976-0048
Kinder, Randy              6th Grade Picture        1974-0041
Kinder, Randy              Favorites Picture        1974-0058
Kinder, Randy              Freshman Picture        1977-0025
Kinder, Randy              Favorites Picture        1977-0026
Kinder, Randy                    Sophomore Picture      1978-0047
Kinder, Randy              Favorites Picture        1978-0048
Kinder, Robert               Freshman Group Picture                1942-0039
King, Alice 3rd Grade Picture                    1939-0032
King, Alice Group Picture                    1939-0040
King, Beverly               6th Grade Picture        1979-0040
King, Clint 8th Grade Picture                    1979-0038
King, Clinton                6th Grade Picture        1977-0032
King, Elbert                    7th Grade                    1918-0018
King, Lizzie 6th Grade   1918-0018
King, Mary Lou             3rd Grade                    1918-0017
King, Maurine               Group Picture        1939-0014
King, Maurine                    Sophomore Picture      1939-0024
King, Maurine               Volleyball, Girls Group Picture       1939-0037
King, Maurine               Theatre Group Picture                1939-0044
King, Maurine               Typing Class Group Picture     1939-0046
King, R. Alva                 Faculty Picture        1939-0013
King, R. Alvah               Spanish Club Group Picture      1939-0042
King, Roger                    Picture, 6th Grade          1953-0038
King, Roger                    Picture, 7th Grade          1954-0034
King, Roger                    8th Grade Picture        1955-0032
King, Roger                    Freshman Picture        1956-0031
King, Roger                    Sophomore Picture      1957-0027
King, Roger                    Junior Picture        1958-0025
King, Roger                    Senior Picture        1959-0017
King, Velda                    Picture, 5th Grade          1954-0036
King, Velda                    6th Grade Picture        1955-0034
King, Velda                    7th Grade Picture        1956-0035
King, Velda                    8th Grade Picture        1957-0034
King, Velda                    Freshman Picture        1958-0033
King, Velda                    Sophomore Picture      1959-0029
King, Velda                   Junior Picture        1960-0025
King, Veloa                    Picture, 4th Grade          1953-0040
King, Vic     7th Grade   1918-0018
King, Viola 3rd Grade   1918-0017
King, Wayne                 6th Grade                    1918-0018
King's Café Advertisement                    1953-0094
King's Café Advertisement                    1954-0075
Kinnaman, Bobby         Picture, 2nd Grade  1951-0073
Kinnaman, Bobby         Picture, 3rd Grade          1952-0063
Kinnaman, Bobby         Picture, 4th Grade          1953-0040
Kinnaman, Bobby         Picture, 5th Grade          1954-0036
Kinnaman, C.A.             Faculty                     1918-0007
Kinnaman, Claude         6th Grade                     1918-0020
Kinnaman, Quinda        Picture, 2nd Grade  1954-0039
Kinneman, Quinda        Picture, 1st Grade          1953-0041
Kinniman, Donileti        Home Ec. Group Picture                1939-0043
Kiser, Charley                FFA History       1942-0063
Kohlman, Rubye          Faculty Picture        1966-0013
KORC, Mineral Wells - Charles R. Wood         Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0115
KORC, Mineral Wells - Don Sitton         Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0116
KORC, Mineral Wells - Gene A. Hutto          Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0119
KORC, Mineral Wells - Lon H. Williams     Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0100
Kuhn, Amy                    Kindergarten Picture   1975-0043
Kuhn, Amy                   1st Grade Picture        1976-0032
Kuhn, Amy                   2nd Grade Picture        1977-0037
Kuhn, Amy                   3rd Grade Picture        1978-0062
Kuhn, Amy                   4th Grade Picture        1979-0045
Kuhn, Bobby                 5th Grade Picture        1957-0037
Kuhn, Bobby                 6th Grade Picture        1958-0038
Kuhn, Bobby                 King Picture        1958-0060
Kuhn, Bobby                 7th Grade Picture        1959-0037
Kuhn, Bobby                8th Grade Picture        1960-0036
Kuhn, Bobby                Freshman Picture        1961-0036
Kuhn, Bobby                Favorites Picture        1961-0038
Kuhn, Bobby                    Sophomore Picture      1962-0030
Kuhn, Bobby                Junior Picture        1963-0022
Kuhn, Bobby                Favorites Picture        1963-0024
Kuhn, Bobby                Favorites Picture        1963-0056
Kuhn, Bobby                Senior Picture        1964-0020
Kuhn, Bobby                Favorites Picture        1964-0025
Kuhn, Bobby                Favorites Picture        1964-0066
Kuhn, Homer                Bus Driver Picture        1978-0020
Kuhn, J.H.  List of trustees                    1942-0009
Kuhn, John                    Kindergarten Picture   1978-0065
Kuhn, John                   1st Grade Picture        1979-0048
Kuhn, Johnnie               Picture, 1st Grade          1950-0046
Kuhn, Johnnie               Picture, 2nd Grade  1951-0073
Kuhn, Johnnie               Picture, 3rd Grade          1952-0063
Kuhn, Johnnie               Picture, 4th Grade          1953-0040
Kuhn, Johnnie               6th Grade Picture        1955-0034
Kuhn, Johnnie               7th Grade Picture        1956-0035
Kuhn, Johnnie               8th Grade Picture        1957-0034
Kuhn, Johnnie               Freshman Picture        1958-0033
Kuhn, Johnnie                    Sophomore Picture      1959-0029
Kuhn, Johnnie              Junior Picture        1960-0025
Kuhn, Johnnie              Senior Picture        1961-0020
Kuhn, Johnnie              Favorites Picture        1961-0024
Kuhn, Johnnie              Favorites Picture        1961-0025
Kuhn, Johnnie              Favorites Picture        1961-0052
Kuhn, Johnnie              Beau Picture        1961-0072
Kuhn, Johnny                Favorites Picture        1958-0056
Kuhn, Johnny              Favorites Picture        1960-0052
Kuhn, Karrie                 Favorites Picture        1972-0044
Kuhn, Karrie                 2nd Grade Picture        1973-0042
Kuhn, Karrie                 Favorites Picture        1973-0053
Kuhn, Karrie                 3rd Grade Picture        1974-0047
Kuhn, Karrie                 4th Grade Picture        1975-0039
Kuhn, Karrie                 5th Grade Picture        1976-0028
Kuhn, Karrie                 6th Grade Picture        1977-0032
Kuhn, Karrie                 Class Officer Picture               1977-0033
Kuhn, Karrie                 Award Picture        1977-0065
Kuhn, Karrie                 7th Grade Picture        1978-0056
Kuhn, Karrie                 8th Grade Picture        1979-0038
Kuhn, Karrie                 Class Officer Picture               1979-0041
Kuhn, Karrie                    Cheerleader Picture      1979-0080
Kuhn, Karrie                 Award Picture        1979-0106
Kuhn, Karrie DeLynne                    1st Grade Picture          1972-0037
Kuhn, Kenneth              Picture, 1st Grade          1949-0055
Kuhn, Kenneth              Picture, 2nd Grade  1950-0046
Kuhn, Kenneth              Picture, 3rd Grade          1951-0071
Kuhn, Kenneth              Picture, 4th Grade          1952-0063
Kuhn, Kenneth              Picture, 5th Grade          1953-0037
Kuhn, Kenneth              Picture, 6th Grade          1954-0035
Kuhn, Kenneth              Picture, 5th Grade          1954-0036
Kuhn, Kenneth              7th Grade Picture        1955-0033
Kuhn, Kenneth              8th Grade Picture        1956-0034
Kuhn, Kenneth              Freshman Picture        1957-0031
Kuhn, Kenneth                    Sophomore Picture      1958-0029
Kuhn, Kenneth              Junior Picture        1959-0025
Kuhn, Kenneth            Senior Picture        1960-0017
Kuhn, Kenneth            Favorites Picture        1960-0019
Kuhn, Kenneth            School Board Picture                1979-0008
Kuhn, Mrs.                   Room Mother Picture             1960-0021
Kuhn, Nita                    2nd Grade Picture        1964-0046
Kuhn, Nita                    3rd Grade Picture        1965-0033
Kuhn, Nita                    4th Grade Picture        1966-0034
Kuhn, Nita                    5th Grade Picture        1967-0031
Kuhn, Nita                    6th Grade Picture        1968-0028
Kuhn, Nita                    7th Grade Picture        1969-0039
Kuhn, Nita                    8th Grade Picture        1970-0038
Kuhn, Nita                    Freshman Picture        1971-0029
Kuhn, Nita                    Class Officer Picture               1972-0026
Kuhn, Nita                    Sophomore Picture      1972-0027
Kuhn, Nita                    Junior Picture        1973-0024
Kuhn, Nita                    Senior Picture        1974-0029
Kuhn, Nita                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1974-0122
Kuhn, Nita Faye           1st Grade Picture        1963-0041
Kuhn, Ray, Mr. & Mrs.                    Room Parent Picture    1961-0038
Kuhn, Robert                 Picture, 1st Grade          1953-0041
Kuhn, Robert                 4th Grade Picture        1956-0038
Kuhn, Robert Lee          Picture, 2nd Grade  1954-0039
Kuhn, Robert Lee          3rd Grade Picture        1955-0037
Kuhn, Shane                    Kindergarten Picture   1976-0033
Kuhn, Shane                 1st Grade Picture        1977-0038
Kuhn, Shane                 2nd Grade Picture        1978-0063
Kuhn, Shawn                    Kindergarten Picture   1977-0039
Kuhn, Shawn                Favorites Picture        1978-0059
Kuhn, Shawn                1st Grade Picture        1978-0064
Kuhn, Shawn                2nd Grade Picture        1979-0047
Kuhn, Susanna                    Kindergarten Picture   1979-0049
Kuhn, Virginia              PTA Officer Picture               1960-0061
Kuhn, Virginia              Room Mother Picture             1961-0023
Kuhn, Virginia              School Board Picture                1967-0010
Kuhn, Virginia              School Board Picture                1968-0010
Kuhn, Virginia              PTA Officer Picture               1968-0039
Kuhn, Virginia              School Board Picture                1969-0011
Kuhn, Virginia              School Board Picture                1970-0014
Kuhn, Virginia              School Board Picture                1971-0012
Kuhn, Virginia              School Board Picture                1972-0014
Kuhn, Virginia              PTA Officer Picture               1972-0057
Kuhn, Virginia              School Board Picture                1973-0012
Kuhn, Virginia              School Board Picture                1974-0017
Kuhn, Virginia              School Board Picture                1975-0014
Kuteman, W.H., Pres First State Bank of Perrin               Advertisement                    1918-0026

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