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Index  of Perrin School Yearbooks
(not all years-37 years)

Index of group pictures, individuals in pictures, advertisers, and major articles
(14,293 names in index. For 1955 and after, only faculty pictures, individual class pictures, favorites pictures and advertising with pictures were indexed)(There were errors in some of the names - Look for alternate spellings)
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Person or Item         Type of Picture        Year-Page Number

L.C. Smith & Corona Typewriters                   Advertisement                    1939-0050
L.H. Creager Conoco Agent                    Advertisement              1947-0133
L.H. Creager Conoco Agent                    Advertisement              1948-0129
L.R. Bowden Dry Goods                    Advertisement              1946-0137
L.R. Bowden Dry Goods                    Advertisement              1947-0155
L.S. Herring                    Advertisement              1946-0135
L.S. Herring, Sinclair Dealer                    Advertisement              1948-0153
L.S. Herring, Sinclair Dealer                    Advertisement              1949-0115
Ladd, Arenta              Picture, 2nd Grade  1947-0069
Ladd, Arlene               Picture, Freshman   1947-0055
Ladd, Arlene               Picture, Sophomore                    1948-0049
Ladd, Arneta              Picture, 3rd Grade   1948-0067
Ladd, Arneta              Picture, 4th Grade   1949-0057
Ladd, C.W.                  6th Grade Picture                1939-0029
Ladd, Isabell               2nd Grade Picture                1939-0033
Ladd, Isabell               Group Picture        1939-0040
Ladd, Rondale            Picture, 2nd Grade  1954-0039
Ladd, Rondale            3rd Grade Picture                1955-0037
Ladd, Rondale            4th Grade Picture                1956-0038
Ladd, Ronnie              5th Grade Picture                1957-0037
Ladd, Sandra              1st Grade Picture                1957-0041
Laird & Lucas Humble                    Advertisement              1950-0099
Laird & Lucas Humble                    Advertisement              1951-0141
Laird & Lucas Humble                    Advertisement              1952-0121
Laird & Lucas Humble                    Advertisement              1953-0102
Laird & Lucas Humble                    Advertisement              1954-0076
Lam, J.A., J.A. Lamm & Son Groceries   Advertisement              1918-0027
Lamb, N.O., Comm, Joplin, TX              Important School Officers                    1918-0023
Lambert, Kirk          7th Grade Picture                1976-0024
Lambert, Kirk          8th Grade Picture                1977-0028
Lambert, Kirk          Class Officer Picture               1977-0029
Lambert, Kirk          Award Picture        1977-0092
Lambert, Kirk                    Freshman Picture         1978-0051
Lambert, Kirk                    Sophomore Picture      1979-0032
Lamm, Bianche           9th Grade          1918-0019
Lamm, Dudley            4th Grade          1918-0017
Lamm, Jessie               8th Grade          1918-0019
Lamm, Maude         Former Teacher Picture            1967-0042
Lamm, Maude Garner                    Faculty       1918-0007
Lamm, Van Mack       5th Grade          1918-0018
Lancaster, Vickie                    Sophomore Picture      1977-0020
Lancaster, Vickie    Junior Picture        1978-0042
Lancaster, Vickie                    Favorites Picture          1979-0015
Lancaster, Vickie                    Favorites Picture          1979-0023
Lancaster, Vickie    Senior Picture        1979-0027
Lancaster, Vickie                    Cheerleader Picture      1979-0062
Lancaster, Vickie    Queen Picture        1979-0091
Lancaster, Wayne 6th Grade Picture                1977-0032
Lancaster, Wayne                    Favorites Picture          1977-0033
Lancaster, Wayne 7th Grade Picture                1978-0056
Lancaster, Wayne 8th Grade Picture                1979-0038
Landers, Carol        4th Grade Picture                1968-0030
Landers, Teresa     4th Grade Picture                1968-0030
Landers, Terry        8th Grade Picture                1968-0026
Landis, Toni                    Favorites Picture          1964-0034
Landis, Toni Kay                    Freshman Picture         1963-0030
Landis, Toni Kay                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0032
Landis, Toni Kay   Junior Picture        1965-0023
Lane, Kenneth            Picture, Junior         1946-0043
Laney, Shannon                    Kindergarten Picture   1976-0033
Laney, Shannon     1st Grade Picture                1977-0038
Laney, Shannon     2nd Grade Picture                1978-0063
Laney, Shannon     3rd Grade Picture                1979-0046
Lanier, David          1st Grade Picture                1977-0038
Lanier, David          2nd Grade Picture                1978-0063
Lawrence, Roberta Faculty Picture        1968-0013
Lawrence, Roberta Faculty Picture        1969-0017
Lawson, Marie Storie                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1966-0093
Leach & Massengale                    Advertisement              1953-0097
Leader, Ladies Ready-to-Wear          Advertisement              1942-0085
Leatherman, Doy                    Freshman Picture         1973-0028
Leatherman, Doy                    Sophomore Picture      1974-0033
Leatherman, Doy   Junior Picture        1975-0026
Leatherman, Pat                    Freshman Picture         1975-0030
Leatherman, Pat                    Sophomore Picture      1976-0018
Leatherwood, Dorothy                    Freshman Group Picture                    1942-0039
Leatherwood, Kim 2nd Grade Picture                1978-0063
Leatherwood, Kim 3rd Grade Picture                1979-0046
Ledbetter, Charles                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Ledbetter, Jocie          Senior Picture        1942-0017
Lee & Co Advertisement                    1953-0094
Lee & Co. John Deere, Graford - J.R. 'Bob' Calvin                    Advertisement/Picture                    1955-0095
Lee & Co. Tractors, Mineral Wells - J.R. 'Bob' Calvin                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0129
Lee & Co. Tractors, Mineral Wells - J.R. 'Bob' Calvin                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0113
Lee & Co. Tractors, Mineral Wells - J.R. 'Bob' Calvin                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0131
Lee & Co. Tractors, Mineral Wells - J.R. 'Bob' Calvin                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0110
Lee & Co. Tractors, Mineral Wells - J.R. 'Bob' Calvin                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0120
Lee & Co., John Deere Dealer                    Advertisement              1951-0135
Lee & Marks Insurance                    Advertisement              1918-0037
Lee Brown, Gerald Lee                    2nd Grade  1918-0020
Lee Nash Hardware                    Advertisement              1942-0075
Lee Nash Studebaker Cars                    Advertisement              1951-0161
Lee Nash Studebaker Cars                    Advertisement              1952-0129
Lee Nash Studebaker Cars                    Advertisement              1953-0102
Lee, Belinda            3rd Grade Picture                1975-0040
Lee, Belinda            4th Grade Picture                1976-0029
Lee, Brent                6th Grade Picture                1971-0032
Lee, Brent                7th Grade Picture                1972-0031
Lee, Brent                8th Grade Picture                1973-0030
Lee, Brent                    Freshman Picture         1974-0035
Lee, Brent                    Sophomore Picture      1975-0028
Lee, Brent                Junior Picture        1976-0016
Lee, Brent                    Favorites Picture          1976-0043
Lee, Brent                    Favorites Picture          1976-0046
Lee, Brent                Beau Picture        1977-0044
Lee, Brent                    Favorites Picture          1977-0045
Lee, Eulinda                Picture, 1st Grade   1954-0040
Lee, Eulinda                2nd Grade Picture                1955-0038
Lee, Eulinda                3rd Grade Picture                1956-0039
Lee, Eulinda                4th Grade Picture                1957-0038
Lee, Eulinda                5th Grade Picture                1958-0039
Lee, Eulinda                6th Grade Picture                1959-0038
Lee, Eulinda            7th Grade Picture                1960-0037
Lee, Eulinda            8th Grade Picture                1961-0040
Lee, Eulinda                    Freshman Picture         1962-0034
Lee, Eulinda                    Sophomore Picture      1963-0026
Lee, Eulinda            Junior Picture        1964-0028
Lee, Eulinda            Senior Picture        1965-0016
Lee, Eulinda            Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1965-0018
Lee, F.E.                   School Board Picture                1961-0011
Lee, Frank               School Board Picture                1960-0011
Lee, Frank               School Board Picture                1962-0013
Lee, Gail                   5th Grade Picture                1977-0034
Lee, Gail                   6th Grade Picture                1978-0058
Lee, Gail                   7th Grade Picture                1979-0039
Lee, Glen                 1st Grade Picture                1962-0045
Lee, Glen                 2nd Grade Picture                1963-0040
Lee, Glen                 3rd Grade Picture                1964-0045
Lee, Glen                 4th Grade Picture                1965-0032
Lee, Glen                 5th Grade Picture                1966-0033
Lee, Glen                 6th Grade Picture                1967-0030
Lee, Glen                 7th Grade Picture                1968-0027
Lee, Glen                 8th Grade Picture                1969-0038
Lee, Glen                    Freshman Picture         1970-0035
Lee, Glen                    Sophomore Picture      1971-0027
Lee, Glen                 Junior Picture        1972-0025
Lee, Glen                 Senior Picture        1973-0021
Lee, Glen                 Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1973-0115
Lee, Idus Brent       Senior Picture        1977-0012
Lee, James, Mrs.        PTA Officer Picture               1959-0055
Lee, Joe   5th Grade Picture                    1939-0030
Lee, Joe   Freshman Group Picture        1942-0039
Lee, Joe   Mention     1942-0039
Lee, Kenneth              Senior Picture        1939-0018
Lee, Linda                   6th Grade Picture                1959-0038
Lee, Linda               7th Grade Picture                1960-0037
Lee, Linda               8th Grade Picture                1961-0040
Lee, Linda                    Freshman Picture         1962-0034
Lee, Linda                    Sophomore Picture      1963-0027
Lee, Linda               Junior Picture        1964-0028
Lee, Linda               Senior Picture        1965-0017
Lee, Linda               Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1965-0019
Lee, Michael           2nd Grade Picture                1966-0036
Lee, Michael           3rd Grade Picture                1967-0033
Lee, Michael           4th Grade Picture                1968-0030
Lee, Michael           5th Grade Picture                1969-0042
Lee, Michael           7th Grade Picture                1971-0031
Lee, Michael           8th Grade Picture                1972-0030
Lee, Michael                    Sophomore Picture      1974-0033
Lee, Michael           Junior Picture        1975-0026
Lee, Michael David                    1st Grade Picture          1965-0035
Lee, Michael David                    6th Grade Picture          1970-0040
Lee, Michael David                    Senior Picture               1976-0012
Lee, Mike                    Freshman Picture         1973-0028
Lee, Mike                    Favorites Picture          1975-0047
Lee, Mike                    Favorites Picture          1976-0042
Lee, Mike                    Favorites Picture          1976-0045
Lee, Mr. & Mrs.     Room Parent Picture               1963-0028
Lee, Mrs.                 Room Mother Picture             1960-0021
Lee, Pam                  6th Grade Picture                1976-0026
Lee, Pam                  7th Grade Picture                1977-0030
Lee, Pam                  8th Grade Picture                1978-0054
Lee, Pam                    Freshman Picture         1979-0034
Lee, Pamela             5th Grade Picture                1975-0038
Lee, Peggy                  1st Grade Picture                1959-0043
Lee, Peggy              2nd Grade Picture                1960-0042
Lee, Peggy              3rd Grade Picture                1961-0045
Lee, Peggy              4th Grade Picture                1962-0042
Lee, Peggy              5th Grade Picture                1963-0037
Lee, Peggy                    Sophomore Picture      1968-0023
Lee, Peggy              Class Officer Picture               1969-0026
Lee, Peggy              Junior Picture        1969-0027
Lee, Peggy              Who's Who Picture                  1969-0080
Lee, Peggy              Who's Who Picture                  1970-0081
Lee, Peggy                    Cheerleader Picture      1970-0089
Lee, Peggy              Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1970-0105
Lee, Peggy Jean     6th Grade Picture                1964-0042
Lee, Peggy Jean     7th Grade Picture                1965-0029
Lee, Peggy Jean     8th Grade Picture                1966-0030
Lee, Peggy Jean     Queen Picture        1966-0042
Lee, Peggy Jean     Awards Picture        1966-0088
Lee, Peggy Jean                    Freshman Picture         1967-0027
Lee, Peggy Jean     Award Picture        1968-0053
Lee, Peggy Jean     Award Picture        1968-0068
Lee, Peggy Jean     Senior Picture        1970-0023
Lee, Rickey             Senior Picture        1960-0017
Lee, Rickey                    Favorites Picture          1960-0019
Lee, Rickey                    Favorites Picture          1960-0046
Lee, Rickey             Escort Picture        1960-0050
Lee, Ricky                   Junior Picture        1959-0025
Lee, Ricky                    Favorites Picture          1959-0026
Lee, Ricky                   King Picture        1959-0056
Lee, Roxanne          1st Grade Picture                1960-0043
Lee, Roxanne          2nd Grade Picture                1961-0046
Lee, Roxanne          3rd Grade Picture                1962-0043
Lee, Roxanne          4th Grade Picture                1963-0038
Lee, Roxanne                    Favorites Picture          1963-0042
Lee, Roxanne          5th Grade Picture                1964-0043
Lee, Roxanne          6th Grade Picture                1965-0030
Lee, Roxanne          7th Grade Picture                1966-0031
Lee, Roxanne          8th Grade Picture                1967-0028
Lee, Roxanne                    Freshman Picture         1968-0025
Lee, Roxanne                    Sophomore Picture      1969-0031
Lee, Roxanne                    Favorites Picture          1969-0048
Lee, Roxanne          Junior Picture        1970-0027
Lee, Roxanne          Who's Who Picture                  1970-0081
Lee, Roxanne          Senior Picture        1971-0023
Lee, Roxanne          Who's Who Picture                  1971-0086
Lee, Roxanne          Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1971-0107
Lee, Tracy               2nd Grade Picture                1968-0032
Lee, Tracy               3rd Grade Picture                1969-0044
Lee, Tracy               4th Grade Picture                1970-0045
Lee, Tracy               5th Grade Picture                1971-0033
Lee, Tracy               6th Grade Picture                1972-0032
Lee, Tracy               7th Grade Picture                1973-0032
Lee, Tracy               8th Grade Picture                1974-0037
Lee, Tracy                    Freshman Picture         1975-0030
Lee, Tracy                    Favorites Picture          1975-0048
Lee, Tracy                    Sophomore Picture      1976-0018
Lee, Tracy               Junior Picture        1977-0016
Lee, Tracy                    Favorites Picture          1978-0022
Lee, Tracy                    Favorites Picture          1978-0030
Lee, Tracy                    Favorites Picture          1978-0032
Lee, Tracy               Senior Picture        1978-0038
Lee, Tracy Lynn     1st Grade Picture                1967-0035
Leffingwell, Amber                    3rd Grade Picture          1974-0047
Leffingwell, Byron 6th Grade Picture                1974-0041
Leon Gaines Geologist                    Advertisement              1954-0078
Leon Hawkins Funeral Directors    Advertisement              1953-0107
Lewallen, Ina Sue                    Freshman Picture         1965-0027
Lewallen, Jerry                    Freshman Picture         1956-0031
Lewallen, Jerry                    Sophomore Picture      1957-0027
Lewallen, Jerry           Junior Picture        1958-0024
Lewallen, Jerry           Senior Picture        1959-0017
Lewallen, Jerry                    Favorites Picture          1959-0021
Lewallen, Jerry                    Favorites Picture          1959-0046
Lewallen, Margie       Picture, Freshman   1952-0051
Lewallen, Margie       Picture, Sophomore                    1953-0026
Lewallen, Michael  2nd Grade Picture                1962-0044
Lewallen, Michael  3rd Grade Picture                1963-0039
Lewis, Barbara            Picture, 1st Grade   1953-0041
Lewis, Barbara            Picture, 3rd Grade   1954-0038
Lewis, Barbara            5th Grade Picture                1956-0037
Lewis, Phillip Wayne                    1st Grade Picture          1956-0041
Lewis, Phyllis             Picture, 1st Grade   1953-0041
Lewis, Phyllis             Picture, 3rd Grade   1954-0038
Lewis, Phyllis             5th Grade Picture                1956-0037
Lewis, Ruth             PTA Officer Picture               1977-0010
Lewis, Tonya L.                    Kindergarten Picture   1977-0039
Light, Charles                    Freshman Group Picture                    1942-0039
Lincoln, Sheila                    Kindergarten Picture   1979-0049
Lindsay, Gerald          Picture, 1st Grade   1950-0046
Lindsey Jewelry                    Advertisement              1953-0095
Lister Pharmacy at Mineral Wells Medical Center                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0081
Lister Pharmacy at Mineral Wells Medical Center                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0114
Lister Pharmacy at Mineral Wells Medical Center                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0101
Lister Pharmacy at Mineral Wells Medical Center                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0115
Lister Pharmacy at Mineral Wells Medical Center                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0112
Livestock Commission Co                    Advertisement              1951-0167
Lloyd Smith Sinclair Ref Co                    Advertisement              1953-0096
Lodge Directory                     Advertisement              1918-0038
Logan H Creager                    Advertisement              1949-0115
London, Clayton                    Kindergarten Picture   1974-0053
London, Clayton    1st Grade Picture                1975-0042
London, Clayton    2nd Grade Picture                1976-0031
London, Clayton    3rd Grade Picture                1977-0036
London, Clayton    4th Grade Picture                1978-0061
London, Clayton    5th Grade Picture                1979-0044
London, James       5th Grade Picture                1973-0036
London, James       8th Grade Picture                1976-0022
London, Jeff           2nd Grade Picture                1974-0049
London, Jeff                    Favorites Picture          1974-0059
London, Jeff           3rd Grade Picture                1975-0040
London, Jeff           4th Grade Picture                1976-0029
London, Jeff           5th Grade Picture                1977-0034
London, Jeff           6th Grade Picture                1978-0058
London, Jeff           7th Grade Picture                1979-0039
London, Jeffrey      1st Grade Picture                1973-0044
London, Jeffrey                    Favorites Picture          1973-0053
London, Kim                    Favorites Picture          1970-0054
London, Matthew                    Kindergarten Picture   1978-0065
London, Matthew  1st Grade Picture                1979-0048
London, Pam          4th Grade Picture                1970-0045
London, Pam          5th Grade Picture                1971-0033
London, Pam          6th Grade Picture                1972-0032
London, Pam          7th Grade Picture                1973-0032
London, Pam          Class Officer Picture               1974-0036
London, Pam          8th Grade Picture                1974-0037
London, Pam                    Freshman Picture         1975-0030
London, Pam                    Sophomore Picture      1976-0018
London, Pam          Class Officer Picture               1976-0019
London, Pam          Junior Picture        1977-0016
London, Pam          Class Officer Picture               1977-0019
London, Pam                    Favorites Picture          1978-0023
London, Pam                    Favorites Picture          1978-0029
London, Pam                    Favorites Picture          1978-0031
London, Pam          Senior Picture        1978-0038
London, Pam          Queen Picture        1978-0087
London, Pamela     3rd Grade Picture                1969-0044
London, Pamela                    Favorites Picture          1970-0054
London, Rene                    Kindergarten Picture   1979-0049
London, Russel                    Favorites Picture          1969-0052
London, Russell     1st Grade Picture                1969-0046
London, Russell     2nd Grade Picture                1970-0047
London, Russell                    Favorites Picture          1970-0054
London, Russell     3rd Grade Picture                1971-0035
London, Russell     4th Grade Picture                1972-0034
London, Russell     6th Grade Picture                1974-0041
London, Russell     7th Grade Picture                1975-0034
London, Russell                    Freshman Picture         1977-0025
London, Russell                    Sophomore Picture      1978-0047
London, Russell     Junior Picture        1979-0030
London, Tim           1st Grade Picture                1971-0037
London, Tim           2nd Grade Picture                1972-0036
London, Tim           4th Grade Picture                1974-0045
London, Tim           5th Grade Picture                1975-0038
London, Tim           6th Grade Picture                1976-0026
London, Tim           7th Grade Picture                1977-0030
London, Tim           8th Grade Picture                1978-0054
London, Tim                    Freshman Picture         1979-0034
London, Timothy   3rd Grade Picture                1973-0040
Lone Star Florist                    Advertisement              1942-0083
Lone Star Florist                    Advertisement              1946-0137
Lone Star Florist                    Advertisement              1947-0155
Lone Star Florist                    Advertisement              1948-0127
Lone Star Florist                    Advertisement              1949-0131
Lone Star Florist                    Advertisement              1950-0092
Lone Star Florist                    Advertisement              1953-0092
Lone Star Transfer & Storage, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0117
Lone Star Transfer & Storage, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0103
Lone Star Transfer & Storage, Mineral Wells - J.T. Watson                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0117
Lone Star Transfer & Storage, Mineral Wells - J.T. Watson                    Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0111
Long, Glenn                Picture, Junior         1946-0043
Long, Joe                    Freshman Picture         1974-0035
Long, W.O.                    Commissioners Picture                    1962-0119
Long, W.O.                    Commissioners Picture                    1963-0095
Long, W.O.                    Commissioners Picture                    1964-0093
Long, W.O.                    Commissioners Picture                    1965-0075
Long, W.O.                    Commissioners Picture                    1966-0125
Loop, Lisa               2nd Grade Picture                1977-0037
Loop, Lisa               3rd Grade Picture                1978-0062
Loop, Lisa               4th Grade Picture                1979-0045
Loughry, Anita      1st Grade Picture                1966-0037
Loughry, Roy         4th Grade Picture                1966-0034
Love, Aubrey         3rd Grade Picture                1971-0035
Love, Aubrey         4th Grade Picture                1972-0034
Love, Aubrey         5th Grade Picture                1973-0036
Love, Aubrey         6th Grade Picture                1974-0041
Love, Aubrey         7th Grade Picture                1975-0034
Love, Aubrey         8th Grade Picture                1976-0022
Love, Aubrey                    Freshman Picture         1978-0051
Love, Aubrey                    Sophomore Picture      1979-0032
Love, James            5th Grade Picture                1971-0033
Love, James            6th Grade Picture                1972-0032
Love, James            7th Grade Picture                1973-0032
Love, James            8th Grade Picture                1974-0037
Love, James                    Freshman Picture         1975-0030
Love, James                    Sophomore Picture      1976-0018
Love, James            Class Officer Picture               1976-0019
Love, James            Senior Picture        1978-0039
Love, Katherine     5th Grade Picture                1973-0036
Love, Kathy            4th Grade Picture                1972-0034
Love, Kathy            6th Grade Picture                1974-0041
Love, Kathy                    Favorites Picture          1974-0058
Love, Kathy            7th Grade Picture                1975-0034
Love, Kathy            8th Grade Picture                1976-0022
Love, Kathy                    Sophomore Picture      1978-0047
Love, Kathy                    Sophomore Picture      1979-0032
Love, Kathy Jo       3rd Grade Picture                1971-0035
Lovelace, Darel M     Senior Picture        1939-0018
Lovelace, Doyle         Picture, Sophomore                    1946-0051
Lovelace, Doyle         Picture, FFA Officers                 1946-0103
Lovelace, Doyle         Picture, Junior Class Officers   1947-0041
Lovelace, G.H.            2nd Grade Picture                1939-0033
Lovelace, G.H.            Group Picture        1939-0040
Lowe, Clint              Senior Picture        1968-0019
Lowe, Clinton         Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1968-0093
Lowetz, Cindy        Junior Picture        1974-0031
Lowetz, Cindy        Senior Picture        1975-0024
Lowetz, Cindy        Class Officer Picture               1975-0025
Lowetz, Cindy                    Favorites Picture          1975-0044
Lowetz, Cindy                    Favorites Picture          1975-0047
Lowetz, Cindy                    Sweetheart Picture       1975-0057
Lowetz, Debbie      Class Officer Picture               1974-0034
Lowetz, Debbie                    Freshman Picture         1974-0035
Lowetz, Debbie                    Sophomore Picture      1975-0029
Lowetz, Debbie      Queen Picture        1975-0073
Lowetz, Debbie      Junior Picture        1976-0016
Lowetz, Debbie                    Favorites Picture          1977-0044
Lowetz, Debbie                    Favorites Picture          1977-0045
Lowetz, Debbie                    Favorites Picture          1977-0047
Lowetz, Debra Marie                    Senior Picture               1977-0013
Lowetz, Fred           8th Grade Picture                1976-0022
Lowetz, Fred                    Favorites Picture          1976-0049
Lowetz, Fred           Award Picture        1976-0100
Lowetz, Fred                    Freshman Picture         1977-0025
Lowetz, Fred                    Sophomore Picture      1978-0047
Lowetz, Fred           Junior Picture        1979-0030
Lowetz, Linda                    Favorites Picture          1975-0048
Lowetz, Lindy                    Freshman Picture         1975-0030
Lowetz, Lindy                    Sophomore Picture      1976-0018
Lowetz, Lindy         Class Officer Picture               1976-0019
Lowetz, Lindy                    Favorites Picture          1976-0048
Lowetz, Lindy         Junior Picture        1977-0017
Lowetz, Lindy                    Favorites Picture          1978-0023
Lowetz, Lindy                    Favorites Picture          1978-0027
Lowetz, Lindy         Senior Picture        1978-0039
Lowetz, Lindy                    Favorites Picture          1978-0040
Lowetz, Lindy                    Sweetheart Picture       1978-0072
Lowetz, Lloyd         School Board Picture                1979-0008
Lowetz, Mary Lou 7th Grade Picture                1977-0030
Lowetz, Mary Lou 8th Grade Picture                1978-0054
Lowetz, Mary Lou                    Freshman Picture         1979-0034
Lowetz, William      4th Grade Picture                1978-0061
Lowetz, William      5th Grade Picture                1979-0044
Lukes, Albert          Junior Picture        1967-0023
Luna Insurance Agency                    Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0122
Luna Insurance Agency                    Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0110
Luna Insurance Agency                    Advertisement/Picture                    1970-0108
Luna Insurance Agency                    Advertisement/Picture                    1971-0112
Luna Insurance Agency                    Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0103
Luna Insurance Agency                    Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0122
Luna Insurance Agency                    Advertisement/Picture                    1974-0137
Luna Insurance Agency - Audie & Martha Thompson                    Advertisement/Picture                    1975-0122
Luna Insurance Agency - Audie & Martha Thompson                    Advertisement/Picture                    1976-0108
Luna Insurance Agency - Audie & Martha Thompson                    Advertisement/Picture                    1977-0119
Luna Insurance Agency - Audie & Martha Thompson                    Advertisement/Picture                    1978-0141
Luna Insurance Agency - Audie & Martha Thompson                    Advertisement/Picture                    1979-0128
Luna Wilma                Picture, 6th Grade   1947-0073
Luna, Dwain               Picture, 7th Grade   1947-0075
Luna, Hurff                 Picture, 6th Grade   1947-0073
Luna, Hurff                 Picture, 8th Grade   1949-0061
Luna, Jolene               Picture, Senior         1946-0029
Luna, Jolene               Picture, Volleyball  1946-0093
Luna, Mr.                    Custodian Picture        1959-0012
Luna, Mr.                    Custodian Picture        1960-0008
Luna, Ray                    Custodian Picture        1961-0013
Luna, Ray                    Custodian Picture        1962-0010
Luna, Ray                    Custodian Picture        1964-0011
Luna, Ray                    Custodian Picture        1965-0010
Luna, Ray                    Custodian Picture        1966-0013
Luna, Ray                    Custodian Picture        1967-0015
Luna, Ray                    Custodian Picture        1968-0015
Luna, Ray                    Custodian Picture        1969-0014
Luna, Ray                    Custodian Picture        1970-0019
Luna, Ray                    Custodian Picture        1971-0019
Luna, Ray                    Dedication Picture       1972-0006
Luna,Herf                    Picture, 7th Grade   1948-0071
Lusk, Leon                  Junior Picture        1939-0022
Lusk, Leon                    Basketball Group Picture                    1939-0036
Lusk, Leon                  Typing Class Group Picture     1939-0046
Lyon, Annie                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1961-0013
Lyon, Barbara             1st Grade Picture                1957-0041
Lyon, Barbara             2nd Grade Picture                1958-0042
Lyon, Charles             4th Grade Picture                1957-0038
Lyon, Charles             5th Grade Picture                1958-0039
Lyon, Dean                 Picture, Freshmen   1953-0029
Lyon, Douglas                    Freshman Picture         1957-0031
Lyon, Douglas                    Sophomore Picture      1958-0029
Lyon, Evelene                    Freshman Picture         1960-0033
Lyon, Evelene                    Sophomore Picture      1961-0032
Lyon, Evelene        Junior Picture        1962-0027
Lyon, Evelene        Senior Picture        1963-0016
Lyon, Evelene                    Favorites Picture          1963-0045
Lyon, Evelene                    Favorites Picture          1963-0046
Lyon, Janice           6th Grade Picture                1975-0036
Lyon, Janice           7th Grade Picture                1976-0024
Lyon, Janice           8th Grade Picture                1977-0028
Lyon, Janice           Class Officer Picture               1977-0029
Lyon, Joy                5th Grade Picture                1975-0038
Lyon, Joy                6th Grade Picture                1976-0026
Lyon, Joy                7th Grade Picture                1977-0030
Lyon, Julie                    Sophomore Picture      1975-0029
Lyon, Julie              Junior Picture        1976-0016
Lyon, Julie              Class Officer Picture               1976-0017
Lyon, Kim               1st Grade Picture                1969-0046
Lyon, Kim                    Favorites Picture          1969-0052
Lyon, Kim               3rd Grade Picture                1971-0035
Lyon, Kim               4th Grade Picture                1972-0034
Lyon, Kim               5th Grade Picture                1973-0036
Lyon, Kim               Class Officer Picture               1974-0040
Lyon, Kim               6th Grade Picture                1974-0041
Lyon, Kim               7th Grade Picture                1975-0034
Lyon, Kim               8th Grade Picture                1976-0022
Lyon, Kim                    Freshman Picture         1977-0025
Lyon, Kim               Class Officer Picture               1977-0026
Lyon, Kim                    Sophomore Picture      1978-0047
Lyon, Kim               Junior Picture        1979-0030
Lyon, Kimberly      2nd Grade Picture                1970-0047
Lyon, Mona            Teacher Aide Picture                  1976-0035
Lyon, Monna         Senior Picture        1960-0018
Lyon, Monna                    Favorites Picture          1960-0019
Lyon, Monna                    Favorites Picture          1960-0064
Lyon, Monna         School Secretary Picture          1966-0012
Lyon, Monna         School Secretary Picture          1969-0013
Lyon, Monna         School Secretary Picture          1970-0018
Lyon, Monna         PTA Officer Picture               1970-0056
Lyon, Monna         School Secretary Picture          1971-0018
Lyon, Monna         PTA Officer Picture               1971-0046
Lyon, Monna         School Secretary Picture          1972-0018
Lyon, Monna                    Teacher's Aide Picture                    1974-0022
Lyon, Monna         Teacher Aid Picture                    1977-0011
Lyon, Monna                    Teacher's Aide Picture                    1978-0020
Lyon, Mrs.                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1960-0008
Lyon, Mrs.                    Teacher's Aide Picture                    1979-0011
Lyon, Owen                    Freshman Picture         1955-0029
Lyon, Owen                    Sophomore Picture      1956-0027
Lyon, Owen                Junior Picture        1957-0023
Lyon, Owen                Senior Picture        1958-0020
Lyon, Tony             1st Grade Picture                1971-0037
Lyon, Tony             2nd Grade Picture                1972-0036
Lyon, Tony             3rd Grade Picture                1973-0040
Lyon, Tony             4th Grade Picture                1974-0045
Lyon, Tony             5th Grade Picture                1975-0038
Lyon, Tony             6th Grade Picture                1976-0026
Lyon, Tony             7th Grade Picture                1977-0030
Lyon, Tony             8th Grade Picture                1978-0054
Lyon, Tony                    Freshman Picture         1979-0034
Lyon, Virginia             Picture, Junior         1954-0021
Lyon, Virginia             Senior Picture        1955-0017
Lyon's Café                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0084
Lyon's Café                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0072
Lyon's Café & Texaco Station       Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0101
Lyon's Café & Texaco Station       Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0101
Lyon's Garage, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0112
Lyon's Garage, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0131
Lyons, Allan               Picture, 7th Grade   1950-0043
Lyons, Allen               Picture, 4th Grade   1947-0071
Lyons, Allen               Picture, 5th Grade   1948-0069
Lyons, Allen               Picture, 6th Grade   1949-0059
Lyons, Allen               Picture, 8th Grade   1951-0065
Lyons, Allen               Picture, Junior         1954-0022
Lyons, Allen               Picture Junior Class Favorite Boy              1954-0047
Lyons, Allen               Senior Picture        1955-0017
Lyons, Allen                    Favorites Picture          1955-0046
Lyons, Allen                    Favorites Picture          1955-0049
Lyons, Allen                    Sweetheart Picture       1955-0050
Lyons, Allen                    Sweetheart Picture       1955-0050
Lyons, Allen               Picture, Freshman   1952-0051
Lyons, Allen               Picture, Sophomore                    1953-0025
Lyons, Annie                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1962-0010
Lyons, Annie                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1963-0012
Lyons, Annie                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1964-0011
Lyons, Annie                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1965-0010
Lyons, Audra             2nd Grade          1918-0020
Lyons, Bessie             2nd Grade          1918-0020
Lyons, Burke          5th Grade Picture                1972-0033
Lyons, Burke          6th Grade Picture                1973-0034
Lyons, Burke          7th Grade Picture                1974-0039
Lyons, Burke          8th Grade Picture                1975-0032
Lyons, Burke                    Freshman Picture         1976-0020
Lyons, Burke                    Sophomore Picture      1977-0020
Lyons, Burke          Junior Picture        1978-0042
Lyons, Burke Eric  4th Grade Picture                1971-0034
Lyons, Cecil                1st Grade          1918-0019
Lyons, Chester           6th Grade          1918-0020
Lyons, Dean               Picture, 6th Grade   1950-0044
Lyons, Dean               Picture, 7th Grade   1951-0067
Lyons, Dean               Picture, 8th Grade   1952-0057
Lyons, Dean               Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0025
Lyons, Dean               Junior Picture        1955-0022
Lyons, Dean               Senior Picture        1956-0017
Lyons, Dean               Beau Picture        1956-0050
Lyons, Dean                    Favorites Picture          1956-0052
Lyons, Deana         4th Grade Picture                1974-0045
Lyons, Deana         5th Grade Picture                1975-0038
Lyons, Deana         6th Grade Picture                1976-0026
Lyons, Deana         7th Grade Picture                1977-0030
Lyons, Diana          2nd Semester Students       1972-0038
Lyons, Floyd              Picture, 3rd Grade   1947-0071
Lyons, Floyd Dean    Picture, 5th Grade   1949-0059
Lyons, James          8th Grade Picture                1974-0037
Lyons, James                    Freshman Picture         1975-0030
Lyons, James                    Sophomore Picture      1976-0018
Lyons, James          Junior Picture        1977-0017
Lyons, James          Senior Picture        1978-0039
Lyons, Jimmie             Picture, 1st Grade   1947-0069
Lyons, Jimmie             Picture, 2nd Grade  1948-0065
Lyons, Jimmie             Picture, 7th Grade   1953-0035
Lyons, Jimmy             Picture, 4th Grade   1948-0067
Lyons, Jimmy             Picture, 3rd Grade   1949-0057
Lyons, Jimmy             Picture, 4th Grade   1950-0045
Lyons, Jimmy             Picture, 5th Grade   1951-0069
Lyons, Jimmy             Picture, 6th Grade   1952-0061
Lyons, Jimmy             Picture, 8th Grade   1954-0033
Lyons, Jimmy                    Freshman Picture         1955-0029
Lyons, Jimmy                    Sophomore Picture      1956-0027
Lyons, Jimmy             Junior Picture        1957-0023
Lyons, Jimmy                    Favorites Picture          1957-0053
Lyons, Jimmy             Senior Picture        1958-0020
Lyons, Jimmy                    Favorites Picture          1958-0053
Lyons, Jimmy                    Favorites Picture          1958-0055
Lyons, Joy                    Favorites Picture          1975-0050
Lyons, Mona          Faculty Picture        1975-0019
Lyons, Mrs.                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1959-0012
Lyons, Orville                    Freshman Picture         1939-0026
Lyons, Orville             Senior Picture        1942-0017
Lyons, Orville             FFA History       1942-0063
Lyons, Ray             2nd Semester Students       1972-0038
Lyons, Tony                    Favorites Picture          1975-0050
Lyons, Travis             1st Grade Picture                1958-0043
Lyons, Virginia           Picture, Freshman   1952-0051
Lyons, Virginia           Picture, Sophomore                    1953-0025
Lyons, Virginia           Picture, Soph Favorite Girl        1953-0049
M & W Variety                    Advertisement              1946-0137
M & W Variety                    Advertisement              1947-0157
Mabry, Albert            3rd Grade          1918-0021
Mabry, R.D.                1st Grade          1918-0020
Mabry, Sadie              4th Grade          1918-0021
Mack, Anna Jean                    Freshman Group Picture                    1942-0039
Mack, Mary Don                    Freshman Group Picture                    1942-0039
Maddera, Donna                    Favorites Picture          1967-0037
Madderra Diana     1st Grade Picture                1967-0035
Madderra, Debbie  8th Grade Picture                1970-0038
Madderra, Debra    4th Grade Picture                1966-0034
Madderra, Debra    5th Grade Picture                1967-0031
Madderra, Debra    6th Grade Picture                1968-0028
Madderra, Debra    7th Grade Picture                1969-0039
Madderra, Debra    Award Picture        1970-0101
Madderra, Debra                    Freshman Picture         1971-0029
Madderra, Diana    2nd Grade Picture                1968-0032
Madderra, Diana    3rd Grade Picture                1969-0044
Madderra, Diana    4th Grade Picture                1970-0045
Madderra, Diana    5th Grade Picture                1971-0033
Madderra, Donna  1st Grade Picture                1966-0037
Madderra, Donna  2nd Grade Picture                1967-0034
Madderra, Donna  3rd Grade Picture                1968-0031
Madderra, Donna  4th Grade Picture                1969-0043
Madderra, Donna  5th Grade Picture                1970-0044
Madderra, Donna                    Favorites Picture          1970-0051
Madderra, Donna  6th Grade Picture                1971-0032
Maddox Garage                    Advertisement              1953-0106
Magnolia Service Station                    Advertisement              1949-0131
Mahan, Rocky        6th Grade Picture                1967-0030
Mahan, Rocky        6th Grade Picture                1968-0028
Mahan, Rocky        7th Grade Picture                1969-0039
Mahan, Rocky                    Favorites Picture          1970-0051
Mahan, Rocky                    Freshman Picture         1971-0029
Mahan, Rocky                    Sophomore Picture      1972-0027
Mahan, Rocky        Junior Picture        1973-0024
Mahan, Rocky                    Favorites Picture          1973-0051
Mahan, Rocky Morris                    8th Grade Picture          1970-0038
Mahan, Teresa       3rd Grade Picture                1967-0033
Mahan, Teresa       4th Grade Picture                1968-0030
Mahan, Teresa       5th Grade Picture                1969-0042
Mahan, Teresa       6th Grade Picture                1970-0040
Mahan, Teresa       7th Grade Picture                1971-0031
Mahan, Teresa       8th Grade Picture                1972-0030
Mahan, Teresa                    Freshman Picture         1973-0028
Mahatten Man Shop                    Advertisement              1951-0161
Mallory, David                    Freshman Picture         1977-0025
Malsby's Advertisement                    1951-0157
Malsby's Ice Cream                    Advertisement              1949-0129
Malsby's Ice Creem                    Advertisement              1948-0119
Manhattan Café                    Advertisement              1952-0113
Manle, Gerald             Picture, 5th Grade   1951-0069
Manley, Becky       2nd Semester Students       1971-0038
Manley, Becky                    Freshman Picture         1972-0028
Manley, Becky                    Sophomore Picture      1973-0026
Manley, Becky       Junior Picture        1974-0031
Manley, Becky       Senior Picture        1975-0024
Manley, Becky       Class Officer Picture               1975-0025
Manley, Becky                    Favorites Picture          1975-0047
Manley, Becky                    Favorites Picture          1975-0048
Manley, Bobbie         Picture, 7th Grade   1950-0043
Manley, Bobbie         Picture, 8th Grade   1951-0065
Manley, Bobby          Picture, Freshman   1952-0053
Manley, Bobby          Picture, Sophomore                    1953-0025
Manley, Bobby          Picture, Soph Favorite Boy       1953-0049
Manley, Bobby          Picture, Junior         1954-0022
Manley, Bobby          Senior Picture        1955-0018
Manley, Bobby                     Favorites Picture          1955-0049
Manley, Charles         Picture, Sophomore                    1947-0049
Manley, Charles         Picture, Junior         1948-0045
Manley, Charles         Picture, Basketball                      1948-0093
Manley, Charles         Picture, Senior         1949-0031
Manley, Charles         Picture, Basketball                      1949-0085
Manley, David       2nd Semester Students       1971-0038
Manley, David       2nd Grade Picture                1972-0036
Manley, David       3rd Grade Picture                1973-0040
Manley, David       4th Grade Picture                1974-0045
Manley, David       5th Grade Picture                1975-0038
Manley, David       6th Grade Picture                1976-0026
Manley, David       Class Officer Picture               1976-0027
Manley, David       7th Grade Picture                1977-0030
Manley, David       Class Officer Picture               1977-0031
Manley, David       8th Grade Picture                1978-0054
Manley, David                    Freshman Picture         1979-0034
Manley, Deborah                    Freshman Picture         1970-0035
Manley, Deborah                    Sophomore Picture      1971-0027
Manley, Deborah   Junior Picture        1972-0025
Manley, Deborah   Senior Picture        1973-0021
Manley, Deborah   Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1973-0115
Manley, Dorinda                    Freshman Picture         1972-0028
Manley, Dorinda                    Sophomore Picture      1973-0026
Manley, Dorinda    Class Officer Picture               1973-0027
Manley, Dorinda                    Favorites Picture          1973-0051
Manley, Dorinda    Queen Picture        1973-0055
Manley, Dorinda    Junior Picture        1974-0031
Manley, Dorinda    Senior Picture        1975-0025
Manley, Gene                    Favorites Picture          1967-0026
Manley, Gene                    Freshman Picture         1967-0027
Manley, Gene                    Sophomore Picture      1968-0023
Manley, Gene         Junior Picture        1969-0027
Manley, Gene         Football Picture        1969-0084
Manley, Gene         Senior Picture        1970-0023
Manley, Gene         Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1970-0105
Manley, Gerald           Picture, 4th Grade   1950-0045
Manley, Gerald           Picture, 6th Grade   1952-0061
Manley, Gerald           Picture, 8th Grade   1954-0033
Manley, Gerald                    Freshman Picture         1955-0029
Manley, Gerald                    Sophomore Picture      1956-0027
Manley, Gerrald         Picture, 7th Grade   1953-0035
Manley, Glen          2nd Semester Students       1971-0038
Manley, Glen          7th Grade Picture                1972-0031
Manley, Glen          8th Grade Picture                1973-0030
Manley, Glen                    Freshman Picture         1974-0035
Manley, Glen                    Sophomore Picture      1975-0029
Manley, Glen          FFA Team          1975-0057
Manley, Glen          Junior Picture        1976-0016
Manley, Katherine     Picture, Freshman   1947-0055
Manley, Kathryn       Picture, Sophomore                    1948-0049
Manley, Kathryn       Picture, Junior         1949-0037
Manley, Kathryn       Picture, Senior         1950-0022
Manley, Ronnie                    Freshman Picture         1969-0035
Manley, Ronnie                    Sophomore Picture      1970-0031
Manley, Ronnie     Junior Picture        1971-0025
Manley, Ronnie                    Favorites Picture          1971-0042
Manley, Ronnie     Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1972-0099
Manley, Ronnie D.                    Senior Picture               1972-0023
Manley, Sherlene       Picture, 6th Grade   1950-0044
Manley, Sherlene       Picture, 7th Grade   1951-0067
Manley, Sherlene       Picture, 8th Grade   1952-0057
Manley, Sherlene       Picture, Freshmen   1953-0029
Manley, Sherlene       Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0026
Manley, Sherlene       Junior Picture        1955-0022
Manley, Sherlene       Senior Picture        1956-0017
Manley, Sherlene                    Sweetheart Picture       1956-0050
Manley, Sherlene                    Favorites Picture          1956-0053
Manley, William                    Freshman Picture         1974-0035
Manley, William                    Favorites Picture          1974-0057
Manley, William                    Sophomore Picture      1975-0029
Manley, William     Football Picture        1975-0073
Manley, William     Junior Picture        1976-0016
Manley, William     Beau Picture        1976-0047
Manley, William                    Favorites Picture          1977-0015
Manley, William                    Favorites Picture          1977-0042
Manley, William                    Favorites Picture          1977-0047
Manley, William                    Favorites Picture          1977-0049
Manley, William     Football Picture        1977-0076
Manley, William, Thomas, Jr.                Senior Picture               1977-0013
Mann, Dorothy          Picture, 8th Grade   1947-0075
Mann, Dorthy            Picture, Freshman   1948-0057
Mann, Dorthy            Picture, Sophomore                    1949-0045
Mann, Erwin                    Freshman Picture         1939-0026
Mann, Rhonda       8th Grade Picture                1968-0026
Mann, Rhonda       Class Officer Picture               1969-0034
Mann, Rhonda                    Freshman Picture         1969-0035
Mann, Rhonda                    Sophomore Picture      1970-0031
Mann, Rhonda                    Cheerleader Picture      1970-0089
Mann, Rhonda       Junior Picture        1971-0025
Mann, Rhonda                    Favorites Picture          1971-0042
Mann, Rhonda       Class Officer Picture               1972-0022
Mann, Rhonda       Senior Picture        1972-0023
Mann, Rhonda       Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1972-0099
Mann, Rober              Picture, Junior         1948-0045
Mann, Rodger            Picture, Freshman   1946-0055
Mann, Rodger            Picture, Sophomore                    1947-0051
Mann, Rodney                    Sophomore Picture      1968-0023
Mann, Rodney       Junior Picture        1969-0027
Mann, Rodney       Senior Picture        1970-0023
Mann, Rodney       Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1970-0105
Mann, Roger              Picture, Junior         1949-0037
Mann's Feed & Hatchery                    Advertisement              1947-0167
Mann's Hatchery Feed Store                    Advertisement              1946-0133
Mansell, Grady       Junior Picture        1973-0024
Mansell, Grady       Senior Picture        1974-0029
Mansell, Lori          1st Grade Picture                1974-0051
Mansell, Lori          2nd Grade Picture                1975-0041
Mansell, Lori          3rd Grade Picture                1976-0030
Mansell, Lori          4th Grade Picture                1977-0035
Mansell, Lori          5th Grade Picture                1978-0060
Mansell, Sherry      2nd Grade Picture                1973-0042
Mansell, Sherry      3rd Grade Picture                1974-0047
Mansell, Sherry      4th Grade Picture                1975-0039
Mansell, Sherry      5th Grade Picture                1976-0028
Mansell, Sherry      6th Grade Picture                1977-0032
Mansell, Sherry                    Favorites Picture          1977-0033
Mansell, Sherry      Class Officer Picture               1977-0033
Mansell, Sherry Renee                    1st Grade Picture          1972-0037
Marcus J. Lee Humble Station, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0123
Margaret Byers          Picture, Carnival Queen             1946-0077
Margaret, Hellen        Picture, Senior Class Officers   1952-0027
Marks, F.H. Secretary                    School Board                1918-0007
Marsden Shoe Store, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0093
Marsden Shoe Store, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0111
Marsden's Shoes, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1957-0072
Marsden's Shoes, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1958-0077
Martain, Joan             Picture, Sophomore                    1948-0049
Martain, Joan             Picture, Junior         1949-0037
Martain, Joan             Volley Ball Girls    1949-0081
Martin Joan                Picture, Senior Girls Basketball                    1950-0063
Martin Mary Ellen     Senior Picture        1939-0018
Martin, Betty Jo         3rd Grade Picture                1939-0032
Martin, Betty Jo         Picture, Sophomore                    1946-0049
Martin, Carolyn      Bus Driver Picture                1977-0011
Martin, Carolyn      Bus Driver Picture                1978-0020
Martin, Frank          7th Grade Picture                1978-0056
Martin, Frank          8th Grade Picture                1979-0038
Martin, Frankie       6th Grade Picture                1977-0032
Martin, Franklin                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Martin, Jaylia          3rd Grade Picture                1960-0041
Martin, Jaylia          4th Grade Picture                1961-0044
Martin, Jim              Junior Picture        1979-0030
Martin, Jo Ann           Picture, Carnival Queen             1948-0085
Martin, Joan               Picture, Freshmen Class Officers                 1947-0055
Martin, Joan               Picture, Most Popular Girl - Fresh               1947-0091
Martin, Joan               Picture, Girl's Volleyball             1947-0123
Martin, Joan               Picture, Senior         1950-0022
Martin, Lloyd             FFA History       1942-0063
Martin, Mary Ellen    Home Ec. Group Picture         1939-0043
Martin, Michael     1st Grade Picture                1977-0038
Martin, Michael     2nd Grade Picture                1978-0063
Martin, Michael     3rd Grade Picture                1979-0046
Martin, Riley           5th Grade Picture                1960-0039
Martin, Riley           King Picture        1960-0051
Martin, Riley           6th Grade Picture                1961-0042
Martin, Robert            Picture, 5th Grade   1953-0037
Martin, Robert L        Picture, 2nd Grade  1950-0046
Martin, Robert L        Picture, 3rd Grade   1951-0071
Martin, Robert L        Picture, 4th Grade   1952-0063
Martin, Robert Lee    Picture, 1st Grade   1949-0055
Martin, Russell       Junior Picture        1968-0021
Mash Feed & Hatchery                    Advertisement              1953-0087
Mask Feed & Hatchery                    Advertisement              1951-0155
Mask Feed & Hatchery                    Advertisement              1952-0123
Mask Feed Store                    Advertisement              1954-0076
Mask, Anna Jean       5th Grade Picture                1939-0030
Mask, Anna Jean       Choral Club Group Picture      1939-0041
Mask, Charles            2nd Grade Picture                1939-0033
Mask, Clate                 5th Grade          1918-0018
Mask, Corine              Group Picture        1939-0040
Mask, Ernest              2nd Grade          1918-0016
Mask, Flora                 6th Grade          1918-0018
Mask, Jr., W.C.           Senior Picture        1939-0018
Mask, Jr., W.C.           Theatre Group Picture                1939-0044
Mask, Kenneth                    Freshman Picture         1939-0026
Mask, Kenneth          Spanish Club Group Picture      1939-0042
Mask, Kenneth          Junior Picture        1942-0025
Mask, Kenneth          FFA History       1942-0063
Mask, Lon                   3rd Grade Picture                1939-0032
Mask, Lon                   Group Picture        1939-0040
Mask, Lon                   Picture, Junior         1946-0043
Mask, Mary Don       5th Grade Picture                1939-0030
Mask, Mary Don       Choral Club Group Picture      1939-0041
Mask, Maureen          Junior Picture        1942-0025
Mask, Maurine           7th Grade Picture                1939-0028
Mask, Maurine           Choral Club Group Picture      1939-0041
Mask, Mrs.                    Mention     1942-0039
Mask, Tobey              3rd Grade Picture                1939-0032
Mask, Travis              1st Grade          1918-0016
Mask, Wayford          6th Grade          1918-0018
Mason, Allen             Picture, 6th Grade   1949-0059
Mason, Deri                Picture, 8th Grade   1951-0065
Mason, Derl                Picture, 7th Grade   1950-0043
Mason, Derl                Picture, Freshman   1952-0053
Mason, Derl                Picture, Sophomore                    1953-0025
Mason, Derl                Picture, Sophomore                    1953-0026
Mason, Derl                Picture, Junior         1954-0022
Mason, Derl                Senior Picture        1955-0018
Mason, Frank             Bus Driver Picture                1959-0007
Mason, Frank         Bus Driver Picture                1960-0008
Mason, Frank         Bus Driver Picture                1961-0013
Mason, Frank         Bus Driver Picture                1962-0010
Mason, Frank         Bus Driver Picture                1963-0012
Mason, Frank         Bus Driver Picture                1964-0011
Mason, Frank         Bus Driver Picture                1965-0010
Mason, Frank         Bus Driver Picture                1966-0013
Mason, James Raylon                    4th Grade Picture          1966-0034
Mason, James Raylon                    5th Grade Picture          1967-0031
Mason, James Raylon                    6th Grade Picture          1968-0028
Mason, Karen        1st Grade Picture                1970-0048
Mason, Karen        2nd Grade Picture                1971-0036
Mason, Karen                    Favorites Picture          1971-0044
Mason, Karen        3rd Grade Picture                1972-0035
Mason, Karen        4th Grade Picture                1973-0038
Mason, Karen        5th Grade Picture                1974-0043
Mason, Karen        6th Grade Picture                1975-0036
Mason, Karen        7th Grade Picture                1976-0024
Mason, Karen        Class Officer Picture               1976-0025
Mason, Karen        8th Grade Picture                1977-0028
Mason, Karen        Class Officer Picture               1977-0029
Mason, Karen                    Freshman Picture         1978-0051
Mason, Karen                    Sophomore Picture      1979-0032
Mason, Karen                    Cheerleader Picture      1979-0062
Mason, Raylon      1st Grade Picture                1963-0041
Mason, Raylon                    Favorites Picture          1963-0042
Mason, Raylon      2nd Grade Picture                1964-0046
Mason, Raylon      3rd Grade Picture                1965-0033
Mason, Raylon      7th Grade Picture                1969-0039
Mason, Raylon      8th Grade Picture                1970-0038
Mason, Raylon                    Freshman Picture         1971-0029
Mason, Raylon                    Sophomore Picture      1972-0027
Mason, Raylon      Junior Picture        1973-0024
Mason, Raylon      Senior Picture        1974-0029
Mason, Raylon      Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1974-0122
Mason, Shiley            Picture, 6th Grade   1953-0038
Mason, Shirley           Picture, 2nd Grade  1949-0055
Mason, Shirley           Picture, 3rd Grade   1950-0045
Mason, Shirley           Picture, 4th Grade   1951-0071
Mason, Shirley           Picture, 5th Grade   1952-0061
Mason, Shirley           Picture, 7th Grade   1954-0034
Mason, Shirley           8th Grade Picture                1955-0032
Mason, Shirley                    Freshman Picture         1956-0031
Mason, Shirley                    Sophomore Picture      1957-0027
Mason, Shirley           Junior Picture        1958-0025
Mason, Shirley           Senior Picture        1959-0018
Mason, Virginia     PTA Officer Picture               1968-0039
Masterson, Brenda                    8th Grade Picture          1965-0028
Masterson, Brenda                    Class Officer Picture    1966-0027
Masterson, Brenda                    Freshman Picture         1966-0028
Masterson, Brenda                    Favorites Picture          1966-0041
Masterson, Brenda                    Sophomore Picture      1967-0025
Masterson, Brenda                    Queen Picture               1967-0043
Masterson, Brenda                    Favorites Picture          1968-0020
Masterson, Brenda                    Junior Picture                1968-0021
Masterson, Brenda                    Sweetheart Picture       1968-0045
Masterson, Brenda                    Class Officer Picture    1969-0020
Masterson, Brenda                    Senior Picture               1969-0023
Masterson, Brenda                    Award Picture               1969-0081
Masterson, Brenda                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1969-0105
Masterson, Michael                    1st Grade Picture          1965-0035
Masterson, Michael                    2nd Grade Picture         1966-0036
Masterson, Michael                    3rd Grade Picture          1967-0033
Masterson, Michael                    4th Grade Picture          1968-0030
Masterson, Michael                    5th Grade Picture          1969-0042
Masterson, Michael                    Favorites Picture          1969-0051
Masterson, Michael                    6th Grade Picture          1970-0040
Masterson, Michael                    Favorites Picture          1970-0051
Masterson, Michael                    7th Grade Picture          1971-0031
Masterson, Michael                    Sophomore Picture      1974-0033
Masterson, Michael                    Junior Picture                1975-0026
Masterson, Michael Ray                    Senior Picture               1976-0013
Masterson, Mike   8th Grade Picture                1972-0030
Masterson, Mike                    Freshman Picture         1973-0028
Masterson, Mike   Class Officer Picture               1973-0029
Masterson, Mike   Class Officer Picture               1974-0032
Masterson, Mike                    Favorites Picture          1975-0046
Masterson, Mike                    Favorites Picture          1975-0048
Masterson, Mike   Beau Picture        1975-0052
Masterson, Mike   Football Picture        1975-0072
Masterson, Mike   Class Officer Picture               1976-0014
Masterson, Mike                    Favorites Picture          1976-0040
Masterson, Mike                    Favorites Picture          1976-0043
Masterson, Mike                    Favorites Picture          1976-0048
Masterson, Sheila  5th Grade Picture                1966-0033
Masterson, Sheila  6th Grade Picture                1967-0030
Masterson, Sheila                    Favorites Picture          1967-0036
Masterson, Sheila  7th Grade Picture                1968-0027
Masterson, Sheila  8th Grade Picture                1969-0038
Masterson, Sheila  Class Officer Picture               1970-0034
Masterson, Sheila                    Freshman Picture         1970-0035
Masterson, Sheila                    Sophomore Picture      1971-0027
Masterson, Sheila  Junior Picture        1972-0025
Masterson, Sheila  Senior Picture        1973-0021
Masterson, Sheila Faye                    4th Grade Picture          1965-0032
Masterson, Toni    8th Grade Picture                1966-0030
Masterson, Toni                    Favorites Picture          1966-0043
Masterson, Toni    Awards Picture        1966-0088
Masterson, Toni    Class Officer Picture               1967-0026
Masterson, Toni                    Freshman Picture         1967-0027
Masterson, Toni                    Sophomore Picture      1968-0023
Masterson, Toni                    Sweetheart Picture       1968-0076
Masterson, Toni    Class Officer Picture               1969-0026
Masterson, Toni    Junior Picture        1969-0027
Masterson, Toni                    Sweetheart Picture       1969-0059
Masterson, Toni    Queen Picture        1969-0064
Masterson, Toni    Who's Who Picture                  1969-0080
Masterson, Toni    Class Officer Picture               1970-0022
Masterson, Toni    Senior Picture        1970-0023
Masterson, Toni    Who's Who Picture                  1970-0081
Masterson, Toni Diana                    7th Grade Picture          1965-0029
Mathis, Trey                    Kindergarten Picture   1977-0039
Matlock, John        Junior Picture        1963-0022
Matlock, John        Senior Picture        1964-0020
Matthews, Angela 1st Grade Picture                1969-0046
Matthews, Angela 2nd Grade Picture                1970-0047
Matthews, Angela 3rd Grade Picture                1971-0035
Matthews, Jane      Faculty Picture        1968-0013
Matthews, Jane      PTA Officer Picture               1970-0056
Matthews, Yvette  1st Grade Picture                1970-0048
Matthews, Yvette  2nd Grade Picture                1971-0036
Mattie Brown Smith  3rd Grade          1918-0017
Mauney, Bill                    Favorites Picture          1975-0050
Mauney, Bill           1st Grade Picture                1976-0032
Mauney, Bill           2nd Grade Picture                1977-0037
Mauney, Bill                    Favorites Picture          1977-0040
Mauney, Bill           3rd Grade Picture                1978-0062
Mauney, Bill           4th Grade Picture                1979-0045
Mauney, Bill                    Favorites Picture          1979-0050
Mauney, Kayla      1st Grade Picture                1971-0037
Mauney, Kayla      2nd Grade Picture                1972-0036
Mauney, Kayla      3rd Grade Picture                1973-0040
Mauney, Kayla      4th Grade Picture                1974-0045
Mauney, Kayla      5th Grade Picture                1975-0038
Mauney, Kayla      6th Grade Picture                1976-0026
Mauney, Kayla      7th Grade Picture                1977-0030
Mauney, Kayla      8th Grade Picture                1978-0054
Mauney, Kayla                    Freshman Picture         1979-0034
Mauney, Kayla      Class Officer Picture               1979-0035
Mauney, William                    Kindergarten Picture   1975-0043
Maxey, Ray                 Picture, Junior         1946-0043
Maxey, Ray                 Picture, FFA Officers                 1946-0103
Maxwell, Clifton     2nd Grade Picture                1962-0044
Maxwell, Delton     1st Grade Picture                1962-0045
May Agency Insurance                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0120
Mayo Boyd                Picture, Sophomore                    1950-0035
Mayo, Boyd               Picture, 7th Grade   1947-0075
Mayo, Boyd               Picture, 8th Grade   1948-0071
Mayo, Boyd               Picture, Freshman   1949-0049
Mayo, Boyd               Picture, Senior         1952-0031
Mayo, Boyd Edward Picture, Best Citizen Boy           1952-0069
Mayo, Boye                Picture, Junior         1951-0049
Mayo, Miss            Faculty Picture        1979-0010
Maze, Arlenea        7th Grade Picture                1975-0034
Maze, Arlenia         6th Grade Picture                1974-0041
Maze, Geannia        Award Picture        1975-0114
Maze, Jeannia         7th Grade Picture                1974-0039
Maze, Jeannia         8th Grade Picture                1975-0032
Maze, Lucinda        1st Grade Picture                1974-0051
Maze, Sherry                    Kindergarten Picture   1975-0043
McBryde, Carla      4th Grade Picture                1970-0045
McBryde, Carla      5th Grade Picture                1971-0033
McBryde, Carla      6th Grade Picture                1972-0032
McBryde, Carla      7th Grade Picture                1973-0032
McBryde, Carla                    Favorites Picture          1973-0052
McBryde, Carol      7th Grade Picture                1970-0039
McBryde, Carol      7th Grade Picture                1971-0031
McBryde, Carol      8th Grade Picture                1972-0030
McBryde, Carol                    Freshman Picture         1973-0028
McBryde, Kenneth                    1st Grade Picture          1970-0048
McBryde, Kenneth                    2nd Grade Picture         1971-0036
McBryde, Kenny   3rd Grade Picture                1972-0035
McBryde, Kenny   4th Grade Picture                1973-0038
McCaghren, Johnny                    Junior Picture                1963-0023
McCaghren, Johnny                    Senior Picture               1964-0020
McCaghren, Johnny                    Favorites Picture          1964-0025
McCaghren, Johnny                    Favorites Picture          1964-0026
McCallister, Glenn     Picture, 2nd Grade  1952-0065
McCanlies, Luch                    Sophomore Picture      1939-0024
McCanlis, Lucy          Home Ec. Group Picture         1939-0043
McCann, Agnes    1st Grade Picture                1966-0037
McCann, Bernadette                    Sophomore Picture      1966-0026
McCann, Edward   6th Grade Picture                1966-0032
McCann, Helen      7th Grade Picture                1966-0031
McCann, Mary                    Freshman Picture         1966-0028
McCann, Nancy C.                    Sophomore Picture      1966-0026
McCann, Rita         5th Grade Picture                1966-0033
McCannis, J.L.           Junior Picture        1939-0022
McCarty, Imogene                    Freshman Picture         1970-0035
McCarty, Maxine                    Freshman Picture         1970-0035
McClain, Jean Hickey                    Senior Picture               1967-0021
McClain, Jean Hickey                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1967-0097
McClain, Peggy                    Freshman Picture         1957-0031
McClain, Peggy                    Sophomore Picture      1958-0029
McClain, R.L.              3rd Grade Picture                1957-0039
McClain, R.L.              4th Grade Picture                1958-0040
McClain, R.L.              5th Grade Picture                1959-0039
McClain, R.L.          6th Grade Picture                1960-0038
McClain, R.L.          7th Grade Picture                1961-0041
McClain, R.L.                    Freshman Picture         1963-0030
McClain, R.L.                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0032
McClain, R.L.          Junior Picture        1965-0023
McClain, R.L.          Beau Picture        1965-0064
McClain, R.L.          Senior Picture        1966-0021
McClain, R.L.          Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1966-0093
McClain, Robert     8th Grade Picture                1962-0038
McClendon, Pat     3rd Grade Picture                1974-0047
McClendon, Pat     4th Grade Picture                1975-0039
McClendon, Pat                    Favorites Picture          1975-0050
McClendon, Pat     5th Grade Picture                1976-0028
McClendon, Pat     6th Grade Picture                1977-0032
McClendon, Pat     7th Grade Picture                1978-0056
McClendon, Pat     8th Grade Picture                1979-0038
McClendon, Roy   3rd Grade Picture                1974-0047
McClendon, Roy                    Favorites Picture          1974-0059
McClendon, Roy   4th Grade Picture                1975-0039
McClendon, Roy   5th Grade Picture                1976-0028
McClendon, Roy   6th Grade Picture                1977-0032
McClendon, Roy   7th Grade Picture                1978-0056
McClendon, Roy   8th Grade Picture                1979-0038
McClintock, Darle  2nd Grade Picture                1968-0032
McClintock, Darle  3rd Grade Picture                1969-0044
McClintock, Darle                    Freshman Picture         1975-0030
McClintock, Darle                    Sophomore Picture      1976-0018
McClintock, Darle  Junior Picture        1977-0017
McClintock, Darle                    Favorites Picture          1978-0024
McClintock, Darle  Who's Who Picture                  1978-0035
McClintock, Darle  Senior Picture        1978-0039
McClintock, Debbie                    Freshman Picture         1972-0029
McClintock, Debra                    6th Grade Picture          1968-0028
McClintock, Debra                    7th Grade Picture          1969-0039
McClintock, Debra                    8th Grade Picture          1970-0038
McClintock, Debra                    Freshman Picture         1971-0029
McClintock, Debra                    Junior Picture                1973-0024
McClintock, Jamie 6th Grade Picture                1976-0026
McClintock, Jamie                    Favorites Picture          1976-0049
McClintock, Jamie 7th Grade Picture                1977-0030
McClintock, Jamie                    Favorites Picture          1977-0031
McClintock, Jamie 8th Grade Picture                1978-0054
McClintock, Jamie                    Freshman Picture         1979-0034
McClintock, Jamie Class Officer Picture               1979-0035
McClintock, Jay                    Freshman Picture         1975-0031
McClintock, Jay                    Sophomore Picture      1976-0018
McClintock, Jay     Junior Picture        1977-0017
McClintock, Jay                    Favorites Picture          1977-0019
McClintock, Jay     Senior Picture        1978-0039
McClintock, Johnny                    2nd Grade Picture         1968-0032
McClintock, Johnny                    3rd Grade Picture          1969-0044
McClurkins Beauth & Gift                    Advertisement              1950-0099
McConnell, Patty   2nd Grade Picture                1979-0047
McCorkle, Anna    2nd Grade Picture                1978-0063
McCorkle, Anna Marie                    Kindergarten Picture   1976-0033
McCorkle, Anna Marie                    1st Grade Picture          1977-0038
McCorkle, Judy      School Secretary Picture          1974-0022
McCorkle, Judy      PTA Officer Picture               1977-0010
McCoy Furniture                    Advertisement              1948-0163
McCoy Furniture Co                    Advertisement              1951-0165
McCoy Furniture Co                    Advertisement              1952-0125
McCoy Furniture Co                    Advertisement              1953-0101
McCoy Furniture Co                    Advertisement              1954-0083
McCoy Furniture Co., Jacksboro  Advertisement/Picture                    1955-0078
McCoy, Claude                    Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0100
McDaniel, Joana    7th Grade Picture                1969-0039
McDaniel, Peggy   2nd Grade Picture                1969-0045
McDaniel, Sheila    4th Grade Picture                1969-0043
McDaniel, Wanda 5th Grade Picture                1969-0042
McDannel, Jenny                    Kindergarten Picture   1979-0049
McDonald, Melinda                    Sponsor Picture            1979-0058
McDonald, Melinda                    Dedication Picture       1979-0140
McDonald, Miss    Faculty Picture        1979-0010
McGaughey, J.H.       List of faculty        1942-0009
McGoughey               Faculty Picture        1942-0011
McIntyre, Debbie                    Sophomore Picture      1977-0020
McIntyre, Debbie  Junior Picture        1978-0042
McIntyre, Debbie  Senior Picture        1979-0027
McKinnerney, Bill Faculty Picture        1975-0015
McKinnerney, Bill                    Principal Picture           1976-0034
McKinnerney, Bill Faculty Picture        1976-0036
McKinnerney, Bill Faculty Picture        1977-0009
McKinnerney, Lorilei                    Junior Picture                1975-0026
McKinnerney, Lorilei                    Favorites Picture          1976-0042
McKinnerney, Lorilei                    Favorites Picture          1976-0044
McKinnerney, Lorilei                    Award Picture               1976-0103
McKinnerney, Lorilei Marie          Senior Picture               1976-0013
McKinnerney, Lorilie                    Queen Picture               1975-0072
McKinnerney, Toni                    7th Grade Picture          1975-0034
McKinnerney, Toni                    Favorites Picture          1975-0049
McKinnerney, Toni                    8th Grade Picture          1976-0022
McKinnerney, Toni                    Freshman Picture         1977-0025
McKinnerney, Toni                    Class Officer Picture    1977-0026
McKinney, Clifford                    6th Grade Picture          1977-0032
McKinney, Clifford                    7th Grade Picture          1978-0056
McKinney, Clifford                    8th Grade Picture          1979-0038
McKinney, Jimmy  5th Grade Picture                1977-0034
McKinney, Jimmy  6th Grade Picture                1978-0058
McKinney, Jimmy Leo                    7th Grade Picture          1979-0039
McLaurin                    Faculty Picture        1942-0011
McLaurin, Anna Dale                    Junior Picture                1939-0022
McLaurin, Anna Dale                    Home Ec. Group Picture                    1939-0043
McLaurin, Anna Dale                    FHT History                  1942-0065
McLaurin, Beth          2nd Grade Picture                1939-0033
McLaurin, Beth          Group Picture        1939-0040
McLaurin, Beth          Picture, Sophomore                    1946-0051
McLaurin, Beth          Picture, Volleyball  1946-0093
McLaurin, Jim             7th Grade Picture                1939-0028
McLaurin, Jim             Junior Picture        1942-0025
McLaurin, Jim             Junior Play Cast   1942-0061
McLaurin, Jim             FFA History       1942-0063
McLaurin, Lois           Faculty Picture        1939-0013
McLaurin, Lois           List of faculty        1942-0009
McLaurin, Lois           Picture, High School Faculty    1946-0017
McLaurin, Mrs.          1942 Pirate's Review Staff    1942-0055
McLaurin, Virginia     5th Grade Picture                1939-0030
McLaurin, Virginia     Choral Club Group Picture      1939-0041
McLaurin, Virginia                    Freshman Group Picture                    1942-0039
McLaurin, Virginia                    Mention     1942-0039
McLaurin, Virginia     Award Picture        1942-0053
McMicken, John    Junior Picture        1963-0023
McMillan, Billy      3rd Grade Picture                1968-0031
McMillan, Billy      4th Grade Picture                1969-0043
McMillan, Billy      5th Grade Picture                1970-0044
McMillan, Billy      Junior Picture        1976-0016
McMillan, Billy                    Favorites Picture          1976-0048
McMillan, Billy                    Favorites Picture          1977-0045
McMillan, Billy Rex                    Senior Picture               1977-0013
McMillan, Larry     1st Grade Picture                1969-0046
McMillan, Larry     1st Grade Picture                1970-0048
McMillan, Mary     3rd Grade Picture                1968-0031
McMillan, Mary     3rd Grade Picture                1969-0044
McMillan, Mary     4th Grade Picture                1970-0045
McMillan, Mary                    Freshman Picture         1976-0020
McMillan, W.H.     Faculty Picture        1968-0013
McMillan, W.H.     Bus Driver Picture                1968-0015
McQueary, A.A.        Picture, High School Faculty    1948-0023
McQueary, A.A.        Picture, High School Faculty    1949-0021
McQueary, A.A.        High School Faculty             1950-0017
McQueary, A.A.        Picture, Dedication 1951-0013
McQueary, A.A.        Picture, High School Faculty    1951-0025
McQueary, A.A.        Picture, High School Faculty    1952-0021
McQueary, A.A.        Picture, High School Faculty    1954-0011
McQueary, A.A.        Faculty Picture        1955-0012
McQueary, A.A.                    Principal Picture           1956-0010
McQueary, A.A.        Faculty Picture        1956-0012
McQueary, A.A.                    Principal Picture           1957-0008
McQueary, A.A.        Faculty Picture        1957-0010
McQueary, A.A.        Faculty Picture        1958-0012
McQueary, A.A.                    Principal Picture           1959-0008
McQueary, A.A.        Faculty Picture        1959-0010
McQueary, Amos      Picture, High School Faculty    1946-0017
McQueary, Amos      Picture, High School Faculty    1947-0023
McQueary, Helen      Picture, Grade School Faculty  1952-0023
McQueary, Helen      Picture, Grade School Faculty  1953-0014
McQueary, Helen      Picture, Grade School Faculty  1954-0012
McQueary, Helen      Faculty Picture        1955-0013
McQueary, Helen      Faculty Picture        1956-0013
McQueary, Helen      Faculty Picture        1957-0011
McQueary, Helen      Faculty Picture        1958-0013
McQueary, Helen      Faculty Picture        1959-0011
McQueary, Lylvia Beth                    4th Grade Picture          1955-0036
McQueary, Rachel     Senior Picture        1939-0016
McQueary, Rachel                    Volleyball, Girls Group Picture                    1939-0037
McQueary, Rachel     Theatre Group Picture                1939-0044
McQueary, Rober      Picture, 6th Grade   1951-0069
McQueary, Roger      Picture, 2nd Grade  1947-0069
McQueary, Roger      Picture, 3rd Grade   1948-0067
McQueary, Roger      Picture, 4th Grade   1949-0057
McQueary, Roger      Picture, 5th Grade   1950-0044
McQueary, Roger      Picture, 7th Grade   1952-0059
McQueary, Roger      Picture, 8th Grade   1953-0034
McQueary, Roger      Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0029
McQueary, Roger                    Sophomore Picture      1955-0025
McQueary, Roger      Junior Picture        1956-0023
McQueary, Roger      King Picture        1956-0054
McQueary, Roger      Senior Picture        1957-0017
McQueary, Roger      Class Officer Picture               1957-0019
McQueary, Roger                    Favorites Picture          1957-0048
McQueary, Roger      Beau Picture        1957-0050
McQueary, Roger                    Favorites Picture          1957-0052
McQueary, Roger                    Favorites Picture          1957-0054
McQueary, Sylvia      Picture, 1st Grade   1952-0065
McQueary, Sylvia      Picture, 2nd Grade  1953-0042
McQueary, Sylvia      Picture, 3rd Grade   1954-0038
McQueary, Sylvia      5th Grade Picture                1956-0037
McQueary, Sylvia      6th Grade Picture                1957-0036
McQueary, Sylvia      7th Grade Picture                1958-0037
McQueary, Sylvia      8th Grade Picture                1959-0036
McQueary, Weldon  Junior Picture        1939-0022
McQueary, Weldon  Typing Class Group Picture     1939-0046
McWilliams, Yates    3rd Grade          1918-0017
Meadows, Diane    5th Grade Picture                1970-0044
Meadows, James   3rd Grade Picture                1970-0046
Mealio, Becky        1st Grade Picture                1974-0051
Mealio, Becky                    Favorites Picture          1974-0059
Mealio, Becky        2nd Grade Picture                1975-0041
Mealio, Becky        3rd Grade Picture                1976-0030
Mealio, Becky        4th Grade Picture                1977-0035
Mealio, Becky        5th Grade Picture                1978-0060
Mealio, Becky        Class Officer Picture               1979-0041
Mealio, Becky                    Favorites Picture          1979-0042
Mealio, Fred           School Board Picture                1977-0010
Mealio, Fred           School Board Picture                1978-0016
Mealio, Fred           School Board Picture                1979-0008
Mealio, Jo               2nd Grade Picture                1974-0049
Mealio, Jo               3rd Grade Picture                1975-0040
Mealio, Jo               5th Grade Picture                1977-0034
Mealio, Jo               6th Grade Picture                1978-0058
Mealio, Kathlyn Jo                    7th Grade Picture          1979-0039
Mealio, Kay            PTA Officer Picture               1973-0082
Mealio, Kay            PTA Officer Picture               1974-0066
Mealio, Marks                    Kindergarten Picture   1976-0033
Mealio, Marks        1st Grade Picture                1977-0038
Mealio, Marks        2nd Grade Picture                1978-0063
Mealio, Marks        3rd Grade Picture                1979-0046
Mealion, Becky                    Favorites Picture          1975-0050
Mealion, Becky      6th Grade Picture                1979-0040
Mealion, Jo             4th Grade Picture                1976-0029
Mecca & Texas Theatres                    Advertisement              1947-0145
Mecca & Texas Theatres                    Advertisement              1948-0143
Mecca Theatre                    Advertisement              1946-0139
Mecca Theatre                    Advertisement              1950-0092
Meeks, Clara               2nd Grade          1918-0020
Meeks, Orville            1st Grade          1918-0020
Meeks, Viva                1st Grade          1918-0020
Melio, Fred             School Board Picture                1975-0014
Melio, Fred             School Board Picture                1976-0034
Meneral Wells Pipe & Supply                    Advertisement              1953-0095
Merchants Bank                    Advertisement              1953-0091
Merriman, Curtis        Picture, 1st Grade   1954-0040
Merriman, Curtis        2nd Grade Picture                1955-0038
Merriman, Curtis        3rd Grade Picture                1956-0039
Merriman, Curtis        4th Grade Picture                1957-0038
Merriman, Curtis        5th Grade Picture                1958-0039
Merriman, Curtis        6th Grade Picture                1959-0038
Merriman, Curtis    7th Grade Picture                1960-0037
Merriman, Curtis    8th Grade Picture                1961-0040
Merriman, Curtis                    Freshman Picture         1962-0035
Merriman, Curtis                    Sophomore Picture      1963-0027
Merriman, Curtis    Junior Picture        1964-0029
Merriman, Curtis    Senior Picture        1965-0017
Merriman, Curtis    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1965-0019
Merriman, David        1st Grade Picture                1958-0043
Merriman, David        2nd Grade Picture                1959-0042
Merriman, David    3rd Grade Picture                1960-0041
Merriman, David    4th Grade Picture                1961-0044
Merriman, David    5th Grade Picture                1962-0041
Merriman, David    6th Grade Picture                1963-0036
Merriman, David    7th Grade Picture                1964-0041
Merriman, David    8th Grade Picture                1965-0028
Merriman, David                    Freshman Picture         1966-0028
Merriman, David    King Picture        1967-0038
Merriman, David    Junior Picture        1968-0021
Merriman, David    Senior Picture        1969-0023
Merriman, David    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1969-0105
Merriman, Davis                    Sophomore Picture      1967-0025
Merriman, Sandra      Picture, 1st Grade   1950-0046
Merriman, Sandra      Picture, 2nd Grade  1951-0073
Merriman, Sandra      Picture, 3rd Grade   1952-0063
Merriman, Sandra      Picture, 4th Grade   1953-0040
Merriman, Sandra      Picture, 5th Grade   1954-0036
Merriman, Sandra      6th Grade Picture                1955-0034
Merriman, Sandra      7th Grade Picture                1956-0035
Merriman, Sandra      8th Grade Picture                1957-0034
Merriman, Sandra                    Freshman Picture         1958-0033
Merriman, Sandra                    Sophomore Picture      1959-0029
Merriman, Sandra  Junior Picture        1960-0025
Merriman, Sandra  Senior Picture        1961-0020
Mesquite Drive-in Theatre                    Advertisement              1952-0105
Mesquite Drive-in Theatre                    Advertisement              1953-0087
Mesquite Drive-in, Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1955-0065
Meyer, J.J. Saddles & Harness     Advertisement              1918-0032
Middlebrooks, Dean Group Picture        1939-0014
Middlebrooks, Dean Junior Picture        1939-0022
Middlebrooks, Doyle                    Group Picture                1939-0014
Middlebrooks, Doyle                    Senior Picture               1939-0016
Middlebrooks, Doyle                    Favorites Picture          1939-0020
Middlebrooks, Doyle                    Typing Class Group Picture                    1939-0046
Middlebrooks, Maxine                    7th Grade Picture          1939-0028
Middlebrooks, Maxine                    Volleyball, Girls Group Picture                    1939-0038
Middlebrooks, Maxine                    Choral Club Group Picture                    1939-0041
Middlebrooks, Maxine                    Junior Picture                1942-0025
Middleton                   Faculty Picture        1942-0011
Middleton, Carol    6th Grade Picture                1966-0032
Middleton, Carol    7th Grade Picture                1967-0029
Middleton, Carol    8th Grade Picture                1968-0026
Middleton, Carol                    Freshman Picture         1969-0035
Middleton, Carol                    Sophomore Picture      1970-0031
Middleton, Carol    Junior Picture        1971-0025
Middleton, Carol    Senior Picture        1972-0023
Middleton, Carol    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1972-0099
Middleton, Carol Lynn                    Award Picture               1972-0096
Middleton, Cindy  3rd Grade Picture                1967-0033
Middleton, Cindy  6th Grade Picture                1970-0040
Middleton, Cindy  7th Grade Picture                1971-0031
Middleton, Cindy  8th Grade Picture                1972-0030
Middleton, Cindy                    Freshman Picture         1973-0028
Middleton, Cindy                    Sophomore Picture      1974-0033
Middleton, Cindy  Junior Picture        1975-0026
Middleton, Cindy                    Favorites Picture          1975-0048
Middleton, Cindy                    Favorites Picture          1976-0042
Middleton, Cynthia                    4th Grade Picture          1968-0030
Middleton, Cynthia                    Queen Picture               1968-0058
Middleton, Cynthia                    5th Grade Picture          1969-0042
Middleton, Cynthia Ray                    2nd Grade Picture         1966-0036
Middleton, Cynthia Ray                    Senior Picture               1976-0012
Middleton, Frances   Picture, Freshmen Class Officers                 1947-0055
Middleton, Frances   Picture, Girl's Volleyball             1947-0123
Middleton, Frances   Picture, Sophomore                    1948-0049
Middleton, Frances   Picture, Sophomore Favorite Girl                 1948-0083
Middleton, Frances   Picture, Annual Staff                 1949-0017
Middleton, Frances   Picture, Junior         1949-0039
Middleton, Frances   Volley Ball Girls    1949-0081
Middleton, Frances   Annual Staff            1950-0013
Middleton, Frances   Picture, Senior         1950-0022
Middleton, Frances   Picture, Carnival Queen             1950-0057
Middleton, Frances   Picture, Senior Girls Basketball                    1950-0063
Middleton, J.B., The City Barbershop                   Advertisement                    1918-0036
Middleton, J.E.           Faculty Picture        1939-0012
Middleton, J.E.           List of faculty        1942-0009
Middleton, J.E.           Picture, School Board                1948-0019
Middleton, J.E.           Picture, Superintendent             1951-0019
Middleton, J.E.           Picture, High School Faculty    1951-0025
Middleton, J.E.           Picture, High School Faculty    1952-0021
Middleton, J.E.           Picture, Superintendent's Message             1953-0011
Middleton, J.E.           Picture, Superintendent's Message             1954-0010
Middleton, J.E.                    Superintendent Picture                    1955-0008
Middleton, J.E.           Faculty Picture        1955-0012
Middleton, J.E.                    Superintendent Picture                    1956-0010
Middleton, J.E.           Faculty Picture        1956-0012
Middleton, J.E.                    Superintendent Picture                    1957-0008
Middleton, J.E.           Faculty Picture        1957-0010
Middleton, J.E.                    Superintendent Picture                    1958-0008
Middleton, J.E.           Faculty Picture        1958-0012
Middleton, J.E.                    Superintendent Picture                    1959-0008
Middleton, J.E.           Faculty Picture        1959-0010
Middleton, J.E.                    Superintendent Picture                    1960-0010
Middleton, J.E.       Faculty Picture        1960-0012
Middleton, J.E.                    Commissioners Picture                    1962-0119
Middleton, J.E.                    Commissioners Picture                    1963-0095
Middleton, J.E.                    Commissioners Picture                    1964-0093
Middleton, J.E.                    Commissioners Picture                    1965-0075
Middleton, J.E.                    Commissioners Picture                    1966-0125
Middleton, J.E.           High School Faculty             1950-0017
Middleton, J.E. Superintendent             Picture        1950-0012
Middleton, Jimmie                    Basketball Group Picture                    1939-0036
Middleton, Jimmie     Picture, 7th Grade   1948-0071
Middleton, Jimmy      Picture, Fresh Class Favorite Girl                 1950-0055
Middleton, Jimmye    Picture, 6th Grade   1947-0073
Middleton, Jimmye    Picture, Freshman   1950-0039
Middleton, Jimmye    Picture, FFA Sweetwater           1950-0056
Middleton, Jimmye    Picture, Sophomore                    1951-0057
Middleton, Jimmye    Picture, Junior Class Officers   1952-0037
Middleton, Jimmye    Picture, Junior         1952-0041
Middleton, Jimmye    Picture Yearbook Staff              1953-0010
Middleton, Jimmye Lee                    Picture, 8th Grade         1949-0061
Middleton, Jimmye Lee                    Picture, Senior              1953-0018
Middleton, Jimmye Lee                    Most Athletic Girl        1953-0055
Middleton, Judith      Picture, entered after Jan 1        1950-0047
Middleton, Mildred   Junior Picture        1939-0022
Middleton, Mildred   Spanish Club Group Picture      1939-0042
Middleton, Mildred   Home Ec. Group Picture         1939-0043
Middleton, Mildred   Typing Class Group Picture     1939-0046
Middleton, Mr.                    Dedication Picture       1956-0006
Middleton, Phyllis 4th Grade Picture                1966-0034
Middleton, Phyllis 6th Grade Picture                1968-0028
Middleton, Phyllis 7th Grade Picture                1969-0039
Middleton, Phyllis 8th Grade Picture                1970-0038
Middleton, Phyllis                    Freshman Picture         1971-0029
Middleton, Phyllis                    Sophomore Picture      1972-0027
Middleton, Phyllis Junior Picture        1973-0024
Middleton, Phyllis Senior Picture        1974-0029
Middleton, Phyllis Award Picture        1974-0119
Middleton, Phyllis Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1974-0122
Middleton, Phyllis Lee                    5th Grade Picture          1967-0031
Middleton, Polly        Picture, 4th Grade   1947-0071
Middleton, Polly        Picture, 7th Grade   1950-0043
Middleton, Polly        Picture, 8th Grade   1951-0065
Middleton, Polly        Picture, Freshman   1952-0053
Middleton, Polly        Picture, Freshmen Favorite Girl                    1952-0073
Middleton, Polly        Picture, Sophomore                    1953-0025
Middleton, Polly        Picture                    1954-0007
Middleton, Polly        Picture, Junior         1954-0022
Middleton, Polly        Senior Picture        1955-0018
Middleton, Polly                    Favorites Picture          1955-0045
Middleton, Polly                    Sweetheart Picture       1955-0050
Middleton, Polly Ann                    Picture, 5th Grade         1948-0069
Middleton, Polly Ann                    Picture, 6th Grade         1949-0059
Middleton, Susan  3rd Grade Picture                1967-0033
Middleton, Susan  4th Grade Picture                1968-0030
Middleton, Susan  5th Grade Picture                1969-0042
Middleton, Susan Kay                    2nd Grade Picture         1966-0036
Middleton, Susan Kay                    Senior Picture               1976-0012
Middleton, Susie   6th Grade Picture                1970-0040
Middleton, Susie   7th Grade Picture                1971-0031
Middleton, Susie   8th Grade Picture                1972-0030
Middleton, Susie                    Freshman Picture         1973-0028
Middleton, Susie                    Sophomore Picture      1974-0033
Middleton, Susie   Junior Picture        1975-0026
Middleton, Zaneta     2nd Grade Picture                1957-0040
Middleton, Zaneta     3rd Grade Picture                1958-0041
Middleton, Zaneta     4th Grade Picture                1959-0040
Middleton, Zaneta 5th Grade Picture                1960-0039
Middleton, Zaneta 7th Grade Picture                1962-0039
Middleton, Zaneta 8th Grade Picture                1963-0034
Middleton, Zaneta                    Favorites Picture          1963-0042
Middleton, Zaneta Joy                    1st Grade Picture          1956-0041
Middleton. J.E.           Picture, High School Faculty    1954-0011
Midleton, J.E.             Picture                    1952-0017
Milam, Joe Bert          Senior Picture        1939-0016
Milam, Lois                 3rd Grade          1918-0017
Milam, S.J., Tailor Shop                    Advertisement              1918-0034
Milburn Hardware                    Advertisement              1947-0165
Mildred's Beauty Shop                    Advertisement              1947-0155
Miles, Elmer                Picture, 1st Grade   1949-0055
Miles, Junior               Picture, Junior         1947-0043
Miles, Junior               Picture, Senior         1948-0035
Miles, Junior               Picture, Senior         1949-0031
Miles, Norma              Picture, 3rd Grade   1948-0067
Miles, Norma Jean     Picture, 4th Grade   1949-0057
Miles, Tallent             Junior Picture        1942-0027
Miles, Wayne                    Sophomore Picture      1972-0027
Miller, Ann, Mrs.   Award Picture        1973-0066
Miller, Barbara        1st Grade Picture                1962-0045
Miller, Barbara        2nd Grade Picture                1963-0040
Miller, Barbara        4th Grade Picture                1965-0032
Miller, Barbara        5th Grade Picture                1966-0033
Miller, Barbara        7th Grade Picture                1968-0027
Miller, Barbara        Award Picture        1968-0068
Miller, Barbara        8th Grade Picture                1969-0038
Miller, Barbara        Award Picture        1969-0107
Miller, Barbara                    Freshman Picture         1970-0035
Miller, Barbara                    Sophomore Picture      1971-0027
Miller, Barbara        Who's Who Picture                  1971-0086
Miller, Barbara        Junior Picture        1972-0025
Miller, Barbara        Class Officer Picture               1973-0020
Miller, Barbara        Senior Picture        1973-0021
Miller, Barbara        Award Picture        1973-0112
Miller, Barbara        Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1973-0116
Miller, Barbara A.  6th Grade Picture                1967-0030
Miller, Barbara Ann                    3rd Grade Picture          1964-0045
Miller, Bill                Bus Driver Picture                1968-0015
Miller, Bill                PTA Officer Picture               1972-0057
Miller, Charles        4th Grade Picture                1970-0045
Miller, Debbie                    Sophomore Picture      1973-0026
Miller, E.N., Coffins, Caskets, Robes         Advertisement              1918-0026
Miller, Janet                    Favorites Picture          1966-0043
Miller, Janet            3rd Grade Picture                1967-0033
Miller, Janet                    Favorites Picture          1967-0037
Miller, Janet            4th Grade Picture                1968-0030
Miller, Janet            5th Grade Picture                1969-0042
Miller, Janet                    Favorites Picture          1969-0051
Miller, Janet            6th Grade Picture                1970-0040
Miller, Janet            7th Grade Picture                1971-0031
Miller, Janet            8th Grade Picture                1972-0030
Miller, Janet            Award Picture        1972-0094
Miller, Janet                    Freshman Picture         1973-0028
Miller, Janet                    Favorites Picture          1973-0051
Miller, Janet                    Sophomore Picture      1974-0033
Miller, Janet            Junior Picture        1975-0026
Miller, Janet                    Favorites Picture          1976-0041
Miller, Janet                    Favorites Picture          1976-0044
Miller, Janet            Award Picture        1976-0064
Miller, Janet            Award Picture        1976-0103
Miller, Janet Kay    1st Grade Picture                1965-0035
Miller, Janet Kay    2nd Grade Picture                1966-0036
Miller, Janet Kay    Senior Picture        1976-0013
Miller, Jimmy          Junior Picture        1962-0027
Miller, Jimmy          Senior Picture        1963-0017
Miller, Jimmy                    Favorites Picture          1963-0044
Miller, Jimmy                    Favorites Picture          1963-0045
Miller, Jimmy                    Favorites Picture          1963-0046
Miller, Larry            Junior Picture        1969-0027
Miller, Larry            Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1970-0105
Miller, Larry Gene  Senior Picture        1970-0023
Miller, R.B.                    Freshman Picture         1955-0029
Miller, Randy          6th Grade Picture                1970-0040
Miller, Steve           Senior Picture        1968-0019
Miller, Vinnie          Former Teacher Picture            1967-0042
Miller, Vinnie Brannon                    Homecoming Picture   1970-0069
Milmo Lumber Co                    Advertisement              1918-0032
Milton, Diana         5th Grade Picture                1967-0031
Milton, Diana Gail  4th Grade Picture                1966-0034
Milton, Michael     3rd Grade Picture                1966-0035
Milton, Michael     4th Grade Picture                1967-0032
Mineral Wells Butane                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0119
Mineral Wells Floral                    Advertisement/Picture                    1974-0125
Mineral Wells Saving & Loan           Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0079
Mineral Wells Saving & Loan           Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0118
Mineral Wells Stockyard Co. - Charles L. Davis & Pete Waldrup                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0123
Mineral Wells Western Wear          Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0117
Mineral Wells Western Wear          Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0109
Mineral Wells Western Wear - Earl & Maurine Smith                    Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0108
Minor, Butch          6th Grade Picture                1967-0030
Minor, Butch          7th Grade Picture                1968-0027
Minor, Butch                    Favorites Picture          1968-0034
Minor, Butch          8th Grade Picture                1969-0038
Minor, James                    Freshman Picture         1970-0035
Minor, James                    Favorites Picture          1970-0050
Minor, James D.                    Sophomore Picture      1971-0027
Minor, Jimmie         4th Grade Picture                1967-0032
Minor, Jimmie         5th Grade Picture                1968-0029
Minor, Jimmie         5th Grade Picture                1969-0042
Minor, Jimmie         6th Grade Picture                1970-0040
Minor, Jimmie         7th Grade Picture                1971-0031
Minor, Jimmie                    Freshman Picture         1973-0028
Minor, Jimmie                    Sophomore Picture      1974-0033
Minor, Jimmy          8th Grade Picture                1972-0030
Minor, Jimmy          Junior Picture        1975-0027
Minor, Kathy          Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1973-0116
Minor, Lee              1st Grade Picture                1972-0037
Minor, Lee              2nd Grade Picture                1973-0042
Minor, Lee              3rd Grade Picture                1974-0047
Minor, Lee              5th Grade Picture                1976-0028
Minor, Lee              6th Grade Picture                1977-0032
Minor, Lee              Class Officer Picture               1977-0033
Minor, Lee              7th Grade Picture                1978-0056
Minor, Lee              8th Grade Picture                1979-0038
Minor, Lee              Class Officer Picture               1979-0041
Minor, Missie                    Kindergarten Picture   1975-0043
Minor, Missie         1st Grade Picture                1976-0032
Minor, Missie         4th Grade Picture                1979-0045
Minor, Missy         2nd Grade Picture                1977-0037
Minor, Missy         3rd Grade Picture                1978-0062
Minor, Tina             2nd Grade Picture                1972-0036
Minor, Tina             3rd Grade Picture                1973-0040
Minor, Tina             4th Grade Picture                1974-0045
Minor, Tina             5th Grade Picture                1975-0038
Minor, Tina             6th Grade Picture                1976-0026
Minor, Tina             7th Grade Picture                1977-0030
Minor, Tina             8th Grade Picture                1978-0054
Minor, Tina                    Freshman Picture         1979-0034
Minor, Tina Maria 1st Grade Picture                1971-0037
Minor, Walter         4th Grade Picture                1975-0039
Minter, Jerry Don                    Kindergarten Picture   1974-0053
Minter, Jerry Don  1st Grade Picture                1975-0042
Minter, Jerry Don  1st Grade Picture                1976-0032
Mission Bottling Co., Mineral Wells - Johnnie Bricker                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0112
Mitchell, Ann                    Freshman Picture         1963-0030
Mitchell, Ann                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0033
Mitchell, Ann         Junior Picture        1965-0023
Mitchell, Ann         Senior Picture        1966-0021
Mitchell, Ann         Awards Picture        1966-0090
Mitchell, Ann         Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1966-0093
Mitchell, Beverly   7th Grade Picture                1963-0035
Mitchell, Beverly   8th Grade Picture                1964-0040
Mitchell, Beverly                    Freshman Picture         1965-0027
Mitchell, Beverly                    Sophomore Picture      1966-0026
Mitchell, Beverly   Junior Picture        1967-0023
Mitchell, Beverly   Senior Picture        1968-0019
Mitchell, Beverly   Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1968-0094
Mitchell, Blanche       2nd Grade Picture                1939-0033
Mitchell, Blanche       Group Picture        1939-0040
Mitchell, Celesta    1st Grade Picture                1962-0045
Mitchell, Celesta                    Favorites Picture          1962-0052
Mitchell, Celesta    2nd Grade Picture                1963-0040
Mitchell, Celesta                    Favorites Picture          1963-0042
Mitchell, Celesta    4th Grade Picture                1965-0032
Mitchell, Celesta    5th Grade Picture                1966-0033
Mitchell, Celesta    6th Grade Picture                1967-0030
Mitchell, Celesta    7th Grade Picture                1968-0027
Mitchell, Celesta    Award Picture        1968-0068
Mitchell, Celesta    8th Grade Picture                1969-0038
Mitchell, Celesta    Class Officer Picture               1970-0034
Mitchell, Celesta                    Freshman Picture         1970-0035
Mitchell, Celesta    Class Officer Picture               1971-0026
Mitchell, Celesta                    Sophomore Picture      1971-0027
Mitchell, Celesta                    Favorites Picture          1971-0042
Mitchell, Celesta    Queen Picture        1971-0082
Mitchell, Celesta    Class Officer Picture               1972-0024
Mitchell, Celesta    Junior Picture        1972-0025
Mitchell, Celesta                    Favorites Picture          1972-0041
Mitchell, Celesta    Class Officer Picture               1973-0020
Mitchell, Celesta    Senior Picture        1973-0021
Mitchell, Celesta    Queen Picture        1973-0056
Mitchell, Celesta    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1973-0116
Mitchell, Celesta Pauline                    3rd Grade Picture          1964-0045
Mitchell, Eunice         2nd Grade          1918-0020
Mitchell, Eutie            2nd Grade          1918-0020
Mitchell, Frances, Mrs.                    Award Picture               1973-0066
Mitchell, Glen             1st Grade          1918-0019
Mitchell, Glen         3rd Grade Picture                1969-0044
Mitchell, Glen                    Freshman Picture         1975-0031
Mitchell, Glenn       1st Grade Picture                1967-0035
Mitchell, Glenn                    Favorites Picture          1967-0037
Mitchell, Glenn       2nd Grade Picture                1968-0032
Mitchell, Glenn       4th Grade Picture                1970-0045
Mitchell, Glenn       5th Grade Picture                1971-0033
Mitchell, Glenn       6th Grade Picture                1972-0032
Mitchell, Glenn       7th Grade Picture                1973-0032
Mitchell, Glenn       Class Officer Picture               1974-0036
Mitchell, Glenn       8th Grade Picture                1974-0037
Mitchell, Glenn                    Sophomore Picture      1976-0018
Mitchell, Glenn       Junior Picture        1977-0017
Mitchell, Glenn       Class Officer Picture               1977-0019
Mitchell, Glenn                    Favorites Picture          1978-0024
Mitchell, Glenn                    Favorites Picture          1978-0026
Mitchell, Glenn       Who's Who Picture                  1978-0034
Mitchell, Glenn       Senior Picture        1978-0039
Mitchell, Jeff           1st Grade Picture                1970-0048
Mitchell, Jeff           2nd Grade Picture                1971-0036
Mitchell, Jeff                    Favorites Picture          1971-0044
Mitchell, Jeff           3rd Grade Picture                1972-0035
Mitchell, Jeff                    Favorites Picture          1972-0044
Mitchell, Jeff                    Favorites Picture          1973-0053
Mitchell, Jeff           7th Grade Picture                1976-0024
Mitchell, Jeff           8th Grade Picture                1977-0028
Mitchell, Jeff                    Favorites Picture          1977-0029
Mitchell, Jeff                    Freshman Picture         1978-0051
Mitchell, Jeff                    Favorites Picture          1978-0052
Mitchell, Jeff                    Sophomore Picture      1979-0032
Mitchell, Jeff           King Picture        1979-0091
Mitchell, Jeffery     6th Grade Picture                1975-0036
Mitchell, Jeffrey     4th Grade Picture                1973-0038
Mitchell, Jeffrey     5th Grade Picture                1974-0043
Mitchell, Kathy      1st Grade Picture                1964-0047
Mitchell, Kathy      3rd Grade Picture                1966-0035
Mitchell, Kathy      4th Grade Picture                1967-0032
Mitchell, Kathy      5th Grade Picture                1968-0029
Mitchell, Kathy      6th Grade Picture                1969-0040
Mitchell, Kathy      7th Grade Picture                1970-0039
Mitchell, Kathy      8th Grade Picture                1971-0030
Mitchell, Kathy      Award Picture        1971-0102
Mitchell, Kathy                    Freshman Picture         1972-0029
Mitchell, Kenny                    Freshman Picture         1962-0035
Mitchell, Kenny                    Sophomore Picture      1963-0027
Mitchell, Kenny     Junior Picture        1964-0029
Mitchell, Kenny     Senior Picture        1965-0017
Mitchell, Kenny     Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1965-0019
Mitchell, Marsha   2nd Grade Picture                1965-0034
Mitchell, Marshell     Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0026
Mitchell, Michael   1st Grade Picture                1967-0035
Mitchell, Michael   2nd Grade Picture                1968-0032
Mitchell, Michael   3rd Grade Picture                1969-0044
Mitchell, Michael   5th Grade Picture                1971-0033
Mitchell, Michael   6th Grade Picture                1972-0032
Mitchell, Michael                    Favorites Picture          1973-0052
Mitchell, Michael Neal                    4th Grade Picture          1970-0045
Mitchell, Mitchell      Picture, Freshmen   1953-0029
Mitchell, Patti         2nd Grade Picture                1974-0049
Mitchell, Patti                    Favorites Picture          1974-0059
Mitchell, Patty                    Favorites Picture          1973-0053
Mitchell, Patty        3rd Grade Picture                1975-0040
Mitchell, Patty        4th Grade Picture                1976-0029
Mitchell, Patty                    Favorites Picture          1976-0050
Mitchell, Patty        5th Grade Picture                1977-0034
Mitchell, Patty        6th Grade Picture                1978-0058
Mitchell, Patty                    Favorites Picture          1978-0059
Mitchell, Patty        7th Grade Picture                1979-0039
Mitchell, Patty                    Favorites Picture          1979-0042
Mitchell, Patty                    Cheerleader Picture      1979-0080
Mitchell, Patty Beth                    1st Grade Picture          1973-0044
Mitchell, Rosa            Picture, Senior         1950-0022
Mitchell, Rosa Adell Picture, Freshman   1947-0055
Mitchell, Rosa Adell Picture, Sophomore                    1948-0049
Mitchell, Rosa Adell Picture, Junior         1949-0039
Mitchell, Rosa Adelle                    1st Grade Picture          1939-0034
Mitchell, Rosa Delle  Group Picture        1939-0040
Mitchell, Ruby           6th Grade          1918-0018
Mitchell, Ruby                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1966-0013
Mitchell, Ruby                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1967-0015
Mitchell, Ruby                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1968-0015
Mitchell, Ruby                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1969-0014
Mitchell, Ruby                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1970-0019
Mitchell, Ruby                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1971-0019
Mitchell, Ruby                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1972-0019
Mitchell, Ruby                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1973-0018
Mitchell, Ruby                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1974-0023
Mitchell, Ruby                    Cafeteria Worker Picture                    1975-0020
Mitchell, Sandra         Picture, 1st Grade   1954-0040
Mitchell, Sandra         2nd Grade Picture                1955-0038
Mitchell, Sandra         3rd Grade Picture                1956-0039
Mitchell, Sandra         4th Grade Picture                1957-0038
Mitchell, Sandra         5th Grade Picture                1958-0039
Mitchell, Sandra         6th Grade Picture                1959-0038
Mitchell, Sandra     7th Grade Picture                1960-0037
Mitchell, Sandra     8th Grade Picture                1961-0040
Mitchell, Sandra                    Freshman Picture         1962-0035
Mitchell, Sandra                    Favorites Picture          1962-0036
Mitchell, Sandra                    Sophomore Picture      1963-0027
Mitchell, Sandra     Junior Picture        1964-0029
Mitchell, Sandra     Senior Picture        1965-0017
Mitchell, Sandra     Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1965-0019
Mitchell, Sandra                    Favorites Picture          1965-0039
Mitchell, Vicki        1st Grade Picture                1963-0041
Mitchell, Vicki        2nd Grade Picture                1964-0046
Mitchell, Vicki        3rd Grade Picture                1965-0033
Mitchell, Vicki        4th Grade Picture                1966-0034
Mitchell, Vicki        6th Grade Picture                1968-0028
Mitchell, Vicki        7th Grade Picture                1969-0039
Mitchell, Vicki        8th Grade Picture                1970-0038
Mitchell, Vicki                    Favorites Picture          1970-0051
Mitchell, Vicki        Class Officer Picture               1971-0028
Mitchell, Vicki                    Freshman Picture         1971-0029
Mitchell, Vicki        Queen Picture        1971-0082
Mitchell, Vicki                    Sophomore Picture      1972-0027
Mitchell, Vicki        Junior Picture        1973-0024
Mitchell, Vicki        Class Officer Picture               1973-0025
Mitchell, Vicki                    Cheerleader Picture      1973-0090
Mitchell, Vicki        Senior Picture        1974-0029
Mitchell, Vicki                    Favorites Picture          1974-0056
Mitchell, Vicki                    Sweetheart Picture       1974-0079
Mitchell, Vicki        Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1974-0122
Mitchell, Vicki Dianne                    5th Grade Picture          1967-0031
Mitchell, Wanda        Picture, 5th Grade   1947-0073
Mitchell, Wanda        Picture, 6th Grade   1948-0069
Mitchell, Wanda        Picture, 7th Grade   1949-0061
Mitchell, Wanda        Picture, 8th Grade   1950-0043
Mitchell, Wanda        Picture, Freshman   1951-0061
Mitchell, Wanda        Picture, Sophomore                    1952-0047
Mitchell, Wanda        Picture, Junior         1953-0021
Mitchell, Wanda        Picture, Senior         1954-0015
Mitchell, William        2nd Grade Picture                1939-0033
Mitchell, Willie       School Board Picture                1978-0016
Mitchell, Willie       School Board Picture                1979-0008
Mitchell's Department Store, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0099
Mitchell's Department Store, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0110
Mitchell's Department Store, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0106
Mitchell's Department Store, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0114
Mod O'Day Dresses                    Advertisement              1953-0106
Model Boot & Saddle Shop, Mineral Wells - Bill & Oleta Davis                    Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0114
Modern Cleaners                    Advertisement              1947-0145
Modern Cleaners                    Advertisement              1948-0163
Modern Cleaners                    Advertisement              1950-0100
Modern Cleaners                    Advertisement              1951-0141
Mongomery, Linda                    Class Officer Picture    1972-0022
Montgomery, Billy                    Kindergarten Picture   1974-0053
Montgomery, Billy                    1st Grade Picture          1975-0042
Montgomery, Billy                    2nd Grade Picture         1976-0031
Montgomery, Billy                    Favorites Picture          1976-0050
Montgomery, Delma 4th Grade          1918-0017
Montgomery, Dorothy                    Picture, Sophomore     1947-0051
Montgomery, Durward                    9th Grade   1918-0019
Montgomery, Gay     Picture, entered after Jan 1        1950-0047
Montgomery, Geneva                    Picture, Sophomore     1954-0026
Montgomery, Geneva                    Junior Picture                1955-0022
Montgomery, George                    Kindergarten Picture   1975-0043
Montgomery, George                    1st Grade Picture          1976-0032
Montgomery, George                    2nd Grade Picture         1977-0037
Montgomery, George                    3rd Grade Picture          1978-0062
Montgomery, George                    4th Grade Picture          1979-0045
Montgomery, Guy     Picture, 2nd Grade  1947-0069
Montgomery, Guy     Picture, 5th Grade   1951-0069
Montgomery, Guy     Picture, 6th Grade   1952-0061
Montgomery, Guy     Picture, 7th Grade   1953-0035
Montgomery, Guy     Picture, 8th Grade   1954-0033
Montgomery, Guy     Picture Grade School King       1954-0048
Montgomery, Guy                    Freshman Picture         1955-0029
Montgomery, Guy                    Freshman Picture         1956-0031
Montgomery, Guy 3rd Grade Picture                1974-0047
Montgomery, Guy 4th Grade Picture                1975-0039
Montgomery, Guy 5th Grade Picture                1976-0028
Montgomery, Guy Nelson                    1st Grade Picture          1972-0037
Montgomery, Guy Nelson                    2nd Grade Picture         1973-0042
Montgomery, Jackie  Senior Picture        1942-0017
Montgomery, Jackie  Senior Play Cast   1942-0061
Montgomery, Jo Ella Senior Picture        1942-0017
Montgomery, John    Picture, 5th Grade   1947-0073
Montgomery, John    Picture, 6th Grade   1948-0069
Montgomery, John    Picture, 7th Grade   1949-0061
Montgomery, John    Picture, 8th Grade   1950-0043
Montgomery, John    Picture, Freshman   1951-0061
Montgomery, John    Picture, Sophomore                    1952-0047
Montgomery, John    Picture, Junior         1953-0021
Montgomery, John    Picture, Senior         1954-0016
Montgomery, John    Picture, Senior Wittiest Boy     1954-0018
Montgomery, Julie                    1st Grade Picture          1969-0046
Montgomery, Julie                    2nd Grade Picture         1970-0047
Montgomery, Julie                    3rd Grade Picture          1971-0035
Montgomery, Julie                    4th Grade Picture          1972-0034
Montgomery, Julie                    5th Grade Picture          1973-0036
Montgomery, Julie                    6th Grade Picture          1974-0041
Montgomery, Julie                    7th Grade Picture          1975-0034
Montgomery, Julie                    8th Grade Picture          1976-0022
Montgomery, Lathan                    1st Grade Picture          1959-0043
Montgomery, Lathan                    2nd Grade Picture         1960-0042
Montgomery, Lathan                    3rd Grade Picture          1961-0045
Montgomery, Lathan                    4th Grade Picture          1962-0042
Montgomery, Lathan                    5th Grade Picture          1963-0037
Montgomery, Lathan                    7th Grade Picture          1965-0029
Montgomery, Lathan                    8th Grade Picture          1966-0030
Montgomery, Lathan                    Freshman Picture         1967-0027
Montgomery, Lathan                    Sophomore Picture      1968-0023
Montgomery, Lathan                    Junior Picture                1969-0027
Montgomery, Lathan                    Football Picture            1969-0084
Montgomery, Lathan                    Senior Picture               1970-0023
Montgomery, Lathan                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1970-0105
Montgomery, Lathan Ray                    6th Grade Picture          1964-0042
Montgomery, Laura                    1st Grade Picture          1969-0046
Montgomery, Laura                    2nd Grade Picture         1970-0047
Montgomery, Laura                    3rd Grade Picture          1971-0035
Montgomery, Laura                    4th Grade Picture          1972-0034
Montgomery, Laura                    5th Grade Picture          1973-0036
Montgomery, Laura                    6th Grade Picture          1974-0041
Montgomery, Laura                    7th Grade Picture          1975-0034
Montgomery, Laura                    8th Grade Picture          1976-0022
Montgomery, Laura                    Class Officer Picture    1976-0023
Montgomery, Laura                    Freshman Picture         1977-0025
Montgomery, Laura                    Sophomore Picture      1978-0047
Montgomery, Laura                    Junior Picture                1979-0030
Montgomery, Laura                    Yearbook Staff Picture                    1979-0058
Montgomery, Lena Ray                    Picture, Junior               1946-0043
Montgomery, Lena Ray                    Picture, Senior              1947-0033
Montgomery, Lewis  Picture, 4th Grade   1947-0071
Montgomery, Lewis  Picture, 5th Grade   1949-0059
Montgomery, Lewis  Picture, 6th Grade   1950-0044
Montgomery, Lewis  Picture, 7th Grade   1951-0067
Montgomery, Lewis  Picture, 8th Grade   1952-0057
Montgomery, Lina Bell                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Montgomery, Linda                    Sophomore Picture      1970-0031
Montgomery, Linda                    Junior Picture                1971-0025
Montgomery, Linda                    Senior Picture               1972-0023
Montgomery, Linda                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1972-0099
Montgomery, Louis  Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0026
Montgomery, Martha                    1st Grade Picture          1973-0044
Montgomery, Martha                    2nd Grade Picture         1974-0049
Montgomery, Martha                    3rd Grade Picture          1975-0040
Montgomery, Martha                    4th Grade Picture          1976-0029
Montgomery, Martha                    5th Grade Picture          1977-0034
Montgomery, Martha                    6th Grade Picture          1978-0058
Montgomery, Martha                    7th Grade Picture          1979-0039
Montgomery, Mildred                    Junior Picture                1942-0025
Montgomery, Paul     7th Grade          1918-0018
Montgomery, Paul     FFA History       1942-0063
Montgomery, Paula   Picture, 1st Grade   1951-0073
Montgomery, Paula   Picture, 2nd Grade  1952-0065
Montgomery, Paula   Picture, 3rd Grade   1953-0039
Montgomery, Paula   Picture, 4th Grade   1954-0037
Montgomery, Paula   5th Grade Picture                1955-0035
Montgomery, Paula   6th Grade Picture                1956-0036
Montgomery, Paula   7th Grade Picture                1957-0035
Montgomery, Paula                    Freshman Picture         1959-0033
Montgomery, Paula                    Sophomore Picture      1960-0029
Montgomery, Paula                    Junior Picture                1961-0029
Montgomery, Paula Jo                    8th Grade Picture          1958-0036
Montgomery, Tammie                    Kindergarten Picture   1976-0033
Montgomery, Tommy                    1st Grade Picture          1957-0041
Montgomery, Tommy                    2nd Grade Picture         1958-0042
Montgomery, Tommy                    3rd Grade Picture          1959-0041
Montgomery, Tommy                    4th Grade Picture          1960-0040
Montgomery, Tommy                    5th Grade Picture          1961-0043
Montgomery, Tommy                    6th Grade Picture          1962-0040
Montgomery, Tommy                    7th Grade Picture          1963-0035
Montgomery, Tommy                    8th Grade Picture          1964-0040
Montgomery, Tommy                    Freshman Picture         1965-0027
Montgomery, Tommy                    Sophomore Picture      1966-0026
Montgomery, Tommy                    Junior Picture                1967-0023
Montgomery, Tommy                    Senior Picture               1968-0019
Montgomery, Tommy                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1968-0094
Montogmery, Guy     Picture, 3rd Grade   1948-0067
Moon's Beauty Salon                    Advertisement              1954-0065
Moore      Faculty Picture                    1942-0011
Moore, Bessie Mae   1st Grade          1918-0021
Moore, E.M.               School Board         1918-0007
Moore, Eddie              2nd Grade Picture                1957-0040
Moore, Eddie              3rd Grade Picture                1958-0041
Moore, Eddie              4th Grade Picture                1959-0040
Moore, Eddie          5th Grade Picture                1960-0039
Moore, Eddie          6th Grade Picture                1961-0042
Moore, Eddie          7th Grade Picture                1962-0039
Moore, Eddie          8th Grade Picture                1963-0034
Moore, Eddie          Mascot Picture        1963-0057
Moore, Eddie                    Freshman Picture         1964-0037
Moore, Eddie                    Sophomore Picture      1965-0025
Moore, Eddie          Junior Picture        1966-0023
Moore, Eddie                    Memorial Picture          1966-0024
Moore, Eddie                    Favorites Picture          1966-0040
Moore, Edward          1st Grade Picture                1956-0041
Moore, Ella                 7th Grade          1918-0022
Moore, Frank              3rd Grade          1918-0022
Moore, G.C.                1st Grade          1918-0021
Moore, G.C.                Picture, High School Faculty    1949-0021
Moore, G.C.                    Dedication 1950-0011
Moore, G.C.                Picture, Dedication 1951-0013
Moore, G.C.                Picture, High School Faculty    1951-0025
Moore, G.C.                School Board Picture                1957-0009
Moore, G.C., Mr. & Mrs.                    Sponsor Picture            1963-0032
Moore, G.C., Mrs.                    Mothers Club Officer  1959-0055
Moore, G.C., Mrs.                    Homecoming Officers Picture                    1966-0046
Moore, G.C., Mrs.  PTA Officer Picture               1966-0064
Moore, G.C., Mrs.                    Homecoming Officers Picture                    1967-0042
Moore, G.C., Mrs.  PTA Officer Picture               1967-0058
Moore, George C.      School Board Picture                1956-0011
Moore, George Ray   5th Grade Picture                1955-0035
Moore, George Ray   6th Grade Picture                1956-0036
Moore, Gerald            2nd Grade Picture                1956-0040
Moore, J.C., Mr. & Mrs.                    Room Parent Picture    1961-0030
Moore, Janice             4th Grade Picture                1956-0038
Moore, Janice             5th Grade Picture                1957-0037
Moore, Janice             6th Grade Picture                1958-0038
Moore, Janice             7th Grade Picture                1959-0037
Moore, Janice         8th Grade Picture                1960-0036
Moore, Janice                    Freshman Picture         1961-0036
Moore, Janice                    Sophomore Picture      1962-0030
Moore, Janice         Junior Picture        1963-0023
Moore, Janice                    Favorites Picture          1963-0044
Moore, Janice         Senior Picture        1964-0021
Moore, Janice                    Favorites Picture          1964-0025
Moore, Janice                    Favorites Picture          1964-0051
Moore, Janice         Queen Picture        1964-0054
Moore, Janice Nell     3rd Grade Picture                1955-0037
Moore, Jerry               1st Grade Picture                1955-0039
Moore, Jerry               3rd Grade Picture                1957-0039
Moore, Jerry               4th Grade Picture                1958-0040
Moore, Jerry               5th Grade Picture                1959-0039
Moore, Jerry               King Picture        1959-0050
Moore, Jerry           6th Grade Picture                1960-0038
Moore, Jerry           7th Grade Picture                1961-0041
Moore, Jerry           8th Grade Picture                1962-0038
Moore, Jerry                    Freshman Picture         1963-0031
Moore, Jerry                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0033
Moore, Jerry           Junior Picture        1965-0023
Moore, Jerry           Senior Picture        1966-0021
Moore, Jerry                    Favorites Picture          1966-0038
Moore, Jerry           Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1966-0093
Moore, John               Senior Picture        1939-0018
Moore, John                    Basketball Group Picture                    1939-0036
Moore, John               Theatre Group Picture                1939-0044
Moore, John               Play Group Picture                1939-0045
Moore, John               Typing Class Group Picture     1939-0046
Moore, John           Bus Driver Picture                1974-0023
Moore, John           Bus Driver Picture                1976-0035
Moore, Lucinda         5th Grade          1918-0022
Moore, M                    List of faculty        1942-0009
Moore, Mary Blanche                    6th Grade Picture          1939-0029
Moore, Mary Blanche                    Choral Club Group Picture                    1939-0041
Moore, Mary Blanche                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Moore, Mrs. G.C.       Picture                    1954-0007
Moore, Nell                 Picture, High School Faculty    1947-0023
Moore, Nell                 Picture, High School Faculty    1948-0023
Moore, Nell                 High School Faculty             1950-0017
Moore, Nell                 Picture, High School Faculty    1952-0021
Moore, Nell                 Picture Yearbook Staff              1953-0010
Moore, Nell                 Picture, High School Faculty    1954-0011
Moore, Nell                 Faculty Picture        1959-0010
Moore, Nell             Faculty Picture        1960-0012
Moore, Nell                    Mother's Club Officer Picture                    1960-0061
Moore, Nell             Faculty Picture        1961-0014
Moore, Nell             Sponsor Picture        1961-0034
Moore, Nell             Faculty Picture        1962-0014
Moore, Nell             Sponsor Picture        1962-0036
Moore, Nell             Faculty Picture        1963-0010
Moore, Nell             PTA Officer Picture               1963-0053
Moore, Nell             Sponsor Picture        1964-0034
Moore, Nell             PTA Officer Picture               1964-0059
Moore, Nell                    Dedication Picture       1967-0007
Moore, Nell             Faculty Picture        1967-0016
Moore, Nell             Sponsor Picture        1967-0046
Moore, Nell             PTA Picture        1969-0054
Moore, Nellie S.     Faculty Picture        1964-0014
Moore, Nellie S.     Faculty Picture        1965-0012
Moore, Nellie S.     Faculty Picture        1966-0013
Moore, Norah Lee                    Sophomore Picture      1939-0024
Moore, Ray                 7th Grade Picture                1957-0035
Moore, Ray                 8th Grade Picture                1958-0036
Moore, Ray                    Freshman Picture         1959-0033
Moore, Ray                 Court Attendant Picture        1959-0057
Moore, Ray                    Sophomore Picture      1960-0029
Moore, Ray                    Favorites Picture          1960-0052
Moore, Ray             Junior Picture        1961-0029
Moore, Ray             Senior Picture        1962-0020
Moore, Ray                    Favorites Picture          1962-0022
Moore, Ray                    Favorites Picture          1962-0048
Moore, Thomas, Jr.                    3rd Grade Picture          1972-0035
Moorman Station Gen Merch                    Advertisement              1947-0169
Moorman Station Gen Merch                    Advertisement              1948-0151
Moorman, Gary          Picture, 1st Grade   1951-0073
Moorman, Gary          Picture, 2nd Grade  1952-0065
Moorman, Irwin         Picture, 1st Grade   1950-0046
Moorman, Irwin         Picture, 2nd Grade  1951-0073
Moorman, Irwin         Picture, 3rd Grade   1952-0063
Moorman, Kenneth   Picture, 1st Grade   1947-0069
Moorman, Kenneth   Picture, 2nd Grade  1948-0065
Moorman, Kenneth   Picture, 3rd Grade   1949-0057
Moorman, Kenneth   Picture, 4th Grade   1950-0045
Moorman, Kenneth   Picture, 5th Grade   1951-0069
Moorman, Kenneth   Picture, 6th Grade   1952-0061
Moorman, Lorita        Picture, 3rd Grade   1947-0071
Moorman, Lorita        Picture, 4th Grade   1948-0067
Moorman, Lorita        Picture, 5th Grade   1949-0059
Moorman, Mary         Picture, 6th Grade   1950-0044
Moorman, Mary         Picture, 7th Grade   1951-0067
Moorman, Mary         Picture, 8th Grade   1952-0057
Moorman, Nancy       Picture, 4th Grade   1947-0071
Moorman, Nancy       Picture, 5th Grade   1948-0069
Moorman, Nancy       Picture, 6th Grade   1949-0059
Moorman, Nancy       Picture, 7th Grade   1950-0043
Moorman, Nancy       Picture, 8th Grade   1951-0065
Moorman, Nancy       Picture, Freshman   1952-0053
Moormans Mineral & Feeds                    Advertisement              1953-0085
Morales, Kathy                    Freshman Picture         1971-0029
More, N.C., Comm, Post Oak, TX              Important School Officers                    1918-0023
Morgan, Emma           Picture, 8th Grade   1947-0075
Morgan, Mary Lou    Picture, Freshmen   1953-0029
Morgan, Mary Lou    Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0026
Morow, J.C.                Picture, 4th Grade   1947-0071
Morris, Howard                    Freshman Picture         1971-0029
Morrison, Beth       7th Grade Picture                1963-0035
Morrison, Beth       Class Officer Picture               1966-0025
Morrison, Billie, Mrs.                    PTA Officer Picture     1962-0059
Morrison, Carolyn     Picture, 1st Grade   1950-0046
Morrison, Carolyn     Picture, 2nd Grade  1951-0073
Morrison, Carolyn     Picture, 3rd Grade   1952-0063
Morrison, Carolyn     Picture, 4th Grade   1953-0040
Morrison, Carolyn     Picture, 5th Grade   1954-0036
Morrison, Carolyn     6th Grade Picture                1955-0034
Morrison, Carolyn     7th Grade Picture                1956-0035
Morrison, Carolyn     8th Grade Picture                1957-0034
Morrison, Carolyn                    Freshman Picture         1958-0033
Morrison, Carolyn                    Sophomore Picture      1959-0029
Morrison, Carolyn Junior Picture        1960-0025
Morrison, Carolyn Senior Picture        1961-0020
Morrison, Charles      Picture, 1st Grade   1949-0055
Morrison, Charles      Picture, 2nd Grade  1950-0046
Morrison, Charles      Picture, 3rd Grade   1951-0071
Morrison, Charles      Picture, 4th Grade   1952-0063
Morrison, Charles      Picture, 5th Grade   1953-0037
Morrison, Charles      Picture, 6th Grade   1954-0035
Morrison, Charles      7th Grade Picture                1955-0033
Morrison, Charles      8th Grade Picture                1956-0034
Morrison, Charles                    Freshman Picture         1957-0031
Morrison, Charles                    Sophomore Picture      1958-0029
Morrison, Charles      Junior Picture        1959-0025
Morrison, Charles  Senior Picture        1960-0018
Morrison, Charles  Faculty Picture        1977-0008
Morrison, Diana         Picture, 1st Grade   1954-0040
Morrison, Diana         2nd Grade Picture                1955-0038
Morrison, Diana         3rd Grade Picture                1956-0039
Morrison, Diana         4th Grade Picture                1957-0038
Morrison, Diana         5th Grade Picture                1958-0039
Morrison, Diana     7th Grade Picture                1960-0037
Morrison, Diana     8th Grade Picture                1961-0040
Morrison, Diana                    Freshman Picture         1962-0035
Morrison, Diana                    Sophomore Picture      1963-0027
Morrison, Diana     Junior Picture        1964-0029
Morrison, Diana     Senior Picture        1965-0017
Morrison, Diana     Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1965-0019
Morrison, Dianna      6th Grade Picture                1959-0038
Morrison, Jacque   4th Grade Picture                1977-0035
Morrison, Jacque   6th Grade Picture                1979-0040
Morrison, Mary Beth                    1st Grade Picture          1957-0041
Morrison, Mary Beth                    2nd Grade Picture         1958-0042
Morrison, Mary Beth                    3rd Grade Picture          1959-0041
Morrison, Mary Beth                    4th Grade Picture          1960-0040
Morrison, Mary Beth                    5th Grade Picture          1961-0043
Morrison, Mary Beth                    6th Grade Picture          1962-0040
Morrison, Mary Beth                    8th Grade Picture          1964-0040
Morrison, Mary Beth                    Freshman Picture         1965-0027
Morrison, Mary Beth                    Sophomore Picture      1966-0026
Morrison, Mary Beth                    Awards Picture             1966-0090
Morrison, Mary Beth                    Class Officer Picture    1967-0022
Morrison, Mary Beth                    Junior Picture                1967-0023
Morrison, Mary Beth                    Favorites Picture          1968-0017
Morrison, Mary Beth                    Senior Picture               1968-0019
Morrison, Mary Beth                    Favorites Picture          1968-0036
Morrison, Mary Beth                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1968-0094
Morrison, Mary Beth                    Award Picture               1968-0095
Morrison, Norma       5th Grade Picture                1959-0039
Morrison, Norma Sue                    1st Grade Picture          1955-0039
Morrison, Norma Sue                    3rd Grade Picture          1957-0039
Morrison, Norma Sue                    4th Grade Picture          1958-0040
Morrison, Norma Sue                    6th Grade Picture          1960-0038
Morrison, Norma Sue                    7th Grade Picture          1961-0041
Morrison, Norma Sue                    8th Grade Picture          1962-0038
Morrison, Norma Sue                    Freshman Picture         1963-0031
Morrison, Norma Sue                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0033
Morrison, Norma Sue                    Junior Picture                1965-0023
Morrison, Norma Sue                    Senior Picture               1966-0021
Morrison, Norma Sue                    Favorites Picture          1966-0069
Morrison, Norma Sue                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1966-0093
Morrison, Pam        2nd Grade Picture                1977-0037
Morrison, Pam        4th Grade Picture                1979-0045
Morrison, Sam, Mrs.                    PTA Officer Picture     1961-0063
Morrison, Sue            2nd Grade Picture                1956-0040
Morrison, Sue        Class Officer Picture               1966-0019
Morrow, Bobby                    Counselor Picture        1962-0014
Morrow, Curtis P.  1st Grade Picture                1965-0035
Morrow, J.C.               Picture, 5th Grade   1948-0069
Morrow, J.C.               Picture, 6th Grade   1949-0059
Morrow, J.C.               Picture, 7th Grade   1950-0043
Morrow, J.C.               Picture, 8th Grade   1951-0065
Morrow, J.C.               Picture, Freshman   1952-0053
Morrow, J.C.               Picture, Sophomore                    1953-0025
Morrow, J.C.               Picture, Junior         1954-0022
Morrow, J.C.               Senior Picture        1955-0019
Morrow, J.C.                    Favorites Picture          1955-0049
Morrow, L.C.          Senior Picture        1965-0017
Morrow, L.C.          Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1965-0019
Morrow, Lee               Picture, 2nd Grade  1947-0069
Morrow, Lee               Picture, 3rd Grade   1948-0067
Morrow, Lee               Picture, 5th Grade   1950-0044
Morrow, Lee               Picture, 6th Grade   1951-0069
Morrow, Lee               Picture, 7th Grade   1952-0059
Morrow, Lee               Picture, 8th Grade   1953-0034
Morrow, Lee               Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0029
Morrow, Lee                    Sophomore Picture      1955-0025
Morrow, Lee               Junior Picture        1956-0023
Morrow, Lee               Senior Picture        1957-0017
Morrow, Lee                    Favorites Picture          1957-0052
Morrow, Lee Rily       Picture, 4th Grade   1949-0057
Morrow, Teresa     1st Grade Picture                1966-0037
Morrow's Grocery, Perrin & Graford       Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0088
Mosely, Scott         1st Grade Picture                1970-0048
Mosley, C.C.                    Custodian Picture        1976-0035
Mosley, C.C.                    Custodian Picture        1977-0011
Mosley, C.C.                    Custodian Picture        1978-0020
Mosley, C.C.                    Custodian Picture        1979-0012
Mosley, Felicia       3rd Grade Picture                1974-0047
Mosley, Felicia       4th Grade Picture                1975-0039
Mosley, Felicia       5th Grade Picture                1976-0028
Mosley, Felicia       6th Grade Picture                1977-0032
Mosley, Felicia       7th Grade Picture                1978-0056
Mosley, Felicia       8th Grade Picture                1979-0038
Mosley, Felicia                    Cheerleader Picture      1979-0080
Mosley, Felicia       Award Picture        1979-0106
Mosley, Felicia Ann                    1st Grade Picture          1972-0037
Mosley, Felicia Ann                    2nd Grade Picture         1973-0042
Mosley, Madiolene                    PTA Officer Picture     1970-0056
Mosley, Madiolene                    PTA Officer Picture     1971-0046
Mosley, Madiolene                    PTA Officer Picture     1972-0057
Mosley, Madiolene                    PTA Officer Picture     1973-0082
Mosley, Madiolene                    PTA Officer Picture     1974-0066
Mosley, Scott         2nd Grade Picture                1971-0036
Mosley, Scott         3rd Grade Picture                1972-0035
Mosley, Scott         4th Grade Picture                1973-0038
Mosley, Scott         5th Grade Picture                1974-0043
Mosley, Scott         6th Grade Picture                1975-0036
Mosley, Scott         7th Grade Picture                1976-0024
Mosley, Scott         8th Grade Picture                1977-0028
Mosley, Scott         Award Picture        1977-0092
Mosley, Scott                    Freshman Picture         1978-0051
Mosley, Scott                    Sophomore Picture      1979-0033
Mote, Betty Sue     Faculty Picture        1966-0013
Moulder's Dry Cleaners                    Advertisement              1942-0083
Mountaineer Drive In                    Advertisement              1952-0119
Mower, Jewel             Grade School Faculty             1950-0018
Mower, Jewel             Picture, Grade School Faculty  1951-0027
Mower, Jewel             Picture, Grade School Faculty  1952-0023
Mower, Maribeth       Picture, 1st Grade   1950-0046
Mower, Meribeth       Picture, 2nd Grade  1951-0073
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Ballard, Whitt, TX  Advertisement              1953-0095
Mr. & Mrs. Leon Hawkins                    Advertisement              1954-0078
Mr. Jim's Bar-B-Q Steak House, Weatherford                    Advertisement/Picture                    1977-0124
Mrs. Mary Middleton Dry Goods        Advertisement              1939-0052
Mrs. Mary Middleton Dry Goods        Advertisement              1942-0073
Mullen, Melanie     6th Grade Picture                1972-0032
Mullen, Melanie     7th Grade Picture                1973-0032
Mullen, Mitzi          3rd Grade Picture                1972-0035
Mullen, Mitzi          4th Grade Picture                1973-0038
Mullen, Mitzi                    Favorites Picture          1973-0053
Mullen, Mitzy                    Favorites Picture          1972-0044
Mullinax Bro Groceries                    Advertisement              1918-0030
Mullinax Café & Market                    Advertisement              1939-0052
Mullinax Grocery                    Advertisement              1939-0050
Mullinax Grocery                    Advertisement              1946-0129
Mullinax Grocery                    Advertisement              1947-0139
Mullinax Grocery                    Advertisement              1948-0145
Mullinax Grocery                    Advertisement              1949-0135
Mullinax Grocery                    Advertisement              1950-0090
Mullinax Grocery                    Advertisement              1951-0143
Mullinax Grocery                    Advertisement              1952-0121
Mullinax Grocery                    Advertisement              1953-0082
Mullinax Grocery                    Advertisement              1954-0086
Mullinax Grocery                    Advertisement/Picture                    1955-0092
Mullinax Grocery                    Advertisement/Picture                    1957-0101
Mullinax Grocery                    Advertisement/Picture                    1958-0106
Mullinax Grocery                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0106
Mullinax Grocery                    Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0116
Mullinax Grocery                    Advertisement/Picture                    1961-0123
Mullinax Grocery                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0110
Mullinax Grocery                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0110
Mullinax, Alton          7th Grade          1918-0018
Mullinax, Billy Fred                    Freshman Group Picture                    1942-0039
Mullinax, Homer         8th Grade          1918-0019
Mullinax, Homer     Class of 1918            1964-0062
Mullinax, James          10th Grade          1918-0019
Mullinax, Max Stuart 6th Grade Picture                1939-0029
Mullinax, Max Stuart Choral Club Group Picture      1939-0041
Mullinax, Max Stuart                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Mullinax, Ruby           Picture, Grade School Faculty  1946-0019
Mullinax, Wynelle                    Sophomore Picture      1939-0024
Mullinax, Wynelle     Spanish Club Group Picture      1939-0042
Mullinex, Wynette     Theatre Group Picture                1939-0044
Mullinox Grocery                    Advertisement              1942-0073
Mullins Cleaners                    Advertisement              1939-0052
Mullins Cleaners                    Advertisement              1947-0157
Mullin's Cleaners                    Advertisement              1942-0071
Murphree, Oga D.                    Sophomore Picture      1955-0025
Murray, Bennie          Picture, 1st Grade   1953-0041
Murray, Bennie          4th Grade Picture                1956-0038
Murray, Bennie          5th Grade Picture                1957-0037
Murray, Bennie          6th Grade Picture                1958-0038
Murray, Bennie          7th Grade Picture                1959-0037
Murray, Bennie Kay  Picture, 2nd Grade  1954-0039
Murray, Bennie Kay  3rd Grade Picture                1955-0037
Murray, Bennye                    Freshman Picture         1961-0037
Murray, Bennye                    Favorites Picture          1963-0024
Murray, Bennye     Senior Picture        1964-0021
Murray, Bennye                    Favorites Picture          1964-0025
Murray, Bennye Kay                    Favorites Picture          1964-0053
Murray, Bennye Kaye                    8th Grade Picture          1960-0036
Murray, Bennye Kaye                    Sophomore Picture      1962-0031
Murray, Bennye Kaye                    Junior Picture                1963-0023
Murray, Bill                 Junior Picture        1942-0027
Murray, Bill                 Junior Play Cast   1942-0061
Murray, Bill                 Picture, Junior         1946-0043
Murray, Billy              7th Grade Picture                1939-0028
Murray, Bruce, Rev.                    Bus Driver Picture        1968-0015
Murray, Carol             2nd Grade Picture                1956-0040
Murray, Carol             3rd Grade Picture                1957-0039
Murray, Carol             4th Grade Picture                1958-0040
Murray, Carol             5th Grade Picture                1959-0039
Murray, Carol         6th Grade Picture                1960-0038
Murray, Carol         8th Grade Picture                1962-0038
Murray, Carol                    Freshman Picture         1963-0031
Murray, Carol                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0033
Murray, Carol         Junior Picture        1965-0023
Murray, Carol         Class Officer Picture               1966-0019
Murray, Carol         Senior Picture        1966-0021
Murray, Carol         Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1966-0093
Murray, Carol Mae    1st Grade Picture                1955-0039
Murray, Carol Mae                    7th Grade Picture          1961-0041
Murray, Danny          Picture, 4th Grade   1947-0071
Murray, James                    Freshman Picture         1965-0027
Murray, James        Junior Picture        1967-0023
Murray, James G.   7th Grade Picture                1963-0035
Murray, James G., Jr.                    6th Grade Picture          1962-0040
Murray, James G., Jr.                    8th Grade Picture          1964-0040
Murray, Jim                 1st Grade Picture                1957-0041
Murray, Jim                 2nd Grade Picture                1958-0042
Murray, Jim                 3rd Grade Picture                1959-0041
Murray, Jim             4th Grade Picture                1960-0040
Murray, Jim             5th Grade Picture                1961-0043
Murray, Jim                    Favorites Picture          1965-0036
Murray, Jim                    Sophomore Picture      1966-0026
Murray, Jim             Senior Picture        1968-0019
Murray, Jim             Beau Picture        1968-0043
Murray, Jim             Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1968-0094
Murray, Judy Lee  1st Grade Picture                1968-0033
Murray, Milessa                    Favorites Picture          1978-0059
Murray, Milessa                    Kindergarten Picture   1978-0065
Murray, Milessa                    Favorites Picture          1979-0050
Murray, R.Q.               List of trustees      1942-0009
Murray, R.Q.               Picture, School Board                1948-0019
Murray, R.Q.               Picture, School Board                1952-0019
Murray, Robert          Picture, 3rd Grade   1947-0071
Murray, Robert Lee   Picture, 5th Grade   1949-0059
Murray. R.Q.               Picture, School Board                1953-0012
Murray's Drive In                    Advertisement              1948-0121
Murray's Gill                    Advertisement              1953-0100
Murry, Bill                   FFA History       1942-0063
Murry, Milessa      1st Grade Picture                1979-0048
Murry, Polly Ann      Picture, Freshman   1947-0055
Murry, R.Q.                 Picture, Board of Trustees        1951-0021
Murryay's Grill                    Advertisement              1951-0163
Murry's Drive Inn                    Advertisement              1947-0135
Murry's Drive-In                    Advertisement              1950-0100

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