Jack County, North Texas
Index  of Perrin School Yearbooks
(not all years-37 years)

Index of group pictures, individuals in pictures, advertisers, and major articles
(14,293 names in index. For 1955 and after, only faculty pictures, individual class pictures, favorites pictures and advertising with pictures were indexed)(There were errors in some of the names - Look for alternate spellings)
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Person or Item         Type of Picture        Year-Page Number

Nail, Gerald             Bus Driver Picture                1967-0015
Nail, Gerald             Faculty Picture        1967-0016
Nail, Gerald             Coach Picture        1967-0080
Nail, Gerald             Faculty Picture        1968-0012
Nail, Gerald             Bus Driver Picture                1968-0015
Nail, Mr.                  Coach Picture        1968-0072
Nail, Mr.                  Coach Picture        1968-0075
Nanson, Frank                    Principal Picture           1978-0017
Nanson, Frank                    Principal Picture           1979-0009
Nanson, Imogene  School Secretary Picture          1978-0020
Nanson, Mrs.                    Teacher's Aide Picture                    1979-0011
Nantz, Betty                Picture, 5th Grade   1947-0073
Nantz, D.N., City Meat Market       Advertisement              1918-0035
Nantz, Dorothy          2nd Grade Picture                1939-0033
Nantz, Dorothy          Group Picture        1939-0040
Nantz, E.J.                   Picture, 1st Grade   1947-0069
Nantz, Pearl                 2nd Grade          1918-0016
Nash & Co                    Advertisement              1946-0139
Nash & Co                    Advertisement              1953-0103
Nash & Co Hardware                    Advertisement              1950-0091
Nash & Co Hardware                    Advertisement              1954-0085
Nash & Co John Deer Imp                    Advertisement              1951-0141
Nash & Company                    Advertisement              1948-0129
Nash & Lemond Grocery                    Advertisement              1954-0076
Nash and Company                    Advertisement              1947-0147
Nash, Aldon               FFA History       1942-0063
Nash, Dale                  Picture, 6th Grade   1950-0044
Nash, Dale                  Picture, 7th Grade   1951-0067
Nash, Dale                  Picture, 8th Grade   1952-0057
Nash, Dale                  Picture, Freshmen   1953-0029
Nash, Myra                 Picture, Freshman   1950-0039
Nash, Myra                 Picture, Sophomore                    1951-0057
Nash, Myra                 Picture, Most Popular Girl - Soph                1951-0085
Nash, Myra                 Picture, Girls Basketball             1951-0093
Nash, Myra                 Picture, Junior         1952-0041
Nash, Pat Picture, 2nd Grade                    1950-0046
Nash, Patricia             Picture, 3rd Grade   1951-0071
Nash, Patricia             Picture, 4th Grade   1952-0063
Nash, Patricia             Picture, 5th Grade   1953-0037
Nathan Brown Gulf Station                    Advertisement              1948-0147
Nealio, Kathlyn Jo 1st Grade Picture                1973-0044
Ned & Blue's Produce Market, Mineral Wells - Big James Blue & Ned Patterson                    Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0110
Ned & Blue's Produce Market, Mineral Wells - Big James Blue & Ned Patterson                    Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0131
Ned & Blue's Produce Market, Mineral Wells - Big James Blue & Ned Patterson                    Advertisement/Picture                    1974-0128
Neill, Keith                    Kindergarten Picture   1978-0065
Neill, Keith              1st Grade Picture                1979-0048
Neill, Keith                    Favorites Picture          1979-0050
Neill, Shelley                    Favorites Picture          1979-0050
Neill, Shelly                    Favorites Picture          1978-0059
Neill, Shelly             2nd Grade Picture                1978-0063
Neill, Shelly             3rd Grade Picture                1979-0046
Neill, Shelly Ann                    Kindergarten Picture   1976-0033
Neill, Shelly Ann    1st Grade Picture                1977-0038
Nelson, Carolyn     7th Grade Picture                1966-0031
Nelson, Miss          Faculty Picture        1979-0011
NeSmith, Bill           3rd Grade Picture                1972-0035
NeSmith, Marlyna                    Kindergarten Picture   1974-0053
NeSmith, Marlyna  1st Grade Picture                1975-0042
NeSmith, Patricia    1st Grade Picture                1973-0044
NeSmith, Patti         2nd Grade Picture                1974-0049
NeSmith, Patti         3rd Grade Picture                1975-0040
NeSmith, Sandra    1st Grade Picture                1971-0037
NeSmith, Sandra    2nd Grade Picture                1972-0036
NeSmith, Sandra    3rd Grade Picture                1973-0040
NeSmith, Sandra    4th Grade Picture                1974-0045
NeSmith, Sandra    5th Grade Picture                1975-0038
NeSmith, Tommy   4th Grade Picture                1971-0034
NeSmith, Tommy   5th Grade Picture                1972-0033
NeSmith, Tommy   6th Grade Picture                1973-0034
NeSmith, Tommy                    Favorites Picture          1973-0052
NeSmith, Tommy   7th Grade Picture                1974-0039
NeSmith, Tommy   8th Grade Picture                1975-0032
NeSmith, William   3rd Grade Picture                1971-0035
NeSmith, William   4th Grade Picture                1973-0038
NeSmith, William   5th Grade Picture                1974-0043
NeSmith, William   6th Grade Picture                1975-0036
New School - Inside                    Dedication Picture       1962-0009
New School Construction                    Picture of Building       1962-0063
New School Construction                    Picture of Building       1962-0064
Newman, Vernon                    Freshman Picture         1956-0031
Nichols, Gayle                    Freshman Picture         1968-0025
Nichols, Gayle        Queen Picture        1968-0058
Nichols, Hampy                    Sophomore Picture      1968-0023
Nichols, Hampy     Junior Picture        1969-0027
Nichols, John Richard                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1969-0105
Nichols, Mildred        Junior Picture        1939-0022
Nichols, Mildred        Spanish Club Group Picture      1939-0042
Nichols, Mildred        Theatre Group Picture                1939-0044
Nichols, Richard    Junior Picture        1968-0021
Nichols, Richard    Senior Picture        1969-0023
Nicholson, Ashford  7th Grade          1918-0018
Nicholson, Fannie     10th Grade          1918-0019
Nicholson, John                    Sophomore Picture      1978-0047
Nicholson, John                    Sophomore Picture      1979-0033
Nicholson, Lewis       9th Grade          1918-0019
Nicks, Joe                Senior Picture        1968-0019
Noah-Carter Hardware                    Advertisement              1942-0077
Nook Café                    Advertisement              1951-0149
Norman & Co Cleaners                    Advertisement              1947-0167
Norman, Randy      8th Grade Picture                1978-0054
Norman, Randy                    Freshman Picture         1979-0034
Norman, Randy      King Picture        1979-0091
Norman, Robert          Group Picture        1939-0014
Norman, Robert          Senior Picture        1939-0016
Norman, Robert                    Favorites Picture          1939-0020
Norman, Robert          Typing Class Group Picture     1939-0046
Norman, Robert      4th Grade Picture                1979-0045
Norman's Cleaners, Mineral Wells - M.A. Self                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0100
Norris       Faculty Picture                    1942-0011
Norris, Sarah               Faculty Picture        1939-0012
Norris, Sarah               List of faculty        1942-0009
Norris, Tracy                    Principal Picture           1964-0009
Norris, Tracy          Faculty Picture        1964-0015
Norris, Tracy          Coach Picture        1964-0068
Nortcutt, Verdena      Picture, 8th Grade   1953-0033
North Oak Dairy Queen, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0104
North Oak Dairy Queen, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0118
North Oak Dairy Queen, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0118
North Oak Feed Store, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0097
North Oak Humble, Mineral Wells - R.R. Hooten                    Advertisement/Picture                    1957-0074
Northcut, Avis           Picture, 4th Grade   1949-0057
Northcut, Ronnie       Picture, 1st Grade   1953-0041
Northcutt, Avis          Picture, 2nd Grade  1947-0069
Northcutt, Avis          Picture, 3rd Grade   1948-0067
Northcutt, Avis          Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0029
Northcutt, Avis                    Sophomore Picture      1955-0025
Northcutt, Judy          Picture, 1st Grade   1950-0046
Northcutt, Judy          Picture, 2nd Grade  1951-0073
Northcutt, Judy          Picture, 3rd Grade   1952-0063
Northcutt, Judy          Picture, 5th Grade   1954-0036
Northcutt, Judy          6th Grade Picture                1955-0034
Northcutt, Judy          7th Grade Picture                1956-0035
Northcutt, Judy          Queen Picture        1956-0054
Northcutt, Judy          8th Grade Picture                1957-0034
Northcutt, Judy                    Freshman Picture         1958-0033
Northcutt, Judy                    Sophomore Picture      1959-0029
Northcutt, Judy      Junior Picture        1960-0025
Northcutt, Judy                    Cheerleader Picture      1960-0065
Northcutt, Judy      Senior Picture        1961-0021
Northcutt, Ronnie      Picture, 2nd Grade  1954-0039
Northcutt, Ronnie      3rd Grade Picture                1955-0037
Northcutt, Ronnie      4th Grade Picture                1956-0038
Northcutt, Ronnie      5th Grade Picture                1957-0037
Northcutt, Ronnie      6th Grade Picture                1958-0038
Northcutt, Ronnie      7th Grade Picture                1959-0037
Northcutt, Ronnie  8th Grade Picture                1960-0036
Northcutt, Ronnie                    Freshman Picture         1961-0037
Northcutt, Ronnie                    Sophomore Picture      1962-0031
Northcutt, Ronnie  Junior Picture        1963-0023
Northcutt, Ronnie  Senior Picture        1964-0021
Northcutt, Verdena    Picture, 5th Grade   1950-0044
Northcutt, Verdena    Picture, 6th Grade   1951-0069
Northcutt, Verdena    Picture, 7th Grade   1952-0059
Northwood Clinic & Hospital                    Advertisement              1948-0127
Norton, Kalynda    1st Grade Picture                1976-0032
Norton, Kalynda    2nd Grade Picture                1977-0037
Norton, Kalynda    4th Grade Picture                1979-0045
Norton, Katrena     7th Grade Picture                1976-0024
Norton, Katrena     8th Grade Picture                1977-0028
Norton, Keith         1st Grade Picture                1976-0032
Norton, Keith         2nd Grade Picture                1977-0037
Norton, Keith         4th Grade Picture                1979-0045
Norton, Kimberly   3rd Grade Picture                1976-0030
Norton, Kimberly   4th Grade Picture                1977-0035
Norton, Kimberly   6th Grade Picture                1979-0040
Norton, Kyle           4th Grade Picture                1976-0029
Norton, Kyle                    Favorites Picture          1976-0050
Norton, Kyle           5th Grade Picture                1977-0034
Norton, Kyle           7th Grade Picture                1979-0039
Norton, Kyle           Class Officer Picture               1979-0041
Nothcutt, Judy           Picture, 4th Grade   1953-0040
Nugent, Stephanie 1st Grade Picture                1979-0048
Nunlee, Christene      Picture, Freshman   1948-0057
Nunlee, Christene      Picture, Sophomore                    1949-0045
Nunlee, Christine       Picture, Junior         1950-0031
Nunlee, Christine       Picture, Senior         1951-0037
Nunley, Jewel             Picture, Junior         1947-0043
Nunley, Johnnie         Picture, 6th Grade   1949-0059
Nunley, Johnnie         Picture, 7th Grade   1950-0043
Nunley, Johnnie         Picture, 8th Grade   1951-0065
Nunley, Johnny         Picture, Freshman   1952-0053
Nunley, Johnny         Picture, Sophomore                    1953-0025
Nunley, Johnny         Picture, Junior         1954-0022
Nunley, Johnny         Senior Picture        1955-0019
Nunley, Johnny                    Favorites Picture          1955-0049
Nunley, Walter           Picture, Junior         1948-0045
Nunley, Walter           Picture, Junior Class Favorite Boy              1948-0083
Nunley, Walter           Picture, Senior         1949-0031
Nunley, Wilson          Picture, 5th Grade   1949-0059
Nunley, Wilson          Picture, 6th Grade   1950-0044
O.H. Grantham, Abstracts                    Advertisement              1948-0151
O.K. Rubber Welders                    Advertisement              1946-0141
O.K. Rubber Welders                    Advertisement              1948-0149
Oak Lanes, Weatherford                    Advertisement/Picture                    1961-0112
Oak Lanes, Weatherford                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0131
Oak Park  Advertisement                    1950-0099
Oak Park Café                    Advertisement              1948-0141
Oakley, Ovita          County Agent Picture               1962-0058
Oakley, Ovita          County Agent Picture               1963-0052
Oateen, Madelyn       Junior Picture        1942-0027
Oates, Brenda         6th Grade Picture                1960-0038
Oates, Brenda                    Freshman Picture         1963-0031
Oates, Brenda         Junior Picture        1965-0023
Oates, Brenda         Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1966-0094
Oates, Brenda Gail 8th Grade Picture                1962-0038
Oates, Brenda Gail                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0033
Oates, Brenda Gail Senior Picture        1966-0021
Oates, Randy          1st Grade Picture                1962-0045
Oates, Randy          2nd Grade Picture                1963-0040
Oates, Randy          4th Grade Picture                1965-0032
Oates, Randy          5th Grade Picture                1966-0033
Oates, Randy          6th Grade Picture                1967-0030
Oates, Randy          7th Grade Picture                1968-0027
Oates, Randy          8th Grade Picture                1969-0038
Oates, Randy                    Freshman Picture         1970-0035
Oates, Randy                    Sophomore Picture      1971-0027
Oates, Randy          Junior Picture        1972-0025
Oates, Randy          Senior Picture        1973-0021
Oates, Randy                    Favorites Picture          1973-0049
Oates, Randy          Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1973-0116
Oates, Randy Eugene                    3rd Grade Picture          1964-0045
Oates, W.I., Mrs.   PTA Officer Picture               1966-0064
Oates, W.I., Mrs.   PTA Officer Picture               1967-0058
Office & School Supply Store                    Advertisement              1953-0100
Office Outfitters                    Advertisement              1953-0106
Olinda, Wanda           Picture, Junior         1947-0043
Olindy, Wanda           Picture, Sophomore                    1946-0051
Olindy, Wanda           Picture, Senior         1948-0035
Oliver, Dickey                    Sophomore Picture      1965-0025
Oliver, Dickey                    Favorites Picture          1965-0037
Open Front Food Store                    Advertisement              1942-0077
Open Front Food Store                    Advertisement              1953-0099
Open Front Food Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0078
Open Front Food Store                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0111
Open Front Food Store, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0104
Osteen, Don               3rd Grade Picture                1939-0032
Osteen, Don               Group Picture        1939-0040
Osteen, Madeline      7th Grade Picture                1939-0028
Osteen, Madeline                    Volleyball, Girls Group Picture                    1939-0038
Ostene, Madeline      Choral Club Group Picture      1939-0041
Outhouse Lumber & Supply - Johnnie & Ruth Outhouse                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0101
Outhouse Lumber & Supply - Johnnie & Ruth Outhouse                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0100
Outhouse, Johnnie, Mrs.                    Mothers Club Officer  1959-0055
Outhouse, Judith       Picture, 1st Grade   1950-0046
Outhouse, Judith       Picture, 2nd Grade  1951-0073
Outhouse, Judith       Picture, 5th Grade   1954-0036
Outhouse, Judith       6th Grade Picture                1955-0034
Outhouse, Judith       7th Grade Picture                1956-0035
Outhouse, Judith       8th Grade Picture                1957-0034
Outhouse, Judith                    Freshman Picture         1958-0033
Outhouse, Judith                    Sophomore Picture      1959-0029
Outhouse, Judith   Junior Picture        1960-0025
Outhouse, Judith   Senior Picture        1961-0021
Outhouse, Judith                    Favorites Picture          1961-0025
Outhouse, Judy         Picture, 3rd Grade   1952-0063
Outhouse, Judy         Picture, 4th Grade   1953-0040
Outhouse, M.A.         School Board Picture                1958-0009
Outhouse, M.A.         School Board Picture                1959-0009
Outhouse, M.A.     School Board Picture                1960-0011
Outhouse, M.A.     School Board Picture                1961-0011
Outhouse, M.A.     School Board Picture                1962-0013
Outhouse, M.A.     School Board Picture                1963-0007
Outhouse, M.A.     School Board Picture                1964-0010
Outhouse, M.A.     School Board Picture                1965-0009
Outhouse, M.A.     School Board Picture                1966-0011
Outhouse, Marth Kay                    1st Grade Picture          1955-0039
Outhouse, Martha     Queen Picture        1955-0054
Outhouse, Martha     2nd Grade Picture                1956-0040
Outhouse, Martha     3rd Grade Picture                1957-0039
Outhouse, Martha     4th Grade Picture                1958-0040
Outhouse, Martha     5th Grade Picture                1959-0039
Outhouse, Martha 6th Grade Picture                1960-0038
Outhouse, Martha 7th Grade Picture                1961-0041
Outhouse, Martha                    Freshman Picture         1963-0031
Outhouse, Martha Junior Picture        1965-0023
Outhouse, Martha Queen Picture        1965-0044
Outhouse, Martha Class Officer Picture               1966-0019
Outhouse, Martha Senior Picture        1966-0021
Outhouse, Martha                    Favorites Picture          1966-0039
Outhouse, Martha Awards Picture        1966-0091
Outhouse, Martha Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1966-0094
Outhouse, Martha Awards Picture        1966-0095
Outhouse, Martha Kay                    8th Grade Picture          1962-0038
Outhouse, Martha Kay                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0033
Outhouse, Mrs.          Room Mother Picture             1959-0030
Owen, Jammie         6th Grade Picture                1977-0032
Owens, Charles                    Freshman Picture         1956-0031
Owens, Johnny      3rd Grade Picture                1977-0036
Oyer, Adam                    Kindergarten Picture   1979-0049
Oyer, Craig                    Favorites Picture          1978-0059
Oyer, Craig              3rd Grade Picture                1978-0062
Oyer, Craig              4th Grade Picture                1979-0045
Ozee, Angela              1st Grade Picture                1959-0043
Ozee, Angela              Mascot Picture        1959-0061
Ozee, Dorothy            Faculty Picture        1955-0013
Ozee, Dorothy            Faculty Picture        1956-0013
Ozee, Dorothy            Faculty Picture        1957-0011
Ozee, Dorothy            Faculty Picture        1958-0013
Ozee, Dorothy            Faculty Picture        1959-0011
Ozee, J.N.                    Faculty Picture        1957-0010
Ozee, J.N.                    Faculty Picture        1958-0012
Ozee, Johnnie             Faculty Picture        1955-0012
Ozee, Johnnie             Faculty Picture        1956-0012
Ozee, Johnnie             Coach Picture        1956-0064
Ozee, Johnnie             Coach Picture        1957-0062
Ozee, Johnnie             Bus Driver Picture                1959-0007
Ozee, Johnnie             Faculty Picture        1959-0010
Ozee, Mr. Coach Picture                    1959-0061
Ozee, Mr. & Mrs.       Sponsor Picture        1959-0020
Packing & Processing Co                    Advertisement              1952-0119
Page, B.A.               Faculty Picture        1965-0013
Page, Bill                    Principal Picture           1965-0008
Page, Billy A.                    Principal Picture           1966-0011
Page, Billy A.          Faculty Picture        1966-0013
Page, Blan A.          1st Grade Picture                1966-0037
Page, Mr.                 Coach Picture        1966-0071
Palace Barber & Beauth                    Advertisement              1948-0143
Palace Barber Shop, Mineral Wells - Slim Williams                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0094
Palace Grocery                    Advertisement              1951-0159
Palmer, Robert            Picture, 5th Grade   1950-0044
Palmer, Robert            Picture, 6th Grade   1951-0069
Palmer, Robert            Picture, 7th Grade   1952-0059
Palmer, Robert            Picture, 8th Grade   1953-0033
Palo Pinto Telephone Co.                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0134
Palo Pinto Telephone Co.                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0074
Palo Pinto Telephone Co.                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0132
Palo Pinto Telephone Co.                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0133
Pankey, Harry             FFA History       1942-0063
Pankey, Joyce            Picture, Freshman   1947-0055
Pankey, Joyce            Picture, Sophomore                    1948-0051
Pankey, Nadine          Picture, Junior         1946-0043
Pankey, Nadine          Picture, Volleyball  1946-0093
Pankey, Nadine          Picture, Senior         1947-0033
Parenti, Dane          6th Grade Picture                1968-0028
Parenti, Nicky         7th Grade Picture                1968-0027
Pariss, Lawrence                    Freshman Group Picture                    1942-0039
Park, Annetta         5th Grade Picture                1968-0029
Park, Annetta         6th Grade Picture                1969-0040
Park, Ronnie           4th Grade Picture                1968-0030
Park, Ronnie           5th Grade Picture                1969-0042
Park, Sharon           5th Grade Picture                1968-0029
Park, Sharon           6th Grade Picture                1969-0040
Parker, Gerdle             4th Grade          1918-0020
Parker, Karen          3rd Grade Picture                1977-0036
Parker, Karen          Queen Picture        1977-0062
Parker, Kevin          6th Grade Picture                1977-0032
Parker, Thomas      3rd Grade Picture                1976-0030
Parks, Mikey           1st Grade Picture                1979-0048
Parks, Patrick                    Kindergarten Picture   1979-0049
Parli??, Billy House   FFA History       1942-0063
Parrott, Countess   2nd Semester Students       1971-0038
Parrott, Countess   8th Grade Picture                1972-0030
Parsley, Dorothy        Junior Picture        1942-0027
Parsons, Mary Ann   Picture, Senior         1953-0018
Pate Brothers Gin                    Advertisement              1948-0133
Pate Brothers Gin                    Advertisement/Picture                    1955-0090
Pate Brothers Gin                    Advertisement/Picture                    1957-0103
Pate Brothers Gin                    Advertisement/Picture                    1958-0110
Pate Brothers Gin                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0110
Pate Brothers Gin                    Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0115
Pate Brothers Gin                    Advertisement/Picture                    1961-0122
Pate Brothers Gin                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0110
Pate Brothers Gin & Garage                    Advertisement              1949-0117
Pate Brothers Gin & Garage                    Advertisement              1950-0089
Pate Brothers Gin & Garage                    Advertisement              1951-0143
Pate Brothers Gin & Garage                    Advertisement              1952-0107
Pate Brothers Gin & Garage                    Advertisement              1953-0100
Pate Brothers Gin & Garage                    Advertisement              1954-0086
Pate, Johnny, Mr. & Mrs.                    Room Parent Picture    1960-0034
Pate, Leon                   Picture, 1st Grade   1951-0073
Pate, Leon                   Picture, 2nd Grade  1952-0065
Pate, Leon                   Picture, 3rd Grade   1953-0039
Pate, Leon                   Picture, 4th Grade   1954-0037
Pate, Leon                   5th Grade Picture                1955-0035
Pate, Leon                   6th Grade Picture                1956-0036
Pate, Leon                   6th Grade Picture                1957-0036
Pate, Leon                   7th Grade Picture                1958-0037
Pate, Leon                   8th Grade Picture                1959-0036
Pate, Leon                    Freshman Picture         1960-0033
Pate, Leon               Escort Picture        1960-0050
Pate, Leon                    Favorites Picture          1960-0052
Pate, Leon                    Sophomore Picture      1961-0033
Pate, Leon               Junior Picture        1962-0027
Pate, Leon               Senior Picture        1963-0017
Pate, Martin                4th Grade          1918-0017
Pate, Mary Ellen         Picture, 7th Grade   1953-0035
Pate, Viola                   8th Grade          1918-0019
Pate, Yvonne              Picture, 1st Grade   1954-0040
Pate, Yvonne              2nd Grade Picture                1955-0038
Pate, Yvonne              3rd Grade Picture                1956-0039
Pate, Yvonne              4th Grade Picture                1957-0038
Pate, Yvonne              5th Grade Picture                1958-0039
Pate, Yvonne              6th Grade Picture                1959-0038
Pate, Yvonne          7th Grade Picture                1960-0037
Pate, Yvonne          8th Grade Picture                1961-0040
Pate, Yvonne                    Freshman Picture         1962-0035
Pate, Yvonne                    Sophomore Picture      1963-0027
Pate, Yvonne          Junior Picture        1964-0029
Pate, Yvonne          Senior Picture        1965-0017
Pate, Yvonne          Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1965-0019
Pate's Gin                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0072
Pate's Gin                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0100
Pate's Gin                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0100
Pate's Studio - Photographs                    Advertisement              1918-0029
Patterson, Tammy  3rd Grade Picture                1979-0046
Pattn, Charleen           2nd Grade Picture                1939-0033
Patton, Adonna         Picture, 1st Grade   1951-0073
Patton, Adonna         Picture, 2nd Grade  1952-0065
Patton, Adonna         Picture, 3rd Grade   1953-0039
Patton, Adonna         Picture, 4th Grade   1954-0037
Patton, Adonna         5th Grade Picture                1955-0035
Patton, Adonna         5th Grade Picture                1956-0037
Patton, Adonna         7th Grade Picture                1958-0037
Patton, Adonna         8th Grade Picture                1959-0036
Patton, Adonna                    Freshman Picture         1960-0033
Patton, Adonna                    Cheerleader Picture      1960-0065
Patton, Adonna                    Sophomore Picture      1961-0033
Patton, Bernice           3rd Grade Picture                1939-0032
Patton, Bobbie Jean  1st Grade Picture                1939-0034
Patton, Bobby            Picture, 7th Grade   1950-0043
Patton, Bobby            Picture, 8th Grade   1951-0065
Patton, Bobby            Picture, Freshman   1952-0053
Patton, Bobby            Picture, Freshmen Favorite Boy                   1952-0073
Patton, Bobby            Picture, Sophomore                    1953-0025
Patton, Bobby            Senior Picture        1955-0020
Patton, Bobby                    Favorites Picture          1955-0044
Patton, Bobby                    Favorites Picture          1955-0048
Patton, Botty              Picture, Junior         1954-0022
Patton, Burnice          Group Picture        1939-0040
Patton, C.C., Mr. & Mrs.                    Room Parent Picture    1961-0034
Patton, Carlton           Picture, Freshman   1948-0057
Patton, Carlton           Annual Staff            1950-0013
Patton, Carlton           Picture, Junior Officer                1950-0029
Patton, Carlton           Picture, Junior Class Favorite Boy              1950-0055
Patton, Carlton           Picture, Senior Boys Basketball                   1950-0064
Patton, Carlton           Picture, Annual Staff                 1951-0015
Patton, Carlton           Picture, Senior         1951-0039
Patton, Carol           Class Officer Picture               1970-0030
Patton, Carol           Class Officer Picture               1972-0022
Patton, Carol           Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1972-0099
Patton, Carol Dean                    1st Grade Picture          1961-0047
Patton, Carol Dean                    Queen Picture               1961-0055
Patton, Carol Dean                    2nd Grade Picture         1962-0044
Patton, Carol Dean                    3rd Grade Picture          1963-0039
Patton, Carol Dean                    4th Grade Picture          1964-0044
Patton, Carol Dean                    5th Grade Picture          1965-0031
Patton, Carol Dean                    6th Grade Picture          1966-0032
Patton, Carol Dean                    7th Grade Picture          1967-0029
Patton, Carol Dean                    8th Grade Picture          1968-0026
Patton, Carol Dean                    Favorites Picture          1968-0034
Patton, Carol Dean                    Award Picture               1968-0097
Patton, Carol Dean                    Class Officer Picture    1969-0034
Patton, Carol Dean                    Freshman Picture         1969-0035
Patton, Carol Dean                    Favorites Picture          1969-0050
Patton, Carol Dean                    Sophomore Picture      1970-0031
Patton, Carol Dean                    Cheerleader Picture      1970-0089
Patton, Carol Dean                    Class Officer Picture    1971-0024
Patton, Carol Dean                    Junior Picture                1971-0025
Patton, Carol Dean                    Sweetheart Picture       1971-0051
Patton, Carol Dean                    Who's Who Picture     1971-0087
Patton, Carol Dean                    Senior Picture               1972-0023
Patton, Carol Dean                    Award Picture               1972-0096
Patton, Charleen        Group Picture        1939-0040
Patton, Charlene        Picture, Sophomore                    1946-0051
Patton, Charlton         Picture, Sophomore                    1949-0045
Patton, Charlton         Picture, Basketball                      1949-0087
Patton, De Lois          Senior Picture        1942-0017
Patton, Deloise                    Freshman Picture         1939-0026
Patton, Deloise                    Volleyball, Girls Group Picture                    1939-0037
Patton, Deloise           Theatre Group Picture                1939-0044
Patton, Deryle            Picture, 1st Grade   1953-0041
Patton, Deryle            4th Grade Picture                1956-0038
Patton, Deryle            5th Grade Picture                1957-0037
Patton, Diann             Queen Picture        1958-0060
Patton, Diann         8th Grade Picture                1960-0036
Patton, Diann                    Freshman Picture         1961-0037
Patton, Diann                    Sophomore Picture      1962-0031
Patton, Dimple            Senior Picture        1939-0016
Patton, Dimple            Typing Class Group Picture     1939-0046
Patton, Don                    Freshman Picture         1939-0026
Patton, Don                FFA History       1942-0063
Patton, Donna        6th Grade Picture                1976-0026
Patton, Donna        7th Grade Picture                1977-0030
Patton, Donna        8th Grade Picture                1978-0054
Patton, Donna                    Freshman Picture         1979-0034
Patton, Dorotha         Group Picture        1939-0014
Patton, Dorotha                    Favorites Picture          1939-0020
Patton, Dorotha         Spanish Club Group Picture      1939-0042
Patton, Dorotha         Theatre Group Picture                1939-0044
Patton, Dortha                    Sophomore Picture      1939-0024
Patton, Dwayne         Picture, Senior         1951-0037
Patton, Dwayne         Picture, Boys Basketball           1951-0097
Patton, Dwayne     Booster Club Officer Picture     1967-0056
Patton, Glenna            Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0029
Patton, Glenna            Picture Freshman Class Favorite Girl         1954-0049
Patton, Glenna                    Sophomore Picture      1955-0025
Patton, Glenna            Junior Picture        1956-0023
Patton, Glenna                    Favorites Picture          1956-0053
Patton, Glenna            Queen Picture        1956-0054
Patton, Glenna            Senior Picture        1957-0017
Patton, Glenna            Class Officer Picture               1957-0019
Patton, Glenna                    Sweetheart Picture       1957-0050
Patton, Glenna                    Favorites Picture          1957-0053
Patton, Glenna                    Favorites Picture          1957-0054
Patton, Grace          Room Mother Picture             1961-0023
Patton, Grace          Room Mother Picture             1963-0020
Patton, Jack                    Sophomore Picture      1939-0024
Patton, Jack                    Basketball Group Picture                    1939-0036
Patton, Jack                Typing Class Group Picture     1939-0046
Patton, Jack, Mr. & Mrs.                    Room Parent Picture    1960-0034
Patton, Jack, Mr. & Mrs.                    Room Parent Picture    1961-0034
Patton, Janice Diann 6th Grade Picture                1958-0038
Patton, Janice Diann 7th Grade Picture                1959-0037
Patton, Janna                    Favorites Picture          1960-0052
Patton, Janna                    Favorites Picture          1963-0046
Patton, Janna          Queen Picture        1963-0048
Patton, Janna Kay                    Freshman Picture         1960-0033
Patton, Janna Kay                    Sophomore Picture      1961-0033
Patton, Janna Kay Junior Picture        1962-0027
Patton, Janna Kay                    Sweetheart Picture       1962-0056
Patton, Janna Kay                    Sweetheart Picture       1962-0062
Patton, Janna Kay Senior Picture        1963-0017
Patton, John                    Custodian Picture        1972-0019
Patton, John                    Custodian Picture        1973-0018
Patton, Kay                    Freshman Picture         1970-0035
Patton, Kay                    Sophomore Picture      1971-0027
Patton, Kay             Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1973-0116
Patton, Kay L.        Junior Picture        1972-0025
Patton, Kay Lynn  Senior Picture        1973-0021
Patton, Laura Etna     Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0026
Patton, Laura Etna     Junior Picture        1955-0022
Patton, Laura Etna     Senior Picture        1956-0017
Patton, Laura Etna                    Favorites Picture          1956-0045
Patton, Laura Etna                    Favorites Picture          1956-0052
Patton, Leon               3rd Grade Picture                1939-0032
Patton, Leon               Group Picture        1939-0040
Patton, Leon               Picture, Sophomore                    1946-0051
Patton, Lula                Picture, 8th Grade   1947-0075
Patton, Lula                Picture, Freshman   1948-0057
Patton, Lula                Picture, Senior         1951-0037
Patton, Lula Mae       Volley Ball Girls    1949-0081
Patton, Lula Mae       Picture, Junior         1950-0031
Patton, Lula Mae       Picture, Junior Class Favorite Girl                1950-0055
Patton, Lula Mae       Picture, Senior Girls Basketball                    1950-0063
Patton, Lura Etna       Picture, Freshmen   1953-0029
Patton, Mark                    Freshman Picture         1965-0027
Patton, Mark           Class Officer Picture               1966-0025
Patton, Mark                    Sophomore Picture      1966-0026
Patton, Mark           Awards Picture        1966-0091
Patton, Mark           Junior Picture        1967-0023
Patton, Mark           Senior Picture        1968-0019
Patton, Mark           Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1968-0094
Patton, Mary                    Favorites Picture          1963-0046
Patton, Mary Jo                    Freshman Picture         1958-0033
Patton, Mary Jo                    Sophomore Picture      1959-0029
Patton, Mary Jo     Junior Picture        1960-0025
Patton, Mary Jo     Queen Picture        1960-0050
Patton, Mary Jo                    Sweetheart Picture       1960-0066
Patton, Mary Jo     Senior Picture        1961-0021
Patton, Mary Jo                    Favorites Picture          1961-0024
Patton, Mary Jo                    Favorites Picture          1961-0025
Patton, Mary Pat                    Freshman Picture         1960-0033
Patton, Mary Pat    Queen Picture        1960-0050
Patton, Mary Pat                    Sophomore Picture      1961-0033
Patton, Mary Pat    Junior Picture        1962-0027
Patton, Mary Pat    Senior Picture        1963-0018
Patton, Mrs.                Room Mother Picture             1959-0030
Patton, Mrs.            Room Mother Picture             1960-0026
Patton, Mrs.            Athletic Instructor Picture         1960-0071
Patton, Nowel             2nd Grade          1918-0016
Patton, Polly               Faculty Picture        1959-0011
Patton, Polly           Faculty Picture        1960-0013
Patton, Royce             Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0029
Patton, Royce                    Sophomore Picture      1955-0025
Patton, T.J., Mr. & Mrs.                    Room Parent Picture    1965-0016
Patton, Tommy           Picture, 2nd Grade  1954-0039
Patton, Tommy           3rd Grade Picture                1955-0037
Patton, Trudy         2nd Grade Picture                1965-0034
Patton, Trudy         3rd Grade Picture                1966-0035
Patton, Trudy         4th Grade Picture                1967-0032
Patton, Trudy         5th Grade Picture                1968-0029
Patton, Trudy         6th Grade Picture                1969-0040
Patton, Trudy         8th Grade Picture                1971-0030
Patton, Trudy                    Freshman Picture         1972-0029
Patton, Trudy                    Sophomore Picture      1973-0026
Patton, Trudy         Junior Picture        1974-0031
Patton, Trudy         Senior Picture        1975-0025
Patton, Trudy         Queen Picture        1975-0072
Patton, Trudy I.      7th Grade Picture                1970-0039
Patton, Trudy Irene                    1st Grade Picture          1964-0047
Patton, Wanda           Picture, Freshman   1952-0053
Patton, Wanda           Picture, Sophomore                    1953-0025
Patton, Wanda           Picture, Basketball Sweetheart 1953-0047
Patton, Wanda           Senior Picture        1955-0019
Patton, Wanda                    Favorites Picture          1955-0047
Patton, Wanda                    Favorites Picture          1955-0048
Patton, Wanda                    Sweetheart Picture       1955-0050
Patton, Wanda Sue   Picture, Junior         1954-0022
Patton, Wandean       6th Grade Picture                1959-0038
Patton, Wandean   7th Grade Picture                1960-0037
Patton, Wandean   8th Grade Picture                1961-0040
Patton, Wandean                    Freshman Picture         1962-0035
Patton, Wandean                    Sophomore Picture      1963-0027
Patton, Wandean   Queen Picture        1963-0049
Patton, Wandean   Junior Picture        1964-0029
Patton, Wandean                    Sweetheart Picture       1964-0067
Patton, Wandean   Senior Picture        1965-0017
Patton, Wandean   Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1965-0019
Patton, Wandean   Queen Picture        1965-0041
Patton, Wandean                    Sweetheart Picture       1965-0064
Patton, Wayland    3rd Grade Picture                1967-0033
Patton, Wayland                    Favorites Picture          1967-0037
Patton, Wayland    4th Grade Picture                1968-0030
Patton, Wayland                    Favorites Picture          1968-0035
Patton, Wayland    King Picture        1968-0058
Patton, William           Picture, 5th Grade   1954-0036
Patton, William           6th Grade Picture                1955-0034
Patton, William           7th Grade Picture                1956-0035
Patton, William           7th Grade Picture                1957-0035
Pattton, Bobby Jean  Group Picture        1939-0040
Paul Gallo Clothes                    Advertisement              1950-0099
Pauls Clothes Shop                    Advertisement              1953-0103
Paul's Clothing Sho                    Advertisement              1951-0167
Paul's Clothing Shop                    Advertisement              1952-0113
Peak & Peak Insurance                    Advertisement              1951-0165
Pearce, Robin         7th Grade Picture                1978-0056
Pearce, Robin         8th Grade Picture                1979-0038
Pearson, Lois                    Freshman Picture         1963-0031
Pearson, Lois          Junior Picture        1965-0023
Pearson, Lois          Senior Picture        1966-0021
Pearson, Lois          Awards Picture        1966-0090
Pearson, Lois          Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1966-0094
Pearson, Lois          Awards Picture        1966-0095
Pearson, Lois Marie                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0033
Pemberton, Anita Lee                    1st Grade Picture          1939-0034
Pemberton, Anita Lee                    Group Picture                1939-0040
Penson, Pam           6th Grade Picture                1969-0040
Penson, Pam           7th Grade Picture                1970-0039
Penson, Pam           8th Grade Picture                1971-0030
Penson, Pam                    Freshman Picture         1972-0029
Penson, Pam                    Sophomore Picture      1973-0026
Penson, Pam           Class Officer Picture               1973-0027
Penson, Pam           Queen Picture        1973-0056
Penson, Pam                    Cheerleader Picture      1973-0090
Penson, Pam           Junior Picture        1974-0031
Penson, Pam           Senior Picture        1975-0025
Penson, Pam           Class Officer Picture               1975-0025
Penson, Pam                    Favorites Picture          1975-0046
Penson, Pam           Shower Picture        1975-0071
Penson, Pamela                    Favorites Picture          1969-0051
Penson, Randy       3rd Grade Picture                1969-0044
Penson, Randy       4th Grade Picture                1970-0045
Penson, Randy       5th Grade Picture                1971-0033
Penson, Randy       6th Grade Picture                1972-0032
Penson, Randy       7th Grade Picture                1973-0032
Penson, Randy       8th Grade Picture                1974-0037
Penson, Randy                    Freshman Picture         1975-0031
Penson, Randy                    Sophomore Picture      1976-0018
Penson, Randy       Junior Picture        1977-0017
Penson, Randy       Class Officer Picture               1977-0019
Penson, Randy       Senior Picture        1978-0039
Pepper, Jackquline     Picture, 4th Grade   1949-0057
Perrin Barber Shop                    Advertisement              1950-0097
Perrin Barber Shop                    Advertisement              1951-0155
Perrin Basket Ball Team                    Group Photo - no names                    1918-0004
Perrin Butane Gas Co. - Leon Kinder        Advertisement/Picture                    1957-0102
Perrin Butane Gas Co. - Leon Kinder        Advertisement/Picture                    1958-0108
Perrin City Barber Shop                    Advertisement              1954-0090
Perrin Dry Goods                    Advertisement              1947-0165
Perrin Grocery - Weldon & Dorothy Cranford                    Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0120
Perrin Grocery & Feed - Johnie Webb                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0107
Perrin High                  Picture                    1950-0010
Perrin High Girls Volleyball Team          Group Picture                1942-0047
Perrin High School    Cover page           1918-0003
Perrin High School                    Photograph                   1947-0013
Perrin Independent Telephone Co               Advertisement                    1918-0037
Perrin Laundry                    Advertisement              1949-0133
Perrin Milling Co                    Advertisement              1918-0027
Perrin School & Gymnasium                    Picture        1939-0009
Perrin Senior & Junior Boys Basketball Team           Group Picture                    1942-0045
Perrin Tennis Team   Group Picture        1942-0049
Perrin Texaco & Café                    Advertisement/Picture                    1975-0140
Perrin Texaco & Café - Weldon & Adonna Cox                    Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0121
Perrin Texaco & Café - Weldon & Adonna Cox                    Advertisement/Picture                    1974-0136
Perrin, Butane Co. - Leon Kinder        Advertisement/Picture                    1955-0091
Perry Brothers                    Advertisement              1952-0127
Perry Brothers                    Advertisement              1953-0099
Perry Brothers, Five and Dime           Advertisement              1942-0071
Pete Grace's Auto Supply, Jacksboro  Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0125
Peterson Lumber Co                    Advertisement              1946-0141
Peterson Lumber Co                    Advertisement              1948-0149
Peterson Lumber Co                    Advertisement              1950-0097
Peterson-Hayes Lumber Co                    Advertisement              1939-0050
Peterson's Lumber Co                    Advertisement              1949-0139
Peugh, Carol           Faculty Picture        1978-0018
Peugh, Christeen       Picture, Junior         1951-0051
Peugh, Christeen       Picture, Senior         1952-0031
Peugh, Dan                    Favorites Picture          1978-0059
Peugh, Dan                    Kindergarten Picture   1978-0065
Peugh, David                    Freshman Picture         1956-0031
Peugh, Eula                    Sophomore Picture      1960-0029
Peugh, Eula             Senior Picture        1962-0020
Peugh, Eula Mae                    Freshman Picture         1959-0033
Peugh, Eula Mae    Junior Picture        1961-0029
Peugh, James          Faculty Picture        1978-0018
Peugh, Jim               2nd Grade Picture                1978-0063
Peugh, Lavene                    Freshman Picture         1957-0031
Peugh, Lavene                    Sophomore Picture      1958-0029
Peugh, Lavene           Junior Picture        1959-0025
Peugh, Lavene       Senior Picture        1960-0018
Peugh, Lynn           5th Grade Picture                1978-0060
Peugh, Rodney      Junior Picture        1968-0021
Peugh, Rodney      Class Officer Picture               1969-0020
Peugh, Rodney      Senior Picture        1969-0023
Peugh, Rodney      Football Picture        1969-0084
Peugh, Rodney      Award Picture        1969-0103
Peugh, Rodney      Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1969-0105
Peugh, Shanna       2nd Grade Picture                1978-0063
Peugh, Sharon        5th Grade Picture                1978-0060
Peugh, Shelly                    Freshman Picture         1970-0035
Peugh, Shelly                    Favorites Picture          1970-0050
Pharis, Marjorie          1st Grade Picture                1939-0034
Pharis, Marjorie          Group Picture        1939-0040
Phariss, Charles         Picture, 8th Grade   1947-0075
Phariss, Charles         Picture, Freshman   1948-0057
Phariss, Charles         Picture, Sophomore                    1949-0045
Phariss, Charles         Picture, Junior         1951-0051
Phariss, Charlie      1st Grade Picture                1973-0044
Phariss, Charlie      2nd Grade Picture                1974-0049
Phariss, Charlie      4th Grade Picture                1976-0029
Phariss, Charlie      5th Grade Picture                1977-0034
Phariss, Chuck       3rd Grade Picture                1975-0040
Phariss, Dollie            6th Grade          1918-0022
Phariss, Elmo              4th Grade          1918-0022
Phariss, Fred           1st Grade Picture                1970-0048
Phariss, Fred           4th Grade Picture                1973-0038
Phariss, Fred           7th Grade Picture                1976-0024
Phariss, Freddy      5th Grade Picture                1974-0043
Phariss, Freddy      6th Grade Picture                1975-0036
Phariss, Friedrich   2nd Grade Picture                1971-0036
Phariss, Friedrich   3rd Grade Picture                1972-0035
Phariss, John              Picture, 6th Grade   1950-0044
Phariss, John              Picture, 7th Grade   1951-0067
Phariss, John              Picture, 8th Grade   1952-0057
Phariss, John              Picture, Freshmen   1953-0029
Phariss, John              Junior Picture        1955-0022
Phariss, John              Picture, 5th Grade   1949-0059
Phariss, John Eldon   Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0026
Phariss, Johnnie         Picture, 4th Grade   1948-0067
Phariss, Johnny         Picture, 4th Grade   1947-0071
Phariss, Pearl              1st Grade          1918-0021
Phariss, Wandene     2nd Grade Picture                1939-0033
Phariss, Wandene     Group Picture        1939-0040
Phariss, Wandene     Picture, Sophomore                    1946-0051
Pharris, Fred           8th Grade Picture                1977-0028
Phil Kendrick Music Center, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0108
Phillips     Faculty Picture                    1942-0011
Phillips Welding & Supplies, Weatherford - W.P. Phillips                    Advertisement/Picture                    1978-0127
Phillips Welding, Weatherford                    Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0123
Phillips, Ena                Faculty Picture        1939-0013
Phillips, Ena                List of faculty        1942-0009
Phillips, Ena                Picture, Grade School Faculty  1946-0019
Phillips, Joy                    Freshman Picture         1970-0035
Phillips, Joy                    Sophomore Picture      1971-0027
Phillips, Ronnie      8th Grade Picture                1963-0034
Photograph of School Building     Picture        1918-0005
Pierce, Robin          6th Grade Picture                1977-0032
Piggly Wiggly                    Advertisement              1948-0119
Piggly Wiggly                    Advertisement              1954-0077
Pilgrim, Mr.             Faculty Picture        1979-0011
Pilgrim, Terry          Faculty Picture        1978-0018
Pilgrim, Terry                    Freshman Picture         1978-0050
Ping's Grocery                    Advertisement              1948-0163
Pinson, Joe                 Picture, entered after Jan 1        1950-0047
Pinson, Raymond      Picture, entered after Jan 1        1950-0047
Pippin & Shields                    Advertisement              1953-0102
Pixley, Bill                    Sophomore Picture      1969-0031
Pixley, Bill                Junior Picture        1970-0027
Pixley, Bill                Senior Picture        1971-0023
Pixley, Bill                Football Picture        1971-0058
Pixley, Bill                Who's Who Picture                  1971-0087
Pixley, Bill                Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1971-0107
Pixley, Scott            7th Grade Picture                1970-0039
Pixley, Scott            8th Grade Picture                1971-0030
Pixley, Scott                    Freshman Picture         1972-0029
Pixley, Scott                    Sophomore Picture      1973-0026
Pixley, Scott            Junior Picture        1974-0031
Pixley, Scott            Junior Picture        1975-0027
Plowman, Gerald        Picture, 5th Grade   1950-0044
Plowman, Gerald        Picture, 6th Grade   1951-0069
Plowman, Gerald        Picture, 7th Grade   1952-0059
Plowman, Gerald        Picture, 8th Grade   1953-0033
Plowman, Gerald Steve                    Picture, 4th Grade         1949-0057
Plowman, Raymond   Picture, 5th Grade   1949-0059
Plowman, Raymond   Picture, 6th Grade   1950-0044
Plowman, Raymond   Picture, 7th Grade   1951-0067
Plowman, Raymond   Picture, 8th Grade   1952-0057
Plowman, Raymond   Picture, Freshmen   1953-0029
Plowman, Raymond   Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0026
Plowman, Raymond   Junior Picture        1955-0022
Plowman, Raymond                    Favorites Picture          1955-0048
Plowman, Raymond   Senior Picture        1956-0018
Plowman, Raymond                    Favorites Picture          1956-0044
Plowman, Raymond                    Favorites Picture          1956-0046
Plowman, Raymond   Beau Picture        1956-0051
Plowman, Raymond                    Favorites Picture          1956-0052
Plowman, Raymond                    Favorites Picture          1956-0053
Plowman, Ruth           Picture, 5th Grade   1950-0044
Plowman, Stell            Picture, 4th Grade   1949-0057
Plowman, Stella          Picture, 6th Grade   1951-0069
Plowman, Stella          Picture, 7th Grade   1952-0059
Plowman, Stella          Picture, 8th Grade   1953-0033
Plowman, Stella          Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0029
Plowman, Steve          Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0030
Plowman, Steve                    Sophomore Picture      1955-0025
Plowman, Steve                    Favorites Picture          1955-0048
Plowman, Steve          Junior Picture        1956-0023
Polk, Lena                   1st Grade          1918-0021
Pope's Café                    Advertisement              1947-0161
Portraits by Russel Jones, Jacksboro  Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0103
Poston Dry Goods                    Advertisement              1939-0050
Poston Dry Goods                    Advertisement              1948-0151
Poston Dry Goods                    Advertisement              1949-0135
Poston Dry Goods                    Advertisement              1951-0149
Poston Dry Goods                    Advertisement              1952-0127
Poston Dry Goods                    Advertisement              1953-0098
Poston Dry Goods Co                    Advertisement              1954-0083
Postron Dry Goods                    Advertisement              1950-0095
Poter R Braselton Ranchers                    Advertisement              1952-0115
Poter R Braselton Ranches                    Advertisement              1953-0099
Potter, Larry                    Freshman Picture         1963-0031
Potter, Larry                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0033
Potter, Larry            Junior Picture        1965-0023
Potter, Larry            Class Officer Picture               1966-0019
Potter, Larry            Senior Picture        1966-0021
Potter, Larry            Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1966-0094
Potter, Paul                    Sophomore Picture      1968-0023
Potts, Jackie                Picture, 1st Grade   1950-0046
Potts, Jackie                Picture, 2nd Grade  1951-0073
Powell, Coleman         9th Grade          1918-0019
Powell, Coleman                    Homecoming Picture   1967-0042
Powell, Edison            4th Grade          1918-0017
Powell, Emmet            2nd Grade          1918-0016
Powell, Oleta               10th Grade          1918-0019
Powers, Mildred     Faculty Picture        1960-0013
Powers, Mildred     School Nurse Picture                1964-0011
Powers, Mildred     School Nurse Picture                1965-0009
Powers, Mildred     School Nurse Picture                1966-0012
Powers, Mildred     School Nurse Picture                1967-0014
Powers, Mildred     School Nurse Picture                1968-0014
Powers, Mildred     School Nurse Picture                1969-0013
Powers, Mildred     School Nurse Picture                1970-0018
Powers, Mildred     School Nurse Picture                1971-0018
Powers, Mildred, RN Faculty Picture        1956-0013
Powers, Mildred, RN School Nurse Picture                1959-0012
Powers, Mildred, RN                    School Nurse Picture   1961-0012
Powers, Mildred, RN                    School Nurse Picture   1962-0015
Powers, Mildred, RN                    School Nurse Picture   1963-0012
Powers, Mildred, RN                    School Nurse Picture   1972-0018
Preston, Dorothy                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Prestridge, Cindy                    Favorites Picture          1978-0059
Prestridge, Cindy   5th Grade Picture                1978-0060
Prestridge, Cindy   Class Officer Picture               1979-0041
Prestridge, Renae   6th Grade Picture                1978-0058
Prestridge, Trey     2nd Grade Picture                1978-0063
Prestrige, Cindy     6th Grade Picture                1979-0040
Prestrige, Renae     7th Grade Picture                1979-0039
Prestrige, Trey        3rd Grade Picture                1979-0046
Price, Ermal                 4th Grade          1918-0017
Price, Irene                  3rd Grade          1918-0017
Price, Joe Mack      1st Grade Picture                1968-0033
Price, Joe Mack      2nd Grade Picture                1969-0045
Price, Joe Mack      3rd Grade Picture                1970-0046
Price, Joe Mack      4th Grade Picture                1971-0034
Price, Joe Mack      5th Grade Picture                1972-0033
Price, Joe Mack      6th Grade Picture                1973-0034
Price, Joe Mack      7th Grade Picture                1974-0039
Price, Joe Mack      8th Grade Picture                1975-0032
Price, Joe Mack                    Freshman Picture         1976-0020
Price, Joe Mack                    Sophomore Picture      1977-0021
Price, Joe Mack      Junior Picture        1978-0042
Price, Joe Mack      Senior Picture        1979-0027
Price, John              8th Grade Picture                1968-0026
Price, John                    Freshman Picture         1969-0035
Price, John                    Sophomore Picture      1970-0031
Price, John              Junior Picture        1971-0025
Price, John              Senior Picture        1972-0023
Price, John              Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1972-0099
Price, Kenneth Dale                    Senior Picture               1977-0012
Price, Kenny           3rd Grade Picture                1968-0031
Price, Kenny           4th Grade Picture                1969-0043
Price, Kenny           5th Grade Picture                1970-0044
Price, Kenny           6th Grade Picture                1971-0032
Price, Kenny           7th Grade Picture                1972-0031
Price, Kenny           8th Grade Picture                1973-0030
Price, Kenny           Award Picture        1973-0110
Price, Kenny                    Freshman Picture         1974-0035
Price, Kenny                    Sophomore Picture      1975-0029
Price, Kenny                    Favorites Picture          1975-0045
Price, Kenny           FFA Team          1975-0057
Price, Kenny           Junior Picture        1976-0016
Price, Lee Ann                    Freshman Picture         1968-0025
Price, Lee Ann                    Sophomore Picture      1969-0031
Price, Lee Ann        Junior Picture        1970-0027
Price, Lee Ann        Senior Picture        1971-0023
Price, Lee Ann        Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1971-0107
Primm       Faculty Picture                    1942-0011
Primm, Jewel               List of faculty        1942-0009
Primm, Jewel               Picture, Grade School Faculty  1947-0025
Primn, Jewel                Picture, Grade School Faculty  1946-0019
Pruitt Grocery                    Advertisement              1952-0129
Pruitt, Charlene      Faculty Picture        1978-0018
Pruitt, Charlene      Sponsor Picture        1978-0061
Pruitt, Doyle           Faculty Picture        1978-0018
Pruitt, Doyle           Sponsor Picture        1978-0054
Pugh, Freddie             4th Grade Picture                1959-0040
Pugh, Linda                2nd Grade Picture                1959-0042
Pugh, Ronald              7th Grade Picture                1959-0037
Pugh, Roy                   3rd Grade Picture                1959-0041
Pugh, Tommy             4th Grade Picture                1959-0040
Pulido Junior, Weatherford                    Advertisement/Picture                    1978-0123
Pulido's                    Advertisement/Picture                    1977-0124
Pulido's Mexican Food, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1978-0122
Pulido's Mexican Food, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1979-0127
Purcell's Service Station                    Advertisement              1953-0083
Purfoy, Lawrence       Senior Picture        1939-0019
Purtle, Roger           6th Grade Picture                1978-0058
Purtle, Roger Joe    7th Grade Picture                1979-0039
Puryear Feed & Produce                    Advertisement              1949-0129
Puryear Feed & Produce                    Advertisement              1950-0093
Puryear Feed & Produce                    Advertisement              1951-0149
Puryear, Edna                    Dedication - Photograph                    1946-0009
Puryear, Edna             Picture, High School Faculty    1946-0017
Puryear, Raymond     Picture, High School Faculty    1946-0017
Puryear, Raymond     Picture, FFA Adviser                 1946-0103
Puryear-Hayes Feed Co                    Advertisement              1947-0137
Puryear-Hayes Feed Co                    Advertisement              1948-0139
Pyatt, Doyle                7th Grade          1918-0018
Pyatt, Lee                    3rd Grade          1918-0017
Pyle Printing Co                    Advertisement              1953-0095
Pyle Printing co                    Advertisement              1954-0068

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