Jack County, North Texas
Index  of Perrin School Yearbooks
(not all years-37 years)

Index of group pictures, individuals in pictures, advertisers, and major articles
(14,293 names in index. For 1955 and after, only faculty pictures, individual class pictures, favorites pictures and advertising with pictures were indexed)(There were errors in some of the names - Look for alternate spellings)
Index before 1955 by E. Lynn Wright of Scottsdale AZ lynn.wright@cox.net 
Index after 1954 by Sue Tackel - Report problems or corrections to Sue@JackCoTX.com
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Person or Item         Type of Picture        Year-Page Number

Quality Boot & Shoe Shop           Advertisement              1951-0139
Queen Roofing Co., Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0100
Queen Roofing Co., Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0117
Queen Roofing Co., Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0113
Queen Roofing Co., Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0122
Queen Roofing Co., Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1970-0114
Queen Roofing Co., Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1971-0115
Queen Roofing Co., Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0109
Queen's Roofing Co                    Advertisement              1952-0117
Queen's Roofing Co                    Advertisement              1953-0082
Queen's Roofing Co                    Advertisement              1954-0066
Quinn, Sharon                    Sophomore Picture      1967-0025
R.H. Motor Co                    Advertisement              1948-0155
R.Q. Murray                    Advertisement              1953-0101
Radford, Becky  1st Grade Picture                1964-0047
Radford, Becky                    Favorites Picture          1968-0034
Radford, Becky  8th Grade Picture                1971-0030
Radford, Becky                    Freshman Picture         1972-0029
Radford, Becky                    Sophomore Picture      1973-0026
Radford, Jimmie                    Picture, Senior Most Studious Boy                1954-0018
Radford, Jimmie                    Picture Carnival King  1954-0048
Radford, Jimmy                    Picture Yearbook Staff                    1953-0010
Radford, Jimmy                    Picture, Junior               1953-0021
Radford, Jimmy                    Picture        1954-0007
Radford, Jimmy                    Picture, Senior              1954-0016
Radford, Michael                    1st Grade Picture          1968-0033
Radford, Michael                    Favorites Picture          1968-0035
Radford, Michael                    4th Grade Picture          1971-0034
Radford, Michael                    5th Grade Picture          1972-0033
Radford, Michael Lynn           3rd Grade Picture          1970-0046
Radford, Mike    2nd Grade Picture                1969-0045
Radford, Mike                    Favorites Picture          1970-0054
Radford, Mike    6th Grade Picture                1973-0034
Radford, Mike    Class Officer Picture               1974-0038
Radford, Mike    7th Grade Picture                1974-0039
Radford, Mike    8th Grade Picture                1975-0032
Radford, Mike                    Freshman Picture         1976-0020
Radford, Mike    Class Officer Picture               1976-0021
Radford, Mike                    Sophomore Picture      1977-0021
Radford, Mike    Class Officer Picture               1977-0022
Radford, Mike                    Junior Picture                1978-0042
Radford, Mike                    Senior Picture               1979-0027
Radford, Mike                    Award Picture               1979-0104
Radford, Rebecca                    2nd Grade Picture         1965-0034
Radford, Rebecca                    3rd Grade Picture          1966-0035
Radford, Rebecca                    4th Grade Picture          1967-0032
Radford, Rebecca                    5th Grade Picture          1968-0029
Radford, Rebecca                    6th Grade Picture          1969-0040
Radford, Rebecca                    7th Grade Picture          1970-0039
Radio Shop                    Advertisement              1952-0127
Radke, Earle            2nd Grade          1918-0020
Radke, Edith           1st Grade          1918-0019
Radke, Opal            2nd Grade          1918-0020
Radke, Paul             3rd Grade          1918-0020
Ragsdill, Roy          3rd Grade          1918-0017
Ragsdill, Thomas   2nd Grade          1918-0016
Railsback Station & Grocery      Advertisement              1952-0115
Railsback, Joyce Duncan      Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1966-0094
Railsback, Patsy                    Senior Picture               1965-0017
Railsback, Patsy                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1965-0019
Ramsey                    Faculty Picture             1942-0011
Ramsey & Morrison Service Sta                    Advertisement                    1946-0135
Ramsey Beth                    Picture, 1st Grade         1949-0055
Ramsey, Barbara                    Picture, 1st Grade         1948-0065
Ramsey, Barbara Jo                    Picture, 2nd Grade        1949-0055
Ramsey, Billie Rhea                    Senior Picture               1939-0018
Ramsey, Billie Rhea                    Typing Class Group Picture                    1939-0046
Ramsey, Clarence, Mrs.            Homecoming Officers Picture        1966-0046
Ramsey, Faye         List of faculty   1942-0009
Ramsey, Frank        3rd Grade          1918-0021
Ramsey, Helen                    Freshman Picture         1939-0026
Ramsey, Helen                    Home Ec. Group Picture                    1939-0043
Ramsey, Helen                    Senior Picture               1942-0017
Ramsey, Helen       1942 Pirate's Review Staff    1942-0055
Ramsey, Helen                    Senior Play Cast           1942-0061
Ramsey, Herbert Lee                    6th Grade Picture          1939-0029
Ramsey, Herbert Lee                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Ramsey, Joyce                    Picture, 1st Grade         1947-0069
Ramsey, Joyce                    Picture, 2nd Grade        1948-0065
Ramsey, Joyce                    Picture, 3rd Grade         1949-0057
Ramsey, Juanda                    Picture, Yearbook Staff                    1946-0013
Ramsey, Juanda                    Picture, Senior              1946-0029
Ramsey, Laurence                    Picture, Sophomore     1946-0051
Ramsey, Laurence                    Picture, Junior               1947-0043
Ramsey, Lawrence 4th Grade Picture                1939-0031
Ramsey, Lawrence                    Picture, Senior              1948-0035
Ramsey, Leo                    Group Picture                1939-0014
Ramsey, Leo                    Senior Picture               1939-0017
Ramsey, Leo                    Basketball Group Picture                    1939-0036
Ramsey, Leo                    Theatre Group Picture 1939-0044
Ramsey, Stanley                    Picture, 8th Grade         1947-0075
Ramsey, Stanley                    Picture, Freshman        1948-0057
Ramsey's Service Station       Advertisement              1947-0139
Ranch House Café                    Advertisement              1951-0159
Randy, Jerry                    Picture, 2nd Grade        1953-0042
Rankin, Betty                    Picture, Yearbook Staff                    1946-0013
Rankin, Betty                    Picture, Senior              1946-0025
Rankin, Betty                    Picture, Volleyball        1946-0093
Rankin, Betty Jo     4th Grade Picture                1939-0031
Rankin, Betty Jo                    Choral Club Group Picture                    1939-0041
Rankin, Georgeanna                    1st Grade Picture          1955-0039
Rankin, Georgeanna                    2nd Grade Picture         1956-0040
Rankin, Georgeanna                    3rd Grade Picture          1957-0039
Rankin, Georgeanna                    4th Grade Picture          1958-0040
Rankin, Georgeanna                    5th Grade Picture          1959-0039
Rankin, Georgeanna                    6th Grade Picture          1960-0038
Rankin, Georgeanna                    7th Grade Picture          1961-0041
Rankin, Georgeanna                    8th Grade Picture          1962-0038
Rankin, Georgeanna                    Freshman Picture         1963-0031
Rankin, Georgeanna                    Favorites Picture          1963-0032
Rankin, Georgeanna                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0033
Rankin, Georgeanna                    Junior Picture                1965-0023
Rankin, Georgeanna                    Class Officer Picture    1966-0019
Rankin, Georgeanna                    Senior Picture               1966-0021
Rankin, Georgeanna                    Favorites Picture          1966-0041
Rankin, Georgeanna                    Sweetheart Picture       1966-0075
Rankin, Georgeanna                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1966-0094
Rankin, Georgeanna                    Awards Picture             1966-0096
Rankin, Hayne        1st Grade          1918-0016
Rankin, J.L.                    Senior Picture               1939-0019
Rankin, June       PTA Officer Picture               1960-0061
Rankin, Leta            5th Grade          1918-0018
Rankin, Lois                    Junior Picture                1942-0027
Rankin, Lola            7th Grade Picture                1939-0028
Rankin, Mrs.                    Mention     1942-0039
Rankin, Ralph         3rd Grade          1918-0017
Rankin, Ralph, Mrs.                    PTA Officer Picture     1959-0055
Rates of Tuition & Superintendent duties Charges to attend school                1918-0013
Ray Brewton                    Advertisement              1951-0139
Ray S Fenter Sewing Machines  Advertisement              1953-0103
Ray S Fenter Sewing Machines  Advertisement              1954-0082
Ray, Billy                    Sophomore Picture      1969-0031
Ray, Billy                    Favorites Picture          1969-0050
Ray, Billy                    Who's Who Picture     1969-0080
Ray, Billy            Class Officer Picture               1970-0026
Ray, Billy                    Junior Picture                1970-0027
Ray, Billy            Class Officer Picture               1971-0022
Ray, Billy                    Senior Picture               1971-0023
Ray, Billy                    Favorites Picture          1971-0042
Ray, Billy Earl                    Award Picture               1971-0104
Ray, Billy Earl                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1971-0107
Ray, Eddie          5th Grade Picture                1970-0044
Ray, Eddie          6th Grade Picture                1971-0032
Ray, Eddie          7th Grade Picture                1972-0031
Ray, Laura Jaenette                    1st Grade Picture          1939-0034
Ray, Laura Jaenette                    Group Picture                1939-0040
Ray, Marcy         7th Grade Picture                1970-0039
Ray, Marcy         8th Grade Picture                1971-0030
Ray, Marcy                    Freshman Picture         1972-0029
Ray, R.R.                 List of trustees 1942-0009
Ray, Robert                    Picture, 1st Grade         1950-0046
Ray, Robert                    Picture, 2nd Grade        1951-0073
Ray, Robert                    Picture, 3rd Grade         1952-0063
Ray, Robert                    Picture, 5th Grade         1954-0036
Ray, Robert             6th Grade Picture                1955-0034
Ray, Robert             7th Grade Picture                1956-0035
Ray, Robert             King Picture        1956-0054
Ray, Robert             8th Grade Picture                1957-0034
Ray, Robert                    Freshman Picture         1958-0033
Ray, Robert                    Sophomore Picture      1959-0029
Ray, Robert                    Junior Picture                1960-0025
Ray, Robert                    Senior Picture               1961-0021
Ray, Robert                    Favorites Picture          1961-0024
Ray, Ruby                    Picture, 1st Grade         1954-0040
Ray, Rudy               2nd Grade Picture                1955-0038
Ray, Rudy               3rd Grade Picture                1956-0039
Ray, Rudy               4th Grade Picture                1957-0038
Ray, Rudy               5th Grade Picture                1958-0039
Ray, Rudy               6th Grade Picture                1959-0038
Ray, Rudy           7th Grade Picture                1960-0037
Ray, Rudy           8th Grade Picture                1961-0040
Ray, Rudy                    Freshman Picture         1962-0035
Ray, Rudy                    Sophomore Picture      1963-0027
Ray, Rudy                    Junior Picture                1964-0029
Ray, Rudy           King Picture        1964-0060
Ray, Rudy                    Senior Picture               1965-0017
Ray, Rudy                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1965-0019
Ray, Rudy           FFA Officer Picture               1965-0046
Ray, Vicki Davis                    Senior Picture               1975-0024
Raymond Thompson                    Advertisement              1939-0051
Raz Barnett                    Advertisement              1953-0108
Raz Ford                    Advertisement              1951-0139
Reaves, Ann                    Freshman Group Picture                    1942-0039
Reed, Norma Jo                    Freshman Picture         1939-0026
Reed, Norma Jo                    Spanish Club Group Picture                    1939-0042
Reed, Norma Jo                    Home Ec. Group Picture                    1939-0043
Reedy, Carolyn                    Freshman Picture         1972-0029
Reedy, Henry     5th Grade Picture                1972-0033
Reedy, Henry                    Sophomore Picture      1977-0021
Reedy, Henry                    Junior Picture                1978-0043
Reedy, Henry                    Senior Picture               1979-0027
Reedy, Henry                    Award Picture               1979-0100
Reedy, Joe          2nd Semester Students       1971-0038
Reedy, Joe                    Junior Picture                1972-0025
Reedy, Mark       7th Grade Picture                1972-0031
Reedy, Mark Randall                    Senior Picture               1977-0012
Reedy, Vicky                    Freshman Picture         1971-0029
Reedy, Vicky                    Sophomore Picture      1972-0027
Reese, Rickie      6th Grade Picture                1962-0040
Reeves, Danny                    Freshman Picture         1970-0035
Renfro, A.B.                    Picture, Custodian       1948-0059
Renfro, Byrd           Bus Driver Picture                1959-0007
Renfro, Claude                    Picture, Junior               1946-0041
Renfro, Claude                    Picture, FFA Officers   1946-0103
Renfro, Claude                    Picture, Senior Class Officers      1947-0029
Renfro, Claude                    Picture, Senior              1947-0033
Renfro, Claude                    Picture, Most Popular Boy - Senior         1947-0089
Renfro, Claude                    Picture, Annual Staff   1947-0105
Renfro, Claude                    Picture, Boy's Basketball                    1947-0119
Renfro, Derek     1st Grade Picture                1970-0048
Renfro, Derek     2nd Grade Picture                1971-0036
Renfro, Derek     3rd Grade Picture                1972-0035
Renfro, Derek     4th Grade Picture                1973-0038
Renfro, Derek     5th Grade Picture                1974-0043
Renfro, Derek     6th Grade Picture                1975-0036
Renfro, Derek     8th Grade Picture                1977-0028
Renfro, Derek Alan                    7th Grade Picture          1976-0024
Renfro, Fritz                    Junior Picture                1942-0027
Renfro, Fritz            FFA History       1942-0063
Renfro, Jesse      2nd Grade Picture                1969-0045
Renfro, Jesse      3rd Grade Picture                1970-0046
Renfro, Jesse      4th Grade Picture                1971-0034
Renfro, Jo           PTA Officer Picture               1970-0056
Renfro, Jo Ella    PTA Officer Picture               1971-0046
Renfro, Jo Ella    PTA Officer Picture               1972-0057
Renfro, Jo Ella    PTA Officer Picture               1973-0082
Renfro, L.B.                    Freshman Picture         1939-0026
Renfro, L.B.             FFA History       1942-0063
Renfro, Lloyd                    Picture, 8th Grade         1947-0075
Renfro, Loyd                    Picture, Freshman        1948-0057
Renfro, Loyd                    Picture, Sophomore     1949-0045
Renfro, Loyd                    Picture, Junior Officer  1950-0029
Renfro, Loyd                    Picture, Annual Staff   1951-0015
Renfro, Loyd                    Picture, Senior              1951-0039
Renfro, Loyd                    Picture, Boys Basketball                    1951-0097
Renfro, R.D.            FFA History       1942-0063
Renfro, Ricky     5th Grade Picture                1969-0042
Renfro, Ricky     5th Grade Picture                1970-0044
Renfro, Todd, Mrs.                    Homecoming Officers Picture        1966-0046
Renfro, Todd, Mrs.                    Homecoming Officers Picture        1967-0042
Renfro's Drug Stores                    Advertisement              1942-0079
Renfro's Laundry                    Advertisement              1952-0113
Renfro's Wasateria                    Advertisement              1953-0090
Resort Amusement- Grand-Brazos Theat     Advertisement                    1953-0093
Resort Barber Shop                    Advertisement              1953-0098
Resort Lodge, Mineral Wells - Major Cecil Wood                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0130
Resort Music                    Advertisement              1953-0110
Resort Music Co                    Advertisement              1951-0139
Resort Music Co                    Advertisement              1954-0070
Rex Recreation                    Advertisement              1951-0139
Rex Younger, Magnolia                     Advertisement              1948-0161
Reyholds, Landreath                    4th Grade   1918-0017
Reynold's Radio Shop                    Advertisement              1947-0165
Reynolds, Donald                    Picture, entered after Jan 1                    1950-0047
Reynolds, Donald                    Picture, 3rd Grade         1951-0071
Reynolds, Emma                    Picture, 4th Grade         1951-0071
Reynolds, Homer                    Picture, 1st Grade         1951-0073
Reynolds, L.O., Mr. & Mrs.            Homecoming Picture   1967-0042
Reynolds, Landreth                    Homecoming Picture   1966-0046
Reynolds, Mary Lee                    5th Grade   1918-0018
Reynolds, Nancy                    Picture, Grade School Faculty       1954-0012
Reynolds, Ted                    Picture, High School Faculty       1954-0011
Reynolds, Woodrow                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Rhoad, Juanita H.                    Faculty Picture             1961-0015
Rhoades, Brenda                    Senior Picture               1971-0023
Rhoades, Earlene                    PTA Officer Picture     1973-0082
Rhoades, Earlene                    PTA Officer Picture     1974-0066
Rhoades, Frances                    Picture, Girl's Volleyball                    1947-0123
Rhoades, Larry                    Picture, 2nd Grade        1947-0069
Rhoades, Larry                    Picture, 3rd Grade         1948-0067
Rhoades, Larry                    Picture, 5th Grade         1950-0044
Rhoades, Larry                    Picture, 6th Grade         1951-0069
Rhoades, Larry                    Picture, Sophomore     1954-0030
Rhoades, Larry                    Sophomore Picture      1955-0025
Rhoades, Larry                    Junior Picture                1956-0023
Rhoades, Larry                    Senior Picture               1957-0018
Rhoades, Larry                    Favorites Picture          1957-0052
Rhoades, Melissa                    Kindergarten Picture   1974-0053
Rhoades, Melissa                    1st Grade Picture          1975-0042
Rhoades, Melissa                    5th Grade Picture          1979-0044
Rhoades, Melvin                    1st Grade Picture          1960-0043
Rhoades, Mildred                    PTA Officer Picture     1960-0061
Rhoades, Mildred                    PTA Officer Picture     1962-0059
Rhoades, Mildred                    PTA Officer Picture     1964-0059
Rhoades, Missy                    Favorites Picture          1974-0059
Rhoades, Missy                    2nd Grade Picture         1976-0031
Rhoades, Missy                    3rd Grade Picture          1977-0036
Rhoades, Missy                    4th Grade Picture          1978-0061
Rhoades, Mr. & Mrs.                    Room Parent Picture    1963-0032
Rhoades, R.B.                    School Board Picture   1960-0011
Rhoades, R.B.                    School Board Picture   1961-0011
Rhoades, R.B.                    School Board Picture   1962-0013
Rhoades, R.B., Mrs.                    PTA Officer Picture     1959-0055
Rhoades, R.B., Mrs.                    PTA Officer Picture     1961-0063
Rhoades, Sue         2nd Grade Picture                1956-0040
Rhoades, Sue Ann                    1st Grade Picture          1955-0039
Rhoades, Sue Ann                    3rd Grade Picture          1957-0039
Rhoades, Sue Ann                    4th Grade Picture          1958-0040
Rhoades, Sue Ann                    5th Grade Picture          1959-0039
Rhoades, Sue Ann                    6th Grade Picture          1960-0038
Rhoades, Sue Ann                    7th Grade Picture          1961-0041
Rhoades, Sue Ann                    8th Grade Picture          1962-0038
Rhoades, Sue Ann                    Freshman Picture         1963-0031
Rhoades, Sue Ann                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0033
Rhoades, Sue Ann                    Junior Picture                1965-0023
Rhoades, Terry                    Picture, 2nd Grade        1954-0039
Rhoades, Terry      3rd Grade Picture                1955-0037
Rhoades, Terry      4th Grade Picture                1956-0038
Rhoades, Terry      5th Grade Picture                1957-0037
Rhoades, Terry      6th Grade Picture                1958-0038
Rhoades, Terry      7th Grade Picture                1959-0037
Rhoades, Terry  8th Grade Picture                1960-0036
Rhoades, Terry                    Freshman Picture         1961-0037
Rhoades, Terry                    Sophomore Picture      1962-0031
Rhoades, Terry                    Junior Picture                1963-0023
Rhoades, Terry  Beau Picture        1963-0066
Rhoades, Terry                    Senior Picture               1964-0021
Rhoades, Terry                    Favorites Picture          1964-0025
Rhoades, Terry  1st Grade Picture                1971-0037
Rhoades, Terry  2nd Grade Picture                1972-0036
Rhoades, Terry  3rd Grade Picture                1973-0040
Rhoades, Terry                    Favorites Picture          1973-0053
Rhoades, Terry  King Picture        1973-0055
Rhoades, Terry  7th Grade Picture                1977-0030
Rhoades, Terry  8th Grade Picture                1978-0054
Rhoades, Terry                    Favorites Picture          1978-0055
Rhoades, Terry                    Freshman Picture         1979-0034
Rhoades, Terry, Jr.                    4th Grade Picture          1974-0045
Rhoads, Verlin                    Junior Picture                1965-0023
Rhoads, Verlin                    Senior Picture               1966-0021
Rhodes, Amos                    Picture, Freshman        1950-0039
Rhodes, Amos                    Picture, Sophomore     1951-0057
Rhodes, Ben                    Picture, 6th Grade         1950-0044
Rhodes, Ben                    Picture, 7th Grade         1951-0067
Rhodes, Frances                    Picture, 1st Grade         1951-0073
Rhodes, Frances T.                    Picture, Senior              1947-0033
Rhodes, Larry                    Picture, 4th Grade         1949-0057
Rhodes, Larry                    Picture, 7th Grade         1952-0059
Rhodes, Larry                    Picture, 8th Grade         1953-0033
Rhodes, Melvin 2nd Grade Picture                1961-0046
Rhodes, Melvin 3rd Grade Picture                1962-0043
Rhodes, Ruthie                    Picture, Freshman        1950-0039
Rhodes, Ruthie                    Picture, Sophomore     1951-0057
Rhodes, Terry                    Picture, 1st Grade         1953-0041
Rhodes, Terry    5th Grade Picture                1975-0038
Rhodes, Terry    6th Grade Picture                1976-0026
Ribbins, Frankie     8th Grade Picture                1957-0034
Rich, Gene Bagley                    Sophomore Picture      1970-0031
Richardson, Billy                    Junior Picture                1970-0027
Richardson, Fannie                    Homecoming Picture   1970-0069
Richardson, Fanny                    Homecoming Picture   1967-0042
Richardson, Harold                    Picture, 4th Grade         1947-0071
Richardson, Harold                    Picture, 4th Grade         1948-0067
Richardson, Harold                    Picture, 6th Grade         1950-0044
Richardson, Harold                    Picture, 7th Grade         1951-0067
Richardson, Harold                    Picture, 8th Grade         1952-0057
Richardson, Harold                    Picture, Freshmen        1953-0029
Richardson, Harold                    Picture, Sophomore     1954-0026
Richardson, Harold                    Junior Picture                1955-0022
Richardson, Harold Ray                    Picture, 5th Grade         1949-0059
Richardson, Jack                    Kindergarten Picture   1978-0065
Richardson, Jack                    1st Grade Picture          1979-0048
Richardson, Kellum                    Freshman Picture         1939-0026
Richardson, Kellum                    Junior Picture                1942-0027
Richardson, Norma J                    Picture, Freshman        1947-0055
Richardson, Norma J                    Picture, Sophomore     1948-0051
Richarerson, Kellum                    Mention     1942-0029
Richerson, Kellum                    Spanish Club Group Picture                    1939-0042
Richmond Building & Supply       Advertisement              1953-0087
Riddle, Gay         6th Grade Picture                1974-0041
Riddle, Nez         5th Grade Picture                1974-0043
Riley, Bill Lee                    Picture, 7th Grade         1954-0034
Riley, Billie                    Picture, 1st Grade         1947-0069
Riley, Billie                    Picture, 6th Grade         1953-0038
Riley, Billy                    Picture, 1st Grade         1948-0065
Riley, Billy                    Picture, 2nd Grade        1949-0055
Riley, Billy                    Picture, 3rd Grade         1950-0045
Riley, Billy                    Picture, 4th Grade         1951-0071
Riley, Billy                    Picture, 5th Grade         1952-0061
Riley, Billy               8th Grade Picture                1955-0032
Riley, Billy                    Freshman Picture         1956-0031
Riley, Billy          8th Grade Picture                1977-0028
Riley, Billy                    Freshman Picture         1978-0051
Riley, Billy                    Sophomore Picture      1979-0033
Riley, Bonnie                    Picture, 1st Grade         1950-0046
Riley, Bonnie                    Picture, 2nd Grade        1951-0073
Riley, Bonnie                    Picture, 3rd Grade         1952-0063
Riley, Bonnie                    Picture, 4th Grade         1953-0040
Riley, Bonnie                    Picture, 5th Grade         1954-0036
Riley, Bonnie          7th Grade Picture                1956-0035
Riley, Bonnie          8th Grade Picture                1957-0034
Riley, Bonnie                    Freshman Picture         1958-0033
Riley, Bonnie Lou                    Picture, 1st Grade         1949-0055
Riley, Bonnie Lou  6th Grade Picture                1955-0034
Riley, James                    Picture, 6th Grade         1950-0044
Riley, James                    Picture, 7th Grade         1951-0067
Riley, James                    Picture, 8th Grade         1952-0057
Riley, James                    Picture, Freshmen        1953-0029
Riley, John                    Picture, 2nd Grade        1947-0069
Riley, John                    Picture, 3rd Grade         1948-0067
Riley, John                    Picture, 3rd Grade         1949-0057
Riley, John                    Picture, 4th Grade         1950-0045
Riley, John                    Picture, 5th Grade         1951-0069
Riley, John                    Picture, 6th Grade         1952-0061
Riley, John                    Picture, 7th Grade         1953-0035
Riley, John                    Picture, 8th Grade         1954-0033
Riley, John                    Freshman Picture         1955-0029
Riley, Luther                    Picture, 8th Grade         1947-0075
Riley, Luther                    Picture, Freshman        1948-0057
Riley, Luther                    Picture, Sophomore     1949-0045
Riley, Luther                    Picture, Junior               1950-0031
Riley, Luther                    Picture, Senior              1951-0039
Riley, Maria                    Picture, 1st Grade         1952-0065
Riley, Marie                    Picture, 1st Grade         1953-0041
Riley, Marie                    Picture, 2nd Grade        1954-0039
Riley, Marie            3rd Grade Picture                1955-0037
Riley, Marie            4th Grade Picture                1956-0038
Riley, Marie            5th Grade Picture                1957-0037
Riley, Marie            6th Grade Picture                1958-0038
Riley, Marie            7th Grade Picture                1959-0037
Riley, Marie        8th Grade Picture                1960-0036
Riley, Marie                    Freshman Picture         1961-0037
Riley, Michael    3rd Grade Picture                1977-0036
Riley, Michael    4th Grade Picture                1978-0061
Riley, Michael    5th Grade Picture                1979-0044
Riley, Rita                    Freshman Picture         1977-0025
Riley, Weldon                    Picture, 4th Grade         1947-0071
Riley, Weldon                    Picture, 4th Grade         1948-0067
Riley, Weldon                    Picture, 5th Grade         1949-0059
Riley, Weldon                    Picture, Sophomore     1954-0026
Riley, Weldon                    Junior Picture                1955-0022
Risley Truck & Implement Co                Advertisement                    1946-0125
Rittenburg, Anthony                    2nd Grade Picture         1978-0063
Rittenburg, Lisa 4th Grade Picture                1978-0061
Rittenbury, Anthony                    3rd Grade Picture          1979-0046
Rittenbury, Lisa 5th Grade Picture                1979-0044
robbins, Ann                    Picture, Senior Girls Basketball  1950-0063
Robbins, Annie Ruth                    Freshman Picture         1939-0026
Robbins, Annie Ruth                    Spanish Club Group Picture                    1939-0042
Robbins, Annie Ruth                    Home Ec. Group Picture                    1939-0043
Robbins, Annie Ruth                    Senior Picture               1942-0017
Robbins, Annie Ruth                    Senior Play Cast           1942-0061
Robbins, Annie Ruth                    FHT History                  1942-0065
Robbins, Billie                    Picture, 1st Grade         1951-0073
Robbins, Billie                    Picture, 2nd Grade        1952-0065
Robbins, Billie        6th Grade Picture                1956-0036
Robbins, Billie Rois                    Picture, 4th Grade         1954-0037
Robbins, Billie Rois                    5th Grade Picture          1955-0035
Robbins, Billy         7th Grade Picture                1957-0035
Robbins, Billy                    Freshman Picture         1959-0033
Robbins, Billy                    Sophomore Picture      1960-0029
Robbins, Billy                    Junior Picture                1961-0029
Robbins, Billy                    Senior Picture               1962-0021
Robbins, Billy                    Favorites Picture          1962-0022
Robbins, Billy Rois                    8th Grade Picture          1958-0036
Robbins, Bonny     3rd Grade Picture                1939-0032
Robbins, Bonny                    Group Picture                1939-0040
Robbins, Cathy  2nd Grade Picture                1970-0047
Robbins, Cathy  3rd Grade Picture                1971-0035
Robbins, Charles                    Picture, 3rd Grade         1947-0071
Robbins, Charles                    Picture, 4th Grade         1948-0067
Robbins, Charles                    Picture, Freshmen        1953-0029
Robbins, Charles David                    6th Grade Picture          1939-0029
Robbins, Charles David                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Robbins, Charles Ray                    Picture, 5th Grade         1949-0059
Robbins, Charles Ray                       Picture, Sophomore     1954-0026
Robbins, Charles Ray In Memoriam Picture, died of pneumonia w/diabetis  1954-0006
Robbins, Frankie                    Picture, 1st Grade         1950-0046
Robbins, Frankie                    Picture, 2nd Grade        1951-0073
Robbins, Frankie                    Picture, 3rd Grade         1952-0063
Robbins, Frankie                    Picture, 4th Grade         1953-0040
Robbins, Frankie                    Picture, 5th Grade         1954-0036
Robbins, Frankie    6th Grade Picture                1955-0034
Robbins, Frankie    7th Grade Picture                1956-0035
Robbins, Frankie                    Freshman Picture         1958-0033
Robbins, Frankie                    Sophomore Picture      1959-0029
Robbins, Frankie                    Junior Picture                1960-0025
Robbins, Frankie                    Senior Picture               1961-0022
Robbins, Frankie                    1st Grade Picture          1970-0048
Robbins, Frankie                    2nd Grade Picture         1971-0036
Robbins, James                    Sophomore Picture      1939-0024
Robbins, James      FFA History       1942-0063
Robbins, Jerry                    Picture, 1st Grade         1952-0065
Robbins, Jerry                    Picture, 2nd Grade        1953-0042
Robbins, Jerry                    Picture, 3rd Grade         1954-0038
Robbins, Jerry        4th Grade Picture                1955-0036
Robbins, Jerry        5th Grade Picture                1956-0037
Robbins, Jerry        6th Grade Picture                1957-0036
Robbins, Jerry        7th Grade Picture                1958-0037
Robbins, Jerry        8th Grade Picture                1959-0036
Robbins, Jerry                    Freshman Picture         1960-0033
Robbins, Jerry                    Sophomore Picture      1961-0033
Robbins, Jerry                    Junior Picture                1962-0027
Robbins, Jerry                    Senior Picture               1963-0018
Robbins, Jerry                    Favorites Picture          1963-0020
Robbins, Jerry                    Favorites Picture          1963-0046
Robbins, Joel          5th Grade Picture                1939-0030
Robbins, Joel                    Freshman Group Picture                    1942-0039
Robbins, John Edgar                    2nd Grade Picture         1939-0033
Robbins, John Edgar                    Group Picture                1939-0040
Robbins, Johnie                    Picture, Sophomore     1947-0051
Robbins, Johnnie                    Picture, Freshman        1946-0055
robbins, Luch Marie                    2nd Grade Picture         1939-0033
robbins, Luch Marie                    Group Picture                1939-0040
Robbins, Luch Marie                    Picture, Sophomore     1946-0051
Robbins, Margaret Ann                    2nd Grade Picture         1958-0042
Robbins, Margaret Ann            6th Grade Picture          1962-0040
Robbins, Margarett                    1st Grade Picture          1957-0041
Robbins, Margarett                    3rd Grade Picture          1959-0041
Robbins, Margarett                    4th Grade Picture          1960-0040
Robbins, Margarett                    5th Grade Picture          1961-0043
Robbins, Margarett                    7th Grade Picture          1963-0035
Robbins, Margarett                    8th Grade Picture          1964-0040
Robbins, Margarett                    Freshman Picture         1965-0027
Robbins, Margarett                    Sophomore Picture      1966-0026
Robbins, Margarett                    Junior Picture                1967-0023
Robbins, Margarett                    Senior Picture               1968-0019
Robbins, Margarett                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1968-0094
Robbins, Mary                       Picture, 8th Grade         1948-0071
Robbins, Mary Ann                    Picture, 7th Grade         1947-0075
Robbins, Mary Ann                    Picture, Freshman        1949-0049
Robbins, Mary Ann                    Picture, Sophomore     1950-0035
Robbins, Mary Ann                    Picture, Sophs, Class Favorite Girl                  1950-0055
Robbins, Nella Faye                    1st Grade Picture          1939-0034
Robbins, Nella Faye                    Group Picture                1939-0040
Robbins, Nella Faye                    Picture, Sophomore     1947-0051
Robbins, Nella Faye                    Picture, Junior               1948-0045
Robbins, Nella Faye                    Picture, Senior              1949-0033
Robbins, R.D.                    Sophomore Picture      1939-0024
Robbins, Ray                    Picture, 6th Grade         1950-0044
Robbins, Ray                    Picture, 7th Grade         1951-0067
Robbins, Ray                    Picture, 8th Grade         1952-0057
Robbins, Reba   1st Grade Picture                1973-0044
Robbins, Reba   2nd Grade Picture                1974-0049
Robbins, Tim      1st Grade Picture                1965-0035
Robbins, Tim      2nd Grade Picture                1966-0036
Robbins, Timmy                    3rd Grade Picture          1967-0033
Robbins, Timmy                    Freshman Picture         1973-0028
Robbins, Timmy                    Sophomore Picture      1974-0033
Robbins, Timmy                    Junior Picture                1975-0027
Robbins, Timothy                    4th Grade Picture          1968-0030
Robbins, Timothy                    5th Grade Picture          1969-0042
Robbins, Timothy                    6th Grade Picture          1970-0040
Robbins, Timothy                    7th Grade Picture          1971-0031
Robbins, Timothy                    8th Grade Picture          1972-0030
Robbins, Timothy Lynn           Senior Picture               1976-0013
Roberson, Arthur                    Picture, 1st Grade         1953-0041
Roberson, Arthur  4th Grade Picture                1956-0038
Roberson, Arthur  5th Grade Picture                1957-0037
Roberson, Arthur  7th Grade Picture                1959-0037
Roberson, Arthur                    8th Grade Picture          1960-0036
Roberson, Arthur                    Freshman Picture         1961-0037
Roberson, Arthur                    Sophomore Picture      1962-0031
Roberson, Arthur                    Favorites Picture          1962-0032
Roberson, Arthur                    Junior Picture                1963-0023
Roberson, Arthur                    Senior Picture               1964-0022
Roberson, Arthur                    Favorites Picture          1964-0052
Roberson, Arthur                    Beau Picture                  1964-0057
roberson, Arthur K.                    6th Grade Picture          1958-0038
Roberson, Arthur Ray                    3rd Grade Picture          1955-0037
Roberson, Author Ray                    Picture, 2nd Grade        1954-0039
Roberson, Debra                    6th Grade Picture          1969-0040
Roberson, G.N., Mr. & Mrs.       Room Parent Picture    1961-0038
Roberts, Butch   8th Grade Picture                1963-0034
Roberts, Dorothy, RN                    Faculty Picture             1957-0011
Roberts, Dorothy, RN                    Faculty Picture             1958-0013
Roberts, Lawrence                    1st Grade Picture          1963-0041
Roberts, Roy      2nd Grade Picture                1964-0046
Robins, Annie Ruth                    Theatre Group Picture 1939-0044
Robins, Billie                    Picture, 3rd Grade         1953-0039
Robinson, Darrell                    6th Grade Picture          1966-0032
Robinson, Darrell                    7th Grade Picture          1967-0029
Robinson, Darrell                    8th Grade Picture          1968-0026
Robinson, Darrell                    Class Officer Picture    1969-0034
Robinson, Darrell                    Freshman Picture         1969-0035
Robinson, Darrell                    Class Officer Picture    1970-0030
Robinson, Darrell                    Sophomore Picture      1970-0031
Robinson, Darrell                    Class Officer Picture    1971-0024
Robinson, Darrell                    Junior Picture                1971-0025
Robinson, Darrell                    Senior Picture               1972-0023
Robinson, Darrell                    Favorites Picture          1972-0040
Robinson, Darrell                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1972-0099
Robinson, Debra                    3rd Grade Picture          1966-0035
Robinson, Debra                    4th Grade Picture          1967-0032
Robinson, Debra                    5th Grade Picture          1968-0029
Robinson, Debra                    7th Grade Picture          1970-0039
Robinson, Debra                    8th Grade Picture          1971-0030
Robinson, Debra                    Favorites Picture          1971-0043
Robinson, Debra                    Cheerleader Picture      1971-0066
Robinson, Debra                    Class Officer Picture    1972-0028
Robinson, Debra                    Freshman Picture         1972-0029
Robinson, Debra                    Sophomore Picture      1973-0026
Robinson, Debra                    Class Officer Picture    1974-0030
Robinson, Debra                    Junior Picture                1974-0031
Robinson, Debra                    Favorites Picture          1974-0057
Robinson, Debra                    Senior Picture               1975-0025
Robinson, E.M., Mrs.                    Class of 1918                 1964-0062
Robinson, H.D.  Bus Driver Picture                1972-0019
Robinson, H.D.  Bus Driver Picture                1973-0018
Robinson, H.D.  Bus Driver Picture                1974-0023
Robinson, H.D.  Bus Driver Picture                1975-0020
Robinson, Juanita                    Picture, 5th Grade         1947-0073
Robinson, Muriel                    Picture, 3rd Grade         1947-0071
Robinson, Wilbern                    Picture, 8th Grade         1949-0061
Rock Station Café                    Advertisement              1950-0090
Rock Station Café                    Advertisement              1951-0141
Roden, Winfield                    Picture, Sophomore     1954-0026
Rodgers, Eddie Dean                    1st Grade Picture          1976-0032
Rogers McClish Real Estate         Advertisement              1948-0127
Rogers, Eddie Dean                    Favorites Picture          1976-0050
Rogers, Eddie Dean                    2nd Grade Picture         1977-0037
Rogers, Eddie Dean                    3rd Grade Picture          1978-0062
Rogers, Eddie Dean                    4th Grade Picture          1979-0045
Roguemore & Locke Sinclair       Advertisement              1952-0121
Rollins, Larry                    Freshman Picture         1974-0035
Rollins, Raymond                    Sophomore Picture      1974-0033
Romer, Linda                    Faculty Picture             1973-0015
Romer, Linda                    Sponsor Picture            1973-0091
Roper, Brenda    8th Grade Picture                1966-0030
Roper, Brenda                    Freshman Picture         1967-0027
Roper, Brenda Kay                    7th Grade Picture          1965-0029
Roper, Carla                    Sophomore Picture      1965-0025
Roper, Carla                    Queen Picture               1965-0041
Roper, Carla                    Junior Picture                1966-0023
Roper, Carla                    Cheerleader Picture      1966-0074
Roper, Carla                    Senior Picture               1967-0021
Roper, Carla                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1967-0097
Roper, Homer         10th Grade          1918-0019
Roquemore & Locke                    Advertisement              1954-0073
Rout     Faculty Picture                    1942-0011
Rout, Ray                List of faculty   1942-0009
Rout, Ray                    Mention     1942-0039
Royal Jones Studio                    Advertisement              1947-0167
Royal, Carlin       2nd Grade Picture                1978-0063
Royal, Carlin       3rd Grade Picture                1979-0046
Royal, Carlin Dean                    Kindergarten Picture   1976-0033
Royal, Carlin Dean                    1st Grade Picture          1977-0038
Royal, Rhonda   1st Grade Picture                1971-0037
Royal, Rhonda   2nd Grade Picture                1972-0036
Royal, Rhonda   3rd Grade Picture                1973-0040
Royal, Rhonda   4th Grade Picture                1974-0045
Royal, Rhonda   5th Grade Picture                1975-0038
Royal, Rhonda   6th Grade Picture                1976-0026
Royal, Rhonda   7th Grade Picture                1977-0030
Royal, Rhonda                    Award Picture               1977-0063
Royal, Rhonda   8th Grade Picture                1978-0054
Royal, Wenda    PTA Officer Picture               1972-0057
Royalty, David   3rd Grade Picture                1967-0033
Royalty, David   5th Grade Picture                1969-0042
Royalty, David, Jr.                    4th Grade Picture          1968-0030
Royalty, Yvonne                    8th Grade Picture          1967-0028
Royalty, Yvonne                    Freshman Picture         1968-0025
Russel Jones Photographer                    Advertisement/Picture                    1957-0104
Russel Jones Photographer, Jacksboro                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0111
Russel Jones Photography                    Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0118
Russel Watley Motor Co               Advertisement              1948-0123
Russel Whatley Motor o                  Advertisement              1950-0100
Russell Whatley Motor                    Advertisement              1951-0157
Russell Whatley Motor                    Advertisement              1953-0095
Russell Whatley Motor                    Advertisement              1954-0074
Russell, Garvin                    Freshman Picture         1979-0034
Russell, Gary                    Freshman Picture         1979-0035
Russell, Jerry      6th Grade Picture                1979-0040
Russell, Mrs.                    Faculty Picture             1979-0011
Ruth's Beauth Shop                    Advertisement              1951-0161
Ruth's Beauty Shop                    Advertisement              1952-0107
Ruth's Beauty Shop                    Advertisement              1953-0101
Ruth's Beauty Shop-Johnie's Feed Store - The Webbs                    Advertisement/Picture                    1955-0094
Ruth's Beauty Shop-Johnie's Feed Store - The Webbs                    Advertisement/Picture                    1957-0098
Rutledge, Rhoneta Jean                    2nd Grade Picture         1939-0033
Rutledge, Rhoneta Jean                    Group Picture                1939-0040
S.G. Shabay Dry Goods                    Advertisement              1918-0033
S.S. Washateria                    Advertisement              1948-0149
Safeway Stores                    Advertisement              1953-0092
Safeway Stores                    Advertisement              1954-0072
Sam Boyd, The Specialty Shop             Advertisement                    1953-0099
Sam Boyd, The Specialty Shop             Advertisement                    1954-0065
Sam Garrett Grocery                    Advertisement              1954-0079
Samaniego, E.M. Sam                    Bus Driver Picture        1975-0020
Samaniego, Mrs.                    Faculty Picture             1979-0011
Samaniego, Sam                    Kindergarten Picture   1977-0039
Samaniego, Sam 1st Grade Picture                1978-0064
Samaniego, Sam 2nd Grade Picture                1979-0047
Samaniego, Shirley                    Faculty Picture             1975-0018
Samaniego, Shirley                    Teacher Aide Picture   1976-0035
Samaniego, Shirley                    Teacher Aid Picture     1977-0011
Samaniego, Shirley                    Teacher's Aide Picture                    1978-0020
Samaniego, Shirley                    Sponsor Picture            1978-0065
Samaniego, Stephanie                    Kindergarten Picture   1974-0053
Samaniego, Stephanie                    1st Grade Picture          1975-0042
Samaniego, Stephanie                    2nd Grade Picture         1976-0031
Samaniego, Stephanie                    3rd Grade Picture          1977-0036
Samaniego, Stephanie                    4th Grade Picture          1978-0061
Samaniego, Stephanie                    5th Grade Picture          1979-0044
Sameniego, Sam                    Favorites Picture          1977-0040
Samuels, Fannye                    Sophomore Picture      1939-0024
Samuels, John        2nd Grade Picture                1939-0033
Samuels, John                    Group Picture                1939-0040
Samuels, Theresa   6th Grade Picture                1939-0029
Sanders, Carolyn                    Picture, 2nd Grade        1952-0065
Sanders, Carolyn                    Picture, 3rd Grade         1953-0039
Sanders, John                    Picture, 6th Grade         1952-0061
Sanders, John                    Picture, 7th Grade         1953-0035
Sanders, Leslie                    Picture, 1st Grade         1953-0041
Sanders, Lonnie                    Picture, 6th Grade         1953-0038
Sanders, Morris                    Picture, 4th Grade         1952-0063
Sanders, Morris                    Picture, 5th Grade         1953-0037
Sanford, Ronnie 6th Grade Picture                1973-0034
Sartain, Amy                    Senior Picture               1942-0017
Sartain, Avril                    Picture, Grade School Faculty       1949-0023
Sartain, Chlo Dell                    Senior Picture               1942-0017
Sartain, Emma Joe                    Picture, Junior               1946-0043
Sartain, Emma Joe                    Picture, Senior              1947-0035
Sartain, John                    Junior Picture                1942-0027
Sartain, John                    Award Picture               1942-0053
Sartain, John           1942 Pirate's Review Staff    1942-0055
Sartain, John                    Junior Play Cast           1942-0061
Sartain, Letta                    Favorites Picture          1968-0022
Sartain, Letta                    Sophomore Picture      1968-0023
Sartain, Letta                    Junior Picture                1969-0027
Sartain, Letta                    Senior Picture               1970-0023
Sartain, Letta                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1970-0105
Sartin, Amy                    Freshman Picture         1939-0026
Sartin, Chlodell                    Freshman Picture         1939-0026
Sartin, John M.       7th Grade Picture                1939-0028
Sartin, John M.                    Choral Club Group Picture                    1939-0041
Sartin, Quilla                    Freshman Picture         1939-0026
Sassman, Chester, Mrs.            PTA Officer Picture     1967-0058
Sassman, Ronnie                    2nd Grade Picture         1966-0036
Sassman, Ronnie                    3rd Grade Picture          1967-0033
Sassman, Ronnie L.                    1st Grade Picture          1965-0035
Saul Furniture & Baby Shop, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0130
Saul Furniture, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0124
Saul Furniture, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0102
Saunders, George                    Sophomore Picture      1974-0033
Saunders, Loonie                    Picture, 5th Grade         1952-0061
Schkade, Gary                    Freshman Picture         1960-0033
Schkade, Landy                    Freshman Picture         1959-0033
Schkade, Landy                    Sophomore Picture      1960-0029
Schober's Office Supply, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0110
Schober's Office Supply, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0106
School Building                    Picture        1951-0017
School Building                    Picture of school building                    1953-0009
School Building                    Picture of Building       1955-0005
School Building                    Picture of Building       1956-0005
School Building                    Picture of Building       1956-0007
School Building                    Picture of Building       1957-0005
School Building                    Picture of Building       1957-0007
School Building                    Picture of Building       1958-0005
School Building                    Picture of Building       1958-0007
School Building                    Picture of Building       1959-0002
School Building                    Picture of Building       1959-0003
School Building                    Picture of Building       1965-0006
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1955-0010
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1959-0006
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1959-0007
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1961-0008
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1963-0008
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1963-0009
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1964-0006
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1964-0007
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1965-0007
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1966-0007
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1966-0008
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1966-0009
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1967-0002
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1967-0003
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1967-0008
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1967-0009
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1968-0008
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1968-0009
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1969-0005
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1969-0008
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1969-0009
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1970-0008
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1970-0009
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1971-0008
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1971-0009
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1972-0002
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1972-0003
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1972-0005
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1972-0007
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1972-0008
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1972-0009
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1972-0010
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1972-0011
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1973-0007
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1973-0008
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1973-0009
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1973-0010
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1974-0010
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1974-0011
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1974-0012
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1974-0013
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1974-0015
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1975-0007
School Buildings                    Picture of Building       1976-0005
School Buildings & Bus Drivers       Picture        1954-0008
School Buildings (New)         Picture of Building       1974-0014
School Bus Drivers & Custodian  Picture, Group               1947-0015
School Gift Service                    Advertisement              1942-0089
School Rooms                    Picture of Building       1955-0014
Scot, Bailey             6th Grade          1918-0020
Scot, Carl                 4th Grade          1918-0020
Scot, Ethel               1st Grade          1918-0019
Sears, Eddie                    Sophomore Picture      1961-0033
Sears, Eddie                    Junior Picture                1962-0027
Sears, Eddie                    Senior Picture               1963-0018
Sears, Eddie John                    Freshman Picture         1960-0033
Sears, Linda                    Freshman Picture         1956-0031
Sears, Linda                    Favorites Picture          1957-0053
Sears, Linda                    Junior Picture                1958-0025
Sears, Linda                    Who's Who Picture     1959-0013
Sears, Linda                    Senior Picture               1959-0018
Sears, Linda                    Favorites Picture          1959-0021
Sears, Linda                    Favorites Picture          1959-0047
Sears, Linda                    Queen Picture               1959-0050
Sears, Linda                    Sweetheart Picture       1959-0052
Sears, Linda                    Favorites Picture          1959-0060
Sears, Linda                    Sweetheart Picture       1959-0062
Sears, Linda Lee                    Sophomore Picture      1957-0027
Sears, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0097
Sears, Mrs.                    Room Mother Picture  1959-0022
Sears, Myrna                    Freshman Picture         1962-0035
Sears, Myrna                    Sophomore Picture      1963-0027
Sears, Myrna                    Queen Picture               1963-0048
Sears, Myrna                    Sweetheart Picture       1963-0050
Sears, Myrna                    Junior Picture                1964-0029
Sears, Myrna                    Senior Picture               1965-0017
Sears, Myrna                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1965-0020
Sears, Myrna                    Sweetheart Picture       1965-0046
Sears, Myrna                    Sweetheart Picture       1965-0059
Sears, Myrna Ann                    8th Grade Picture          1961-0040
Sears, Myrna Ann                    Favorites Picture          1961-0056
Seaton, Carla                    Freshman Picture         1977-0025
Seaton, Carla      Class Officer Picture               1977-0026
Seaton, Carla                    Sophomore Picture      1978-0047
Seaton, Carla                    Favorites Picture          1979-0018
Seaton, Carla                    Favorites Picture          1979-0020
Seaton, Carla                    Junior Picture                1979-0030
Seaton, Carla                    Cheerleader Picture      1979-0062
Seaton, Carla                    Sweetheart Picture       1979-0077
Seaton, Jerry      3rd Grade Picture                1969-0044
Seaton, Lisa                    Sophomore Picture      1977-0021
Seaton, Tony     4th Grade Picture                1970-0045
Seaton, Tony     5th Grade Picture                1971-0033
Seaton, Tony     6th Grade Picture                1972-0032
Seaton, Tony                    Sophomore Picture      1977-0021
Seaton, Tony                    Favorites Picture          1977-0047
Seaton, Tony                    Favorites Picture          1978-0028
Seaton, Tony                    Favorites Picture          1978-0032
Seaton, Tony                    Junior Picture                1978-0043
Seaton, Tony     Beau Picture        1978-0091
Seaton, Tony                    Favorites Picture          1979-0018
Seaton, Tony                    Favorites Picture          1979-0019
Seaton, Tony                    Favorites Picture          1979-0020
Seaton, Tony                    Favorites Picture          1979-0022
Seaton, Tony                    Senior Picture               1979-0027
Second Grade                    Picture, Group               1946-0073
See Maddox Garage                    Advertisement              1951-0165
Self, C.R.                    Principal Picture           1957-0008
Self, C.R.                    Faculty Picture             1957-0011
Self, C.R.                    Faculty Picture             1958-0013
Self, C.R.                    Principal Picture           1959-0008
Self, C.R.                    Faculty Picture             1959-0011
Self, C.R.             Bus Driver Picture                1960-0008
Self, C.R.                    Principal Picture           1960-0011
Self, C.R.                    Faculty Picture             1960-0013
Self, C.R.             PTA Officer Picture               1960-0061
Self, C.R.             PTA Officer Picture               1963-0053
Self, C.R.                    Faculty Picture             1965-0012
Self, C.R.                    Guest Speaker Picture 1971-0106
Self, C.R., Jr.                    Superintendent Picture                    1961-0010
Self, C.R., Jr.                    Faculty Picture             1961-0014
Self, C.R., Jr.                    Superintendent Picture                    1962-0012
Self, C.R., Jr.                    Faculty Picture             1962-0014
Self, C.R., Jr.                    Superintendent Picture                    1963-0007
Self, C.R., Jr.                    Faculty Picture             1963-0010
Self, C.R., Jr.                    Superintendent Picture                    1964-0009
Self, C.R., Jr.                    Faculty Picture             1964-0014
Self, C.R., Jr.                    Superintendent Picture                    1965-0008
Self, C.R., Mrs.       PTA Officer Picture               1959-0055
Self, Coach                    Coach Picture               1962-0067
Self, G.R.                    Coach Picture               1963-0057
Self, Helen                    School Secretary Picture                    1958-0008
Self, Helon                    School Secretary Picture                    1959-0012
Self, Helon                    School Secretary Picture                    1960-0008
Self, Helon                    School Secretary Picture                    1961-0010
Self, Helon                    School Secretary Picture                    1962-0015
Self, Helon                    Room Mother Picture  1962-0023
Self, Helon                    School Secretary Picture                    1963-0012
Self, Helon                    School Secretary Picture                    1964-0010
Self, Linda               3rd Grade Picture                1956-0039
Self, Linda               4th Grade Picture                1957-0038
Self, Linda               5th Grade Picture                1958-0039
Self, Linda               6th Grade Picture                1959-0038
Self, Linda           7th Grade Picture                1960-0037
Self, Linda           8th Grade Picture                1961-0040
Self, Linda                    Favorites Picture          1964-0030
Self, Linda                    Queen Picture               1964-0060
Self, Linda                    Senior Picture               1965-0017
Self, Linda                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1965-0020
Self, Linda                    Favorites Picture          1965-0038
Self, Linda Carol                    Freshman Picture         1962-0035
Self, Linda Carol                    Sophomore Picture      1963-0027
Self, Linda Carol                    Junior Picture                1964-0029
Self, Michael           6th Grade Picture                1956-0036
Self, Michael           7th Grade Picture                1957-0035
Self, Michael                    Freshman Picture         1959-0033
Self, Michael                    Sophomore Picture      1960-0029
Self, Michael                    Junior Picture                1961-0029
Self, Michael                    Favorites Picture          1962-0066
Self, Michael David                    8th Grade Picture          1958-0036
Self, Mike                    Favorites Picture          1959-0034
Self, Mike                    Senior Picture               1962-0021
Self, Mike                    Favorites Picture          1962-0022
Self, Mr.                    Athletic Instructor Picture                    1960-0071
Self, Mrs.                    School Secretary Picture                    1965-0009
Self, Peggy                    Picture, 6th Grade         1950-0044
Senior Basketball Club                    Basketball Group Picture                    1939-0036
Senior Boys Basketball Team          Picture, Group               1952-0083
Senior Class History - page one    Narrative    1942-0019
Senior Class History - page two    Narrative    1942-0021
Senior Class Officers                    Picture, Group Photo   1951-0031
Senior Class Play   Cast - no photograph           1947-0111
Senior Class Play   List of cast members           1948-0105
Senior Class Play   List of cast members           1949-0101
Senior Class Play   List of Cast Members          1953-0053
Senior Class Play                    Picture & List of cast members    1953-0071
Senior Class Play                    Picture Group & List of cast memer         1954-0060
Senior Cover Sheet                    Sketch        1942-0013
Senior Girls Basketball Team          Picture, Group               1952-0081
Senior Officers                    Picture, Group               1954-0017
Senior Play              List of cast - "Springtime for Susie"     1946-0111
Senior Play                    Picture, Cast                  1950-0074
Senior Play              List of cast members           1951-0113
Senior Play              List of cast members           1952-0093
Senior Volleyball Girls                    Volleyball, Girls Group Picture        1939-0037
Service Drug Store                    Advertisement              1952-0127
Sessions, Edna Ann                    Senior Picture               1939-0017
Seventh Grade                    Picture, Group               1946-0067
Shabay                    Advertisement              1953-0104
Shabay Bros                    Advertisement              1946-0141
Shabay Bros                    Advertisement              1947-0153
Shabay Bros Department Store         Advertisement                    1939-0050
Shabay Dry Goods                    Advertisement              1942-0085
Shabays                    Advertisement              1950-0094
Shabay's                    Advertisement              1948-0159
Shabay's                    Advertisement              1949-0133
Shabay's Department Store           Advertisement              1954-0085
Shaley, David                    Favorites Picture          1972-0044
Shannon, Martha                    Picture, High School Faculty       1951-0025
Shannon, Martha                    Picture, High School Faculty       1952-0021
Sharp   Faculty Picture                    1942-0011
Sharp   Faculty Picture                    1942-0011
Sharp, J.B.               List of faculty   1942-0009
Sharp, J.B.               List of faculty   1942-0009
Sharp, Mrs, J.B.                    Dedication with Picture                    1942-0005
Shaw Chrysler-Plymouth, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0124
Shaw Motors, Mineral Wells - Dewitt Shaw                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0119
Shaw, Bertha          5th Grade          1918-0022
Shaw, Jolene                    Faculty Picture             1955-0012
Shaw, Jolene                    Faculty Picture             1956-0012
Shaw, Jolene                    Faculty Picture             1957-0010
Shaw, Jolene                    Faculty Picture             1958-0012
Shaw, Matson        1st Grade          1918-0021
Shaw, Robert          4th Grade          1918-0022
Shaw, Tonya                    Kindergarten Picture   1979-0049
Shawver, Christine                    Senior Picture               1939-0016
Shawver, Christine                    Volleyball, Girls Group Picture        1939-0037
Shawver, Christine                    Home Ec. Group Picture                    1939-0043
Shawver, Christine                    Typing Class Group Picture                    1939-0046
Shawver, David                    Picture, 5th Grade         1947-0073
Shawver, Delbert   7th Grade Picture                1939-0028
Shawver, Delbert                    Junior Picture                1942-0027
Shawver, Delbert   FFA History       1942-0063
Shawver, Evert       6th Grade          1918-0018
Shawver, Evert       1st Grade          1918-0021
Shawver, J.E.          List of trustees 1942-0009
Shawver, Johnie Ruth                    Favorites Picture          1939-0020
Shawver, Johnie Ruth                    Home Ec. Group Picture                    1939-0043
Shawver, Jonnie Ruth                    Junior Picture                1939-0022
Shawver, Marcia    1st Grade Picture                1959-0043
Shawver, Marcia                    2nd Grade Picture         1960-0042
Shawver, Marcia                    3rd Grade Picture          1961-0045
Shawver, Marcia                    4th Grade Picture          1962-0042
Shawver, Marcia                    5th Grade Picture          1963-0037
Shawver, Marcia                    7th Grade Picture          1965-0029
Shawver, Marcia                    8th Grade Picture          1966-0030
Shawver, Marcia                    Freshman Picture         1967-0027
Shawver, Marcia                    Sophomore Picture      1968-0023
Shawver, Marcia                    Junior Picture                1969-0027
Shawver, Marcia                    Senior Picture               1970-0023
Shawver, Marcia                    Favorites Picture          1970-0050
Shawver, Marcia                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1970-0105
Shawver, Marcia Frances      6th Grade Picture          1964-0042
Shawver, Mary                    Picture, 7th Grade         1947-0075
Sheila's Beauty Salon, Gibtown     Advertisement/Picture                    1978-0143
Shellenberger, James                    4th Grade Picture          1979-0045
Shellenberger, Katie                    6th Grade Picture          1979-0040
Shellenberger, Paula                    2nd Grade Picture         1979-0047
Shellenberger, Theresa      Freshman Picture         1979-0035
Shepard, Vallarie Grattidge    Senior Picture               1975-0025
Shepherd, Leon                    Sophomore Picture      1939-0024
Sheppard, Cletabel                    Picture, Sophomore     1947-0051
Sheppard, Helen                    Picture, Junior               1946-0043
Sheppard, Helen                    Picture, Senior              1947-0035
Sheppard, Jack                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Sheppard, Leon      FFA History       1942-0063
Sheppard, Wallace                    Picture, Junior               1946-0043
Sherrell, Veda May                    Group Picture                1939-0040
Sherrill, Beulah       3rd Grade Picture                1939-0032
Sherrill, Beulah Fay                    Group Picture                1939-0040
Sherrill, Veda Mae 1st Grade Picture                1939-0034
Shewmake, Bobby                    Freshman Picture         1956-0031
Shewmake, Bobby                    Sophomore Picture      1957-0027
Shewmake, Bobby                    Favorites Picture          1957-0053
Shewmake, Bobby                    Junior Picture                1958-0025
Shewmake, Bobby                    Senior Picture               1959-0018
Shewmake, Bobby                    Favorites Picture          1959-0060
Shields, Edna                    Picture, Grade School Faculty       1948-0025
Shields, Fred                    Picture, Grade School Faculty       1949-0023
Shirley Johnson Plymouth/Chrysler       Advertisement                    1951-0155
Shirley Johnson Plymouth/Chrysler       Advertisement                    1952-0107
Shirley Johnson Plymouth/Chrysler       Advertisement                    1953-0084
Shirley, Celia           4th Grade          1918-0022
Shirley, Elsie           2nd Grade          1918-0022
Shirley, J.J.                    School Board                1918-0007
Shirley, James         4th Grade          1918-0022
Shirley, Ruth                    Freshman Picture         1939-0026
Shirley, Ruth                    Home Ec. Group Picture                    1939-0043
Shirley, Ruth                    Senior Picture               1942-0017
Shirley, Ruth                    Senior Play Cast           1942-0061
Shirley, Susie          7th Grade          1918-0022
Shirley, Sylvia Jane                    5th Grade Picture          1939-0030
Shirley, Travis        5th Grade          1918-0022
Shirley, Trecie Ruth                    Home Ec. Group Picture                    1939-0043
Shirley, Walter       1st Grade          1918-0021
Short, Elton        5th Grade Picture                1972-0033
Short, Gary         4th Grade Picture                1966-0034
Short, Gary         6th Grade Picture                1968-0028
Short, Gary         7th Grade Picture                1969-0039
Short, Gary         8th Grade Picture                1970-0038
Short, Gary                    Freshman Picture         1971-0029
Short, Gary         Class Officer Picture               1972-0026
Short, Gary                    Sophomore Picture      1972-0027
Short, Gary                    Junior Picture                1973-0024
Short, Gary         Class Officer Picture               1974-0028
Short, Gary                    Senior Picture               1974-0029
Short, Gary         King Picture        1974-0062
Short, Gary                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1974-0122
Short, Gary Dwain                    5th Grade Picture          1967-0031
Short, Jerry                    Favorites Picture          1972-0044
Short, Jerry                    Favorites Picture          1973-0053
Short, Jerry         3rd Grade Picture                1974-0047
Short, Jerry         4th Grade Picture                1975-0039
Short, Jerry         5th Grade Picture                1976-0028
Short, Jerry         6th Grade Picture                1977-0032
Short, Jerry         7th Grade Picture                1978-0056
Short, Jerry         8th Grade Picture                1979-0038
Short, Jerry         Class Officer Picture               1979-0041
Short, Jerry Wayne                    1st Grade Picture          1972-0037
Short, Jerry Wayne                    2nd Grade Picture         1973-0042
Short, Larry        2nd Grade Picture                1966-0036
Short, Larry                    Favorites Picture          1966-0043
Short, Larry        3rd Grade Picture                1967-0033
Short, Larry        4th Grade Picture                1968-0030
Short, Larry        5th Grade Picture                1969-0042
Short, Larry        6th Grade Picture                1970-0040
Short, Larry        7th Grade Picture                1971-0031
Short, Larry        8th Grade Picture                1972-0030
Short, Larry                    Freshman Picture         1973-0028
Short, Larry        Class Officer Picture               1973-0029
Short, Larry        Class Officer Picture               1974-0032
Short, Larry                    Sophomore Picture      1974-0033
Short, Larry                    Favorites Picture          1974-0057
Short, Larry                    Junior Picture                1975-0027
Short, Larry Joe                    Senior Picture               1976-0012
Short, Ronnie     1st Grade Picture                1968-0033
Short, Ronnie     2nd Grade Picture                1969-0045
Short, Ronnie     4th Grade Picture                1971-0034
Short, Ronnie     6th Grade Picture                1973-0034
Short, Ronnie     7th Grade Picture                1974-0039
Short, Ronnie     8th Grade Picture                1975-0032
Short, Ronnie                    Freshman Picture         1976-0020
Short, Ronnie                    Sophomore Picture      1977-0021
Short, Ronnie                    Junior Picture                1978-0043
Short, Ronnie Elton                    3rd Grade Picture          1970-0046
Shrenes, Ray                    Picture, 8th Grade         1953-0033
Shreves, Nina                    Sophomore Picture      1956-0027
Shreves, Ray                    Picture, Sophomore     1954-0030
Shreves, Ray                    Sophomore Picture      1955-0025
Signature page                    Signatures of students                    1942-0091
Silkwood, Brenda                    1st Grade Picture          1966-0037
Silkwood, Brenda                    Favorites Picture          1966-0043
Silkwood, Lola   7th Grade Picture                1966-0031
Silkwood, Lola                    Favorites Picture          1966-0043
Silkwood, Rita    3rd Grade Picture                1966-0035
Silkwood, Rita                    Favorites Picture          1966-0043
Silkwood, Roy L.                    Superintendent Picture                    1966-0010
Silkwood, Roy L.                    Faculty Picture             1966-0013
Simms Lumber                    Advertisement              1947-0161
Simms Lumber                    Advertisement              1948-0149
Simms Lumber                    Advertisement              1949-0123
Simms Lumber Co                    Advertisement              1950-0096
Simms Lumber Co                    Advertisement              1951-0163
Simms Lumber Co                    Advertisement              1954-0065
Simpson, Betty                    Picture, High School Faculty       1954-0011
Simpson, Furniture, Jacksboro  Advertisement/Picture                    1955-0064
Simpson, Furniture, Jacksboro  Advertisement/Picture                    1956-0072
Simpson, Miss                    Picture, Junior               1953-0022
Singer Sewing Center                    Advertisement              1951-0149
Singer Sewing Center                    Advertisement              1952-0115
Singer Sewing Center                    Advertisement              1953-0091
Singer Sewing Center                    Advertisement              1954-0077
Singleton, Keith 1st Grade Picture                1960-0043
Singleton, Keith 2nd Grade Picture                1961-0046
Singleton, Keith 3rd Grade Picture                1962-0043
Singleton, Keith 4th Grade Picture                1963-0038
Singleton, Keith 5th Grade Picture                1964-0043
Singleton, Keith 6th Grade Picture                1965-0030
Singleton, Larry R.                    1st Grade Picture          1965-0035
Singleton, Linda                    1st Grade Picture          1963-0041
Singleton, Linda                    2nd Grade Picture         1964-0046
Singleton, Linda                    3rd Grade Picture          1965-0033
Singleton, Mary L.                    5th Grade Picture          1963-0037
Singleton, Mary Lois                    2nd Grade Picture         1960-0042
Singleton, Mary Lois                    3rd Grade Picture          1961-0045
Singleton, Mary Lois                    4th Grade Picture          1962-0042
Singleton, Mary Lois                    Queen Picture               1963-0049
Singleton, Mary Lois                    6th Grade Picture          1964-0042
Singleton, Mary Lois                    7th Grade Picture          1965-0029
Singleton, Mr.                    Sponsor Picture            1960-0030
Singleton, Mr.    Bus Driver Picture                1965-0010
Singleton, T.F.                    Principal Picture           1960-0011
Singleton, T.F.                    Faculty Picture             1960-0012
Singleton, T.F.                    Principal Picture           1961-0010
Singleton, T.F.   Bus Driver Picture                1961-0013
Singleton, T.F.                    Faculty Picture             1961-0014
Singleton, T.F.   Bus Driver Picture                1962-0010
Singleton, T.F.                    Principal Picture           1962-0013
Singleton, T.F.                    Faculty Picture             1962-0014
Singleton, T.F.                    Principal Picture           1963-0007
Singleton, T.F.                    Faculty Picture             1963-0010
Singleton, T.F.   Bus Driver Picture                1963-0012
Singleton, T.F.                    Principal Picture           1964-0009
Singleton, T.F.   Bus Driver Picture                1964-0011
Singleton, T.F.                    Faculty Picture             1964-0014
Singleton, T.F.                    Principal Picture           1965-0008
Singleton, T.F.                    Faculty Picture             1965-0012
Singleton, Terry 2nd Grade Picture                1966-0036
Sir Noe's Men's Shop, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0110
Sitten, Joe                    Picture, 3rd Grade         1952-0063
Sitton Imp. Co                    Advertisement              1950-0100
Sitton Motor Co., Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0100
Sitton Motor Co., Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0084
Sitton, Angela                    Kindergarten Picture   1979-0049
Sitton, Charles        1st Grade Picture                1956-0041
Sitton, Charles        2nd Grade Picture                1957-0040
Sitton, Jack                    Picture, Junior               1946-0043
Sitton, Jacquie   3rd Grade Picture                1960-0041
Sitton, Jacquie   4th Grade Picture                1961-0044
Sitton, Jacquie                    Favorites Picture          1961-0056
Sitton, Jacquie   5th Grade Picture                1962-0041
Sitton, Jacquie   6th Grade Picture                1963-0036
Sitton, Jacquie   7th Grade Picture                1964-0041
Sitton, Jacquie   Class Officer Picture               1966-0027
Sitton, Jacquie                    Freshman Picture         1966-0028
Sitton, Jacquie                    Awards Picture             1966-0091
Sitton, Jacquie   Class Officer Picture               1967-0024
Sitton, Jacquie                    Sophomore Picture      1967-0025
Sitton, Jacquie                    Queen Picture               1967-0038
Sitton, Jacquie                    Junior Picture                1968-0021
Sitton, Jacquie   Class Officer Picture               1969-0020
Sitton, Jacquie                    Senior Picture               1969-0024
Sitton, Jacquie                    Queen Picture               1969-0064
Sitton, Jacquie                    Who's Who Picture     1969-0080
Sitton, Jacquie                    Award Picture               1969-0103
Sitton, Jacquie Karen                    8th Grade Picture          1965-0028
Sitton, Jacquie Karen                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1969-0105
Sitton, Janet                    Kindergarten Picture   1974-0053
Sitton, Janet       1st Grade Picture                1975-0042
Sitton, Janet                    Favorites Picture          1975-0050
Sitton, Janet       2nd Grade Picture                1976-0031
Sitton, Janet       3rd Grade Picture                1977-0036
Sitton, Janet       4th Grade Picture                1978-0061
Sitton, Janet       5th Grade Picture                1979-0044
Sitton, Joanne                    Kindergarten Picture   1977-0039
Sitton, Joanne                    Favorites Picture          1977-0040
Sitton, Joanne    1st Grade Picture                1978-0064
Sitton, Joanne    2nd Grade Picture                1979-0047
Sitton, Joe                    Picture, 1st Grade         1950-0046
Sitton, Joe                    Picture, 2nd Grade        1951-0073
Sitton, Joe                    School Board Picture   1976-0034
Sitton, Joe                    School Board Picture   1977-0010
Sitton, Joe                    School Board Picture   1978-0016
Sitton, Joe                    School Board Picture   1979-0008
Sitton, Karen          1st Grade Picture                1958-0043
Sitton, Karen          2nd Grade Picture                1959-0042
Sitton, Leeman                    Junior Picture                1939-0022
Sitton, Leeman       FFA History       1942-0063
Sitton, Vicki        1st Grade Picture                1963-0041
Sitton, Vicki        2nd Grade Picture                1964-0046
Sitton, Vicki                    Queen Picture               1964-0060
Sitton, Vicki        3rd Grade Picture                1965-0033
Sitton, Vicki                    Favorites Picture          1966-0043
Sitton, Vicki                    Favorites Picture          1967-0036
Sitton, Vicki        6th Grade Picture                1968-0028
Sitton, Vicki        7th Grade Picture                1969-0039
Sitton, Vicki        8th Grade Picture                1970-0038
Sitton, Vicki                    Award Picture               1970-0101
Sitton, Vicki        Class Officer Picture               1971-0028
Sitton, Vicki                    Freshman Picture         1971-0029
Sitton, Vicki                    Favorites Picture          1971-0042
Sitton, Vicki        Class Officer Picture               1972-0026
Sitton, Vicki                    Sophomore Picture      1972-0027
Sitton, Vicki                    Junior Picture                1973-0024
Sitton, Vicki        Class Officer Picture               1973-0025
Sitton, Vicki        Class Officer Picture               1974-0028
Sitton, Vicki                    Senior Picture               1974-0029
Sitton, Vicki                    Queen Picture               1974-0062
Sitton, Vicki                    Award Picture               1974-0077
Sitton, Vicki                    Award Picture               1974-0082
Sitton, Vicki                    Award Picture               1974-0119
Sitton, Vicki                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1974-0122
Sitton, Vicki Lynn                    4th Grade Picture          1966-0034
Sitton, Vicki Lynn                    5th Grade Picture          1967-0031
Sixth Grade                    Picture, Group               1946-0069
Skating Rink                    Advertisement              1950-0100
Skiles, Denise                    Freshman Picture         1970-0035
Skiles, Denise                    Sophomore Picture      1971-0027
Skiles, Denise                    Junior Picture                1972-0025
Skyline Motel & Restaurant, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0113
Skyline Motel & Restaurant, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0095
Slone, Hazel                    Kindergarten Picture   1977-0039
Smiddy, Mike         1st Grade Picture                1959-0043
Smiddy, Mike     3rd Grade Picture                1961-0045
Smiddy, Mike     4th Grade Picture                1962-0042
Smiddy, Mike                    Awards Picture             1966-0088
Smiddy, Mike                    Sophomore Picture      1968-0023
Smiddy, Mike                    Junior Picture                1969-0027
Smiddy, Mike                    Favorites Picture          1969-0050
Smiddy, Mike                    Who's Who Picture     1969-0080
Smiddy, Mike     Class Officer Picture               1970-0022
Smiddy, Mike                    Who's Who Picture     1970-0081
Smiddy, Mike                    Award Picture               1970-0103
Smiddy, Mike                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1970-0105
Smiddy, Mike Alan                    5th Grade Picture          1963-0037
Smiddy, Mike Alan                    6th Grade Picture          1964-0042
Smiddy, Mike Alan                    7th Grade Picture          1965-0029
Smiddy, Mike Alan                    8th Grade Picture          1966-0030
Smiddy, Mike Alan                    Freshman Picture         1967-0027
Smiddy, Mike Alan                    Senior Picture               1970-0023
Smiddy, Mike Allan                    2nd Grade Picture         1960-0042
Smiddy, R.L., Mrs.                    Homecoming Officers Picture        1966-0046
Smiddy, R.L., Mrs.                    Homecoming Officers Picture        1967-0042
Smiddy, Reta          2nd Grade Picture                1957-0040
Smiddy, Reta          3rd Grade Picture                1958-0041
Smiddy, Reta          4th Grade Picture                1959-0040
Smiddy, Reta      5th Grade Picture                1960-0039
Smiddy, Reta                    Queen Picture               1960-0051
Smiddy, Reta      6th Grade Picture                1961-0042
Smiddy, Reta      7th Grade Picture                1962-0039
Smiddy, Reta                    Sophomore Picture      1965-0025
Smiddy, Reta                    Favorites Picture          1965-0056
Smiddy, Reta                    Favorites Picture          1966-0040
Smiddy, Reta                    Awards Picture             1966-0090
Smiddy, Reta      Class Officer Picture               1967-0019
Smiddy, Reta                    Senior Picture               1967-0021
Smiddy, Reta                    Awards Picture             1967-0094
Smiddy, Reta                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1967-0097
Smiddy, Reta Lyn  1st Grade Picture                1956-0041
Smiddy, Reta Lyn                    8th Grade Picture          1963-0034
Smiddy, Reta Lyn                    Freshman Picture         1964-0037
Smiddy, Reta Lyn                    Junior Picture                1966-0023
Smith, Annabelle                    2nd Grade Picture         1966-0036
Smith, Annabelle                    3rd Grade Picture          1967-0033
Smith, Annabelle                    4th Grade Picture          1968-0030
Smith, Annabelle                    5th Grade Picture          1969-0042
Smith, Annabelle                    6th Grade Picture          1970-0040
Smith, Annabelle                    Favorites Picture          1970-0051
Smith, Annabelle                    7th Grade Picture          1971-0031
Smith, Annabelle                    8th Grade Picture          1972-0030
Smith, Annabelle                    Freshman Picture         1973-0028
Smith, Annabelle                    Sophomore Picture      1974-0033
Smith, Annabelle                    Junior Picture                1975-0027
Smith, Annabelle                    Track Award Picture    1975-0095
Smith, Annabelle Marie          Senior Picture               1976-0012
Smith, Bill                    School Board Picture   1962-0013
Smith, Bill                    School Board Picture   1963-0007
Smith, Bill                    School Board Picture   1971-0012
Smith, Bill                    School Board Picture   1972-0014
Smith, Bill                    School Board Picture   1973-0012
Smith, Bill                    School Board Picture   1974-0017
Smith, Bill                    School Board Picture   1975-0014
Smith, Brenda     3rd Grade Picture                1960-0041
Smith, Brenda     4th Grade Picture                1961-0044
Smith, Brenda     5th Grade Picture                1962-0041
Smith, Brenda     7th Grade Picture                1964-0041
Smith, Brenda     8th Grade Picture                1965-0028
Smith, Brenda                    Freshman Picture         1966-0028
Smith, Brenda                    Sweetheart Picture       1966-0071
Smith, Brenda                    Cheerleader Picture      1966-0074
Smith, Brenda Gay                    6th Grade Picture          1963-0036
Smith, Charlie                    Picture, 4th Grade         1950-0045
Smith, Cindy       6th Grade Picture                1976-0026
Smith, Cindy       7th Grade Picture                1977-0030
Smith, Cindy       8th Grade Picture                1978-0054
Smith, Don                    Superintendent of Jacksboro Schools       1965-0011
Smith, Effie              8th Grade          1918-0019
Smith, Essie            3rd Grade          1918-0021
Smith, Hazel            4th Grade          1918-0021
Smith, Jeffrey     2nd Semester Students       1971-0038
Smith, Jeffrey     5th Grade Picture                1972-0033
Smith, Jesse        3rd Grade Picture                1966-0035
Smith, Jesse        4th Grade Picture                1967-0032
Smith, Jesse        5th Grade Picture                1968-0029
Smith, Jesse                    Favorites Picture          1968-0034
Smith, Jesse        7th Grade Picture                1970-0039
Smith, Joe                5th Grade          1918-0018
Smith, John         2nd Grade Picture                1971-0036
Smith, John         2nd Semester Students       1972-0038
Smith, Johnny                    Sophomore Picture      1966-0026
Smith, Kenneth  1st Grade Picture                1967-0035
Smith, Kenny     2nd Grade Picture                1968-0032
Smith, Kim          6th Grade Picture                1976-0026
Smith, Kim          7th Grade Picture                1977-0030
Smith, Kim          8th Grade Picture                1978-0054
Smith, L.B.               7th Grade          1918-0018
Smith, Luzela          8th Grade          1918-0019
Smith, Malinda                    Sophomore Picture      1975-0029
Smith, Marvin         3rd Grade          1918-0017
Smith, Mildred        2nd Grade          1918-0016
Smith, Nicholas  1st Grade Picture                1977-0038
Smith, Nicholas  2nd Grade Picture                1978-0063
Smith, Portia                    Picture, Freshman        1949-0049
Smith, Rossetta  8th Grade Picture                1975-0032
Smith, Rossetta                    Freshman Picture         1976-0020
Smith, Ruth             9th Grade          1918-0019
Smith, Sonny      2nd Grade Picture                1977-0037
Smith, Sonny      3rd Grade Picture                1978-0062
Smith, Terri         3rd Grade Picture                1971-0035
Smith, Terri         4th Grade Picture                1972-0034
Smith, Thelma                    Picture, 7th Grade         1950-0043
Smith, Vergie          2nd Grade Picture                1939-0033
Smith, Vergie                    Group Picture                1939-0040
Smith, W.A.                    School Board Picture   1964-0010
Smith, W.A. 'Bill'                    School Board Picture   1967-0010
Smith, W.A. 'Bill'                    School Board Picture   1968-0010
Smith, W.A. 'Bill'                    School Board Picture   1969-0011
Smith, W.A. 'Bill'                    School Board Picture   1970-0014
Smith, Wanford                    Sophomore Picture      1939-0024
Smith, Wenford      FFA History       1942-0063
Smith, Wilbur         3rd Grade          1918-0017
Snack Shak Hamburgers                    Advertisement              1953-0104
Snow Service Station                    Advertisement              1952-0107
Snow Service Station                    Advertisement              1953-0098
Snow, Betty                    Sophomore Picture      1961-0033
Snow, Johnny    8th Grade Picture                1963-0034
Snow, Johnny                    Freshman Picture         1964-0037
Snow, Johnny                    Sophomore Picture      1965-0025
Snow, Johnny                    Junior Picture                1966-0023
Snow, Johnny                    Senior Picture               1967-0021
Snow, Johnny                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1967-0097
Snow, Tommy                    Freshman Picture         1963-0031
Snow, Tommy                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0033
Snow, Tommy                    Junior Picture                1965-0023
Snow, Tommy    King Picture        1965-0044
Snowden, Mary                    Picture, 1st Grade         1947-0069
Snow's Grocery & Texaco, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0103
Snow's Grocery & Texaco, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0116
Snow's Grocery & Texaco, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0121
Snow's Grocery & Texaco, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0112
Snow's Grocery & Texaco, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0127
Snow's Grocery & Texaco, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1970-0117
Snow's Grocery & Texaco, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1971-0120
Snyder, Shirley                    Picture, Sophomore     1951-0057
Snyder, Shirley                    Picture, FFA Sweetwater                    1951-0087
Snyder, Shirley                    Picture, Girls Basketball                    1951-0093
Snyder, Shirley                    Picture, Junior               1952-0041
Snyder, Shirley                    Picture, Junior Favorite Girl                    1952-0073
Snyder, Shirley                    Picture, Senior              1953-0017
Snyder, Shirley Ann                    Picture, High School Favorite Girl                  1953-0043
Song, Melody    1st Grade Picture                1975-0042
Sonny Leatherwood                    Advertisement              1953-0103
Sophomore Class Officers      Picture, Group Photo   1954-0025
Sophomore Class Officers      Picture, Group               1954-0030
Sophomores                    Sketch        1939-0023
Sophomores Class Comments Narrative    1942-0035
Sophomores Cover Sheet          Sketch        1942-0031
South Side Grocery                    Advertisement              1954-0070
Southland Ice                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0119
Spalding, H.R.                    Picture, High School Faculty       1951-0025
Spalding, Henry                    Picture, High School Faculty       1952-0021
Spalding, Henry                    Picture, High School Faculty       1954-0011
Spalding, Henry                    Faculty Picture             1955-0012
Spalding, Mr.                    Picture, Junior               1953-0022
Sparkman, Freida                    PTA Officer Picture     1978-0016
Sparkman, Marlo                    Kindergarten Picture   1979-0049
Sparkman, Michele                    Kindergarten Picture   1977-0039
Sparkman, Michell                    1st Grade Picture          1978-0064
Sparkman, Michellee                    2nd Grade Picture         1979-0047
Sparks, Hazel          1st Grade Picture                1958-0043
Sparks, Hazel      Class Officer Picture               1966-0027
Sparks, Hazel                    Freshman Picture         1966-0029
Sparks, Hazel                    Awards Picture             1966-0090
Sparks, Teresa   1st Grade Picture                1967-0035
Spears Drug Store                    Advertisement              1949-0127
Spear's Drug Store                    Advertisement              1939-0050
Spear's Drug Store                    Advertisement              1946-0133
Spear's Grocery & Station, Mineral Wells - David L. Spear                    Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0127
Spear's Grocery & Station, Mineral Wells - David L. Spear                    Advertisement/Picture                    1971-0115
Spear's Grocery & Station, Mineral Wells - David L. Spear                    Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0113
Spears Grocery & Station, Mineral Wells - David L. Spears        Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0102
Spears Grocery & Station, Mineral Wells - David L. Spears        Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0117
Spears Grocery & Station, Mineral Wells - David L. Spears        Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0121
Spears Grocery & Station, Mineral Wells - David L. Spears        Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0112
Spears, Brenda   5th Grade Picture                1962-0041
Spears, Brenda   6th Grade Picture                1963-0036
Spears, Brenda   8th Grade Picture                1965-0028
Spears, Brenda                    Freshman Picture         1966-0029
Spears, Brenda                    Sophomore Picture      1967-0025
Spears, Brenda                    Junior Picture                1968-0021
Spears, Brenda Lea                    7th Grade Picture          1964-0041
Spears, Eric         4th Grade Picture                1962-0042
Spears, Eric         5th Grade Picture                1963-0037
Spears, Eric         7th Grade Picture                1965-0029
Spears, Eric         8th Grade Picture                1966-0030
Spears, Eric                    Freshman Picture         1967-0027
Spears, Eric                    Sophomore Picture      1968-0023
Spears, Kyle       1st Grade Picture                1963-0041
Spears, Kyle       2nd Grade Picture                1964-0046
Spears, Kyle       3rd Grade Picture                1965-0033
Spears, Kyle       4th Grade Picture                1966-0034
Spears, Kyle       5th Grade Picture                1968-0029
Spears, Louis Eric                    6th Grade Picture          1964-0042
Spears, Victor Kyle                    5th Grade Picture          1967-0031
Spencer, Billy     8th Grade Picture                1963-0034
Spencer, Billy                    Freshman Picture         1964-0037
Spencer, Billy                    Sophomore Picture      1965-0025
Spencer, Carrol       4th Grade Picture                1955-0036
Spencer, Carrol       7th Grade Picture                1958-0037
Spencer, Carroll                    Picture, 3rd Grade         1954-0038
Spencer, Carroll      5th Grade Picture                1956-0037
Spencer, Carroll      6th Grade Picture                1957-0036
Spencer, Carroll      8th Grade Picture                1959-0036
Spencer, Carroll                    Freshman Picture         1960-0033
Spencer, Carroll                    Sophomore Picture      1961-0033
Spencer, Carroll                    Junior Picture                1962-0027
Spencer, Carroll                    Senior Picture               1963-0019
Spencer, Carroll                    Favorites Picture          1963-0046
Spencer, James                    Picture, 1st Grade         1952-0065
Spencer, James                    Picture, 2nd Grade        1953-0042
Spurgeon, Dena 5th Grade Picture                1979-0044
Spurgeon, Gary                    Freshman Picture         1961-0037
Spurgeon, Gary                    Sophomore Picture      1963-0027
Spurgeon, Gary                    Junior Picture                1964-0029
Spurgeon, Gary                    Senior Picture               1965-0017
Spurgeon, Kim   7th Grade Picture                1979-0039
Spurgeon, Larry                    Freshman Picture         1961-0037
Spurgeon, Larry                    Sophomore Picture      1962-0031
Spurgeon, Larry                    Junior Picture                1963-0023
Spurgeon, Larry                    Senior Picture               1964-0022
Spurgeon, Larry                    Senior Picture               1965-0017
Spurgeon, Maxine                    Picture, Freshmen        1953-0029
Spurlock, Billy                    Kindergarten Picture   1978-0065
Spurlock, Billy    1st Grade Picture                1979-0048
Spurlock, Mrs.                    Faculty Picture             1979-0011
Spurlock, Susan 1st Grade Picture                1977-0038
Spurlock, Susan                    Favorites Picture          1977-0040
Spurlock, Susan 2nd Grade Picture                1978-0063
Spurlock, Susan 3rd Grade Picture                1979-0046
Staggs, Jerry                    Senior Picture               1967-0021
Staggs, Jerry                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1967-0097
Stanley, Robert      8th Grade Picture                1959-0036
Stanley, Robert                    Freshman Picture         1960-0033
Stanley, Robert                    Sophomore Picture      1961-0033
Stapleton, Bernice                    Faculty Picture             1973-0015
Stapleton, Bernice                    Sponsor Picture            1973-0091
Stapleton, Bernice                    Faculty Picture             1974-0020
Stapleton, Sandra                    2nd Semester Students                    1972-0038
Starnes, Dan                    Picture, Sophomore     1946-0051
Starnes, Dan                    Picture, Junior               1947-0043
Starnes, Dan                    Picture, Boy's Basketball                    1947-0119
Starnes, Dan                    Picture, Senior              1948-0035
State National Bank                    Advertisement              1948-0119
State National Bank                    Advertisement              1953-0093
Steele, Elizabeth                    Faculty Picture             1955-0012
Steele, Elizabeth                    Faculty Picture             1956-0012
Steele, Elizabeth                    Faculty Picture             1957-0010
Steele, Elizabeth                    Faculty Picture             1959-0010
Steele, Elizabeth                    Faculty Picture             1960-0012
Steele, Elizabeth                    Dedication Picture       1961-0006
Steele, Elizabeth                    Faculty Picture             1961-0014
Steele, Elizabeth                    Sponsor Picture            1961-0038
Steele, Elizabeth                    Faculty Picture             1962-0014
Steele, Elizabeth                    Sponsor Picture            1962-0032
Steele, Elizabeth                    Faculty Picture             1963-0010
Steele, Elizabeth                    Faculty Picture             1964-0014
Steele, Elizabeth                    Sponsor Picture            1964-0038
Steele, Elizabeth                    Faculty Picture             1965-0012
Steele, Elizabeth                    Faculty Picture             1966-0013
Steele, Elizabeth                    Faculty Picture             1967-0016
Steele, Elizabeth                    Faculty Picture             1968-0012
Steele, Elizabeth                    Faculty Picture             1969-0016
Steele, Elizabeth                    Dedication Picture       1970-0007
Steele, Elizabeth                    Faculty Picture             1970-0016
Steele, Elizabeth PTA Officer Picture               1970-0056
Steele, Elizabeth                    Faculty Picture             1971-0016
Steele, Elizabeth                    Faculty Picture             1972-0016
Steele, Elizabeth                    Faculty Picture             1973-0014
Steele, Elizabeth                    Faculty Picture             1974-0020
Steele, Elizabeth                    Retirement Picture        1975-0011
Steele, Mrs.                    Sponsor Picture            1960-0034
Steele, Mrs.                    Sponsor Picture            1963-0028
Stephens, Jane                    Faculty Picture             1939-0013
Stephens, Jane                    Volleyball, Girls Group Picture        1939-0037
Stephens, Jane                    Typing Class Group Picture                    1939-0046
Stephens, Michael 1st Grade Picture                1956-0041
Stephens, Rex                    Picture, High School Faculty       1947-0023
Stephens, Stevie    1st Grade Picture                1956-0041
Stephens, Valerie                    Favorites Picture          1978-0025
Stephens, Valerie                    Favorites Picture          1978-0027
Stephens, Valerie                    Who's Who Picture     1978-0034
Stephens, Valerie                    Senior Picture               1978-0039
Stephens, Valerie Sue                    Award Picture               1978-0107
Stephens, Wayne                    Favorites Picture          1978-0059
Stephens, Wayne                    5th Grade Picture          1978-0060
Stephens, Wayne                    6th Grade Picture          1979-0040
Steve's Radio Service                    Advertisement              1947-0167
Steward Weaver Studio                    Advertisement              1954-0080
Stewart Grocery                    Advertisement              1952-0125
Stewart Weaver Studio                    Advertisement              1948-0157
Stewart Weavers Studios      Advertisement              1951-0151
Stewart, Ben       8th Grade Picture                1966-0030
Stewart, Ben Hance                    7th Grade Picture          1965-0029
Stewart, Bobbie 2nd Grade Picture                1975-0041
Stewart, Bobby Joe                    1st Grade Picture          1939-0034
Stewart, Gary      1st Grade Picture                1975-0042
Stewart, Jeffery  6th Grade Picture                1975-0036
Stewart, Jenet     8th Grade Picture                1965-0028
Stewart, Jenet                    Freshman Picture         1966-0029
Stewart, Martha 8th Grade Picture                1963-0034
Stewart, Martha                    Freshman Picture         1964-0037
Stewart, Martha                    Sophomore Picture      1965-0025
Stewart, Martha                    Junior Picture                1966-0023
Stewart, Raymond                    Senior Picture               1942-0017
Stewart, Raymond                    Group Picture                1942-0049
Stewart, Raymond 1942 Pirate's Review Staff    1942-0055
Stewart, Raymond                    Senior Play Cast           1942-0061
Stewart, Raymond FFA History       1942-0063
Stewarts Grocery                    Advertisement              1949-0137
Stewarts Grocery                    Advertisement              1950-0092
Stewart's Grocery                    Advertisement              1954-0071
Stewart's Service Station & Café        Advertisement              1946-0139
Stickland, Beverly                    Picture, 3rd Grade         1948-0067
Stoker Pontiac                    Advertisement              1954-0072
Stoker Pontiac Co                    Advertisement              1948-0135
Stoker Young Sales                    Advertisement              1948-0141
Stoker Young Sales                    Advertisement              1952-0127
Stoker-Young Firestone                    Advertisement              1948-0159
Stoker-Young Sales                    Advertisement              1953-0100
Stokes, Bart            6th Grade          1918-0021
Stokes, Lynda                    Freshman Picture         1969-0035
Stone's Grocery, Jacksboro  Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0086
Stone's Grocery, Jacksboro  Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0126
Stone's Grocery, Jacksboro  Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0129
Storie, Betty       4th Grade Picture                1969-0043
Storie, Betty       5th Grade Picture                1970-0044
Storie, Betty J.    1st Grade Picture                1965-0035
Storie, Betty Jo  2nd Grade Picture                1966-0036
Storie, Betty Jo  3rd Grade Picture                1967-0033
Storie, Betty Jo  3rd Grade Picture                1968-0031
Storie, Betty Jo  6th Grade Picture                1971-0032
Storie, Dale             8th Grade          1918-0019
Storie, Dorothy  2nd Grade Picture                1961-0046
Storie, Dorothy  3rd Grade Picture                1962-0043
Storie, Dorothy  4th Grade Picture                1963-0038
Storie, Dorothy  5th Grade Picture                1964-0043
Storie, Dorothy  7th Grade Picture                1966-0031
Storie, Dorothy  8th Grade Picture                1967-0028
Storie, Dorothy                    Freshman Picture         1968-0025
Storie, Dorothy                    Sophomore Picture      1969-0031
Storie, Dorothy                    Junior Picture                1970-0027
Storie, Dorothy                    Senior Picture               1971-0023
Storie, Dorothy                    Favorites Picture          1971-0040
Storie, Dorothy                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1971-0107
Storie, Dorothy Ann                    1st Grade Picture          1960-0043
Storie, Dorothy Ann                    6th Grade Picture          1965-0030
Storie, Joyce Marie                    1st Grade Picture          1955-0039
Storie, Joyce Marie                    8th Grade Picture          1962-0038
Storie, Marie                    Picture, 1st Grade         1954-0040
Storie, Marie           2nd Grade Picture                1956-0040
Storie, Marie           3rd Grade Picture                1957-0039
Storie, Marie           4th Grade Picture                1958-0040
Storie, Marie           5th Grade Picture                1959-0039
Storie, Marie       6th Grade Picture                1960-0038
Storie, Marie       7th Grade Picture                1961-0041
Storie, Marie                    Freshman Picture         1963-0031
Storie, Marie                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0033
Storie, Marie                    Junior Picture                1965-0023
Storie, Marie                    Senior Picture               1966-0021
Storie, Teddie         8th Grade          1918-0019
Storie, Velma           4th Grade          1918-0017
Stoughtenger, Jeanette     3rd Grade Picture          1969-0044
Stoughtenger, Jeanette     4th Grade Picture          1970-0045
Stoughtenger, Jeanette     5th Grade Picture          1971-0033
Stout, Bill            3rd Grade Picture                1972-0035
Stout, Bill                    Freshman Picture         1978-0051
Stout, Bill                    Sophomore Picture      1979-0033
Stout, Nikki         3rd Grade Picture                1978-0062
Stout, Nikki Lynn                    4th Grade Picture          1979-0045
Strickland, Beverly                    Picture, 1st Grade         1947-0069
Strickland, Beverly                    Picture, 5th Grade         1950-0044
Strickland, Beverly                    Picture, 6th Grade         1951-0069
Strickland, Beverly                    Picture, 7th Grade         1952-0059
Strickland, Beverly                    Picture, 8th Grade         1953-0033
Strickland, Beverly                    Picture, Sophomore     1954-0030
Strickland, Beverly                    Sophomore Picture      1955-0025
Strickland, Beverly                    Junior Picture                1956-0023
Strickland, Beverly                    Senior Picture               1957-0018
Strickland, Beverly                    Favorites Picture          1957-0047
Strickland, Beverly                    Favorites Picture          1957-0049
Strickland, Beverly                    Sweetheart Picture       1957-0050
Strickland, Beverly                    Favorites Picture          1957-0052
Strickland, Beverly Ann                    Picture, 4th Grade         1949-0057
Strickland, Connie                    3rd Grade Picture          1966-0035
Strickland, Connie                    4th Grade Picture          1967-0032
Strickland, Connie                    6th Grade Picture          1969-0040
Strickland, Connie                    7th Grade Picture          1970-0039
Strickland, Gail                    Sophomore Picture      1970-0031
Strickland, James                    Picture, 1st Grade         1947-0069
Strickland, James                    Picture, 2nd Grade        1948-0065
Strickland, James                    Picture, 3rd Grade         1949-0057
Strickland, James                    Picture, 4th Grade         1950-0045
Strickland, James                    Picture, 5th Grade         1951-0069
Strickland, James                    Picture, 6th Grade         1952-0061
Strickland, Jerry 5th Grade Picture                1966-0033
Strickland, Jerry                    Favorites Picture          1966-0043
Strickland, Jerry 6th Grade Picture                1967-0030
Strickland, Jerry 8th Grade Picture                1969-0038
Strickland, Jerry                    Favorites Picture          1969-0051
Strickland, Jerry                    Freshman Picture         1970-0035
Strickland, Jerry Class Officer Picture               1971-0026
Strickland, Jerry                    Sophomore Picture      1971-0027
Strickland, Jerry Class Officer Picture               1972-0024
Strickland, Jerry                    Junior Picture                1972-0025
Strickland, Jerry                    Senior Picture               1973-0021
Strickland, Jerry                    Football Picture            1973-0097
Strickland, Jerry                    Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                    1973-0116
Strickland, Margaret                    Picture, 7th Grade         1947-0075
Strickland, Margaret                    Picture, 8th Grade         1948-0071
Strickland, Margaret                    Picture, Freshman        1949-0049
Strickland, Margaret                    Picture, Freshman Class Fav Girl              1949-0077
Strickland, Margaret                    Picture, Sophomore     1950-0035
Strickland, Margaret                    Picture, Junior               1951-0051
Strickland, Margaret                    Picture, Senior              1952-0031
Strickland, Nicki                    School Secretary Picture                    1974-0022
Strickland, Nicki                    Faculty Picture             1975-0019
Strickland, Nicki                    School Secretary Picture                    1976-0035
Strickland, Nicki                    School Secretary Picture                    1977-0011
Strickland, Nicki                    School Secretary Picture                    1978-0020
Strickland, Nicki                    School Secretary Picture                    1979-0009
Strickland, Oneta                    8th Grade Picture          1966-0030
Strickland, Oneta                    Awards Picture             1966-0088
Strickland, Oneta                    Class Officer Picture    1967-0026
Strickland, Oneta                    Freshman Picture         1967-0027
Strickland, Oneta                    Sophomore Picture      1968-0023
Strickland, Oneta                    Favorites Picture          1968-0037
Strickland, Oneta                    Sweetheart Picture       1968-0071
Strickland, Oneta                    Class Officer Picture    1969-0026
Strickland, Oneta                    Junior Picture                1969-0027
Strickland, Oneta                    Favorites Picture          1969-0049
Strickland, Oneta                    Favorites Picture          1969-0050
Strickland, Patsy                    Picture, 8th Grade         1947-0075
Strickland, Patsy                    Picture, Freshman        1948-0057
Strickland, Patsy                    Picture, Sophomore     1949-0045
Strickland, Patsy                    Annual Staff                 1950-0013
Strickland, Patsy                    Picture, Junior               1950-0031
Strickland, Patsy                    Picture, Annual Staff   1951-0015
Strickland, Patsy                    Picture, Senior              1951-0039
Strickland, Patsy                    Picture, Best Citizen Girl                    1951-0077
Strickland, Patsy                    Picture, Girls Basketball                    1951-0093
Strickland, Troy                    Picture, 3rd Grade         1947-0071
Strickland, Troy                    Picture, 4th Grade         1948-0067
Strickland, Troy                    Picture, 6th Grade         1950-0044
Strickland, Troy                    Picture, 7th Grade         1951-0067
Strickland, Troy                    Picture, 8th Grade         1952-0057
Strickland, Troy Ray                    Picture, 5th Grade         1949-0059
Strickland, Wayne                    8th Grade Picture          1966-0030
Strickland, Wayne                    Freshman Picture         1967-0027
Stripling Dairies                    Advertisement              1953-0106
Stripling Dairies                    Advertisement              1954-0070
Stripling Daries                    Advertisement              1952-0125
Stripling Supreme Dairy Products    Advertisement              1950-0094
Stripling Supreme Dairy Products    Advertisement              1951-0135
Stuart, Raymond                    Freshman Picture         1939-0026
Stults, Connie Louise                    Senior Picture               1976-0013
Stults, Ginger                    Sophomore Picture      1976-0018
Stults, Ginger                    Junior Picture                1977-0017
Stults, Ginger                    Favorites Picture          1977-0019
Stults, June                    Freshman Picture         1976-0020
Stults, June                    Sophomore Picture      1977-0021
Stults, June                    Favorites Picture          1977-0022
Stults, June                    Junior Picture                1978-0043
Stults, June                    Senior Picture               1979-0027
Stults, Peggy      6th Grade Picture                1976-0026
Stults, Peggy      8th Grade Picture                1978-0054
Stults, Peggy                    Freshman Picture         1979-0035
Stults, Peggy Ann                    7th Grade Picture          1977-0030
Summey, Roland                    Picture, 7th Grade         1947-0075
Summey, Roland                    Picture, 8th Grade         1948-0071
Summey, Roland                    Picture, Freshman        1949-0049
Summey, Roland                    Picture, Junior               1951-0051
Summey, Rolland                    Picture, Sophomore     1950-0035
Sumner, Alton        3rd Grade          1918-0020
Sumner, Bertha       4th Grade          1918-0020
Sumner, Elsie          7th Grade          1918-0018
Sumner, Etna          6th Grade          1918-0020
Sumner, Gilbert       1st Grade          1918-0019
Sumner, O.E.           8th Grade          1918-0019
Sumner, W.T.         8th Grade          1918-0019
Sunglo Feed & Produce                    Advertisement              1954-0065
Swarts, Truman      4th Grade          1918-0017
Swartz, Dick                    Faculty Picture             1976-0037
Swinney, Billy                      Picture, Sophomore     1947-0051
Swinney, Billy Frank                    Picture, Freshman        1946-0055

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