Jack County, North Texas
Index  of Perrin School Yearbooks
(not all years-37 years)

Index of group pictures, individuals in pictures, advertisers, and major articles
(14,293 names in index. For 1955 and after, only faculty pictures, individual class pictures, favorites pictures and advertising with pictures were indexed)(There were errors in some of the names - Look for alternate spellings)
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Person or Item         Type of Picture        Year-Page Number

T.J. & Walt's Barber Shop, Mineral Wells - T.J. Patton & Walt Trice                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0098
T.J. & Walt's Barber Shop, Mineral Wells - T.J. Patton & Walt Trice                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0118
T.J.'s Grocery                    Advertisement/Picture                    1957-0100
T.J.'s Grocery                    Advertisement/Picture                    1958-0109
Tabb, Cappi Jane         3rd Grade Picture        1970-0046
Tabb, Evelyn                Faculty Picture        1970-0017
Tabb, Jim   8th Grade Picture                    1970-0038
Tague, Ralph                 Picture, FHA Sweetheart           1952-0075
Talley, Jim Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                   1965-0020
Talley, Jimmy                Junior Picture        1964-0029
Talley, Jimmy                Senior Picture        1965-0017
Tanner, Shirley              5th Grade Picture        1955-0035
Tarver, Dennis             3rd Grade Picture        1975-0040
Tarver, Dennis             Favorites Picture        1975-0050
Tarver, Dennis             4th Grade Picture        1976-0029
Tarver, Dennis             5th Grade Picture        1977-0034
Tarver, Dennis             6th Grade Picture        1978-0058
Tarver, Dennis             Favorites Picture        1978-0059
Tarver, Dennis             Class Officer Picture               1979-0041
Tarver, Dennis Michael                    7th Grade Picture          1979-0039
Tate, Dee    Picture, 7th Grade                    1947-0075
Tate, Greg Senior Picture                    1967-0021
Tate, Greg Senior Picture-Cap&Gown                   1967-0097
Tate, Lee     Picture, 8th Grade                    1947-0075
Taylor Publishing Co                    Advertisement              1948-0169
Taylor Publishing Co                    Advertisement              1949-0141
Taylor, Bobby                    Kindergarten Picture   1975-0043
Taylor, Bobby              2nd Grade Picture        1977-0037
Taylor, Bobby              3rd Grade Picture        1978-0062
Taylor, Bobby              4th Grade Picture        1979-0045
Taylor, Clarence           2nd Semester Students       1972-0038
Taylor, Clarence           Freshman Picture        1973-0028
Taylor, Georgia                    Sophomore Picture      1975-0029
Taylor, Georgia            Junior Picture        1976-0016
Taylor, Georgia Johnson                    Senior Picture               1977-0012
Taylor, Jimmy                    Kindergarten Picture   1977-0039
Taylor, Jimmy               1st Grade Picture        1978-0064
Taylor, Jimmy               2nd Grade Picture        1979-0047
Taylor, Jimmy               Favorites Picture        1979-0050
Taylor, Marion             2nd Semester Students       1972-0038
Taylor, Pat                    7th Grade Picture        1972-0031
Taylor, Pat                    8th Grade Picture        1973-0030
Taylor, Pat                    Freshman Picture        1974-0035
Taylor, Pat                    Sophomore Picture      1975-0029
Taylor, Pat                    Junior Picture        1976-0016
Taylor, Penny               3rd Grade Picture        1974-0047
Taylor, Penny               Favorites Picture        1974-0059
Taylor, Penny               4th Grade Picture        1975-0039
Taylor, Penny               6th Grade Picture        1977-0032
Taylor, Penny               7th Grade Picture        1978-0056
Taylor, Penny               8th Grade Picture        1979-0038
Taylor, Penny               Class Officer Picture               1979-0041
Taylor, Tommy             Bus Driver Picture        1975-0020
Teachers & pupils        Mission statement   1918-0014
Teague, Elda                  Spanish Club Group Picture      1939-0042
Teague, Elde                  Junior Picture        1939-0022
Teague, Nadine             5th Grade Picture        1939-0030
Teague, Nadine             Choral Club Group Picture      1939-0041
Teague, Nadine             Freshman Group Picture                1942-0039
Teague, Ralph               Picture, 7th Grade          1947-0075
Teague, Ralph               Picture, 8th Grade          1948-0071
Teague, Ralph               Picture, Freshman   1949-0049
Teague, Ralph               Picture, Sophomore                    1950-0035
Teague, Ralph               Picture, Junior         1951-0051
Teague, Ralph               Picture, Boys Basketball           1951-0097
Teague, Ralph               Picture, Senior         1952-0031
Teague, Ralph               Picture, Senior Favorite Boy     1952-0071
Teichman Hat Works                    Advertisement              1954-0073
Teichman, Curtis           Picture, 4th Grade          1947-0071
Terrel, Susie                   6th Grade Picture        1939-0029
Terrell, Carmen              Picture, 1st Grade          1949-0055
Terrell, Carmen              Picture, 2nd Grade  1950-0046
Terrell, Carmen              Picture, 3rd Grade          1951-0071
Terrell, Carmen              Picture, 4th Grade          1952-0063
Terrell, Frances              3rd Grade Picture        1939-0032
Terrell, Frances              Group Picture        1939-0040
Terrell, Frances              Picture, Junior         1946-0043
Terrell, Frances              Picture, Volleyball  1946-0093
Terrell, Robert                1st Grade Picture        1939-0034
Terrell, Robert                Group Picture        1939-0040
Terrell, Robert                Picture, 8th Grade          1947-0075
Terrell, Robert                Picture, Sophomore                    1949-0045
Terrell, Sue Sophomore Group Picture        1942-0033
Terrell, Susie                  Choral Club Group Picture      1939-0041
Terrill, Robert                 Picture, Freshman   1948-0057
Texaco Service Station                    Advertisement              1953-0100
Texaco Station - Lloyd C. Smith                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0101
Texaco Station & Café - Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Cox     Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0125
Texaco Station & Café - Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Cox     Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0111
Texaco Station & Café - Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Cox     Advertisement/Picture                    1971-0110
Texas Power & Light Co., Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0106
Texas Power & Light Co., Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0129
Texas Power & Light Co., Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1974-0127
Texas Vitrified Pipe Co                    Advertisement              1952-0125
Thatford, L.D.                    Sophomore Picture      1939-0024
The 1947 Pirate w/staff names                    Names of yearbook staff                    1947-0007
The Brookshire Co Furnishings                    Advertisement              1947-0153
The Brookshire Co Furnishings                    Advertisement              1948-0123
The City Barber & Beauty Shop                    Advertisement              1953-0100
The City National Bank                    Advertisement              1939-0051
The Farm & Ranch Supply                    Advertisement              1953-0097
The First Nat'l Bank                    Advertisement              1946-0133
The Game Gallery & Clothing, Jacksboro  Advertisement/Picture                    1978-0137
The Green Frog Café                    Advertisement              1953-0105
The Jacksboro National Bank                    Advertisement              1939-0052
The Leader Ready to Wear                    Advertisement              1954-0085
The Leather Shop                    Advertisement              1952-0131
The Pastry House                    Advertisement              1954-0085
The Resort Amusement Corp - Theatres    Advertisement              1954-0075
The Speciality Shop                    Advertisement              1952-0113
The Taylor Publishing Co                    Advertisement              1946-0143
The Texas Co                    Advertisement              1947-0153
The Texas Co                    Advertisement              1948-0141
Thetford, Donald          Picture, Yearbook Staff              1946-0013
Thetford, Donald          Picture, Senior         1946-0029
Thetford, Donald          Picture, Best Citizen Boy           1946-0085
Thetford, Donald          Picture, Basketball Team           1946-0089
Thetford, L.D.                FFA History       1942-0063
Thetford, Lynn              6th Grade Picture        1939-0029
Thetford, Lynn                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Thetfore, Donald           4th Grade Picture        1939-0031
Third Grade                    Picture, Group         1946-0071
Thomas, Duronda                    Kindergarten Picture   1977-0039
Thomas, Duronda        1st Grade Picture        1978-0064
Thomas, George           8th Grade Picture        1977-0028
Thomas, R.L.                  3rd Grade                    1918-0017
Thomason, Natha        8th Grade Picture        1962-0038
Thomason, Natha        Freshman Picture        1963-0031
Thomason, Natha        Junior Picture        1965-0023
Thomason, Natha Ann                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0033
Thomason, Robert       1st Grade Picture        1962-0045
Thomason, Robert       2nd Grade Picture        1963-0040
Thomason, Robert       4th Grade Picture        1965-0032
Thomason, Robert       5th Grade Picture        1966-0033
Thomason, Robert       6th Grade Picture        1967-0030
Thomason, Robert       Favorites Picture        1967-0036
Thomason, Robert       6th Grade Picture        1968-0028
Thomason, Robert       7th Grade Picture        1969-0039
Thomason, Robert       8th Grade Picture        1970-0038
Thomason, Robert       Freshman Picture        1971-0029
Thomason, Robert                    Sophomore Picture      1972-0027
Thomason, Robert       Junior Picture        1973-0024
Thomason, Robert Lee                    3rd Grade Picture          1964-0045
Thompson, Alinda      2nd Grade Picture        1966-0036
Thompson, Alinda      3rd Grade Picture        1967-0033
Thompson, Alinda      4th Grade Picture        1968-0030
Thompson, Alinda      5th Grade Picture        1969-0042
Thompson, Alinda      6th Grade Picture        1970-0040
Thompson, Alinda      7th Grade Picture        1971-0031
Thompson, Alinda      Favorites Picture        1971-0043
Thompson, Alinda                    Cheerleader Picture      1971-0066
Thompson, Alinda      8th Grade Picture        1972-0030
Thompson, Alinda      Freshman Picture        1973-0028
Thompson, Alinda      Class Officer Picture               1974-0032
Thompson, Alinda                    Sophomore Picture      1974-0033
Thompson, Alinda      Junior Picture        1975-0027
Thompson, Alinda      Favorites Picture        1975-0047
Thompson, Alinda      Track Award Picture               1975-0095
Thompson, Alinda      Class Officer Picture               1976-0014
Thompson, Alinda      Favorites Picture        1976-0040
Thompson, Alinda      Favorites Picture        1976-0045
Thompson, Alinda Margarette                    Senior Picture               1976-0013
Thompson, Audie         Picture, 6th Grade          1950-0044
Thompson, Audie         Picture, 7th Grade          1951-0067
Thompson, Audie         Picture, 8th Grade          1952-0057
Thompson, Audie         Picture, Freshmen   1953-0029
Thompson, Audie         Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0026
Thompson, Audie         Picture -FFA Sweetheart           1954-0046
Thompson, Audie         Picture Sophomore Class Favorite Boy     1954-0047
Thompson, Audie         Junior Picture        1955-0022
Thompson, Audie         King Picture        1955-0054
Thompson, Audie         Senior Picture        1956-0018
Thompson, Audie         Favorites Picture        1956-0048
Thompson, Audie         Favorites Picture        1956-0052
Thompson, Audie       School Board Picture                1977-0010
Thompson, Audie       School Board Picture                1978-0016
Thompson, Audie       School Board Picture                1979-0008
Thompson, Helen         Picture, Sophomore                    1950-0035
Thompson, Helen         Picture, Annual Staff                 1951-0015
Thompson, Helen         Picture, Junior         1951-0047
Thompson, Helen Margaret                    Picture, Best Citizen Girl                    1952-0069
Thompson, Hellen        Picture, Annual Staff                 1952-0013
Thompson, Hellen Margaret                    Picture, Senior              1952-0031
Thompson, Joaquin    1st Grade Picture        1968-0033
Thompson, Joaquin    Favorites Picture        1968-0035
Thompson, Joaquin    2nd Grade Picture        1969-0045
Thompson, Joaquin    Favorites Picture        1969-0052
Thompson, Joaquin    3rd Grade Picture        1970-0046
Thompson, Joaquin    Favorites Picture        1970-0054
Thompson, Joaquin    4th Grade Picture        1971-0034
Thompson, Joaquin    5th Grade Picture        1972-0033
Thompson, Joaquin    6th Grade Picture        1973-0034
Thompson, Joaquin    Class Officer Picture               1974-0038
Thompson, Joaquin    7th Grade Picture        1974-0039
Thompson, Joaquin    Favorites Picture        1974-0058
Thompson, Joaquin    8th Grade Picture        1975-0032
Thompson, Joaquin    Favorites Picture        1975-0049
Thompson, Joaquin                    Cheerleader Picture      1975-0086
Thompson, Joaquin    Freshman Picture        1976-0020
Thompson, Joaquin    Class Officer Picture               1976-0021
Thompson, Joaquin    Favorites Picture        1976-0048
Thompson, Joaquin    Queen Picture        1976-0070
Thompson, Joaquin                    Sophomore Picture      1977-0021
Thompson, Joaquin    Class Officer Picture               1977-0022
Thompson, Joaquin    Sweetheart Picture        1977-0044
Thompson, Joaquin    Favorites Picture        1977-0045
Thompson, Joaquin    Favorites Picture        1977-0047
Thompson, Joaquin    Favorites Picture        1978-0029
Thompson, Joaquin    Favorites Picture        1978-0033
Thompson, Joaquin    Junior Picture        1978-0043
Thompson, Joaquin    Favorites Picture        1978-0044
Thompson, Joaquin    Sweetheart Picture        1978-0089
Thompson, Joaquin    Favorites Picture        1979-0014
Thompson, Joaquin    Favorites Picture        1979-0017
Thompson, Joaquin    Favorites Picture        1979-0019
Thompson, Joaquin    Favorites Picture        1979-0020
Thompson, Joaquin    Favorites Picture        1979-0022
Thompson, Joaquin    Senior Picture        1979-0027
Thompson, Joaquin                    Cheerleader Picture      1979-0062
Thompson, Johnny     Senior Picture        1962-0021
Thompson, Johnny     Favorites Picture        1962-0022
Thompson, Kenneth    3rd Grade Picture        1939-0032
Thompson, Kenneth    Group Picture        1939-0040
Thompson, Leon           FFA History       1942-0063
Thompson, Martha     School Secretary Picture          1973-0017
Thompson, Michael                    Kindergarten Picture   1976-0033
Thompson, Michael    1st Grade Picture        1977-0038
Thompson, Michael    2nd Grade Picture        1978-0063
Thompson, Rayford     Junior Picture        1939-0022
Thompson, Sherri        1st Grade Picture        1970-0048
Thompson, Sherri        Favorites Picture        1970-0054
Thompson, Sherri        2nd Grade Picture        1971-0036
Thompson, Sherri        3rd Grade Picture        1972-0035
Thompson, Sherri        4th Grade Picture        1973-0038
Thompson, Sherri        5th Grade Picture        1974-0043
Thompson, Sherri        6th Grade Picture        1975-0036
Thompson, Sherri        Favorites Picture        1975-0049
Thompson, Sherri        7th Grade Picture        1976-0024
Thompson, Sherri        Class Officer Picture               1976-0025
Thompson, Sherri        Favorites Picture        1976-0049
Thompson, Sherri        8th Grade Picture        1977-0028
Thompson, Sherri        Class Officer Picture               1977-0029
Thompson, Sherri        Who's Who Picture                  1978-0035
Thompson, Sherri        Freshman Picture        1978-0051
Thompson, Sherri        Award Picture        1978-0095
Thompson, Sherri        Favorites Picture        1979-0020
Thompson, Sherri                    Sophomore Picture      1979-0033
Thompson, Sherri        Queen Picture        1979-0091
Thompson, Sherri        Sweetheart Picture        1979-0098
Thompson, Verlene      Picture, 2nd Grade  1947-0069
Thompson, Verlene      Picture, 3rd Grade          1948-0067
Thompson, Verlene      Picture, 4th Grade          1949-0057
Thornburg, Johnny     6th Grade Picture        1966-0032
Thornton, Brenda         Picture, Late Student                 1954-0063
Thrasher, Dean            5th Grade Picture        1972-0033
Thrasher, Junior            Choral Club Group Picture      1939-0041
Thrasher, Patty Sue      1st Grade Picture        1939-0034
Thrasher, Patty Sue      Group Picture        1939-0040
Thrasher, Peggy            3rd Grade Picture        1939-0032
Thrasher, Peggy            Group Picture        1939-0040
Thresher, Junior            7th Grade Picture        1939-0028
Thurman, Jessie Mae   Picture, 2nd Grade  1949-0055
Thurman, Richard         Picture, 5th Grade          1949-0059
Thurmond, Jessie          Picture, 3rd Grade          1950-0045
Tidwell, Howard            1st Grade                    1918-0019
Tidwell, Thursie            1st Grade                    1918-0019
Tilery, Lloyd                  Picture, 5th Grade          1948-0069
Tilery, Rondale              7th Grade Picture        1939-0028
Tilghman Trip Shop                    Advertisement              1953-0105
Tilghman Upholstry                    Advertisement              1950-0098
Tilghman's Upholstry Shop                    Advertisement              1951-0167
Tillery, Delma               7th Grade Picture        1966-0031
Tillery, Delma               8th Grade Picture        1967-0028
Tillery, Delma               Awards Picture        1967-0098
Tillery, Delma               Favorites Picture        1968-0024
Tillery, Delma               Freshman Picture        1968-0025
Tillery, Delma               Class Officer Picture               1969-0030
Tillery, Delma                    Sophomore Picture      1969-0031
Tillery, Delma               Queen Picture        1969-0064
Tillery, Delma               Class Officer Picture               1970-0026
Tillery, Delma               Class Officer Picture               1971-0022
Tillery, Delma               Senior Picture        1971-0023
Tillery, Delma               Favorites Picture        1971-0041
Tillery, Delma               Favorites Picture        1971-0042
Tillery, Delma               Queen Picture        1971-0082
Tillery, Delma               Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1971-0107
Tillery, Delma Lee        6th Grade Picture        1965-0030
Tillery, Delma Lee        Junior Picture        1970-0027
Tillery, Frankie               4th Grade Picture        1939-0031
Tillery, Hubert               1st Grade                    1918-0020
Tillery, James                7th Grade Picture        1965-0029
Tillery, James                8th Grade Picture        1966-0030
Tillery, James                Awards Picture        1966-0088
Tillery, James                Freshman Picture        1967-0027
Tillery, James                    Sophomore Picture      1968-0023
Tillery, James                Junior Picture        1969-0027
Tillery, James                Senior Picture        1970-0023
Tillery, James                Beau Picture        1970-0059
Tillery, James                Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1970-0105
Tillery, Joan                   1st Grade Picture        1956-0041
Tillery, Joan                   2nd Grade Picture        1957-0040
Tillery, Joan                    Sophomore Picture      1965-0025
Tillery, Joan                  Junior Picture        1966-0023
Tillery, Joan                  Favorites Picture        1966-0041
Tillery, Joan                  Queen Picture        1966-0042
Tillery, Joan                  Class Officer Picture               1967-0019
Tillery, Joan                  Senior Picture        1967-0021
Tillery, Joan                  Favorites Picture        1967-0093
Tillery, Joan                  Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1967-0097
Tillery, Lloyd                 Picture, 4th Grade          1947-0071
Tillery, Lois                    3rd Grade                     1918-0021
Tillery, Lola                    Picture, 1st Grade          1947-0069
Tillery, Lola                    Picture, 1st Grade          1948-0065
Tillery, Lola                    Picture, 3rd Grade          1950-0045
Tillery, Lola                    Picture, 4th Grade          1951-0071
Tillery, Lola                    Picture, 5th Grade          1952-0061
Tillery, Lola                    Picture, 6th Grade          1953-0038
Tillery, Lola                    Picture, 7th Grade          1954-0034
Tillery, Lola                    8th Grade Picture        1955-0032
Tillery, Lola                    Freshman Picture        1956-0031
Tillery, Lola                    Sophomore Picture      1957-0027
Tillery, Lola                    Junior Picture        1958-0025
Tillery, Lola                    Senior Picture        1959-0018
Tillery, Lola                    Favorites Picture        1959-0049
Tillery, Lola Mae           Picture, 2nd Grade  1949-0055
Tillery, Loyd                  Picture, 6th Grade          1949-0059
Tillery, Loyd                 4th Grade Picture        1971-0034
Tillery, Loyd                 5th Grade Picture        1972-0033
Tillery, Loyd Dwayne 3rd Grade Picture        1970-0046
Tillery, Marion             4th Grade Picture        1965-0032
Tillery, Marion             5th Grade Picture        1966-0033
Tillery, Marion             6th Grade Picture        1967-0030
Tillery, Marion             6th Grade Picture        1968-0028
Tillery, Marion             7th Grade Picture        1969-0039
Tillery, Marion             8th Grade Picture        1970-0038
Tillery, Marion             Freshman Picture        1971-0029
Tillery, Marion                    Sophomore Picture      1972-0027
Tillery, Marion             Favorites Picture        1972-0042
Tillery, Marion             Junior Picture        1973-0024
Tillery, Marion             Senior Picture        1974-0029
Tillery, Marion             Favorites Picture        1974-0057
Tillery, Marion             Beau Picture        1974-0077
Tillery, Marion             Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1974-0122
Tillery, Ola  Picture, 1st Grade                    1947-0069
Tillery, Ola  Picture, 1st Grade                    1948-0065
Tillery, Ola  Picture, 3rd Grade                    1950-0045
Tillery, Ola  Picture, 4th Grade                    1951-0071
Tillery, Ola  Picture, 5th Grade                    1952-0061
Tillery, Ola  Picture, 6th Grade                    1953-0038
Tillery, Ola  8th Grade Picture                    1955-0032
Tillery, Ola  Freshman Picture                    1956-0031
Tillery, Ola  Sophomore Picture                    1957-0027
Tillery, Ola  Junior Picture                    1958-0025
Tillery, Ola  Senior Picture                    1959-0019
Tillery, Ola Fay              Picture, 2nd Grade  1949-0055
Tillery, Ola Fay              Picture, 7th Grade          1954-0034
Tillery, P.R. 1st Grade Picture                    1957-0041
Tillery, P.R.                   8th Grade Picture        1965-0028
Tillery, P.R.                   Freshman Picture        1966-0029
Tillery, P.R.                   Favorites Picture        1966-0041
Tillery, P.R.                    Sophomore Picture      1967-0025
Tillery, P.R.                   Bus Driver Picture        1969-0014
Tillery, P.R.                   Senior Picture        1969-0024
Tillery, P.R., Jr.             Junior Picture        1968-0021
Tillery, P.R., Jr.             Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1969-0105
Tillery, Rondale             FFA History       1942-0063
Tiny Toggery                    Advertisement              1953-0099
Tipps, Jessee                 7th Grade                    1918-0018
Tipps, Lela Mae            7th Grade                    1918-0018
Tipton, Charlette           Picture, Entered School Late    1953-0068
Tipton, Charlette           Picture, 5th Grade          1954-0036
Tipton, Charlotte           Picture, Entered School Late    1953-0068
Tipton, Charlotte           Picture, 5th Grade          1954-0036
Tompson, Michael      3rd Grade Picture        1979-0046
Tot 'n Teen Advertisement                    1953-0097
Tot 'n Teen Advertisement                    1954-0074
Tow, Benny                  1st Grade Picture        1974-0051
Tow, Gene 2nd Grade Picture                    1974-0049
Towell, Edwin                Junior Picture        1958-0025
Trasher, Jr. FFA History                    1942-0063
Travelers Café                    Advertisement              1954-0079
Traveler's Café                    Advertisement              1953-0097
Travelers Café, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1961-0087
Travelers Café, Mineral Wells - Mr. & Mrs. P.H. Taylor                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0088
Travelers Drive Inn                    Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0086
Traveler's Drive-Inn, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0128
Traveler's Drive-Inn, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0094
Traveler's Drive-Inn, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0117
Travis, Sandra              Freshman Picture        1967-0027
Travis, Sue 6th Grade Picture                    1955-0034
Travis, Sue 7th Grade Picture                    1956-0035
Travis, Sue 8th Grade Picture                    1957-0034
Travis, Sue Freshman Picture                    1958-0033
Travis, Sue Who's Who Picture                    1959-0013
Travis, Sue Sophomore Picture                    1959-0029
Travis, Sue                    Junior Picture        1960-0025
Travis, Sue                    Senior Picture        1961-0022
Travis, Sue                    Favorites Picture        1961-0024
Tri City Electric, Mineral Wells - Charles Perkins & Bill Allen                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0115
Trophy Tackle Co., Mineral Wells - Bob & Wenda Murphy                    Advertisement/Picture                    1978-0120
Trophy Tackle Co., Mineral Wells - Bob Murphy   Advertisement/Picture                    1977-0108
Truitt Cranford, Commissioner                    Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0101
Tucker, Adrain              Senior Picture        1939-0019
Tucker, Adrien             5th Grade Picture        1962-0041
Tucker, Bertha              PTA Officer Picture               1973-0082
Tucker, Bertha              PTA Officer Picture               1974-0066
Tucker, Beulah             PTA Officer Picture               1964-0059
Tucker, Beulah             Faculty Picture        1966-0013
Tucker, Beulah             Faculty Picture        1974-0021
Tucker, Beulah             Faculty Picture        1975-0018
Tucker, Beulah             Faculty Picture        1976-0037
Tucker, Beulah             Faculty Picture        1977-0009
Tucker, Beulah             Faculty Picture        1978-0018
Tucker, Beulah             Sponsor Picture        1978-0064
Tucker, Dora                  6th Grade Picture        1939-0029
Tucker, Dora                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Tucker, Dora                  Award Picture        1942-0053
Tucker, Gary Lance     2nd Grade Picture        1962-0044
Tucker, Helen                4th Grade Picture        1959-0040
Tucker, Jackie Hart       Senior Picture        1955-0020
Tucker, Jimmie               Picture, Freshman   1947-0055
Tucker, Jimmie               Picture, Sophomore                    1948-0051
Tucker, Jimmie               Picture, Junior         1949-0039
Tucker, Jimmie               Picture, Senior         1950-0023
Tucker, Jimmie               Picture, Senior Boys Basketball                   1950-0064
tucker, Jimmy                 1st Grade Picture        1939-0034
Tucker, Jimmy                Picture, Basketball                      1948-0093
Tucker, Joe                   5th Grade Picture        1976-0028
Tucker, Joe Mark         1st Grade Picture        1972-0037
Tucker, Joe Mark         2nd Grade Picture        1973-0042
Tucker, Joey                 3rd Grade Picture        1974-0047
Tucker, Joey                 4th Grade Picture        1975-0039
Tucker, Joey                 6th Grade Picture        1977-0032
Tucker, Joey                 7th Grade Picture        1978-0056
Tucker, Joey                 8th Grade Picture        1979-0038
Tucker, Joey                 Favorites Picture        1979-0042
Tucker, Kay                  8th Grade Picture        1969-0038
Tucker, Kay A.             6th Grade Picture        1967-0030
Tucker, Kay Ann         4th Grade Picture        1965-0032
Tucker, Kay Ann         Favorites Picture        1973-0051
Tucker, Kay Ann         Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1973-0116
Tucker, Kay Anne       1st Grade Picture        1962-0045
Tucker, Kay Anne       2nd Grade Picture        1963-0040
Tucker, Kay Anne       3rd Grade Picture        1964-0045
Tucker, Kay Anne       7th Grade Picture        1968-0027
Tucker, Kay Anne       Freshman Picture        1970-0035
Tucker, Kay Anne                    Sophomore Picture      1971-0027
Tucker, Kay Anne       Junior Picture        1972-0025
Tucker, Kay Anne       Senior Picture        1973-0021
Tucker, Kaye Anne     5th Grade Picture        1966-0033
Tucker, Kenneth          7th Grade Picture        1971-0031
Tucker, Kenneth          8th Grade Picture        1972-0030
Tucker, Larner               6th Grade Picture        1939-0029
Tucker, Larner                    Sophomore Group Picture                    1942-0033
Tucker, M.C.                 School Board Picture                1972-0014
Tucker, M.C.                 School Board Picture                1973-0012
Tucker, M.C. 'Pete'       School Board Picture                1967-0010
Tucker, M.C. 'Pete'       School Board Picture                1968-0010
Tucker, M.C. 'Pete'       School Board Picture                1969-0011
Tucker, M.C. 'Pete'       School Board Picture                1970-0014
Tucker, Mary                1st Grade Picture        1974-0051
Tucker, Mary                2nd Grade Picture        1975-0041
Tucker, Mary                3rd Grade Picture        1976-0030
Tucker, Mary                4th Grade Picture        1977-0035
Tucker, Mary                5th Grade Picture        1978-0060
Tucker, Mary                6th Grade Picture        1979-0040
Tucker, Maurice            5th Grade Picture        1939-0030
Tucker, Maurice            Freshman Group Picture                1942-0039
Tucker, Mrs.                 Faculty Picture        1979-0011
Tucker, Peggy               8th Grade Picture        1959-0036
Tucker, Pete                  School Board Picture                1971-0012
Tucker, Philip               5th Grade Picture        1970-0044
Tucker, Philip               6th Grade Picture        1971-0032
Tucker, Phillip              7th Grade Picture        1972-0031
Tucker, Ralph               Freshman Picture        1970-0035
Tucker, Ralph               Freshman Picture        1971-0029
Tucker, Robert               Picture, 1st Grade          1950-0046
Tucker, Robert               Picture, 2nd Grade  1951-0073
Tucker, Rosa                  Picture, 8th Grade          1950-0043
Tucker, Rose                  Picture, 5th Grade          1947-0073
Tucker, Rose Ann         Picture, 6th Grade          1948-0069
Tucker, Rose Ann         Picture, 7th Grade          1949-0061
Tucker, Sandra             4th Grade Picture        1971-0034
Tucker, Sandra             5th Grade Picture        1972-0033
Tucker, Sandra Wanany                    3rd Grade Picture          1970-0046
Tucker, Stella                1st Grade Picture        1971-0037
Tucker, Stella                2nd Grade Picture        1972-0036
Tucker, Stella                3rd Grade Picture        1973-0040
Tucker, Stella                4th Grade Picture        1974-0045
Tucker, Stella                5th Grade Picture        1975-0038
Tucker, Stella                6th Grade Picture        1976-0026
Tucker, Stella                7th Grade Picture        1977-0030
Tucker, Stella                8th Grade Picture        1978-0054
Tucker, Stella                Freshman Picture        1979-0035
Tucker, Stella                Class Officer Picture               1979-0035
Tucker, Vida                   Picture, 4th Grade          1950-0045
Tucker, Vida                   Picture, 5th Grade          1951-0069
Tucker, Vida                    Sophomore Picture      1956-0027
Tucker, Vida                   Junior Picture        1957-0023
Tucker, Vida                   Senior Picture        1958-0020
Tucker, Viola                  Picture, 3rd Grade          1949-0057
Tucker, Watt                  Picture, 1st Grade          1947-0069
Tucker, Watt                  Picture, 2nd Grade  1948-0065
Tucker, Watt                  Picture, 8th Grade          1954-0033
Tucker, Watt                  Freshman Picture        1955-0029
Tucker, Watt                  Picture, entered after Jan 1        1950-0047
Tucker, Watt                  Picture, 5th Grade          1951-0069
Tucker, Watt                  Picture, 6th Grade          1952-0061
Tucker, Wylie                Picture, 1st Grade          1954-0040
Tucker, Wylie                2nd Grade Picture        1955-0038
Tucker, Wylie                4th Grade Picture        1957-0038
Tucker, Wylie                5th Grade Picture        1958-0039
Tucker, Wylie                6th Grade Picture        1959-0038
Tucker, Wylie               7th Grade Picture        1960-0037
Tucker, Wylie               8th Grade Picture        1961-0040
Tucker, Wylie               Freshman Picture        1962-0035
Tucker, Wylie                    Sophomore Picture      1963-0027
Tucker, Wylie               Junior Picture        1964-0029
Tucker, Wylie               Senior Picture        1965-0017
Tucker, Wylie               Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1965-0020
Tucker, Wylie               Favorites Picture        1965-0039
Tucker, Wylie               Senior Picture        1966-0021
Tumlison, Arlene                    Sophomore Picture      1974-0033
Tumlison, Darlene                    Sophomore Picture      1974-0033
Tuner, Anna Bell           Freshman Group Picture                1942-0039
Turman, Bruce              6th Grade Picture        1976-0026
Turman, Bruce              7th Grade Picture        1977-0030
Turman, Bruce              8th Grade Picture        1978-0054
Turman, Bruce              Freshman Picture        1979-0035
Turman, Cheryl            3rd Grade Picture        1976-0030
Turman, Cheryl            4th Grade Picture        1977-0035
Turman, Cheryl            5th Grade Picture        1978-0060
Turman, Cheryl            6th Grade Picture        1979-0040
Turman, Diana              8th Grade Picture        1976-0022
Turman, Diana              Freshman Picture        1977-0025
Turman, Diane                    Sophomore Picture      1978-0047
Turman, James A., Speaker TX House of Rep                Dedication Picture                    1962-0006
Turman, James A., Speaker TX House of Rep                Dedication Picture                    1962-0008
Turman, Laura              3rd Grade Picture        1976-0030
Turman, Laura              3rd Grade Picture        1977-0036
Turman, Laura              4th Grade Picture        1978-0061
Turman, Laura              5th Grade Picture        1979-0044
Turman, Tracy              Freshman Picture        1975-0031
Turman, Tracy                    Sophomore Picture      1976-0018
Turman, Tracy Lynn   2nd Grade Picture        1968-0032
Turnbow, Deryle           Picture, Yearbook Staff              1946-0013
Turnbow, Deryle           Picture, Senior         1946-0029
Turnbow, Deryle           Picture, Basketball Team           1946-0089
Turnbow, Richard         Picture, Sophomore                    1947-0051
Turnbow, Tommie         Picture, Junior         1946-0041
Turnbow, Tommie         Picture, Volleyball  1946-0093
Turnbow, Tommie         Picture, Future Homemakers     1946-0099
Turnbow, Tommie         Picture, FHA President              1947-0095
Turnbow, Tommie         Picture, Girl's Volleyball             1947-0123
Turnbow, Tommie J      Picture, Senior         1947-0035
Turnbow, Tommie Jean                    Picture, Best Citizen - Girl                    1947-0083
Turnbow, Tommie Jean                    Picture, Annual Staff   1947-0105
Turner Grocery                    Advertisement              1947-0151
Turner Grocery                    Advertisement              1948-0131
Turner, Catherine          Picture, Junior         1946-0043
Turner, Catherine          Picture, Senior         1947-0035
Turner, Donna Lee        Group Picture        1939-0040
Turner, Donna Lee        Picture, Sophomore                    1946-0051
Turner, Emma                 3rd Grade Picture        1939-0032
Turner, Florine               5th Grade                    1918-0018
Turner, Ides                  Bus Driver Picture        1974-0023
Turner, Jimmie Mack    Picture, 1st Grade          1949-0055
Turner, Jimmy                Picture, Freshman   1952-0053
Turner, Jimmy                Picture, Sophomore                    1953-0025
Turner, Jimmy                Picture, Junior         1954-0022
Turner, Jimmy                Senior Picture        1955-0020
Turner, Jimmy                Favorites Picture        1955-0042
Turner, Juanita             PTA Officer Picture               1960-0061
Turner, Lena                  8th Grade                    1918-0019
turner, Linda                  Picture, 3rd Grade          1952-0063
Turner, Linda                 Picture, 4th Grade          1953-0040
Turner, Linda                Senior Picture        1961-0022
Turner, Linnie Mae       5th Grade                    1918-0018
Turner, Lonna Lee        2nd Grade Picture        1939-0033
Turner, Madiolene        Picture, 1st Grade          1948-0065
Turner, Madiolene        Picture, 2nd Grade  1949-0055
Turner, Madiolene        Picture, 4th Grade          1951-0071
Turner, Madiolene        Picture, 7th Grade          1954-0034
Turner, Madiolene        8th Grade Picture        1955-0032
Turner, Madiolene        Freshman Picture        1956-0031
Turner, Madiolene                    Sophomore Picture      1957-0027
Turner, Madiolene        Junior Picture        1958-0025
Turner, Madiolene        Favorites Picture        1958-0056
Turner, Madiolene        Who's Who Picture                  1959-0013
Turner, Madiolene        Senior Picture        1959-0019
Turner, Madiolene        Favorites Picture        1959-0021
Turner, Madline            Picture, 3rd Grade          1950-0045
Turner, Madoline          Picture, 5th Grade          1952-0061
Turner, Madoline          Picture, 6th Grade          1953-0038
Turner, Mrs.                   Room Mother Picture             1959-0022
Turner, Mrs.                 Cafeteria Worker Picture             1979-0012
Turner, Oleta                    Homecoming Picture   1967-0042
Turner, Othela              Cafeteria Worker Picture             1978-0020
Turner, Othella             Cafeteria Worker Picture             1971-0019
Turner, Othella             Cafeteria Worker Picture             1972-0019
Turner, Othella             Cafeteria Worker Picture             1973-0018
Turner, Paulette             Picture, 2nd Grade  1951-0073
Turner, Paulette             Picture, 5th Grade          1954-0036
Turner, Paulette             6th Grade Picture        1955-0034
Turner, Paulette             7th Grade Picture        1956-0035
Turner, Paulette             8th Grade Picture        1957-0034
Turner, Paulette             Freshman Picture        1958-0033
Turner, Paulette                    Sophomore Picture      1959-0029
Turner, Paulette           Junior Picture        1960-0025
Turner, Porter                3rd Grade                    1918-0017
Turner, Royce                2nd Grade Picture        1959-0042
Turner, Royce              3rd Grade Picture        1960-0041
Turner, Royce              4th Grade Picture        1961-0044
Turner, Royce              5th Grade Picture        1962-0041
Turner, Royce              6th Grade Picture        1963-0036
Turner, Royce              8th Grade Picture        1965-0028
Turner, Royce              Freshman Picture        1966-0029
Turner, Royce                    Sophomore Picture      1967-0025
Turner, Royce              Junior Picture        1968-0021
Turner, Royce              Senior Picture        1969-0024
Turner, Royce              Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1969-0105
Turner, Royce              Bus Driver Picture        1970-0019
Turner, Royce              Bus Driver Picture        1971-0019
Turner, Royce              Bus Driver Picture        1972-0019
Turner, Royce              Bus Driver Picture        1973-0018
Turner, Royce Dean     1st Grade Picture        1958-0043
Turner, Royce Dean    7th Grade Picture        1964-0041
Turner, Russell                    Kindergarten Picture   1979-0049
Turner, Ruth                  Picture, Freshman   1952-0053
Turner, Ruth                  Picture, Sophomore                    1953-0025
Turner, Ruth                  Picture, Junior         1954-0022
Turner, Shelly               2nd Semester Students       1972-0038
Turner, Shelly               School Secretary Picture          1979-0009
Turner, Terry Lyn         Picture, 1st Grade          1948-0065
Turner, W.P.                    Advertisement              1950-0098
Turner-Wagley Buick-Chevrolet                    Advertisement              1939-0051
Turner-Wasley Motor Sale                    Advertisement              1948-0127
Tygett's Men's Shop                    Advertisement              1948-0167
Tygett's Men's Ware                    Advertisement              1951-0165
Tyler, Rita Riley                    Sophomore Picture      1978-0047
Tyler, Wanda                 Picture, 8th Grade          1947-0075
Tyler, Wanda                 Picture, Freshman   1948-0057
Tyler, Wanda                 Picture, Sophomore                    1949-0045
Tyler, Wanda                 Picture, Junior         1950-0031
Tyler, Wanda                 Picture, High School Lady in Waiting        1950-0059
Tyler, Wanda                 Picture, Senior         1951-0039
Tyler, Wanda                 Picture, Most Popular Girl - Senior              1951-0081
Upergrove, Jocie           Picture, 1st Grade          1952-0065
Upergrove, Jocie           Picture, 2nd Grade  1953-0042
Upergrove, Josie          Freshman Picture        1960-0033
Upergrove, Josie                    Sophomore Picture      1961-0033
Uptergrove, Josie          Picture, 3rd Grade          1954-0038
Uptergrove, Josie          4th Grade Picture        1955-0036
Uptergrove, Josie          5th Grade Picture        1956-0037
Uptergrove, Josie          7th Grade Picture        1958-0037
Uptergrove, Josie          8th Grade Picture        1959-0036
Uptergrove, Josie        Junior Picture        1962-0027
Uptergrove, Josie        Senior Picture        1963-0019
Uptergrove, Margaret  1st Grade Picture        1958-0043
Uptergrove, Margaret  2nd Grade Picture        1959-0042
Uptergrove, Margaret 3rd Grade Picture        1960-0041
Uptergrove, Margaret 4th Grade Picture        1961-0044
Uptergrove, Margaret 5th Grade Picture        1962-0041
Uptergrove, Margaret 6th Grade Picture        1963-0036
Uptergrove, Margaret 7th Grade Picture        1964-0041
Uptergrove, Margaret 8th Grade Picture        1965-0028
Uptergrove, Margaret Freshman Picture        1966-0029
Uptergrove, Margaret Awards Picture        1966-0090
Uptergrove, Margaret                    Sophomore Picture      1967-0025
Uptergrove, Margaret Junior Picture        1968-0021
Uptergrove, Margaret Senior Picture        1969-0024
Uptergrove, Margaret Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1969-0105
Uptergrove, Rubbert   2nd Grade Picture        1960-0042
Uptergrove, Rubbert   3rd Grade Picture        1961-0045
Uptergrove, Rubbert   4th Grade Picture        1962-0042
Uptergrove, Rubbert   5th Grade Picture        1963-0037
Uptergrove, Rubbert   6th Grade Picture        1964-0042
Uptergrove, Rubbert   7th Grade Picture        1965-0029
Uptergrove, Rubbert   8th Grade Picture        1966-0030
Uptergrove, Rubbert   Freshman Picture        1967-0027
Uptergrove, Rubbert   Freshman Picture        1968-0025
Uptergrove, Rubbert                    Sophomore Picture      1969-0031
Uptergrove, Rubbert   Junior Picture        1970-0027
Uptergrove, Rubert       1st Grade Picture        1959-0043
Uptergrove, Ruby         2nd Grade Picture        1956-0040
Uptergrove, Ruby         3rd Grade Picture        1957-0039
Uptergrove, Ruby         4th Grade Picture        1958-0040
Uptergrove, Ruby        6th Grade Picture        1960-0038
Uptergrove, Ruby        7th Grade Picture        1961-0041
Uptergrove, Ruby        8th Grade Picture        1962-0038
Uptergrove, Ruby        Freshman Picture        1963-0031
Uptergrove, Ruby        Junior Picture        1965-0023
Uptergrove, Ruby        Senior Picture        1966-0021
Uptergrove, Ruby        Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1966-0094
Uptergrove, Ruby Lee  1st Grade Picture        1955-0039
Uptergrove, Ruby Lee                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0033
Uptergrove, Rubye       5th Grade Picture        1959-0039
Utergrove, Josie            6th Grade Picture        1957-0036
Valigura, Shirley           Freshman Picture        1962-0035
Valigura, Vern               Freshman Picture        1962-0035
Valley View Service                    Advertisement              1948-0163
Vandergriff, J.R.             FFA History       1942-0063
Vanlandingham, Gerald                    4th Grade   1918-0017
Vanlandingham, Jewel  3rd Grade                    1918-0017
Vaughan, Ava               Home Ec. Group Picture                1939-0043
Vaughn Dunaway Motor Co., Mineral Wells               Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0098
Vaughn Dunaway Motor Co., Mineral Wells               Advertisement/Picture                    1966-0115
Vaughn Dunaway Motor Co., Mineral Wells               Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0121
Vaughn Dunaway Motor Co., Mineral Wells               Advertisement/Picture                    1968-0103
Vaughn Dunaway Motor Co., Mineral Wells               Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0116
Vaughn Dunaway Motor Co., Mineral Wells               Advertisement/Picture                    1970-0119
Vaughn Dunaway Motor Co., Mineral Wells               Advertisement/Picture                    1971-0118
Vaughn Dunaway Motor Co., Mineral Wells               Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0111
Vaughn Dunaway Motor Co., Mineral Wells               Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0130
Vaughn Dunaway Used Car                    Advertisement              1951-0159
Vaughn, Ava                 Group Picture        1939-0014
Vaughn, Ava                 Junior Picture        1939-0022
Vaughn, Ava                 Typing Class Group Picture     1939-0046
Vaughn, Avve               Play Group Picture        1939-0045
Vaughn, James             Bus Driver Picture        1969-0014
Vaughn, James W.       Faculty Picture        1969-0016
Venona's House of Beauty, Mineral Wells               Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0107
Venona's House of Beauty, Mineral Wells               Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0129
Vincent, Frank              Junior Picture        1965-0023
Vincent's Variety Store                    Advertisement              1954-0071
Visentine's Fine Foods, Mineral Wells - Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Visentine                    Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0121
Visentine's Fine Foods, Mineral Wells - Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Visentine                    Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0103
Volley Ball Girls             Picture, Group         1948-0091
Volley Ball Girls             Picture, Group         1949-0083
Volleyball Team             Picture, Group         1946-0095
Volleyball Team - Girls Picture, Group         1947-0125
Von Atzigen, Christian                    Kindergarten Picture   1976-0033
Von Atzigen, Christian                    1st Grade Picture          1977-0038
Von Atzigen, Christian                    2nd Grade Picture         1978-0063
Von Atzigen, Christian                    3rd Grade Picture          1979-0046
Voss Motors                    Advertisement/Picture                    1977-0131
W.A. Woods Drugs                    Advertisement              1918-0030
W.B. Mann Feed & Seed                    Advertisement              1948-0163
W.E. (Doc) Sherd Furniture                    Advertisement              1950-0096
W.E. Geer Plumbing                    Advertisement              1953-0104
W.E. Geer Plumbing                    Advertisement              1954-0082
W.G. Mask & Co Groceries                    Advertisement              1918-0031
W.H. Bowden & Sons                    Advertisement              1953-0091
W.H. Bowden & Son's Dept Store                    Advertisement              1947-0167
W.I. Oates Texaco - W.I., Sammie & Randy Oates             Advertisement/Picture                    1976-0110
W.I. Oats Texaco - W.I., Sammie & Randy Oates             Advertisement/Picture                    1975-0133
W.P. Turner Grocery                    Advertisement              1951-0159
W.T. Farmer Used Cars                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0101
Waddle, Dale                1st Grade Picture        1961-0047
Waddle, Dale                Favorites Picture        1961-0056
Waddle, Dale                2nd Grade Picture        1962-0044
Waddle, Dale                King Picture        1962-0051
Waddle, Dale                3rd Grade Picture        1963-0039
Waddle, Dale                4th Grade Picture        1964-0044
Waddle, Dale                5th Grade Picture        1965-0031
Waddle, Dale                6th Grade Picture        1966-0032
Waddle, Dale                7th Grade Picture        1967-0029
Wade, Alton                  2nd Grade                    1918-0016
Wade, Alton                 8th Grade Picture        1960-0036
Wade, Alton                 Freshman Picture        1961-0037
Wade, Alton                    Sophomore Picture      1962-0031
Wade, Alton                 Junior Picture        1963-0023
Wade, Alton                 Senior Picture        1964-0022
Wade, Bill   Picture, 7th Grade                    1947-0075
Wade, Dale                    Picture, 7th Grade          1947-0075
Wade, Dale                    Picture, 8th Grade          1948-0071
Wade, Dale                    Picture, Freshman   1949-0049
Wade, Dale                    Picture, Sophomore                    1950-0035
Wade, Dale                    Picture, Sophs, Class Favorite Boy             1950-0055
Wade, Dale                    Picture, Junior         1951-0051
Wade, Dale                    Picture, Senior         1952-0031
Wade, Dorothy Deen   5th Grade Picture        1939-0030
Wade, Dorothy Deen   Choral Club Group Picture      1939-0041
Wade, Dortha Dean      Freshman Group Picture                1942-0039
Wade, Ida   9th Grade   1918-0019
Wade, Jack 7th Grade Picture                    1939-0028
Wade, Jack Mention     1942-0029
Wade, Jack Junior Play Cast                    1942-0061
Wade, Jack FFA History                    1942-0063
Wade, Jean                    3rd Grade Picture        1939-0032
Wade, Jean                    Group Picture        1939-0040
Wade, Jean                    Picture, Junior         1946-0043
Wade, Jean                    Picture, Senior         1947-0035
Wade, Jean                    Picture, Annual Staff                 1947-0105
Wade, Jimmie                 Picture, 6th Grade          1948-0069
Wade, Jimmy                 Picture, 8th Grade          1950-0043
Wade, Jimmy                 Picture, Freshman   1951-0061
Wade, Jimmy                 Picture, Sophomore                    1952-0047
Wade, Jimmy                 Picture, Junior         1953-0021
Wade, Jimmy                 Picture, Senior         1954-0016
Wade, Jimmy                 Picture, Best Citizen Boy           1954-0044
Wade, Jimmy Grant       Picture, Senior Friendliest Boy 1954-0018
Wade, Jimmy Rant        Picture, 7th Grade          1949-0061
Wade, Lester                 4th Grade                    1918-0017
Wade, Ollie                    4th Grade                    1918-0017
Wade, Otis                    Class of 1918            1964-0062
Wade, Peggy                 Annual Staff            1950-0013
Wade, Peggy                 Picture, Senior         1950-0023
Wade, Peggy                 Picture, Senior Girls Basketball                    1950-0063
Wade, Peggy                 Volley Ball Girls            1949-0081
Wade, Peggy Sue         Picture, Freshmen Class Officers                 1947-0055
Wade, Peggy Sue         Picture, Girl's Volleyball             1947-0123
Wade, Peggy Sue         Picture, Sophomore                    1948-0051
Wade, Peggy Sue         Picture, Volleyball  1948-0089
Wade, Peggy Sue         Picture, Junior         1949-0039
Wade, Sidney                7th Grade                    1918-0018
Wade, Twilla June        5th Grade Picture        1939-0030
Wade, Twilla June        Choral Club Group Picture      1939-0041
Wade, Twilla June        Freshman Group Picture                1942-0039
Waggener, G.E., Dr.     Tarleton State College                 1965-0011
Wagnon, Imo Jean        Junior Picture        1942-0027
Wagnon, Marlin            Picture, Sophomore                    1947-0051
Wake, Jack Junior Picture                    1942-0027
Walker, Ann                  Picture, Freshman   1952-0053
Walker, Ann                  Picture, Sophomore                    1953-0025
Walker, Ann                  Picture, Junior         1954-0022
Walker, Delbert             Picture, 8th Grade          1954-0033
Walker, Delbert             Freshman Picture        1955-0029
Walker, Delbert                    Sophomore Picture      1956-0027
Walker, J.J. Grocery                    Advertisement              1951-0159
Walker, Ray Ned           Picture, Sophomore                    1948-0051
Walker, Ray Ned           Picture, Junior         1949-0039
Walker, Ray Ned           Annual Staff            1950-0013
Walker, Ray Ned           Picture, Senior         1950-0023
Walker, Ray Ned           Picture, Best Citizen Boy           1950-0054
Walker, Roy Ned           Picture, Junior Class Favorite Boy              1949-0077
Walkers Feed Store, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1963-0082
Walker's Feed Store, Mineral Wells          Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0127
Walkers Frozen Food Locker                    Advertisement              1954-0081
Waller, Dianna             Senior Picture        1968-0019
Waller, Dianna             Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1968-0094
Waller, Kelley               5th Grade Picture        1979-0044
Waller, Kelly                 3rd Grade Picture        1977-0036
Waller, Kelly                 Favorites Picture        1977-0040
Waller, Kelly                 Favorites Picture        1978-0059
Waller, Kelly                 4th Grade Picture        1978-0061
Waller, Kelly                 Queen Picture        1978-0077
Waller, Mike                 7th Grade Picture        1977-0030
Waller, Mike                 King Picture        1977-0062
Waller, Mike                 8th Grade Picture        1978-0054
Waller, Mike                 Favorites Picture        1979-0024
Waller, Mike                 Freshman Picture        1979-0035
Walston, Janet              Picture, 4th Grade          1950-0045
Walston, Patsy              Picture, Freshman   1947-0055
Walston, Patsy              Picture, Sophomore                    1948-0051
Walston, Patsy              Picture, Junior         1949-0039
Walston, Patsy              Picture, Junior Class Favorite Girl                1949-0077
Walston, Patsy              Annual Staff            1950-0013
Walston, Patsy              Picture, Senior         1950-0023
Walston, Wayne           Picture, Senior         1946-0029
Wampler, Bob                Picture, Historian    1947-0099
Wampler, Bob                Picture, Annual Staff                 1947-0105
Wampler, Bob                Picture, Boy's Basketball           1947-0119
Wampler, Bob                Picture, Annual Staff                 1948-0013
Wampler, Bob                Picture, Senior         1948-0035
Wampler, Bob                Picture, Most Popular Boy       1948-0077
Wampler, Bob                Picture, Basketball                      1948-0095
Wampler, Bob                Picture, Junior         1947-0043
Wampler, Bobby           Picture, Sophomore                    1946-0051
Wampler, Margaret       Picture, Annual Staff                 1947-0105
Wampler, Margaret       Picture, Senior Class Officers   1947-0029
Wampler, Margaret B   Picture, Senior         1947-0035
Wand & Simmon Magnolia                    Advertisement              1948-0167
Wanda's Hair Shack                    Advertisement/Picture                    1979-0121
Warren, Lydia              1st Grade Picture        1971-0037
Warren, Lydia              2nd Grade Picture        1972-0036
Warren, Lydia              3rd Grade Picture        1973-0040
Warren, Lydia              4th Grade Picture        1974-0045
Washateria Advertisement                    1954-0083
Waterman, Debbie       1st Grade Picture        1971-0037
Waterman, Debbie       2nd Grade Picture        1972-0036
Waterman, Debbie       3rd Grade Picture        1973-0040
Waterman, Deborah    4th Grade Picture        1974-0045
Waterman, Deborah    5th Grade Picture        1975-0038
Waterman, Ronnie       2nd Grade Picture        1970-0047
Waterman, Ronnie       3rd Grade Picture        1971-0035
Waterman, Ronnie       4th Grade Picture        1972-0034
Waterman, Ronnie       5th Grade Picture        1973-0036
Waterman, Ronnie       6th Grade Picture        1974-0041
Waterman, Ronnie       7th Grade Picture        1975-0034
Watkins, David            1st Grade Picture        1963-0041
Watkins, David            2nd Grade Picture        1964-0046
Watkins, John               Picture, Sophomore                    1948-0051
Watkins, John               Picture, Junior         1949-0039
Watkins, Judy               1st Grade Picture        1959-0043
Watkins, Judy              3rd Grade Picture        1961-0045
Watkins, Judy Kay      4th Grade Picture        1962-0042
Watkins, Judy Kay      5th Grade Picture        1963-0037
Watkins, Judy Kay      6th Grade Picture        1964-0042
Watkins, Kenneth         Picture, Sophomore                    1948-0051
Watkins, Kennith          Picture, Junior         1949-0039
Watkins, Monty            Picture, 2nd Grade  1948-0065
Watkins, Monty Ray    Picture, 3rd Grade          1949-0057
Watson, Bruce             1st Grade Picture        1964-0047
Watson, Howard         2nd Grade Picture        1962-0044
Watson, Howard         3rd Grade Picture        1963-0039
Watson, Howard         4th Grade Picture        1964-0044
Waybourn, Rodney                    Sophomore Picture      1978-0047
Waybourn, Roger        8th Grade Picture        1978-0054
Wayne Rider Cleaner                    Advertisement              1939-0051
Wayne Rider Dry Cleaners                    Advertisement              1950-0098
Weatherford                    Advertisement              1953-0097
Weatherford College                    Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0134
Weaver, Billy                 Freshman Picture        1955-0029
Weaver, Billy                 Favorites Picture        1955-0048
Weaver, Billy                    Sophomore Picture      1956-0027
Weaver, Bobby             8th Grade Picture        1955-0032
Weaver, Bobby             Freshman Picture        1956-0031
Weaver, Dale                    Sophomore Picture      1955-0025
Weaver, Dale                 Junior Picture        1956-0023
Weaver, Lou Ella           Picture, Entered School Late    1953-0068
Weaver, Margaret         Freshman Picture        1955-0029
Weaver, Truman           Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0026
Webb Insurance Agency, Mineral Wells - Bill Webb                    Advertisement/Picture                    1969-0123
Webb, Angie                 Freshman Group Picture                1942-0039
Webb, Dovie                 8th Grade                    1918-0019
Webb, Doyce                3rd Grade                    1918-0017
Webb, Doyle                 5th Grade                    1918-0018
Webb, Gracie                 5th Grade                    1918-0018
Webb, Irene                   Picture, 5th Grade          1947-0073
Webb, Irene                   Picture, 6th Grade          1948-0069
Webb, Irene                   Picture, 7th Grade          1949-0061
Webb, Irene                   Picture, 8th Grade          1950-0043
Webb, Irene                   Picture, Freshman   1951-0061
Webb, Irene                   Picture, Girls Basketball             1951-0093
Webb, Irene                   Picture, Sophomore                    1952-0047
Webb, J.C., The City Hotel                    Advertisement              1918-0034
Webb, Jewel                  5th Grade                    1918-0018
Webb, Johnie                5th Grade Picture        1957-0037
Webb, Johnie                7th Grade Picture        1959-0037
Webb, Johnie               8th Grade Picture        1960-0036
Webb, Johnie               Freshman Picture        1961-0037
Webb, Johnie                    Sophomore Picture      1962-0031
Webb, Johnie               Junior Picture        1963-0023
Webb, Johnie               Senior Picture        1964-0022
Webb, Johnie               Favorites Picture        1964-0050
Webb, Johnie, Jr.          3rd Grade Picture        1955-0037
Webb, Johnie, Jr.          4th Grade Picture        1956-0038
Webb, Johnnie              6th Grade Picture        1958-0038
Webb, Jr., Johnnie        Picture, 1st Grade          1953-0041
Webb, Jr., Johnnie        Picture, 2nd Grade  1954-0039
Webb, Lester                 4th Grade                    1918-0017
Webb, Loren                  Senior Picture        1939-0017
Webb, Loren                  Favorites Picture        1939-0020
Webb, Loren                  Basketball Group Picture                1939-0036
Webb, Loren                  Theatre Group Picture                1939-0044
Webb, Muriel                3rd Grade                    1918-0017
Webb, Rob 3rd Grade   1918-0017
Webb, Tressie               7th Grade                    1918-0018
Webb, Truitt                  2nd Grade Picture        1939-0033
Webb, Truitt                  Picture, Sophomore                    1947-0051
Webb, Truitt                  Picture, Junior         1948-0045
Webb's Service Station                    Advertisement              1954-0074
Weehunt, Bill               Faculty Picture        1964-0015
Weehunt, Bill               Coach Picture        1964-0068
Weehunt, Bill               Coach Picture        1964-0074
Weeks, Linda                 Junior Picture        1955-0022
Weeks, Linda                 Senior Picture        1956-0018
Weeks, Mike                8th Grade Picture        1979-0038
Wehetstone, Ruth        Picture, 8th Grade          1948-0071
Welch, Coach               Award Picture        1973-0100
Welch, Ted                   Faculty Picture        1971-0017
Welch, Ted                   Bus Driver Picture        1971-0019
Welch, Ted                   Coach Picture        1971-0059
Welch, Ted                   Faculty Picture        1972-0016
Welch, Ted                   Bus Driver Picture        1972-0019
Welch, Ted                   Coach Picture        1972-0072
Welch, Ted                   Faculty Picture        1973-0015
Welch, Ted                   Bus Driver Picture        1973-0018
Welch, Ted                   Coach Picture        1973-0093
Wells, Janette               7th Grade Picture        1970-0039
Wells-Shaw Motors                    Advertisement              1948-0139
Wells-Shaw Motors                    Advertisement              1949-0135
West Texas Café                    Advertisement              1951-0163
West Texas Café                    Advertisement              1954-0066
West, Tempe                 2nd Grade                      1918-0020
Westerman, Vanessa                    Kindergarten Picture   1976-0033
Western Auto                     Advertisement              1950-0100
Western Auto                     Advertisement              1951-0161
Western Auto                     Advertisement              1952-0125
Western Auto                     Advertisement              1953-0088
Western Auto                     Advertisement              1954-0082
Western Auto Store                    Advertisement              1947-0155
Western Auto Store                    Advertisement              1948-0163
Western Auto, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1971-0116
Western Auto, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1972-0111
Western Auto, Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0131
Whaley, Alan               1st Grade Picture        1971-0037
Whaley, Alan               2nd Grade Picture        1972-0036
Whaley, Alan               3rd Grade Picture        1973-0040
Whaley, Alan               4th Grade Picture        1974-0045
Whaley, Alan               Favorites Picture        1974-0059
Whaley, Alan               5th Grade Picture        1975-0038
Whaley, Alan               6th Grade Picture        1976-0026
Whaley, Alan               7th Grade Picture        1977-0030
Whaley, Alan               Award Picture        1977-0065
Whaley, Alan               8th Grade Picture        1978-0054
Whaley, Alan               Freshman Picture        1979-0035
Whaley, Allen              Class Officer Picture               1976-0027
Whaley, Billie, Mrs.     Faculty Picture        1969-0017
Whaley, Billie, Mrs.     Faculty Picture        1970-0017
Whaley, Billie, Mrs.     Faculty Picture        1971-0017
Whaley, Billie, Mrs.     Faculty Picture        1972-0017
Whaley, Billie, Mrs.     Faculty Picture        1973-0016
Whaley, Billie, Mrs.     Faculty Picture        1974-0021
Whaley, Billie, Mrs.     Faculty Picture        1975-0017
Whaley, Billie, Mrs.     Faculty Picture        1976-0037
Whaley, Billie, Mrs.     Faculty Picture        1977-0009
Whaley, Billie, Mrs.     Faculty Picture        1978-0018
Whaley, Billie, Mrs.     Sponsor Picture        1978-0060
Whaley, Blain                Picture, Junior         1949-0039
Whaley, Blaine              Picture, Sophomore                    1948-0051
Whaley, Blaine              Picture, Senior         1950-0023
Whaley, Blaine             Bus Driver Picture        1969-0014
Whaley, Blaine             Sponsor Picture        1970-0022
Whaley, Blaine             Bus Driver Picture        1971-0019
Whaley, Blaine             Principal Picture        1973-0013
Whaley, Blaine             Faculty Picture        1975-0015
Whaley, Blaine             Principal Picture        1976-0034
Whaley, Blaine             Faculty Picture        1976-0036
Whaley, Blaine             Principal Picture        1978-0017
Whaley, Blaine             Sponsor Picture        1978-0056
Whaley, Blaine             Principal Picture        1979-0009
Whaley, David             1st Grade Picture        1969-0046
Whaley, David             2nd Grade Picture        1970-0047
Whaley, David             3rd Grade Picture        1971-0035
Whaley, David             Favorites Picture        1971-0044
Whaley, David             4th Grade Picture        1972-0034
Whaley, David             5th Grade Picture        1973-0036
Whaley, David             Class Officer Picture               1974-0040
Whaley, David             6th Grade Picture        1974-0041
Whaley, David             7th Grade Picture        1975-0034
Whaley, David             8th Grade Picture        1976-0022
Whaley, David             Award Picture        1976-0100
Whaley, David             Freshman Picture        1977-0025
Whaley, David             Who's Who Picture                  1978-0034
Whaley, David             Who's Who Picture                  1978-0035
Whaley, David                    Sophomore Picture      1978-0047
Whaley, David             Junior Picture        1979-0030
Whaley, David             Award Picture        1979-0100
Whaley, Lance             3rd Grade Picture        1969-0044
Whaley, Lance             4th Grade Picture        1970-0045
Whaley, Lance             Favorites Picture        1970-0054
Whaley, Lance             5th Grade Picture        1971-0033
Whaley, Lance             Favorites Picture        1971-0044
Whaley, Lance             6th Grade Picture        1972-0032
Whaley, Lance             7th Grade Picture        1973-0032
Whaley, Lance             Class Officer Picture               1974-0036
Whaley, Lance             8th Grade Picture        1974-0037
Whaley, Lance             Award Picture        1974-0114
Whaley, Lance             Freshman Picture        1975-0031
Whaley, Lance                    Sophomore Picture      1976-0018
Whaley, Lance             Junior Picture        1977-0017
Whaley, Lance             Favorites Picture        1977-0043
Whaley, Lance             Favorites Picture        1977-0045
Whaley, Lance             Award Picture        1977-0065
Whaley, Lance             Favorites Picture        1978-0022
Whaley, Lance             Favorites Picture        1978-0026
Whaley, Lance             Favorites Picture        1978-0030
Whaley, Lance             Who's Who Picture                  1978-0035
Whaley, Lance             Senior Picture        1978-0039
Whaley, Lance             Beau Picture        1978-0074
Whaley, Mr.                 PTA Officer Picture               1970-0056
Whaley, Mrs.               Faculty Picture        1979-0011
Whaley, Susan             1st Grade Picture        1973-0044
Whaley, Susan             2nd Grade Picture        1974-0049
Whaley, Susan             4th Grade Picture        1976-0029
Whaley, Susan             5th Grade Picture        1977-0034
Whaley, Susan             Favorites Picture        1977-0040
Whaley, Susan             6th Grade Picture        1978-0058
Whaley, Susan             7th Grade Picture        1979-0039
Whaley, Susie              3rd Grade Picture        1975-0040
Whaley, W. Blaine      Principal Picture        1977-0007
Whaley, W.B.               Faculty Picture        1969-0016
Whaley, W.B.               Faculty Picture        1970-0016
Whaley, W.B.               Faculty Picture        1971-0016
Whaley, W.B.               Principal Picture        1974-0017
Whaley, William B.      Principal Picture        1972-0015
Whaley, William B.      Faculty Picture        1972-0016
Whaley, William B.      Faculty Picture        1973-0016
Whaley, William B.      Faculty Picture        1974-0021
Whaley, William Lance                    Award Picture               1978-0107
Wheelers Food Store                    Advertisement              1950-0101
Whetstone, Charles      Picture, 4th Grade          1947-0071
Whetstone, Charles      Picture, 5th Grade          1948-0069
Whetstone, Charles      Picture, 6th Grade          1949-0059
Whetstone, Charles      Picture, 7th Grade          1950-0043
Whetstone, Charles      Picture, 8th Grade          1951-0065
Whetstone, Maxi Ruth Picture, Sophomore                    1950-0035
Whetstone, Maxie        Picture, 7th Grade          1947-0075
Whetstone, Maxie        Picture, Freshman   1949-0049
Whetstone, Ruth          Picture, Senior Girls Basketball                    1950-0063
Whisenhunt, Ametta    Picture, 1st Grade          1953-0041
Whisenhunt, Annetta  Picture, 2nd Grade  1954-0039
Whisenhunt, Annetta  3rd Grade Picture        1955-0037
Whisenhunt, Annetta  4th Grade Picture        1956-0038
Whisenhunt, Annetta  5th Grade Picture        1957-0037
Whisenhunt, Annetta  6th Grade Picture        1958-0038
Whisenhunt, Annetta  7th Grade Picture        1959-0037
Whisenhunt, Annetta 8th Grade Picture        1960-0036
Whisenhunt, Annetta Freshman Picture        1961-0037
Whisenhunt, Annetta                    Sophomore Picture      1962-0031
Whisenhunt, Annetta Junior Picture        1963-0023
Whisenhunt, Barbara   Freshman Picture        1957-0031
Whisenhunt, Barbara                    Sophomore Picture      1958-0029
Whisenhunt, Barbara   Junior Picture        1959-0025
Whisenhunt, Barbara   Queen Picture        1959-0056
Whisenhunt, Barbara  Senior Picture        1960-0018
Whisenhunt, Barbara  Favorites Picture        1960-0052
Whisenhunt, Beverly   1st Grade Picture        1955-0039
Whisenhunt, Beverly   2nd Grade Picture        1956-0040
Whisenhunt, Beverly   3rd Grade Picture        1957-0039
Whisenhunt, Beverly   4th Grade Picture        1958-0040
Whisenhunt, Beverly   5th Grade Picture        1959-0039
Whisenhunt, Beverly  6th Grade Picture        1960-0038
Whisenhunt, Beverly  7th Grade Picture        1961-0041
Whisenhunt, Beverly  8th Grade Picture        1962-0038
Whisenhunt, Beverly  Freshman Picture        1963-0031
Whisenhunt, Beverly                    Sophomore Picture      1964-0033
Whisenhunt, Beverly  Junior Picture        1965-0023
Whisenhunt, Beverly  Senior Picture        1966-0021
Whisenhunt, Beverly  Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1966-0094
Whisenhunt, Donal     8th Grade Picture        1963-0034
Whisenhunt, Donald  7th Grade Picture        1962-0039
Whisenhunt, Earl          Picture, 7th Grade          1952-0059
Whisenhunt, Earl                    Sophomore Picture      1955-0025
Whisenhunt, Earl          Junior Picture        1956-0023
Whisenhunt, Earl          Senior Picture        1957-0018
Whisenhunt, Earl          Favorites Picture        1957-0053
Whisenhunt, Ed           Bus Driver Picture        1976-0035
Whisenhunt, John       Bus Driver Picture        1975-0020
Whisenhunt, John D.  Bus Driver Picture        1970-0019
Whisenhunt, John D.  Bus Driver Picture        1971-0019
Whisenhunt, John D.  Bus Driver Picture        1972-0019
Whisenhunt, John D.  Bus Driver Picture        1973-0018
Whisenhunt, John D.  Bus Driver Picture        1974-0023
Whisenhunt, Reta         Picture, 3rd Grade          1950-0045
Whisenhunt, Reta         Picture, 4th Grade          1951-0071
Whisenhunt, Reta         Junior Picture        1958-0025
Whisenhunt, Reta Jo    Picture, 1st Grade          1948-0065
Whisenhunt, Reta Jo    Picture, 7th Grade          1954-0034
Whisenhunt, Reta Jo    8th Grade Picture        1955-0032
Whisenhunt, Reta Jo    Freshman Picture        1956-0031
Whisenhunt, Reta Jo                    Sophomore Picture      1957-0027
Whisenhunt, Reta Jo    Sweetheart Picture        1958-0052
Whisenhunt, Rita          Picture, 5th Grade          1952-0061
Whisenhunt, Rita          Picture, 6th Grade          1953-0038
Whisenhut, Barbara     Picture, 4th Grade          1952-0063
Whitaker, E.B.                    Seperintendent of Jack County Schools      1965-0011
Whitaker, Lynn            4th Grade Picture        1966-0034
Whitaker, Lynn Earl    5th Grade Picture        1967-0031
Whitaker, Tommy        5th Grade Picture        1966-0033
Whitaker, Tommy        6th Grade Picture        1967-0030
White Auto Store                    Advertisement              1950-0095
White Auto Store                    Advertisement              1952-0105
White, Bitsy Sue          1st Grade Picture        1978-0064
White, Chester             5th Grade Picture        1963-0037
White, David                 1st Grade Picture        1956-0041
White, David                 2nd Grade Picture        1957-0040
White, David                 3rd Grade Picture        1958-0041
White, Goldie               4th Grade Picture        1963-0038
White, James                 6th Grade Picture        1956-0036
White, James                 7th Grade Picture        1957-0035
White, James Wessley 8th Grade Picture        1958-0036
White, Jerry                  Senior Picture        1967-0021
White, Jerry                  Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1967-0097
White, Karon                2nd Grade Picture        1963-0040
White, Margaret            Junior Picture        1939-0022
White, Margaret            Typing Class Group Picture     1939-0046
White, Ronnie               5th Grade Picture        1956-0037
White, Ronnie               6th Grade Picture        1957-0036
White, Ronnie               7th Grade Picture        1958-0037
Whited, Tommy           3rd Grade Picture        1961-0045
Whitehead, Carrie                    Kindergarten Picture   1976-0033
Whitehead, Carrie        1st Grade Picture        1977-0038
Whitehead, Carrie        2nd Grade Picture        1978-0063
Whitehead, Ernie         Freshman Picture        1965-0027
Whitehead, Ernie                    Sophomore Picture      1966-0026
Whitehead, Ernie         Junior Picture        1967-0023
Whitehead, Ernie         Favorites Picture        1968-0017
Whitehead, Ernie         Senior Picture        1968-0019
Whitehead, Ernie         Favorites Picture        1968-0036
Whitehead, Ernie         Beau Picture        1968-0078
Whitehead, Ernie         Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1968-0094
Whitehead, James                    Sophomore Picture      1965-0025
Whitehead, James Stanley                    Freshman Picture         1964-0037
Whitehead, Sharon     Junior Picture        1970-0027
Whitehead, Stanley     8th Grade Picture        1963-0034
Whitehead, Stanley     Junior Picture        1966-0023
Whitehead, Stanley     Senior Picture        1967-0021
Whitehead, Stanley     Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1967-0097
Wilhoit, Bobby              Picture, 8th Grade          1948-0071
Wilhoit, Bobby              Picture, Freshman   1949-0049
Wilhoit, Bobby              Picture, Sophomore                    1950-0035
Wilhoit, Bobby              Picture, 6th Grade          1950-0044
Wilhoit, Bobby              Picture, Annual Staff                 1952-0013
Wilhoit, Bobby              Picture, Senior         1952-0031
Wilhoit, Calvin             2nd Grade Picture        1966-0036
Wilhoit, Calvin             3rd Grade Picture        1967-0033
Wilhoit, Calvin             4th Grade Picture        1968-0030
Wilhoit, Calvin             5th Grade Picture        1969-0042
Wilhoit, Calvin             6th Grade Picture        1970-0040
Wilhoit, Calvin             7th Grade Picture        1971-0031
Wilhoit, Calvin             8th Grade Picture        1972-0030
Wilhoit, Calvin             Freshman Picture        1973-0028
Wilhoit, Calvin R.        1st Grade Picture        1965-0035
Wilhoit, Carolyn          5th Grade Picture        1965-0031
Wilhoit, Carolyn          6th Grade Picture        1966-0032
Wilhoit, Carolyn          7th Grade Picture        1967-0029
Wilhoit, Carolyn          Favorites Picture        1967-0036
Wilhoit, Carolyn          8th Grade Picture        1968-0026
Wilhoit, Carolyn          Freshman Picture        1969-0035
Wilhoit, Carolyn                    Sophomore Picture      1970-0031
Wilhoit, Carolyn          Junior Picture        1971-0025
Wilhoit, Carolyn          Senior Picture        1972-0023
Wilhoit, Carolyn          Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1972-0099
Wilhoit, Diane              Bus Driver Picture        1978-0020
Wilhoit, Fay                   Picture, 6th Grade          1947-0073
Wilhoit, Faye                 Picture, 7th Grade          1948-0071
Wilhoit, Faye                 Picture, 8th Grade          1949-0061
Wilhoit, Jimmy             7th Grade Picture        1967-0029
Wilhoit, Jimmy             8th Grade Picture        1968-0026
Wilhoit, Jimmy             Freshman Picture        1969-0035
Wilhoit, Jimmy                    Sophomore Picture      1970-0031
Wilhoit, Jimmy                    Sophomore Picture      1971-0027
Wilhoit, Jimmy Paul     5th Grade Picture        1965-0031
Wilhoit, Jimmy Paul     6th Grade Picture        1966-0032
Wilhoit, Johnny           6th Grade Picture        1971-0032
Wilhoit, Johnny           7th Grade Picture        1972-0031
Wilhoit, Johnny           Favorites Picture        1972-0043
Wilhoit, Johnny           8th Grade Picture        1973-0030
Wilhoit, Johnny Mack                    6th Grade Picture          1970-0040
Wilhoit, Mary                Picture, 3rd Grade          1947-0071
Wilhoit, Mary Sue        Picture, 4th Grade          1948-0067
Wilhoit, Ruthie Mae     Picture, Sophomore                    1946-0051
Wilhoit, Sue                   Picture, 5th Grade          1949-0059
Wilhoit, Sue                   Picture, 7th Grade          1951-0067
Wilhoit, Sue                   Picture, 8th Grade          1952-0057
Willems, Jeri Beth        4th Grade Picture        1979-0045
Willhite, Clinnie             3rd Grade                     1918-0021
Willhite, Dora                3rd Grade                     1918-0021
Willhite, Joe                   1st Grade                    1918-0021
Willhoit, Diane             Bus Driver Picture        1977-0011
Williams, A.W.             Faculty Picture        1962-0014
Williams, A.W.             Sponsor Picture        1962-0028
Williams, A.W.             Faculty Picture        1963-0010
Williams, A.W.             Faculty Picture        1964-0014
Williams, A.W., Mr. & Mrs.                    Sponsor Picture            1963-0020
Williams, Beverly         7th Grade Picture        1963-0035
Williams, Carol             5th Grade Picture        1963-0037
Williams, Carol             8th Grade Picture        1966-0030
Williams, Carol Ann    3rd Grade Picture        1961-0045
Williams, Carol Ann    4th Grade Picture        1962-0042
Williams, Carol Ann    6th Grade Picture        1964-0042
Williams, Carol Ann    Freshman Picture        1967-0027
Williams, Elizabeth      5th Grade Picture        1962-0041
Williams, Jackie                    Kindergarten Picture   1976-0033
Williams, Jackie            1st Grade Picture        1977-0038
Williams, Jan                1st Grade Picture        1964-0047
Williams, Jerry              4th Grade Picture        1963-0038
Williams, Joan              6th Grade Picture        1969-0040
Williams, Joy                4th Grade Picture        1962-0042
Williams, Joy                5th Grade Picture        1963-0037
Williams, Joy                6th Grade Picture        1964-0042
Williams, Kay               6th Grade Picture        1963-0036
Williams, Kay               Favorites Picture        1963-0042
Williams, Kay               7th Grade Picture        1964-0041
Williams, Kyra              4th Grade Picture        1977-0035
Williams, Marvin         7th Grade Picture        1963-0035
Williams, Mike             8th Grade Picture        1969-0038
Williams, Shirley          3rd Grade Picture        1963-0039
Williams, Terri              2nd Grade Picture        1962-0044
Williams, Terri              3rd Grade Picture        1963-0039
Williams, Terri              4th Grade Picture        1964-0044
Willie Mitchell Bulldozer                    Advertisement/Picture                    1973-0119
Willie Mitchell Dozers-Maintainers                   Advertisement/Picture                    1961-0124
Willie Mitchell Dozers-Maintainers                   Advertisement/Picture                    1962-0131
Willie Mitchell Dozers-Maintainers                   Advertisement/Picture                    1964-0085
Willie Mitchell Dozers-Maintainers                   Advertisement/Picture                    1965-0074
Willie Mitchell Dozers-Maintainers                   Advertisement/Picture                    1967-0103
Williems, Kim               3rd Grade Picture        1979-0046
Willingham, Arlene       Picture, Sophomore                    1946-0051
Willingham, Arlene       Picture, Junior Class Officers   1947-0041
Willingham, Arlene       Picture, FHA Vice President     1947-0095
Willingham, Arlene       Picture, Senior         1948-0035
Willingham, Arlene       Picture, Most Popular Girl         1948-0075
Willingham, Arlene       Picture, Volleyball  1948-0089
Willingham, Judy         Faculty Picture        1977-0009
Willingham, Judy         Faculty Picture        1978-0018
Willingham, Judy         Sponsor Picture        1978-0062
Willingham, Naomi       Picture, Freshman   1947-0055
Willingham, Naomi       Picture, Girl's Volleyball             1947-0123
Willingham, Naomi       Picture, Sophomore                    1948-0051
Willingham, Naomi       Picture, Junior         1949-0039
Willingham, Naomi       Picture, Carnival Queen             1949-0073
Willingham, Naomi       Volley Ball Girls            1949-0081
Willingham, Naomi       Picture, Senior         1950-0023
Willingham, Naomi       Picture, Most Popular Girl         1950-0051
Willingham, Naomi       Picture, Senior Girls Basketball                    1950-0063
Willingham, Naomi       Picture, Volleyball  1948-0089
Willis, A.D., Mrs.                    Homecoming Officers Picture                    1966-0046
Willis, A.D., Mrs.         PTA Officer Picture               1966-0064
Willis, A.D., Mrs.                    Homecoming Officers Picture                    1967-0042
Willis, A.D., Mrs.         PTA Officer Picture               1967-0058
Willis, A.D., Mrs.         PTA Officer Picture               1968-0039
Willis, Janis                  Faculty Picture        1974-0021
Willis, Janis                  Faculty Picture        1975-0018
Willis, Joanne                    Kindergarten Picture   1975-0043
Willis, SeLeta               PTA Officer Picture               1964-0059
Willmott, Brian             Freshman Picture        1975-0031
Willmott, Bryan                    Sophomore Picture      1976-0018
Willowcreek Fruit Stand                    Advertisement              1951-0149
Willson, Charles          5th Grade Picture        1972-0033
Wilson, Activities         Picture, Annual Staff                 1949-0017
Wilson, Darel               1st Grade Picture        1970-0048
Wilson, Darel               2nd Grade Picture        1971-0036
Wilson, Darel               3rd Grade Picture        1972-0035
Wilson, Darel               4th Grade Picture        1973-0038
Wilson, Darel               6th Grade Picture        1975-0036
Wilson, Darel               7th Grade Picture        1976-0024
Wilson, Darrel              5th Grade Picture        1974-0043
Wilson, Darrel              7th Grade Picture        1977-0030
Wilson, Darrell             8th Grade Picture        1978-0054
Wilson, Darrell             Freshman Picture        1979-0035
Wilson, Debby             1st Grade Picture        1963-0041
Wilson, Debby             2nd Grade Picture        1964-0046
Wilson, Debby             7th Grade Picture        1969-0039
Wilson, Debby             Freshman Picture        1971-0029
Wilson, Debby                    Sophomore Picture      1972-0027
Wilson, Debby             Junior Picture        1973-0024
Wilson, Debby             Senior Picture        1974-0029
Wilson, Deborah         3rd Grade Picture        1965-0033
Wilson, Deborah         4th Grade Picture        1966-0034
Wilson, Deborah         5th Grade Picture        1967-0031
Wilson, Debra              6th Grade Picture        1968-0028
Wilson, Debra              8th Grade Picture        1970-0038
Wilson, Debra              Queen Picture        1973-0056
Wilson, Dick                 Senior Picture        1964-0023
Wilson, Doyle              Bus Driver Picture        1960-0008
Wilson, Doyle              Bus Driver Picture        1961-0013
Wilson, Doyle              Bus Driver Picture        1962-0010
Wilson, Doyle              Bus Driver Picture        1963-0012
Wilson, Doyle              Bus Driver Picture        1964-0011
Wilson, Doyle              Bus Driver Picture        1965-0010
Wilson, Doyle              Bus Driver Picture        1966-0013
Wilson, Doyle              Bus Driver Picture        1967-0015
Wilson, Doyle              Bus Driver Picture        1968-0015
Wilson, Esther             6th Grade Picture        1971-0032
Wilson, Eugene             7th Grade                    1918-0018
Wilson, Gracie              2nd Grade Picture        1965-0034
Wilson, Harry                3rd Grade                    1918-0017
Wilson, J.P.,  Gin                    Advertisement              1918-0036
Wilson, Jack                  Picture, Sophomore Class Officers              1947-0049
Wilson, Jack                  Picture, Junior         1948-0045
Wilson, Jack                  Picture, Basketball                      1948-0093
Wilson, Jack                  Picture, Senior         1949-0033
Wilson, Jack                  Picture, Best Citizen Boy           1949-0071
Wilson, Jack                  Picture, Basketball                      1949-0085
Wilson, Jerry                 Picture, 1st Grade          1947-0069
Wilson, Jerry                 Picture, 2nd Grade  1948-0065
Wilson, Jerry                 Picture, entered after Jan 1        1950-0047
Wilson, Jerry                 Picture, 5th Grade          1951-0069
Wilson, Jerry                 Picture, 6th Grade          1952-0061
Wilson, Jerry                 Picture, 7th Grade          1953-0035
Wilson, Jerry                 Picture, 8th Grade          1954-0033
Wilson, Jerry                 Freshman Picture        1955-0029
Wilson, Jerry                    Sophomore Picture      1956-0027
Wilson, Jerry                 Junior Picture        1957-0023
Wilson, Jerry                1st Grade Picture        1967-0035
Wilson, Jerry                1st Grade Picture        1968-0033
Wilson, Jerry                2nd Grade Picture        1969-0045
Wilson, Jerry                4th Grade Picture        1971-0034
Wilson, Jerry                6th Grade Picture        1973-0034
Wilson, Jerry                7th Grade Picture        1974-0039
Wilson, Jerry                8th Grade Picture        1975-0032
Wilson, Jerry                    Sophomore Picture      1977-0021
Wilson, Jerry                Junior Picture        1978-0043
Wilson, Jerry                Senior Picture        1979-0028
Wilson, Jerry Alton      Memorial Picture        1958-0006
Wilson, Jerry Ray        3rd Grade Picture        1970-0046
Wilson, Jerry Ray        5th Grade Picture        1972-0033
Wilson, Jerry Ray        Freshman Picture        1976-0020
Wilson, Jimmie              Picture, 1st Grade          1953-0041
Wilson, Jimmie              Picture, 2nd Grade  1954-0039
Wilson, Jimmie              3rd Grade Picture        1955-0037
Wilson, Jimmie              4th Grade Picture        1956-0038
Wilson, Jimmy               5th Grade Picture        1957-0037
Wilson, Jimmy               7th Grade Picture        1959-0037
Wilson, Jimmy              8th Grade Picture        1960-0036
Wilson, Jimmy              Freshman Picture        1961-0037
Wilson, Jimmy                    Sophomore Picture      1962-0031
Wilson, Jimmy              Junior Picture        1963-0023
Wilson, Jimmy              Senior Picture        1964-0023
Wilson, Jimmye             6th Grade Picture        1958-0038
Wilson, Leon                 Picture, Sophomore                    1947-0051
Wilson, Leon                 Picture, Junior         1948-0045
Wilson, Leon                 Picture, Basketball                      1948-0093
Wilson, Leon                 Picture, Senior         1949-0033
Wilson, Leon                 Picture, Basketball                      1949-0085
Wilson, Lloyd                Picture, 5th Grade          1947-0073
Wilson, Loyd                 Picture, 6th Grade          1948-0069
Wilson, Loyd                 Picture, 8th Grade          1950-0043
Wilson, Loyd                 Picture, Freshman   1951-0061
Wilson, Loyd                 Picture, Sophomore                    1952-0047
Wilson, Loyd                 Picture, Junior         1953-0021
Wilson, Loyd                 Picture, Senior         1954-0017
Wilson, Luther              4th Grade                    1918-0017
Wilson, Margaret          Picture, Yearbook Staff              1946-0013
Wilson, Margaret          Picture, Senior         1946-0029
Wilson, Marley            1st Grade Picture        1968-0033
Wilson, Marley            1st Grade Picture        1969-0046
Wilson, Marley            2nd Grade Picture        1970-0047
Wilson, Marley            3rd Grade Picture        1971-0035
Wilson, Marley            4th Grade Picture        1972-0034
Wilson, Marley            5th Grade Picture        1973-0036
Wilson, Marley            Favorites Picture        1973-0053
Wilson, Marley            6th Grade Picture        1974-0041
Wilson, Marley            7th Grade Picture        1975-0034
Wilson, Marley            8th Grade Picture        1976-0022
Wilson, Marley            Freshman Picture        1977-0025
Wilson, Marley                    Sophomore Picture      1978-0047
Wilson, Marley            Junior Picture        1979-0030
Wilson, Randy             1st Grade Picture        1968-0033
Wilson, Randy             2nd Grade Picture        1969-0045
Wilson, Randy             Favorites Picture        1969-0052
Wilson, Randy             3rd Grade Picture        1970-0046
Wilson, Randy             4th Grade Picture        1971-0034
Wilson, Randy             6th Grade Picture        1973-0034
Wilson, Randy             7th Grade Picture        1974-0039
Wilson, Randy             8th Grade Picture        1975-0032
Wilson, Randy             Freshman Picture        1976-0020
Wilson, Randy                    Sophomore Picture      1977-0021
Wilson, Randy             Junior Picture        1978-0043
Wilson, Randy             Favorites Picture        1979-0023
Wilson, Randy             Senior Picture        1979-0028
Wilson, Rodney           1st Grade Picture        1973-0044
Wilson, Rodney           2nd Grade Picture        1974-0049
Wilson, Rodney           3rd Grade Picture        1975-0040
Wilson, Rodney           4th Grade Picture        1976-0029
Wilson, Rodney           5th Grade Picture        1977-0034
Wilson, Rodney           6th Grade Picture        1978-0058
Wilson, Rodney           7th Grade Picture        1979-0039
Wilson, Sandra            Cafeteria Worker Picture             1970-0019
Wilson, Shelley            Favorites Picture        1967-0037
Wilson, Shelly              1st Grade Picture        1964-0047
Wilson, Shelly              3rd Grade Picture        1966-0035
Wilson, Shelly              4th Grade Picture        1967-0032
Wilson, Shelly              5th Grade Picture        1968-0029
Wilson, Shelly              6th Grade Picture        1969-0040
Wilson, Shelly              7th Grade Picture        1970-0039
Wilson, Shelly              8th Grade Picture        1971-0030
Wilson, Shelly              Freshman Picture        1972-0029
Wilson, Shelly                    Sophomore Picture      1973-0026
Wilson, Shelly              Junior Picture        1974-0031
Wilson, Tommy             1st Grade Picture        1959-0043
Wilson, Tommy           3rd Grade Picture        1961-0045
Wilson, Tommy           4th Grade Picture        1962-0042
Wilson, Tommy           5th Grade Picture        1963-0037
Wilson, Tommy           6th Grade Picture        1964-0042
Wilson, Tommy           7th Grade Picture        1965-0029
Wilson, Tommy           8th Grade Picture        1966-0030
Wilson, Tommy           Freshman Picture        1967-0027
Wilson, Tommy                    Sophomore Picture      1968-0023
Wilson, Tommy           Junior Picture        1969-0027
Wilson, Tommy           Senior Picture        1970-0023
Wilson, Tommy           Favorites Picture        1970-0050
Wilson, Tommy           Senior Picture-Cap&Gown      1970-0105
Wilson, Truett               3rd Grade                    1918-0017
Wilton, Dawn               2nd Grade Picture        1976-0031
Wilton, Dawn               Favorites Picture        1976-0050
Wilton, Eugene            Faculty Picture        1976-0036
Wilton, Eugene            Faculty Picture        1977-0009
Wimberly Notary Public                    Advertisement              1951-0167
Wimberly, Christine      Faculty Picture        1956-0013
Wimberly, Christine      Faculty Picture        1957-0011
Wimberly, Christine      Faculty Picture        1958-0013
Wimberly, Christine      Faculty Picture        1959-0011
Wimberly, Christine    Faculty Picture        1960-0013
Wimberly, Christine    Faculty Picture        1961-0015
Wimberly, Christine    Faculty Picture        1962-0015
Wimberly, Christine    Faculty Picture        1963-0011
Wimberly, Christine    Faculty Picture        1964-0015
Wimberly, Christine    PTA Officer Picture               1964-0059
Wimberly, Christine    Faculty Picture        1965-0013
Wimberly, Edward       1st Grade Picture        1971-0037
Wimberly, Edward       Favorites Picture        1971-0044
Wimberly, Edward       2nd Grade Picture        1972-0036
Wimberly, Edward       Favorites Picture        1972-0044
Wimberly, Edward       3rd Grade Picture        1973-0040
Wimberly, Edward       4th Grade Picture        1974-0045
Wimberly, Edward       5th Grade Picture        1975-0038
Wimberly, Edward       6th Grade Picture        1976-0026
Wimberly, Frances      PTA Officer Picture               1973-0082
Wimberly, Marilyn      1st Grade Picture        1960-0043
Wimberly, Marilyn      2nd Grade Picture        1961-0046
Wimberly, Marilyn      3rd Grade Picture        1962-0043
Wimberly, Marilyn      4th Grade Picture        1963-0038
Wimberly, Marilyn      5th Grade Picture        1964-0043
Wimberly, Marilyn      6th Grade Picture        1965-0030
Windland, Brenda       Freshman Picture        1971-0029
Winfred Duncan Humble Products    Advertisement              1952-0113
Winfred Duncan Humble Products    Advertisement              1953-0101
Winters, W.B., Mrs.    Former Teacher Picture            1967-0042
Wise, Lorn Sophomore Picture                    1939-0024
Wise, Lorn Spanish Club Group Picture        1939-0042
Wisely, La Donna        1st Grade Picture        1971-0037
Wiseman, Martha        8th Grade Picture        1979-0038
Wiseman, Martha        Favorites Picture        1979-0042
Wiseman, Paul             3rd Grade Picture        1979-0046
Wisenhunt, Reta Jo      Picture, 2nd Grade  1949-0055
Womack, Bell                 Picture, 7th Grade          1948-0071
Womack, Billy               Picture, 2nd Grade  1947-0069
Womack, Billy               Picture, 2nd Grade  1948-0065
Womack, Era                  Picture, 5th Grade          1947-0073
Womack, Era Jo             Picture, 6th Grade          1948-0069
Womack, Era Jo             Picture, 7th Grade          1949-0061
Womack, Jessie Ray     Picture, 7th Grade          1947-0075
Womack, Johnnie         Picture, 1st Grade          1949-0055
Womack, Mattie            Picture, 6th Grade          1947-0073
Womack, Mattie Bell    Picture, 8th Grade          1949-0061
Wood Patsy                   Picture, 3rd Grade          1950-0045
Wood Service                    Advertisement              1951-0157
Wood, Annie Mae        Group Picture        1939-0040
Wood, Annie May       3rd Grade Picture        1939-0032
Wood, Bertha                Junior Picture        1942-0027
Wood, Bill  Picture, 3rd Grade                    1947-0071
Wood, Bill Picture, 6th Grade                    1950-0044
Wood, Bill Picture, 7th Grade                    1951-0067
Wood, Bill Picture, 8th Grade                    1952-0057
Wood, Bill Picture, Freshmen                    1953-0029
Wood, Bill Jay               Picture, 4th Grade          1948-0067
Wood, Bill Jay               Picture, 5th Grade          1949-0059
Wood, Condy                Junior Picture        1942-0027
Wood, David                Faculty Picture        1978-0018
Wood, David                Junior Picture        1978-0042
Wood, Debra                Faculty Picture        1977-0009
Wood, Emily                  Picture, 5th Grade          1950-0044
Wood, Ethelene            Picture, 6th Grade          1947-0073
Wood, Ethelene            Picture, 7th Grade          1948-0071
Wood, Ethelene            Picture, 8th Grade          1949-0061
Wood, Ethelene            Picture, Sophomore                    1951-0057
Wood, Ethelene            Picture, Junior         1952-0041
Wood, Ethelene            Picture Yearbook Staff              1953-0010
Wood, Ethelene            Picture, Senior         1953-0017
Wood, Helen                 Picture, 5th Grade          1947-0073
Wood, Helen                 Picture, 6th Grade          1948-0069
Wood, Helen                 Picture, Freshman   1951-0061
Wood, Helen                 Picture, Most Popular Girl - Fresh               1951-0085
Wood, Helen                 Picture, Sophomore                    1952-0047
Wood, Helen Joce        Picture, 7th Grade          1949-0061
Wood, J.W.                    Picture, Junior         1948-0045
Wood, James                 1st Grade Picture        1939-0034
Wood, James                 Picture, 8th Grade          1947-0075
Wood, James                 Picture, Freshman   1948-0057
Wood, Jerry                   1st Grade Picture        1959-0043
Wood, Jim  Picture, Freshman                    1949-0049
Wood, John                   Picture, 4th Grade          1953-0040
Wood, Junior                 4th Grade Picture        1939-0031
Wood, Lorene               Picture, Sophomore                    1951-0057
Wood, Lorene               Picture, Junior         1952-0041
Wood, Margorie           Picture, 6th Grade          1951-0069
Wood, Marion               Picture, Junior         1953-0021
Wood, Marjorie             Picture, 2nd Grade  1947-0069
Wood, Marjorie             Picture, 3rd Grade          1948-0067
Wood, Marjorie             Picture, 4th Grade          1949-0057
Wood, Marjorie             Picture, 7th Grade          1952-0059
Wood, Marjorie             Picture, 8th Grade          1953-0033
Wood, Muriel                Senior Picture        1939-0019
Wood, Patsy                  Picture, 2nd Grade  1949-0055
Wood, Patsy                  Picture, 4th Grade          1951-0071
Wood, Patsy                  Picture, 5th Grade          1952-0061
Wood, Patsy                  Picture, 6th Grade          1953-0038
Wood, Patsy                  Picture, 7th Grade          1954-0034
Wood, Rose                   8th Grade                    1918-0019
Wood, Rosemary          Junior Picture        1939-0022
Wood, Rosemary          Home Ec. Group Picture                1939-0043
Wood, Sandra               Picture, 7th Grade          1954-0034
Wood, Willene              Senior Picture        1939-0016
Wood., J.W.                   Picture, Senior         1949-0033
Woodard, Clodell          Picture, Senior         1946-0025
Woodard, Clodell          Picture, Volleyball  1946-0093
Woodard, Jess              Junior Picture        1942-0027
Wood-McCarley                    Advertisement              1953-0081
Woods Feed Store                    Advertisement              1947-0149
Woods Jewelery Store                    Advertisement              1952-0105
Woods, Aaron              6th Grade                    1918-0018
Woods, Bessie              4th Grade                    1918-0017
Woods, Bill Jay             Picture, Freshman Favorite Boy                   1953-0049
Woods, Dixie                 2nd Grade                    1918-0016
Woods, Emma               7th Grade                    1918-0018
Woods, Ethelene          Picture, Freshman   1950-0039
Woods, Helen               Picture, 8th Grade          1950-0043
Woods, Hill                    5th Grade                    1918-0018
Woods, J.E. Dr.  President                    School Board                1918-0007
Woods, James               Group Picture        1939-0040
Woods, Jim                    1st Grade                    1918-0016
Woods, John                 Picture, 3rd Grade          1952-0063
Woods, John                 Picture, 5th Grade          1954-0036
Woods, John                 6th Grade Picture        1955-0034
Woods, John                 7th Grade Picture        1956-0035
Woods, John                 8th Grade Picture        1957-0034
Woods, John                 Freshman Picture        1958-0033
Woods, John                    Sophomore Picture      1959-0029
Woods, John                Junior Picture        1960-0025
Woods, John                Beau Picture        1960-0068
Woods, John                Senior Picture        1961-0022
Woods, John                Favorites Picture        1961-0025
Woods, John                Favorites Picture        1961-0050
Woods, John                King Picture        1961-0054
Woods, Leva Mae       Cafeteria Worker Picture             1961-0013
Woods, Leva Mae       Cafeteria Worker Picture             1964-0011
Woods, Leva Mae       Cafeteria Worker Picture             1974-0023
Woods, Leva Mae       Cafeteria Worker Picture             1975-0020
Woods, Leva Mae       Cafeteria Worker Picture             1976-0035
Woods, Leva Mae       Cafeteria Worker Picture             1977-0011
Woods, Leva Mae       Cafeteria Worker Picture             1978-0020
Woods, Lorene             Picture, Freshman   1950-0039
Woods, Mae                Cafeteria Worker Picture             1962-0010
Woods, Mae                Cafeteria Worker Picture             1963-0012
Woods, Mae                Cafeteria Worker Picture             1965-0010
Woods, Mae                Cafeteria Worker Picture             1966-0014
Woods, Mae                Cafeteria Worker Picture             1967-0015
Woods, Mae                Cafeteria Worker Picture             1968-0015
Woods, Mae                Cafeteria Worker Picture             1969-0014
Woods, Mae                Cafeteria Worker Picture             1970-0019
Woods, Mae                Cafeteria Worker Picture             1971-0019
Woods, Mae                Cafeteria Worker Picture             1972-0019
Woods, Mae                Cafeteria Worker Picture             1973-0018
Woods, Maggie            9th Grade                    1918-0019
Woods, Marion             Picture, Sophomore                    1952-0047
Woods, Marion             Picture, Junior Favorite Girl      1953-0049
Woods, Marion             Picture, Senior         1954-0017
Woods, Marion             Picture, Senior Wittiest Girl      1954-0018
Woods, Marion             Picture, Senior Best All Around Boy          1954-0018
Woods, Marion             Picture -High School Favorite Girl               1954-0045
Woods, Marion             Picture Most Athletic Girl        1954-0049
Woods, Martha             Picture, 8th Grade          1952-0057
Woods, Martha             Picture, Freshmen   1953-0029
Woods, Martha             Picture, Sophomore                    1954-0026
Woods, Martha             Picture Sophomore Class Favorite Girl      1954-0047
Woods, Martha             Junior Picture        1955-0022
Woods, Martha             Favorites Picture        1955-0048
Woods, Martha             Queen Picture        1955-0054
Woods, Martha             Senior Picture        1956-0018
Woods, Martha             Favorites Picture        1956-0047
Woods, Martha             Favorites Picture        1956-0049
Woods, Martha             Sweetheart Picture        1956-0051
Woods, Martha             Favorites Picture        1956-0052
Woods, Maude             4th Grade                    1918-0017
Woods, Mrs.                Cafeteria Worker Picture             1979-0012
Woods, Myrtle              Music Teacher      1918-0007
Woods, Myrtle              10th Grade                    1918-0019
Woods, O.R., Furniture Store                    Advertisement              1918-0035
Woods, Patsy                Picture, 1st Grade          1948-0065
Woods, Robert              1st Grade                    1918-0016
Woods, Rosa                 8th Grade                    1918-0019
Woods, Rosa Lee         6th Grade Picture        1939-0029
Woods, Sandra             Picture, 5th Grade          1952-0061
Woods, Sandra             Picture, 6th Grade          1953-0038
Woods, Sandra             8th Grade Picture        1955-0032
Woods, Sandra             Freshman Picture        1956-0031
Woods, Sandra             Favorites Picture        1956-0053
Woods, Sandra                    Sophomore Picture      1957-0027
Woods, Sandra             Junior Picture        1958-0025
Woods, Sandra             Senior Picture        1959-0019
Woods, Sandra             Favorites Picture        1959-0021
Woods, Viola                 6th Grade                    1918-0018
Woods, William "Bill"  Sketch                    1939-0007
Woolsey, Emmitt M.                    Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0100
Workman, Barbara        Picture, 7th Grade          1950-0043
Workman, Barbara        Picture, 8th Grade          1951-0065
Workman, Barbara        Picture, Freshman   1952-0053
Workman, Barbara        Picture, 4th Grade          1947-0071
Workman, Barbara        Picture, 5th Grade          1948-0069
Workman, Kathryn       Picture, 1st Grade          1947-0069
Workman, Kathryn       Picture, 2nd Grade  1948-0065
Workman, Kathryn       Picture, 4th Grade          1950-0045
Workman, Kathryn       Picture, 6th Grade          1952-0061
Workman, Kathryn       Picture, 7th Grade          1953-0035
Workman, Kathryn       Picture, 8th Grade          1954-0033
Workman, Kathryn       Freshman Picture        1955-0029
Workman, Kathryn                    Sophomore Picture      1956-0027
Workman, Kathryn       Picture, 5th Grade          1951-0069
Worthington, Vineta    List of faculty        1942-0009
Wren's Prescription Drug                    Advertisement              1953-0097
Wright Brothers Service Station                    Advertisement              1954-0079
Wright Davis & Son Tractors                    Advertisement              1946-0139
Wright, Roy                  6th Grade Picture        1975-0036
Wright, Roy                  7th Grade Picture        1976-0024
Wright, Roy                  8th Grade Picture        1977-0028
Wright, Roy                  Freshman Picture        1978-0051
Wright, Roy                    Sophomore Picture      1979-0033
Wright, Wesley           8th Grade Picture        1975-0032
Wright, Wesley           Freshman Picture        1976-0020
Wright, Wesley                    Sophomore Picture      1977-0021
Wright, Wesley           Senior Picture        1979-0028
Wright, Wesley           King Picture        1979-0090
Yanez, Richard             8th Grade Picture        1968-0026
Yarberry, Larry             Freshman Picture        1964-0037
Year Book Staff             Picture, Group         1954-0007
Year Book Staff             Picture                    1954-0007
Yearbook Staff 1939      Group Picture        1939-0014
York, Charlotte             Faculty Picture        1968-0012
York, Charlotte             Sponsor Picture        1968-0042
York, Charlotte             Faculty Picture        1969-0016
York, Charlotte             Sponsor Picture        1969-0056
York, Charlotte             Faculty Picture        1970-0016
York, Charlotte             Sponsor Picture        1970-0058
York, Charlotte             Faculty Picture        1971-0016
York, Charlotte             Sponsor Picture        1971-0052
York, Charlotte             Sponsor Picture        1971-0065
York, Charlotte             Faculty Picture        1972-0016
York, Charlotte             Sponsor Picture        1972-0046
York, Charlotte             Faculty Picture        1973-0014
York, Charlotte             Sponsor Picture        1973-0058
York, Charlotte             Sponsor Picture        1973-0091
York, Charlotte             Faculty Picture        1974-0020
York, Charlotte             Sponsor Picture        1974-0076
York, Charlotte             Faculty Picture        1975-0016
York, Charlotte             Sponsor Picture        1975-0053
York, Charlotte             Faculty Picture        1976-0036
York, Charlotte             Faculty Picture        1977-0009
York, J.D.   Faculty Picture                    1965-0012
York, Jack  FFA Officer Picture                    1965-0046
York, Jack  Faculty Picture                    1967-0016
York, Jack  Sponsor Picture                    1967-0044
York, Jack  Faculty Picture                    1968-0012
York, Jack  Sponsor Picture                    1968-0044
York, Jack  Faculty Picture                    1969-0016
York, Jack  Sponsor Picture                    1969-0058
York, Jack  Faculty Picture                    1970-0016
York, Jack  Sponsor Picture                    1970-0034
York, Jack  Sponsor Picture                    1970-0060
York, Jack  Faculty Picture                    1971-0016
York, Jack  Sponsor Picture                    1971-0050
York, Jack  Faculty Picture                    1972-0016
York, Jack  Sponsor Picture                    1972-0048
York, Jack  Faculty Picture                    1973-0014
York, Jack  Sponsor Picture                    1973-0060
York, Jack  Faculty Picture                    1974-0020
York, Jack  Sponsor Picture                    1974-0078
York, Jack  Faculty Picture                    1975-0016
York, Jack  Sponsor Picture                    1975-0057
York, Jack  Faculty Picture                    1976-0036
York, Jack  Faculty Picture                    1977-0009
York, Jack D.                 Faculty Picture        1964-0014
York, Jack D.                 Sponsor Picture        1964-0030
York, Jack D.                 Faculty Picture        1966-0013
York, Jack, Mr. & Mrs.                    Sponsor Picture            1965-0016
York, Jeff   7th Grade Picture                    1975-0034
York, Jeff   Favorites Picture                    1975-0049
York, Jeff   8th Grade Picture                    1976-0022
York, Jeff   Class Officer Picture                    1976-0023
York, Kathy                  PTA Officer Picture               1973-0082
York, Kathy                  Cafeteria Worker Picture             1976-0035
York, Kathy                  Bus Driver Picture        1976-0035
York, Mrs. Sponsor Picture                    1970-0030
York, Mrs. PTA Officer Picture                    1970-0056
York, Ronda                    Kindergarten Picture   1976-0033
York, Traci                    1st Grade Picture        1970-0048
York, Traci                    2nd Grade Picture        1971-0036
York, Traci                    3rd Grade Picture        1972-0035
York, Traci                    4th Grade Picture        1973-0038
York, Traci                    5th Grade Picture        1974-0043
York, Traci                    Favorites Picture        1974-0059
York, Traci                    Queen Picture        1974-0062
York, Traci                    6th Grade Picture        1975-0036
York, Traci                    7th Grade Picture        1976-0024
York, Traci                    8th Grade Picture        1977-0028
York, Traci                    Award Picture        1977-0065
York, Virginia                2nd Grade Picture        1972-0036
York, Virginia                3rd Grade Picture        1973-0040
York, Virginia                4th Grade Picture        1974-0045
York, Virginia                5th Grade Picture        1975-0038
York, Virginia                6th Grade Picture        1976-0026
York, Virginia                Class Officer Picture               1976-0027
Young Motor Co                    Advertisement              1947-0159
Young Motor Co                    Advertisement              1951-0135
Young Motor Co                    Advertisement              1953-0093
Young Motor Co                    Advertisement              1954-0077
Young Motor Co., Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1955-0073
Young Motor Co., Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1957-0072
Young Motor Co., Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1958-0077
Young Motor Co., Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1959-0080
Young Motor Co., Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1960-0088
Young Motor Co., Mineral Wells                    Advertisement/Picture                    1961-0089
Young, Linda                 Picture, 2nd Grade  1953-0042
Yowell, Edwin                Picture, 1st Grade          1948-0065
Yowell, Edwin                Picture, 2nd Grade  1949-0055
Yowell, Edwin                Picture, 3rd Grade          1950-0045
Yowell, Edwin                Picture, 4th Grade          1951-0071
Yowell, Edwin                Picture, Late Student                 1952-0091
Yowell, Edwin                Picture, 6th Grade          1953-0038
Yowell, Edwin                Picture, 7th Grade          1954-0034
Yowell, Edwin                8th Grade Picture        1955-0032
Yowell, Edwin                Freshman Picture        1956-0031
Yowell, Edwin                    Sophomore Picture      1957-0027
Yowell, Edwin                Senior Picture        1959-0019
Yowell, Edwin                Favorites Picture        1959-0021
Yowell, June                   Picture, Late Student                 1952-0091
Yowell, June                   Picture, 2nd Grade  1953-0042
Yowell, June                   Picture, 3rd Grade          1954-0038
Yowell, June                   4th Grade Picture        1955-0036
Yowell, June                   5th Grade Picture        1956-0037
Yowell, June                   6th Grade Picture        1957-0036
Yowell, June                   7th Grade Picture        1958-0037
Yowell, June                   8th Grade Picture        1959-0036
Yowell, June                 Freshman Picture        1960-0033
Yowell, June                    Cheerleader Picture      1960-0065
Yowell, June                    Sophomore Picture      1961-0033
Yowell, June                 Junior Picture        1962-0027
Yowell, June                 Queen Picture        1962-0050
Yowell, June                 Sweetheart Picture        1962-0073
Yowell, June                 Senior Picture        1963-0019
Yowell, June                 Favorites Picture        1963-0020
Yowell, June                 Favorites Picture        1963-0046
Yowell, La Vella             Picture, 6th Grade          1948-0069
Yowell, La Vella             Picture, 7th Grade          1949-0061
Yowell, La Vella             Picture, Freshman   1951-0061
Yowell, La Vella             Picture, Junior         1953-0021
Yowell, Lavella              Picture, 8th Grade          1950-0043
Yowell, Marilyn            Senior Picture        1964-0023
Yowell, Marilyn            Favorites Picture        1964-0025
Yowell, Marilyn            Favorites Picture        1964-0026
Yowell, Ray                    Picture, 1st Grade          1951-0073
Yowell, Ray Alan          7th Grade Picture        1957-0035
Yowell, Ray Alan          King Picture        1957-0051
Yowell, Ray Alan          8th Grade Picture        1958-0036
Yowell, Ray Alan          Freshman Picture        1959-0033
Yowell, Ray Alan          Court Attendant Picture        1959-0057
Yowell, Ray Alan                    Sophomore Picture      1960-0029
Yowell, Ray Alan         Junior Picture        1961-0029
Yowell, Ray Alan         Favorites Picture        1961-0030
Yowell, Ray Alan         Senior Picture        1962-0021
Yowell, Ray Allen         Picture, Late Student                 1952-0091
Yowell, Ray Allen         Picture, 3rd Grade          1953-0039
Yowell, Ray Allen         Picture, 4th Grade          1954-0037
Yowell, Ray Allen         5th Grade Picture        1955-0035
Yowell, Ray Allen         6th Grade Picture        1956-0036
Yowell, T.J. Picture, School Board                    1954-0009
Yowell, T.J. School Board Picture                    1955-0009
Yowell, T.J. School Board Picture                    1956-0011
Yowell, T.J. School Board Picture                    1957-0009
Yowell, T.J. School Board Picture                    1958-0009
Yowell, T.J. School Board Picture                    1959-0009
Yowell, T.J., Mr. & Mrs.                    Room Parent Picture    1960-0030
Yowell, Thelma             Mother's Club Officer Picture     1960-0061
Yowell, Thelma             Room Mother Picture             1963-0020
Yowell's Grocery                    Advertisement              1953-0108
Yowell's Grocery                    Advertisement              1954-0087
Yowell's Grocery                    Advertisement/Picture                    1955-0093