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Index  of Antelope School Yearbooks
1956, 1962 & 1963

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1956 'The Antler' Cover      Picture of Cover      1956-Antelope-001
1962 'Antler AHS' Cover      Picture of Cover      1962-Antelope-001
1963 'Antler' Cover      Picture of Cover      1963-Antelope-001
A Friend      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-054
Aldie McAnear, Tax Assessor      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-053
Allison-Meller Supply, Graham      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-064
Alois W. Schroeder      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-072
Anderson Radiator Shop, Wichita Falls, Chester Anderson      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-052
Antler Staff      Group Picture      1962-Antelope-005
Antler Staff      Group Picture      1963-Antelope-006
Archer County Abstract, Archer City      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-072
Archer County Abstract, Archer City, E.H. Trigg      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-052
Archer County Court House      Advertisement/Picture      1962-Antelope-069
Archer County Court House      Advertisement/Picture      1963-Antelope-075
Archer County News, Archer City      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-057
Arroyo, Sondra      1st Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-034
Arroyo, Sondra      7th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-025
Arroyo, Sondra      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Arroyo, Sondra      8th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-024
Arroyo, Sondra      Chorus Group Picture      1963-Antelope-043
Arroyo, Sondro      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-040
Automatic Laundry, Archer City, Mr. & Mrs. Doyle Moore      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-048
Ayers, Kay      Freshman Picture      1962-Antelope-023
B&H Construction, Jacksboro, Joe B. Burns      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-058
B.G. Holder, County Judge      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-069
B.G. Holder, County Judge      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-075
Baggett, Ann      2nd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-033
Baggett, Ann      8th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-024
Baggett, Ann      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-040
Baggett, Ann      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Baggett, Ann      Freshman Picture      1963-Antelope-022
Baggett, Ann      Basketball Group Picture      1963-Antelope-032
Baggett, Ann      Chorus Group Picture      1963-Antelope-043
Baggett, Ann      Student Council Group Picture      1963-Antelope-044
Baggett, Cherry      1st Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-034
Baggett, Cherry      7th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-025
Baggett, Cherry      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-034
Baggett, Cherry      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Baggett, Cherry      8th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-024
Baggett, Cherry      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-040
Baggett, Cherry      Chorus Group Picture      1963-Antelope-043
Baggett, Jo Ellen      3rd Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-027
Baggett, Jo Ellen      4th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-028
Bailer Meissner Co. Plumbing, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-050
Barrow, Carolyn      8th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-025
Barrow, Corrie      Faculty Picture      1956-Antelope-013
Barrow, Mary Ann      Junior Picture      1956-Antelope-019
Barrow, Mary Ann      Favorites Picture      1956-Antelope-044
Barrow, Mary Ann      Basketball Picture      1956-Antelope-048
Barrow, W.T.      Administration Picture      1956-Antelope-009
Barrow, W.T.      Memorial Picture      1962-Antelope-007
Basketball Snapshots      Snapshots      1956-Antelope-046
Basketball Snapshots      Snapshots      1963-Antelope-045
Basketball Team, Boys' High School      Group Picture      1956-Antelope-044
Basketball Team, Boys' High School      Group Picture      1962-Antelope-043
Basketball Team, Boys' High School      Group Picture      1963-Antelope-033
Basketball Team, Girls' High School      Group Picture      1956-Antelope-043
Basketball Team, Girls' High School      Group Picture      1962-Antelope-042
Basketball Team, Girls' High School      Group Picture      1963-Antelope-032
Basketball Team, Grade School      Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Basketball Team, Grade School      Group Picture      1963-Antelope-034
Ben Franklin Store, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-066
Berend Brothers, Windthorst      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-053
Boaz Department Store, Graham      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-064
Bolton, Dean      5th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-026
Bolton, Dean      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Bolton, Dean      6th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-027
Bolton, Dean      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-037
Bolton, Gene      4th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-027
Bolton, Gene      5th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-027
Bolton, Gene      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-037
Bolton, Jan      4th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-027
Bolton, Jan      5th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-027
Bolton's Grocery, Antelope      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-068
Bolton's Grocery, Antelope      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-074
Bonner, Bob      5th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-030
Bonner, Dick      5th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-030
Bonner, Lee      7th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-026
Bonner, Penny      3rd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-032
Bounds, Andy      7th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-025
Bounds, Andy      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Bounds, Andy      8th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-024
Bounds, Paula      1st Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-029
Bounds, Randy      5th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-026
Bounds, Randy      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Bounds, Randy      6th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-027
Bowen, Booker      Sophomore Picture      1956-Antelope-021
Bowen, Booker      Favorites Picture      1956-Antelope-041
Bowen, Kerry      3rd Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-027
Bowen, Kerry      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-041
Bowen, Kerry      4th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-028
Bowen, Mr.      School Board Group Picture      1963-Antelope-011
Bowen, Oliver      School Board Picture      1962-Antelope-011
Bowen, Pam      Chorus Group Picture      1963-Antelope-043
Bowen, Pamela      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Bowen, Pamela      7th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-025
Bowen, Pamela      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-040
Bowen, Pamela C.      6th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-026
Branch, Doris Ann      1st Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-034
Branch, Nadine      Freshman Picture      1956-Antelope-023
Branch, Nadine      Basketball Picture      1956-Antelope-048
Branch, Ralph      6th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-029
Brazos Telephone Coop, Olney      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-048
Brazos Telephone Coop, Olney      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-051
Brock, Buster      Sophomore Picture      1956-Antelope-021
Brock, Buster      Favorites Picture      1956-Antelope-038
Brock, Buster      Favorites Picture      1956-Antelope-043
Brock, Buster      Basketball Picture      1956-Antelope-049
Brock, Melva      Freshman Picture      1956-Antelope-023
Brock, Melva      Basketball Picture      1956-Antelope-048
Brock, Rosala      4th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-031
Brock, Rosala      Sophomore Picture      1962-Antelope-022
Brock, Rosala      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-039
Brock, Rosala      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-042
Brock, Rosala      Antler Staff Group Picture      1963-Antelope-006
Brock, Rosala      Junior Picture      1963-Antelope-018
Brock, Rosala      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-030
Brock, Rosala      Basketball Group Picture      1963-Antelope-032
Brock, Rosala      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-039
Brock, Rosala      Chorus Group Picture      1963-Antelope-043
Brock, Rosala      Student Council Group Picture      1963-Antelope-044
Brotherton & White Sporting Goods, Wichita Falls      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-060
Burt, Sandra Kay      3rd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-032
Bush Jewelry, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-057
Bushey's Deptment Store, Olney      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-067
C.B. Shaw Insurance, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-069
C.D. Shamburger Lumber, Jacksboro      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-058
C.D. Shamburger Lumber, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-055
C.D. Shamburger Lumber, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-054
C.D. Shamburger, Archer City      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-062
C.D. Shamburger-Furrh Lumber, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-069
C.R. Anthony Co., Graham      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-062
C.T. Waldrop, Sheriff      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-066
Campbell, Ella      6th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-029
Campbell, Ella      Antler Staff Group Picture      1962-Antelope-005
Campbell, Ella      Senior Picture      1962-Antelope-016
Cantrell, Carol      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-043
Cantrell, Carrol      3rd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-032
Cantrell, Carrol      Freshman Picture      1962-Antelope-023
Cantrell, Carrol      Sophomore Picture      1963-Antelope-020
Cantrell, Clark      5th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-030
Cantrell, Clark      Junior Picture      1962-Antelope-020
Cantrell, Clark      Antler Staff Group Picture      1963-Antelope-006
Cantrell, Clark      Senior Picture      1963-Antelope-016
Cantrell, Clark, Manager      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-043
Cantrell, James      6th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-029
Cantrell, James      Senior Picture      1962-Antelope-019
Cantrell, James      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-043
Cantrell, Mae, Mrs.      Staff Picture      1962-Antelope-014
Cantrell, Mae, Mrs.      Staff Picture      1963-Antelope-014
Cantrell, Patricia      2nd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-033
Cantrell, Patricia      8th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-024
Cantrell, Patricia      Freshman Picture      1963-Antelope-022
Cantrell, Wilma Joyce      8th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-025
Carla Owen      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-068
Carney, Johnnie Lou      1st Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-034
Carney, Johnnie Lou      7th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-025
Carney, Johnnie Lou      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-037
Carney, Johnnie Lou      Chorus Group Picture      1963-Antelope-043
Carney, Johnnie 'Lou'      8th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-024
Carney, Johnny Lou      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Carter Chevrolet, Olney      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-067
Castle, Annyce      8th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-025
Castle, Edith, Mrs.      Staff Picture      1962-Antelope-014
Castle, Fred      Freshman Picture      1956-Antelope-023
Castle, Fred      Favorites Picture      1956-Antelope-041
Castle, Mary Nell      2nd Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-028
Castle, Mary Nell      3rd Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-028
Cawyer Shoes, Graham      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-057
Champ Clark Oil & Butane, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-064
Chastain, Bobby      Basketball Picture      1956-Antelope-049
Chastain, Bobby Lee      Senior Picture      1956-Antelope-015
Chastain, Bobby Lee      Favorites Picture      1956-Antelope-038
Chastain, Elizabeth      5th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-030
Cheek, Earl      Faculty Picture      1956-Antelope-013
Chorus      Group Picture      1963-Antelope-043
City Barber & Beauty Shop, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-067
City Cash Grocery, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-069
City Cleaners, Archer City      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-057
City Drug, Jacksboro      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-055
City Drug, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-049
City Drug, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-065
Clark, Floyd      2nd Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-028
Clark, Floyd      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-041
Clark, Floyd      3rd Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-028
Clark, Floyd      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-041
Clark, Lu Ruth      Senior Picture      1956-Antelope-017
Clark, Lu Ruth      Basketball Picture      1956-Antelope-048
Class of 1956      Group Picture      1956-Antelope-005
Claude A. Morrison, Sheriff      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-069
Claude A. Morrison, Sheriff      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-075
Clay's Grocery, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-057
Clip Joint, Wichita Falls, C.B. Stapp & Pee Wee Stewart      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-067
Coca Cola, Graham      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-067
Coe Ellis Furniture, Archer City      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-063
Coffelt, Bill      6th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-027
Coffelt, Billy      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-040
Coffelt, Billy      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Coffelt, Billy D.      6th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-026
Coffelt, Bobby      8th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-024
Coffelt, Bobby      8th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-024
Coffelt, Bobby      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-037
Colbert, C.D.      School Board Picture      1956-Antelope-011
Collage Hill Laundry, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-074
College Hill Laundry, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-058
Conner, C.A.      School Board Picture      1956-Antelope-011
Conner, Mary Lane      Senior Picture      1956-Antelope-017
Conner, Mary Lane      Favorites Picture      1956-Antelope-039
Conner, Mary Lane      Favorites Picture      1956-Antelope-039
Conner, Mary Lane      Basketball Picture      1956-Antelope-048
Conner, Mr.      School Board Group Picture      1963-Antelope-011
Conway, Elizabeth      8th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-025
Conway, Sam      Staff Group Picture      1963-Antelope-014
Copeland, B.E.      Memorial Picture      1963-Antelope-008
Copeland, Joe      Junior Picture      1956-Antelope-019
Copeland, Joe      Favorites Picture      1956-Antelope-040
Corse Music Co., Graham      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-062
Crites, Johnny      3rd Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-027
Cross, James      Sophomore Picture      1962-Antelope-021
Cross, Marsha      8th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-024
Cross, Marsha      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Cross, Marsha      Freshman Picture      1963-Antelope-022
Cross, Marsha      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-039
Crowley, Billy      5th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-026
Crowley, Billy      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-035
Crowley, Billy      6th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-027
Crowley, Connie      2nd Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-028
Crowley, Connie      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-041
Crowley, Connie      3rd Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-028
Crowley, Debbie      1st Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-028
Crowley, Debra      2nd Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-029
Crowley, Donnie      1st Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-029
Crowley, Harold      1st Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-028
Crowley, Ronald      4th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-027
Crowley, Ronnie      5th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-027
Crowley, Tommy      2nd Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-028
Crowley, Tommy      3rd Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-028
Cullers, Daniel      4th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-027
Cullers, Daniel      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-041
Cullers, Zelma      6th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-026
Cullers, Zelma      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Culwell's Variety, Jacksboro, Mr. & Mrs. Joe Culwell      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-054
Cy Perkins Motors, Jacksboro      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-063
Cy Perkins Motors, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-067
Cy Perkins Motors, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-066
Daily's Pharmacy, Olney      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-051
Dameron, Dwight, Manager      Basketball Group Picture      1963-Antelope-033
Damron, Dwight      Freshman Picture      1963-Antelope-022
Daugherty, Beverly      1st Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-029
Daugherty, G.W., Coach      Basketball Group Picture      1963-Antelope-032
Daugherty, G.W., Coach      Basketball Group Picture      1963-Antelope-033
Daugherty, Mr.      Faculty Picture      1963-Antelope-013
Deaver, Dewey      1st Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-034
Deaver, Dewey      7th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-025
Deaver, Dewey      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Deaver, Dewey      8th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-024
Deaver, Eddie J.      6th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-026
Deaver, Eunice      4th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-027
Deaver, Eunice      5th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-027
Deaver, Eunice      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-040
Deaver, Jim      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Deaver, Jim      7th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-025
Deaver, Jim      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-040
Deaver, Jim      Chorus Group Picture      1963-Antelope-043
Deaver, Mae Dean      2nd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-033
Deaver, Mae Dean      8th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-024
Deaver, Mae Dean      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Deaver, Mae Dean      Freshman Picture      1963-Antelope-022
Deaver, Mae Dean      Basketball Group Picture      1963-Antelope-032
Deaver, Mae Dean      Chorus Group Picture      1963-Antelope-043
Deavers, Jim      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-035
Deluxe Cleaners, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-068
Deluxe Cleaners, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-057
Denning, Bob      4th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-028
Denning, Pam      8th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-024
Denning, Pam      Chorus Group Picture      1963-Antelope-043
Denning, Pamela      1st Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-034
Denning, Pamela      7th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-025
Denning, Pamela      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Denning, Robert      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-041
Denning, Robert R.      3rd Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-027
Denning, Robert Russell      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-036
Diamond, Jean      4th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-031
Dixon, Leonard 'Rusty'      2nd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-033
Dixon, Ray      1st Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-034
Dodson, Jerry      7th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-025
Dodson, Jerry D.      6th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-026
Dodson, Michael      2nd Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-028
Dodson, Michael      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-037
Dodson, Michael      3rd Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-028
Dodson, Theo      Staff Picture      1962-Antelope-014
Dodson, Theo      Staff Picture      1963-Antelope-014
Dodson, Theo      Staff Group Picture      1963-Antelope-014
Don Idard, County Clerk      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-069
Don Ikard, County Clerk      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-075
Dorsman, Alan      7th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-025
Dorsman, Alan N.      6th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-026
Dorsman, Allan      Student Council Group Picture      1963-Antelope-044
Dorsman, Dennis      Freshman Picture      1962-Antelope-023
Dorsman, Dennis      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-033
Dorsman, Dennis      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-043
Dorsman, Dennis      Sophomore Picture      1963-Antelope-020
Duce, Ellna      Faculty Picture      1956-Antelope-013
Duerson Insurance Agency, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-066
Dutch Shult's Insurance, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-067
E.B. Whitaker, County Superintendent      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-069
E.B. Whitaker, County Superintendent      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-066
E.T. Waldrop, Sheriff      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-069
E.T. Waldrop, Sheriff      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-053
Economy Cash Feed, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-067
Edith Miller, County Treasurer      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-066
Ed's Café, Windthorst, Ed & Al      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-052
Ed's Café, Windthorst, Edward & Al Veithenheimer      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-056
Ed's Clothes, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-067
Ellis & Richardson Furniture, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-061
Ellis & Richardson Furniture, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-064
Enlow, Glenda      Senior Picture      1963-Antelope-016
Etheridge, R.M.      Superintendent Picture      1962-Antelope-009
Etheridge, R.M.      School Board Picture      1962-Antelope-011
Etheridge, Raymond M.      Faculty Picture      1962-Antelope-012
Factory Outlet Shoe Store, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-068
Farmer & Lanham Men's Wear, Graham      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-059
Farmer & Lanham Men's Wear, Graham      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-051
Fedway, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-068
Fedway, Wichita Falls      Advertisement/Picture      1963-Antelope-070
Ferguson, Ray      Antler Staff Group Picture      1962-Antelope-005
Ferguson, Ray      Senior Picture      1962-Antelope-017
Ferguson, Ray      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-030
Ferguson, Ray      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-038
Ferguson, Ray      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-043
Finley's Fashion Fabrics, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-056
First National Bank, Jacksboro      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-062
First National Bank, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-049
First National Bank, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-059
First State Bank, Archer City      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-056
First State Bank, Archer City      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-058
Friends      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-071
Frozen Food Locker, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-057
Frozen Food Locker, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-052
Fry, Claud      Favorites Picture      1956-Antelope-037
Fry, Claud      Favorites Picture      1956-Antelope-039
Fry, Claud      Favorites Picture      1956-Antelope-039
Fry, Claud      Favorites Picture      1956-Antelope-040
Fry, Claud      Basketball Picture      1956-Antelope-049
Fry, Claud Elmer      Senior Picture      1956-Antelope-016
Fry, G.E.      School Board Picture      1956-Antelope-011
Fry, John Charles      1st Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-034
Fry, John Charles      7th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-025
Fry, John 'Charles'      8th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-024
Fry, Katie      3rd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-032
Fry, Katie      Freshman Picture      1962-Antelope-023
Fry, Katie      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-042
Fry, Katie      Sophomore Picture      1963-Antelope-020
Fry, Katie      Basketball Group Picture      1963-Antelope-032
Fry, Katie      Chorus Group Picture      1963-Antelope-043
Fry, Oneita, Mrs.      Staff Picture      1963-Antelope-014
Frye, John C.      Student Council Group Picture      1963-Antelope-044
G&H Butane Co., Jacksboro, Charles H. Geer & W.D. Henderson      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-068
Gafford's Auto Supply, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-051
Gammen's Phillip's 66, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-057
Garnett, Connie      4th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-031
Garnett, Connie      Sophomore Picture      1962-Antelope-022
Garnett, Connie      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-030
Garnett, Connie      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-042
Garnett, Connie      Antler Staff Group Picture      1963-Antelope-006
Garnett, Connie      Junior Picture      1963-Antelope-018
Garnett, Connie      Basketball Group Picture      1963-Antelope-032
Garnett, Connie      Chorus Group Picture      1963-Antelope-043
Garnett, Greg      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-038
Garnett, Gregory      1st Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-028
Garnett, Gregory      2nd Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-029
Garnett, Joan      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-041
Garnett, Joan      5th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-027
Garnett, Joan F.      4th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-027
Garnett, Kay      7th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-026
Garnett, Patty      2nd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-033
Garnett, Patty      8th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-024
Garnett, Patty      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Garnett, Patty      Freshman Picture      1963-Antelope-022
Garnett, Patty      Basketball Group Picture      1963-Antelope-032
Garnett, Patty      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-036
Garnett, Patty      Chorus Group Picture      1963-Antelope-043
Garnett, Patty      Student Council Group Picture      1963-Antelope-044
Garrett, Cathy      1st Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-028
Garrett, Cathy      2nd Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-029
Garrett, Kathy      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-037
Garrett, Kenneth      7th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-025
Garrett, Kenneth      8th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-024
Garrett, Mrs.      Faculty Picture      1963-Antelope-013
George Porter Insurance, Jacksboro      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-058
George Porter Insurance, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-058
George Porter Insurance, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-055
Graham Ice & Locker, J.S. Criswell & James C. Black      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-054
Graham Saddlery, O.B. Rose      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-057
Graves, Virginia      Sophomore Picture      1956-Antelope-021
Graves, Virginia      Favorites Picture      1956-Antelope-038
Green Frog Café, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-055
Green Frog Café, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-060
Green's Furniture, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-061
Green's Furniture, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-052
Gregg Service Station, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-066
Gresham, Eddie      Sophomore Picture      1956-Antelope-021
Guaranty Abstract Co., Archer City      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-065
Guaranty Abstract Co., Archer City, L.K. Hyer      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-070
Gym      Picture of Building      1963-Antelope-045
H.C. McClure, County Judge      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-069
Hadderton, Benny      Sophomore Picture      1962-Antelope-021
Hadderton, Benny      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-043
Hadderton, Benny      Antler Staff Group Picture      1963-Antelope-006
Hadderton, Benny      Junior Picture      1963-Antelope-018
Hadderton, Benny      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-030
Hadderton, Benny      Basketball Group Picture      1963-Antelope-033
Hadderton, Benny      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-039
Hadderton, Diane       Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-038
Hadderton, Diann      2nd Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-028
Hadderton, Dianne      3rd Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-028
Hadderton, Lanny      5th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-026
Hadderton, Lanny      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-040
Hadderton, Lanny      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Hadderton, Lanny      5th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-027
Hadderton, Lanny      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-040
Hadderton, Mr.      School Board Group Picture      1963-Antelope-011
Hadley, Garland      3rd Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-027
Hadley, Garland      4th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-028
Hadley, Jim      Staff Group Picture      1963-Antelope-014
Hadley, Nesha      1st Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-028
Hadley, Nesha      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-041
Hadley, Nesha      2nd Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-029
Hadley, Nesha      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-041
Harris, Dewey      7th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-026
Harris, Lynell      4th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-031
Harris, LyNell      Sophomore Picture      1962-Antelope-022
Harris, LyNell      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-032
Harris, Lynell      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-042
Harris, Lynell      Antler Staff Group Picture      1963-Antelope-006
Harris, Lynell      Junior Picture      1963-Antelope-018
Harris, Lynell      Basketball Group Picture      1963-Antelope-032
Harris, Lynell      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-036
Harris, Lynell      Chorus Group Picture      1963-Antelope-043
Harris, Lynell      Student Council Group Picture      1963-Antelope-044
Hatty's Café, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-057
Hatty's Café, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-062
Hatty's Café, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-052
Heard's Department Store, Archer City      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-064
Heard's Department Store, Archer City      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-066
Heard's Dry Goods, Archer City, Roy Heard, Mattie Campbell, Pauline Boker & Audrey Peyton      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-054
Henderson Equipment & Butane, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-059
Herald Publishing Co., Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-054
Herd's Hamburgers, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-067
Hewitt, Charles E.      3rd Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-027
High School Building      Picture of Building      1956-Antelope-016
Hill, W.R.      School Board Picture      1956-Antelope-011
Hodges, Janie      Freshman Picture      1962-Antelope-023
Hodges, Janie      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-033
Hodges, Janie      Sophomore Picture      1963-Antelope-020
Hodges, Janie      Basketball Group Picture      1963-Antelope-032
Hodges, Janie      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-039
Hodges, Janie      Student Council Group Picture      1963-Antelope-044
Hoffman, Troy      6th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-029
Hoffman, Troy      Senior Picture      1962-Antelope-018
Hoffman, Troy      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-029
Hoffman, Troy      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-043
Holcomb, G., Mr.      Faculty Picture      1962-Antelope-012
Holder, Randy      1st Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-029
Holder, Randy      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-038
Holder, Terry      4th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-027
Holder, Terry      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-036
Holder, Terry      5th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-027
Holder's Jewelry, Archer City      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-057
Holder's Jewelry, Archer City, Bill Holden      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-051
Holder's Jewelry, Archer City, Bill Holden      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-054
Holt's Sporting Goods, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-064
Horany's Department Store, Archer City      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-051
Horany's Department Store, Graham      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-068
Horany's Department Store, Graham & Archer City      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-054
Hornsby Hardware, Wichita Falls      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-052
Hornsby Hardware, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-063
Hornsby Hardware, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-051
Hotel Barber Shop, Jacksboro, R.L. Singleton, F.E. Cox & W.E. Rhoades      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-064
Houghton, Mary, Mrs.      Antler Staff Group Picture      1962-Antelope-005
Houghton, Mary, Mrs.      Faculty Picture      1962-Antelope-012
Houghton, Mrs.      Faculty Picture      1963-Antelope-013
Howard, Lou Ann      1st Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-029
Howard, Lou Ann      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-038
Hudson's Grocery & Station, Archer City      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-051
Hudson's Grocery & Station, Archer City      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-053
Hull Chevrolet, Jacksboro      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-063
Hull's Chevrolet, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-060
Hull's Chevrolet, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-058
Isaac's Service Station, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-059
J.E. Middleton, County Judge      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-066
J.L. Lacewell Humble, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-053
J.T. Cole & Son Sinclair & Goodyear, Graham      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-064
J.W. 'Billy' Plaster, Commissioner      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-069
J.W. Hulsey, County Agent      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-069
Jack & Jill Flowers, Jacksboro      Advertisement/Picture      1962-Antelope-059
Jack & Jill Flowers, Jacksboro      Advertisement/Picture      1963-Antelope-071
Jack County Court House      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-069
Jack County Court House      Advertisement/Picture      1963-Antelope-053
Jack Raines Insurance, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-053
Jack's Clothes Shop, Jacksboro      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-054
Jacks Service Station, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-052
Jacks, Leston      Antler Staff Group Picture      1963-Antelope-006
Jacks, Mr.      Faculty Picture      1963-Antelope-013
Jacksboro Court House      Advertisement/Picture      1962-Antelope-066
Jacksboro Lanes Bowling      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-056
Jacksboro National Bank      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-056
Jacksboro National Bank, S.V. Starks, R.C. Christian & William M. Eatherly      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-053
Jacksboro National Bank, S.V. Starks, R.C. Christian & William M. Eatherly      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-065
Jackson Jewelry, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-059
Jackson Jewelry, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-057
Jackson, Brenda      2nd Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-028
Jackson, Brenda      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-037
Jackson, Brenda      3rd Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-028
Jackson, Brenda      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-041
Jackson, Collin      8th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-025
Jackson, Darlene      6th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-029
Jackson, Darlene      Antler Staff Group Picture      1962-Antelope-005
Jackson, Darlene      Senior Picture      1962-Antelope-018
Jackson, Darlene      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-031
Jackson, David      7th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-025
Jackson, David      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-034
Jackson, David      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Jackson, David      8th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-024
Jackson, David      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-040
Jackson, Gloria      Freshman Picture      1962-Antelope-023
Jackson, Gloria      Sophomore Picture      1963-Antelope-020
Jackson, Gloria      Student Council Group Picture      1963-Antelope-044
Jackson, Gloria Ann      3rd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-032
Jackson, Jeanne R.      3rd Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-027
Jackson, Jeanne Ruth      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-041
Jackson, Jeanne Ruth      4th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-028
Jackson, Jim      2nd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-033
Jackson, Jim      8th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-024
Jackson, Jim      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Jackson, Jim      Freshman Picture      1963-Antelope-022
Jackson, Jim      Basketball Group Picture      1963-Antelope-033
Jackson, Jim      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-036
Jackson, Judy      4th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-031
Jackson, Marvin      School Board Picture      1956-Antelope-011
Jackson, Mr.      School Board Group Picture      1963-Antelope-011
Jackson, Patricia      6th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-026
Jackson, Patricia      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-035
Jackson, Patricia      7th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-025
Jackson, Patricia      Chorus Group Picture      1963-Antelope-043
Jackson, Patricia      Student Council Group Picture      1963-Antelope-044
Jackson, Pauline      6th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-026
Jackson, Pauline      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-040
Jackson, Pauline      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Jackson, Pauline      7th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-025
Jackson, Pauline      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-037
Jackson, Pauline      Chorus Group Picture      1963-Antelope-043
Jackson, Peggy      Sophomore Picture      1956-Antelope-021
Jackson, Peggy      Favorites Picture      1956-Antelope-038
Jackson, Peggy      Favorites Picture      1956-Antelope-041
Jackson, Peggy      Basketball Picture      1956-Antelope-048
Jackson, Ricky      1st Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-034
Jackson, Sharon      3rd Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-027
Jackson, Sharon      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-036
Jackson, Sharon      4th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-028
Jackson, Sharon      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-041
Jackson, Stanley      School Board Picture      1962-Antelope-011
Jackson, Teddy      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-037
Jackson, Teddy Ray      1st Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-028
Jackson, Teddy Ray      2nd Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-029
Jess Auto Supply, Jacksboro, Jess Leatherwood      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-061
Jess Auto Supply, Jacksboro, Jess Leatherwood      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-052
Joe Fields, Justice of Paece      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-069
John H. Tucker Insurance, Jacksboro      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-053
John Pankey Butane, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-061
John Pankey Butane, Jacksboro, John Watson      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-065
Johnson, Larry      6th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-029
Johnson, Larry      Senior Picture      1962-Antelope-019
Johnson, Larry      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-031
Johnson's Laundry, Jacksboro, 'Peanut' Johnson      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-064
Johnson's TV & Radio, Jacksboro, Ben Johnson      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-060
Johnson's TV & Radio, Jacksboro, Ben Johnson      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-055
Judkins, Alex      Sophomore Picture      1962-Antelope-022
Kemp Hotel, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-064
Killen Brothers Radiator, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-064
King Grocery, Archer City      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-051
King Grocery, Archer City      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-054
Kinsey, Carl      Senior Picture      1956-Antelope-015
Kinsey, Louise      8th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-025
Kirkland, Linda      3rd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-032
Kirkland, Linda      Freshman Picture      1962-Antelope-023
Kirkland, Linda      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-039
Kirkland, Linda      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-042
Kirkland, Linda      Sophomore Picture      1963-Antelope-020
Kirkland, Linda      Basketball Group Picture      1963-Antelope-032
Kirkland, Linda      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-036
Kirkland, Linda      Student Council Group Picture      1963-Antelope-044
Kruger's Jewelry, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-048
Kuntry Kitchen, Windthorst      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-059
Kuykendall, Connie      1st Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-029
Kuykendall, L.H.      School Board Picture      1962-Antelope-011
Kuykendall, La Beth      3rd Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-027
Kuykendall, La Beth      4th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-028
Kuykendall, La Beth      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-038
Kyle Spiller, County Surveyor      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-069
Kyle Spiller, County Surveyor      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-066
L.C. Pettigrew Motors, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-065
L.E. Grace Oil Well Service, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-059
L.H. Kuykendall Hauling      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-074
L.H. Kuykendall Hauling, Antelope      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-062
Larson, Sharon      3rd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-032
Lasater's Studio, Graham & Olney      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-054
Lawrence, Ray      6th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-026
Lawrence, Ray      7th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-025
Lawrence, Ronnie      Freshman Picture      1962-Antelope-023
Lawrence, Ronnie      Sophomore Picture      1963-Antelope-020
Lawrence, Wayne      Freshman Picture      1962-Antelope-023
Lawrence, Wayne      Sophomore Picture      1963-Antelope-020
Leach & Massengale Service Station, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-066
Leach, Dean Allen      1st Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-028
Leach, Dean Allen      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-041
Leach, Dean Allen      2nd Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-029
Leach, Dean Allen      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-041
Leach, Edward      School Board Picture      1962-Antelope-011
Leach, Linda      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-036
Leach, Linda      5th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-027
Leach, Linda      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-037
Leach, Linda F.      4th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-027
Leach, Mr.      School Board Group Picture      1963-Antelope-011
Leach, Sherry      5th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-026
Leach, Sherry      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-040
Leach, Sherry      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Leach, Sherry      6th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-027
Leach, Sherry      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-037
Leach, Sherry      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-040
Leach, Sherry      Chorus Group Picture      1963-Antelope-043
Ledbetter, Garland      7th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-026
Ledbetter, Irelene      Junior Picture      1956-Antelope-019
Ledbetter, Irelene      Basketball Picture      1956-Antelope-048
Lesage Motor Co., Graham, Bob Lesage & Frank Shaw      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-055
Letha's Dress Shop, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-055
Letha's Dress Shop, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-063
Lewis, Kenneth      2nd Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-028
Lewis, Kenneth      3rd Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-028
Lincoln-Mercury House, Graham      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-066
Linn's Garage, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-062
Lola Gardner Service Station, Markley      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-070
Lone Star Café, Wichita Falls      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-051
Loyd Argabright Station & Garage, Antelope      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-054
Loyd Argabright Station & Garage, Antelope      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-059
Lucille Garrison      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-068
Lucky Dollar Grocery, Archer City      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-054
Lunsford, Benny      2nd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-033
Mack W. Roberts Water Well, Antelope      Advertisement/Picture      1962-Antelope-050
Mack W. Roberts Water Well, Antelope      Advertisement/Picture      1963-Antelope-050
Mae's Dress Shop, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-056
Mae's Dress Shop, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-051
Magnolia Service Station, Mr. & Mrs. E.H. Cate      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-047
Malin, D.L.      Superintendent Picture      1963-Antelope-009
Malin, D.L., Coach      Basketball Group Picture      1963-Antelope-032
Malin, D.L., Director      Chorus Group Picture      1963-Antelope-043
Malin, Mr.      School Board Group Picture      1963-Antelope-011
Malin, Mr., Advisor      Student Council Group Picture      1963-Antelope-044
Mallin, Mr.      Faculty Picture      1963-Antelope-013
Manhattan Café, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-059
Marvin Tillman, County Clerk      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-066
Marvin Tillman, County Clerk      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-053
Mask Clothes Shop, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-056
Mask Feed & Hatchery, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-066
Mask Feed Store, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-063
Matlock, Kenneth      2nd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-033
Matlock, Lyndall B.      1st Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-028
Matlock, Lyndall B.      2nd Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-029
Matlock, Mr.      School Board Group Picture      1963-Antelope-011
Matlock, Noble      2nd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-033
Max Kreutz Music, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-063
Maxey, Billy      4th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-028
Maxey, Billy      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-038
Maxey, Teresa Kay      1st Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-029
Maxey, Tressa      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-041
Maxey, William L.      3rd Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-027
May, Jimmy      Sophomore Picture      1962-Antelope-022
May, Jimmy      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-039
May, Jimmy      Antler Staff Group Picture      1963-Antelope-006
May, Jimmy      Junior Picture      1963-Antelope-018
May, Jimmy      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-030
May, Jimmy      Basketball Group Picture      1963-Antelope-033
May, Jimmy      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-036
McBride, Mary      Faculty Picture      1956-Antelope-013
McClurkans, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-063
McClurkans, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-072
McCoy Furniture, Jacksboro      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-054
McCoy Furniture, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-057
McCracken Furniture, Graham      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-061
McCracken Furniture, Graham      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-071
McWhorter's Food Store, Archer City      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-060
McWhorter's Food Store, Archer City      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-055
Michael      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-038
Modern Cleaners, Jacksboro, Mr. & Mrs. A.G. Davis      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-059
Modern Cleaners, Jacksboro, Mr. & Mrs. A.G. Davis      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-059
Modern Cleaners, Jacksboro, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Patrick      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-061
Montgomery Ward, Graham      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-064
Moody, Charles      Basketball Picture      1956-Antelope-049
Moody, Charles Edward      Senior Picture      1956-Antelope-015
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Owen      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-068
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Poirot      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-054
Mr. & Mrs. Leon Hawkins & Jimmy, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-068
Murtha's, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-062
N.F. Smith, Justice of Peace      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-069
Nash & Co. Hardware, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-066
Nash & Co. Hardware, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-062
Nash-Teague Motors, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-066
Newton, Paul      6th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-029
Newton, Paul      Antler Staff Group Picture      1962-Antelope-005
Newton, Paul      Senior Picture      1962-Antelope-017
Newton, Paul      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-038
Newton, Paul      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-043
Newton's Jewelers, Graham & Jacksboro      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-062
O.L. 'Doc' Twitty Service Station, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-056
Oilfield Service & Equipment, Archer City, A.A. Parsley      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-063
Oilfield Service & Equipment, Archer City, A.A. Parsley      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-052
Oliver, Keith      2nd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-033
Oliver, Keith      7th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-025
Oliver, Keith      8th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-024
Oliver, Kenny      Freshman Picture      1962-Antelope-023
Oliver, Kenny      Sophomore Picture      1963-Antelope-020
Oliver, Kenny      Basketball Group Picture      1963-Antelope-033
Oliver, Kenny      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-036
Oliver, Kinny      3rd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-032
Oliver, Mike      2nd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-033
Oliver, Nell      6th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-029
Oliver, Peggy      Freshman Picture      1956-Antelope-023
Oliver, Peggy      Favorites Picture      1956-Antelope-041
Oliver, Roddy      5th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-030
Oliver's Service Station, Wichita Falls      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-065
Olney Drugs      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-065
Olney Federal Savings & Loan      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-067
Oman, Carolyn      6th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-029
One Stop 66, Mr. & Mrs. Jones K. Atkinson, Loving      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-064
Ostermann Brothers General Store, Windthorst      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-050
Ostermann Brothers General Store, Windthorst      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-056
Owen, Carla      Favorites Picture      1956-Antelope-040
Owen, Carla Jeanette      Senior Picture      1956-Antelope-017
Owen, Jerry      7th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-026
Owen, Jimmie      7th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-026
Owen, Linda      1st Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-034
Owen-Gaines Hardware, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-062
Owens-Brumley Funeral Home, Wichita Falls      Advertisement/Picture      1962-Antelope-047
Owens-Brumley Funeral Home, Wichita Falls      Advertisement/Picture      1963-Antelope-049
Owens-Gains Hardware, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-064
Patrick A. Myer, County Attorney      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-066
Pat's Auto Supply, Archer City      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-051
Pat's Auto Supply, Archer City      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-054
Paul Wylie, County Attorney      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-075
Peacock & Brumbelow, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-067
Peacock Warehouse, Jacksboro, B.Y. Peacock      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-061
Peden, Gary      5th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-026
Peden, Gary      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Peden, Rita      2nd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-033
Peden, Rita      8th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-024
Peden, Rita      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Perkins Timberlake, Wichita Falls, M. Durkin      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-057
Perkins Timberlake, Wichita Falls, M. Durkin      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-055
Peterson Lumber Co., Jacksboro      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-058
Peterson Lumber Co., Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-067
Peterson Lumber Co., Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-062
Pettigrew's Motors, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-057
Pierce, Gene      Freshman Picture      1956-Antelope-023
Pierce's Grocery, Markley      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-063
Plemmons, David      7th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-026
Powell, Bobby      7th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-026
Powell, Ronnie      4th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-031
Powell, Ronnie      Sophomore Picture      1962-Antelope-021
Powell, Ronnie      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-032
Powell, Ronnie      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-043
Powell, Ronnie      Antler Staff Group Picture      1963-Antelope-006
Powell, Ronnie      Junior Picture      1963-Antelope-018
Powell, Ronnie      Basketball Group Picture      1963-Antelope-033
Powell, Ronnie      Student Council Group Picture      1963-Antelope-044
Provence, Roy      Faculty Picture      1962-Antelope-013
Putnam, Rebecca      2nd Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-029
R.A. Florida, Jr. Service Station, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-056
Ragland-Cone Lumber, Wichita Falls      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-061
Rater, Diana      8th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-024
Rater, Diana      Freshman Picture      1963-Antelope-022
Rater, Dianne      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-034
Rater, Jerrel      2nd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-033
Rater, Jerrel      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-034
Ratliff, Ronnie      Junior Picture      1962-Antelope-020
Ratter, Jerrel      8th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-024
Ray, Bobby      Faculty Picture      1962-Antelope-012
Ray, Bobby, Coach      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-042
Ray, Bobby, Coach      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-043
Ray, Bobby, Coach      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Reed Jewelry, Graham      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-068
Rhoda Chambless, District Clerk      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-066
Rhoda Chambless, District Clerk      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-053
Rhodes, Angie      Sophomore Picture      1956-Antelope-021
Rhodes, Neva Jo      8th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-025
Riley Furniture Co., Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-064
Riley Furniture Co., Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-052
Roberts' Lucky Dollar Food, Archer City      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-063
Roberts, Danny      4th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-031
Roberts, Danny      Sophomore Picture      1962-Antelope-022
Roberts, Danny      Antler Staff Group Picture      1963-Antelope-006
Roberts, Danny      Junior Picture      1963-Antelope-018
Roberts, Danny      Basketball Group Picture      1963-Antelope-033
Roberts, Eunice      Faculty Picture      1956-Antelope-013
Roberts, Mack, Mrs.      Faculty Picture      1962-Antelope-013
Roberts, Mrs.      Faculty Picture      1963-Antelope-013
Roberts, Walter      Staff Group Picture      1963-Antelope-014
Robinson, Gladys, Mrs.      Faculty Picture      1962-Antelope-013
Rodgers, Joleen      6th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-026
Roewe Service Station, Windthorst      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-056
Roewe Service Station, Windthorst, Andy & Henry      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-065
Roewe Service Station, Windthorst, Andy & Henry      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-052
Roy Thompson Implement, Graham      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-059
Safeway Stores, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-061
Sams, Clarence      School Board Picture      1956-Antelope-011
Sams, Jimmy      3rd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-032
Sams, Jolene      Freshman Picture      1956-Antelope-023
Sams, Jolene      Favorites Picture      1956-Antelope-037
Sams, Jolene      Basketball Picture      1956-Antelope-048
School Board      Group Picture      1962-Antelope-011
School Board      Group Picture      1963-Antelope-011
School Building      Picture of Building      1956-Antelope-004
School Building      Picture of Building      1962-Antelope-004
School House Door      Picture of Building      1963-Antelope-007
Scott, Carlton      Freshman Picture      1956-Antelope-023
Scott, Carlton      Basketball Picture      1956-Antelope-049
Scott, Carolyn      Freshman Picture      1956-Antelope-023
Scott, Marilyn      6th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-029
Scott, Marilyn      Antler Staff Group Picture      1962-Antelope-005
Scott, Marilyn      Senior Picture      1962-Antelope-016
Scott, Marilyn      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-038
Scott, Marilyn      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-042
Scott, Rosa      Junior Picture      1956-Antelope-019
Scott, Rosa Lee      Basketball Picture      1956-Antelope-048
Scott, Rose      Favorites Picture      1956-Antelope-040
Self, Charles      Junior Picture      1956-Antelope-019
Self, Charles      Basketball Picture      1956-Antelope-049
Self, Joyce      5th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-030
Self, Marie      8th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-025
Self, Patsy      3rd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-032
Self, Patsy      Freshman Picture      1962-Antelope-023
Self, Patsy      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-042
Self, Patsy      Sophomore Picture      1963-Antelope-020
Self, Patsy      Basketball Group Picture      1963-Antelope-032
Self, Richard      Sophomore Picture      1956-Antelope-021
Service Printing Co., Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-050
Service Printing Co., Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-056
Shadden, Donald      3rd Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-028
Shadden, Donna      1st Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-029
Shadden, Gwendolyn      2nd Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-029
Shadden, Rickey      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-040
Shadden, Ricky      6th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-027
Sharp, Fred      7th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-025
Sharp, Fred      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-037
Sharp, John      Sophomore Picture      1963-Antelope-020
Sharp, John      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-039
Shields, Sidney      Sophomore Picture      1962-Antelope-021
Shifflett, Charlene      1st Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-029
Shifflett, Michael      3rd Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-028
Shifflett, Wanda      6th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-027
Shoemate, Karen      1st Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-028
Shoemate, Karen      2nd Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-029
Shoemate, Karen      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-038
Shook & Malone Service Station      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-062
Sinclair Products, Antelope, Lloyd Argabright      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-068
Sinclair Station, Graham      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-068
Slay, Bobby      2nd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-033
Slay, Rayetta      4th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-031
Smith, Billy J.      3rd Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-027
Smith, Lindsay      Freshman Picture      1962-Antelope-023
Smith, Lindsay      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-039
Smith, Lindsay      Sophomore Picture      1963-Antelope-020
Snapshots      Snapshots      1956-Antelope-007
Snapshots      Snapshots      1956-Antelope-027
Snapshots      Snapshots      1956-Antelope-035
Snapshots      Snapshots      1956-Antelope-045
Snapshots      Snapshots      1956-Antelope-047
Snapshots      Snapshots      1962-Antelope-045
Snapshots      Snapshots      1963-Antelope-046
Snapshots      Snapshots      1963-Antelope-047
Snider, Loyd      School Board Picture      1962-Antelope-011
Southmore Sporting Goods, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-048
Spears Drug, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-058
Spears Drug, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-074
Spiller Abstract, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-055
Spiller Abstract, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-060
Stanley H. Peavy Insurance, Graham      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-061
Stanley H. Peavy Insurance, Graham      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-060
Steere's Cafeteria, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-063
Steere's Cafeteria, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-060
Stewart, Ronnie      7th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-026
Stone's Grocery, Graham      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-068
Student Council      Group Picture      1963-Antelope-044
Suttle, Dan      Sophomore Picture      1956-Antelope-021
Suttle, Dan      Basketball Picture      1956-Antelope-049
Tanner's Complete Home, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-056
Taystee Bread Co., Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-057
The Ball Café, Windthorst      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-067
The Cow Lot Western Wear, Wichita Falls, Nat Fleming      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-050
The Cowlot Western Wear, Wichita Falls, Nat Fleming      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-060
The Cowlot Western Wear, Wichita Falls, Nat Fleming      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-071
Townsend, Barbara      1st Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-034
Townsend, Johnny      6th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-029
Trayler, L.E.      Administration Picture      1956-Antelope-010
Trayler, L.E.      Dedication Picture      1962-Antelope-006
Trayler, L.E.      Principal Picture      1962-Antelope-010
Trayler, L.E.      Faculty Picture      1962-Antelope-012
Trayler, L.E.      Principal Picture      1963-Antelope-010
Trayler, Mr.      Faculty Picture      1963-Antelope-013
Trayler, Nelda Beth      7th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-026
Trayler, Philip      2nd Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-033
Trayler, Philip      Freshman Picture      1963-Antelope-022
Trayler, Philip      Basketball Group Picture      1963-Antelope-033
Trayler, Phillip      8th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-024
Trayler, Phillip      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Trayler, Phillip      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-039
Trayler, Sandra      5th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-030
Trayler, Sandra      Antler Staff Group Picture      1962-Antelope-005
Trayler, Sandra      Junior Picture      1962-Antelope-020
Trayler, Sandra      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-029
Trayler, Sandra      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-042
Trayler, Sandra      Antler Staff Group Picture      1963-Antelope-006
Trayler, Sandra      Senior Picture      1963-Antelope-016
Trayler, Sandra      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-030
Trayler, Sandra      Basketball Group Picture      1963-Antelope-032
Trayler, Sandra      Student Council Group Picture      1963-Antelope-044
Trayler, Stevie      2nd Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-028
Trayler, Stevie      3rd Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-028
True, Cleta      8th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-025
True, Jimmy      5th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-030
True, John T.      Basketball Picture      1956-Antelope-049
True, John Thomas      Freshman Picture      1956-Antelope-023
Typewriter Shop, Wichita Falls      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-061
Typewriter Shop, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-053
Typewriter Shop, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-050
United Mattress Co., Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-067
Vincent Murphy Chevrolet, Archer City      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-060
Vincent Murphy Chevrolet, Archer City      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-072
Vincent Murphy Chevrolet, Archer City, Vincent, Dale & Bill      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-058
Voyles, H.E.      School Board Picture      1962-Antelope-011
Voyles, Homer      School Board Picture      1956-Antelope-011
Voyles, Lynn      8th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-024
Voyles, Lynn      Favorites Picture      1962-Antelope-040
Voyles, Lynn      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
W.C. Koone, County Clerk      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-069
W.E. Sartain, District Clerk      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-069
Wanda's Beauty Shop, Windthorst, Jo Ann Kirkland & Skeet Hickman      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-061
Weaver, Mrs.      Faculty Picture      1963-Antelope-013
Weaver, Nell      Faculty Picture      1956-Antelope-013
Weaver, Nell, Mrs.      Faculty Picture      1962-Antelope-013
Weinzapfel & Son, Windthorst      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-053
Wells Furniture Co., Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-051
Wells Furniture Co., Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-062
Well's Furniture, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-068
Wells, Gary      1st Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-034
Wells, Gary      7th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-025
Wells, Gary      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Wells, Gary      8th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-024
Wells, Gary      Student Council Group Picture      1963-Antelope-044
Wells, Mr.      School Board Group Picture      1963-Antelope-011
Western Auto, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-062
Western Auto, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-051
White Stores, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-060
White Stores, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-069
Wichita College Barber, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1962-Antelope-065
Wichita Wood Specialty Shop      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-065
Williams, Betty      1st Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-034
Williams, Betty      7th Grade Picture      1962-Antelope-025
Williams, Betty      Basketball Group Picture      1962-Antelope-044
Williams, Betty      8th Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-024
Williams, Betty      Chorus Group Picture      1963-Antelope-043
Williams, Ronnie      1st Grade Picture      1963-Antelope-029
Williams, Ronnie      Favorites Picture      1963-Antelope-041
Wolfe, Billy      5th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-030
Wolfe, Jackie      4th Grade Picture      1956-Antelope-031
Wolfe, Lula Mae      Faculty Picture      1956-Antelope-013
Wolfe, Mrs.      Faculty Picture      1963-Antelope-013
Wood Brothers Shoe Store, Wichita Falls      Advertisement      1956-Antelope-065
Wright Davis & Son Implements, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-063
Wyly Paint, Graham      Advertisement      1963-Antelope-064
Young, County Lumber Co., Archer City      Advertisement/Picture      1956-Antelope-053