Carroll Creek Cemetery
Jack County Texas

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Alphabetical With Information and Headstone Pictures

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Carroll Creek Cemetery is in the central part of Jack County. It's to the southeast of Jacksboro out in a pasture. Go south out of Jacksboro on Hwy 199 and take Hwy 380 toward Bridgeport.  In about 4 miles, just past the Coca Cola Ranch Road, you'll see the sign to the cemetery. The pasture gate to the cemetery is on the left (north side of the road) and was unlocked the several times that I checked. Go through the gate pictured above and take a hard right onto an old paved road that is parallel to the highway. I think this was the old 1156 that went to Wizard Wells. 

Follow this old paved road down to the bridge that crosses Carroll Creek. Up the next hill you will see a wheat field on the right that is between this old road and Hwy 380.


At the end of this field you'll see a pen and small barn. Just beyond this barn turn left (north) on a pasture road.

Follow this pasture road for about a half mile and look for a 'Y' to the left. Take this left fork and you will see the cemetery fence straight ahead down a hill.

In March 2013 the cemetery was well fenced, but had lots of brush and 'down' cedar trees. We started to the left of the gate and worked our way right, and to the back of the area that was about an acre with ditches on 3 sides. We found 21 of the 24 headstones that were listed in Paul Smith's data. Most headstones were broken and off their bases. We took a shovel with us, and dug out a couple that were buried in the dirt and grass.


The small fenced area had a tall headstone for F.M. Frie. Beside that stone was a funeral home marker that was rusted, but we think it may have been for his son because his name was in the older data. The picture above right is a Confederate Army marker that we dug out of the dirt. It is for Edward C. Manning of the Missouri Cavalry (there's a larger picture in the table below)
At one time there was a school in this area Click here for a picture of that page from the 'History of Jack County' book.

Alphabetical Information Table
(With Links to Headstone Pictures)-Underlined picture number in right column
In March 2013 21 headstones were photographed, but in older cemetery listings, there were 3 additional burials. Those are included below and have (No Picture) in the right column.

# Last Name, First Name Birth Date Date of Death Information Notes Link to Headstone Picture
1 Allen, Jared S. Oct 23, 1869 Nov 15, 1879   CarrollCreek-01.jpg
1 Allen, Jared S. Additional Picture     CarrollCreek-01a.jpg
11 Bridges, Cearley B. Apr 1, 1853 Feb 27, 1885   CarrollCreek-11.jpg
8 Conner, Dora L. July 14, 1878 Feb 17, 1908 Wife of C.M. CarrollCreek-08.jpg
8 Conner, Dora L. Additional Picture     CarrollCreek-08a.jpg
7 Ellis, Delphia D. May 18, 1891 Apr 29, 1892 Delpha on old stone, Daughter of W.I. & M.L. CarrollCreek-07.jpg
7 Ellis, Delphia D. Additional Picture     CarrollCreek-07a.jpg
6 Etu, Margaret I. Feb 14, 1854 1882 Wife of Joseph CarrollCreek-06.jpg
14 Frie, F.M. (Frances Marion) Oct 8, 1827 Mar 5, 1890   CarrollCreek-14.jpg
14 Frie, F.M. (Frances Marion) Additional Picture     CarrollCreek-14a.jpg
15 Frie, Joel son of F.M. 1866 1923   CarrollCreek-15.jpg
15 Frie, Joel son of F.M. Additional Picture     CarrollCreek-15a.jpg
3 Henson, Blanche Feb 3, 1879 Oct 9, 1880 Daughter of J.T. & N.C. CarrollCreek-03.jpg
3 Henson, Blanche Additional Picture     CarrollCreek-03a.jpg
4 Henson, Essie Mabel Jan 14, 1877 May 12, 1887 Daughter of J.T. & N.C. CarrollCreek-04.jpg
2 Henson, Joseph T. Dec 6, 1841 June 16, 1900   CarrollCreek-02.jpg
2 Henson, Joseph T. Additional Picture     CarrollCreek-02a.jpg
5 Henson, Mary Lee Nov 24, 1872 Apr 1, 1902   CarrollCreek-05.jpg
5 Henson, Mary Lee Additional Picture     CarrollCreek-05a.jpg
17 Jones, Joe Joel Mar 31, 1909 Apr 15, 1909 Son of T.A. & P.B., Headstone with Jossie CarrollCreek-17.jpg
17 Jones, Joe Joel Additional Picture     CarrollCreek-17a.jpg
18 Jones, Jossie Mar 31, 1909 Apr 17, 1909 Daughter of T.A. & P.B., Headstone with Joe Joel CarrollCreek-18.jpg
19 Killion, Infant Sept 27, 1896 Sept 27, 1896 Daughter of L.J. & G.L. CarrollCreek-19.jpg
19 Killion, Infant Additional Picture     CarrollCreek-19a.jpg
21 Manning, Edward C. Feb 25, 1840 Feb 7, 1911 MO PVT CO K 2 REGT MO CAV CONFERDERATE STATES ARMY CarrollCreek-21.jpg
21 Manning, Edward C. Additional Picture     CarrollCreek-21a.jpg
21 Manning, Edward C. Additional Picture     CarrollCreek-21b.jpg
[ ] Manning, F.M. July 1, 1847 June 12, 1884   CarrollCreek-No Picture
[ ] Manning, Mary M. 1818 Apr 25, 1895   CarrollCreek-No Picture
9 Senn, Jona Jan 1, 1870 Feb 3, 1909   CarrollCreek-09.jpg
12 Smith, Callie Nov 5, 1882 Jan 20, 1883 Daughter of E.J. & A.C. CarrollCreek-12.jpg
13 Smith, Infant Jan 5, 1884 Jan 8, 1884 Son of E.J. & A.G. CarrollCreek-13.jpg
13 Smith, Infant Additional Picture     CarrollCreek-13a.jpg
20 Stephens, Martha Apr 13, 1840 Apr 27, 1903 Wife of D.L. CarrollCreek-20.jpg
20 Stephens, Martha Additional Picture     CarrollCreek-20a.jpg
10 Webster, Susan Laura May 26, 1882 Nov 8, 1882 Daughter of Henry & Martha CarrollCreek-10.jpg
10 Webster, Susan Laura Additional Picture     CarrollCreek-10a.jpg
10 Webster, Susan Laura Additional Picture     CarrollCreek-10b.jpg
16 Woodson, Bowman Mar 22, 1816 Jan 29, 1891   CarrollCreek-16.jpg
16 Woodson, Bowman Additional Picture     CarrollCreek-16a.jpg
[ ] Young, Samuel No Dates     CarrollCreek-No Picture