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When I took pictures of the 947 headstones at the cemetery in May 2014 the grounds were beautifully kept. At the directory station there was a wonderful alpabetical book of all the headstones with a map showing the location of each stone by row and block. That map, and the pages of the book follow on this page.

The alphabetical listing of headstones, with row and block are given on the following pages of the book at the directory station. These pages are shown in thumbnails and will enlarge to big enough to read if you click on them. Page 1 is names A-Be, Page 2 is Be-Cl, Page 3 is Cl-Fa, Page 4 is Fa-Ho, Page 5 is Ho-La, Page 6 is La-Mi, Page 7 is Mi-Ri, Page 8 is Ri-Ta, Page 9 is Ta-Wh, Page 10 is Wh-Z

Newport Directory A-Be.jpg (942435 bytes)   Newport Directory Be-Cl.jpg (981896 bytes)   Newport Directory Cl-Fa.jpg (1001831 bytes)   Newport Directory Fa-Ho.jpg (989298 bytes)   Newport Directory Ho-La.jpg (1018159 bytes)   Newport Directory La-Mi.jpg (947014 bytes)   Newport Directory Mi-Ri.jpg (945098 bytes)   Newport Directory Ri-Ta.jpg (947698 bytes)   Newport Directory Ta-Wh.jpg (984897 bytes)   Newport Directory Wh-Z.jpg (1022236 bytes)

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