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Family Genealogy and Pictures Below
William Young Burt Family from Jacksboro

Sent in by Helen Parker. She has many family pictures. Contact her at compgenie.hp@gmail.com 

Picture Below: Back row, Shell Burt, Thelma Hitchcock Burt, Ethel Burt Jones, Myrtle Lockhart Burt, Nealy Burt Jones, Lizzie Burt Henderson and Ida Burt Whitsitt.
Front row: Grandpa William Young Burt, William Burt "Bill", Jake Chester Jones, John Allen Burt, Thomas Jones, James Harry Henderson, Martin Whitsitt.
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Nancy Jackson, William Young Burt and family.jpg (1885873 bytes)
This is William Young Burts family when they were small. The lady at the left is Nancy Jackson, mother of Martha Elizabeth Jackson Burt. Nealy Burt is next in back, Martha Jackson Burt, Lizzie Burt, William Young Burt
Front row is Ethel, girls sitting on Martha Jack Burt's lap are the twins, Ada and Ida. Sitting on William Young Burt's lap is John Allen Burt.

wy, john, ethel, bill and schley Burt.jpg (349177 bytes)
Photo was taken on Squaw Mountain, Jack County, Texas.

William Young Burt was the son of Leroy E. Burt and Mary Hooper. He was born in Georgia. His father died 15 Dec 1859 in Macon, Georgia. His mother was b. 1831 Gordon, Georgia d. 25 Mar 1889 Jacksboro, Jack County, Texas. When her first husband died she married Timothy Sullivan Strickland (b. 1846 Gordon County, Georgia d. 1936 Oklahoma

They had 4 sons that went with their mother and half siblings to Jack County.

William Young Burt b. 18 Sep 1856 in Georgia d. 25 Feb 1933 Jack County, Texas. He married Martha Elizabeth Jackson b. 1 Mar 1863 Jack County, Texas d. 1 Oct 1899 Jack County, Texas.

1.      Lizzie Burt b. 8 Aug 1884 Jack County, Texas d. 2 May 1958 Jack County, Texas. She married 1st George Howard Kaltrider 2nd John Moody 3rd James Harry Henderson

Children of Lizzie and George

a.       Henry Allen Kaltrider b. 13 Feb 1902 Jack County, Texas d. 1 Oct 1974 Jack County, Texas

b.      Hattie Mar Kaltrider b. 10 Apr 1903 Jack County, Texas d. 12 Feb 1992 Electra, Wichita County, Texas. She married William Albert Roach b. 28 Mar 1900 Wood County, Texas d. 19 Dec 1945 Jack County, Texas

a.       Charles William Roach

b.      Lura Roach

c.       Walter Lee Roach

d.      William Albert Roach

e.       George Howard Roach

c.       Nora Ellen Kaltrider b. 10 Apr 1903 Jack County, Texas d. 23 Dec 1973. Married Stephen David Smith b. 4 Jul 1879 Cooper, Delta County, Texas d. 4 Feb 1945 Jacksboro, Jack County, Texas

a.       Jasper Howard Smith

b.      Elizabeth Marie Smith

c.       Eugene David Smith

d.      Etta Jean Smith

e.       Florence Marie Smith

d.      Georgia Nina Kaltrider b. 13 Nov 1905 Jack County, Texas d. 20 Mar 1998. She married George Elmer Fry b. 8 May 1901 Shannon, Jack County, Texas d. 11 Nov 1980

a.       Georgia Faye Fry

b.      Helen Marie Fry

c.       Claude Elmer Fry

Children of John Moody and Lizzie Burt

e.       William Floyd Moody b. 28 Aug 1911 Jack County, Texas d. 14 Aug 1978 Jack County, Texas. He married Mary B. Smirl b. 3 Jun 1911 Jack County, Texas d. 17 Dec 2001 Mount Carmel, Wabach County, Illinois

a.       William Kenneth Moody b. 2 Sep 1935 Olney, Young County, Texas. He married Linda Kay Bratton b. 1 Dec 1947

                                                                           i.      Sherri Kay Moody

                                                                         ii.      Kristi Sue Moody

b.      Charles Edward Moody b. 1 Feb 1938 Jerymn, Jack County, Texas. He married Betty Gugdell

                                                                           i.      Chris Edward Moody

Children of James Harry Henderson and Lizzie Burt

f.        Harry Key Henderson b. 18 Apr 1914 Jack County, Texas d. 27 May 1936 Jack County, Texas. He married Geneiva Inez Brisco b. 14 Apr 1922 d. 29 Mar 2008

a.       Doris Lucille Henderson

b.      James Leo Henderson

c.       Carmen Lavon Henderson

d.      Terry Lynn Henderson

g.       Jasper Newton Henderson

h.       Winnie Katherine Henderson b. 1 Mar 1917 Jack County, Texas d. 24 Jun 2017 Wise County, Texas

a.       Floyd Dwayne Jeffrey

b.      Sonja Lee Jeffrey

c.       Wilma Jannette Jeffrey

i.         Norene Eile Henderson b. 6 Apr 1919 Jack County, Texas d. 24 Jan 1998 Jack County, Texas. She married Calvin Pearl Parker b. 29 Feb 1908 Wise County, Texas d. 2 Sept 1987 Jack County, Texas

a.       Dorothy Maxine Parker

b.      Calvin Paul Parker

c.       Melvyn Ross Parker

d.      Sam Leon Parker

e.       John David Parker

j.        Sophie Mar Henderson b. 26 Sept 1920 Jack County, Texas d. 20 Dec 2009 Azle, Tarrant County, Texas. She married Jack Eason b. 21 Sep 1906 Jack County, Texas d. 21 Feb 1976 Jack County, Texas

a.       Jackie Ray Eason

b.      Lonnie Allen Eason

c.       Billy Ed Eason

k.      George Dan Henderson b. 16 Oct 1921 Jack County, Texas d. 27 Apr 2000 Palestine, Anderson County, Texas. He married Alma Quentilla Brisco (Dimples) b. 5 Oct 1927 d. 19 Oct 2005 Weatherford, Parker County, Texas

a.       Danny Wayne Henderson

b.      Gary Don Henderson

l.         Mary Francis Henderson b. 25 Mar 1923 Jack County, Texas d. 15 Nov 2006. She married 1st John Harris Gunter, 2nd Harold Brooks

a.       Linda Lee Gunter

m.     Little Sister Henderson

n.       Matt Allen Henderson b. 21 Jan 1927 Jack County, Texas d. 13 Oct 1990 Jack County, Texas. He married 1st Melva Lavella Brooks b. 8 Jun 1931 d. 30 Dec 1999 2nd Donna Norvell

a.       Glenda Jo Henderson

b.      Rickey Allen Henderson

c.       Harld Don Henderson

Children of Matt and Donna

d.      Brenda Jo Henderson

o.      William David Henderson b. 8 May 1929 Jack County, Texas d. 6 Jan 1994 Jack County, Texas. He married Willie Mae Staley b. 3 Oct 1932 Newport, Jack County, Texas

a.       Roger Dale Henderson

b.      Diana Ruth Henderson

2.      Etter (Etta) Burt b. 8 Aug 1884 d. 1887 Jack County, Texas

3.      Nealy Burt b. 21 Apr 1886 Jack County, Texas d. 12 Feb 1970 Jack County, Texas. She married Thomas Louis Jones b. 26 Feb 1883 Bosque County, Texas d. 14 Jun 1970

a.       Essie Mae Jones b. 2 Oct 1905 Oklahoma d. 22 Dec 1983. She married 1st John Robert Fulmer, 2nd Luther Jeeter Teague

b.      Martha Jane Jones b. 26 Jan 1907 d. 4 May 1999 Jack County, Texas

c.       Medie Louis Jones b. 6 Apr 1908 Texas d.27 Feb 1997

d.      J. D. Jones b. 12 Jan 1910 d. 12 Jan 1910

e.       Myrtle Ethel Jones b. 4 Dec 1911 d. 1 Jun 1913

f.        Melba Elva Jones b. 12 Sept 1913 Oklahoma d. 7 Dec 1995 Collin County, Texas

g.       E.G. Jones b. 17 Apr 1918 Oklahoma d. 21 Feb 1991 Vernon, Wilbarger County, Texas

h.       William Young Jones b. 19 Oct 1919 Hammons, Oklahoma d. 2 Mar 1947 McKinney, Texas

i.         Charles Thomas Jones b. 20 Dec 1923 Clay County, Texas d. 13 Feb 2001 Wichita County, Texas

4.      John Allen Burt b. 16 Oct 1887 Jack County, Texas d. 18 Jun 1948 Jack County, Texas. He married Myrtle Lockhart b. 6 Feb 1895 Jack County, Texas d. 9 Sept 1978 Jack County, Texas

a.       Effie Mae Burt

b.      Alvin Young Burt

c.       Elva Tina Katrina Burt

d.      Mason Vernon Burt

5.      Ada Burt b. 25 Dec 1888 Jack County, Texas d. 25 Jun 1980 Jack County, Texas. She married 1st Eligha “Lidge” Turner, 2nd Oscar Addison Whitsitt

a.       Millard Franklin Turner

b.      Lawrence E. Turner

c.       Schley U. Turner

d.      Ray Calvin Turner

6.      Ida Burt b. 25 Dec 1888 Jack County, Texas d. 26 Sept 1958 Jack County, Texas. She married Martin Luther Whitsitt b. Mar 1885 d. 19 Sept 1957 Jack County, Texas

a.       Ray Thomas Whitsitt b. 22 Oct 1906 d. 1 Jul 1932. He married Lee Pierce

b.      Roy Young Whitsitt b. 22 Oct 1906 d. 13 Mar 1913

c.       Susan Ada Whitsitt b. 10 Feb 1908 d. 5 Aug 1986. She married Charles Martin

d.      Mary Blanch Whitsitt b. 12 Dec 1916 d. 1 Feb 1993. She married 1st John Laycock, 2nd William Charles Drummond

e.       Willie Juanita Whitsitt b. 28 Jul 1924 Jack County, Texas d. 25 Nov 1998 Jack County, Texas. She married 1st Francis Earl Leach, 2nd Norman Locker Lowrance

f.        Ruby Lee Whitsitt b. 3 Oct 1926 Jack County, Texas d. 29 Mar 2013 Jack County, Texas. She married Roy Guy Armstrong

g.       Margie Marlene Whitsitt b. 12 Jul 1928 Jack County, Texas d. 31 Mar 1986 Dallas County, Texas

7.      John Harrison Burt b. 8 Jan 1891 Jack County, Texas d. 24 Dec 1911 Jack County, Texas

8.      Rebecca Jane Burt b. 22 May 1892 Jack County, Texas d. Dec 1899 Jack County, Texas

9.      Ethel France Burt b. 6 Feb 1894 Jack County Texas d. 6 Feb 1977 Upland, San Bernardino County, California. She married Jack Chester Jones b. 25 Dec 1893 Jack County, Texas d. 6 Jan 1961 Brawley, Imperial County, California

a.       William Enock Jones

b.      Elva Irene Jones

c.       Edith Inez Jones

d.      Viva Jones

10.  William Henry Burt b. 21 Aug 1895 Jack County, Texas d. 16 Aug 1955 Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. Married Thelma Beatrice Hitchcock b. 15 Jan 1903 Texas d. 29 May 1993 Jack County, Texas

a.       Armenda A. Burt

b.      Gerald Henry Burt

c.       Patsy June Burt

11.  Mary Lee Burt b. 21 Apr 1897 Jack County, Texas d. 21 Aug 1899 Jack County, Texas

12.  Shell Gorirn Burt b. 16 Sept 1899 Jack County, Texas d. 16 Jun 1965 Jack County, Texas. He married Sarah Elizabeth Haning b. 15 Oct 1901 d. 10 May 1976 Jack County, Texas

a.       Marvin Virgil Burt

b.      J. W. “Bill” Burt

c.       Nina Deubrella Burt

d.      Oleta Marie (Dump)