Whitsett/Whitsitt Family

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A picture of the family of Joseph Macajah 'Cage or Cager' Whitsett,

Sent in by Cordell Swindle dc@swindco.com 
Bridgeport, TX

According to the inscription this picture was taken at the Price Studio in Jacksboro.  The photograph is of my great grandfather Joseph Macajah Whitsett and his family.  Joseph was called Cage or Cager due to his middle name.  I believe the photograph was taken around 1898 based on the children who are in the picture and those who are not.  I have only this copy.  The original I believe is in the possession of a distant cousin in Tennessee.  My information is that the family came from Giles County Tennessee to Jack County in the 1880s settling in the Roberts Branch area where some of Joseph’s family had settled some years earlier.  Joseph left Texas with the family around 1900 and moved to Roger Mills County Oklahoma.  I understand that some of his family members stayed in Jack County and may still live there.  I have had no contact with them but my aunt who is 96 years old, living in Bridgeport and still active remembers the family going to Jacksboro to visit their kin when she was a child. 

The Jack County Whitsitts are I believe our relatives, the variation in spelling notwithstanding.  The original name was Whiteside.  The divergent spellings are phonetic spellings based on the Irish pronunciation of Whiteside.