Cemeteries of Jack County
North Texas

All Names Antelope Carroll Creek Cottonwood Cundiff Ebenezer Fairview Gibtown Green Elm Los Creek Lynn Creek Mountain Home Newport Oakwood Perrin Westbrook Wizard Wells

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Name Other Names Area in County Headstone Records Headstones Photographed Date Photographed
Antelope   NW 772 745 May 2013
Carroll Creek   Cent 24 21 Mar 2013
Cottonwood Near Bryson West 1447 1357 Dec 2013
Cundiff   East 534 519 July 2004
Ebenezer   SE 55 46 Jan 2013
Fairview Joplin Fairview SE 314 314 Apr 2014
Gibtown   SE 707 681 Jan 2013
Green Elm Verner or Elm Wood East 25 23 Aug 2004
Oakwood Jacksboro Cent 4,385 4035 Mar 2013
Los Creek Lost Creek Cent 102 91 Feb 2013
Lynn Creek Squaw Mountain Cent 605 534 2006
Mountain Home Near Senate West 202 201 Dec 2013
Newport   NE 947 947 May 2014
Perrin Perrin Memorial Garden South 1613 1589 Apr 2014
Westbrook   SE 52 49 Jan 2013
Wizard Wells   East 280 260 Aug 2004
Will work on having more cemeteries photographed and updated soon   Total Headstones Photographed- 11,412  

Below are 2 pages from 'The History of Jack County'. 
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