Texas Indian Wars

Fort Richardson, Jacksboro, Texas

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There are several interesting old military buildings at Fort Richardson
 and in their 'Interpretive Center' there are lots of pictures, maps and information about the
Indian tribes of the 1860's-70's.

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You can read about the Warren Wagon Train Raid and the Trial of Santanta and Big Tree on Wikipedia 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warren_Wagon_Train_Raid        https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trial_of_Satanta_and_Big_Tree  

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Below is a page from the 1956 Jacksboro High School Yearbook telling about Fort Richardson being restored. 
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1956 Fort Richardson.jpg (3615020 bytes)

A few pictures that I took at Fort Richardson in 2006 follow
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Historical Markers and the 'Interpretive Center'

Dosher, James B. Historical Marker.jpg (1231876 bytes)   Fort Richardson Plaque.jpg (1370992 bytes)   Interpretive Center.jpg (926123 bytes)   Interpretive Center inside.jpg (997797 bytes)   Interpretive Center inside2.jpg (1086555 bytes)   Interpretive Center inside3.jpg (850641 bytes)   Interpretive Center inside4.jpg (1070856 bytes)   Interpretive Center inside5.jpg (1122269 bytes)   Interpretive Center inside6.jpg (828916 bytes)   Interpretive Center inside7.jpg (1031094 bytes)   Interpretive Center inside8.jpg (853348 bytes)   Interpretive Center inside9.jpg (1077011 bytes)

Calvary Hospital Building

Hospital Building from end.jpg (1008402 bytes)   Hospital Building from side.jpg (1144967 bytes)   Hospital Building from front.jpg (750300 bytes)   Fort Richardson Hospital Marker.jpg (1561792 bytes)   Inside Hospital.jpg (656358 bytes)   Inside Hospital2.jpg (747564 bytes)   Inside Hospital3.jpg (679479 bytes)   Inside Hospital4.jpg (861359 bytes)   Inside Hospital5.jpg (865898 bytes)   Inside Hospital6.jpg (845971 bytes)   Inside Hospital7.jpg (894269 bytes)   Inside Hospital8.jpg (741261 bytes)   Inside Hospital9.jpg (943873 bytes)   Inside Hospital10.jpg (897214 bytes)   Morgue.jpg (1588009 bytes)

Officers' Quarters Building

Officer's Quarters Marker.jpg (1108605 bytes)   Officer's Quarters.jpg (1229508 bytes)   Officer's Quarters Inside.jpg (556072 bytes)   Officer's Quarters Inside2.jpg (910228 bytes)   Officer's Quarters Inside3.jpg (823921 bytes)   Officer's Quarters Inside4.jpg (661135 bytes)   Field.jpg (848536 bytes)