1874 Battle at Lost Valley

Battle between Texas Rangers and Kiowa
Near the Loving Ranch
, Jack County, Texas

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The following research is from the Texas Ranger's Museum in Waco. It was sent to us by Tamara McKinney lucky13tamara@gamail.com who was researching
David W. H. 'Dave' Bailey who was killed in this battle.
William Glass, who is buried in Wise County, https://www.wisecountytexas.info/cemeteries/glass.htm was also killed.

Date:  July 12, 1874

Event Description: 
Thirty-five Texas Rangers and U.S. soldiers led by Maj. John B. Jones encounter as many as 100 Kiowas led by Lone Wolf and Mamanti at Lost Valley, twelve miles northwest of Jacksboro. Two rangers are killed.


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