Lost Battalion Memorial

Fort Richardson, Jacksboro, Texas

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The 2 Pictures Below
were sent to us in email by Paula Schaeper pgschaeper@gmail.com  
She writes: I have a couple of photos of some members of the Lost battalion as they trained before they were mobilized. My dad, James E. Garrison was second lieutenant in the Texas National Guard unit. He was not part of the unit when they were activated he was too old for combat service and was sent to Kansas to train troops there. Unfortunately the original photos do not identify any of the men pictured.  But you can get an idea of the equipment they were using and the conditions under which they trained. And if you look carefully, you can see the crossed-cannon insignia on the door of the truck.

These are thumbnail pictures. Click on them to make them very large to see the faces and detail
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Memorial Pictures Below and Listing 
sent in by Dee Ferris

Honoring F Battery
Lost Battalion World War II
131st Field Artillery 2nd Battalion
Mobilized at Fort Richardson, Jacksboro, Texas, 25 Nov 1940
Captured by the Japanese Forces 8 Mar 1942
Liberated 15 Aug 1945


H W Wright, Capt.

I B Hard, 1st Lt.

J B Heinen, 1st Lt.

J P Lattimore, 2nd Lt.


G W Jones

M L Baker

G M Bowen *

J H Bryant

J C Hensley

J W Lee

H A Lucas

G R Miller *

L G Prunty

L S Sparkman *

M E Tilghman

C E Worthington


C L Bankhead

C J Campbell

J T Cellum

J H Duckworth

H W Eastwood *

B D Fillmore

J D Forgey *

C R Johnson

J W Kenner

H V Kershner

W P Robertson

D H Sewell *

G W Slate

Privates 1st Class

C O Brimhall

O L Brimhall

W J Chapman

D W Crain

H R Frazior

E Fung

J W Gilmore

T H Glazner

R L Gregg

J M Hicks, Jr

M G Holton

J W Hoover

W V Jordan

R W King

L J Long

R Medina

J R Morris

J H Owen

G W Reickle

C N Sherrill

C R Sherrill

H W Solomon

P E Stone

C A Thomas, Jr

C L Wood


L L Anderson

N D Anthony

J H Argabright

R G Armstrong

J T Baker

D F Barnes

D H Barnes **

J B Brandenburg

J F Bumpass

L J Carpenter

H E Chapman

J D Clark

J F Clay

M L Clay

J G Clendenen

R J Cobb

J M Cooper

R L Ecklund *

E L Elliott

C J England

W K Feagle

J W Frie

M L Frie

J de J Garcia

E L Garner

R N Gregg, Jr

J E Hensley

R E Jordan

J M Laird

G P Lawley

E P Leatherwood

J J Ledbetter

E Luna *

B E Maher

S C Matlock

W F Mattfeldt *

R Ogle

G S Oliver

C G Oosting

J B Pitts

G F Ray, Jr

J E Ray

E L Rayburn

J W Rogers *

G E Ross

G B Self

W H Simpson

J W Smith

A F Smoke

T J Spencer

H G Teel

W L Tidwell

F B Torp

A W Wade

T B Wehring

H T Wright

* Died While Prisoner of War

** Died in Action